Make the fur fly

By LordTronimator  Email
4 parts
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Part 1

Sean eyed the costume shop from across the street as he rummaged around in his wallet for his debit card, wanting to make sure he got it out before stepping in, not wanting anyone he knew to show up and see what he was doing. He had finally earned enough money to get that custom costume of his fursona made so that he could finally attend a furry convention completely incognito.

He had called ahead of time to get it done, knowing that he would have the money by the end of the week. He spent all morning at the bank, waiting to deposit his latest check, which would finally allow him to pay this thing off. He pulled his card out and began to trek across the street, his eyes shifting side to side to make sure he wasn’t being watched as he proceeded to enter.

“Hello there! Welcome to—” the shopkeep began to speak before Sean cut him off quickly.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m here to pick up a custom order,” he said, “and I don’t want anyone to know that I’m here. I’m Sean and I came to pick up a costume of a kangaroo…”

“Oh, riiiight. Needed it for that furry convention thing, right?”

“Yeah… next month. I think you can understand why I want to keep this on the down low…” Sean said as he handed his card to the guy.

“Of course. I understand. You know, I have a son who’s a furry so I get it,” he said. “He had to work up th’ courage to tell me so that I could drive him to his conventions. Seems some people have some major bias towards them.”

“Yeah. My friends wouldn’t understand,” Sean said as the shopkeep went to the back, returning shortly with a big ass kangaroo outfit shoved into a bag. “Wow… that looks amazing. It looks just like my character…”

“Glad you like my handiwork,” the shopkeep scanned Sean’s card as he spoke. “I make each one very special. Even made my son’s outfit for his conventions.”

“Oh, really now…? That’s neat. Must be nice having a dad who cares about his son’s passions,” Sean said as he took his card back, putting it away before taking the card, as well. “Should I try it on before I leave? Just to see if it fits? It doesn’t look like there’s a changing room so where do I go…?”

“Oh, nonono… it’ll be fine,” the shopkeep assured him. “They always fit. You’ll be fine to try it on once you get home.”

“Really…? Is there any sort of… return policy? Just in case…” Sean asked.

“No. Not for custom-made outfits, anyway. And even so, like I said, they always fit,” the shopkeep assured him again. “I always make sure of it.”


“I have my ways, do not worry. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and hope to see you again,” the shopkeep said.

“Um… okay. Thank you,” Sean said, starting to get a little unnerved by the shopkeep’s strange demeanor but he wasn’t about to question it anymore. Besides, he was the one who gave the measurements so why was he getting so thrown off?

He rushed out to his car, waving to the shopkeep as he left the store, placing the costume in the backseat to make sure no one could so much as take a peek at it before driving off. He could even feel himself getting a little chubbed up as he thought about trying it on and feeling that soft fabric rubbing up against his skin, his eyes wandering towards the rearview mirror, eying the new, beautiful fursuit of his.

He arrived home about 20 minutes later, pulling into his drive and taking a quick look around, making sure no one saw him as he grabbed his costume and bought it inside. He didn’t waste any time at all as he rushed to his room and stripped down to nothing but his underwear, still chubbing up as his large semi-erect dick pushed out against his undies, making a clear outline. The anticipation was killing him as he started by slipping the head on, grabbing hold of the body and pulling it onto his, zipping it up, and finally ending by sliding those huge footpaws on, wiggling his feet a bit to make sure they were tightly secured.

“Oh… my god. Yes… this is amazing…” Sean said, voice muffled as he felt himself fully boned up, his hard-on pushing out against the front of the outfit as he began feeling himself up, “ooh… it feels so good. This almost feels like it’s my own body. Heh, heh…” he swayed his hips back and forth, making that tail move as his hard-on flexed and throbbed, a clear sign that he may like dressing up in this thing a little too much.

He quickly realized that he should probably remove the suit quickly before he accidentally nutted in it, his throbbing shaft looking like it was on the verge of doing so as he quickly disrobed, tossing the suit onto his bed as he was left wearing nothing but a pair of bulging undies. He hurried to the bathroom, closing the door behind him as he stood in front of the toilet, tugging his straining undies down to free his throbbing 10 inch shaft before spurting almost immediately, his knees buckling as he moaned.

“Oh shiiiit… a-ahhhh… you were r-really worked up, weren’t you big guy?” Sean said as he aimed his shaft towards the toilet bowl, making sure not to miss it as his dick spurted several large shots with each throb before starting to settle down. “Mmm… man… I can’t keep getting worked up every time I put that thing on…” His cock twitched a little, softening up as he tugged his undies back up over the large tool and went back to his room, grabbing hold of the costume and hanging it up in his closet. “Here we go… can’t wait until next month. Man… this thing fit amazingly… I can’t wait to show it off.”

But for now, Sean had to get ready for bed. It was starting to get late and he had to be up nice and early for school as he crawled his mostly naked body into bed, covering himself up as he closed his eyes, grinning as he imagined himself going to that convention, wearing that costume, and just being so proud of it.

A bit of fuzz began to grow around his ears.

Part 2

Sean yawned as he sat up, hanging his legs off the side of the bed as he got to his feet, his knuckles rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he went to the bathroom and took a quick piss before running downstairs and grabbing breakfast. His parents were already awake, his mom having made some French toast and eggs which he scoffed down in a haste, not wanting to be tardy.

He grabbed his bag and waved to his parents as he rushed outside to his car, his ears twitching a bit against the warm air before climbing in and setting off. It was a good 30 minute drive from home to school as long as the roads were clear and usually, with how early he would get up, there wasn’t any traffic to speak of aside from other early students like himself and pill pushers trying to avoid getting scolded by their bosses.

Upon arriving, he parked his car, grabbed his bag and rushed to get inside before the bell rang. Sean quickly made his way to first period, seeing that other students were already entering as he went to join them, taking a seat next to his best friend, Todd.

He smiled as he waved to Sean. “Good morning, fuzz ears. How are ya doing? Been missing you.”

“Hi Todd. I’m doing fine. Just been a little busy these last couple days,” Sean said before doubling back a second. “Wait… fuzz ears? What kind of nickname is that?”

“Haha, you’ve got to be joking, right? That’s… been your nickname ever since we were kids,” Todd said. “Did you hit your head or something? Do you have amnesia?”

“No, not at all… uh… why fuzz ears, though…?” Sean asked.

“Wow… you’re really out of it today, aren’t you?” Todd asked before reaching over and rubbing one of Sean’s ears, his eyes widening as his friend began playing with the appendage. He’d never done this before!

And the weird thing is, he kind of liked it.

“What are… you doing…?” Sean asked, closing his eyes as he shivered, feeling Todd’s fingers roll along his pointy, furry ears. Wait… pointy and furry?

“H-huh…? Wait… stop, Todd…” Sean said, shuddering a little as his friend stopped rubbing at his ears.

“Yeah? What is it?” he asked as Sean began to pull out his phone, turning on the face fronting camera. His eyes went wide and his blood ran cold as he looked himself in the face, not quite sure what he was looking at.

He no longer had normal ears. They were longer and pointier. Not to mention, they were covered in hair… no, not hair. Fur. He had long, pointy, and furry ears!

“What the shit?! What is this?!” Sean asked as he grabbed one of them, tugging on it as Todd just watched, completely confused.

“Those… are your ears? Seriously, Sean, the hell’s wrong with you?” Todd asked. “Do you need to go see the nurse?”

“How long have my ears been like this?!” Sean asked, trying not to be too loud so as not to disturb the other students.

“Uh… they’ve been like that for as long as I’ve known you, dude,” Todd said. “They’ve always been cute and fuzzy. That’s why I call you fuzz ears.”

“But they… this isn’t normal…” Sean said, stroking his ears some more.

“I mean… you’ve never really been normal? Hey, listen… it makes you unique… seriously, man, you’re weirding me out,” Todd said, concern in his voice.

“I… this… I mean…” Sean’s voice was shaking as he put his phone away and put his head in his hands. “Never mind…” This was fucking weird but he’d have to try and figure this out later. How long had they been like this? Were they like this before he left the house? If so, why didn’t his parents say anything?

Before he could think any more about his bizarre situation, the teacher walked in and interrupted the students, going right into his lesson for the day. Sean could hardly think about anything other than his weird ears at this point so he had a tough time soaking in what was being taught.

This went on for the entire day up until lunch when something else unusual began to happen to him. He bought himself a slice of pizza and took a seat next to Todd.

“Ew… why’d you buy the pizza? That shit tastes like cardboard…” Todd asked as he took a bite of his tuna sandwich.

“Hmm…? Oh… eh… at least it’s the best tasting thing this cafeteria has to offer… even if it’s still not good…” Sean said, his mind still wandering as he took a bite before gasping, a soft tingling sensation encompassing his body. He hunched forward a bit, his body trembling as he squirmed, his pants suddenly feeling awfully tight on him.

Most of the tightness was in the back with a small bit taking up the front, his body shaking and trembling as he gasped out. His legs kicking a little as he began sweating, the backside of his pants suddenly beginning to bulge out.

“Hmm…? Fuzz ears? You okay?” Todd’s voice sounded muffled as Sean shook, his pants growing tighter and tighter as they began to creak. The backside bulging out more and more until finally, a loud tearing echoed throughout the cafeteria as a long, thick, furry appendage tore free of its confines, whipping about as his eyes widened, following it as it moved about, watching as it grew and grew. Slowly getting longer and thicker, fur growing all along it as it swung around.

A-ah! Ahhh!” Sean let out a scream as it swung and thrashed about, growing a little more before stopping, the swinging knocking stuff over, smacking into Todd’s back as he fell off his seat.

“Hey! Sean, watch it with that thing! You’re always knocking shit over with your tail. You need to be more careful,” Todd said as he stood up and dusted himself off, “you’d think that after all this time, you’d have more control over it.”

Tail?! My tail?!” was all Sean could think as he watched it thrash about some more before settling down, its wait pulling it down towards the floor as could actually feel the cold floor make contact with it. What was happening to him and why was Todd acting as if this was all normal?

“Oh god… Todd… hey… I’m gonna… I’m gonna go to the nurse…” Sean said as he got up, his tail clumsily knocking over a few objects as he quickly made his way out of the cafeteria.

“Huh?! Sean, wait up! What’s wrong?!” Todd asked as he hurried to catch up with his friend.

“I… uh… feel like I’m gonna throw up…” Sean said as he made a gagging sound. “I don’t know if you want to be there for that…”

“Hey, listen fuzz ears, you don’t have to worry. I’m your friend. I’ll be there for you, no matter what,” Todd said, smiling at Sean.

“Okay… okay… fine…” Sean said as the two made their way over to the other side of the school where the nurse’s office awaited.

The two arrived at the office, seeing that the nurse was off taking a lunch break, prompting the two to sit and wait for her. Sean squirmed a bit, trying to get comfortable as that new tail of his made it tough to find a good sitting position.

“Hmm… fuzz ears, are you sure that the only issue is that you feel like you’re going to throw up? Because you’ve been acting really weird all morning,” Todd said as he placed a hand on Sean’s lap.

“Hmm…? Yeah… yeah… I’m fine. I only feel like I’m going to vomit… that’s all…” Sean said as he let out a sigh. “I’ll probably just call my parents and tell them that I’m coming home.”

“I see… well, yeah, that sounds like a good idea, then…” Todd nodded as he reached for Sean’s tail and began to brush the furry length with his fingers, knowing that this always helps him to relax.

Sean blushed and squirmed, shivering a bit as his tail twitched and thrashed a little. This was such a strange sensation that he wasn’t used to yet as his friend caressed and brushed that furry appendage of his.

The two sat there for a few minutes before the nurse finally came back from her lunch break. She gave the two boys a soft, gentle smile as she opened the door for them and let Sean lay on the bed.

“So, Sean… what seems to be the problem?” she asked as Sean managed to find a comfortable position for him to lay in.

“Uh… um… can’t… can’t you tell?” Sean asked in response as she tapped a pen gently against her clipboard.

“Hmm…? Not from looking at you, no. Do you have a belly ache? I can give you something for that,” she said.

“The… the ears and tail aren’t a clue…?” Sean asked as he sat up, starting to sweat a little as he spoke up.

“What about them, hun?” she asked, as if Sean had asked one of the silliest questions he could have.

“They… don’t seem weird to you?!” he was starting to get desperate as he just wanted someone to realize that this was not normal!

“No? Maybe when I first met you since it was so unique,” she said as she shook her head, “but nowadays, it seems just as normal as everything else.”

“What?! What?! This isn’t normal, though!” Sean got up, stomping his foot. “I didn’t have this tail until only a few minutes ago and my ears used to be normal human ears! They were completely normal and furless just last night!”

“Oh, dear… sweetie, you really are having issues…” the nurse said as she stood up. “I think you should go home. Rest a little bit.”

“But… I…” Sean was starting to shake, starting to get scared by his predicament.

“Fuzz ears, you’re worrying me…” Todd said, placing a hand on Sean’s shoulder. “Just go home and relax… whatever you’ve been doing all week must have put a lot of stress on you…”

“Yes, listen to your friend, Sean,” the nurse said as she picked up her office phone and dialed Sean’s home phone number. “Hello? Yes. Sean’s having a problem today so he’ll be heading home. Yes. Well, it’s hard to explain what the problem is. Sorry for having to bother you. Yes. Have a good evening,” she hung up and looked towards Sean as he sighed and headed out, making his way to the front of the school and leaving.

As he proceeded to get into his car, his body started to feel strange again but he heeded no mind to it, just wanting to get home as he adjusted his seat to make room for his new appendage before putting the key in and turning it and starting up the engine. He pulled out of the school’s parking lot and began to make his way home.

Sean could feel a tingling sensation beginning to encompass his body yet again as he drove, the sensation starting to build in his groin as he felt his pants starting to tighten again but just in the front this time. As he drove, he started to squirm, looking down at the front of his pants as they appeared to be fighting a losing battle with a growing bulge.

“Oh, fuck… why am I… getting hard? Now…?” Sean tried to ignore it as he drove but the pressure kept increasing as it felt like he was getting harder. His pants were growing increasingly tight as he squirmed, continuing onward before the sensation got to be too much for him. He veered off the side of the road, pulling over as he quickly undid his pants and freed himself from them, staring down at the slit of his rock hard, circumcised member, a finger gently teasing along his circumcision scar.

Something was wrong, though. It was definitely not 10 inches like it was supposed to be. It looked bigger. Thicker. Veinier. Harder. He gasped as the head flared up, his body tensing as he shot almost immediately, gushing his goo all over the steering wheel and his chest as he cried out and shook. Some of it even got on the windshield, ceiling, and passenger seat. His shaft flexed, a few more shots firing from the tip before settling down as he laid back, resting in his own messy afterglow.

Something weird was happening to his body and he had to get to the bottom of it.

Part 3

The awkward, sticky teen arrived back home as he got out of his car and entered the house. He seemed to slam his tail in every door he went through and it didn’t get any less painful as he howled in pain each time.

“Sean, honey? Is that you?” came his mother’s voice from upstairs. “Did you get your tail caught in the door again? We’ve told you time and time again to be careful.”

What did she just say? Sean had to have been hearing things. There’s no way that even his parents thought he always had this appendage attached to him. He quickly ran to his room looked at himself in his full body mirror, those fuzzy ears of his twitching as his tail swayed back and forth. He quickly disrobed, getting naked from the waist down as he turned to give himself a side profile shot of his body and sure enough, that tail was indeed part of his body. It had grown out of his tailbone.

He couldn’t help but find it kind of attractive. The thick tail’s movements as it swayed back and forth was kind of a turn on as his cock began twitching, growing hard as he flexed it, watching as it inched bigger and bigger.

“Wait… big guy… you looked like you were bigger in the car… I need… to double check…” Sean ran to his dresser, reaching into one of the drawers and pulling out a tape measure. And the last time he had measured himself, it had been only a smidge over 10 inches long. He grabbed his prick, stroking it gently as he assisted its growth, feeling it throb gently against his fingers as it pulsed and finished up, definitely looking and feeling bigger than yesterday.

He rolled out the tape and planted it firmly against his stiff length, his once respectable 10 incher now sitting at 14 inches in length, causing him to let out an audible gasp.

“Fuck… I thought I was done growing,” Sean said, “but I guess not… hmm… who am I kidding? Whatever gave me this tail and these ears definitely caused this, too…” he pulled his pants back up over his boned cock as he put his tape away. “I guess the only thing I can hope for is that this is all over. If this keeps up, I won’t be able to wear my costume.”

Sean gathered up some clean clothes before heading to the bathroom to take a nice, warm shower and clean his spunk off his body. Afterwards, he had to do some maintenance on his pants, cutting out a hole in the back, thick enough to be able to fit his tail through as he sighed and took a seat on his bed.

“Think… think, think, think… why could this be happening to me…?” he spoke to himself as he shook his head, “and why is everyone misremembering how I used to be? I haven’t always had a fricken tail or furry ears… it’s like my past is getting retconned but only I know it.”

His tail began to thud gently against his bed as he looked back at it, placing a hand against the furry length before stroking gently along it. It felt good. Amazing, even. His shaft twitching a little as it started to grow stiff within his pants. He massaged along his tail, a soft moan escaping his lips as he shivered, his shaft twitching and bucking as it bulged his pants out before he regained his senses and stopped playing with it. He looked down at his heavily tenting pants as he let out a sigh.

“Shit… what am I gonna do with myself…? I thought it was hard to hide boners before, but this? There’s no way I’m gonna be able to hide it if I get hard…” he pushed down on the tent, feeling it throb gently, “and it got all stiff because I was playing with my tail… this thing’s super sensitive. Wonder if I could make myself cum just by rubbing this thing?”

He turned and began to reach for his tail again, wanting to test it out. Just to experiment a little. His hand inched closer and closer to his tail before pulling it away again, shaking his head.

“N-no… I can’t do that. What if it does make me cum? I just took a shower! I’d have to take another immediately…” he stood up as he pushed his erect shaft down his pantleg in an attempt to hide it as he proceeded to head downstairs to get something to eat.

“Oh, hello honey. Mind telling me what happened at school?” his mother was standing in the kitchen, cooking as Sean stood there, trying to hide his throbbing tool from her, his cheeks turning red.

“Ooh… hi mom… well, do you notice anything… unusual about me?” he asked as he stood behind the kitchen table, keeping his lower half out of view as she turned to look at him.

“Hmm…? Whatever do you mean? You look just fine,” she responded. “You look perfectly healthy. The fur on your ears and tail are a perfect sheen.”

“So I wasn’t just hearing things earlier…” Sean said under his breathe, recalling what his mother had said when he entered the house. “Sorry… mom, I just wasn’t feeling well, so I had to come home…”

“Aw, honey… are you okay? Do you want me to take your temperature?” she asked as she started walking towards him.

“Uh… no… it’s fine. I just need to rest a little bit! Heh… I just came down because I’m a bit hungry…”

“Ah… I see. Yeah, dinner’s almost ready. Do you want to wait or do you want me to call you downstairs once it’s ready?”

“On second thought… I think I’ll just go to bed so I can prepare for school again tomorrow… I want to be all better by then…” Sean chuckled nervously as he turned and left.

“Oh? All right. I love you.”

“I love you too, mom,” Sean dashed up the steps, collapsing onto his bed as soon as he entered his room. This was going to take some getting used to but at least it was all over. At least, that’s what he told himself.

Little did he know what his body still had in store for him.

Part 4

The following morning went as per usual, as Sean entered first period, trying not to cause too much of a mess with his tail, making sure to keep it from bumping into anyone. He took his usual seat next to Todd as his friend smiled at him.

“Well, hello there! Seems you’re doing well today, fuzz ears!” he said as he reached over and gave them a scritch. “I was really worried about ya!”

“Ahhh…” Sean blushed and squirmed as his leg twitched. “Y-yeah. I’m fine. Haha… I… don’t know what came over me yesterday.” He faked a smile as he tugged away, deciding that it’s probably just better to play along.

“Well, as long as my thick tailed friend is fine!” Todd said as he sat back at his desk. “You just had me really concerned with the way you were talking. It was almost like you didn’t know who you were.”

“Ha, sorry about that… I’ll make sure not to worry you like that again,” Sean responded as he shrugged. “My dick also got bigger!” he suddenly blurted out before covering his mouth and blushing.

“Oh? You’re still growing, pal?” Todd said, chuckling a bit. “You’ll have to show me later. You’re already packing so I can’t imagine you getting any bigger.”

Sean and Todd were a bit closer than just being best friends. They had seen one another naked at each other’s houses in the past. The last time they did that was when they were 16. Both boys were packing but Sean had at least a couple inches more than Todd. At least that’s how Sean remembered it but for all he knew, Todd might have slightly different memories of the situation. Sean remembered the night ending with them giving one another a blowjob and making a mess. It definitely wasn’t fun having to explain that to Todd’s parents.

“Hmm… yeah… it’s been a couple years since we last did something like that, right? Showing ourselves off to each other…?” Sean asked, hoping that the memory was still the same between both of them.

“Oh, yeah… I kind of miss it,” Todd said, chuckling, “and to be honest, I’ve also grown a bit since then. It has been two years since the last time, right?”

Sean nodded, “Mhmm. And you had a… what? 8 incher on you?”

“Close. It was about 7 and a half,” Todd said, “and you were about 11 and a half.”

“Huh…?” Sean turned away for a second, letting out a bit of a sigh. “Uh… yeah… that’s right.” It wasn’t. At least, he didn’t remember it that way.

“You were almost always getting hard, making it tough for you to hide that thing,” Todd chuckled. “It looked like you were stuffing your pants.”

“Haha… yeah…” Sean nodded. “I can only imagine the shock when people found out that I wasn’t.”

“Imagine? You were there! I remember you having to pull it out during gym! Just to prove it wasn’t just some prank.”

“What…?” Sean began blushing as he covered his face. “O-oh… yeah… ha… don’t… don’t remind me. That’s embarrassing.”

“Oh! Sorry, man. But really, after school, you should show me. I can’t wait to see it,” Todd whispered just as the teacher entered the class, causing the rest of the students to go silent as the lesson began.

He had to pull it out during gym just to prove it wasn’t a prank? Yet another ‘memory’ that Sean couldn’t remember. He squirmed a little during class as he felt his body tingling constantly. Most of the sensation gathered around his balls and, for some reason, a small bit could be felt around his feet, his toes twitching and curling within his shoes.

The teacher droned on and on as he squirmed some more, feeling his prick starting to stiffen within his pants, getting all bunched up as a bulge began to form. Sean could feel it growing a bit as he shook his head. “Ah, fuuuuck… not here. Not now…” he muttered under his breath, feeling his cock beginning to grow larger and larger, bunching up in his pants as the bulge’s size increased. The sensation was unlike anything he’d ever felt before as his cock expanded. It felt like someone had grabbed his cock and was pulling it, stretching it as it rapidly began to run out of room. “Ungh… not in class… pleeeease… stop it…” Sean muttered again.

“Hmm…? You feeling okay, man? You don’t look so hot,” Todd whispered to his friend, noticing his plight. “Do you need to go to the nurse again?”

“Ah… no… no… I just…” Sean gasped, biting his lips as he squirmed some more, feeling as though his shoes were a tad too small now, even though he was certain that they had fit just fine earlier in the day. “I’m fine… I just… ah…” his arm shot up as the teacher sighed.

“Yes, Sean? What is it?” he asked.

“Can I… can I go to the bathroom? Please?” Sean responded as his dick continued to take up more of his pants, his toes pushing against the front of his shoes.

“Not right now. This is an important lesson. Wait until after class.”

“Ahhh… but I c-can’t…” Sean said as he closed his eyes, preparing for one hell of an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. “Owowow… oh fuck… oh fuck…!”

“Hmm…? Is everything all right?” the teacher asked.

All eyes were on the struggling boy now as his cheeks turned red, the front of his pants exploding as his massive python of a dick freed itself, completely rock hard as its growth continued for a couple seconds before stopping.

No one seemed thrown off by it, though, as it throbbed out in the open for everyone to feast their eyes upon. Thick veins traveling along the monstrous endowment, gently pulsating as Sean’s cheeks were completely red.

“Geeze, man…” Todd was the first to speak. “I don’t get why you still bother with pants. You just know they don’t work for you. You’re always going to rip out of them.”

“Well, now, if you’re done interrupting class, I’d like to get back to my lesson,” the teacher said as he turned back towards the white board, all the other students returning their attention towards the lesson.

Sweat dripped from Sean’s brow as he looked down and examined himself, feeling his plump nuts and stroking gently along the length of his monstrous shaft. It was incredibly sensitive. Much more than normal. And no one seemed thrown off by it.

“Memories… keep getting rewritten. People seem to think this… is normal…?” he gasped as he realized that the feeling in his feet hadn’t died down, the tightness increasing as he panted and whined softly.

“Sean, stop. You’re going to make another scene…” Todd said as he nudged his friend. “We don’t need you making anymore scenes or you’re going to be kicked out of class.”

Sean couldn’t focus on his friend’s words as he saw something sharp break through the front of his shoes. They looked like three sharp needles. No, wait… not needles. They looked kind of like claws.

“T-Todd! Look!” he said as he lifted up one of his feet to show his friend which caused him to just sigh in annoyance.

“What about them? They’re your claws. Like your pants, I’ve told you time and time again, you shouldn’t even bother with shoes…” Todd said as he went back to watching the lesson.

Sean’s heartbeat nearly dropped as he put his foot down, his expression turning to one that was more sullen, feeling his shoes tighten even more.

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