Little plant of horrors

By PiggiestJ 
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Morris opened his eyes with an involuntary deep breath. It felt like he’d just sat down in his bed, and then the very next moment brought the next morning. He looked over to the digital alarm clock on his desk just in time for it to read 7:00am; the radio clicked on. The radio hosts were mid conversation, and continued as Morris went about getting ready for the day.

“—if that’s true, then… I don’t know, I don’t know! What do you think, Patch?”

“Do I look like a scientologist to you, Jillian?”

“I really don’t think that’s the word you’re looking for…”

“Exactly! So, how do you expect me to be able to explain to you how total eclipses work?”

Their voices drowned out with the sound of his shower running, but he knew exactly what they were talking about. Usually scientists have the right equipment for predicting eclipses within a couple weeks prior there would be news articles on the internet warning about it. But, there were no warnings about the one that happened the day before. It just… happened. And not being an outstandingly intelligent young man, he had no reason to call it anything but a weird moment in time.

When it happened, he was walking around downtown during one of his breaks from work. It felt great to get out of the theater every once in a while, especially since he also happened to also be living in the janitor’s quarters in the dingy basement with all of the pipes, and some old lighting instruments. It was a good arrangement, but it was nice to be out in the sun.

He made his way through the business district of downtown, looking in all the windows to see what had changed since his last outing, and the truth was, nothing much. The store displays changed rarely, not even for holidays, and the only exciting pop of color was from the fruits and vegetables being sold outside the only market in town.

“Oh, heya Mister Morris!” A familiar 22 year old twink who works at the market, who also happened to be Morris’ age (though maybe 100 pounds lighter give or take) called from behind the display of apples. Morris hated when he called him Mister.

“Hey, Shaun.”

“You’re looking mighty spiffy today!” Shaun said, pushing his large rectangular glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

“Mighty spiffy?”

“It’s a compliment!” He grabbed an apple and started tossing it mindlessly from hand to hand.

“Well, thank you.”

“You looking for something to eat? I have a really great eggplant—”

He paused.

“For sale… eggplants are all the rage today… Very in season—Nevermind.”

“I’m good, thanks.”

“All right. See ya later, Mister!”

Morris began walking past Shaun, when he paused and turned back toward him, who was making a humiliated face.

There was a loud pop in the air, like a sonic boom, and the world went dark, like pitch black dark. Morris could barely tell the difference between closed or open eyes, visually.


“I’m here.” He walked forward, to where he remembered Shaun being, but they ended up bumping into each other. One misstep led to another, and they were suddenly on the ground entangled.

“Sorry!” they said at the same time.

“What’s happening?”

“Dunno.” Morris said, pulling himself free from Shaun. He picked himself off the ground.

Moments later, the light started to rise. Morris looked up to the sky, and saw that the moon must have completely covered the sun, and was now moving quickly across the sky.

“I don’t think that’s how the moon works,” he said, seeing Shaun still on his knees on the ground. His arms floundered about, searching for his glasses.


“Nothing, here you go.” Morris grabbed the glasses off the ground, and helped Shaun up. They stood there for a moment. This was the first time Morris noticed the beautiful golden brown color of Shaun’s eyes.

“Thanks…” Shaun retracted his hand from Morris’ to avoid being awkward.

Morris lifted Shaun’s glasses, and placed them on his face.

“No problem.”

Morris’ eyes were drawn toward the fruit stand where a small potted sprout stood amongst the oranges and apples. It was as if it were a scene in a play where a light from above shone dimly, just to catch the light of glitter sparkling downward toward the plant. He didn’t know why it was such an enchanting moment, spotting this plant, but he’d heard of people finding their passions in the most peculiar places and moments. He didn’t know how it felt until now.

“How much for that plant?”

“Hmm?” Shaun looked to where Morris was gesturing, and paused with a puzzled air.

“Uhh… I didn’t know—” He paused again. “How much you got?”

Morris pushed his hands into his pockets, and eventually fished out a total of $1.95 and a button.

“Perfect! You can have the button back, though.” Shaun rolled the button between his fingers.

“You can keep it,” Morris grinned. “It’s a gift.”

Morris grabbed the slowly withering potted sprout, and held it with the same energy as he would a small newborn puppy.

Little did he know how difficult nursing the little thing back to health would actually be. Knowing almost the bare minimum about plants, he took to the internet and began the long journey into finding out what kind of plant it was.

No such luck, he decided it was best he just called it something himself. A plant genus of its own. The only name that he could think of was Shaun, though for no other reason than he was the one who sold the thing to him, and no other reason. No other reason at all!

The sprout was sort of small, like Shaun, so he finalized the notion by writing “Shaun II” on the pot with a permanent marker.

Now back to where we were at the beginning of this story. You wouldn’t want to skip that part, would you? I don’t think you would.

The humidity from his shower clung to everything, including the mirror that hung above his bathroom sink. Wiping the fogged up mirror, he could see himself a little better. The bags under his eyes, and the unkempt stubble around his chin were big signs that he hadn’t been sleeping very well. Day and night, he researched and tested different things to try and get the little plant to grow. No matter how much he tried, though, he’d never grow a full beard. His body was chubby, and he was proud of the way his body looked, though it deterred a lot of men he liked in the past from being interested in him, and he stood at the precipice of being a tall boi, at 5’11”, though in a world of taller men around him he felt like he was just average or slightly under.

Back at his desk, he set the plant by his laptop. No great signs of change for the better for the little guy, no matter what he tried. After feeling its leaves one last time, he turned his attention to taking a break to log onto his favorite gay porn website for some tension release. He brought his hand down his chest and felt his body all the way through the waistband of his short. Through his pubes, he fondled his soft cock in his hand as it sent tingles through his spine to his brain. It always felt good to unwind and stroke his cock. One, two, three… pause… did something move in the corner of his eye? Perhaps a fly was in his room, and caught his attention, but the only thing he saw was the plant… doing its plant thing. Four, five, six… wait a minute… He noticed that the plant had moved a little bit. This time, pretending he wasn’t watching, he stroked his cock more as it started to pulse with blood and harden, the plant seemed to be looking at it. With every stroke, his cock got harder, and the plant seemed to start to saturate with color instead of being a muted green color. It was barely noticeable, but Morris took note that the plant may have grown slightly too. It could have been his eyes.

“Hey!” Morris said, “You’re a little pervert, plant.”

The plant turned away, but stayed saturated with color. Morris didn’t know what to do, whether to be grossed out and stop or had he gotten to the point in his life where he was actually going to try talking to a plant?

Morris pulled his hand out of his shorts and put his clothes back on. A tingle in his sinuses made him sneeze, and unlike any other regular time he’d sneezed he realized that there was a buzzing in his head. A dazed feeling came upon him, and he looked at his hand, which was also tingling. Where his hand touched was also tingling now, and he stood up, to his shorts having a tent. He thought he was done for the time being, with being horny, but something inside him was telling him to take off his clothes. This time, he got completely naked. To rationalize, he went to the mirror to assess the tingles. But, nothing seemed different. Only the daze.

His cock stood to attention, as the warmth of the tingles enveloped his groin.

“Touch it,” a disembodied voice said.

Morris looked around the room, but didn’t really care that he’d heard a voice. He needed to touch his cock.

“Stroke. It,” the voice said again.

He began stroking. Every passing pump felt better and better. He purred with pleasure, a deep pleasure that he had never felt before. An addicting pleasure. He walked back to his desk, and stood as he watched the porn on the video. A rather rough video, the top pounding the bottom with his hands around the little faggot’s neck. Spitting in his mouth and making him swallow, swapping spit as they kiss with great lust. The bottom was trying to squirm away, needing a break, but the top only rammed his cock harder and deeper, like he’d warned.

“Oh, fuck! Take that, you little cum slut!” the top moaned, as he came deep inside the bottom’s gut. “Take my babies inside you.”

“Oh, shiiiittt,” Morris moaned as he spurted his load all over his desk.

With his cumrag, he wiped down his desk, and noticed a large portion of his load went onto the plant. The next thing he noticed was the plant growing at a rapid rate, his jizz soaking into the soil.


“More,” the voice spoke again. Morris noticed a mouth had formed on the plant. It was slurping in the air, waiting for… more.

Suddenly, Morris’ hand was on his cock again, which immediately stood to attention.

“This is weird,” Morris said, as a vine started to grow in his direction, reaching for his cock.

“Ow!” Morris exclaimed, as one of the leaves pricked the shaft of his cock. Though it didn’t hurt at all. In fact, it took away the exhaustion from just cumming, and made him jack off more ferociously until he came again, aiming for the plant this time. His load was larger this time, about a cup of cum rained onto the plant, which would have drowned any other plant if it was water… but the plant absorbed everything and continued to grow. This time, it seemed to take on humanoid features… growing, growing… until he was face to face… with a plant-like version of himself. Except with more muscle and taller.

“Feels good to be able to stretch again!” Shaun II said, sounding more like Morris, but deeper tones.

“What the fuck?”

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