Leg wheel

By Martin Boyar 
4 parts
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Part 1

It all started as kind of a joke, really. Dave and I had been hanging out in my room, where he came across a copy of “The Dancing Wu-Li Masters” someone had given me.

He was intrigued by the cover illustration, which was a silhouette of a simple wheel of legs, forming a circle with the feet on the perimeter, all the legs starting from the center point, all slightly bent at the knees, all the legs headed in the same direction as they went up and around and down again, a complete circle of dancing legs, to symbolize freedom and joy on a high spiritual plane.

“Cool,” he said, tracing his finger along the outline of the illustration, as if drawing the wheel of legs himself.

“It's only symbolic art,” I said. “Although,” I added as a joke, “tap it three times and say 'leg wheel' and you turn into a wheel of legs yourself. It's little-known.”

“How hot would that be,” he smiled, but there was a momentary flicker of longing in his eyes as he looked at the illustration. I could empathize—Dave was a natural beauty, a long-legged athlete, and one of those guys whose feet are so nice-looking that he's always unconsciously shucking his shoes or sandals, preferring to go barefoot.

“Tap, tap, tap,” he said, tapping the illustration three times.

“No, you're supposed to tap it three times while saying 'leg wheel,'” I corrected him.

“Okay. Leg wheel,” he said, while tapping it again three times. He looked at me and smiled. “I'd better take my clothes off in case I become a leg wheel,” he said, standing up to pull off his shorts and tank top.

“Fine with me,” I said. There was nothing wrong with Dave naked, and he was so comfortable that way, I never minded when he took off his clothes. His body was made to look at, and was one of those bodies that seem to want to wriggle out of its clothes whenever the chance arrives.

“Um, I think it's happening,” he said, struggling to pull his shorts down. I could see the cause of the awkwardness—he was already standing on four legs, and where he'd pulled the shorts down there were a couple extra feet stuck in the waist because he'd grown another couple legs in just that short space of time.

I didn't have time for it to register with me what was actually happening, although the room was suddenly crowding with all Dave's new pairs of legs, seemingly pointing in all directions as he figured out how to use some of his feet to push the poor shorts to the floor, where they were trampled by other new pairs of feet as new pairs of his legs sprouted out of control.

“Hey, can you help me with this?” he said. I realized he was having just as hard a time now with the tank top.

No wonder.

His arms were now four big legs, too huge and awkward to get the tank top up and over his shoulders, which were more like hips now.

He was bent forward, the four new feet on the floor, trying to pull his tank top off his forelegs by snagging it with feet—any feet—from his hind legs, but he couldn't see with the tank top halfway off and covering his face. So all the big long legs were kind of flailing as they blindly tried to reach their feet for the stranded tank top, their feet thudding against the floor or their long thighs slapping each other.

Now there were six big forelegs in the large armholes of the tank top.

“Here,” I said, grabbing the waist of the tank top and pulling. Dave braced his new forefeet against my chest—there were now eight of them—and I pulled, with difficulty sliding the shirt tightly over the masses of leg muscle and past the ungainly plethora of multiple feet pushing against my chest—I actually liked that feeling -, and managed to pull it off him.

Just in time, too. Dave had sprouted several more pairs of long, athletic legs from his flanks. He appeared to be doing some kind of reverse flip with all of his hind legs, because they were arching over backwards to reach forward upside down, many of the feet hitting the ceiling because of the length of his legs. I noticed his head had disappeared as his shoulders sprouted more and more pairs of forelegs. It wasn't more than few seconds that his extra hind legs arching over from behind him met the new forelegs and flank legs, and then there he was, a complete wheel of legs.

It hadn't dawned on me how huge he would be as a wheel of legs, because he really was huge this way. I was standing at the front, allowing several pairs of his feet to rest on my shoulders, and holding a few more pairs of on either side of me in my hands. He had several pairs of bare feet on the floor. I looked up. A few pairs of his big, beautiful bare feet “stood” on the ceiling upside down, and the rest formed a tumbling jumble of legs all the way down the back of the wheel to where the bottommost feet touched the floor. Between the feet on my shoulders and the feet touching the ceiling were several more pairs of feet piled on each other, a little confusedly. Sure enough, all the feet faced the same direction. The feet on the floor were facing me, the feet I was holding were pointed up, all their soles headed in the same direction to the ceiling, where they were naturally upside down and pointing to the back of the wheel, and from there, pointing down as they were piled on each other, all the way down to the floor where they were pointed in my direction again.

I realized I was pretty boned at this point, because all the feet and legs were perfect copies of Dave's original long-muscled beauties, the large, shapely feet all beautiful in their gently sculpted masculinity. They radiated warmth, and had Dave's nice skin fragrance. I found that my hands were smoothing themselves along Dave's muscular calves and thighs, going from one pair to the next. I realized I was kind of comforting him in case he was shocked or anything by his transformation.

I thought he might like to roll over to the bed and rest on top of it, as much of him as would fit, with so many legs going in all directions, so I backed up a little, pulling on a few of his feet to signal him to come forward. First I could tell he was trying to walk forward, because all the legs on the floor made clumsy attempts to move their feet forward, but they were all out of step as he tried to figure how to get his legs to move without their thighs slapping those of the legs in front. It was cool to see so many of his feet on the floor, and all around the wheel of legs up the back and touching the ceiling and coming down again to where they touched me. I was loving this festival of Dave's beautiful big feet.

So I pulled again gently, this time pulling on his feet that were higher up, so they'd roll down and let him roll forward, and that seemed to work. All the knees did their job and cushioned his movement as he slowly rolled in my direction, a giant beautiful ferris wheel of gorgeous feet and athlete's legs, moving in silence except for the kiss of legs sliding on each other and the slight groan of the wooden floor as dozens of big bare feet weighed upon it as Dave's wheel of legs rolled in my direction. There were some slight scuffing sounds from the ceiling as the feet at the top of the leg wheel felt their way along the ceiling backwards, as they moved heel-first from the top of the leg wheel down to where I could reach them and steady them as they rolled down past me to finally touch the floor.

But Dave, being an accomplished athlete, soon had this rolling action pretty much figured out, or at least his legs did. Anyway, we were at the bed now, behind me, so I pulled the foot nearest to the bed, pulling it to touch the top of the bed to show him what it was. He immediately got it, and the other feet near the bed felt for it. Slowly, with curiosity since it was all by feel, all the feet and legs and knees worked together to walk and roll the wheel of legs onto the bed, which slowly sank under the tremendous weight of all the legs as they gathered themselves onto the bed.

I would guide individual legs or pairs of legs or armfuls of feet along, helping Dave get onto his side, so all his leg pairs could comfortably rest. It was like a big round blanket of muscular legs draped itself over the bed, scores of feet overshooting the bed on all sides even though it was a huge bed.

Dave raised about half a wheel's worth of his legs up for me to crawl in between them, a couple of his feet hooking around me and pulling me toward him, more of them helping me lie down comfortably as I snuggled in among the dozens of pairs of legs. It was wonderful among all the long, warm, heavy leg muscles and large, gentle feet as many of them laid their beautiful long soles against me, touching me all over.

And among the miles of warm leg muscle, my wandering hands made a pleasant discovery that shouldn't have surprised me. All of the penises between each pair of legs were majorly aroused, hard as a rock, crowded as they were among all the pairs of legs. The pair of legs my face was resting between raised up as if to present its hugely aroused penis to me. Yes, I thought to myself, as I went for the first of several aroused penises, it was Dave, all right!

Part 2

We had some good workouts on the lawns outside. While Dave rolled forward, I'd climb him like an endless tree, my bare feet stepping on his thighs, my hands pulling on his knees. As my agility improved, he could roll faster while I climbed and climbed him.

Trouble was, turned both of us on, and it would be hard to climb him and pay attention to which knees to grab and which thighs to step on when I was getting so hard.

Of course, he got hard all over, only his hardons were so big that they'd bump down my face, chest and stomach, my hardon and my legs, streaking me with pre-cum, as I distractedly tried to keep climbing his legs while he rolled. It's hard to explain how awesomely, overpoweringly handsome all these legs and feet were, and he had beautiful, enormous hardons, all hard for me. It was more than I could handle to be climbing this rolling wheel of male legs while I was getting so turned on, while he was getting so turned on.

He could tell I was losing my rhythm climbing him, and anticipating that I might slip and fall, he let several pairs of his legs and feet grab me and pull me in, pressing me against all his gigantic hot boners. Because he was still rolling, it was quite a sensation because I went rolling down under him and up upside down and over the top of him and down again and under and up and over the top a few times while his dozens of legs slowed his rolling to a stop, holding me to him at the bottom of his wheel of legs, as I lay there on a bed of his muscular thighs, calves and beautiful feet gently holding me to him, sandwiching me between them and his enormous penises.

I should have been dizzy, but I was so turned on by the warm muscular grasp of so many of his beautifully masculine legs and feet that I could only come, which he felt, making all of his penises, all of them, come as well, with great gouts of hot, gluey, fragrant ejaculate. I was squeezed between the beautiful legs and feet holding me and the ejaculating penises I was being held against.

I felt I was coming more than usual, a lot more, and I realized I had been feeling him inside me, rump-feeding me with one of his huge penises. Actually, I realized, with two of his huge penises.

Although I was so surrounded by his legs, feet and penises that I couldn't see it, I could feel that I had become four-legged, and I could tell for sure because I could feel I had a couple of his penises in me, one rump-feeding me between my original legs, and, sure enough, a second one rump-feeding me through what I could feel was a new second ass and a new pair of hind legs. No wonder I was coming so much! I was coming through two huge penises of my own! One was pulsing great hot jets of come from between my front legs, and I could feel sure as shootin' that I had another big penis between my hind legs, pulsing away as well. The pleasure was blinding, and I would have fallen in a swoon if it weren't for the warm muscular clasp of dozens of Dave's beautiful legs and feet against me.

I grabbed a foot of his that was near my face and kissed it, burying my lips in its arch, feeling several more of his big, beautiful feet press against my shoulders, neck, hair and face. I guess I was thanking him, amazed that his come had transformed me, too; by the press of his legs and feet against me and the gentle warmth with which they clasped me to his giant, come-spent penises, I could tell he was thanking me, too.

To celebrate, that night I got him drunk by sticking the necks of several bottles of wine in his asses, and I drank a bottle myself. It was a riot, from what I remember. He couldn't form a wheel with his legs to save his life; he was just this big mess of giant lazy athlete's legs and beautiful, stupidly clumsy gorgeous feet, and they kept mussing my hair and playing with my legs and hardons, and his big stupid penises just shot come everywhere as I fucked him with both my penises; he was too stupid to even walk or roll even though he had this muscular tangle of awesome guy legs; they couldn't get out of their own way now, and you could tell how stupid and clumsy they were as more and more of his big gentle drunk feet got lost among themselves trying to touch me.

He kept trying to move me into position to be rump-fed by more of his giant penises, but his legs and feet were so clumsy that I just positioned myself for him, loving him in both of my hind ends, and I could tell he was about to come by the way his legs and feet smoothed themselves against me and then clenched against me when his penises shot their immense loads into me, so hot and aching.

We didn't even make it to the bed since his legs and feet were so clumsy and stupid, so we just made lazy clumsy drunken love, and I got him to have foot sex several dozen times over with himself, which turned me on just watching it, since he was all feet and penises anyway, but I kept having to come, too, because I couldn't get away from his legs and feet (I didn't want to), 'cause they kept pulling me back to him and burying me alive in their wonderful warm drunken sweetness, as I kissed dozens of his big stupidly relaxed beautiful feet, licking his come from them.

I helped him load dozens of his penises into his own asses, and the whole collection of his sweating, uncoordinated pairs of legs writhed and squeezed, squeezing me along with them, as he shot himself full of his come dozens upon dozens of times. He finally passed out, his penises still plunged into his asses, two of them in mine, as I fell asleep too, feeling the weight of his many beautiful legs and feet around me as they slipped into unconsciousness, a couple of them giving me a goodnight squeeze before they went heavy and relaxed on me as I fell asleep among them.

Part 3

Now that Dave was this huge wheel of beautiful, muscular male legs, I thought he'd like more roommates, since I had classes to go to; I figured the guys in the dance classes would be naturally the most enthusiastic about living with a guy who is all legs.

First, it was me they wanted to live with, because of my four legs. I actually was loving being four-legged. I admit having four of them was extremely arousing to me personally. Especially since I now had two of my penises, which seemed to be so glad to be near each other that they kept each other aroused night and day.

I was the "centaur" of attention on campus, which I didn't try to discourage, really; I wore jeans rolled up a little at my four ankles, and I favored flipflops because they were so comfortable on my four feet, and kind of showed them off, or I'd wear a couple pairs of pairs of shorts because they made my four legs as comfortable as my four feet were in flipflops. And Dave's come had done wonders for all four of my legs; they were now as long, muscular and sleek as a superhero's.

When the guys marveled at my four legs, I just passed myself off as a volunteer in stem cell research. I'd swear them to secrecy, saying it was because it was for top-secret space research for future colonies on other planets where four legs were needed for the otherworldly terrain and gravity; I told them my cover story was to say I just had a rare family trait of four-leggedness.

They loved being in on my secret, and as the story spread about my four legs I marveled in turn at the politeness and support I got from everyone, and the guys seemed glad to have a reason to get to know me and talk to me about my four legs and squeeze or pat my hind ass or offer to massage my four feet (I always said yes!).

Especially the guys in the dance class. They could appreciate great legs because they had to work so hard to develop theirs. I felt a bit unworthy because since Dave's come made me four-legged, I didn't have to work at all to keep my four legs in top shape; they stayed that way all by themselves, just like Dave's.

So yeah, it was me they wanted to room with, at first. I didn't blame them, and I knew that they'd really want to room with Dave once they met him and saw him for what he was—an awesome, unbelievably beautiful wheel of handsomely-muscled legs, beautiful male legs and beautiful male feet worthy of a Michaelangelo, and as expressive and gentle as Dave's sweet personality. And so hot, he'd be welcome on any planet.

Anyway, I got Curtis, Jesse and Trevor to room with Dave and me. Introducing them to Dave was amazing. Dancers all, they instinctively disrobed, sensing the majesty of Dave's wheel of legs and overwhelmed by the beauty of his dozens of rather fetching, handsomely shaped male feet. Each dancer presented himself and his bare dancer's body to Dave in his own unique way.

Trevor approached Dave's wheel of legs from the front, his eyes wide in slow wonder as they looked first at Dave's several beautiful pairs of bare feet on the floor facing him, and then followed them as they circled upward from the floor, their toes facing upward as they ascended to the ceiling, the feet at the top of the leg wheel upside down and their soles pressed flat against the ceiling, their toes facing the rear of the leg wheel, and then down the back of the wheel, their toes facing downward, as Dave's feet circled down the back of the leg wheel towards their several pairs of brothers on the floor, where their toes faced forward, towards Trevor.

Trevor stood naked at the front of Dave's beautiful wheel of legs, feeling the warmth radiating from their sleek, powerful muscles, and took four of Dave's handsome feet in his hands. He brought his lips to them and kissed them. Dave reached several more of his feet to Trevor and gently pulled him in, enveloping him in his beautiful, long-muscled pairs of legs. Trevor sighed with the comfort of being enveloped in so many beautiful long male legs, and gently released the four feet he'd been kissing.

He moved in closer to Dave and wrapped his own legs around two or three pairs of Dave's, and reached in to hug more pairs of them, loving the muscular swell of their beautiful thighs and calves, and the handsome toes and beautiful arches of their large, gentle, dangling feet.

It was amazing watching Dave's large, sensitive, beautifully-shaped feet gently find the beauty of Trevor's body.

Several of Dave's feet reached to feel it, turning gently on their ankles, coursing over the muscles and contours of Trevor's dancer's body, caressing Trevor with all of their gentle, smooth soles, and enjoying the feel of Trevor's beautiful dancer's body. Trevor flushed, so aroused by beauty of these sublimely masculine, sensitive expressions of Dave's beauty and gentleness, his beautiful, beautiful pairs of feet.

Curtis, Jesse and I had to hold each other as we watched, jacking ourselves as we nakedly embraced each other; it was almost too much to bear, watching the beauty of Trevor's body as it was smoothed all over by the fleet of handsome feet that gradually encased it.

Trevor greeted each beautiful new foot with a kiss, as one after the other would present itself for Trevor's kiss, then smooth itself along Trevor's round delts and down along his smooth triceps and biceps.

More Dave-feet found Trevor's protuberant glutes, resting there, beautiful Dave-feet gently loving the firmness and the fine form of Trevor's handsome ass as they planted their long, handsome soles on Trevor's ass and all over his fine body, new feet continually joining them.

Dave's legs and feet actually flushed with arousal, his beautiful multiple feet alive with a glow of warmth. His pairs of sleek, muscular male legs appeared to grow dizzy and clumsy with arousal as they surrounded Trevor, whose own legs grew weak as his body swooned, collapsing into Dave's wheel of legs. As Trevor collapsed, his immense penis warmly landed full-length against a couple of Dave's equally aroused penises.

All of Dave's penises were florid and flushed as they stiffened into their full giant arousal, as his wonderful pairs of legs feasted on the sweetness of their gentle physical contact with Trevor's beautiful, swooning body.

Clutched by a loving embrace of Dave's legs, Trevor recovered somewhat.

Dave raised a few pairs of his legs up to allow Trevor to find and enter him. Trevor grabbed a pair of the beautifully raised male thighs and pulled them against him, plunging his achingly aroused hardon into the welcoming ass, plunging into Dave with a groan. Trevor groaned even louder as another pair of Dave's legs plunged its huge hardon into Trevor's ass.

Curtis, Jesse and I jacked ourselves, jacked our giantly aroused, aching penises into orgasm, groaning as we held on to each other's naked bodies and as we came, coming all over each other (my hind hardon shot huge, splattering volumes of its hot, pulsing come all over the back of my front legs, all over the back of my front balls, all over the heels of my front feet, and all over my hind feet and the floor).

The three of us could barely stand on our own bare feet on the come-slicked floor as we held each other for balance and for relief, overwhelmed by the beauty of Dave and Trevor as they mated.

Dave's huge penise pumped and pumped Trevor full great, pulsing hot wads of Dave's powerful come. Trevor groaned and cried, tears in his eyes, as he clasped Dave's thighs with all his might, Trevor's own ass and thighs distended by Dave's penis and its massive ejaculations.

Trevor's beautiful dancer's legs wrenched themselves into four as he screamed, transformed by Dave's powerful come. They were perfect copies of his original dancer's legs, of his original beautiful hind. Dave plunged another of his pulsing hardons into Trevor's new hindquarters, as Trevor screamed and ejaculated, now ejaculating out of hugely aroused penises.

Dave and Trevor spasmed repeatedly as Trevor screamed and groaned, crying, kissing Dave's beautiful legs and feet, coming uncontrollably from his new pair of hardons, lost among so many aroused Dave-legs and feet. They held Trevor and caressed him, the gentle feet stroking his hair, caressing him and holding him as Trevor moaned, muffled among Dave's legs, Trevor's huge ejaculations spasming and spasming.

After a while, Trevor's muffled moans turned to gentle groans of pleasure and relief as his twin ejaculations gradually subsided. Trevor's own beautiful dancer's feet feet, now four, relaxed and let themselves hang freely and heavily from their four ankles as they were lifted with Trevor's four legs and the rest of Trever from the floor as Dave rolled back in something like a swoon of his own, pulling Trevor to the to the top of Dave's wheel of legs, where Trevor and Dave's legs rested in a warm multiple-leg embrace, sleek and hot with come.

Jesse, flushed and blown away just like Curtis and me from watching Trevor and Dave's legs make love, gave us a kiss and separated from our warm, naked, come-soaked three-man hug, and walked his aroused dancer's body to Dave. He gathered several of Dave's beautiful feet by the ankles and brought the feet to his lips, loving and kissing them, pressing them to his cheeks.

He guided the feet to his shoulders and chest to let them heavily rest there, then smoothed his hands along their ankles, calves and thighs. He lay the clusters of heavy legs over his shoulders, letting them rest there as he moved in closer, going in deep among the warmth of Dave's thighs to reach their handsomely-muscled asses, squeezing the thighs, then gently squeezing several of Dave's beautiful glutes, one handsome ass after another.

You could tell Dave liked that; it seemed to surprise him at first because except for those legs that embraced Trevor, Dave's legs and feet all around the leg wheel spasmed, then visibly relaxed as Dave got used to feeling Jesse's hands massaging so many of his handsome hinds near the center of his awesome wheel of legs.

The pairs of legs even contorted a bit, the long, beautiful legs working to give Jesse's hands more room to reach each handsomely muscular ass, as Jesse worked Dave's perfect ass-muscles, moving from one set to the next.

Jesse was in so deep it was hard to see him, with so many pairs of Dave-legs enclosing him in their embrace; you could barely see Jesse's bare feet, which were actually standing on stray pairs of Dave's bare feet. You could see Jesse's hands where they reached out from within Dave's pairs of legs to find and squeeze his asses, one after the other.

That got Dave really aroused, we could tell, obviously, by the major boners he was sprouting everywhere. From overhead, Trevor stirred his four legs and groaned, muffled, from inside a cocoon of Dave's legs up on top of the wheel of legs.

"Oh, keep doing whatever you're doing," he called to Jesse, his voice rich with lust, oddly musical and muffled from among the forest of long-muscled thighs, bulging calves, and handsome ankles and feet that surrounded and squeezed him.

"He's loving it—and I'm … mmmm," he trailed off, groaning with pleasure, lost among Dave's beautiful legs and feet.

Soon all of us were lost, aroused and coming, among the amazingly gentle, muscular long legs, the endless pairs of friendly, loving, gorgeous male feet, the awesome Dave- asses to fuck and the enormous penises to ride, all the more as Dave's come transformed us, come-pounded us into four-leggedness as we screamed and cried.

We were out of our minds in love with Dave's plethora of legs and unable to stop coming from our own new multiple penises into Dave's multiple, welcoming hindquarters even as ours welcomed his huge, ejaculating erections.

Part 4

It's funny how I don't even remember going to school the next day, or whether I wore clothes or not, or whether my four feet even touched the ground.

I must have been barefoot, because my four flipflops were tumbled in a pile in the house where I must have kicked them off before I left for school (or had I kicked them off before I made love to Dave's legs with Trevor, Jesse and Curtis?).

I do remember my classmates (as well as guys who were perfect strangers) hugging me, wishing me well, telling me they had never seen me so in love, holding me as I cried and laughed, and generally grabbing me and making love to me and my four legs.

I wasn't drunk, but guys shepherded me as if I was, and a group of my classmates and members of the dance class surrounded me and held me as they helped me walk my four legs home. Through the haze I remember how everyone was talking about what they'd heard about how beautiful Dave was as a leg wheel.

So as we got me home, I wasn't surprised to find a houseful, and it did look like party time. They'd gotten Dave's beautiful plethora of long-muscled legs to wheel themselves out into the living room, with its high ceiling, and the room echoed with the laughter and groans of the guys as they enjoyed him and each other.

It was cool to see a lot of our friends there, and even cooler to see they'd been making love to Dave. You could tell because they seemed aroused and kinda stoned, like I was, from Dave's powerful come. It was a pretty erotic party, all of the guys handsome and aroused, all of them with their legs naked or totally naked, because all the guys were walking and dancing on multiple pairs of legs; everyone had sprouted extra feet; no one could stay away from the gentle capture of Dave's wheel of beautiful feet and gentle, muscular, long legs.

I had to smile, looking at one of the guys who was now tangled in Dave's legs at the top of the leg wheel, since the guy at the top of the leg wheel was the captain of our swim team, now multilegged and naked, save for cowboy hat. At the bottom of Dave's wheel of legs, where several pairs of his gorgeous feet kissed the floor, two of the dancers, Matt and Arch, sat together, leaning their naked backs against several of Dave's calves, talking to each other while massaging and kissing some of Dave's big, handsome bare feet.

Dave had so many of these pairs of feet to stand on that it was easy for Matt and Arch to pull one or more of them into their laps; Dave could spare them, and Dave seemed pleased to lend them to Matt and Arch, as they massaged one handsome Dave-foot after another, almost unconscious of their own splayed foursomes of long legs and bare feet as they tended to Dave's.

Nearby, there were more cowboy hats, with country music playing, where about six of the guys were doing a visually awesome naked line dance, their bodies so toned and handsome, even more so for looking somewhat centaur-like with their foursomes of dancer's legs and feet, although some had sets of six instead of four. It was mesmerizing to watch all the sets of naked male feet place themselves to and fro in rhythm with the music, and to watch the handsome, aroused multilegged boys turn and strut this way and that on their multiple bare feet, expertly following the patterns of the line dance.

Trevor, his dancer's body more sleek and muscular than ever, especially with the pronounced curves and swells of his six spectacular legs, was on the long, low sofa, mating passionately with himself, the both of him six-legged. He could not stop, his muscular bodies and their tangle of his spectacular legs endowed with such sexual energy from his earlier infusion of Dave-come that he could only sweat and flex, lost in love with himself as both of him worked each other into orgasm one after the other, totally aroused and hopelessly in love with each other.

Meanwhile, the captain of our swim team, Graham, on top of Dave's wheel of legs in his cowboy hat, rode Dave's wheel of legs as if it were a giant bronco. He sat what were now his multiple hindquarters comfortably on several of Dave's. I realized Dave was penetrating all of Graham's handsome swimmer's asses, as Graham rocked and writhed with pleasure.

"Oh my god," Graham llaughed, flushed and breathing hard, as his sleek pairs of legs held onto dozens of Dave's.

"I'm a hextaur, I think," he smiled, trying to look back to see how many pairs of legs he had now, interlaced with Dave's. "Or maybe an octotaur. Giddyap!"

Outside on the lawn, Guy and Adam were walking their foursomes of legs along together on the cool green grass while leaning their shoulders against each others', laughing as their foursomes of bare feet stepped along carefully as they kept their mutual balance. But soon one of them slipped and over they both went together onto the grass, in a toppling of feet, laughing as they caught each other, tumbled on the grass, their legs hopelessly tangled. They both tried to sit up among the tangle of the beautiful legs and feet.

"No wonder," Guy laughed, grabbing one of Adam's sleek, grass-stained feet. "You've got six of these." Adam stared, his handsome face wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

"I must have just grown them, he said. "Dave pumped me more than I realized."

"That turns me on," Adam said, gently pulling Guy's face to his and burying him in a kiss as they both sprouted a forest of huge hardons among their long, tangled pairs of legs.

I was getting boned, watching them, when a sweet, slightly French-accented male voice addressed me.

"How do you explain these," Aalais, asked, walking his exquisite foursome of legs in my direction. He his complexion was like white porcelain, but his acqueline, hollow cheeks were dark with the hint of a permanent five oclock shadow, which complimented his dark, flashing eyes and long jet-black hair, and the fine black hair on his four legs. It ended just at his four beautiful white feet, which had only a little of it.

He was holding up six perfect slender arms, six perfect, slender, wrists, from which six beautiful long-fingered hands hung, and looking at me quizzically. "How could I get six hands from a leg wheel? The four legs I understand."

"They're to help you celebrate, mon cher," said Brandon, a handsome surfer boy who could now easily hang twenty. He had been looking for Aalais and was carrying a small tray of wine glasses, and tried to offer them to Aalais.

"No, no, no," smiled Aalais, his dark eyes smiling at Brandon, his six delicately beautiful hands trying to resolve among them selves which one to waggle a reproving index finger at Brandon, finally two of them doing it, out of synch with each other, as the other four hands hung there, beautiful and confused.

"Please?" said Brandon, kneeling his four fine surfer's legs so that he was looking up at Aalais, who blushed, flattered and more than ever unsure of what to do with so many hands, so much so that he forgot that he had four legs. One of his hind feet unconsciously smoothed itself against the other as he tried to figure out what to do.

He flashed a brief, almost apologetic smile and reached one of his hands for a glass.

"I take one," he smiled at Brandon, the hand bringing the glass back among his other beautiful hands, which hovered around it.

"You've got six hands, so take two," Brandon said. "It looks better."

"Ok, two," Aalais smiled, blushing anew, another of his six hands taking a glass. Two others of his hands helped the first pair sheperd their glasses of wine; the remaining pair of hands remained at a loss, hanging there helplessly from their beautiful wrists. He shyly took a sip from one glass, then with the other hands brought the second glass to his lips and sipped from it. "I am not used to having so many hands," he smiled at Brandon.

"Dude, they're awesome on you," Brandon smiled back, still holding the little tray.

"Merci," smiled Aalais, blushing and shifting on his four bare feet, taking another couple of sips from the glasses.

I noticed that a lot of the guys were starting to look as if what had happened to me was happening to them, as if Dave's come had made them sort of stoned or drunk.

They were laughing and looked a little clumsy—a bunch of them were wheeling Dave's giant wheel of male legs out onto the lawn, laughing and leaning against him, kind of herding him and getting their multiple legs tangled, falling down on each other laughing, mating freely with each other as the rest of the rolled Dave's gorgeous wheel of legs out into the beautiful sunshine, where their beautiful muscles and feet gleamed.

The guys were so aroused, so in love with Dave, and he appeared to be just as aroused and in love with them.

It was penises everywhere, on Dave, and on all the laughing, stumbling guys, huge penises, dangling, and either dripping with precum, coming, or dripping with the final gobs of a just-finished orgasm as the boys laughed and stumbed on their four legs, some on their six or eight legs, leaning into Dave's awesomely muscled legs as they helped him roll/stumble along.

He was beautiful in the sunlight, and so were they.

Some of the guys wore caps, as well as muscle shirts that highlighted their round delts and broad shoulders, but they left their multiple long-muscled legs naked, mounting each other freely as they fell away laughing from trying to push Dave's leg wheel.

Matt, wearing a trim black goatee and looking cute in his black cap and black muscle shirt, was laughing in the sunlight and stumbling on his six naked legs, apparently overcome by just having had his three asses pumped full of Dave's come. He stumbled on his six beautiful legs and fell down onto the lawn, laughing and rolling on the grass, and as he orgasmed he became two, his new self naked but equally handsome and six legged. They lay together a while on the lawn, laughing gently, and after a while Matt took his cap off and put in on his new self, kissing him as they started to make love to each other.

I realized that Dave seemed as stupefied by the guys' love as they were by his. I managed to gather my four legs and walk them over to Dave, whose wheel of legs was now on its side, his handsome legs radiating in all directions.

His feet sensed me there, and he raised a group of his legs up to welcome me in, and I climbed in and let them close all round me. The long, warm leg muscles felt so good as they gently held me. I kissed the foot nearest me, so gorgeous in the sunlight, so beautiful among its dozens of brother feet, all so lazy and relaxed.

Funny, now that I was surrounded by Dave's legs, I could feel my own four legs starting to twinge, and I knew I'd soon be six-legged. It was such an arousing feeling, and I could see most of the boys, drunk with Dave's come, aroused by the sight of each other's multiple legs as they stumbled and mated with one another.

It was kind of cute to see Brandon and Aalais, Brandon the strapping surfer boy on his four legs, so aroused by delicate Aalais and his beautiful plethora of arms. Aalais seemed to finally come to terms with having six arms, and gently wrapped them around Brandon. The two of them stumbled on their foursomes of legs as they embraced, their front and hind penises spasming with great jets of hot, leaping come as they let themselves fall to the lawn, lost in each other.

That boned me pretty good, my boners hard against Dave's big smooth leg muscles, and that got him boned again, too. I turned myself within the embrace of his beautiful multiple legs and kissed several of them. Several of Dave's feet gently reached for me and touched me, my hair, my neck and shoulders. I pulled three nearest feet to me and kissed them, feeling Dave's enormous boners heating up all around me, even as mine were heating up as well. I smiled, realizing I'd probably be an octotaur by the time Dave and I finished making love this time.

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