Leg party

By Josh Dugan 
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I have the most gorgeous gay friends in the world. Many of them are couples.

They are all models, or could be models. And the nice thing is, they all get a kick out of my cloning hobby. Kick is a good word for it, because they know about my thing for legs, and being the good friends that they are, they find it funny and kind of a turn-on when we have our leg parties. We do stuff that gets us turned on by our legs, since we're all into legs. You know, massage, wrapping our legs around each other, playing Twister.

Some of them have taken up my interest in cloning as a hobby, and I have to admit I am the first to admire someone else's work. Well, I got my chance the other night when I returned home from a long run—I love running, and run more than ever since I cloned extra legs for myself. If you want to have nice looking legs, you have to run them and work them, whether you have two or six. My friends run, to the man, and our leg parties are pretty dazzling, if you're a leg man. First of all, we compare our legs, check each others' legs out, see who's worked out the most and if things get really relaxed, which they do, we end up massaging each others' legs and feet, and the room ends up with guys all over the place with each other's legs draped over each other.

So I opened the door and switched on the light. “Surprise!!” they yelled—and was I surprised—and aroused! They were all there, all my beautiful friends, arm in arm. and laughing knowingly. “You guys!” I said, laughing.

You shouldn't have” But they had—all my buddies had cloned their legs, and I have never seen more beautiful long legs in one place at one time!

“We did it for you!” my friend Eddie said, showing off his six splendid long legs. “Now you have nothing left to complain about!”

“Except the food bill,” I laughed. “I'm already eating for three, and now I have to worry about all you guys and your legs!”

“Well, not this time, at least.” Eddie said, and the guys and all the sexy legs parted to reveal the table, piled high with all kinds of wonderful food.

It was time for hugs all around, and I couldnt help but notice how handsome all my towering friends looked—had they always been this tall or had I shrunk? Hmm, I thought. “Someone's cheated,” I said. “These legs are, shall we say, enhanced a bit, right? 'Fess up!”

More laughter all around. “Well, we figure more is better, so why not 'way more,” Eddie smiled. And sure enough, all my guys were 'way tall as they stood around the table, passing food to each other and socializing. The place seemed a little crowded, but in a pleasant way—actually, very arousing, with so many guys standing around on six very tall legs. The floor nearly disappeared under all the huge, beautiful male feet. I liked seeing my friends looking so sexy and awesome,and they were obviously into it, too, as the conversation kept revolving around this guy's legs or another's. The married couples were the first to ride each other, which not only saved space in the leg-crowded rooms but provided a gentle intimacy nice to see—a guy would climb his six legs up on his buddy's and straddle them, weaving his own long-muscled beauties among those of his husband. They could stand there and feed each other, and both would get pretty aroused. Soon the single guys had paired off as well, and my friend Eddie let me ride his legs. It was nice to take a load off my six feet and let them dangle among Eddie's muscular thighs and calves, while I let my arms drape around Eddie's handsome shoulders.

Like most of our leg parties, this one progressed to some incredible massages, and we had to laugh at the incredible sea of beautiful legs as we tried to find positions sitting or lying down, and the while the massaging was a lot more of a workout, with so many wonderful legs to massage, the payback was worth it as each new pair of legs provided its own huge hardon to mount, ride, pound, suck, or all four! We had never, ever come so much, and guys were screaming at first and groaning and begging for more towards the end, as one huge hardon shot its load and two more begged to come. “I wish I hadn't eaten so much,” Eddie laughed, wiping his mouth. “I cant finish my own come, much less yours!” I hugged Eddie's wonderfully muscled long legs, sweaty now. “I'll help out; don't worry” I told him. “I'll help out, too!”

“Me, too!” called out the other guys, their own six legs fully spoken for by their partners. I could hear guys laughing or groaning from underneath or between several pairs of legs. It was becoming hard to see which legs belonged to who, but they were so sexy and beautiful and such a turn-on that I involuntarily creamed all three of my hardons, even though Eddie was only working on my frontal hardon. Eddie creamed at the sight of my ejaculations, smiling, with my huge frontal hardon pulsing in his beautiful mouth. He paused to suck up all my first cock's come, licking up the spilled come and swallowing. He rested his handsome cheek against one of my legs, with his arms around four of them. “I guess playing Twister is out of the question tonight.”

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