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“Come on, it’s getting dark already! I don’t want to miss any of them!” shouted Damien impatiently. He was tall for a wolf at 5’10’’, his fur colored grey, but his hands were white and the hair on his head was black. He was going with his best friend Jack to see the shooting stars, since it was this time of the year when lots of them could be seen on the night sky. Damien was gay and had a crush on his friend, who, unfortunately for him, was straight, but they were buddies and they made a lot of gay jokes about themselves. The other wolf was a little taller at 5’11’’ and more muscular, since he had started going to the gym a year ago, his fur black, turning yellow on his head and torso. Both were at the same age, 21 years old.

“Take it easy! We’re almost at the place,” Jack answered. They used his car to get to the place, a nice hill away from city’s lights and civilization. They enjoyed each other’s company and it was not their first trip like this. They had several trips alone to the mountains or lakes, but to Damien’s misfortune nothing ever happened. His crush was not interested and only teased him over some jokes about their relationship.

It was already 9 o’clock, but it was middle of a hot summer, so the sun had set only some minutes ago. When they arrived at the place they took out stuff from the trunk of the car and went to find a good spot. There were no people around, so there were a lot of free space on the hill with a nice view. In the valley in front they saw a dark forest, behind they could see their parked car a 100 feet from them and a lake shining with last rays of light. The wolves put down their blanket so they could sit down on grass, enjoying the view, since no stars had appeared yet on the sky.

Damien brought beer with himself, a few cans, so they opened them and started drinking, talking and laughing. After a while of enjoying themselves it got even warmer for them, since the alcohol started to kick in.

“Dami, do you mind if I took my shirt off? It’s getting too hot for me.” Jack asked.

“Sure, bud, I was about to ask the same thing!” Damien said enthusiastically.

Damien always wanted to see his friend shirtless, though even with a shirt on Jack’s toned pecs were visible. Now when he revealed them Damien could see clearly that going to the gym had been fruitful for his friend. You could see each of the abs muscle bulging, above them a nice, robust pecs that flexed a little with his every movement. Behind he could see lats starting to appear and widen Jack’s posture, but they were not so much developed yet. His biceps were also nicely toned, and you could see their shape swelling with every action.

Damien took his shirt off too, but didn’t want to look at himself, because he didn’t exercise and a small layer of fat covered his body. Instead he focused his gaze on his crush. He would love to roam those muscles, lick every part of them, squeeze and feel them in his hands, not mentioning about Jack’s lower parts.

All these thoughts made Damien’s cock throb and pulse, so he tried to cover his boner with his hands, but with miserable effect. His five inch penis made a little tent in his pants, so he turned away and tried to adjust himself with as little movement as possible, so it didn’t look so obvious what he is doing. When he turned back Jack just shrugged his shoulders and they continued their conversation.

The truth was that Jack knew about his friend being gay, but he hadn’t told him yet that he knew. They’d known each other for years and he thought telling that would destroy their friendship, so he just pretended he didn’t see Damien staring and his boner. Actually it made him pent up a little too, seeing someone lust for him, since his girlfriend had dumped him a year ago. But still he was straight and had no intentions in letting loose with his best friend.

The night was taking over the sky, darkening and revealing thousands of shining stars above them. It was already well past 11 o’clock and after an hour of watching they hadn’t seen anything yet. They started to wonder if the stories of wishing upon a shooting stars are real and they laughed at it.

“I’d wish for a busty girl that could take my 2 feet dick! Hahaha!” Jack exclaimed.

“You wish! She wouldn’t see your cock, because she would be taking my own 3 footer! Hahaha!”

“Good one! Haha! I’m fine with that, since I’d have my Ferrari! A chick magnet!”

“Hey! I want to be rich too!”

“Too late! It’s already booked for me! Hahaha!”


They chuckled for a while, still trying to see the stars. The sky was clear, there was no moon, you couldn’t imagine a better conditions for that. But nothing had happened so far. Just beautiful stars with the milky way in the center cutting through the horizon.

Damien was still thinking about the wishes, about him being with Jack, but he knew that was out of reach for him. If it would be so easy to kiss him, to show him his affection, maybe their relationship would turn into something more?

He was so deep in his thoughts that only when Jack has shaken him strongly he woke up.

“Dude! You’re going to miss it!”

“What? I was in my thoughts?”

“The sky! It’s crazy!”

Damien looked up and was speechless. One after another, three at the same time, ones that died out after a second and others that traveled the whole sky, shooting stars were… shooting. He expected a star once or twice, but not this. This was like a waterfall, so many of them falling from the skies. A minute ago it was dark here, normal night, now he could see everything again like it was a day, because the shooting stars were so bright.

The view was unbelievable, he sometimes had to cover his eyes from the lights appearing on the horizon. Both boys sat up, their heads up, they hadn’t noticed they were coming closer to each other, until they bumped together. They looked into each other’s eyes, both of them shy about what happened, but neither of them turned away. Damien was first to look away, because the whole scene was intimidating even more for him, since he had a hard on he couldn’t hide now.

But when he tracked his friend’s body down his pecs and abs he saw the same tent that he had, maybe a little bit bigger. Not hesitating he moved forward and brought his muzzle to his friend’s. Jack didn’t back up, so Damien moved closer and bound their lips together in a timid kiss. A spark of electricity ran through their bodies and they had to move away for a few steps and were knocked over.

The sky was back to normal, dark, there was no shooting stars. The wolfs were standing up after falling and Damien started talking.

“What was that? I was so carried away, I’m sorry, that shouldn’t happen, you’re straight, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to…”

“Yeah, you wanted.” Jack interrupted Damien’s fast monolog and was coming closer to him. “I don’t know what got into me too, but…” he stopped.

“But what?”

“I feel I want only one thing now…” Jack said quietly and bashfully.


“Kiss me.”

“What?” Damien couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “What? Aren’t you straight?”

“Yeah, I am. But right now I don’t care.” Jack was so close now their mouths were close to each other. “Now kiss me.”

The grey wolf didn’t need any more invitations. He turned his head and again kissed his best friend. That was unreal for him, his dream came true, he was with his crush, making out. Firstly he was cautious, but when he felt Jack to also press his lips he moved closer grabbing his waist and forced their hips to collide. He was aware of their boners being squished together, even though he was at full mast already, Damien felt himself getting harder, more blood being pumped into his tool.

His hands caressed his friend’s fur, which was soft and fluffy, and he could feel it changing also, his fingers being little by little spread apart. He couldn’t think straight of it, because he was taken away but other pressing matters like Jack’s wet lips. Feeling confident he opened his maw and pushed his tongue into his friend’s muzzle, what was greeted with a moan of pleasure. Damien have never felt like this before, he was in heaven as their tongues twisted around each other, their bodies so close their fur was mixed, their cocks so hard.

Jack on the other hand was confused. He knew his friend had a crush on him, he knew they never talked about it, he knew he himself was into girls. But something told him kissing Dami was the best thing that could happen. After all, what could go wrong if he let go… for just one night… and it felt so good! Like this kiss made him warmer all over, he felt the heat radiating from their bodies as they were close. It was like a magnet for him, he wanted more of that, so he reached around Damien and grabbed his nice ass, now more confident than ever.

It was a total surprise for the smaller wolf that Jack was showing so much affection, he never thought his friend would be so resolute. That made Damien’s mind wander to his butt, because he never remembered having such firm and bubbly one. Their tongues still dancing around in muzzles made all the things clear that everything else doesn’t matter now, just their kiss, just them.

But it was again difficult to concentrate on that, since he felt his pants very constraining. He could have sworn these pants were okay this morning and now it was like they were too small, especially in his crotch area. His dick has never been so hard, his balls aching for release, just from this simple act of affection.

Damien and Jack didn’t care what’s happening around them. They even dismissed the sound of their trousers ripping, buttons flying, zippers going down, revealing their stretchy underwear with dark spots of precum. Their cocks started to rub each other through just a thin layer of boxers, but no longer were they barely five inchers, more like eight! Their balls also increased in size to a nice large eggs shape.

But their genitals weren’t alone in this growth. Their thighs were now packed with muscles. Jack’s were more pronounced, since he already had them slightly developed, but Damien’s weren’t far behind. Their butts expanded and rounded making them perfect for showing off and not to grope them would be a sin. The smaller wolf burnt all the fat he had on his stomach and abs started to show on his belly whereas Jack had them already cut and hard. Pecs filling up with sinew as well as biceps and triceps, that each individual muscle made a nice bulge when flexed. Growing lats and shoulders were spreading their arms wider. Calves and feet thickening to be able to hold their increasing mass.

All they could feel was their kiss, locked lips and tongues, hands grasping the other’s butt with more and more force, so they couldn’t move away from their embrace. Cocks extended longer to ten inches, twice their old length, and each was also three inches wide making them very thick. Balls were like large tangerines, straining the underwear and the remains of pants that once were loose on the wolfs.

But beside growing buffer they were growing in height. They stayed in ideal proportions with each other and this change like every other wasn’t clear for them. Now they both gained a feet and a half in height, making them even with tall stallions at almost 7 and a half feet. And still they grew with every second of their passionate and lustful kiss making them bigger and buffer and more hung.

Speaking of which, their tools reached a magical number of one foot long and an extreme five inches in thickness, making their boxers tear off and fall away with the rest of their trousers. The fabric revealed two giant uncut, human like boners with wide heads and orbs beneath that could be mistaken for tennis balls. The shafts wet with precum running down. Now free they could rub them with no constrains and nothing in between.

With increased size came increased sensitivity and both wolfs moaned and panted as they released their waiting load. Cum splattered on their hard bodies. First few shots even reached their muzzles and they could slurp everything tasting their mixed juices on sweated fur. They swung their hips in that constant orgasm and soon their cum splattered on their hot muscles and bodies as well as the area around them.

Panting they finally broke the kiss, still squeezing their bodies into each other and not letting their hands from that perky butts they now possessed. They looked into their eyes and they saw mutual admiration, lust and love. The bigger wolf smiled wildly while looking down on his friend, who blushed and in a little confusedness looked down and gasped.

He thought he’s going to see his friend’s nicely toned pecs and abs, but instead what he saw was a muscle magazine model body. Thick chest muscles rose and fell with each breath, on both sides shoulders were bulging with added sinew and below he saw cut abs, but only the upper two rows. The rest of that beautiful wall was behind two pillars of flesh, their penises, long and fat. Damien stared at what he saw with his eyes almost escaping their sockets.

Jack was looking at his friend’s cute face—how had he not seen that earlier? And that fine ass of his felt like made for groping. He saw Damien’s surprised look and forced himself to check what happened there that took all of his friend’s attention. His eyes too opened widely and his jaw dropped. That little, slightly chubby wolf was no more there. In front of him stood a properly muscled wolf that could have spent hours in gym. Pecs, shoulders, abs… half of abs were clearly visible as they bulged out of Damien’s body. And their hard cocks that could beat the records of size in almost every competition, squeezed between their hot, cum stained bodies.

The grey canine was first to back up, he needed to see the whole new Jack. Their dicks dropped down creating a 90 degree angle with their waists, halfway to his knees there were two balls large as apples resting tightly in his nutsack. Thighs were so developed they almost rivaled his waist in diameter.

In a lowered voice Damien managed to speak. “Wha… how… what happened… our bodies…”

“Feels so good!” Jack yelled and started flexing his muscles, they all swelled with power and strength, veins popping everywhere making thick labyrinths on his sculped body. When Jack was doing double bicep pose Damien came closer and touched those bulging arms, felt the fur on dense sinew. He pressed his hand against it, but he didn’t have enough strength to make it bend. Their cocks again together pulsed with anticipation and then the black wolf spoke in a seductive way.

“Kiss me,” he whispered urgently into other wolf’s ear. “Kiss me.” The smaller canine obeyed and kissed the biceps, his tongue rolling over the fur. He wanted to worship his friend, his body, his muscles, that’s all what counted at that moment. His lips covering every inch of his partner’s arms, hands caressing every part of them, and that’s when he felt it.

“Yeeees! Yeees! MMMMMmmmm! Kiss me!” Jack shouted and moaned in ecstasy. Damien’s fingers again spreading, making space for more and more mass that was developing on his biceps and triceps and forearms. After the muscles gained another few inches in diameter he moved his muzzle to his friend’s pecs and pink nipples.

Firstly he slurped all the cum that the fur was coated in, moving his tongue in circles, sending shivers down Jack’s spine, who still was standing with his biceps flexed. The smaller wolf then started kissing and right after that he could feel his friend expanding. His chest swelling with every breath but did not go back down as much, increasing in power with every second. Areolas there also grew bigger and more sensitive, making Jack moan and pant when Damien pinched, licked or bit them.

When he was satisfied with the effect he moved up a little to take care of his friend’s shoulders that now were comparably small to the rest of his upper body. With the first kiss they responded quickly to the stimulation, like they wanted to be in the same shape as other muscles—freakishly big on his body, like pecs and arms. Soon they were like cannon balls, matching the size of their neighboring muscles.

Damien backed up to see the results of this encounter. They were outstanding. Jack was huge, his chest so big the slabs of muscles looked like pillows someone could lay on and sleep. Biceps that could put any bodybuilder to shame, but they were on his muscled, yet thin body, making them look ridiculously big and sexy. Round shoulders widening his frame to an impossible extent.

“Damn…” he gasped staring at his friend, who turned his position to make the most muscled pose. Biceps fought with pecs for space swelling larger and larger while being flexed. Jack roared with pleasure and lust keeping his eyes fixed on Damien, who almost came when looking at the scene. The bigger wolf saw all that and decided to return the favor and came closer to his friend, grabbed his dick by the base in a strong grip, and whispered to his ear.

“What do you want?” Jack moved his hand up the thick shaft, his hand unable to encircle it.

“MMMMMmmmmmm” was all Damien could murmur in response.

“What do you want? Say it,” the wolf insisted.

“AAAAaaaaaa,” the smaller canine bit his lip in bliss.

“Say it!” Hands reached the head of the cock, cupped it and polished it with the precum that was pouring from its hole.

“Kiss me,” Damien answered in a low voice, barely hearable, but it was enough for Jack, how was right next to him.

“My pleasure.”

He lowered himself, kneeling, so his friend’s penis was right in front of his eyes. The tool was at least 14 inches long and super wide. Firstly he put it over his face, all the time caressing the tip. When he looked at Damien from that perspective he saw him in ecstasy with closed eyes, open mouth and tongue out. Jack felt incredibly happy then, that he could make other person so excited.

He moved his face further, so his muzzle hit two orbs that were resting between Damien’s legs and started kissing them. The owner of the balls gasped and moaned, as Jack moved his tongue there, his teeth prickling. Another moaned escaped his maw and he felt something more happening there. His already huge balls started expanding, taking more space in an already taunt nutsack, soon getting the size of oranges and still growing under the magical influence of Jack’s kisses.

Bigger and bigger they got, surpassing the size of melons. They sloshed and churned with extra seed that was produced, gaining weight with every second. A minute later of constant attention they achieved the level of watermelons, what Jack considered acceptable and turned his face up, so now he saw the incredible meat of his friend.

He stick out his tongue and traced the cum stream that was running along the cock, its veins and skin. When Jack finally got through the whole length he french kissed the head going as deep as possible into the cock hole with his tongue. Damien almost fainted from the extreme sensations going through his beefy tool, which started to grow pretty fast. With the first touch of his lovers lips the penis grew two inches, followed by another two the time he put his tongue inside and a half inch every next second. In no time his dick was two feet long and still going. Four hands wandered the engorged shaft, because two hands were not enough to even encircle it then. The girth was also expanding, at 7 inches across.

Jack was still kissing the prodigious head and gulping down all the semen it was giving. The more he kissed, the more he drank, the more he wanted to make his lover grow bigger. Damien was holding back his orgasm as long as he could, but now it was hanging on like a silk thread. Two and a half feet came and went. The mass of his organ started to overwhelm him making his legs bend.

“AAAaaaaa… That’s too…. MMmmm… much!” Damien moaned and gasped. “Gonna cum soon!”

Hearing this the more muscled wolf doubled his efforts, his tongue moving in and out of the cock tip, his hands gripping the immense shaft stronger and stroking the penis faster. That made the hefty tool surge in size once again reaching three feet in length and 9 inches in diameter.

The extra stimulation was enough for Damien to explode. The force of the first shot and the weight of his meat were enough to make him fall onto his butt and his back hit the ground. The head of the cock slapped strongly his defined pecs and again erupted, coating his muzzle in thick cum. Gallons of thick juice escaped his giant tool in thick ropes landing a few feet above his head. Each shot made all his muscles flex, his balls pull up and bounce every time, leaving his completely paralyzed.

After a few huge loads sent into the air Jack joined his friend by lying his muscled form on the other wolf, pressing the enormous shaft into his fur. He could feel every blast of jizz going from the base of shaft up to its tip where his maw waited for the sweet and bitter drink he gulped happily. But that wasn’t making his very satisfactory. He needed to do something more. Make someone bigger. So after two full meals of a sticky soup he moved a little bit up to Damien’s lips.

When they touched a pulse of electricity rushed their bodies again and the hyper cocked wolf came with great force, like he hadn’t have an orgasm for a week, even though he was in the middle of one. He came and came, one never-ending shot, like a firehose. Their forms started to grow, this time faster and in a couple of seconds there were already a foot taller. Damien’s semen made every part of their pecs, necks and mouths wet in white fluid, but they didn’t care about it, they just kissed.

Just kissed was an understatement, though, because their tongues were dancing against each other in their maws, exploring their mouths and sharp teeth. Damien’s orgasm started to die down and he was able to move his hands now, he quickly found his lower’s neck and muzzle, which he touched gently and pulled Jack closer. A second later his legs were movable so he pushed them forward and crossed them behind the muscled canine, just above his butt.

Now they were almost 11 feet tall and still growing from their love. Their cocks squeezed together, also expanding in both length and girth, Jack’s one beingtwo feet long already and Damien’s closing to four and a half feet! Their musculature was not forgotten by the spurt and the bottom wolf now would win any bodybuilding competition under two conditions: first, when there are people who would be in similar height and second if Jack wasn’t participating, because of his extra large pecs and arms.

But he felt something was different this time. Earlier they were standing; now he was lying on ground with Jack on top. But he could feel the earth moving under him, his fur brushing the grass. Were they getting taller? Thoughts started to rush through his mind and he tried to break the kiss. After a few struggles he managed to move away his lover’s muzzle, by that time they gained another three feet in height.

“Jack… I think our muscles and dicks are not the only things getting bigger…”

“What are you talking about Dami?”

“Feels like we are growing all over, our height too.”

“How can that be? I don’t feel anything!”

“It feels so weird…”

“Does it matter? Now come here, cause I want to kiss you so badly!”

Damien couldn’t resist. Another spark ran through their bodies, this time much stronger and they shivered and trembled when it was rushing their muscles and bones. Jack’s pecs ballooned outward caressing the now seven and a half feet of cock his friend possessed. Their frames grew several feet in a few seconds, just to be topped by a few more in the next moment.

The black wolf now had to move his legs apart, since the growing mass of his balls made them push apart. To him they would appear to be in a size of a large pumpkin, but in reality they were huge, almost 5 feet in diameter each. Beneath them there were two more orbs, belonging to the grey wolf, and were twice as big

Damien’s cock started to poke the underside of their muzzles so they had to adjust it and its head soon was on the same level as their own ones. Their bodies reaching 30 and then 40 feet of height in a couple of breaths. They still kissed, they still grew more and more, their dicks, muscles, balls.

The bottom canine dismissed the feeling of the earth moving as he was paying attention only to his lover. Stones, rocks and branches that lied on the ground were nothing for them now and Damien felt them only as a small dulled needles pinching his back and ass. But they diminished as the wolfs expanded bigger and bigger.

The only thing that mattered was their kiss, their bodies, their love. Their eyes closed, lost in the sensations of growth and the wetness of their tongues and mouths. The wolfs trembled with every added feet to their frames and super sensitive cocks. Jack’s tool had to be 20 feet in length now, as he stood at 60 feet tall. His friend’s penis was twice larger and was towering over their heads.

But their growth hadn’t stopped there. Now they covered almost the whole hill with their bodies. Still kissing, their tongues exploring each other’s muzzles for the 3rd time and still it made them more aroused. They moaned and grunted when their hands caressed each other’s pecs and nipples, as they tried to grab a hold of their girthy fat cocks.

When suddenly Damien hit something strongly with his head and they could hear a loud squeak. “What the hell was that?!” Jack asked and they momentarily stopped kissing.

The grey wolf raised his muscled arm up, above his head to check it. When he found the source of that noise and moved it so they both could see, they were stunned.

“I told you we were growing all over… ” Damien started “But damn I didn’t thought that rapidly… ”

“Oh fuck… ”

He was handling their car. Squished by his head that hit it due to their growth. The car was around 10 feet long and yet it was too small for his hand.

“But… But we were like 100 feet away from the car… ” Jack couldn’t believe.

“We grew… ”

“Fuck, I want more!” He looked at Damien with lust and a little bit of worry.

“Me too… But we are so huge already… ”

“Just say it.”

“Kiss me.”

They both grinned and again kissed and grew. They doubled their size in a minute and didn’t stop the kiss even when they crushed some houses from the nearby villages.

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