Joey’s arm and leg party

By James Fourlegs 
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I had never heard so much giggling in all my life. It was coming from the apartment above me, where Joey and his handsome young nudist friends were having another party of some sort.

They were always having little parties, often like those Tupperware or candle parties. I'd usually see them afterwards, having a direct view of the open-frame stairway right outside my apartment's picture windows. First I'd see their bare feet, then their legs, and then all of them as they walked down the stairs from Joey's apartment, leaving in groups or pairs, talking excitedly to one another about the candles, candle holders, or salad bowls and food storage containers they'd bought.

The party was ending—I could hear them disbanding, saying their goodbyes, still laughing. But I sat bolt upright as watched them coming down the stairs! At first it seemed like a parade, but it wasn't—endless pairs of long, handsome legs stepping down the stairs—each of them had several pairs of legs, and all of the guys were four-armed! They were laughing and chatting and obviously quite taken with each other's multiple sets of legs and arms! I was thunderstruck! What on earth had Joey and his friends been doing up there—having some sort of leg- and arm-party?

For the most part, the guys were barefoot, save for their front legs. No doubt they hadn't brought enough sandals for all their new pairs of legs, and while some of them tried to decorate their new multiple hindquarters with scarves or improvised saddles, most seemed gleefully carefree and let their extra rumps and legs go buck naked—and they were so hot with their long-muscled extra arms!

I found myself out the front door of my apartment—they were amazing to see, and I found myself wanting in the worst way to get upstairs to see Joey. The laughing, chatting guys smiled at me, noting with pleasure that I couldn't keep my eyes of their foursomes of arms or their beautiful teams of awesome legs as they formed an awesome phalanx of legs gracefully stepping down the stairs in endless succession—like a herd of four-armed boytaurs, more like boytaur centipedes, with legs to die for, endless beautiful pairs of long, awesome legs!

I could hear more laughter in the parking lot below as the multiple-legged guys tackled the new problem of getting all those legs into their cars!

I headed up the stairs—the handsome teams of legs shunted to either side of the stairway for me as the guys smiled, loving my infatuation with their extra arms and legs—and I headed up the stairs—loving the smooth beauty of the handsome young male legs as they accidentally brushed or smoothed against me on either side of me as I mounted the stairs.

“He's waiting for you,” one of the guys said, smiling at me.

“Better shake a leg!” All the guys broke into laughter. I found myself blushing.

Somehow I made it up to Joey's apartment. There was the last of the bevy of long-legged, multiple legged and four-armed guys, waving their goodbyes and speaking animatedly about their new extra legs and arms.

And there was Joey—his handsome young long-muscled body relaxing carefree and beautifully naked in his now-deserted apartment, resting on his long white sofa, endless pairs of his beautiful long legs tumbled among each other on the long sofa. He was touching his nipples with his four new hands, to see if they were equally skillful at administering the touch of his fingertips; his teams of legs languidly smoothed themselves against each other as they lounged together on the couch, some spilling their big, handsome bare feet onto the carpet.

“Hi!” he said, eyes lighting up as he saw me. “Like my legs? I meant to have more arms but they slipped up on the order and only sent starter sets.”

I wanted to roll my eyes heavenward as I usually have to do with Joey, but I realized that it couldn't be his doing if someone had slipped up on an order.

“We're having another party next month,” he said cheerfully. “We'll have the arms and will be doing wristfeet, too.”

“I hope we weren't too noisy,” he added, grinning, looking at me to make sure everything was ok. I smiled my reassurance, and his legs readjusted themselves as he resettled himself, his four arms pleasantly feeling among themselves as he did so.

“Good,” he said.

I told him I might like to lose myself among all his legs and even sleep among them. I wanted to make love to them, and make love to Joey through all of his pairs of legs.

“I would like that—help yourself!” he smiled. I kissed him, and kissed his four arms. They were perfect, and the four beautiful hands were equally sweet under my kiss. It would be a awesome night of loving Joey's beautiful foursome of arms and beautiful pairs of legs. They were already aching for me, I could tell.

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