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It had been almost twenty five years since I had seen Jimmy. We had been stationed in the same unit in the army for about six months. I had an immediate attraction to him because he was so good looking, well built but not overly and hung like a horse with low hanging balls. I knew I liked men but also knew that to make a wrong move in the army would have dire consequences. He didn't go out with girls because he had a sweetheart back home he was going to marry when he got out in six months. That was perfect for me because I wanted to spend all my free time in his presence.

I had told him a partial truth, saying that I had just gotten a “Dear John” letter from a girl I deeply loved and wasn't ready for other women at this time. The actual truth was a girl I had dated some at my last base had dumped me because I wasn't passionate enough in sex. My heart just wasn't in it and I knew why. I wanted men but was too afraid to do anything about it. I was stuck with my fantasy world and Jimmy was the right person to fill it. He was perfect for me and I gave him a buddy to hang with, without women to tempt him. After he got out he married and we corresponded for a couple of years. I finally stopped writing because it was getting more difficult to explain why I wasn't married.

A few months ago, I was cruising the net looking up e-mails and thought of him. Sure enough, I found him living in the same city in Florida where he was from. I sent him an e-mail inquiry. The next day I received a reply from his 22 year old son, Jimmy Jr., stating I had the right person. His dad was not a net person but he would give him the message as he still lived at home with his parents and younger sister. A few days later, I got a message asking me to call by phone. I did. It was good to hear his voice after all these years. We had a long conversation about everything we could think of and it eventually got around to my marital status. I figured I had nothing to lose by telling him I was “gay.” He was surprised, to say the least. I told him I had always been that way but just couldn't admit it to myself until after the army. I also told him that was why I had quit writing so many years ago. He told me my being gay didn't bother them at all as he had a brother that was gay. I told him I was going to be in Florida in a few weeks on vacation and would like to stop by for a visit. That was fine with him. We made plans.

I was a bit nervous when I arrived at Jimmy's house. I knew I looked way younger than my years because I had taken care of my body over the years.

I didn't know what to expect from Jimmy in appearance. When the door opened, my heart skipped a beat. There stood Jimmy Junior, the spitting image of his father twenty five years ago.

“Hi, Doug”, he beamed as he shook my hand and hugged me with his other arm, like we had known each other forever. He was dragging me through the door exclaiming how his dad had been telling them all about me. I thought to myself that he was a bit over friendly until I met the others. The were just as “huggy” and friendly as Junior. They put me at ease instantly. Judy, Jimmy's wife, explained he had gone to the store and would be back in a few minutes. We sat and chatted while we awaited his return. Cathy, the 14 year old daughter was all dreamy eyed and asking all sorts of personal questions. I was beginning to wonder if Jimmy had told the kids. Junior told his sister to quit trying to embarrass me.

“She knows you're gay and is just trying to mess with your head”, he chuckled at me with a twinkle in his eyes. Cathy jumped on the sofa, gave me another hug and a kiss on the cheek, “I think you are just as nice as Daddy said you were”. With that, she bounced off the sofa and disappeared into another part of the house. Judy was trying to apologize for Cathy's behavior when Jimmy arrived. God, he still looked great after all these years.

We sat around for couple of hours chatting about everything. Junior had started hanging on my every word once he learned I was in the computer business. I could see I was rising in esteem in his eyes every minute.

We had something in common, computers, and I was definitely the master. He was taking computer science courses at a local college.

Jimmy explained that we would be having an early dinner since he had forgotten about Cathy's piano recital that evening when we had made the plans for my visit. I was welcome to come along. I begged off as I had only brought some casual clothes with me. I suggested, I take in a movie and met them back here afterwards. No deal, I could wait for them here at the house. With that settled, Junior began to plead not to go also. He had heard her play all the time and thought it would be boring to have to get dressed up. By that time Cathy had returned to the room and make it clear she didn't want her over grown twerp brother there anyway. Her eyes sparkled as she exclaimed that she wouldn't go either, except that “She was the Star”.

By this time Judy was setting the table for a wonderful pasta meal she had been preparing all day. As we ate, I couldn't help but notice all the love and respect in this family and I felt envious. I would never know the same.

After dinner, Junior and I retired to the computer room while the others started showering and getting ready for the evening. Junior's mind was like a sponge trying to soak up everything he could from me in the short time we had together. When the others were ready to leave, we took a break to bid them farewell.

Junior immediately headed for the refrig and popped a couple of beers. We started talking about all sorts of things. He thought it was really cool how I was so open about being gay. He had a friend in high school that was gay but was afraid to let hardly anyone know. Junior had a steady girlfriend but they were having some problems at this time. She was wanting to get married and he wanted to until he finished school in a year. They had been on the outs for over two weeks now.

As we headed back to the computer room, Junior stated he was going to shower and would be back in a few minutes. About 20 minutes later, he reappeared dressed only in snug fitting white briefs while toweling his hair. One glance and my breath was gone. He was even more beautiful than his father had been. Not a blemish one on his well defined slim body. His skin was smooth and lightly tanned. His arms and legs had a powder coating of hair with nice tuffs under his arms. He had about a 20 hair patch between his pecs and nipples that that protruded about a quarter inch. His lithe muscles rippled as he toweled his head. The main attraction was his packed crotch. I could tell it was mostly soft and he definitely had his father's genes when it came to dick. I swallowed hard as I instantly fantasized what it would be like to suck his cock. I quickly reverted back to reality and mumbled, “Do you think you ought to be dressed like this around me, what if your parents should come back and saw you”.

“Nah, they won't be back for at least another hour”, he quipped and then added, “Do you think I'm good looking this way….am I your type of guy?”

I could see his bulge starting to strain the front of his briefs. My head was swarming with desire. I had denied myself his father so many years ago and now his perfect son was in front of me on the verge of offering me something I wanted. I felt a wave of guilt as I thought, Christ, I'm lusting for my friend's son, a replacement for something I never had from Jimmy He saw me blush from embarrassment and moved closer until his crotch brushed against my shoulder as I sat in the computer chair. My eyes glazed over, my breathing became deep, I wanted him so bad.

I blurted out something stupid, “You ever do this with your uncle or friend?” He pressed harder against my shoulder and gave a little laugh, “Heck no, my unc's a pussy….he's not cool like you.”

“What about your friend in high school?”, I questioned. “Oh, David. I used to let him suck me all the time because he didn't have anyone else he could trust”, he replied as he was running his fingers thru my hair.

“This isn't right you know, you are my friend's son”, I protested. “What's the difference between me and my dad, we're the same you know.”

“I never did anything with your father”

“You didn't, I was sure you probably had when Dad was telling us how you were his best friend in the army and that you were gay”. “To be honest, I wanted to but didn't have the courage to ask him for fear he would say no”. “Really…I bet he would have if you had asked….just like I will”

“I don't think my conscience will let me ask you,” I mumbled.. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You don't have to ask, I'm offering it to you.”

He stood up and slowly pulled his briefs down, letting his 10” spring up in front of my face. It was so fat I knew my fingers wouldn't reach around it. He wiggled a bit so his shorts would fall to the floor and stepped out of them. His left hand rubbed his low hanging nuts and moved up to the base of his pulsing shaft guiding it down to the level of my mouth.

His right hand moved behind my head and gently urged me forward to meet his rod. My eyes were moist with happiness as I opened my mouth to allow his large organ to slowly slide in as far as it would go. His cock was so hard and had a slight upward curve. I knew it would never go in my throat at that angle. I started to suck his hotness as he withered and moaned in pleasure. I grasped his balls and gently squeezed….his legs trembled with delight and his throat gurgled with pleasure. Suddenly, he withdrew his cock and laid back on the carpet with arms outstretched, motioning for me to join him. I dropped down between his legs but he asked me to turn around beside him. I did so but was careful not to get my crotch too close to his head. I was now in a position to put his manhood in my throat. I began licking his cock all over to get it wet and slick for the evasion. He was withering, squirming and trashing as I licked. He started to bang his head on the floor as I sucked his delicious balls into my hot wet mouth. I was afraid he was going to lose it so I let his nuts slide from my lips and quickly slid his cock back in. I gagged three times before I succeeded in getting the head into my throat. I was driven further down on his massive meat when I felt his hot breath thru my jeans.

He was wild with desire and was tearing wildly at the buttons of my Levi's. I upped his cock from my throat and came up for air. I gasped “You don't have to do that” as I felt my jeans and jockeys being forcibly yanked down. All I heard was, “I want to” as his mouth engulfed my precum soaked dick. He was sucking hard with animalistic desire…grunting and gurgling. I could feel his teeth raking my cock. I was beyond caring about pain. I spit on his cock and plunged the full length of it down my throat. Al it took was one stoke. I could feel his organ swell, stretching my throat and felt his hard thrusting jab as he pumped his load straight to my guts as my own cock ripped a massive load into his gnawing mouth. I couldn't breathe and thought I was passing out when he withdrew. I heaved and gasped for air. Junior had turned around and was hitting me in the back trying to help. As I started to breathe more normally he just held in his arms. He started wiping away the tears that had streamed down my face as I choked on his cock when it was enlarging my throat. His eyes searched mine, “You okay”?

“Yeah”, I smiled back, “I'm not very good with something that big”

“It was awesome, David never did that to me before”, he exclaimed excitedly.

“Sorry, I didn't do it so well”

“But you did….you DID!!” as he started to hug me again. “Did I do you okay?”

“It was great”, I replied as I rubbed my soft but very sore cock. “I've never sucked before” he whispered, “It was great, I liked it”.

We rested for a few minutes and decided to shower. As we were getting up he saw my dick and gasped, “Did I do that, I'm sorry, I didn't know…….”

I looked down at my cock, it looked like it had been attacked and chewed by some animal. It looked as if it was about to bleed from several areas.

He gently took it in his hands trying to soothe it all the time promising not to do it to me again the next time.

“Next time????”, I questioned. “Sure, I'll find a way to be with you again and as much as I can if you want.” I thought to myself, I might not survive another time.

We showered and covered my cock with antibiotic cream before getting dressed.

We sat on the sofa drinking beer and discussed what had happened. I asked him if he was really gay. He thought for a minute and said that he had never really thought about it but now after tonight he wasn't sure what he was. He had never touched David and had only let him suck him because he was too afraid and shy to ask anyone else. David had sucked him three to four times a week for a couple of years before he moved after graduation.

But never did he feel like he did tonight. He told me, as soon as he saw me at the front door, he started thinking of some way to make it happen between us and he knew he was going to suck my dick, his first.

About thirty minutes later, Jimmy, Judy and Cathy arrived home. Cathy was all bubbly about how well she had played. We all sat around chatting for about two more hours. I finally announced it was time for me to head back to Miami. As we all standing at the front door saying our goodbyes, Junior blurted out “Mom, Dad, Doug said I could come to Atlanta next summer after I graduate for a few months to learn big computers at his company.”

“It would be really great for me if it's okay with you,” he quickly added. I was shocked as he and I had never discussed any such arrangement. “That would be wonderful, if it's not too much trouble, Doug” Judy replied looking at Jimmy who nodded in agreement. “Great”, Junior beamed.

Junior found his way to Miami twice during the next week before I returned home.

He is really looking forward to next summer and so am I. His Dad asked me to take care of his kid, next summer, when I left.

I wonder if Jimmy would have let me suck his cock if I had asked so many years ago and I wonder if he suspects his son has taken his place.

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