Jeff’s story

By Muscle Flex 
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Jeff felt very shy, almost embarrassed, about his growing desire to make himself into a big bodybuilder type. He couldn't really admit it, even to himself. He had thrown himself into working out, in college, as a way to bolster his confidence. By his senior year he had developed a nice, cut body, like the models in the male fashion catalogues he loved to look at. He loved the way it felt, having a body like those guys with muscles that, more and more, began to show in the clothes he wore. He was far too shy to wear clothes that would purposely show them off, but he began to wish he could get the nerve.

At first, he had been satisfied with creating a body that looked like the very slender, cut guys. Then he began to think that the more muscular guys looked really good, and he began to add weight to his workouts, to try to put on a little more size. By the time he had move to the coast, he had begun to get nicely muscular and liked the way it felt. He began to pick up bodybuilding magazines and started to think how hot the mass on those guys looked to him. He kept telling himself that he would never want to be that big, that freaky looking. But he wished he could know how it would feel.

He had joined a bodybuilders' gym, just so he could be around those guys, many of the same ones he saw in the magazines. He would go home and fantasize about what it must feel like to be big like they were. Sometimes, he would even fantasize about being even bigger. He always thought to himself that he wouldn't want to be like that himself, but when he had those fantasies, it always made him hard. He would imagine having the confidence to go to the gym or the beach in the kinds of things these guys wore to show off their bodies. They seemed so bold to be able to wear those thin, Lycra shorts that showed off every detail, or, especially, those tiny, brief, posing bikinis. Every time he thought about it, he got hard as a rock. He was spending more and more time thinking about it and dealing with his constant erections.

Subscribing to UNDERGEAR and CALIFORNIA MUSCLE Jeff began ordering tight Lycra shorts and Speedos in hopes that one day we could wear them to them to the gym. He wanted the muscled men to admire his body, admire him in his gear, and admire the very large bulge in his groin. His feelings could no longer be controlled.

Jeff's spending sprees would land him dozens of Lycra shorts and Speedos. In a few short weeks, Jeff had an impressive collection of UNDERGEAR that would make any gear-head envious. As Jeff became more comfortable with his body, and the way he looked in his gear; he began wearing the tight fabric on a daily basis. Sometimes Jeff would wear a Speedo under his kakis, providing Jeff sexual satisfaction throughout the day, knowing that the tight fabric held his cock back.

As the days passed and Jeff saw increased muscle development, he would spend much of his time at the gym; sometimes two or three times a day just watching the bodybuilders in the mirrors. There would be times when Jeff would catch the eye of the huge men who returned a smile and later a show in the showers. Jeff watched the men as they soaped themselves into a sudsy lather, their big hands running across their thick chest and arms. Jeff wanted to know what it would feel like to have big muscles like the bodybuilders at the gym; to feel what they felt as the warm water cascaded down their V-shaped backs.

Jeff wanted muscles; he wanted to be BIG—he knew that it was only a matter of time.

Part 1: Serum

A small blue drop hit the counter with a splash as Jeff tapped the syringe with his finger. This was the moment he was waiting for, the true test of the serum. Would it work? There was only one way to find out. Grabbing a thick rubber tube and placing the material around his bicep, Jeff tied a tight knot. He could feel the blood beating through his arm building a dark blue vein. He was nervous. This would change his life forever!

Grabbing an alcohol swab and quickly cleaning the smooth flesh above his forearm, Jeff injected himself with the serum. He watched as the blue fluid passed thought the syringe into his flesh. Within seconds he felt a warm wave rush through his body like a passing train. His body temperature was increasing; his skin began to tingle and beads of perspiration dripped from his brow. Soon his muscles began twitching and Jeff smiled with delight.

Slowly, his body began increasing proportionally. As Jeff stood in the mirror he could see that he was gaining mass. Not as rapidly as he was hoping to, but he could see that the serum was working. When it started, the sensation was so strong it made him want to scream, but he couldn't. He was on fire from the inside. Every muscle was burning, his skin was searing. In the mirror, he could see his muscles twitching, rippling on their own, slowly going into contraction. He felt the most unbelievable cramp grip him from head to toe. And then the muscles began to grow. His dream was becoming reality.

As he stood facing the mirror with his arms at his side and wearing only a bright red Speedo, Jeff observed his body growing in length. His once 5’9” frame extended to 6’1” without effort. He could feel his lean structure preparing for the thick muscle that was about to develop. The muscle under his skin became increasingly warmer until he began to perspire. Looking down at his arms, he noticed that his biceps became defined, as though he were holding a weight. He could see the muscle tissue tightening together forming a peak 18 inches around.

Suddenly his chest began to enlarge and intensify. His dime size nipples grew to the size of half-dollars while his chest pumped to 55 inches creating impressive pecs. His pecs felt heavier and thicker as he saw them in the mirror widening, mounding up, growing thicker, bigger, creating deep creases under them. His shoulders were growing wider and thicker too, like bowling balls. Raising both hands, Jeff flexed his arms and chest. He couldn't begin to fathom the size and thickness of the muscles he was growing. Looking down at his stomach Jeff noticed the unyielding ridges of an 8 pack. With the palm of his hand, Jeff felt his stomach muscles tightening while his waist pulled in closer to his body.

Jeff's quads were the next to shape. His once bird-like legs transformed into thick trunks on which to support his new muscular frame. Jeff could see the striation forming on the front of his thigh as his hamstrings tightened, firming his ass. His legs were growing so thick that they were being forced apart from each other by the tremendous girth of his thighs. His calves were last to develop into solid muscle completing his development.

Jeff was amazed at the growth that occurred. He stepped onto the scale in the corner of the room and weighed almost 250 pounds! Jeff stood in the mirror admiring his new muscular body. He couldn't believe what he saw, what he felt. Running his hands over his ridged biceps and thick chest Jeff began to feel strange. He wasn't sure what was happening but knew that it was different from before. He felt light headed, followed by a surge of primal energy.

Admiring his body with his hands and eyes, Jeff could feel his body changing; growing. The energy was building within his body. His heart began to race and he could feel the warm blood pumping though his veins. Something was about to happen, something unexpected.

Facing the mirror, Jeff understood what was happening. His eyes and thoughts became fixated on his tight Speedo as though someone, or something, was forcing him. Within seconds he noticed that his cock was gaining size. He could feel the weight of his cock and balls against the nylon suit. Soon he could see the outline of the head and shaft pressing into the material. He wasn't getting hard; his cock was growing. His dick continued swelling, engulfing the Speedo that would soon snap from the weight.

Another rush of energy raced through Jeff's beefy body and he could feel the weight of his balls being drawn closer to the ground. His balls were the size of lemons filling with juice making him extremely horny. As Jeff continued touching his newly formed physique, his cock grew and filled with warm liquid. The Speedo was now stretched and pulling tight against his muscular ass. The head of his dick was now throbbing and he could see a dark stain on the front of the suit.

Flexing his biceps, Jeff heard the ripping of fabric. A small puncture on the Speedo expanded, releasing his cock and balls from the material. Looking down, he saw his cock shoot straight out of his Speedo like a torpedo. At its fully rigid, veined glory, his thick rod rhythmically pulsed as a stream of juice oozed from its tip. Jeff's smile turned into a look of pure lust as he growled deeply.

The Speedo remained on his body hugging his ass and gripping his balls. His soft cock was 12 niches long and almost 7 inches wide. The head was covered in pre-cum juice and Jeff ran his fingers through the liquid. His body shuddered in delight. Another rush went racing through his system. He could feel the strength increasing inside, waiting to be released. Focusing his thoughts on his giant dick, it was getting bigger.

Without touching his cock, juice oozed from the head dripping to the ground. Jeff gripped the shaft with both hands tracing the heavy dark vein towards the tip and started working the pre-cum around the tip. Never had he seen so much juice before. His mammoth cock was impressive on his muscular body. His cock grew to a length of 16 inches and 9 inches thick! Between his legs, his balls hung like two oranges ready for the picking.

Standing in the mirror Jeff admired his new body. What a sight! This was more than he had hoped for. With each movement, Jeff could see his power behind the flesh. Feeling his massive chest, pumped arms, and throbbing cock again. Jeff wanted to enjoy the pleasure of growing, feeling massive- being huge. In a flash, Jeff thought about what his cock would feel like inside a tight muscled ass. He thought about fucking. His cock continued growing!

And at the same time he was finding that he was getting really turned on! The more he felt his huge, hard muscles and ran his fingers across the deep striations, the harder he became until he felt like he was ready to burst! He had never been this hard in all his life. There was something so sexy about his huge powerful muscles, his thick, beefy pecs, and the healthy glow that he exuded.

It looked incredible to him. He couldn't believe it was actually happening to him even as he watched his reflection change. It all felt so sexy, so intensely erotic, that he could not stop or control the buildup of his excitement and he felt himself jerking his enormous cock. He felt the juice pumping through his balls and up the shaft of his prick. Jeff continued jacking his monster cock that was now covered in warm pre-cum juice. As he began spurting his thick cream, he saw that he had grown enormous. His hard cock must be over 30 inches long and 13 inches wide. With each spurt of cum his cock become more difficult to control. Unbelievable.

Jeff was in awe of the feeling when he saw his biceps mound up like rock hard mountains of muscle and his pecs like huge slabs of meat that turned into boulders mounted on his chest. Jeff found himself feeling his own body in an incredibly sensual way, turning himself on with the feel of his growing, huge muscles, the rippled veins on his chest and stomach. He continued to stroke and feel himself, especially his groin, which was becoming extremely warm, as he began to masturbate again. He could feel that, he was doing what he always wanted the guys at the gym to do. He was giving himself a sex show. His cock felt huge in his hand, his balls were gigantic. He soon came again, spurting a seemingly endless stream of hot cum all over the floor. Oh, yes!! This was hotter than he could have ever imagined!!

Slowly, Jeff began to feel himself coming around to a more normal state, in his head, that is. He began to feel a return of his own will, his focus. It felt like he was waking up from hypnosis. Except, as he came around, he realized that the dream was continuing. When he was able to walk on his own, he felt the unbelievable mass of his thighs forcing his legs apart, rolling around each other in the distinctive walk of a seriously huge bodybuilder. Not just huge. He was massive beyond comprehension. His arms hung out at radical wide angles from his sides, forced out by the thickness and width of his upper back and his gargantuan pecs. He arms were so heavy and thick with muscle. Everything about him was bigger, much, much bigger that he ever dared let himself imagine. And he felt no shyness, no embarrassment about how he looked. He thought of himself flexing and posing as he jacked off in front of the mirror, and he didn't care. He would do it again. He realized he loved what had happened to him. He wanted to show himself off. And Oh, God, was he horny!! And with this new set of equipment, getting off was going to be so hot!! What a change!! He tried to imagine the kinds of clothes he would or could wear now, and how he would look in them. Yes, indeed. This was a new life for Jeff, and he couldn't wait to get out there and enjoy it.

Picking up the phone, Jeff called Jordan. Jordan was one of Jeff's better, more trust worthy friends whom he made plans with to workout later this afternoon. It was getting close to noon and he knew that Jordan would soon be on his way.

Part 2: Jordan Comes Over

“Hey buddy,” said Jeff.

“Jeff—Jeff—is that you?” questioned Jordan.

“Yeah its me—why?” responded Jeff.

“It doesn’t sound like you. Your voice—it’s deeper.” Jeff had not realized that the serum had made his voice about two octaves lower than previous. His voice was deep and rich.

On the other end, Jordan couldn’t help but being to feel attracted to his buddy. His voice was powerful and controlling, like a hypnotic siren. With each word Jeff spoke, Jordan could feel himself getting more and more aroused. He had always thought Jeff was a beautiful man, much more so than he gave himself credit for but he never thought of Jeff in a sexual way, until now.

“Your not calling to cancel on me are you?” probed Jordan.

“No—it’s just that something has happened to me. Something incredible, something—” as his voice trailed off Jeff began stroking his cock. Placid, Jeff was enormous; his cock was over 15 inches long and about 9 inches wide. He could see the remains of his juice on the tip and shaft.

The long paused caused Jordan to become concerned about his buddy. This was not like Jeff. “Hey—I am on way over,” declared Jordan as he placed the phone on the receiver. Grabbing the keys to his Jeep and gym bag, Jordan ran out the door.

Standing in his bedroom, Jeff felt the weight of his cock between his legs. He could feel the head touching his thighs and leaving a warm drop of juice on his smooth skin. Going through his drawers, Jeff found a navy blue Speedo with two white racing strips on the left thigh and slipped it on. Although the suit was a size 32, the material seemed to expand, accommodating his man-hood. He could feel his cock pressing against the smooth nylon. God he looked great! His huge cock was held against his flesh making an impressive package.

Over the past few years Jeff became quite a gear head. He had over 100 Speedos in his collection and almost the entire catalog from both UNDERGEAR and CALIFORNIA MUSCLE. Jordan was into the gym scene and gym gear as well. There were times when the two would get together and model the latest styles of suits and Lycra shorts.

Pulling into the cement driveway, Jordan quickly jumped from his Jeep and ran to the door. Searching his pockets, Jordan realized that he had left Jeff’s house keys at home; but this was his lucky day, the entry way was unlocked.

Standing before Jordan was a massive figure. He could hardly believe his eyes that his was his friend Jeff. He was beautiful, each muscle was perfectly formed, and his size was overwhelming. Jordan knew that he would not be able to control himself much longer.

“What—what the hell happened to you?” exclaimed Jordan. “You are beautiful!”

“This is the morphing serum I was speaking to you about last week. I took it!” smiled Jeff.

“Well I can see that”, said Jordan. Jeff’s previous words vibrated through Jordan’s body. He felt a strong attraction to see what became of his friend. Jeff defined masculine sexual energy.

Closing the door, Jordan drew closer to Jeff. Looking down at Jeff’s crotch, Jordan took note of the substantial cock being held back by the Speedo. He felt himself growing hard, his cock was pressing against the Lycra shorts that were hidden under cargo pants.

“Take off your cargo pants. I want to see you. I want to feel your body pressed against mine,” whispered Jeff. Although his voice was soft, the words pulsated through Jordan. He did as he was told.

Quickly removing his pants and tank, Jordan revealed the ragging hard-on under the Lycra shorts. Jeff’s cock began to fill his Speedo. Jordan watched as his cock grew to a length that he only dreamed of. He could see the thick head pressing against the nylon and the weight of his hanging balls. Jeff began polishing Jordan’s peach-sized balls in a tantalizingly slow rolling motion prompting him to heave a sigh. He closed his eyes, surrendering to feeling, his cock expanding to its full eight-inch length and hefty girth until it pushed up, and out of his Lycra shorts. He opened his eyes to catch Jeff studying his every reaction. Jeff said, “Well, I never knew that you would be so happy to see me.”

Jordan smiled and almost unconsciously placed a hand on Jeff’s warm thigh, rubbing it up and down, caressing the blonde hair there and moving closer and closer to the now bulging suit. Jordan stopped when Jeff spoke again, “Looks like your tits got sun burned. They look raw.” He moved closer to Jordan.

Jeff lowered his lips to the red nipple, extended his tongue and began to lightly lick around and around. Jordan moaned and just grabbed Jeff’s pulsing shaft through his briefs. Jeff stopped to enjoy the urgently groping hand on his crotch. He watched Jordan’s face; eyes half-closed, and sensuous lips slightly open panting with heightening lust.

Jordan gasped, “Jeff, you are so fucking hot. Your cock is…”

Jeff pulled Jordan’s head with a hand and kissed him on the mouth. Jordan opened his lips to the probing tongue and sucked on it. Jordan eagerly grasped Jeff’s massively swollen cock and balls. “I want to show you more,” Jeff said. Standing up and reluctantly breaking Jordan’s hold on his immense tool. Pulling off his Speedo in one move Jeff moved closer to Jordan. As soon as he was in range, Jordan’s hand shot out, almost magnetically attracted, to Jeff’s fat prick that reached a length of 30 inches and 15 inches wide. Jordan now used both hands to explore every sizzling inch of the shaft, the swollen cock head from which precum was oozing like clear lava and the pair of bull balls. Jeff gripped his own cock and began to coat its length with slick precum. Jordan removed his Lycra shorts, exposing tight muscled body. Jeff then hooked his hands under Jordan’s knees and hoisted both legs up on his broad shoulders. Jordan couldn’t hold back his anticipation; he pushed down to offer his bubble butt to the hot poker ready to pry him open. Jeff lunged his hips forward, impaling Jordan in one powerful move. Jordan half-shouted, half-groaned, “Awwww God! Jeff!!!”

Catching his breath and absorbing the pain caused by the pole prodding inside his ass, Jordan moaned, “Fuck me you gorgeous stud!! Fuck Me!!! Make me yours Jeff…fuck me hard!” He shook his head from side to side, his eyes rolling back in pleasure as Jeff began forcing his massive member in and out of his butt. Jordan pulled down his legs from Jeff’s shoulders and wrapped them around Jeff’s waist, pulling him to go deeper. Jeff happily obliged and started a rolling motion, churning his cock inside Jordan, and then pounding mercilessly. Jordan closed his eyes. He was breathing fast and hard, matching Jeff’s every stroke, as if that humongous Jordan was punching out his air.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Jordan yelped in staccato, in rhythm to Jeff’s full balls, slapping his ass as pleasure and pain alternately shot through his body. When he opened his eyes again, Jeff was in front of him, his handsome features contorted by lust.

He growled at Jordan, “You’re mine alright! That hot butt’s all mine. My big cock’s going to take you to heaven and back baby!” Jordan growled back, “Yeah! Fuck me! Keep fucking me forever you big stud!!! He closed his eyes again, relishing the pounding ride and feeling Jeff’s sweat dripping all over him. But just as Jordan thought he was going to faint from sheer bliss, Jeff pulled out, leaving his butt happily sore but wanting more. Jordan opened his eyes in panic but smiled when he saw that Jeff had straddled his chest and was about to feed him that gigantic cock.

“I’m going to come!” Jeff moaned. “Say ah baby!” Not even wasting a second, Jordan began furiously sucking at the fleshy pole. He used one hand to urge Jeff’s butt to pump his throat harder, the other hand to jerk off his own cock. “I’m cuuummmming!!! Auggggh!!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!” Jeff shouted as he jack hammered his cock down Jordan’s throat, bellowing in ecstasy as he shot load after delicious load into Jordan’s ravenous mouth. Jordan began shooting too, ropes of hot cum lathering Jeff’s back.

In a moment, Jeff pulled out of Jordan’s hot mouth, an oversupply of jizz smearing Jordan’s chin and leaving a trail down his chest. They held each other and kissed, tongues wrestling hotly for minutes before Jeff whispered to Jordan, “Wait here, I want to give you a chance to get some rest. I will be back, I promise.”

Jeff’s tongue leaped into Jordan’s mouth again. Two cum soaked bodies lay entwined on the floor. Jeff’s massive cock began to morph to a more reasonable size and so did his muscles. Though Jordan was fucked by Jeff’s prick, he felt the warm energy from flowing through his veins. Jordan’s cock was throbbing; he wanted more. They both wanted more—!!

Part 3: The Gym

Jeff and Jordan arrived at MuscleBoys Gym decked out in their full workout attire. Jeff, of course, with his newfound size and build, wanted to take full advantage of the form-fitting effect of his spandex outfits. He had selected his tightest pair of black knee-length spandex shorts, as well as a white Lycra stretch tank top to show off his impressive new upper body. The shorts he was wearing were long enough for him to conceal his massive new equipment now, but he had had to morph it down to a reasonable size, in order to prevent himself from being arrested for indecent exposure!

Jordan was wearing his usual gym attire as well. Since he had always been a fan of gym gear, he liked showing himself off to others too. He had always liked to wear a brand new white wife-beater, as well as a pair of blue spandex full-length tights. As sexy as he was feeling after his hot session with Jeff, this seemed to be the perfect outfit for him today.

As the two studs passed the front desk, they both smiled and waved to Scott. Scott was an aspiring Olympic gymnast, who worked part-time at the gym to earn the money he needed for his next bid to make the US Olympic team. He was also heavily into watching the hot muscle boys that graced the gym with their presence. There was nothing he liked better than watching a hot stud in tight shorts go through a workout routine…except for maybe putting that same hot stud through his own workout!!! As Jeff and Jordan walked by, Scott caught just a glimpse of the two. Something definitely caught his eye with Jeff, though. He noticed how different he seemed to look today. Scott had always thought that Jeff was attractive, but today there was something strangely different about him. Scott just brushed it off as his being overly horny today, and went back to thumbing through the pages of his new International Male catalog. The gym did not seem very crowded today…usually there were plenty of people at this time of day, Jeff thought. “Just as well, though,” he mused “with this new found body of mine, I'm liable to cause a mob scene when I start showing off!” Jeff was eager to start his lifting routine, but Jordan convinced him to start off with some stretches to loosen up the tightness of Jeff's new muscles. Reluctantly, he agreed, and the two guys headed off to the stretching mats to start their workout. As Jeff followed along behind Jordan, he couldn't help but think to himself that he wished his buddy could experience the amazing feeling that his serum-induced growth had given him. As that thought popped into Jeff's head, Jordan felt a slight shockwave travel throughout his body, giving him a strange burst of energy and sexual excitement. “Wow where did that come from,” he thought to himself.

As they worked through their stretching routine, Jeff kept thinking back to the amazing changes that his new serum had caused him. He thought to himself that he should find out how to bottle this stuff and sell it to the other muscle heads at the gym.

“Man, that stuff has really got you distracted today,” Jordan interrupted Jeff's daydreaming.

“Can you blame me?” Jeff answered back, shaking off the haze of his thoughts. “I've just discovered a way to completely change my body, and all I can think of is the hundreds of things that I want to experiment with! There is a whole world of possibilities out there, you know.”

“Well, we can go back to your apartment and try out all of those possibilities after we finish up our workout here. Even though you can make yourself into anything you want now, I still have to get muscles 'the old fashioned way'.”

“Geez, Jordan, I really wish that you could experience this feeling. Especially when my cock started growing…It was an AMAZING sensation. In fact that was the best part! You should feel what its like to watch your cock grow until it dangle's on the floor! You wouldn't believe it!” Once again, a shockwave ran through Jordan's body as he sat on the mats stretching his calves, catching him off guard. “YOW!” he yelped. “There must be a lot of static electricity in this place today. I keep getting shocked. Anyway, I was hoping that you would be able to give me some of your 'secret formula' when we get back to your place so that I CAN find out what it feels like. I would love to have a massive tool like you had earlier.”

Jeff looked over at his hot little friend stretching in his hot spandex, and imagined his cock growing very slowly in his tights. “If only I had saved more of the serum,” he thought to himself, “I would love to give him his wish and give him a cock so massive he wouldn't be able to walk!”

Another shock hit Jordan, but this one seemed to center itself in his groin, rather than throughout his whole body! As he felt his dick start to come to life, he decided that he better start his regular lifting routine, before he let his mind run away with him. He didn't mind sporting a little wood, but he wanted to get in a good lift today, and wanted to maintain his focus for now. There would be plenty of time for play later, he thought.

Jordan and Jeff got up from the mats, and headed over to the weight benches. “How about starting with some bench presses Jeff? I'd like to focus on my pecs today.”

“Sure thing Jordan, you go ahead. I'll spot you. By the way, don't look now, but my new body must be having its effect on you again. I see you've got a little bulge starting there.”

Jordan looked at his profile in the mirror, and smiled. He always thought that a guy looked so sexy when he was sporting a nice bulge in his tights. He admired himself for a second more, than laid down on the bench. “Yeah, you are looking pretty hot with the new body in that outfit,” Jordan shot back, “just don't get too big of a head about it. Someday soon, I'll be looking just as hot as you are.”

“You're already well on your way,” Jeff thought to himself.

As Jeff loaded up the weights on the bar, Jordan started to prepare himself mentally for his pec workout. He loved this part of his workout, and he always tried to lose himself in concentrating on that part of his body. He thought that if he devoted all of his attention to focusing on his pecs, he somehow was better able to concentrate the effects of his lifting on them. He started to put himself into his trance-like state, blocking out more and more of the world around him, and focusing deeper and deeper on developing his pecs.

After Jeff finished loading up the bar, he helped Jordan lift it off of the rests, and start his routine. Jeff was used to Jordan's method, and knew that he shouldn't talk to him, and interrupt his concentration. So he just stood there and took the opportunity to look around the gym and admire the scenery. There were some hot guys around today, but nothing really struck him. For some reason, his attention was drawn back to his buddy Jordan.

As Jordan continued along on his routine, Jeff glanced over his friend's body. “Damn,” he thought, “he sure does look good in those tights! And man, he seems to really be packing a lot in the crotch tonight. I don't think I've ever seen him bulge this much. He must really be into this workout.”

Suddenly, a movement under Jordan's spandex covered crotch caught Jeff's eye. As he focused in on his bulge again, Jeff noticed that Jordan's cock seemed to be growing, ever so slowly, down the length of his inner thigh. “That's strange,” Jeff thought, “it doesn't seem to be getting hard…it just seems to be growing.”

Through the tightness of Jordan's spandex, the cockhead was clearly, and visibly, starting to inch down his inner thigh, toward his knee. Of course, Jordan was so caught up in his workout that he didn't even notice this strange growth. He just kept his focus on his pecs, and kept bench-pressing away!

By this time, Jeff was totally engrossed in watching his friends cock continue its growth. “This is amazing,” he thought. Jordan's dick had swelled up to what Jeff had estimated to be about five inches around, and was very near his knee at this point. The sight of his friends cock bulging through his blue tights, cause Jeff to start to get excited. It looked to him like it was just going to keep getting bigger, without any sign of stopping. Jeff decided that he better interrupt his buddy, and get him to go somewhere a little more private, until this unexpected growth came to an end. Jeff didn't know what was causing this, but he knew that if this kept up, his friend was going to be having some serious troubles at any minute.

“Hey Jordan”, Jeff interrupted the workout. Jordan, deep in his trance, just ignored his friend and kept lifting. Jeff took another glance down at his friend's lower body, and noticed that his cock had now stretched almost the full length of his inner thigh to his knee, and had swelled up to about 8 inches around. The huge long tube of flesh in his friend's tights was quickly approaching the obscene point.

“Jordan. HEY! Snap out of it man…you've got…I mean…your dick. ITS HUGE!!!”

“Damnit Jeff. I know that you're horny and all, and your new body has you all excited, but I'm trying to concentrate and workout here.”

“Would you stop bitching, and look at your fucking dick, dude!” Jeff snapped at him. “Something weird is happening, and you're goanna have a real problem here really soon!”

Jordan slammed the bar back down to the benchrests, and sat up on the bench. As he did, he noticed for the first time how tight his spandex pants felt on him. He also noticed how sensitive his dick was feeling. When he looked down at the massive tool under his tights, he almost fainted.

“Holy shit, dude! What in the hell is going on? My dick…. its HUGE!”, he shouted. The commotion of these two had attracted Scott's attention, who had just happened to be passing through to grab a bottle of water out of the back room. When he looked over at Jordan, he saw the huge mound of dick under his spandex tights. He almost dropped the bottle on the floor; he was so shocked. “Jeff, what's happening to me? What is going on with my dick?”

“Jordan, I'm not really sure. I pretty sure, though, that it must have had something to do with the serum I took, and my cum that you swallowed. We had better get you into the locker room before that dick of yours gets any bigger than it already is, though!”

Jordan tried to stand up, but was having trouble rising up off of the bench. His dick had become so big encased in the tight spandex, that it was now past his knee, and was forcing him to keep his left leg straight. Thankfully, Jordan thought, there weren't many people around to see this. With Jeff's help, he limped off into the locker room where he quickly found a bench to lay down on, and let his leg go out straight. Quietly, Scott had followed them into the locker room, and was hiding himself behind the end of a row of lockers and watching what was happening to this hot stud.

As Jeff stood nearby, Jordan watched in amazement and slight discomfort, as his dick continued its growth. By the time they had made it to the locker room, it had grown to about 10” around, and sprawled down 2-3 inches past his knee. Jordan couldn't help but think of the “third leg” jokes that he had heard in the past, and compare his own, new third leg. He couldn't believe that the spandex hadn't burst open at the seams yet, but this pair seemed to be particularly well-made, and just stretched out more and more to accommodate the growth of his cock.

His dick now reached down to his shin and was about 13” around. Jordan was beginning to get really concerned with this problem. How much bigger would it get? How was he going to ever have a normal life with a dick this big? Would he ever be able to wear normal clothes again? Jeff, who had been standing nearby mesmerized by this whole thing, suggested that Jordan try and take off his tights. Jordan struggled with them for a second, but eventually gave up and told Jeff that there was no way that he could ease them down his legs at this point. They would just have to wait it out, and see how big it got.

For the first time, Jordan noticed that the head of his giant cock was starting to poke out of the end of his left leg. His dick had reached a circumference that matched his leg, and he found that his leg was almost totally immobilized, due to the size of his new equipment. The growth seemed to stop lengthwise momentarily, as the dick itself just seemed to swell and puff itself up more and more.

“Can I touch it?” Jeff asked.

“I guess so, its not like I'm going to be able to stop you anyway,” Jordan joked back. Jeff reached out and gingerly ran his hand down the length of the spandex covered flesh. “Oh my god, that feels good,” Jordan responded. As Jeff continued to rub his hand up and down the length of it, something occurred to him. “Um, Jordan, I don't know how to tell you this, but…You're not even hard yet!”

“What?” Jordan screamed. “Holy shit. If this thing gets hard, I won't be able to move!!! How will I get home?”

And just as the thought crossed both of their minds, as if on cue, Jordan's cock started to get hard. “Oh god, Jeff, you better stand back. I'm afraid to see how big this is going to get when its hard.”

“I don't think afraid is the word that I was thinking of Jordan. More like anxious, if you ask me!”

Scott, who had been watching all of this from around the corner with amazement, couldn't contain himself any longer. He came from behind the row of lockers and walked up to the immobilized Jordan with his jaw hanging wide open. “I..I…I…can't believe…how big…. its a MONSTER!” he stammered. Jeff and Jordan both looked up at him in surprise, having thought that they were the only two in the locker room at the time.

“Oh crap, Jeff. Someone else has seen me. What am I going to do now?”

“Don't worry. From the look on our friends face here, I don't think he's going to be going anywhere soon,” Jeff said.

“No way man. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody. As long as you let me in on your secret!” Scott reassured them.

“Well, unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure what is causing this. I developed a serum that would give me the ability to morph my body into whatever I wanted, but Jordan didn't take any of it. The only thing I can think of is that he must have absorbed enough of the serum through my cum eariler, to have given his body the ability to change too. But why he changed without him knowing it, and why its only affecting his dick, is a big mystery.”

“A VERY big mystery, I'd say” Scott said with a smile.

“Umm, guys, I hate to break up your science discussion, but I have a really big problem here. My dick is really getting hard here, and I don't know how to stop it! I don't even know if I want to stop it. It feels so hot, and so sexy having this big tool in these hot tights.”

Jeff and Scott, who had gotten caught up in there conversation, turned their attention back to Jordan, and gasped. His dick, which was now poking out a good 10” beyond his foot, had definitely increased its size in girth, to about 20” around. The blood was definitely pumping into it at an amazing rate and the size increase was occurring much faster than it had been before.

“Oh man, this is so hot,” Scott said, and then reached down and started rubbing the monster between Jordan's legs. “Mmmm, that feels amazing,” Jordan moaned, “Don't stop.” Jeff and Scott both started in rubbing up and down the length of the beast through Jordan's tights. The feel of the spandex along his hot, massive flesh, was sending chills down his spine. Scott kneeled down at the end of Jordan's foot and began working the head of the huge dick with his tongue. Jeff continued to rub and lick the length of the cock through the tights. Jordan was near passing out with the combination of the amazing sensations he was feeling, and the amount of blood that now flowing into his dick.

Suddenly, Jeff got an idea. “Maybe if we can get him to cum, his dick will go back to a more manageable size, and then we can take him back to my place until we figure out what is happening.” Scott agreed, and the two doubled their efforts to get this massive cock to explode its cum. Surprisingly, through all of this, Jordan's tights had not given in to the mass that was stretching them to the breaking point. If it got any bigger though, Jeff thought, there's no way they could withstand the pressure being put on them. Once again, as if on cue, Jordan's cock made a big jerk, and then started to expand its girth at an enormous rate. The tension was just too much for the thin, stretchy material, and it finally started to rip open. Jordan's dick burst out of the spandex prison that it had been encased in, and rose up to tower over the kneeling Jeff and Scott.

“Holy Shit, would you look at that,” Scott screamed. Jordan, who had been too caught up in his own ecstasy to notice what had happened, just continued to lay back with a smile on his face. Jeff, who was beginning to put the pieces of this puzzle together, told Scott to come over, and hurry up and get Jordan off. As the two worked and worked the tower of meat, Jordan finally started to shudder as the coming explosion built up inside of him. He could feel his load moving higher and higher up his cock, until, in a brief moment of pure ecstasy and heaven, exploded his juices all over. His dick looked like a geyser as load, after load, sprayed out of his cock, and all over Jeff and Scott. Jeff, who had been really enjoying this, had allowed his body to morph back to its massive shape. He started stroking his massive dick at the sight of his buddies huge cock exploding all over the locker room. It wasn't long before he was shooting too. Scott, who was just in complete shock and heaven from all that he was taking a part in, leaned over and took Jeff's cock into his mouth. He sucked at it feverishly until Jeff finally gave in and released his load into Scott's warm throat. The three men were completely caught up in the throws of sexual release, for quite some time, basking in the afterglow of amazing sex and the enormous piles of cum that had erupted from Jordan's looming tower.

After Jeff finally came back to his senses, he thought back to his theory he had started to develop. “Jordan,” he asked, “Did you wish yourself to have this huge dick?”

“You mean did I ever want a big dick? Of course I did. But I gave up on wishing for that years ago!!!”

“No, No, I meant did you think about it at all when you were out in the gym before?”

“No, Jeff. Not at all. Why? What are you getting at?” Jordan asked.

“Well, I was feeling bad that you hadn't gotten a chance to change at all, like I did. And I had thought to myself that I wished you could experience it. I wished you could see what it's like to have a massive tool. And we can all see that you got MY wish!”

“So you're thinking that somehow you were able to morph Jordan's body by wishing?” Scott added.

“Yes. I think that he must have gotten the ability to morph from my cum, when he got me off earlier. But somehow, I was able to control his morphing, by my thoughts. Basically, I've developed the power to morph anyone's body who drinks my cum.” Jeff said in an astounded fashion, realizing the power that he now possessed.

“You mean, since I just drank your cum,” Scott questioned, “You can do anything you want to my body?”

“Oh yes, I can do ANYTHING I want!” Jeff grinned evilly.

“Well, as much as I like my new equipment, how about you do something to bring it back to a more reasonable size…at least until we can make it back to your apartment.” Jordan said with an evil little smile of his own.

“Ok…I wish your cock was only 15” long,” Jeff said out loud. Almost immediately, Jordan's cock started to shrink back and decrease in girth. “Hey! Why did you say 15” long? That is still going to be pretty noticeable you know!” Jordan snapped.

“I suggest you start being nicer in the way you talk to me, Jordan. That is unless you want a repeat of what just happened to you, to happen when you're in the middle of the supermarket!” Jeff shot back.

“No, no. You're right. I'm sorry. My body is at your command. And apparently, now Scott's is too!!!” Jordan apologized.

“Oh man. What are you going to do to me?” Scott asked with a worried expression on his face.

“Nothing here. And nothing that I can't undo later…if you behave! But first lets get out of here and get back to my place where we can really have some fun.”

The three studs gathered up their things, each thinking of the possibilities that lay ahead for them. As they walked out the front door of the gym together, Jeff caught a glimpse of Scott's gymnast ass and thighs in the spandex shorts he was wearing. He couldn't help but think to himself he loved how that ass looked so well shaped and wondered how it could be anymore perfect. A slight shockwave ran through Scott's body, and as Jeff watched his ass, he could almost see it growing just a bit….

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