series: Telepathic Morph

I think, therefore I am

By LeatherGryphon 
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Part 1: You're as Young as You Feel

The last thing I remember was being helped into a taxi by the muscle stud of my dreams. Early in the evening he’d walked into the bar bold as hell strutting like the oversized bull he was. All eyes were on him as he invaded our normally busy Thursday night leather crowd. Most of the guys in our bar were pretty good hunks themselves. The collection of good sized hunky men almost filled the room to the point of immobility but I watched a wave of movement separate around him like a baseball rolling through a field of Ping-Pong balls.

It was obvious by the looks he was getting that no one here had ever seen him before. He ordered a drink at the service end of the bar, scanned the room for a moment then glanced at the occupant of a stool near me then sat in the hastily vacated seat. No less than the others, I was fascinated by him. He was huge and I wanted to see more. I tried to watch him out of the corner of my eye, trying not to be too obvious. He was only two seats away but the guy between us was blocking my view.

When he started taking off his jacket, the closely placed stools caused him to bump our common neighbor. The man tried to get out of his way but in his haste leaned too far back on the stool and tipped it over. A fast massive arm reached out and caught him by his upper arm and kept him from falling all the way to the floor. With as gentle a voice as a man that big could have, he apologized to his unintended victim. They exchanged politeness but shortly afterward the guy between us left. Now I had a clear view of the bull and couldn’t help taking a few good looks, then faced forward again pretending to watch the TV or the men on the other side of the bar.

“Mind if I move this stool out of the way?”, he asked.

I glanced into his eyes and sort of stammered. “No I guess not.”

Not a great opening reply but I hadn’t considered that he would even pay me any attention, so I hadn’t tried to think of a good line. He pulled the empty stool back a bit and adjusted his stool sideways toward me so he could center his massive frame in the space he’d created.

He finished removing his leather cycle jacket and shoved it under the bar by his feet. “Not much room in here.” He said smiling. “Pretty good crowd for early Thursday night.” This time a little more sure of myself I replied. “Yea, Thursdays are pretty busy. Shirtless men drink free between nine and ten. It’s a good gimmick and gets a horny crowd of hot men wanting to start their weekend early.”

He looked into my eyes then scanned down my upper body and back into my eyes, and asked, “You going to take off your shirt?”

Now I’m not really well built but I do workout and have a good healthy physique. I currently had my hair cut in a wide short Mohawk style. I felt good about the way I looked. Suddenly I got this wry smile on my face and knew exactly what to say. “Sure, I will if you will.”

He must have liked that because he grinned and looked deeper into my eyes. Instantly the intelligent, gentle gleam in his eyes said I could trust this man. As imposing as he was I knew he was all right.

The loud baritone voice of the bartender yelled “Nine o’clock. Shirtless men drink free till ten.” A brief pause and he continued. “Take it off.” Emphasizing and elongating the word “off”. Immediately men began removing their shirts and lining up at the bar. His smile curled wryly as he crossed his arms and grabbed the base of his tight XXXX large black tee shirt and started to work it over his head. His crossed arms forced his pecs into massive mounds of muscle and his traps and delts bunched hugely around his neck with the upward movements of pulling the shirt over his head. He struggled for a moment then got the shirt over his wide shoulders and quickly over his head. As the shirt came off, his lats showed themselves like wings. His bronzed skin was apparent even in the dim bar light. His triceps contracted enticingly and his biceps bumped his ears as the shirt was lifted over his head. Finally the shirt was off. As he turned it right side out his tri’s, bi’s and all the flexor muscles in his forearms writhed erotically under his tissue thin skin that exposed blood engorged veins crawling like small snakes under his skin. I’d been watching so intently it seemed that the fifteen second operation had taken minutes. He dropped the shirt down onto his jacket and adjusted his massive shoulders and chest now free of their confinement of that tight tee shirt His pecs hung heavily over his chest. The tie-in to the frontal delts clearly visible and massively cut. The space under his arms framed by the pecs, lats, and triceps was huge. I wanted to bury my face in his armpit and lick his manly sweat. Damn, I’d never been that close to so much huge, bare muscle.

I started fantasizing about this man and me. I loved his size, his smile, his voice. Erotic mental images began obscuring my view of reality as I let my mind create it’s own world. Through the images of my fantasy thoughts I heard him say. “OK, turn down the fantasies, it’s your turn to strip.” His reference to my reverie surprised me and snapped me back. I guess I must have looked a bit spaced out. His command indicated that he was following through with our opening conversation though and was asking me to remove my shirt. I knew I had to comply if I wanted to continue talking to him. I felt embarrassed about baring my chest next to him, but I’d always done it every other shirtless night so why not now I thought. I began unlacing my leather shirt. I stood up and completed removing the laces. I wound the long leather strip around my fist and stuck the wad into my pocket. A few more contortions and I had the warm, soft leather shirt pealed from my torso. I hung it on the stool under me and tried to look as relaxed and confident as possible.

“Hmmm, not bad.” He said. “You’ve worked on yourself some haven’t you?” His question pleased me. “Yea, I used to be into it heavy when I was younger. Won a couple of small-time contests. I try to stay fit and keep as much of it as I can. I go to the gym on and off but I have a job that takes a lot of overtime and I’m too old to be really serious about bodybuilding anymore.”

“You don’t look that old, what, maybe forty judging by the gray hairs?”

“Forty-nine.” I said, pleased that again I had been taken for nearly a decade younger than I really was.

Suddenly, his tone took on a more serious note and he leaned a little closer speaking softer and said, “What would you say if I told you I was sixty-eight?” I looked back at that incredulous body, studied him for a moment, checked his face, his skin, his hair, his eyes and finally said, “No way! Thirty-five at most.”

“Nope, sixty-eight and never felt better. Watch.” he said quietly. He sent a series of muscle contractions from one wrist up to his shoulder and across his chest and down his other arm and back again in flawless rhythmic waves. It wasn’t an attention getting move and I don’t think anyone else saw it, but I sure did, my crotch suddenly felt tighter and I adjusted myself on my stool to relieve the pressure.

He took his eyes away from mine just long enough to check out the action between my legs. He recaptured my eyes and said, “You liked that didn’t you? Yea, you wanted to see me do something for you didn’t you?” Without waiting for an answer and without losing eye contact he said. “And I bet you really wish you could do something like that.” Now he waited for a reply.

I was numb. Where was he going with this? I didn’t care! I knew I could trust him. “Yes sir.” I blurted out. “I’ve always admired muscles and, god yes, I wish I could have a body like yours. I’d give up everything to be like you.”

Smiling broadly he said. “Careful what you wish for kid.” He turned forward to the bartender to get his attention. The bartender indicated he’d be there in a moment. My massive new friend asked me what I was drinking.

“Vodka tonic.” Then I quickly added “Lime.”

“Two vodka tonics and squeeze the limes.” He instructed the bartender a moment later. We sat there in silence while waiting for the free drinks. My mind was racing though. Somehow I felt an electric thrill and I was actually shivering in uncertainty and anticipation.

The drinks came. After we both carefully sipped the very full glasses down to a manageable level. He initiated a toast saying “Here’s to the power of fantasy and the magic of technology.” He winked. We clinked glasses and took a good gulp. I was still speechless trying to figure out what he might mean by the toast, when he finally introduced himself as Lance.

“Dale.” I said as we shook hands.

I was silent for a moment then couldn’t stand it anymore and found the nerve to ask “What did you mean by that toast?”

“Oh, it’s a long story. Maybe I’ll get a chance to tell you sometime.” Grasping at the opportunity I said, “Great, I’d like to see you again. A lot more of you.” I added with a smile.

His free hand crossed his chest, twisted his nipple a bit then moved down over his rippling abs and cupped his crotch briefly. With a taunting tone he said. “I bet you have to go to that job tomorrow. The one that keeps you so busy. Shame, I’m only in town tonight.”

My heart sank. He was right, I had an important meeting in the morning and had to fly to Chicago in the afternoon.

He continued “But then…, you did say you’d give up everything to be like me didn’t you?” Like burning coals, his eyes demanded a reply. With very little thought I answered “Well, the world won’t fall apart if I call in sick tomorrow.” He blinked breaking the spell between us, sat up on his stool again, smiled that sexy wry smile of his and said, “Good.” He reached down under the bar and came up with a five dollar bill from his jacket.

“Get me a pack of cigarettes.” It was a deliberate order. I knew that. I didn’t care, I would have licked his boots in a heart-beat if he’d wanted me to. Involuntarily I said, “Yes sir”, got change from the bartender, dismounted the stool and started into the darkness at the back of the bar toward the cigarette machine. Half way there I realized he hadn’t told me the brand but somehow I knew it wouldn’t matter. I picked up my brand and started back.

As I returned I had a good opportunity to watch him from a distance. He was getting lots of looks from everybody who could see him but he didn’t seem to notice except for nodding to one or two who happened to make eye contact with him. Nobody approached him though. Somehow he was keeping them at bay. Then I realized he’d spent all his time and attention on me. I broke into a broad smile, picked up my pace and strode confidently back into his presence. I could see some of the others glance at me with jealous curiosity. I wasn’t one of the really hot, popular men in the bar. That massive handsome man could have had anyone of them he wanted, but he’d picked me for some reason. Just before I sat down I saw him putting my drink back on the bar. I naively thought he’d simply picked up my glass by mistake.

I handed him the cigarettes and he immediately put them in his jacket pocket without opening the pack. I settled back onto my stool. Tapping his glass to mine again he said, “drink up” I want to go soon.

After a couple of sips in silence, he turned to me again and started pumping me for information about what I did for a living, what kind of a situation I was settled into, how many friends I had, what my hobbies were, and how my life had evolved to where I was now. I felt it was simply polite conversation to pass the time and make me feel at ease talking to him.

Fifteen minutes later I’d almost finished my drink when I began to feel very tired and strange. I remember him saying “OK, I’m ready, let’s go.” Through the fatigue I remember sluring my words while saying “Yea, man, tell me your story.” The walk out of the bar seemed to take forever as if everything was slowing down. I think I can remember getting into a taxi.

Part 2: Flight of Fantasy

Light from a window on the wrong side of the bed woke me. I had no idea where I was or what had had happened since getting into the taxi. A quick scan of the room located a clock that read 7:12. I was alone in the room. My leathers were draped neatly over a chair in a corner. Groggily I threw back the covers and slowly stood up to make my way over to my leathers. I checked to see if my wallet and keys were still in my pants. They were. No money was missing. I relaxed a bit then flopped onto the bed waiting for my blood to find it’s way back into my head.

Noises in the next room said someone was here so I forced myself onto my feet again, staggered to the partially closed door and opened it. It squeaked a little and Lance glanced around. “Morning, handsome. Sleep well?” He said cheerfully. The huge man was naked and I drank in the sight in silence for a moment. What a beautiful man, so sexy, so massive, so sure of himself, so perfect. His legs matched his upper body perfectly and right in the middle his uncut cock and balls hung like some Neanderthal barbarian, not excessive, but big and perfect. I felt stirring between my legs. I looked down and realized I was naked too.

Through my morning brain fog I watched my cock rise to attention. I was a little embarrassed but the pleasure of seeing him again in a completely private situation flushed the embarrassment away in a flash. He saw my excitement, grinned, came over and began stroking my cock with his hand. It got harder and his tool also started to stiffen. He spread his legs a bit and his massive arm reached around behind my ass. As he pulled us together my cock slid between his thighs just under his large balls. His hard stiff cock had elevated almost vertical and rubbed between our abdomens. He dragged me close to him for a while playing with my ass cheeks. I pressed my face into his pecs and buried my nose in the deep valley between them. He smelled clean and fresh, but still had a trace of masculine musk. I nearly fell asleep again embracing him. I don’t know how long he held me there massaging my butt and back but he finally released me and stepped back a bit. He scanned me with his eyes and hands and curled his lips into a satisfied grin.

“You’re looking great. How do you feel?”

I mumbled. “I’d feel better after a cup of black coffee.” His grin widened then he grabbed my pecs tightly enough to make me wince. “No, stud. I mean these. How do you like ‘em?” He released my chest and I reached up to rub the soreness from them.

I massaged my pecs till the pain subsided then began feeling them more carefully. They seemed harder and bigger than usual. Looking down I confirmed what my touch had told me. There was a definite difference. They weren’t huge but had increased in size a little. I examined them more closely noticing that the cleavage had sharpened.

“Now how do you feel?” He repeated.

I glanced at him but quickly resumed my self examination. My eyes followed my hands to my forearms noticing the flexors were clearly visible. Up the arm the biceps distinctly showed the two heads which gave them their name. The frontal deltoid tie-in prominently separated itself from the arm and hunched into parallel bands of muscle that disappeared beyond my view as they approached my traps. With a little lifting of my arm I could see the lateral deltoid contract deliciously. A quick check showed that the other arm was just as defined. I passed my hands across my warm pecs again then caressed my abs and felt the ridges that hadn’t been there for years.

“How about that coffee now?” He asked.

I looked back at him finally awake enough to realize he was the cause of these changes. “What did you do? This is great! I feel bigger and harder. I continued looking for changes. My legs were similarly striated and clearly defined and hard. I couldn’t see much else but my hands told me that my butt had firmed up and my traps felt like a shield across my back and up the back of my neck.

Lance had walked away for a moment and came back with a steaming mug. “Here, relax, drink this and we’ll talk. I took the hot cup quickly grabbing the handle with my other hand. The free hand went back to feeling my chest.

We started for chairs in the luxurious living room but on the way he opened the blinds to a wide patio. The east light blasted into the room. I could see the capital building illuminated in the morning glow. The dome appeared like a crescent moon. We were up quite high looking down on Pennsylvania Avenue. I figured we must be in that new building across from the Archives. Great place! Takes a hell of an income to live here I thought. The view had taken my mind off of my hard body and I approached the windows to check it out. Lance came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my chest while he nuzzled my neck.

I put my hands behind me and grabbed as much of his hard butt cheeks as I could, leaned my neck back, and twisted it around to meet his lips. We couldn’t quite make a full kiss from this position so we just stood there for a moment caressing each other with our hands. I lay my head on his massive chest again. That allowed me to look down the great chasm between his phenomenal pecs. The nipples stood in relief at the edge of the curvature. I broke the silence with “Great view.”

“I’m glad you like it. I did.” He said, thinking the city was target of my praise. “Just bought this condo a month ago. First time I’ve been here though. Decorators did a great job but We’ll add personal touches later.” He massaged my chest again and I remembered my body changes I’d noticed. I stepped away from him and turned around to face his beautiful body. Touching my pecs again with both my hands I asked. “What’s happening to me?” Then added. “Is this all?” His pause kept me in suspense. He started to say something a couple of times but seemed to be searching for words. Finally he seemed to know.

“I didn’t find you totally by accident. I need you.” He ran his hands over my chest shoulders and arms again and said. “No, this isn’t all. Over the next few days you will get a little bigger but with your help I can help you transform your body as much as you want. My silence prompted him to keep talking. Time is critical, I need you now. I can’t force you to help me so the only thing I could think of was to show you the possibilities. If I simply told you my story you’d dismiss me as crazy. I slipped something into your drink last night that has greatly accelerated your anabolic metabolism It was the last of the stuff I had and I need you to help me create more and better product.” He paused again. For the first time I saw him as vulnerable. He’d been my dream man. Strong, confident and independent but now he was almost begging me for help. Help about which I had no idea.

Without warning he dropped to his knees and began licking around the base of my cock. His hands were feeling my abs, legs and butt. I dissolved into the scene placing my hands on his massive shoulders and massaged his huge traps. My massive handfuls of muscle really turned me on. He wet the side and head of my dick with his tongue as it stiffened then sucked it deep into his mouth and allowed me to pump it full length. His carefully controlled teeth would scrape the ridge around my dick head as I pulled nearly all the way out. I pumped slowly and each time I was all the way in his tongue would wrap around my shaft while his lips tried to crawl further into my crotch. Damn he was good! A finger approached my asshole and teasingly darted in and out. I was close to cumming when he pulled back and let my cock drop. A few quick sucks on my balls made my dick jerk upwards violently. I shuddered, then bellowed a series of animal grunts and came all over his muscular shoulders, neck and down his back. My balls popped out of his mouth with a slurp. I reached down and smeared the gism into his skin and dropped to my knees to embrace and kiss him. We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues for quite a while. I felt his massive arms and shoulders and they returned the favor by hugging me firmly. We eventually sat back and just looked at each other grinning with extreme satisfaction.

“How do you feel?” He asked again teasingly.

“I feel a hell of a lot better than I did 15 minutes ago.” I twisted my lips into a wry grin and licked my lips. We both laughed.

“How about that coffee now?” I nodded and we helped each other off the floor and plopped into the chairs. Our coffee had cooled and we finished the first cup quickly. The second cup was accompanied by some orange slices. We didn’t talk much until our simple breakfast was over. I’d been thinking over the events of the last 12 hours and broke the silence with “OK, what is it you want from me and where do we go from here?

It’s a long story but the short end if it is this. I want to keep this body. He said slapping his incredible pecs and squeezing his biceps. “In exchange I’ll help you satisfy your wildest fantasies about muscle and more. It’s your vivid and clear imagination I need. Money is not a problem, but time is. In fact no time for explanations now. Get dressed, we’ve got to get some protein into you to keep your growth going and there’s a jet waiting for us at National airport.

Part 3: The Power of Fantasy and the Magic of Technology

We walked to a nearby restaurant for a real breakfast. Lance insisted that I eat lots of protein. I found that I was ravenously hungry and it was no problem to eat mass quantities At exactly 9:00 a limousine met us in front of the restaurant to take us to the airport. The ride through town went quickly. Lance asked the driver to take a quick scenic route. We went down Constitution past the major museums and then cut over to Independence Avenue then to the Tidal Basin and around the Jefferson Memorial and up through the park at Haines point. We passed the partially buried statue of “The Awakening” then went past the Lincoln Memorial and west over the Memorial bridge into Virginia. The short ride down to National airport encountered no traffic problems since rush hour was pretty much over. Lance watched the scenery intently. He asked me a few questions about the city. He’d never been to Washington before except for brief business meetings in the suburbs. All this time I’d tried several times to get him to talk about what was happening and where we were going but he always avoided the subject saying only “Later.” We rode to a small hangar south of the main terminal, boarded a small jet and were airborne less than thirty minutes after leaving the restaurant.

There was food available on the jet and I noticed that I was continually nibbling on something. I was feeling charged with energy and almost uncontrollably hungry. When I went to the tiny toilet on the plane I took the opportunity to open my leather shirt to check out my body. I was noticeably larger. My chest had thickened a bit and I was even more defined. It was like all the fat in my body had been burned as fuel to process all the protein I’d been eating. My arms had grown some also. If not for the lace up short sleeve leather shirt I might be feeling confined. My leather pants were another story they were now tight on my thighs and looked really erotic like it was my own skin. I could see the quads give shape to the soft thick tight leather. My new hard body in tight leather and my Mohawk haircut really made me look hot. I twisted my nipples and rubbed my crotch watching as much as I could through the tiny mirror. I decided I better cut it short. I pulled up my pants, re-laced my shirt and returned to the cabin.

“You were in there quite a while. See something you like?” He asked coyly. We were alone in the cabin. I walked over to him stooped down and bit his neck gently.

“Damn straight I did. Now talk to me. How much bigger will I get and how do we keep it going?” Again his silence indicated he was carefully weighing his words.

“Maybe twenty pounds in the next 60 hours. You’ve probably gained seven or eight already but it won’t last more than a month if we can’t reproduce the experiment that produced the first batch. I’ve lost thirty pounds already. At my peak I was 290 pounds of hard dense muscle. I’m now down to about 260. You are about …” He glanced me over for a moment. “…185 now, you’ll look great at 208 but wouldn’t you love to be nearly 300?” Imagine it. Really imagine it, close your eyes and visualize yourself larger than me. Feel your muscles bulging sensuously. Picture yourself with a long thick dick and huge heavy balls. How would you like to gain a few inches in height and have your shoulders widen dramatically. Show me your face as you want it to be. Show me, show me.

He drifted off and talked more quietly. I’d closed my eyes and was picturing what he was describing in every detail. I could see my muscles growing erotically. Yes, I wanted to be a muscle stud. I saw my cock hanging like a heavy sausage. I saw myself huge, muscular handsome and about 35 years old again. Images of hot sweaty invasive man-sex with my new body and with Lance flooded my mind to the exclusion of all reality.

A change in the pitch of the engines and the slight downward tilt woke me from my dream. We were descending. I saw Lance sitting on the floor with his beautiful arms wrapped around his knees, forehead resting between his huge biceps. He stirred and looked up at me. “That was great, even better than I’d hoped.” That infectious smile of his lit up his face and he seemed to radiate peace. I asked, “Where are we?”

“San Francisco.” He said flatly. I glanced out the window and could see a coast line as we banked in a gentle turn. I didn’t think much about it at first then realized that we were only about two hours out of Washington when I had begun dreaming. I’d been dreaming delicious muscle and sex fantasies for over four hours and it had seemed like only a few minutes. I started to get up and knew that I had continued growing. My leather jeans were very tight now and even the shirt was beginning to feel quite snug. My arms filled the short leather sleeves and bulged wonderfully. I extended my arm to check out the tri’s and reveled in the improvement. Not huge but well defined and hard. We came in low across the bay and watched the windsurfers racing across the water. Their speed indicated that it was obviously very windy, but the water was full of sails. It looked like lots of fun but I’d given up that type of sport ten years ago. Skiing too. Too many bone and joint problems. Getting old I thought. Another limousine met us at the airport and we headed north into the city.

It was only 12:30 Friday on this coast. The ride took less than a half hour. We got off the Interstate onto Market St. and drove past Castro St. and headed west up Twin Peaks. The taxi pulled into a gated driveway circling in front of large but not too special looking house. Once inside however, I could see the house was built on the side of the hill and had at least two more levels below the level we entered. The house faced east toward the downtown area and had a magnificent view of the skyline and across the bay to Oakland.

“Make yourself at home, I’ll be back in a minute.”

I wandered around a bit in the big room. It was filled with artwork and numerous collectibles of bronze, and jade. The floor was covered with one large oriental rug and a few smaller ones in various places. I noticed several old photographs of a man ranging in age from about 20 to 60 here and there in the room. Some of the later ones had another man of similar ages also. The one man in all the photos looked like he could be Lance’s father. I was looking at one of the photos when Lance returned from wherever he’d disappeared to momentarily. “That’s me and David.” He said. “That was the last photo we had together about eight years ago.”

His statement struck home and I looked again at the photo and back to Lance and realized he really was the 60 year old man in the photo, and in all the other photos including the young man in front of an old WWII era bomber.

“I think you’re beginning to believe me.” He said as I walked pensively over to a couch facing the expanse of windows looking out onto this wonderful city. I sat down. He followed, and sat in a chair facing me. “OK, I suppose I’m starting to believe you, but just how much more is there to know? What happened to you and what are you intending to do to me?”

For the first time since I’d known him he seemed to not know exactly what to say. After a couple of false starts he finally said. “I’m a biological engineer. I really am sixty-eight years old and I’ve developed a way to trigger biological changes in DNA structure based on mental images.” The magnitude and stability of the changes are proportional to the strength and clarity of the images. I’m also somewhat psychic and can sense feeling of some people around me even at moderate distances sometimes. It’s not mind reading or telepathy, more like a sense of the presence of mental images. I felt you the minute I reached the Washington area Wednesday. I took care of business Wednesday afternoon and spent Thursday trying to pinpoint you. “What am I going to do to you? Actually, it’s what I want you to do for me. For the both of us. I’ve been looking for someone with a strong enough mental imaging ability to realize the full potential of my equipment. You’re the first in seven years.

He got up, reached over to me, and took my hand, helping me off the couch. “Come, I’ll show you.” He led me down to the lower level, then back toward the cliff side of the house. We entered a small room and he closed the door. He punched a few buttons and another door opened leading further into the cliff face. A set of stairs went down about fifteen feet and opened into a large laboratory. He set about turning on various pieces of equipment. The hum of electronics began to fill the room. At the far end of the room was a raised platform surrounded by what looked like spotlights. Next to it was an identical apparatus. “This my second model. My first model was a lot cruder but as you can see…” He stripped off his shirt and stepped out of his pants. Displaying his massive build and perfect genitals. “It worked pretty well.” This new unit has a lot more capability and can produce much more detailed scans and analysis but it takes a more powerful input to drive it. This machine has sat idle here for four years till now.

I was beginning to get curious and excited at the same time. “All right, I interrupted, just how does it work and what does it do?”

He seemed eager to explain. “This,” he said quickly moving over to one of the spotlight like devices, “Produces a electromagnetic beam tuned to match the range of frequencies generated by the electrical synapses in the brain. By using three beams pointed at the head from three angles I can register interference patterns and map the discharge patterns in the brain. The trick to reading the map is to calibrate the sensor beam signals to known images being processed within the visual cortex. This is where you come in. Now tell me, when you fantasize, you actually “see” what you’re fantasizing about don’t you?”

“Yea, doesn’t everybody?”

“No, most people only see snatches or think they see images. I can tell that you actually activate your visual cortex with your imaginings. You radiate very strong and detailed thought patterns. I can’t actually ‘see’ them but I can feel them and get an impression of your visions.”

“OK, so now you have an image. What do you do with it?”

Like a child explaining his latest tinker toy creation, he skipped over some cables and put his hands on another set of spotlight like devices. “These are wide beam molecular resonant transmitters. MRT for short. Your 3-D mental image is analyzed by the computers over there and broken down into genetic attributes. The MRT’s examine your body, molecule by molecule, down to the structure of your DNA. A comparison of your body structure attributes is made with the attributes derived from your mental image. The differences are calculated and a DNA structure is designed to produce the body of your mental image.

Now, how do I affect the DNA in our body is your next question isn’t it?” He excitedly ran over to a bank of chemical/medical equipment. “Here. I actually construct the DNA molecule by molecule. I only need a few complete molecules because I use a virus to replicate and transport the DNA fragments into the target host. The virus was especially genetically engineered to spread rapidly and have no function other than transporting only the new human DNA/RNA fragments into each cell of the host body. This magnificent body I have is the result of a vivid imagination and a fast acting benign disease. The virus was designed to not trigger any immune reaction from the host. All the viruses disintegrate once they can no longer find a cell that hasn’t already been infected. Elegant, no?” He said with a triumphant flourish. I knew enough science about what he’d said to think it just might be possible.

“Yea, but what was wrong with your old equipment?”

“It had flaws. The genetic changes I experienced are not totally permanent. I figure that in about ten months my DNA will begin to breakdown fatally unless I can reinforce it with new mapping information from this machine, and besides, David was my driver.” he said softly. “He was killed in an automobile accident six days after our first successful experiment. He had developed even more magnificently than what he was able to do for me.”

He was quiet for a moment then changed the subject. “OK, enough history and school. Let’s see if you can drive this thing like I hope you can. Take your clothes off and stand facing me on the platform. I did as he asked. Some lights came on illuminating me. The hum in the room changed somehow. I stood there for about five minutes before he finally stopped playing with his computer screens.

“Here we go, I want you to simply watch the monitor above me. The image on the monitor first showed a series of geometrical patterns. After a few minutes he grunted then the monitor switched to show exactly what I was looking at, like my eyes were cameras. It was weird to look around the room and have the monitor display my exact optic input. This continued for a few more minutes. Finally he said. “OK, I’ve calibrated the imaging system now I’ll filter out your physical vision signals. He typed a few commands and the monitor faded to black No, not quite black. There were faint fragments of kaleidoscopically changing images randomly flitting around the screen.

Lance started talking. “I want you to imagine yourself as big as me so we can wrestle evenly matched, so we can flex for each other and enjoy our sexy, masculine, hot, horny, bodies to the max. I want you to force me to my knees and shove your huge cock in my mouth and pump my face. I want you to …” His impassioned speech was working, the images on the screen were stabilizing, starting to match what he was describing.

“…imagine flexing for me and show me your huge body, the way you’ve always wanted it to be. Bigger, I want you bigger, more muscles, bigger dick. Yea, that’s more like it.”

The image on the screen was showing me as a super bodybuilder with huge muscles and a cock bordering on impractical. The man in the image was me, but about 15 years younger and with a slightly more handsome face. Cheek bones a little higher and the chin stronger.

The image froze and he stopped talking. I gradually let go of my fantasy and noticed him busy at the computer consoles.

“Come here, watch this.” I pulled over a swivel chair and sat my naked body into it. He moved the mouse like a man possessed selecting options and indicating areas of the images. Suddenly the 2-D image changed to a 3-D image of a fantasy me as seen from various angles. Another motion with the mouse and the central image started to rotate slowly. It was beautiful seeing it captured as a real image instead of in my mind. Numbers at the bottom of the image indicated 6’0”, 280#, chest 60”, arm 24”, waist 34”, thighs 32”. The image was incredibly detailed.

“Anything you want to change before we generate DNA?” I can make moderate changes in simple attributes.

“Like what?”

“Hair color, body hair, eye color, skin tone.”

“Sure, how about a natural but permanent tan!” He popped up a color palette and moused around a bit. The image darkened to a beautiful deep all over tan. “Little more golden.” I said. “That’s it! Now hair. I’ve always wanted strong thick straight black hair. Something with which I could make a ‘Mohawk’ to die for. He popped up color and hair feature screens and the image changed accordingly.

“You want a permanent Mohawk? I can do it by specifying where hair can grow.”

“Can we ever change it?”

“Well, if this equipment works as well as I designed it to, yes, as often as you want big guy.” He reached over, grabbed my head and kissed me, running his tongue into my mouth. He backed out, kissed my lips, turned to the console and asked what else. With a flash of insight to what was possible, I said, “Tongue.” I want a longer tongue.

“Hmmm, we’ll have to adjust the jaw a bit to accommodate it but that in itself might be interesting.” As he worked the controls, my face changed a bit, the jaw line became sharper and slightly longer, the upper face adjusted correspondingly. The man in the image was looking even more handsome than before.

“Enough for now.” He said. “Phase two, DNA analysis and generation.” He punched the return key and pushed his chair away from the console. “It’ll take ten or fifteen minutes.” He said.

“Good job, your images were extremely clear. This should work perfectly.” He grinned excitedly. “Actually though you could have imagined these additions yourself. You’ll get better at this as we continue experiments. Remember almost anything you can imagine is possible.” That statement triggered long repressed fantasies I used to have. I examined them for a minute then began smiling at the possibilities. I looked up to see Lance watching me as if he knew what I was visualizing. He confirmed my assessment by saying. “Yea, that’s what I was implying. I can see you and I are going to be friends for a long exciting time.”

I glanced at the clock above the computer console. 3:20. Not bad I thought. In less than three hours I’d been converted from expectant ignorance to technical understanding of what was possible and how it was done, and had done it.

We passed the time playing with each other passionately, then a couple of beeps on the console said the process was done. He got up and went over to the console. “Ready and waiting.” he said. “Are you ready to realize your latest fantasy?” I was. God yes, I was. I hadn’t realized how much I had accepted the reality of the situation until now. When I got over to the biological station where he was now standing, he’d prepared a syringe of light blue solution.

“This serum includes an initial colony of viral particles and some special growth enhancing nutrients. The virus will almost literally explode in your body and infest every cell in your body within five minutes. The DNA they carry will re-program your body to begin changing you into what the scanners read from your visual cortex. This is similar to what I dropped in your drink last night while you were getting cigarettes but without the sleeping drug.

“Yea, I figured you really didn’t want the cigarettes. I thought you just might be initiating a dominant/submissive scene so I was readily adopting the submissive role. I’d have done almost anything to keep you interested in me.

He grinned that intoxicating grin again, and admitted “I was trying to play it cool but I was really the one who would have done almost anything to not loose contact with you. I think we’ve got the beginnings of a really good relationship going here. Your special abilities to activate detailed visual cortex images simply by fantasizing is extremely rare. No, sir, I don’t want to loose you!”

“All right give me your arm.” I presented my right arm and he quickly located a vein. “Has to be intravenous for the viral particles to be distributed quickly and evenly throughout your body so they initiate growth almost simultaneously everywhere. This stuff acts quickly. You’ll see it once the process begins. He pressed the plunger in slowly, withdrew the needle and pressed the area with a sterile cotton swab.

“Now, let’s get some measurements for the record. He weighed me at 5’ 10”, 190 lb. with 17 inch arms. 42 inch chest, 26 inch thighs and a 34 inch waist and about 7% body fat. Satisfied with the measurement process he said, “OK, now, just sit back and relax for a couple of minutes, then start describing what you feel.”

I leaned back in the chair, took a few deep breaths and waited. Time seemed to crawl, then after what seemed like ten minutes but had only been three I started to feel a little warm. Tiny beads of sweat were beginning to appear all over and I began to feel a little high. The feeling of disorientation wasn’t bad but I definitely felt hyper and thoughts came so fast that they interfered with each other.

“I think it’s beginning. I feel warm and kind’a weird, like a mild LSD trip. My balls are beginning to ache and waves of heat radiate outward from there and tingle in my fingers and toes.”

“Good, that’s normal. Those feelings will get more intense for about an hour, but then level off and pleasure feelings will override them. After that you’ll be in heaven for the next two days, believe me. What we’re doing now is actually overriding the changes I initiated in you last night. The final result should be better than what that would have accomplished and will happen more quickly and forcefully.”

I sat there intensely observing the growing feelings. I was sweating profusely now, and the ache in my balls was actually becoming uncomfortable. “How long’s it been.” I thought. A quick glance at the clock indicated ten minutes. I tried to speak, “I think I need to lie down.” It came out rather mumbled, but he understood and Lance took my arm and led me to a door that opened into a small apartment suite off the main laboratory.

“This is a nice quiet place to rest until you feel better. I often use it myself when I want to stay away from phones and when I’m concentrating on work down here in the lab.”

He took me into the bedroom area and eased me onto the bed. I closed my eyes and tried to shut out the uncomfortable feelings. I tried to think of other things but my mind kept filling with images of huge muscles, huge genitals, and hot man-sex. It was like a waking dream. My sweat drenched the sheets on the bed quickly and I started to shiver. Lance was sitting nearby watching me carefully. He spoke to me a few times but I really didn’t catch what he said. He seemed far away and outside of my reality his words were soft though and seemed to reassure me that all was OK.

I don’t know how long it had been, I think I’d passed out for a little while. When I woke my body was convulsing strongly. I’d go ridged for a moment, then exhausted, my muscles would relax completely until I was almost comfortable again, then they would tense up again. Each contraction seemed stronger than the previous and I wondered when it would stop. The process wasn’t too painful, just very uncomfortable.

My cock rose and fell with the muscle contractions. The blood squeezed out of my muscles during the contractions flushed into my cock and it grew dramatically. I couldn’t speak anymore, my mouth was dry and I just couldn’t seem to get my thoughts to my tongue. I began to groan as each wave of contraction hit me.

The contractions continued for what, to me, was an eternity, but I could see from the clock in my view that it had only been about 45 minutes since the injection. Finally contractions faded into the background as fog surrounded my consciousness. Grayness, faded to black and I was unconscious.

I dreamed. I dreamed of Lance, his huge body. I dreamed of my body becoming huge like his. I dreamed of knowing what it felt like to be truly massive. Larger and larger images of myself presented themselves to my unconscious mind. I dreamed of hot, wild, gratuitous, shameless, sloppy, wet, invasive sex. I dreamed of strange non-human changes to my body, and those ideas triggered even stranger concepts of sex and pleasure, and mutual and self gratification. In the background of my dreams was a sense of timeless destiny struggling to emerge. I was in a fantasy world with more potential reality that I had ever thought possible. I understood to the depths of my soul that through this process I could transform my body to almost anything I could imagine. I wanted this. Now I had it. I was going to take this to limits that I don’t think Lance had even imagined.

Part 4: Growing Pains

I woke drenched in sweat on soaked sheets and cold to the bone shivering uncontrollably. My mind seemed clear instantly and I looked for the clock. 6:23. How long? Still didn’t know. Had it been 10 or 22 hours or longer? Lance was gone. I tried to get out of bed but I just sort of lay there thinking of moving. My mind was clear, but my body didn’t seem to want to respond. I ached all over. Carefully, one motion at a time, I rolled on my side and got one leg over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. I pushed my torso upright a bit and put my weight onto the supporting leg and sat on the edge of the bed letting the ache subside. I looked down at my thighs and saw the most wonderful pair of striated muscular thighs I’d ever seen on me. They weren’t huge but definitely bigger that last night and well developed. Very well developed!

There was a full wall mirror in the room. I looked into it and saw that I wasn’t much bigger than I was last night but I sure was more defined. It was as if the mass in my body had re-arranged itself into all the right places. Fat was practically non-existent. I looked at my self in disbelief. Here was the first real evidence that all that Lance had been telling me was completely true! “Yes,” I heard myself say, “Oh, yea, this is fucking great”. I ran my hands over my chest and felt the hard muscle that had formed there. I could see and even feel the striations in the pecs. I flexed them a few times and watched the upper and lower sections contract rhythmically in a wave of contractions. I continued over the shoulder checking out the three definite heads of the deltoids, hard and very visible. The upper arm separated itself into distinct biceps and triceps each showing their major striations. The flexors in my forearms flexed like chords under the skin when I wiggled my fingers. “On, yea”

“This is un-fucking-believable”, I said over and over, checking out more and more of my hardened body.

Lance came in the door and announced his presence with “I thought I heard one happy mother-fucker in here”. His grin was contagious and I grinned back at him.

“It’s time for you to eat and you’re going to eat like you never ate before. You’ve started real growth now and you will need mass quantities of carbs, protein, vitamins and fats as fast as you can take them in. I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about the contractions but there wasn’t anything I could have done about it and you probably would have setup a stress reaction to it even before they hit that might have made it worse. Next time you’ll know they’re coming, but now you know that they pass and are worth it.

“Before we go up and eat, I want to measure you again.” He eagerly put me though the measurement process again and the figures now stood at 5’10”, 185# and small improvements in all dimensions. “Hmm, not bad for the first ten hours. OK let’s get some real food into you and see what happens. You should really start growing now.”

Once he mentioned food I realized how hungry I was and was more than happy to follow him into the kitchen upstairs in the main part of the house. A huge meal had been laid out and I attacked it ravenously. Several cans of concentrated protein drinks were already opened and I downed them one after the other. Within minutes I started to feel better. I could actually feel my muscles growing now. It was a tightness hard to describe. I was still naked and it seemed like my skin itself was getting tighter.

Lance explained that while I was sleeping and after the contractions had eased, he’d been giving me intravenous solutions of nutrients and force feeding me protein supplements to supply the initial food necessary for the first stages of the growth process. He said he’d given me about 6 pounds of muscle building food mass of which five pounds had already been packed onto my frame.

Lance suggested that we measure me regularly every hour right before another eating session to chart the growth curve. A blood sample every two hours would also be interesting.

I felt on top of the world. The nutrient intake was doing it’s job and growth was accelerating. I could see changes already. I’d gained five pounds in ten hours before the growth really began, but I knew I was gaining faster than a half pound an hour now. Hell, it had been only an hour since breakfast and I could see differences already. My muscles felt electric. I needed to flex them and did so at every opportunity. The house had lots of mirrors so it wasn’t too difficult to find opportunities to indulge my narcissistic tendencies. I did all my best poses and could see I was in far better shape than I’d ever been even in my twenties. I was getting horny looking at myself and feeling how hard the muscles were getting. Fat levels were very low and the muscles almost looked naked through the tissue thin skin. My abs were hard and clearly visible. The spare tire I’d been trying to eliminate for ten years was gone completely. I could see the obliques clearly and my lower abdomen was flat and hard. My butt had firmed up. The fat was gone and they looked a little flat because my glutes hadn’t grown enough to make them as round as I wanted yet. “Yet!” I echoed the word in my mind deliciously. I was still growing. Things were going to keep on getting better. I renewed my examination hoping to find more surprises.

Lance caught up with me as I found the gym on the lower level. I was like an excited kid. I wanted to go faster. I turned to him and asked “Any way we can speed this up? It must feel incredible to grow even faster.”

“Don’t get greedy,” he said like a father to a son. “You should be growing at about the maximum rate right now. Probably close to two pounds an hour. Pretty damned fast if you think about it. You know this isn’t magic. We have to deal with the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology. I think I’ve done a damn good job of pushing the technology to go this fast… Remember you have to take in about 6 pounds of highly absorbable nutrients to gain about 5 pounds of muscle. Mass just doesn’t appear out of thin air. How fast can you eat?” He said with that grin on his face again.

Part 5: Play Time

By nine that night I was up to 230 pounds and could have placed in any major bodybuilding contest in the world. I was ecstatic with my new size and how it made me feel. I loved being big. The erotic feel of my growing muscles kept me in an almost continuous aroused state. My genitals now hung big and heavy between my legs. My legs were now so massive that they rubbed together and forced my tools even more prominently into view.

We played late into the night. Cases of empty protein cans littered the bedroom. I’m not sure what time it was when I finally fell asleep.

I dreamed. I dreamed of massive muscular men engaged in the most intense erotic, penetrating, shameless sex. The dreams shifted into the future and I could sense that this was more that a dream. Visions of a series of different bodily transformations and colonies of men likewise transformed ran through time and space following as shadows in my wake. There were clear memories of these events and all the situations were surrounded with images of intense erotic play.

The dreams continued till morning. I woke abruptly and remembered the ev= ents of the previous two days in a flash. I jumped out of bed and checked out my body. I was really huge now. My pecs hung thick and heavy on my chest. My arms must be over twenty inches now. I started to the bathroom to weigh myself and realized that my legs were so thick I had to walk slightly bow legged. I adjusted quickly to this new reality and eagerly anticipated what I would see when I found a mirror. The mirror revealed more than I expected. I was truly un-fucking believable. Incredibly huge. Arms, traps, lats, legs, neck, calves, everything was massive. I jumped on the scales and it shot up to 265 pounds. I was bigger than most every professional bodybuilder. I was more than their equal and from what Lance had told me I had at least another twenty pounds to go.

My commotion woke Lance and he found me in the bathroom feeling my incredible body and stroking my huge cock. The huge member now hung far down my thighs and stiffened at my first touch to stand out long and hard.

“Incredible!” He exclaimed. “You developed on schedule but still it’s more impressive than I had imagined.” He walked up to me, reached around and wrapped his huge arms around me to massage my massive pecs. The reality that I was now as large as he, revealed itself through the images I saw in the mirror. His hands sensuously glided down my chest, over my hard rippling abs and out the length of my thick heavy shaft. He pulled it upward and to the side a bit. Leaning around my side he lowered his head and took the end of my outrageous cock into his mouth, licking and caressing it lovingly. The sensations were incredible. I shuddered with pleasure and leaned back into his arms.

He increased his attentions and was soon on his knees wetting my tool sloppily. His head tilted up and he looked me in the eyes asking an unspoken question. Instinctively I knew what he wanted and helped him up from the floor. He leaned over the sink and presented his butt to me. I backed up a pace to permit my huge cock room to find the correct entry angle. I reached into the medicine cabinet and quickly found a large condom and tube of lubricant. With my tool properly greased I began easing it into his hungry opening. The huge head finally slipped past the outer sphincter and he gasped with pleasure. Slow steady pressure forced the invader deep into the man who had made me the muscle stud I’d always wanted to be. I would give this man as much pleasure with this tool as he wanted. I began stroking slowly at first, then as he relaxed, increased the pace.

Groans of pleasure told me I’d hit the right motions. We continued for several minutes and his pleasure and mine multiplied to match the deep rapid thrusts I was now giving. I reached around his hips to grab his cock and felt his hand yield it to me. Our symphony of sex rose in rapid crescendo to climax. We both arched our backs and I gave one final violent thrust and spasmed uncontrollably in concert with his ejaculation. I collapsed on his back breathing heavily and he sagged under me. We stayed that way for several minutes. The feel of my huge cock in his hot hole was delicious. I licked the sweat from his wide back and washed his neck with my longer tongue. When I finally pulled out I was amazed at the length of my limp cock.

My dreams from the night were fading but somehow I knew they would be reality flowing from this point in space-time just as I had seen them. There was more importance to the relationship between Lance and I than I had first thought.

The growth continued at that rapid pace. By three in the afternoon I was up to 280 pounds and looked like a winning professional bodybuilder. I was eating almost continually to satisfy my ravenous hunger. All that highly concentrated nutrient intake was being added to my new body. Not only were my muscles growing but my cock and balls were now quite noticeably larger. I examined them often and exercised them at all opportunities… I was extremely horny from the flood of hormones being produced by my new overactive testicles. Lance and I played frantically between times I had to eat. My ejaculations were incredibly prolific. Streams of gism sprayed forcefully into the air or any orifice currently occupied.

Part 6: Setting the Stage

After our impassioned play, I ate again while Lance went down to the laboratory for a while. When he returned he said that it was time for me to hold up my end of the bargain and imagine a program to repair his genetic damage and give him a new muscular body. Enthusiastically I agreed. The prospect of learning more details about how the equipment worked excited me.

Another brief tutorial about the computers and other equipment and I was ready. Lance had modified the setup a bit and now there were two platforms. One to scan his body, the other to scan my mind for the image I would create.

The process went smoothly after an initial problem of concentrating on imagining Lance with out me in the scene. He was watching the monitors and directed my imagination, coaxing just the exact image he wanted for his new body. I have to admit I played with the image a bit giving him an unbelievable set of genitals that hung almost to the floor and a body that, according to the computer readout, weighed 450 pounds. He laughed with me then had me back off a bit to a beautiful fourteen inch limp dick and a well proportioned 290 pound muscular body about 35 years old. His directions had been very good so when we looked at the final image captured by the computer he decided not to make any manual adjustments.

When the viral solution was ready I injected him with it. He helped me get food supplements ready and we set up the intravenous feeding equipment ready. When he passed out and stopped convulsing, I hooked him up to provide his initial nutrient supply. It would be several hours before he woke up. With free time on my hands I went back to the laboratory.

For years I’d had fantasies about being able to morph my body at will. This equipment and the viral DNA carriers it produced were probably about as close I would come. Marveled by the coincidences that lead me to this reality I would not waste this opportunity to satisfy my innermost desires.

I decided to attempt my own fantasies with Lance’s mental image scanner. After the brainwave scanners were moved back to the body scanner platform I set up for another imaging run. Unable to reach the computer from the scanning platform I set it up to take snapshots of my images every couple of minutes and give me a beep just before the image was saved to disk.

For nearly five hours I played with the imaging scanner bringing up all sorts of fantasy changes to my body. All of them were very heavily muscled. I kept trying to outdo myself and achieve perfection in each of them. Images ran the spectrum from short, to tall, dark skinned to light skinned, hairless to hirsute and even fur. Red hair, black hair, straight, curly, blonde, brown, gray, even blue, green and patterned like a tiger. My face went through numerous changes, most similar to my natural face but some completely different. I concentrated on restoring my body image to the healthy maturity of my mid-thirties.

Letting my self run amok for a while, I imagined an extreme transformation. Casting modesty aside, I created a monster of muscle. At 6’ 10” and 550 pounds I looked incredible, a real bull. Shoulders a yard wide, arms the size of most bodybuilders legs. Thick rippling abs crowned by heavy massive pecs with inch long sensitive nipples pointing downward due to the bulging curve of those thick, cut shield like plates of chest muscle. The crotch of this body sported balls the size of grapefruit hanging heavily far down between my outrageously bulging thighs. The cock was fully erect and stood almost straight out a full two feet long and at least as thick as a coke can.

Modesty prevailed so I designed my image to make the disk when limp only 15 inches. I wanted to be a “grower” not a “shower”. The irony of the thought and image made me laugh. My temporary lack of concentration let the image quickly go through obscene changes that made the dick oscillate between soft and hard, growing with each cycle. By the time the limp dick was dragging on the floor I was laughing so hard the image faded into random noise just after I heard a beep from the computer.

Getting back to my original goal I continued to generate my fantasies and let the computer store them away for future reference. The 6’ 10” 550 pound body I’d generated came back into my mind and showed up on the screen. I played with it a bit more and turned it into a Minotaur complete with hooves, horns and a bulls head. A few more fantasies involving muscular semi-human mythological beasts and I ran out of computer memory. The continuous beep and message flashing on the screen told me I was done for now.

A survey of Lance’s computer supplies turned up some high density tapes to which I copied my files of body transform images. Reviewing each one before saving it, I selected several to keep in memory so I could generate a viral DNA transmuter for them. All of the images were saved to a few tapes and all but a half-dozen images were erased from memory. It took another half hour for me to figure out how to set up to generate the DNA from the images I’d saved. The first time I tried, the DNA analysis and generation process I had trouble with a consistent warning. I wasn’t quite sure what the warning was trying to tell me but it had something to do with “viral decay rate”. Eventually I found a control that when adjusted made the warning go way and the process continued. The message was only a warning so I figured it wasn’t critical.

Just for grins I’d kept my image with the floor length dick and made a DNA transmuter virus for it too. I set up the program to automatically process the other images and generate a viral transmitting for each one. This would give me a few free hours before I had to return to the laboratory. I erased the images from memory and put all the scanning equipment back where I had found it to hide the fact from Lance that I had played with his equipment while he was passed out. I’d clean up the chemical equipment after it completed it’s job.

A shower felt good. Lathering up my massive new body felt strange. But strange or not, I reveled in the feeling of my size. There were places I couldn’t reach anymore I was truly muscle bound and I loved it.

What I could feel was intensely erotic. Rapidly I aroused myself to ecstasy rubbing and feeling all I could reach of this massive body. Drying myself in front of the mirror showed an image larger than a few hours ago. My mind staggered with the realization I was still growing and what I could become. The scales indicated 280 pounds which was still ten pounds less than what I had originally imagined. Larger now than major bodybuilders, I knew I could take the top contests easily once I practiced my posing. I couldn’t wait to take this new body of mine into public and strut around like I owned the world.

I took a last look at Lance now sleeping peacefully. I changed the bottle of intravenous nourishment he was receiving. Before he’d passed out he assured me he’d be asleep the rest of the night. Content all was under control, bed called to me. The day had been exhausting.

I drank a couple more protein drinks and collapsed on a couch. Fatigue was drawing down. During the twilight period between waking and sleeping I was thinking of the possibilities for porn movies, personal appearances, books, and contest winnings. Knowing I would never have to worry about money again I was determined to invest it properly and achieve another goal of mine. Total financial independence. Independence to indulge my fantastic desires, I now had a path to my fantasies.

I dreamed. I dreamed of a cult of extreme masculinity. Secret of necessity, but an irresistible magnet to those destined to populate it. I dreamed images of the quantum fluctuations that create reality and form a zero resistance path through space-time ahead of me. Centered on that solid path, my future was undeniable. Propelled along that line, I would gather uncountable recruits. Lance in the next room, now transforming according to my imagination would be in this future beside me. We were a new species. The world would change around us, because of us.

I know now that I think, therefore I am.

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