I love rubber and latex, good job!

By James Morris 
2 parts
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Part 1

I am a gay male and love wearing rubber and latex. My roommate, Ron, is also into rubber and we have been trying to find a manufacturer that would make a good body suit, with a T shirt type top and full feet (separate toes), but only with short sleeves.

Ron came home a few weeks ago and said he had found a supplier on the internet and when he phoned it turned out that the guy ran his business about three miles from where we lived. We phoned him up and made an appointment and went along. Seemed quite a thriving business. It was run from the rear of his home and that was were he led us.

He explained that the suits would take a few days to make as were custom made and we would be thrilled with them as they would feel like a second skin, since fit was so important. He explained we would need to have all our measurements taken and colours selected. Would we prefer a cod piece cover or a built-in penis sheath and ball bag? There was also the anal hole to be measured for as well, and as two gay men, this was rather important.

We made an appointment for the following Monday afternoon, we are lucky as we have our own business so can leave other people to run it if we need time off. We decided to take a three week holiday. Arriving at 1 pm on the Monday, we were ushered to the back of the house and into the workroom. The man we saw previously introduced himself as Phil and served up coffee while he explained what he wanted to have us do.

Firstly we had to get our bodies from the neck downwards stripped of all hair there. Not too bad, we shave our cocks and balls anyway, just chest, bum, arms and legs to get rid of… We went into a clinically white room where a man in a white suit covered us in a rather pleasant smelling cream and shaved all the hair visible off. Then he smeared more cream all over us, and asked us to go into the shower. This cream ensured complete follicle removal and the hair would never grow back again. Seemed a little odd, but still.

We went back in wearing just things and bath robes to see Phil who then got two other guys in to take every measurement of us. He gave us a colour chart; I decided on a dark ruby red and Ron selected a dark blue. Phil asked about the crotch and we both agreed on having a suit with a built in penis and ball bag sheath and finished in high gloss rubber…. There would be no zips; entry was via the round neck, as the rubber these suits were made of stretched and stretched.

Phil then got one of the guys attending us to removed his shirt and jeans and underneath he was wearing a superb matt black latex suit that fitted to perfection, not a crease in it, and a super cock and balls to boot. “That is how they look when finished,” he said.

His next comment shook us a bit when he said that our cocks and balls, while very nice, could do with enlarging a little and would we like him to care of it? We said “yes”, and he passed us a small glass each of some blue syrupy mixture, which we drank and sat back. He said he would leave us for an hour and then return, then he brought in some snacks and more coffee and we watched TV for the next 30 minutes. After about 35 minutes, Ron said, “Do you feel okay?”

I answered, “Yes, except my cock and balls seem to be getting really warm”

We open our bath robes and watched in amazement as both our cocks and balls started to grow. Mine was about 5” hard and Ron’s a little more. Our thongs seemed ready to burst so we stood up and pulled them down. Ron’s first words were, “Fucking hell, look at what I have…. my cock is now about 9 inches and rock hard. And my balls have grown to match. I am now a cut guy as well!”

I looked at mine and I was the same—never been cut before, now I have a huge mushroom headed cock, and I love it.

Phil came back in as we were looking at our manhoods…. he smiled and said “Like em?”

We answered, “Too true! Hope they work okay though.”

Phil, rather surprisingly, told us to wank ourselves and see, which we did. Within about 30 seconds we were rock hard again and shot loads of cum into paper towels.

We then got taken into the original room and got showered again and dressed.

Phil asked again whether we were happy with the colours picked, the sheath to be fitted, anal side, and so on. As these suits were not to be taken lightly, they were rip and tear proof, fire proof, water proof and would last a lifetime, he wanted us to be sure. We told him we were perfectly happy and agreed to pay on completion.

We could not wait for Thursday to arrive. We got there early and Phil looked very pleased and said the suits had been completed and looked fantastic.

We were both take to the same room again and on the table were two suits in the colours we wanted. Four men came into the room, all wearing rubber/latex suits but only to the wrist and with crew neck… They looked so smart.

Part 2

Phil gave Ron and myself our latex/rubber suits. I got the red one and Ron the b blue. Phil said two of the guys would help us try them on and see of any alterations would be required.

We went back into the room again and had to strip again, this time we were given a pair of thongs each which just covered our cocks and balls, one of the guys explained: “At first fittings, it’s always better to wear something as the latex/rubber gets hot and you can really sweat and then stick inside. We will be talcing you thoroughly to ensure they can be removed.”

We were sprayed liberally with talcum powder and one guy each helped us on with the suits, both awkward fitting each toe inside the correct glove but soon they were up to our waists… then over our heads and arms were through the short sleeves. They felt soooooo comfortable, the only thing spoiling them was the limp cock and ball sheath, hanging down the front and feeling something banging our ass holes which the guys told us was anal passage liner and rubber ring which could not be fitted until later.

Ron and I looked each other over and admitted we looked pretty hot, the suits really did stretch for ever. An hour soon passed and Phil came in and the guys and helped us out of our suits. Phil said to go and have a coffee in the lounge and we would be called back in about another hour.

The hour soon passed and Phil called us back in again. We got a hell of a shock when we saw Phil waiting for us. “Like it boys?” he asked. He was wearing a neck to toe rubber suit in vivid pink, that also covered his hands. “Wanted to look cool and was too late when I thought should have been a little darker. Now don’t forget, boys,” he said with a wink, “that these suit will last your lifetime, non rip, tear, fire and waterproof. When you have them fitted its bill time, but before you pay please ensure you are totally happy with them, okay?”

We both nodded, and Phil then produced a lube-like clear cream and said we would be completely covered with this which would enable the suit to fit into every nook and cranny of our bodies like a second skin. (You would have thought the penny would have dropped by now!)

Fucking hell, even after being covered in this lube like gunk, and we smelled lovely, the suits took some stretching, the worse part was trying to get our now monster cocks and balls into the cock and ball sheath. There was a very small hole at the entrance of the sheath and my cock had to go straight ahead, but my balls went into the ball bag that had a division inside to make them look good. The entrance ring acts like a cock ring to give a really good solid boner, and it took about 20 minutes squeezing and pushing to get my gear in. The rubber did stretch such a lot, eventually my arms were through the T shirt part and the neckline was placed neatly. Ron had much the same amount of trouble.

Soon we were stood there, in our red and blue rubber suits with huge cocks and balls hanging in front of us. No getting away from it, we looked great. The suits really did feel like our own skin, and we could feel our cocks even through the rubber, Ron looked at me and said, “Does your cock sting as much as mine? It seems to be settling down a little, but I cannot believe my cock and balls look so huge in this suit.” I agreed with him, we felt our balls through the rubber and they felt alive and warm.

I suddenly looked at Ron and asked him, “Look very closely at your cock, you can actually see the veins starting to throb in them. The rubber must be very, very sensitive.”

Just then Phil walked in with the with the two guys in their suits sporting monster boners yet again. Shit, they were turning us on as well.

Phil told us both that the next ten minutes would be a little difficult as the guys had to push the anal sheath ride down inside our passages and the thick ring actually turns out to be two with an inch gap between them. Ron said he would go first, so I could watch what was done. The guy got Ron to bend over the armchair and produced a steel tube tapered at one end and quite wide at the other, he lubed the tube and gently inserted it into Ron’s anal passage. He worked it around and told Ron that the rubber liner was now firmly inside and the first ring was anchored firmly inside his arse and the other one was held very firmly at the entrance.

My turn. The guy said, “Pretend it is a cock going inside you, makes the job so much easier.” I did and I was getting so hot and flushed, then it was finished.

Ron and I stood there sporting massive boners and our balls were now solid, so we said to Phil, “Can we take our suits off now or have we got to wait for the anal rings and cock and ball sheaths to settle down?”

“Take them off?” said Phil, looking astounded. “Remember before you put them on earlier I asked were you happy with them, as they will last a lifetime and incidentally, they have a 100 per cent lifetime guarantee not to get damaged in anyway, they are indestructible? Well, that’s exactly what these are, I told you both that they would fit like a second skin, and they do. They are a second skin. The cream we smeared all over you acts like a growth hormone and when the lining on the inside meet with the cream on your own flesh they bond together and flow into each other. In other words, your top layer of flesh is now ruby red rubber and can never be removed. Check around your sleeves and neck.”

We did and Ron said, “Hey there is no join around the neckline, and no join around where the sleeves end. The rubber is simply blended and changes to flesh.”

I asked Phil how we pissed and shit and he said, “As normal. Try it while we watch to ensure everything works correctly.” And the guys brought in two urinal bowls. Ron and I were dying for a piss, and when we looked our rubber sheath ends were solid, I decided to let go and if I filled my suit, tough tit….. I let rip and immediately piss jetted from the end of my rubber cock…. Ron followed suit and same thing happened.

Phil looked really pleased and said, “Would you mind wanking yourselves to see if you can cum?” I replied that it was not a problem, provided that the two cocks tried to fuck us see how are arse holes were.

Phil was playing with his crotch and suddenly removed his overall, his sheathed cock was throbbing like made and had wet pre cum on the tip.

He watched as the two guys lubed their rubber covered cocks and pushed them inside us. Fuck it hurt, as they were so big… but we settled down and it felt amazing. We both felt them shake and then a monster blast of cum filled me up and he pulled out. God that was amazing.

Our turn now, we both wanked ourselves off and had only just started when we felt our balls getting ready to fire…. and fire we did… Huge streams of cum arced out, and lasted for three minutes, finishing with thick wads of cum. We both felt a bit embarrassed as it had gone all over Phil and the two guys—who, to our astonishment were licking each other clean.

“Never cum like that before,” I told Phil, and Ron agreed.

Right, time to go home, our suits had settled down and we looked as though we had had our suits since we were born. And we love them.

Within a month four of our friends had gone to see Phil and more are arranging to go there. These suits are fantastic. Never get hot in them, easy to keep clean, and sex is amazing. Best thing ever, getting these suits.

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