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The Saturday had begun much like any other Saturday for Paul. He got up early to beat the rush, scooped up his clothes into a basket, trudged down to the ground floor, and staggered groggily across the front lawn of the dorms past the cafeteria and into the communal laundromat that existed amidst the cluster of shops and snack bars that sat nestled between the various on-campus dormitories. It was once he got in that he first noticed something out of the ordinary—there was a new washing machine!

The little laundromat was long overdue for a new. All the old machines were janky and rusted. They looked like forgotten relics of the Cold War. The wall of circular windows which showed the holey metal drums of the washing machines looked like something out of Chernobyl, but the new machine was something else entirely. It was shiny and white like pure porcelain, and it was so new that the electronic touch pad still had a clear, plastic sheet stuck to it. Paul was probably the first person to ever use this device, and what better way to break in a new piece of equipment than by testing the limits of what it could take.

Paul proceeded to do what he did every Saturday morning. He scooped his clothes up into his arms and shoved the entirety of his laundry—lights, darks, and everything in between—in to the washing machine for a single, supersized load. Paul then shut the door and pushed the button to start up the device. The washing machine lit up like an old arcade cabinet and an LED screen listed off his options. The options seemed pretty standard all things considered. Paul barely even looked at them. He slipped in his quarters and clicked on “Heavy Load” and then proceeded to veg out on the nearby bench like he always did while the machine hummed to life and started to spin and soak his clothes.

The soft humming was nearly hypnotic. Paul could feel himself starting to get groggy. The fact that he was clad in nothing but a loose, comfy t-shirt and his flannel pajama bottoms weren’t helping either. He felt so comfy and the sound was so soothing that he could easily drift off to sleep at any given moment. In an effort to combat the urge to sleep, Paul pulled his phone out of his pocket and began to surf the net for anything to help stir him awake, and it wasn’t long before he saw something that stirred him to life in more ways than one. Paul followed more than a few smutty blogs and so it wasn’t long before he stumbled across some hot dudes with big dicks on his news feed. Even just the sight of the first buff babe with a big rod was enough to get Paul chubbing up. Usually Paul didn’t get so worked up so easily, but for some reason he was extra horny today. He was so backed up he had to fight the urge to whip out his dick and crank one out right then and there. He had just pounded one out the night before, but his balls were feeling so blue it felt like it had been weeks since he had had a good cum. He had such a crazy case of blue balls that his nuts even felt fuller and heavier than normal!

Of course, such things were impossible. There’s no way his balls could have swollen since last night. It was just his own horniness and the groggy haze the clung to his mind that made his balls feel bigger than normal. At least, that was what Paul told himself, but even as he lay there and started perusing his favorite porn sites, he could feel his nuts getting heavier and his dick getting thicker. Before he knew it, his free hand had slid down to his pants leg and was stroking his thick semi through the soft fabric of his flannel pajama pants. His cock even felt thicker in his hand. His dick was usually only a bit thicker than a dry erase marker, but today it felt as thick as a dry eraser! It felt impossibly thick, but again there was no way that was possible. It had to be a trick of his groggy and horny mind. His own sleepiness and horniness had to be misinterpreting the extra layer of fabric around his as an extra few inches of girth to his cock. That had to be it, and that’s what he kept telling himself even as he felt his nuts get so huge that his sack smooshed against both thighs at the same time and the tip of his dick started to nudge against his knee.

Paul probably would have drifted off to sleep had it not been for the uncomfortable position he was lying in. The bench did not provide proper support for his neck at all. He was using the hand rest as a head rest, and his neck was beginning to cramp up on him. As much as he would have preferred to keep perusing porn while he waited for his laundry, he needed to do some sort of stretching before he ended up having to walk like Igor for the rest of the day due to muscle pain in his neck and shoulder.

Paul began to prop himself up and swing his legs over the side of the bench, but he had barely even begun moving when he felt something strange. He could barely even move his leg! It wasn’t that his leg was stiff—rather there was something stiff in his pant leg with him! Paul glanced down at his leg, and what he saw made his jar drop. The thick shape of his baseball bat of a semi-rigid cock stuck down past his knee, and the entire space between his waistband and the deep-set crotch of his usually super loose pajama pants was filled to the brim with balls! His nuts had to be the size of base balls! His cock was well over a foot long and thicker than his whole arm, and it wasn’t even fully hard yet! Paul couldn’t believe how huge his junk was! In fact, some part of him refused to believe it was real even though he felt his hardening cock being forced down at an awkward angle. Paul was having such a hard time processing what he was seeing that he needed even more proof that it was real… at least that was what he told himself when he started to shimmy his waistband down past his butt and down his thighs.

He watched in awe as the base of his cock slipped into view. His dick was even thicker than he had expected. It was looking more and more like a third leg by the second! His dick was almost as fat as his throat, and he could still see it getting ever so slightly thicker! Seeing the base of his cock snapped Paul completely awake and spurred him to action. He redoubled his disrobing efforts in earnest. No longer content to just sit on the bench and slowly shimmy his pajama pants down his legs, Paul hopped up to his feet and hastily shoved his pants down around his ankles. When the waistband of his pants dropped past his knees, his cock was finally free to fly straight and true for all to see, and when it did so even Paul was in awe at how huge it was. The tip of his now rock-hard cock pointed almost up to his collar bone! His cock was so thick that it came clothe to matching the thickness of his own lean, lithe midriff for sheer girth, and that wasn’t even factoring his big, ol’ balls into the equation. His sack was enormous! His nuts were the size of prize-winning pumpkins and hung so loose in their sack that they hung down to his shins! And best of all? They were still growing! Paul watched in awe as his dick crept higher and higher ever so slightly with each passing second. He grinned from ear to ear as he felt his already enormous nuts getting bigger, fuller, heavier, sexier with each passing moment. The feeling of his cock and balls getting bigger was positively orgasmic, but suddenly his growth stopped as abruptly as it had begun.

An annoying, blaring buzz cut through the otherwise silent laundromat. The rattling was so offensive that it even managed to derail Paul’s euphoric state. Paul glanced over at the offending noise, and was surprised to see the new washing machine blinking at him. “Load Complete” The text on the LED screen read.

Thoughts immediately started to stir in Paul’s mind. The growth had started when the machine had started, right? If he restarted the machine would it restart his growth? Paul didn’t know the answer but he knew how to find out. He squatted down to scoop up his discarded pajama pants. As he did so his massive nuts settled against the cool tiles on the laundromat floor. The feeling of his balls being so big that they just sat there while he shifted around was amazing, and Paul couldn’t wait to get them even bigger. Just thinking about how much bigger he could get them got him beyond fully boned. He was so worked up that pre dribbled out from the tip of his rock-hard cock—a tip that was now so huge that it rivaled his own head for size.

Paul had intended to do a bit of shopping on his way home. There was a cute guy that worked at the campus coffee shop that he passed on his way home from doing laundry, and Paul had more than enough change to get a giant latte and schmooze with the babealicious barista, but Paul decided to forgo his weekly attempts at wooing the cute coffee-jockey and instead took the five dollars’ worth of various coins and started haphazardly feeding them into the machine. It only took 50 cents to run a load, but Paul was feeding at least ten times that much into the machine. Once he had shoved every dime, nickel, quarter and even penny in his possession into the machine, Paul began frantically pounding the plus button on the LED Display. The reading went from “Small Load” to “Standard Load” to “Heavy Load” to “Heavier Load” and even to “Heaviest Load” and still he kept pounding the plus button. He wanted beyond the heaviest load. He wanted the most amazingly massive load ever. As he punched the plus button again and again, the words on the screen gave way to strange shapes. Instead of “Heavy Load” the readout had a crown then a star and then a circle. Paul half expected it to start spitting out clovers and blue moons, but soon he reached a point where the machine just stopped accepting his input any more. Instead of strange symbols the display just had a sideways 8. Realizing he wasn’t going to get any further, Paul begrudgingly pressed the button and started the load.

Within seconds of starting the machine, the familiar hum filled the air, and Paul’s cock once again started to creep up in size. Paul was back to being as giddy as a kid in a candy shop as he watched the tip of his dick creep up past his chin and steadily approach eye level. Watching his dick growing in real time got him hotter and hornier than ever. Paul couldn’t help himself. He had to more than just watch his growth—he had to feel it! He gripped his fat cock in both arms and pulled it close to him as if pulling a hot guy in for a passionate kiss which wasn’t far from the truth given that his cock was about as thick as Paul’s entire torso and Paul was basically kissing the thick, spongy tip of his massive cock. Paul began to lick and suckle the soft tissue of his cock head. He could taste his own pre as he lapped at his growing dick. Just the mere notion that his cock was now so huge that he could lick the tip of it without even craning his neck was enough to make his massive cock shudder with glee, but that was just the beginning. He could still feel his dick growing and growing. He could still feel his balls getting thicker and heavier with each passing moment. It wasn’t long before the tip of Paul’s cock was higher than his own head. In fact, it soon got to the point where he couldn’t even lick the head of it. He craned his neck as hard as he could, but he could only just barely lick the lower rim of his puffed-up glans. Soon after that even hugging his cock began to get difficult. Paul’s fat tree-trunk of a cock was so thick that he couldn’t even get his arms all the way around it. He may as well have been hugging an elm tree! But that didn’t stop him. If anything, feeling how huge his dick was getting in his arms made him even hornier, and then he felt something else that shocked and aroused him even further.

It started faint at first. It was a brief chill against his balls which made his sack scrunch up ever so slightly. Then he felt it again… and then he felt it again…. Eventually he reached a point where his nuts simply could not shrivel any more, and then he felt it again. The cool tile floors against his bare balls sent a shiver up his spine, but it wasn’t just the chill that had him shivering. His balls were so big that even fully pulled up, they rested solidly on the floor had Paul so ecstatic he almost creamed right then and there. He had to see it for himself. He couldn’t leave it all up to his imagination, and so he begrudgingly let go of his cock and looked out at his changed firsthand for the first time in the second load.

Paul was so giddy he was practically giggling. His massive dick jutted out in front of him like the leaning tower of Pisa. His enormous nuts were so massive that they filled up every inch of space between the floor and his hips, and they were still growing. They were still getting bigger and bigger with each passing moment. Paul was so overwhelmed with how massive his cock and balls were that he needed to once more feel them in his arms. Paul all but leapt onto his own cock. He landed face down against his own dick. The momentum carried him forward, and gravity did the rest. His massive schlong tipped over like a toppling tree and touched down against the cool tile floor so that Paul was lying face down atop his own dick with his legs propped up on his sofa-sized nuts.

Paul was so entranced by how great his huge dick looked and how amazing it looked that his body took over. Without even realizing he began to rock his hips back and forth causing his colossal cock to grind against the smooth tiles of the laundromat floor, and all the while his huge dick continued to creep up in size. Paul nuzzled his face against the side of his super-sized cock as if passionately necking a lover. He could feel his cock twitch and buck with excitement. The motion reverberated through his whole body as if he was riding a bucking bronco at some roadhouse bar. His dick was so much thicker than the rest of his body that it was like lying atop an extra-firm king-sized mattress with his legs pressed against a car-sized pillow, and still he could feel his dick growing ever so slightly. He could feel it creeping up in size inch by inch with each passing second.

Paul’s cock was soon so huge that it filled the entire center walkway between the two walls of washing machines. Has his balls not been in the open waiting area behind him, they would have long since smashed the rows of washing machines over, but as it was his nuts were pressing against the walls on either side of the dingy lounge. His balls were now so huge that his nutsack was as wide as the entire laundromat! And still he could feel them growing. He could feel them getting fuller and thicker with each second. Even when he felt the tip of his cock press against the cool glass of the store front, still he could feel his junk growing. It soon got to the point where it started to hurt a little. His dick had nowhere to go! His puffy, pre-drooling tip of his bus-sized schlong was pressing against the glass of the front of the store. His super-sized scrotum had filled the entire waiting area—wall to wall AND floor to ceiling. He had no more room to grow! Yet at the same time, Paul didn’t want it to stop. He wanted to keep getting bigger. He wanted to outgrow the entire laundromat. He wanted to outgrow the entire college if he could, and it seemed like he would get his wish.

The glass was the first to give. Cracks steadily spread through the reinforced plexiglass storefront until the storefront looked like it was decorated with spider webs for Halloween, and then the windowed wall gave out completely. The window shattered into small crystalline clumps which bounced harmlessly off the tip of Paul’s dick and cascaded onto the concrete below.

Then the washing machines started to buckle. Paul could hear the metal of the machines bend and creak. He could hear them crumple like tin foil against the onslaught of his thickening dick. The washing machines crumpled against his massive cock like beer-cans against a frat bros forehead, but soon they were squeezed so tight that they just could not buckle even further. It would take even more force than that of a steadily swelling schlong to smash them into wafer thin scrap, but the plaster walls of the laundromat were not so sturdy.

Paul’s balls were actually the first to break through the walls. His nuts had been swelling at a rate equal to, if not greater than his thick cock. His nuts had long since been squeezed into the lobby like sardines in a can. The plaster crackled and crumbled against the steady onslaught of his swelling sack. His left nut spilled into the neighboring, campus-run school supplies store. One second students were shopping for some early morning bluebooks and the next second the entire wall collapsed and was replaced with a solid mass of nut sack! The same thing happened on the other side too, but instead of spilling into a school supplies shop, Paul’s right nut spilled into the neighboring coffee shop. One second the barista was making a custom double whip latte, and the next second he’s face to face with the shed-sized sphere of his biggest fan’s ball sack!

It didn’t take long for the mass evacuation to take place. Some people just wanted to escape before the ceiling started to crumble, but even more people wanted to see what it was that was causing such a mess! As they filed out into the courtyard they soon found themselves face to face with the biggest cock any of them had ever seen. Even just the slit was taller than a doorway. A full-sized NBA player could walk right in. and there were a few in the audience who had a mind to try just that.

Paul was lucky in some regards. Not only did he have the most amazing dick anyone had ever seen, but he had landed in such a way that his growing nutsack was steadily scooting him forward along the cool tile floor without him even knowing it. He was too entranced by his growth and too enrapt in making out with his swelling schlong to realize it, but he had gone from being inside the tiny laundromat to being outside of it! It was a good thing too because his thick dick soon reached the point that it was so thick it would have filled every inch of space between the floor and ceiling. He would have been smashed against the asbestos squares of the laundromat by his ever-growing cock! As things turned out though, he and his schlong were safely out in the courtyard when the ceiling began to crumble. The laundromat and the neighboring shops crumpled like sand castles, and the mansion sized mound of Paul’s colossal balls spilled into view for all to see.

Paul could hear the chattering. He could hear the murmuring and muttering from the peanut gallery, but he was too far gone to comprehend what they were saying. He was so lost in the thrill of the growth and the ecstasy of grinding his over-engorged cock against the crumbling concrete beneath to pay attention to anything going on, but there was one voice that seemed to stand out from the rest. There was one voice that cut through the haze of his mind. Paul was so horny that he wanted to cum. He was so backed up that he was ready to bathe the courtyard in his spunk. Sweat dripped down his brow as he rocked his hips harder and harder, but his schlong was so huge that his motions barely even budged it.

Paul began to feel something strange. It didn’t hurt. In fact, it kind of tickled. It was like an ant scurrying across his cock. He wanted to swat at it, but it was way too far away for his hands to reach. The side of his dick was a good ten feet away. Paul tried to ignore it as best as he could, but the feeling kept getting closer… as well as the voice he was hearing earlier.

“… ude… hey…. Dude! What happened?” The voice cried out. This time it was too loud and too close for Paul to ignore. He opened his eyes and grumpily and groggily glared at the new arrival, but his ire melted instantly upon seeing the worried face of his crush.

“what happened? Are you ok?” The guy asked again. This time however Paul was coherent enough to take stock of the new arrival. The barista was every bit as cute as Paul remembered which just made his already rigid cock get even harder. An excited shudder reverberated through Paul’s entire cock with enough force to send the coffee-shop clerk tumbling sideways.

“…cum…” Paul whined pitifully.

“Excuse me…?” the barista asked.

“Cum… I need to cum.” Paul pleaded.

Never in his life would Paul have imagined that he would finally come on to his crush in such a way, but he had a case of blue balls the size of a McMansion. He didn’t just want to cum—he needed it, and the recent arrival just made Paul hornier than before. The barista was blushing beet red at the request which just made Paul fall for him even harder.

“Brian, please…” Paul whined.

Hearing his name took the coffee-jockey aback. They had never exchanged names before, but Paul had seen it written on the guy’s tag often enough to have it committed to memory, and Brian had written Paul’s name on the side of a cup to have the very strokes of the letters committed to reflex.

“What do you need me to do?” Brian asked.

“Fuck me.” Paul pleaded.

“W-what!?” Brian yelped.

“Please.” Paul pleaded.

“T-this isn’t how I imagined our first time going…” Brian murmured awkwardly.

Even in Paul’s sex-addled state, the wording was not lost on him. In the brief moment of lucidity that the shocking realization afforded him, Paul took notice of the damp tent in the front of Brian’s work clothes. Brian was leaking so much pre that it had not only seeped through his slacks but his apron as well! If such a thing was possible, Brian seemed even hornier than Paul himself did!

Brian looked conflicted, but only for a moment before saying fuck it all. He quickly threw off his apron and hastily unbuttoned his shirt and slacks. He awkwardly and hurriedly threw his shirt aside and hopped excitedly out of his pants. He was so excited that for a moment he completely forgot he was standing atop a cock that was easily the size of a 747, but the realization dawned on him all over again as he turned and caught a glimpse of the pair of balls that now completely eclipsed his place of work. He knew he should be annoyed because this meant he was effectively out of work until the place could be rebuilt, but at the same time seeing that huge sack made him want to cream himself all over again. He was so close to cumming that even the fabric of his boxers against his dick was about to make his bust his nut all over the place, and he couldn’t have that. He hastily kicked off his boxers and well and stumbled over towards Paul’s backside.

Brian found himself face to face with Paul’s tight, little ass. Paul was an avid runner and it showed. Brian had often seen him striding into the coffee shop wearing that tank top and skimpy running shorts so he had known for a while that Paul had a nice ass, but that was nothing compared to seeing it firsthand. Paul had a nice, firm muscle butt that was just begging to be pounded, and Brian was happy to comply.

They were both too horny for words at that point. The only sounds that were coming out of their mouths were heavy breaths and orgasmic moans. Paul grunted softly as he felt Brian’s dick begin to slide in, but that grunt soon gave way to soft moans of bliss. He could feel Brian’s fat cock filling him to the brim. Brian definitely had a nice dick. It was nowhere near as massive as Paul’s megalithic cock, but it was certainly huge by most normal standards. It seemed to fill Paul up better than even his thickest dildo, but a lot of that could just be his mind hyping things up. Paul was hornier than he had ever been, and everything felt more amazing than normal.

Brain’s only sexual encounters to date had been with his left hand, and so he had not expected Paul’s ass to feel as phenomenal as it did. Paul’s tight little hole gripped and squeezed every inch of Brian’s dick in ways that Brian didn’t think possible. It felt so amazing that Brian wanted to make it last, but at the same time, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

Brian quickly threw caution to the wind and surrendered himself to the bliss. His hips moved as if of their own volition, and soon his golf-ball size nuts were slapping against Paul’s puffy wait with each rapid piston of Brian’s fat cock.

They were both in ecstasy. Their breaths came out as short, labored gasps. They moaned with bliss between gasps for air. Paul rocked his body to match the thrusts of Brian’s cock. Soon their motions were so synchronized that even their gasps and moans were practically in unison, and that wasn’t all that was in unison.

Brian could feel the shudders and bucks and lurches from Paul’s colossal cock more vividly than his own. He could tell Paul was on the last legs of his stamina, and Brian knew that he himself could not hold back any longer no matter how desperately he wanted to. He rammed his cock in one last time and dug it deep into Paul’s greedy hole, and then the flooding began. The two of them came in unison; Brian pumping huge, thick ropes of spunk into Paul’s hungry hole, and Paul bathing the courtyard in wave after wave of thick spooge. Neither one of them had ever felt anything so amazing in their life. For Brian, it was his first time cumming so hard, but for Paul the sensation was even more magnificent.

Paul had easily a hundred feet of fat cock spread out before him. He had a dick that put the largest passenger liners to shame. He had a cock that could double as an aircraft carrier, and every last inch of that behemoth was pulsing with raw, sexual bliss. There was so much orgasmic pleasure throughout the hundreds of square feet of schlong that Paul could barely even think. He couldn’t focus. He was barely conscious of anything other than how amazing his dick felt and how wonderful his nuts felt.

When they had both finally dumped their entire load, Brian slumped forward and collapsed exhaustedly with his arms draped around Paul’s neck. Paul too was too exhausted to stay up and collapsed onto his own dick. There they both remained as they regained their breath and their wits. Neither one was sure how long they were like that. They both just wanted to lay there and enjoy the afterglow, but reality was calling them back.

Brian staggered uncertainly to his feet. Not only was the ground below him getting softer by the second, but he was still shaky from the mind-blowing orgasm he had had moments earlier. He needed to see what had happened during his loss of self-control. He slowly trekked towards the edge of Paul’s cock and looked out over the courtyard.

There wasn’t much in the way of a courtyard left. Paul’s cock filled just about all of it. The tip of Paul’s softening cock was almost all the way to the other end of it, and the parts of the courtyard that wasn’t covered in cock was covered in cum. It looked like a winter wonderland in the middle of the spring, but it wasn’t snow that covered the ground and clung to the walls. It was thick, sticky spunk.

“Woah…” Brian murmured in awe as he looked at the spunk. He could see people wading through it. It was so deep that it was up to most folks’ waists.

“Did the washing machine make it?” Paul asked groggily.

“Huh? I doubt it.” Brian replied. He trekked over to the other side of Paul’s cock and glanced over the edge at the courtyard below. He could see the crushed wreckage of washing machines from the laundromat. They were all beyond broken, but one seemed to have miraculously survived wedged between Paul’s cock and nut sack.

“Oh. There actually is one down there.” Brian remarked. His bemused surprise was plainly audible, but his tone quickly changed. “It looks too nice to be from the laundromat next door though.” He commented dismissively.

“Oh… In that case… got any quarters?” Paul asked.

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