By Tereshky 
7 parts
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Part 1

Hollyville, Alabama was a rural farming community of around 650 people. It was the kind of place where the local news was the gossip at the grocery store and everyone knew everybody. It was usually so quiet that the one paid cop normally had little to do, which was just as well since he had just turned sixty in May. But things changed in the fall of 1995, people were going missing, there were three so far. Wild rumors began to spread, people were claiming to see strange things in the surrounding swamps and woods just after dark.

Of course, Sam Spencer didn’t believe any of these stories. He was an investigator working for the State of Alabama who had been sent to investigate what was happening. He believed in facts and hard evidence and right now the evidence was bizarre enough without every yokel clouding it up with their half-imagined encounters with creatures hiding out in the woods.

He’d examined the other crime scenes. A parsonage was discovered with its door ripped off the hinges, and the priest who lived there was nowhere to be found. Then six months later, the local high school football coach had vanished, his station wagon was found in several pieces, as if it had been blown apart but there was no evidence of a fire or explosion. There was also no sign of a body. Finally a high school student had recently vanished without a trace on his walk home from practice. In two of the cases, the victims were described as agitated and acting strangely before their disappearance.

He was thinking all of these things over from the passenger seat of a deputy sheriff’s cruiser. The evening was getting dark and they were heading out into the surrounding county to respond to a domestic dispute between Tom Cole (a local farmer) and his wife Lisa. Dike Bailey, the Sheriff’s deputy, was driving down an old two-lane road in between alternating stretches of woods and corn fields. The mists were drifting up from nearby swamps and a damp fog was setting in.

“You know, Dike, I know I told you I was here to help but I think my time would be better spent searching for traces of that boy who disappeared last week,” said Sam. “I think domestic disputes are best handled by the local authority.”

“Now you said you wanted to be involved if anything unusual was goin’ on no matter how unimportant it seemed,” said Dike. “Now I’m telling you this is strange.”

“Tell me again what happened.”

“Well…” Dike began. “Tom and Lisa are usually the gentlest most lovin’ people you’d ever come across. They go to church every Sunday and always greet you nice like in the streets but today Lisa called me in an awful state. She was cryin’, she said around noon Tom had got mad for no reason, started breakin’ things and shouting and then bolted out the back door. He hasn’t been back since and none of the boys can find him.”

“The boys?” Sam asked.

“They hire a handful of farm hands to help out at the farm, ever since their own kids grew up and moved out. None of them seen him since he left. Although one of them said they spotted someone moving around in the corn. Wasn’t wearin’ Tom’s hat though.”

“That’d be why we don’t identify people by hats.” Sam sighed. “They’re pretty easy to remove.”

“Tom’s always wearin’ that hat except to sleep or church.”

“Well, for the moment we’ll use Occam’s razor and assume that was him. Where do you think he’d go if he wanted to get away from people?”

“Occam’s what?” The deputy said scratching his head.

“It’s just way of… watch out!” Sam shouted as something massive jumped out of the woods right in front of them. They slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting it and the car swerved around a few times before coming to a stop.

“What the hell was that?” the deputy shouted, jumping out of the car.

“Maybe you should take a moment to think about that question before you jump out after it…” Sam thought to himself. Whatever it was, it was gone now.

“It looked like a person!”

“It was too big to be a person. It towered over the car.”

“Well, what else but a person do you know that runs like that?” Dike shouted.

“I’ve never seen a person move that fast,” said Sam although he had to admit, it did look like one. “They’d have to be 9 feet tall. You have any Amazonians living in your county?”

“Any what?” Dike said scratching his head again.

“Never mind.”

“Maybe it was just a trick of the fog”, said Dike. Sometimes it makes you think you see things that aint there.”

Sam was bending over the spot where whatever it was had jumped onto the road from the dense trees. “I don’t think fog leaves footprints,” he said, shining his flashlight down on what seemed to be the biggest muddy footprint he’d ever seen. It definitely looked human.

Shining the beam around he found what he was looking for. “And that’s where our mystery headed,” he added, pointing to a large gap in the rows of corn. They were trampled to the ground.

“You think that thing’s responsible for all the missin’ people?” Dike said.

“What I think…” Sam replied slowly, “is that we should get back in the car. We can come back in the morning with more people.”

The two drove on to their destination. The Cole farm covered about fifty acres. The farmhouse where Tom and his wife lived sat at the end of a long gravel drive. A few barns, sheds, and living quarters for farm hands enclosed the main yard. They walked inside and found the matron of the house flanked by two strong men in their twenties.

“We came as soon as we could. How ya holdin’ up?” said the deputy as he shook everyone’s hand.

“Who’s that?” one of the men asked, pointing at Sam.

“Kyle, this is Sam Spencer, he’s a detective from Montgomery, he’s come down to help us out for a bit,” said Dike.

“I don’t see why we need no deputy from the city snoopin’ around in our business out here,” Kyle shot back. “Ain’t you seen we been through enough?”

“Now that’s enough outta you sir,” the deputy said reproachfully. Then he began talking to the farmer’s wife about what had happened.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your husband. Did he seem anxious about anything before today?” Lisa looked to the deputy who nodded for her to answer.

“Well… no… other than the weather. But he was always frettin’ about that.”

“So it was only today that he was acting strangely?”

“Well… yes… it was right after he dropped Adam off at the school,” she replied.

“Adam? I thought your kids were grown ma’am?” Sam raised an eyebrow.

“Well, yes, but we hire a boy from in town to help out in the mornings. Hard worker, barely stops from the time he gets here at 6 until he’s gotta leave for school. Rides out here on his bike every morning, rain or shine.” said Lisa. “Handsome fella, just showed up in town a few years ago. Said his parents ran off to Mexico without him. I tell ya there are devils in this world…. Anyway, we like to help him out and we can always use an extra pair of hands. Tom’s taken to tossing his bike in the truck and drivin’ him to school so he’s not late.”

“Did anything happen to make him agitated while he was out?” Sam asked.

“Well… the truck came back mighty beat up,” she replied. “He said he’d hit a puddle and slid off the road and hit a tree.”

“And… when he came back he began to act strangely?” Sam asked.

“Strange is a mild word for how he was actin’. I don’t know the man who came back to this house, you hear? He said things you only hear in fowl parts, Mr. Spencer. It got worse throughout the day until I told him to get out of here until he could civilize himself.” She shook her head. “That’s when he began tearin’ up. I had to lock myself in a room. You should have seen the mess he made. The boys cleaned it up. I figured when he didn’t come home for dinner it was time to call the sheriff. Something is not right with him.”

Sam thought for a moment, perhaps there was something to this beyond a simple domestic dispute. Then suddenly another man burst into the room. “There’s a light on in back shed!”

“I take it that means something?” Sam asked.

The man stopped until deputy Bailey explained who he was. Finally he continued, “Well yeah, ain’t nobody supposed to be back there. I was just gonna get Kyle and Todd to go check it out.”

“Dike and I’ll go with you. You two stay with Mrs. Cole. Likely as not, it’s just your husband,” he added, turning back to her.

“Who else would it be?” Kyle asked.

“I’d rather not speculate,” he said, thinking of the creature he’d seen on the road a few miles from where they were. Would something like that bother to turn on a light?

The three of them made their way to the back of the yard just to the point where the corn fields began. Sure there was a shed with a light shining from an open door. As they approached it, they could hear someone groaning inside, as if they were in pain.

“Sounds like Tom,” said the farm hand, quickening his pace.

“Don’t you get out ahead of us. Even if it is him, we don’t know how we’ll find him,” the deputy chided.

They drew nearer to the sheds and the groans grew louder. They approached the shed from the side and as they walked around to the open door they saw him. In the back of the shed huddled in the floor was man covered in mud. “Tom!!” shouted the farm hand.

But the man just looked at them and growled. All of his clothes had been tossed away. “Does he look bigger to you?” Dike asked in an undertone. Whoever it was had an enormous build and even crumpled on the ground as he was, he was clearly over 6’ 5’’.

“Maybe that ain’t Tom…” said the field hand, backing away as whoever was huddled on the floor began to slowly crawl toward them.

Sam noticed that his muscles appeared to be flexing in an odd manner, rhythmically convulsing and then swelling again until they were larger than before. Whoever it was, they were getting bigger. His biceps were bulging under the mud and sweat as he grew taller and stronger.

“The door!” Sam shouted as he jumped out of the shed and slammed the door. “Can we brace it?”

The field hand darted into the dark and came back with a couple of shovels and shoved them through the door handles to the shed. “That oughta hold ‘im.”

Sam wasn’t so sure. “Get back!”

Suddenly an arm went through the wall, ripping massive planks from the side of the shed. The all pointed their flashlights at the hole. The creature had grown much larger. He was crashing around inside the shed making it shudder and quake until he had knocked enough supports off that it collapsed around him.

Everything was quiet for a moment and then the pile of rubble began to move and what emerged was an 8-foot behemoth. His massive pecs must have weighed as much as a person and he was still growing. His eyes reflected the glow of the flashlight like a cat and he was coming towards them. His shoulders broadening and biceps swelling as he walked.

The creature started making its way toward the field hand, its giant dick swaying between its legs. Sam pulled out his gun and started firing away. The deputy followed suit. The creature let out an awful howl and bolted into the corn field.

“Jesus, what was that thing?” Sam shouted.

“I… don’t know. Couldn’t’ve been Tom… could it?”

Sam only muttered to himself, “What the hell is going on in this county?”

Part 2

“So when is the animal control guy going to get here?” Sam groused into his phone.

“I filled out the papers on Tuesday, he should be in Hollyville today,” said Jerry Williams, Sam’s superintendent back in Montgomery. “For the life of me I hope this plan of yours works. Otherwise you’ll make a laughingstock of us both. I’m still sitting on your report until you get more evidence.”

“I’ve got plenty of evidence,” Sam said in exasperation. “I took everyone’s statement about what happened on the Cole farm. There were three eyewitnesses, two of them law enforcement, including myself, who saw whatever that creature was grow and tear down the shack. I’ve also found 12 other people who will confirm they’ve seen similar creatures in and around the woods. There’s also the cast I took of the footprints. What more do you need to send backup?”

“Look, you know I think you’re the best man for this sort of job and I definitely think you’ve got enough together that I’m convinced there’s something strange going on down there,” Superintendent Williams replied. “But farmers turning into monsters… that’s the sort of thing that could get us both tossed out of the SBI if it turns out this is some kind of a hoax.”

“I’m not saying what we saw was Tom Cole,” said Sam. “He was too muddy to visually ID. I only have a farm hand’s word that those grunts and snarls sounded like him. But whatever it was DID grow into a monster. It wasn’t a trick of the lights. You know I’m not a crackpot.”

“That’s why I’m sending you the animal guy but you’ve got to give me more. A picture… or something… before I can give you any more resources. And can you do it quick? I’ve had five people ask me what you’ve been doing down there for the past three weeks and I’m running out of things to say!”

“Look, I’ll get you something soon.” Sam said. “These… things… are hanging around the Sheriff’s department lately.”

“You’ve seen them?”

“No, but I’ve seen signs that they were here,” said Sam. “There are more footprints and I’ve seen a bunch of broken branches on the property. That’s where I am now. The past few nights they tell me the dogs wouldn’t stop barking. When they show up again tonight, I’ll be ready for them. I’ll call you in the morning with something new,” he finished, hanging up the phone.

He sat at the desk in the guest office provided for him and thought for a minute. He’d been busy for the past two weeks rounding up every shred of evidence he could and interviewing anyone who had seen any sign of these creatures. He had the sightings plotted out on the map. They tended to concentrate around certain areas at certain times.

They had been seen in the woods around the high school before that kid on the football team and his coach had disappeared. Then there were several sightings on the highway near Tom Cole’s farm before he disappeared. And if he wasn’t mistaken Tom had run into one before he changed. He’d looked over Tom’s truck and had several problems with his story that he’d run into a tree. First of all, the grill appeared to be ripped off the front, not smashed in from an impact and the driver side door looked like it was forced open.

He also couldn’t find a spot where Tom would have skidded off the road or any sign of a tree with damage from a truck. “No… you met one of our friends all right… but was it you who drove back…”

Suddenly the door opened. “Sir, the Sheriff wants to see you.”

He was surprised to see a boy, couldn’t have been older than 16. He looked like he could be in movies. “What’s your name?” Sam asked.

“Adam sir,” he replied shyly.

“The Adam from the Cole farm?” This had to be him. Everyone had described him as handsome and that was the first thing that jumped into your mind when you looked at him.

“I mean, they hired me for a about six months until…” Adam stammered.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you about the morning of Tom’s… disappearance,” Sam said, careful not to divulge too much. “But what are you doing here?”

“Well, umm…”

“‘Cause I hired him. Why do you think he’s here?” the Sheriff walked in. Sheriff Thomas Lydell was a broad-shouldered man with a rather substantial gut. “Go on back to the files now,” he said patting the boy on the shoulder.

“I thought I said I wanted to talk to him and you said he wasn’t available!” Sam said.

“Well, ain’t available to you. The boy’s had a hard enough life without you prying into it.”

“He’s a potential witness to what happened to the farmer!” Sam shouted.

“He gave a statement to us, he didn’t see anything. End of story,” said the Sheriff. “Now, I wanted to see you because I don’t have anybody to spare tonight to just hang around here and wait for Big Foot to show up.”

“We talked about this in advance!” Sam said turning red.

“Well, I changed my mind,” the Sheriff said. “I’m gonna send the two deputies I was gonna stick here to patrol Route 24 for drunks. I’m gettin’ sick of all this nonsense. You’re scaring everybody in this county for no good reason.”

“Do you not care that these creatures are going to be lurking outside of these very walls after dark?” Sam asked.

“They ain’t no creatures! I don’t know what you saw but all these stories you’ve gotten people to spill out are just a bunch of hogwash,” Sheriff Lydell laughed. “Why, I remember a few years back half the county was convinced there was a witch living out in the swamp. We got 13 calls over that nonsense!”

“We’re not talking about fairy tales, Sheriff,” Sam replied hotly. “These creatures have gathered at least twice before and both times people went missing.”

“Good! Hopefully next time it’s you!” the sheriff shouted as he thundered out of the room.

It was 11:15 p.m. Sam was sitting in his car across the street from the sheriff’s department. Dike Bailey was sitting in a patrol car 100 feet away. He was defying direct orders to stake out the station with Sam but he knew what he had seen on the farm wasn’t a hallucination. The two of them had left the station around five and returned at 9 after the sun had set. They were far enough away that no one would see them watching the place.

The surrounding woods were so quiet you could hear yourself breathe. Everything was so dark they could barely make out the outline of the building but they didn’t dare to shine a light. Dike was sipping on a cup of coffee when he jumped two feet to see Sam suddenly standing by his window. “You’re gonna give me a heart attack!”

“I thought I saw somebody moving over there,” Sam said. “Is anybody left at the station?”

“Sheriff packed up and left when we did,” Dike said. “Everyone else is either home or out on patrol.”

“I know there’s someone moving around over there.” Sam repeated.

“I guess we better go check it out, but I don’t mind tellin’ you the thought of bumping around in the dark with those… those things wandering about don’t make me happy.”

“I saw a shadow pass in front of a window,” Sam said. “I don’t think it’s one of them. Grab a flashlight but don’t turn it on until I say so.” The two of them crept as quietly as they could across the road and into the station yard. Sam made his way toward where the shadows had been heading as best as he could figure.

They walked a little further, they could hear movement now. Then slowly they began to make out some movement up ahead. Suddenly, someone ran past them in the dark. Sam’s flashlight clicked on and Dike’s was soon to follow. “What’s that?” But whoever it was, they were quick and there was no sign of them. Their beams began to search in all directions.

Up ahead, in the direction the mystery man had been running from, there appeared to be a large mass of movement and when they shined their lights directly on it they realized it was two enormous behemoths standing over something. Their massive arms were toying with something on the ground. They turned and stared back at the light with their glowing eyes and started moving in their direction. Without warning Dike whipped out his pistol and opened fire.

“No, Dike!” Sam shouted, but it was too late. There was a deep wailing sound and the two creatures took off. Sam had pulled out a funny looking gun in the dark and took aim but the creatures were gone before he could fire.

“They were comin’ at us!” Dike shouted.

“I needed to drop one of them for evidence.” Sam groaned in frustration. Then he noticed something on the ground beneath where the creatures had stooped. They walked over to the spot and gasped. There was the sheriff’s naked body.

It was nearly one o’clock at night before Lydell woke up and found himself locked in one of the station’s three jail cells. “What the hell?” he said to himself.

“Evening Sheriff!” Sam said, walking over to the bars. “Nice to see you awake. You’ll find your clothes neatly folded in the corner in there.”

“Sam Spencer, you betta’ let me outta’ this cage or I’ll…”

“I don’t think so, Sheriff,” Sam said. “You’ve been in contact with those creatures. I wouldn’t be sure what I was letting out. But if you’d like to regain some of your dignity you can start by putting your pants on.” He was a little shocked to see the sheriff was in much better shape than he remembered. He also tried to ignore his dangling endowment. But the man made no movement toward his clothes.

“You’ve got no right to keep me in here!” the sheriff bellowed.

“I’ve got plenty of cause,” Sam said with a smirk. “Besides reasons I just described, you were out here naked on county property with another individual. I think I can hold you for at least one night on that.”

“It was those things, they tore the clothes off me!” the sheriff shouted.

“They did a pretty neat job of it then. We found your uniform neatly draped over a holly branch, right next to someone else’s clothes. Another man I believe unless you’re into the butch type of broad. No sign of a struggle.” Sam paused. “No sir, I’d say you were out there willingly. No wonder you didn’t want us to stake out the station tonight. Now why don’t you put your pants on and we can talk.”

The sheriff made no movement towards his clothes. He just grabbed at the bars. His cock was poking through. “You’re gonna regret this!”

“Now Thomas Lydell… I should think a man of your profession would know better than to make threats in a situation like this.” Sam said. “Pretty sure the law is on my side. Now are you gonna tell me what you were doing out there or change your address to the county jail?”

“I ain’t talking about the law…” The sheriff started to smile. His veins began to bulge. “Some of us out here are gettin’ tired of folks like you pokin’ into our business. We ain’t had a way to stop you, until now.”

Sam noticed that as the sheriff talked his muscles seemed to bulge and what was left of his gut was receding into his abdomen. Sam’s eyes grew wide, suddenly realizing what was happening. “You met those things on purpose?”

“You city detectives think you’re sooo clever…” The last traces of flabby skin vanished around the sheriff’s toned physique. His pecs bounced and started to inflate, pushing his nipples down. “You ain’t… got… a clue!” he said, struggling to talk and stand as his entire body entered into a state of flux. His ripped thighs were swelling so much that the gap between his legs disappeared. “I beat ya to it…”

“How did they do this to you? How does the corruption spread?” Sam demanded.

The sheriff laughed. “Corruption! Ha! This is… the future!” His traps were engulfing his neck as he grew taller. His cock was dangling between his knees. His balls were swelling up beyond the size of his ever-growing fists. His pecs were so swollen than he couldn’t see beneath them. He was passing 7 feet and 400 pounds of raw muscle. He grabbed the bars and began to bend them.

Sam pulled out a gun—not his regular gun but the strange pistol he had pulled out earlier. “Hahaha boy… you think that’s gonna stop me!” The sheriff’s voice was deepening. “These muscles fix any damage you do! Bullets are nothing to us!” He started to growl as he grabbed his cock. “I’m gonna…” His voice trailed off into grunts and snarls. His balls had grown to the size of melons. His body was making sounds from the strain of his growth.

Sam fired. A dart shot out of his gun and stuck into the sheriff’s ballooning left deltoid. But the only response was more growls and noises. He reached 8 feet tall and began to bang on the bars causing the entire room to shudder. Sam reloaded the gun and fired a second shot into his right pec. The sheriff roared and banged on the metal again like a battering ram causing it to bend and crack. His biceps were as big around as a tree trunk. In a few seconds he would be out. Sam reloaded the pistol and took aim again but suddenly the captive behemoth slowed down and started to wobble and make dumb noises that sounded like confusion.

“Whatever clever plan was in that twisted head of yours…” Sam muttered, without lowering his gun, “Seems like that’s all gone now.” He watched the sheriff try to raise his arm for another blow but he threw himself off balance and collapsed on the floor asleep. His body continued to swell even with him unconscious.

“Holy shit…” Dike said, stepping out of the shadows. “How’d you think to use elephant tranquilizers?”

“I hope you got all of that on film or I’ll shoot one into you,” Sam said.

“Yeah, it’s all recorded. I can’t believe it…”

“I figured bullets weren’t much use against them,” Sam said. “I know I fired five rounds into that brute at the farm, not counting what you shot. When I searched everywhere for a body and barely found any blood I realized we needed something new. Bullets seem to hurt, but only like a wasp sting to you and me. Guess we know why now.”

“That’s why you wanted someone from the Montgomery zoo down here so bad,” the deputy said, finally understanding.

They both looked at the creature that had once been the sheriff, strange markings like stripes began to appear on his skin as his body continue to swell with new muscle on the floor of the cell. He was so tall that he barely fit in there anymore. His 24-inch cock fell idly on his right leg.

“So the sheriff’s behind all of this? Any idea on who was with him out there? That wasn’t a giant that ran past us. Thomas didn’t do this alone,” Dike said.

“I was hoping you’d have some insight into that,” said Sam but Dike just shook his head. “Call the deputies in—we may have another one of these guys popping up in town. And wake the Hollyville policeman,” Sam said.

“Stan? I mean, at his age he’s mostly just directing traffic at this point,” Dike said. “The sheriff’s department takes care of most of the crime in the county. Stan just walks around the town and soaks up gossip all day.”

“I know… that’s why I want to talk to him.” Sam said. “After that I want you to take the tape you just made to the SBI. Make sure it gets in the hands of Jerry Williams. He’ll be expecting you.”

“Me? Why don’t you go?”

“I’ve got work to do here. See you when you get back tomorrow,” Sam said, shooting one more tranquilizer dart into the sheriff just to be sure.

Part 3

Tuesday, October 10th, 1995

Sam Spencer’s Personal Diary:

This has been the strangest case I’ve ever worked on. I’ve been in this town for over two weeks without much success. However, with Deputy Bailey taking over as temporary head of the department after Sheriff Lydell’s ‘incapacitation’, I’ve been able to dig through some of his records. I believe I may have found a link that ties all of these crazy incidents together. Hopefully I’ll know if I’m barking up the wrong tree by the end of the day.

The morning was crisp and clear. A perfect day for Stan Small to be directing traffic at the elementary school. The sixty-year-old police officer, the only police in Hollyville, enjoyed his job most of the time. The last bell had rung and he was putting his stuff back in his car when Sam Spencer walked up to him. “Oh, it’s you. Deputy Bailey said you wanted to talk to me.”

“An hour ago, I believe…” Sam said, annoyed.

“Well… safety first…” he said, pointing to his crossing sign.

“You’re here every morning, right?” Sam asked.

“When school’s in session, yessir,” Stan replied.

“And you know everyone in this town, right?”

“I should hope, I been doin’ this a long time,” Stan said with a smile.

“And you’d recognize something out of the ordinary if you saw it, wouldn’t you?” Sam said.

“What are you getting at?”

“The high school is just down the road,” Sam said, pointing down the street. “The bridge to get into town from the east is that way,” he went on, pointing in the opposite direction, “meaning Tom Cole would have had drive past your morning cross walk every morning before he… disappeared.” Rumors of what had happened up at the farm had gotten out, but the official story was that the farmer was missing.

“Well… he only just started doin’ that a few months before he went missing.” Stan said.

“And why was that?”

“Why, to help that Adam boy out,” Stan said. “He was kind enough to help the boy out with money and then he decided to give him rides to school. Never was a kinder soul.”

“What I want to know is, on the day he went missing, was his truck already damaged before he dropped Adam off, or after?” Sam said. The old policeman paused. “You would have noticed,” Sam pressed. “The front end of his truck was pretty beat up.”

“Well, now… come to think of it… he didn’t drop him off that day,” said the officer.

“Are you absolutely certain?” Sam said.

“Yeah, I remember because I’d gotten used to seeing them together. Did an old man’s heart good to see Mr. Cole acting like a father to that poor boy. I saw the lad that morning riding his bike, though. I asked why he was alone and he told me Tom had only had time to take him part of the way that morning. Poor old Tom and poor Adam.”

“Why ‘poor Adam’?” Sam asked.

“He loses his family and then he loses everyone he cares about here,” Stan said, shaking his head.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… Father Toby had put him up in the parsonage when he arrived, and then that break-in happened while the poor kid was at school. Poor man was never seen again,” Stan said. “The Smiths put him up after that, but they wanted $100 a month for him to stay there.”

“So people have been giving him jobs in town?” Sam asked.

“Well, I’m sure the Smiths are doing what they think is best. The high school football coach paid him to help him out and then he went missing. Then Tom Cole’s gone. And now you’re telling me the sheriff is gone… he was the latest one to give the kid a job. I don’t know what he’s gonna do. People gonna think he’s bad luck.”

“You don’t say,” Sam mused. He said goodbye to the officer and walked over to his car and radioed in. “Is Deputy Bailey back from Montgomery?”

“No sir, I doubt he’ll be back before noon,” the dispatcher replied.

“Let me know as soon as he gets in,” Sam said.

It took longer than expected for Dike to return. The sun was beginning to set as they rode to the Smith house where Adam was staying. “So you’re telling me that everywhere Adam worked these creatures have been prowling around?”

“Exactly, and everywhere they prowl people either change or go missing. Maybe all the missing people have turned into these things.”

“So Adam’s causing this?” Dike said.

“I don’t know. The creatures seem to be drawn to him. Maybe they followed him here. He may not even know why they’re after him.” He considered. “Look at all the places he’s gone,” he went on. “They’re just the sort of places a person might go if they were seeking safety. He comes to town and seeks shelter with a priest, then he goes to work some place where there’d be dozens of guys around him, then a farm with lots of strong men, and finally the sheriff’s department.”

“Wait… last night the sheriff acted like he wanted to change. He must have known,” Dike said as they turned down a dark street.

“I think the sheriff made the connection before anybody else. I’ve been looking through his files. He may have been using the boy as bait to get what he wanted.” Sam paused. “Is he still asleep?”

“Yeah, we’ve been tranquilizing him up.” Dike said.

“And the superintendent, he’s sending backup?” Sam asked.

“That I don’t know. He just thanked me for the footage and sent me back,” Dike replied.

“Well, if that’s not enough proof he can come down and see our suspect in the jailhouse,” Sam muttered. They pulled up to the house and were surprised to find everyone standing outside. “Were they expecting us?”

“I didn’t call ahead,” Dike said.

“Dike!” a woman shouted when the two of them showed up. “How’d you get here so quickly? We just called a minute ago.”

“We were already on our way to see you, Judy,” Dike replied. “What happened?”

“It’s Adam, he’d just gone to take out the trash and there was a wild racket.” She shouted. “He called out for help and now he’s gone!”

“Look at this.” Sam was shining his flashlight on something. It was a trash can that had been pounded flat. “Well… it doesn’t take much imagination to see which way they went,” he said, shining his flashlight on a gap in the trees. The limbs were broken and bare. “I guess we better go in.”

“After those things!? In the dark!?” Dike’s face turned white.

“We’ve got guns. Even if we can’t kill them, they don’t seem to like being shot at. They’ve run both times we’ve shot at them. Just like we’d run from a wasp nest,” Sam said wryly. “And besides, we don’t have much choice. That boy has the key to understanding what’s going on in this town and he’s in danger.”

He turned to the Smith family, “Did any of you come into contact with something large? It could have been as tall a single-story house.” “

“You may not be sharing what’s really going on but rumors get out in a place like this. And before you ask, no we ain’t seen no sign of your freakish monsters until tonight. We were all inside when they grabbed Adam and gone by the time I got out here. But I tell you one thing, if I do see ‘em I’m going to give ‘em a face full of lead,” Troy Smith pronounced, patting his shotgun.

“I want ya’ll to go back inside and wait for us. And make sure it’s one of them if you fire. I don’t fancy a face full of lead myself,” Sam said.

The two turned and walked through the trail made by the creatures into the woods. They turned their lights off because the path was so obvious that they could follow it in the moonlight and the flashlights made them feel more visible than anything. They didn’t have long to follow it before the woods opened up into a field. There had been corn planted there but it had been recently harvested.

They stood at the end of the trail looking over the field while the moon was covered by a small cloud. “It’s going to be hard to follow their footprints without the flashlights,” Dike whispered.

“Just give it a moment. The cloud’ll pass. The moon’s pretty big tonight. It’ll be bright as day soon.” Sam muttered back then suddenly they heard moans coming out from the field. “That sounds like a teenager to me.”

“Adam,” Dike whispered. “Sounds like he’s hurt.”


The wind shifted and the cloud moved on, bathing the field in moonlight. Soon it was obvious where the sounds were coming from. They could see several large figures stooping over something, they could guess what it was.

“Nngggnnn no…fuck…. stop.” The moaning grew louder as the officers approached from behind. The creatures were far too preoccupied to notice them. When they got close enough they could see what was going on. They were… feeding off Adam. One was sucking his cock, the other two were sucking on his nipples. His muscular toned body, often the talk of the town, was shining in the moonlight. They stood there in shock about what they were seeing.

The deputy got his gun ready but Sam put his hand over it and gently forced it down. “If we startle them now they could snap him in half by accident,” Sam whispered.

As the two watched, they realized the creatures were slowly growing. Their muscles glistened in the moonlight as they swelled and their definition grew into even more pronounced ridges and valleys. One of them had balls so large, his sack could have been a bean bag chair. A sparkling pool of cum was forming underneath them as they went to town on Adam. “Is this how they change people?” the deputy asked. “Some kind of sexual ritual?”

As they sucked on Adam’s pecs, they began to get bloated and swollen, his balls were swelling as well. “We’re too late… he’s changing,” Sam said. But Adam didn’t change like the others. Apart from his swollen pecs and balls nothing else was different. There were no growling sounds or animal-like behaviors. He just continued to moan.

The creatures changed, though. The more they drank, the larger they got. One of them seemed to have his lats expanding like crazy but then two muscular arms began to grow from his armpits. His pecs were pushed outward as two new pecs formed to work them. Their spines elongated into stubby muscular tails which grew longer and longer the more they drank. One of their cocks grew so long that its owner was jacking it off with his pecs.

Eventually they put Adam down and started having sex with each other. Suddenly one of them looked up and saw the two deputies staring at each them. His glowing cat-like eyes seemed to pierce them like daggers. “We better do something!” the deputy whispered.

They pulled out their guns and started firing. The creatures darted away like cheetahs across the field on all fours (or sixes).

The two ran up to Adam who, to their surprise, was reverting back to his normally proportioned physique. “Adam, can you speak?” Sam asked.

“You mean am I like them? No.” He groaned. Then he looked up. “Wait… Who are you? Stay away from me!”

“Adam, it’s Sam and Dike. Remember us? You’re safe now. We’re here to help. We scared the creatures away,” Sam said, trying to calm him down.

“Yeah, ‘help’—like everyone else in this town. Get away!” Adam got up and backed away. The moon bounced off his naked ass. “I’m sick of this shit! You’re all the same!”

“Sick of what? What’s been happening to you!?” Sam shouted. Suddenly there was a loud roar coming from the direction of the house. The sound of crashes and screams ripped into the night.

“He’s coming for me.” Adam said. “They all are…”

“Quick! Do you have some place you can go?” Sam shouted. “If so, run and take cover! We’ll stop them from getting to you.” Sam shouted as he and the deputy sprinted back toward the house. They ran back over the trampled trail through the woods and to their shock they saw the Smith family standing outside.

“What’s happening?!” Dike shouted. “Ya’ll shouldn’t be out here!”

“It’s Dad! He’s gone berserk!” one of the kids shouted.

“Quick! Get to the neighbors’!” Sam said. “We’ll take care of this!”

“What’s going on, Sam?” Dike shouted. “I thought they said they never saw those things before! How’d they get to Troy?”

“I don’t think they did,” he said, walking up the stairs to the porch and peering into a window.

Mr. Smith was inside hurling things around the house. His flannel shirt that had been so loose fitting on him before was stretched to the limit. As he tore through the home the buttons began to burst and his massive chest broke free. His biceps shredded through his sleeves and his calves burst his pant legs. It didn’t take long for his muscular ass to explode out leaving him completely naked.

“Aren’t you going to dart him?” Dike said. Looking at Sam who had his tranquilizer gun at his side.

“If you want to go in there be my guest. I’m waiting until he comes outside,” Sam said.

His giant pecs inflated. His arms doubled in size in just a minute. Suddenly he got a glimpse of the detectives through the window. In a flash he had picked up the dining room table and they had just enough time to jump out of the way before it went sailing through the wall. In an instant he was through the breach. His pendulous package swayed from side to side as he walked toward them on the porch.

POP! A dart flew into his expanding chest. He roared and they jumped from the porch as he charged like a bull into the spot where they had just been, knocking another hole in the wall. Sam loaded another dart into the gun as Mr. Smith struggled to regain his orientation through all of the rubble. “Come on, Sam, give him another one!” Dike said between his teeth.

The behemoth grew so much his muscular back was pressed against the ceiling of the porch. Soon he was crashing through it, which confused him even more. POP! Another dart went into his thigh. This monster was growing even faster than the farmer and the sheriff. His pecs were 100 pounds a piece of raw power. His biceps looked like boulders.

The sting of the dart caused the creature to go berserk, bringing down their porch awning on top of himself. Sam reloaded the tranquilizer gun and took aim and waited. Then, like a bomb, the rubble exploded as the hulking beast leaped out of it. A flying beam flew into them, knocking Sam off his feet. He cried out in pain, one of his ribs was broken. The monster landed on the ground with a powerful thud. His legs were the size of tree trunks. The ground shook as he walked. He was over 12 feet tall and growling.

He looked down at Sam and lifted the patrol car, preparing to crush him with it when suddenly another tranquilizer dart hit him in the chest. He looked around stupidly for the source but the other two darts had made his head cloudy. Soon another dart hit him in the neck. He dropped the car and fell on top of it, crumpling it beneath him.

Sam looked up and saw Dike bracing himself against a tree, holding the tranquilizer gun. “Glad that got him because I was all out,” he said.

“Thank God you caught the dart gun,” Sam said relieved. “I think I know what’s going on.”

“Well, if you wouldn’t mind telling me, I’d be much obliged. I’m sick of being in the dark!”

Part 4

“It’s Adam,” Sam said. They were both back at the station getting bandaged up by an EMT.

“I know he’s involved, but how?” Dike said.

“We were wrong about the creatures. They don’t convert people into what they are. Adam creates them.”

“But how?” Dike asked again as the EMT cleaned out a nasty cut on his jaw.

“His bodily fluids,” Sam said. “Something in them makes people turn into those things. That’s why they follow him. They want more of whatever it is he’s got.”

“But he was running from them,” Dike said, confused.

“I’m not saying he was controlling them. I don’t even know if he knew he was the cause,” Sam said. “Didn’t you hear him? He sounded hunted. And not just by those creatures. Everyone who’s ever taken him in has wanted one thing from him.”

Dike’s eyes grew wide. “You don’t mean…?” Dike paused. “But he’s a high school senior.”

“Still…” Sam said. “Everyone’s taken with how good looking he is and people just lined up to help him when he showed up out of nowhere. Father Toby was the first. The creatures didn’t bother them because there weren’t any yet. At least not until the kindly host wanted something in return for his room and board. Whatever’s in his semen doesn’t take effect immediately that’s why Adam was at school when the changes finally took effect. Adam went back to the house that evening and found the door broken off the hinges and called for help. I’ll bet he didn’t even suspect he had anything to do with it.”

“Why do you think he didn’t know?” Dike asked. “If he’s behind this surely he has some clue?”

“The football player that went missing. I think he was the only one Adam had a legitimate interest in,” Sam said. “I asked around at the school yesterday while you were driving back from Montgomery. Everyone who saw them together said they were on ‘very’ friendly terms.”


“You wouldn’t turn your lover into a monster intentionally, would you?”

“But the coach… and the farmer?” Dike said.

“Both people Adam worked for who wanted more ‘bang’ for their buck,” Sam smirked. “I learned that coach always made Adam stay late after all the players had gone home. I suspect the farmer was using those morning rides to school as a chance to get alone with him as well. I drove back and forth from the farmhouse to the high school. They always left at least 10 minutes earlier than they needed and Adam’s teachers told me he almost never arrived on time when he worked for Cole. One thing is certain, those two got a lot more than they were bargaining for.”

“And the sheriff?” Dike asked.

“Sheriff Lydell put it together before anyone else. I don’t think he particularly cared for Adam but once he suspected what he could do, he wanted all of that power for himself. Though he made the mistake of thinking he could get a body like that and maintain his own mind. And knowing Adam was used to paying his way in sexual favors I doubt he found it that hard to get what he wanted.” Sam coughed and grabbed his side. His broken rib was killing him. “Finally when Adam’s last source of employment was gone, I imagine Mr. Smith had a little talk with Adam, perhaps not even 5 hours ago. A talk that he’d been planning for a long time. There was no need to pay him in cash anymore, provided he had some other means to pay up.

“I don’t know when Adam figured out he was causing these things to happen but I believe that he has. I don’t know where he is but we have to find him before those creatures take him again. The more of him they drink, the more of a problem we’ll have on our hands. You saw them changing in the field. They were getting bigger and far less human.”

“But it doesn’t make sense!” Dike said. “The timing of it all.” Dike said. “He was with Father Toby for a year. He worked with the football coach for months as well as Tom Cole. He only worked with the sheriff for a week or so and if you’re right Mr. Smith only had sex with him once.”

“That’s because Adam is getting stronger.” A voice said from the back of the room. Everyone turned to see three people in black suits standing in a dark corner.

“Who’re you?” Dike shouted.

“I’m Dr. Saunders, these two are two of my colleagues from military intelligence. This Agent Stevens and Agent Blake,” one of them said. “We’re impressed that you were able to put all of this together on your own, but we need to move fast if we’re going to save this town.”

“What do you have to do with this?” Sam said.

“Well… in a way,” Dr. Saunders said haltingly, “I guess you could say Adam is my child.”

“Your child?” Dike shouted.

“Adam is an experimental prototype. His base genetic makeup is a combination of my own DNA and someone else. We removed him from the womb as an embryo and modified it to allow him to be the host of a parasitic entity that can change those who it infects into super humans. Imagine an army of soldiers with super strength, to whom a bullet feels like nothing but being shot by a BB gun. It would make the United States unstoppable on the battlefield.”

“Why doesn’t it affect him?” Dike asked.

“Because obviously we don’t want the source of such power to grow out of control,” Agent Stevens said, speaking for the first time.

“It seems… agh!” Sam said, holding his side in pain. “It seems that your little experiment is out of control to me. How did he get away?”

“Adam is… more seductive… than we’d planned,” Dr. Saunders said. “It appears he convinced one of the guards to run off with him.”

“Does Adam know he’s some sort of weapon?” Sam asked.

“He’s not a weapon, don’t be so crass. But no he was not told what his function was. But after listening in on your report, I believe he’s learning what he’s capable of. And more disturbing is your account of what happened when the drones were feeding on him.”

“Drones?” Dike asked.

“Their polite term for these mindless super soldiers,” Sam said, cringing in pain. “What about my report alarmed you?”

“You mentioned that Adam was changing. We thought we had suppressed his ability to do that but if he learns to affect the parasite inside of him he would be impossible to control,” said Dr. Saunders.

“The prototype would become useless,” Agent Stevens added.

“Poor boy…what a life,” Sam said.

“He’s not a child! He’s a biological prototype. One that is about to destroy this town if I’m not mistaken. He’s growing more powerful. There’s no telling what he’ll do now if we don’t get him back.”

“I’m not sure how you plan to capture him. Those giants will tear into anything to get him. I doubt you’d make it back to your base with him,” said Sam.

“They don’t follow him, they follow the smell of his semen. As long as he doesn’t exude any, they’ll be just as blind to his whereabouts as you are.”

“So if I don’t help you recapture your pet human, he could destroy half the state of Alabama. What a Sophie’s choice you give,” he said before gasping. The broken rib was making speaking difficult.

Dr Saunders walked up to Sam. “Come now, it’s not as bad as you think. Building Adam has led to some remarkable advances that are just waiting to trickle into the private sector.” He touched Sam’s side gently. “You seem in a bad way, Mr. Spencer. Allow me to help.” Without warning he jabbed a syringe into Sam’s side causing him to howl in pain.

The two agents seized Dike and the EMT to prevent them from interfering. “No need for concern, your friend is just getting a taste of what makes Adam so special.”

Sam could feel his muscles tingling as well as his broken rib. The pain from it made it hard to breathe. He gasped out as his clothes started to feel tighter around the shoulders and chest. He watched his pecs swell within his clothes, stretching them tightly as his slight gut receded. His biceps bulged out to fill out his sleeves. The ridges of his back muscles were becoming clearly visible through his shirt. He felt his ass swell out in his pants. Then gradually the rib pain began to numb and he was able to breathe again.

“I would say you’ve gained a net 20 pounds, Mr. Spencer.” said Dr. Saunders. “Not bad considering you’ve lost at least that much in fat. I’d put you at to 8% body fat at this point. But more important for you is the fact that your rib has repaired itself. Now don’t you see the true potential of Adam?”

“But I’m… going to be one of them!” Sam stammered.

“A drone? Of course not, Mr. Spencer. This is just a partial extract from Adam’s semen. It can cure any trauma with some rather delightful side effects.”

Sam stood up and hit his side where the rib had been broken. There was no pain. He was in better shape than he’d been in his life. “I’ll help you find him, but not because of this.” He pointed to his side. “Because I want you and everything you stand for to get the hell out of Alabama.”

“I guess it’s nice to be popular,” came a voice from the next room. They looked and to everyone’s shock Adam entered through a side door. He was standing there completely naked, and at twice his previous build. “Nobody get up. I won’t be staying.”

“The hell you won’t!” Dike pulled out his gun.

“No!” Agent Blake shouted and tackled the deputy to the floor, causing the gun to slide toward the jail cells.

“We spent over a billion dollars creating him! You won’t just shoot him in front of me!” Dr. Saunders shouted.

“What are you doing here?” Sam asked. “How did you get in?”

“You forget I worked for that pig for two weeks,” Adam said, pointing to the cell containing the unconscious transformed body of the sheriff. “I know how to get in and out after hours.”

“Adam… we’re here to take you home, son,” said Dr. Saunders calmly.

“I’m not going anywhere with you!” Adam shouted. “You’re not my dad. I don’t have a dad! I heard the whole thing! I’m just the product of some gene recipe you cooked up.”

“We don’t have time for this. It’s growing stronger by the minute!” Agent Stevens pulled out a taser and lunged for Adam, but he was too quick. He grabbed the agent and swiftly disarmed him.

“You see what they call me?” Adam said, turning to Sam. “It! They call me it! I can’t go back there.” He was gripping Stevens in a choke hold.

Sam saw that things were spiraling out of control. They clearly had not anticipated for him to get this strong. “Adam, calm down. Let’s talk this out,” he said taking a step toward him.

“Stay back from me!” the teen said, choking the agent a little tighter.

“I’m not going to hurt you. There’s got to be a way out of this without anyone else getting hurt. Clearly that’s what you wanted. That’s why you came here, right? You wanted to talk and figure a way out of this without anybody else getting hurt. I know you’re not a bad person,” he said as Agent Stevens’s face was turning a reddish purple from lack of air. His head was pinned between Adams sizable pecs.

“I did want to talk. You were different from the others,” said Adam. “You risked your life to try to save me. I thought you’d help me. I thought you could take me away from here so I could have a normal life. But now I see you’re working with these guys!”

“I can’t make promises like that,” Sam said. “What I can tell you is that there’s always a way out without someone getting hurt. Now put the man down. Please.”

Agent Stevens had passed out for lack of air. “Whatever, he won’t try that again,” Adam said, tossing him to the ground. “Well, if you’re going to hang out with your new friends I guess I’ll be on my way.”

“I know you know we can’t just let you leave,” Sam said calmly. “People are getting hurt by you, even if you didn’t intend it to happen.”

“They deserved it!” Adam shouted.

“All of them? Even Mike? Your friend from school? He was special to you, wasn’t he?” Sam said, trying to reach Adam’s emotions. “Do you want to go through life hurting the people you care about?”

“Well… I…” Adam was suddenly interrupted.

“Adam… my boy… think this through. What’s your plan?” Dr. Saunders said. “You may have incredible strength, but you can’t overcome all of us. Why hurt yourself trying? You’re the closest thing in this world I have to a son and I’m the closest thing you have to a father. We could just go back to the facility and… and start over and be a real family.”

“You’re right… I can’t overcome all of you alone.” Then he smirked. “But I’m not alone, am I?” Suddenly he grabbed his cock and almost instantly a thick jet of cum splattered on the floor. “I heard everything you said about me. Thanks for telling me what I really am… ‘pops’,” He added mockingly.

The room flooded with the pungent odor of his cum and suddenly the tranquilized sheriff began to stir. “Shit! Lydell!” Sam shouted. “He can smell it!”

The room was suddenly blasted with a deafening roar as the mutated sheriff sprang to life. His pecs flared as he flexed his powerful body. With a quick succession of blows to the cell doors the bars were ripped out of place and he sprang into the room. He was so tall his head went through the ceiling and he had to hunch to see anything. A swift back hand sent Agent Blake flying across the room and into a wall where he crumpled on the floor.

“Saunders! The drones! How do you control them? Surely you thought of a way!” Sam shouted but to his surprise both Dr. Saunders and Adam were gone.

After the sheriff’s revival Adam had wasted no time taking advantage of the commotion. He grabbed Dr. Saunders and fled the building with surprising speed, taking him out to the empty lot behind the building. “That’ll keep them busy for a while, eh, pops?”

“Please, Adam, don’t hurt me. I only wanted what was best for you!” Saunders groveled.

“Oh? What was ‘best’? You had me taken out of my mom as an embryo to experiment on. How many of my brothers did you try this on who didn’t make it!”

“But I gave you life! I’m like your father! You even have my DNA!”

“Awww, Dad, I love that.” Adam said with a dark smile. “How about we play a pretend game. That’s what dads do, right? They play games with their kids. We’ll play pretend a scene from the awesome life you gave me. It happened right here! Wont that be fun?” Saunders could only quiver in fear as Adam forced his head up and down as if he were nodding. “Okay, you play the mean sheriff and I’ll play me!

“Now your job is to tell me how all you want from me is a liiiiiittle bit of sex, and then you’ll protect me from all the bad monsters that are out to get me.” Saunders said nothing. Adam lifted him up until they were eye to eye. “What’s the matter daddy? I thought you said you wanted to go back to the facility and be a loving family. Loving families play games!” Adam said shaking the doctor as he spoke.

“P…please let me go…” was all he could he could reply.

“Gee, daddy, you’re pretty bad at this game. No matter, do you want to know what my line is back to the sheriff?” He paused but there was no reply. He made his voice sound timid and quivering. “Maybe we can do something else. I promise I’ll work really hard for you at the station.”

Adam smiled. “Now you know what your character is supposed to say?” Dr. Saunders shook his head. “I’ll make it easy and play your role too.” Adam put on a faux southern drawl. “Now I know for a fact that you’ve done the dirty for a dollar before, boy. Why don’t you just quit pretending to be all innocent and deal me in. I got money if that’s what you need, son. But I bet what you need more is for someone to keep your friends out there away from you.”

“And now all you have to do is this…” Adam lowered Dr. Saunders to his cock and shoved his face against it. “Come on daddy, finish the game!”

“No! God no! Not a drone! I don’t want to be a dro…gnnnnnn!” His voice was muffled as Adam’s firm cock was shoved in his mouth. The teen began to squirt load after load into his squirming victim. As he came, Adam’s balls began to swell to produce even more. Jet after jet of cum went into the Dr. Saunders. He was getting full, he could feel his belly beginning to distend.

Back inside things had not been going well. As soon as the sheriff had broken out of his cell, Sam realized he didn’t have his gun and Dike’s gun had gotten thrown nearer to the monster than it was to them. Dike ran to the door nearest to them to get out but Adam had jammed it shut to keep people from following him. The only other way out was a door behind the creature.

The EMT had taken shelter under a table and the 9-foot sheriff was staring Sam down. His massive cock was twitching and starting to leak. “Quick! Dike, get something that can make a loud noise!”

“Like what?!” Dike shouted.

“I don’t know, just be quick, damn it!” Sam shouted back.

Dike grabbed a broom and shouted, “Okay.”

Sam reached for a nearby stapler and held it like a gun. The sheriff stopped as if confused about what he was doing. Dike was a little confused too. “Sam, what the hell?”

“Quick! They’re afraid of guns! Hit something! Make a bang!” Sam shouted and Dike slammed the broom against the table the EMT was hiding under. It was certainly loud enough to have been a gunshot and the beast dove to the floor with a tremendous thud. His 1000-pound frame cracked the tile as he landed.

“Well… I’ll be…” Dike said scratching his head. “They’re dumb as a bric…” He was cut off by having to dive behind a desk to avoid a filing cabinet that got hurled at them. The sheriff’s biceps bulged as he reached for another one, his basketball sized nuts dangled between his legs.

Sam pointed the stapler again as Dike slammed the broom handle onto a metal surface and the creature cowered. They kept the monster at bay, pretending to fire at it while it threw anything it could get its hands on at them. Eventually the monster started growing less afraid and began to inch closer. “Sam, I think he’s figured us out.”

Sam had to think of something quick, he saw a shot gun laying on a table but it was right behind where the sheriff was. If only there was a way to distract him. Suddenly he felt something sticky under his right hand. His eyes lit up. It was Adam’s cum that he’d sprayed on the floor to wake the sheriff up. Pulling his shirt off, Sam soaked up the small puddle until he got every drop and balled the shirt up and chunked it back into the open cell.

The creature could smell it and threw himself after it. His cock really started to gush as soon as he grabbed the precious cum soaked shirt. Sam wasted no time. In two seconds he was across the room and grabbed the shotgun. The creature looked up and Sam fired.

Back outside, Adam was still feeding his prey. His balls had swollen to the size of bowling balls and Dr. Saunders was so full with it his belly was bloated and sticking out from under his shirt as if he were expecting a child. Suddenly a loud shot rang out, followed by a terrible roar. The rear wall of the station where the jail cells were exploded with a hail of rubble and dust. The massive 9-foot sheriff climbed through the breach screaming in pain as he ran into the woods where he could heal.

“That’s my cue. You shared your DNA with me, now I’ve returned the favor. Welcome to the family… Dad,” he said, his balls starting to shrink as he ran into the night leaving Dr. Saunders clutching his swollen belly and groaning on the ground.

That’s how Sam and Dike found him. Delaying only long enough to properly arm themselves, they went through the breached wall. Sam stood shirtless on the pile of rubble holding the shot gun. That’s when they heard the moaning. When they got to him it was obvious what had happened. Sam ran up to Saunders. “Stay back!” Dike shouted. “He’s just going to become one of them!”

“Doctor…” Sam shook him as he spoke until his eyes focused on his face. “Doctor, pay attention! How do I reverse this!?” He shook him again. “Is there an antidote!?”

He coughed up some cum. “Limited…” He said groaning. “Agents know…” Then he gripped Sam’s bare shoulders. “Help!!”

Sam felt his grip getting stronger. He quickly pulled him off and backed away. The sound of ripping fabric could be heard coming from Saunders’ pants. A long, hardened cock started rising from his waist as the man’s balls erupted from his slacks. “Noooo…” was all he could say as he grabbed his junk in horror. His pecs began to swell but not nearly as fast as his genitals. His balls went from the size of grapefruits, to melons, to basketballs, to beach balls and they showed no signs of stopping.

Meanwhile the doctor felt his cock pressing up against his expanding chest. His cock head poked him in the chin and it continued to grow and thicken. Cum was starting to ooze out of the end as it grew past his head. Saunders felt the urge to rip off all of his clothes as his cock and balls started to dwarf the rest of his body. The cum in his belly was redistributing to his growing parts.

He felt the need to feel his massive cock with all of his naked body. Soon he realized his enormous sack was engulfing his legs. As he rubbed and licked his giant shaft uncontrollably a large foreskin began to form at his ass and it began to move up the length of the cock, engulfing him inside. The thick foreskin muffled the sounds of his shock and surprise as it grew over him.

In a few minutes the impression of his body pushing up against the foreskin was the only sign of him that was left on an otherwise giant uncut cock and balls that began to slither and writhe around on the ground. A pool of cum was forming under the cock as tendrils started to slither in and out of the giant cock slit, probing the ground like giant antennae.

They began to grow on either side of the shaft and all over the balls. They grew longer and stronger, probing their environment. The ones on the cock shaft hardened into legs like a giant centipede and the creature moved away into the woods, leaving a trail of cum. Sam wasn’t sure whether or not they should get a hazmat team to clean it up.

“I’d say the boy has figured his shit out…” Dike said scratching his head.

“Yes… and I guess we know what he thinks of Dr. Saunders as a father figure,” said Sam.

Part 5

Sam Spencer, Personal Diary:

Adam has escaped. I have thus far been unable to locate him. When I heard the anger and pain in his voice last night it troubled me. I’m afraid should he decide to use his powers to take revenge on the town.

Agent Blake has broken his back in three places after one hit from Lydell. While his colleague, Agent Stevens, tells me they should be able to recover most of his mobility using the same serum that restored my broken rib, it’s a cautionary tale in getting too close to these creatures. We have no idea what the military plans to do with the town. Dike and I have decided to keep the transformation of Dr. Saunders to ourselves for now and only confirm that he’s missing. It’s time we had some secrets to trade of our own in this fight.

The night was dark and chill but the fire was bright and Riley and four of his friends were enjoying the warmth of a bonfire. They had recently graduated high school and hadn’t left Hollyville, working odd jobs in town to pay the rent. Despite the recent talk of creatures lurking in the woods and people changing into unspeakable creatures, they didn’t care. There were five of them, they were young, and they had guns. In their minds, invincible.

Billy crushed an empty beer can on the side of the log he was sitting on. Even though they were only 18, they knew what gas station they could go to buy booze. “Yeah man, you should have seen Tracy’s face when I told her I wasn’t wearing a rubber.”

“Yeah man, I did that to Gloria a few months ago. Bitch wouldn’t talk to me for weeks,” said Ted, another of the rowdy bunch. They had been drinking for several hours and were talking so loudly that it was difficult to hear the sounds of crunching sticks and snapping limbs in the woods until they became quite loud.

“Hey man, what was that?” Spike said. His real name was Sandy but he’d been convinced since middle school that his given name was ‘too gay’. Something big was moving around in the trees. “You think it’s a bear?”

The room was dark as General McMillan met with representatives from AIM. He never felt right about that secretive organization. He didn’t like the fact that nobody ever knew what they were working on or their unlimited budget. “How can I be responsible for an organization that the President’s not even allowed to review?” He often said of the group. Trouble was bound to come of it. He sat on one end of the table while three members of AIM sat on the other. There was just enough light in the room to tell him he was even talking to a person.

“I want some answers,” he said grimly. “How did this situation get so fucked up?”

One of the people opposite of him slid a piece of paper across the table. It was a map with writing on it that was impossible to read in the dim light. “During the 1970’s scientists were exploring an ancient meteor impact that had been buried under a glacier in Greenland. What they found was a nest of parasites or symbiotes that survive by altering their host to fit their needs. The initial team was infected by these parasites and changed in ways that were barely recognizable as human. They were quickly quarantined by the US government and the Army Institute of Mutagenesis was formed to explore the use of these creatures in combat.

“After diligent study it was found that taken individually these parasites could alter their host’s intelligence and strength in order to insure their own survival. Although much work was needed to keep the host from being altered into an alien form. Once we were able to exert some control over the host mutations anything was possible. Injuries could be repaired, men could grow stronger, and bodies could be shaped like a sculptor works with clay. After years of efforts the super soldier program was founded by four brilliant scientists Jacob Saunders, Alex Bartinov, Kristine Ludnan, and Greggory Salk.”

The speaker tossed two photographs onto the table. One was a picture of the scientists another contained a composite of children’s photographs of various ages. “After many subjects had to be… aborted… four stable hosts were created. They were bred and modified in our facilities and are referred to as ‘The Children of AIM.’”

“It’s making too much noise for a bear,” Riley said grabbing his hunting rifle and a flashlight. The hair stood up on the back of his neck as his dog, tied to a tree outside of the right of firelight, began barking like mad. “Whatever it is, it’s got Mizzy all worked up.” The dog continued to bark, even louder than before. Riley turned on his flashlight and walked over to her. “What’s the matter, girl?”

“Sounds like she wants to tear whatever it is to shreds. Let her loose and see what she does.” Shouted one of them, Ted was his name. Riley unhooked the clip of her leash and the dog bounded off into the woods but only a few seconds after disappearing into the trees her snarls and barks turned into screeching yelps.

Riley turned his light this way and that to try and see what was happening as he shouted for his dog. “Mizzy!” Then in a flash she let out a loud yelp and bounded out of the trees and ran away. “Mizzy, get back here!”

“I guess it’s every bitch for themselves.” Riley spun around and pointed his light back to the woods. Someone was standing under the trees wearing only a pair of torn blue jeans.

“You’re gonna pay for whatever you did to my dog!” Riley shouted.

“Not if my dad has anything to say about it.” Something large started to move into the light of the fire, enormous and long, with tentacles flying in and out of its mouth. The boys froze in horror at the sight all of its legs soon it became apparent that its mouth was a giant drooling cock slit. Then without warning a massive stream of sticky cum splattered onto everyone in the fire circle and held them like a web. Thick ropes of it hissed as they fell into the flames.

“Guys!” Riley shouted, pulling up his shot gun to take aim when something yanked it away.

“Not a smart move, Riley. Didn’t your dad ever tell you not to point a loaded shot gun in the same direction as your friends?” He was staring face to face with Adam. He didn’t recognize him at first, he was much bigger than he had been when Riley and his friends used to taunt him. A swift blow to the chest sent Riley sailing backward, he got up but Adam was on top of him again and hurled him again in the direction of the other guys. As Adam shoved him back into the glow of the burning brush he recognized his face at last.

“Y-you!” he stammered, trying to get up but finding one of his arms stuck in the clingy cum web.

“What’s the matte,r Riley? Don’t want to call me a faggot anymore? Have we matured beyond that? Or are you too busy pissing yourself to think of something shitty to say to me? Well, don’t worry, I still remember all the shit you guys would hurl my way. Just because I found someone I could love and you’re such a walking pile of garbage no one would put up with your ass for more than a few months.”

“Come on man, we were just kidding around!” he said trying to jerk himself free.

“Yes, Riley, that makes it better. The only person who ever loved me was so humiliated by the shit you used to do that he was considering dropping out. But the fact that you thought it was a game makes it all cool. Making our days a living hell was a game for you was it?” The ground began to shake. Glowing eyes, reflecting the fire’s light, appeared over Adam’s shoulder.

“Oh god! Don’t hurt me!” Riley struggled to get free but like a spider’s web, he just ended up ensnaring himself further.

“Relax Riley, I’m not going to kill you.” Adam smiled. “I’m going to let you make it up to me.”

“Adam is host to the Omicron parasite, which was considered to be the most powerful of the samples taken from Greenland but also the most difficult to control. It was so difficult to work with that two of the founders created two interdependent weakened strains of the parasite for their super soldiers. But Saunders believed he could save time and he convinced us that he had discovered a technique to control the parasite in a single host.”

“If I read your report correctly,” the general interjected, “it’s Adam who has escaped into Alabama. Apart from the obvious question of how you managed to lose a child out of a secure facility, your controls that you’ve bred into him seem to have failed.”

“The parasites had been damaged during their trip to earth. So damaged in fact that all collected samples have since died but for those inside a host. The controls that Dr. Saunders placed in Adam were sufficient to constrain the damaged parasite but the organism seems to have healed itself inside of his body. It has become stronger than he anticipated.”

“How much stronger?” the general asked.

“In truth? We don’t know. Dr. Saunders led a small team of special agents to retrieve Adam but he attacked the team and escaped. One of our agents suffered a fractured spine, although we were able to use a compound to repair the injury. The other was rendered unconscious. We are unaware of the whereabouts of Dr. Saunders although our agent on the ground suspects the local law enforcement know more than they’re telling. We’ve sent in two experts familiar with the parasite and we expect results shortly.”

General McMillian frowned. “Oh no… you’ve had years to find this Adam and you’ve failed. I’m taking over this operation.”

Riley watched in horror as his four friends clutched their naked skin and groaned as Adam’s cum worked its way through their bodies. Their muscles were swelling and their minds were fading into a more animal-like state. Adam had fucked them all while his drones held them down, leaving their ringleader to watch. Now Adam was standing over him. “It’s time for you to join them.”

A massive creature reached over and grabbed the entangled teen, pulling his jeans off and shoving him face down ass up into the slime. “Jesus, Riley, you really should spend more on underwear, you never know when you’re going to lose your pants.” Adam said as he walked up to him from behind and slid them down. Riley’s shouts were muffled by the cum his face was plunged into. His friend’s groans were turning into howls as they continue to bulk up and their bodies stretched to unbelievable heights.

Without much ceremony Adam plunged his cock into the whimpering red neck and began to pound away. With every thrust Adam’s balls grew larger until each gush of cum started to make loud spurting noises inside of him. Soon Riley’s muscles began to swell, just like his friends. Adam’s cock hit him like a ram rod causing his pecs to bounce around more and more as they pumped out. The muscular folds of his backside became deeper and more defined from his mounding traps to his inflating ass. Soon he stopped fighting.

Inch by inch Riley grew larger and dumber, only wanting more of the cum that was making his body feel so good. The base of his spine lengthened into a tail, his fingers and toes grew more into claws as his muscles continued to expand. His biceps were twice as big as a football as he gained the strength to pull free from the cum webbing but instead of moving away, he bucked his swelling ass against Adam’s cock. “Fuuuuck,” he grunted.

Soon he was passing eight feet tall and still growing as his abs bulged out into fist sized boulders. They divided into a 12 pack and then a 16 pack. “Moooore mmmooore…” He boomed in a voice that was no longer his own as his teeth grew out like and fangs. The skin of his friends began to change into dark colors with spots and stripes accentuating their muscular forms. Soon Riley would be incapable of intelligible words.

Riley’s pecs were shoved out as two new pecs emerged and two muscular arms emerged from his pits. Billy and several of the other followed suit, some of them growing up to six arms. Bat-like wings sprouted from their backs in pairs of two and four and their tongues lolled out from their mouths as they grow, some of them forked. Horns sprouted from their joints, elbows, shoulders, knees. Their vertebrae enlarged and grew into spikes that pushed through their backs.

Riley’s cock split into four large tentacles that split again and grew in size and thickness, cum oozing out of pores along their twisting shafts, feeling up his muscular body. They split again and again until he had quite a nest of them. Ted’s veins were bulging and branching until they sprouted tendrils of their own. Spike’s nipples grew larger and started to push out from his six pecs as they grew into longer prehensile cocks, blasting himself and everyone else with cum. One of the creature’s legs fused together into a long tail with a cock slit at the end spewing spunk all over the place.

“Yeah, that’s right boys… welcome to the family.” Adam grinned.

“Jesus, they did a number on this place,” deputy Frank Staddle said, looking over the smoldering ruins of a house out in the woods. A bonfire had gotten out of control spread all over the yard and consumed half of the house. A driver called in the fire that morning when he saw smoke. Fortunately it had not spread into the surrounding woodland.

“Who was living here?” Sam asked.

“The place was rented out to buncha kids.” He read off their names to Sam.

“This Riley fellow sounds familiar. I’ve heard his name before. When I was asking around at the high school about Adam.”

“Wouldn’t be surprised. He just graduated. They would have overlapped. Maybe they were friends?” the deputy suggested.

“No… I interviewed all of his friends… but his name did come up. I’ll have to check my notes when I get back to the station. So is that why you sent for me?” Sam asked.

“No… I found something out back that seemed pertinent to your investigation.” The two walked into the back yard and Sam quickly saw what the deputy was referring to. Something was crusted all over the ground and everything that wasn’t burned.

“Semen…” The back of the station had huge patches of the stuff from where the creature had slithered away. It was also all over the pathways the creatures made in the woods. He checked out the area with an eye for every detail. “Adam was here.”

“Well I know it looks like those… things were here… you can see their footprints everywhere. But how can you tell Adam was here?”

“I count five torn sets of clothes like they were exploded out of. Looks like Adam is adding to his army. If they were out here enjoying the fire when they were converted it would explain how it got out of control. They might have even spread it themselves.”


“There’s a huge indentation on the ground. I think one of them fell into it and kicked the burning wood everywhere. Would you take pictures of the crime scene? I’ve got to getting back to the station. I want to check my notes before school lets out.”

“What about school?” the deputy asked.

“I want to know how Adam knew these people. He went out of his way to come here. I want to know why. I don’t think his friends have told me everything.”

The day was getting late when Sam walked out of the Hollyville High School and crossed the parking lot toward his car. “I would be careful if I were you, Mr. Spencer.”

He looked up and saw a woman leaning up against a black sedan as if she had been waiting for him. “Who are you?”

“Someone who wants to fix this town as much as you do.”

“And how can you help?”

“I’m from AIM.” She said pulling out an ID badge. “Kristine Ludnan. I’m here to find Dr. Saunders and stop Adam. Do you know where either of them are?”

“We might be able to find Adam, that’s why I’m here. As for the doc, god only knows.”‘

The sun was beginning to set by the time the two of them got on the road. Sam didn’t entirely trust the doctor and decided it would be best to go in her car, since it was impossible to watch her and drive. She was young and attractive but her thoughts were veiled in quiet pensiveness. “So why did they send out to this special hell?” Sam asked.

“I’m an expert on this particular strain of parasite. There are only two other people in the world who know it as well as I do and one of them is now missing.”

“So what do you get out of all of this? Why risk your neck to find Adam?” Sam said.

“Things should have never gotten this far out of control. I knew the parasite could never be controlled in its native form. It seems to thrive on hormones released by fear and anger. “ She replied. “I wish to fix all of this and get back to my work. I joined AIM to push the boundaries of science, not to track down errant experiments.

Sam thought about all of the negative emotions Adam had been subjected to in Hollyville and shuddered to think that some creature inside of him was feeding on those feelings. “You mean you’re going to continue the super soldier program after everything that’s happened?” Sam asked in astonishment.

“Saunders was arrogant. He thought the power to change every aspect of a person made him a god. My partner and I see things differently. This cannot happen with our prototypes.”

“You mean there are more?”

“Like Adam? No. But more super soldiers? Obviously. It would not be much of a super soldier program with only one.”

“So how are you going to get Adam to go back with you? I’ll tell you, he outright refused Saunders and your agents.”

“Yes, I read Stevens’ report. Clearly the subject nurtured some resentments against them from their years of working together in the facility. Unlike them, he has never seen me so I may be able to negotiate. Things cannot go back to the way they were before Mr. Spencer. I do not need to return him to the base. I merely need a sample of the parasite that he carries. From that I can reverse much of what Saunders did to him.”

“You’re not going to try to take him back?”

“For what purpose? As a prototype he has failed,” Kristine said. “I doubt very much that Saunders will be allowed to continue in the program.”

“That seems likely.” Sam muttered under his breath. “So why are you telling me all of this?” He asked.

“Because, Mr Spencer, in order to function as a team we must trust each other. There is no trust if information only flows one way.”

The sky was getting dark as their car crossed over an old bridge over a stream and saw an old abandoned mill. “This must be the place.”

“You have never been here before?” she asked him. “How do you know the prototype would come here? There must dozens of abandoned places in this county where he could go?”

“If you thought of your subjects like people than animals you might find that they want companionship just like everyone else. This old mill is where he used to hang out with his friends. It’s also where he would take his boyfriend to be alone,” Sam said, getting out of the car. The paint on the crumbling mill was so worn that you could scarcely tell it used to be bright red. The windows were all dark and dirty and pocked with holes.

“And you believe he will come out here now?”

“He felt safe here, it would be odd if he did not,” Sam replied.

Sam pulled out his flashlight. “What are you doing?” Kristine said. “He will spot us for sure.”

“I’m hoping so. I’d hate to be killed by mistaken identity.” He shined his light across the weedy tangled mill yard. Twisted metal and broken equipment were scattered everywhere. “I’d also hate to trip and get a rusty rebar shoved through my chest.” He said making his way carefully, stopping thirty feet from the structure. Dr. Ludnan grabbed a light from her glove box and followed.

“Adam!” he shouted. “It’s me! Sam! I’ve come to talk to you. I may have found a way out of all of this! Come out and talk to us!” There was no reply as his voice died against the surrounding trees. He shouted a few more times before turning to Dr Ludnan. “I’m going in.”

“Are you crazy? Who knows what may be waiting for us in there!”

“We’re safer in there than we are out here. I don’t imagine the drones want to cross that field of rusty metal with their gigantic bare feet.” He said walking to the large double doors. They swung open with a loud mournful creak that boomed into the night. The inside was inky black outside of the narrow circle of their flashlight beams.

The old boards groaned under their feet with each careful step into the dilapidated old ruin, which was barely adequate to keep out the wind and rain at this point. Finally he found what he was looking for, a dry corner with pile of blankets and clothes on the floor. “Someone’s staying here.” He said going through the things. “Hmmm… what’s this doing here?” He bent down and picked up a large folder and flipped through it.

“What’s that?” Dr. Ludnan came up behind him.

“It’s a report the sheriff put together before he changed,” Sam said. “It could explain a lot.”

“Can we look at it someplace else? I don’t like this place,” Kristine said finding it hard to believe that anyone would feel safe in this place.

“You are free to do what you want. I won’t be leaving until Adam shows up.”

“We can’t seriously overpower him with just the two of us.”

“I don’t intend to overpower him. That clearly didn’t work the last time. If you can do what you say you can, I think he would be interested in talking to you.”

“He wouldn’t submit to the procedure willingly.”

“Why not? If it would mean the army’s no longer interested in him he might be happy to do it. He’s a person, not an animal. We’re going to ask him.” Sam said.

“And if he tries to convert us?”

“If you let me do the talking, I don’t think we have to worry about that.”

“And what would you like to talk about?” Adam said from the dark. They turned their lights to the direction of his voice and gasped. He was standing in a doorway to the outside. Despite the chill in the air he was only wearing a pair of old sneakers and a pair of torn blue jeans. Contrasting his otherwise human appearance, his eyes reflected the flashlight like those of a cat giving him an uncanny appearance. “Who is that?” he said, pointing at the doctor.

“Adam, this Dr. Kristine Ludnan. she’s from AIM. She told me she can help you, so I brought her with me to speak with you.” He set his flashlight down on the ground so that it illuminated both himself and the doctor and held his hands in the air. “We’re just here to talk right now. We’re all in danger here—especially you.”

“And what does she want?” he asked. Sam nudged Dr. Ludnan to speak.

“If I can take a sample of the parasite within you, it would be possible to devise a treatment for it.” She explained the procedure to him slowly. “We could take the sample right here, so you would not need to go back to the lab.”

“I don’t trust you!” Adam shouted. “I don’t trust anyone from that place!”

“Adam… what options do we have? Do you think the U.S. government is just going to let you convert everyone in this town who ever wronged you?” he said. “I found what happened to Riley and his friends. It’s not fair to take something that they did to you in school and use it to justify destroying their lives!”

“Ha! And what do you think they would have done with those lives? As for the army, you think I don’t know they’re coming after me?” Adam said with a grin. “Why do you think I needed new recruits?”

Suddenly the sound of trucks rumbling down the gravel road interrupted them. The glow of headlights appeared through the milky panes of the mill windows. “What’s going on?” Sam said.

“You tell me. I didn’t invite anyone,” Adam said without raising his voice.

Sam turned to Kristine, whose expression suggested she didn’t trust he wasn’t involved. Sam moved to one of the filthy glass windows and peered through a broken pane. “Those are army trucks. How do they know where we are?”

Kristine thought for a moment and then she blanched. “Oh no… they tracked the car.”

“Shit…” Sam said. “Adam I…” He turned to the door where the boy had been standing but he was gone.

Major Johnson stepped out of his jeep. He could see the flashlights moving around inside the mill. “Gotcha,” he said to himself. Several trucks of men unloaded and dispersed into the surrounding woods to form a perimeter.

“Do you think she’s found him?” Captain Gering said, coming from behind.

“Why else would she be out here?” the major replied. As his men surrounded the building, two people exited with their hands up.

Sam and Dr. Ludnan looked around at the trucks and flashlights moving silently through the woods. With their engines cut, the operation was surprisingly quiet, all but for a strange sound in the air. “Do you hear that?”

Suddenly a massive shadow flew from the sky and thundered onto the ground beside one of the trucks with explosive force that knocked men off their feet. The creature was massive with wings the span of the entire vehicle. A mass of tentacles was writhing like snakes from his groin. Before anyone had a chance to regain their footing the mass of tendrils had scooped up several people and the creature leapt back into the air. The sound of screams in the darkness filled the dark sky. “Shit… they can fly now…”

Boom. Another creature darted down alighted on the Major’s jeep with massive talons sprouting from his toes. The major had just enough time to scramble under one of the trucks. Captain Gering wasn’t so lucky. A massive tail wrapped around him like a boa constrictor and slung him around like a cat toy. Fortunately no one was in the jeep because with a mighty scream the creature hurled into the woods and then flew off with the captain who went screaming into dark abyss.

The sound of automatic weapon fire broke out into the night as men scrambled like ants. Sam pulled Dr. Ludnan down to the ground behind a broken down saw mill. “Can we get back inside?” she asked suddenly changing her mind about the building she had loathed a moment before.

“I don’t think we’d find anything better to hide behind than this. Those bullets would rip through those planks pretty easily.”

“I’m not sure it will matter whether we get shot or not if those drones crush us to death.” The shouts intensified as men began running out of the trees. Peering over the edge of his rusty foxhole, Sam caught strobe-like glimpses of massive creatures darting around under the trees, caught in briefly in chaotic flashlight beams. He watched as a soldier broke cover to run back to the caravan only be to scooped up by a diving drone who appeared out of nowhere in the blackness above the trees.

Shots continued to ring out but no one really had a good mark to shoot at. Though they were enormous, the drones moved with surprising swiftness in the dark undergrowth and once they had flown out of the level the headlights, the winged creatures vanished completely into the dark. The sound of trees being torn apart in all directions added to the chaos. The troops had been scattered in all directions so that there was no longer any safe direction where one could fire blindly. Here and there a blood chilling howl would indicate that a bullet had found a mark.

One by one the trucks switched on flood lights to offer the men more of an aid to shoot with. The bright lights filled the creatures with rage and almost as soon as they were turned on, they would be bombarded with giant boulders, logs, and limbs until the lights were busted out. Sam looked up into the inky sky and strained to see something when suddenly an enormous drone swooped down on him, missing him by inches and just as quickly it was gone.

Chaos reigned for what seemed like an eternity until the diesel engines roared into life and blew their horns. “They’re pulling back,” Sam muttered as men scrambled out of the trees and clambered up the sides of the giant transports.

Move! Move! Move!” the sergeants shouted, practically slinging men onto the trucks as they approached. However, some of the men who emerged were acting strangely. They staggered out of the trees groaning, some of them with their pants down around their ankles. Men gathered around to provide assistance but as soon they were touched they started screaming and slinging people aside with incredible strength. As their screams turned into roars, muscles began to burst through their uniforms.

Captain Gering was among them. The men watched in horror as their senior officer’s body emerged from the tiny clothes that had constrained it. His pecs pushed out as a massive set of muscular arms emerged. His toes arched and lengthened into claws as his ass pushed back from his body. A second pair of legs emerged from it and his four legs grew apart as a new lower body began to form. A massive tail was growing out behind him as he began to stagger forward in his new body. The headlights bounced off of his sweaty muscles, which continued to bulge out.

The men began to fire on their former colleagues who fled into the night and the trucks drove away in fear. The darkness was filled with the birthing pains of mutating creatures, men calling after their brothers not to be left behind, and the occasional pattering of gunfire.

At some point in the night everything was silent. Sam stood up and turned to the doctor. “We should try to leave.”

“Yeah, you should.” He jerked around and saw Adam standing just outside of the ring of metal they’d been using to shield themselves. “Don’t be shocked. I knew where you were the entire night. Why do you think my pets left you alone?”

“You’ve got to stop this madness!” Sam shouted.

“Nobody asked me if I wanted to start this. They won’t care if I want to finish it. What I want never mattered.”

“It matters to me. I want to help you.” Sam said.

“If only you’d gotten here sooner,” Adam sighed. “Get out of Hollyville, Mr. Spencer. There’s no place for heroes here.” He raised his arms and called out. He was answered by a roar and a flurry of gigantic wings and in a flash he was gone, swept away by some giant creature.

Part 6

Thursday, October 12th 1995

Sam Spencer’s Personal Diary:

The final piece of all of this has fit into place. I now fully understand the world that Adam got caught up in. If Dr. Ludnan is correct and negative emotions fuel the creature inside of him, may God have mercy on us.

“Did you bring the antidote Sam asked for?” Acting Sheriff Dike Bailey asked as Agent Stevens walked into the station. He was finishing an early morning coffee and was eager to get on with his work for the day.

“I brought three doses, but that is not going to be enough to treat Adam if that’s what you were planning,” Agent Stevens replied.

“Why not just treat him and end all of this?” Dike asked.

“We’ve put too much work into the super soldier program to throw it away now,” Stevens said incredulously. “Besides, it would take dozens of doses to kill the parasite inside of him. After you injected him with one, do you think he would wait around for a second dose?”

“He might. Sam doesn’t think he wants to be like this.”

“Mr. Spencer isn’t a scientist, he’s just some country cop. What does he know? It’s beyond Adam’s control. The parasite inside of him wants to survive. His own sense of self preservation is tied up in it now. Adam could not and would not allow it to be sterilized by choice.” Stevens looked around in frustration. “Well? I brought you the antidote because you told me you knew where Dr. Saunders was.”

“I reckon you’d like to read Sam’s report for yourself to check the evidence? After all, we ain’t scientist… what do we know?” Dike said mockingly as he sipped his coffee.

“Where is it?” Stevens asked.

“In there,” Dike said pointing to one of the surviving jail cells in the corner containing a lone filing cabinet. The immense hole made by the former sheriff had been hastily repaired with cinder blocks giving the room a dilapidated look. “I’m sick of information leaking out about this case so I put it in there.” He got up and unlocked the metal door and carefully thumbed through the files, finally pulling out one from the middle drawer and handing it to Stevens. “Here you go.”

Stevens thumbed through the documents, pictures, and texts. “This is about a property dispute on a poultry farm.” He was interrupted by a loud clang as Dike slammed and locked the door to the cell. “The fuck you think you’re doing, Bailey!?”

“Keeping you safe like Sam told me to do,” Dike said. “If he’s right, the last place you need to be is roaming around around Hollyville. That kid recognized you the other night. I saw the look in his eyes. If he’s out for revenge you need to get back to where you come from sir.”

“I swear to god when they hear about this at AIM the army’s gonna make you wish…”

“Save it, I’m going to tell ‘em exactly where you are,” Dike said putting the syringes of antidote in his coat pocket. “But right now we’re having a little trouble with the phone lines and I have to go out and clean up your mess.” With that parting remark, he left Agent Stevens alone in his cell with 50 years of property disputes.

Furious as he was, years of training had taught him to remain calm in situations like this. As soon as he was alone, he began looking around the cell for signs of weakness. In the adjacent compartment where the Lydell had broken free two nights ago, the mortar was still drying from the recent repairs. Stevens walked over to that side of his cell and tested the bars until he found one that was loose. “Stone walls do not a prison make…” He grinned to himself.

“Well Jesus Christ, they wrecked this place.” Sam and Hollyville’s only police officer, Stan Small, were standing in front of the ruined shell of a house. The windows were all broken and large gashes had been ripped out of the walls and tossed carelessly in the yard as if they were made of papier-mâché. Sam said nothing as he examined the damage. Unlike the other incidents this one was in the middle of town, just a few blocks from the main street. The neighbors had heard the commotion in the hours just before dawn but they had been unable to call for help as every phone in the neighborhood had mysteriously stopped working during the night. No other house had sustained any damage.

“I wish I’d been able to get the call. I live not five minutes down the road but my phone was out too,” Stan said.

“And what would you have done?” Sam said, speaking for the first time since arriving on the scene. At sixty years old Stan was more a source of gossip than law enforcement but right now that was exactly what Sam needed.

“Well… I don’t guess I could’a done too much but maybe fire some rounds and scare ‘em off. Poor ol’ Principle McLauren… real darn shame. Such a nice man. Always took a real interest in strugglin’ students. Kids from troubled homes you know.” The old policeman leaned on the mailbox as he spoke, one of the few undamaged items in the property. They had been over every inch of it and found no traces of the owner.

“And Adam was one of those struggling kids?” Sam asked. Like most people in town, Stan knew that Adam was somehow involved with the creatures of Hollyville, through rumor and insinuation. Most stories painted him as another victim and the sheriff’s department had done nothing to correct that.

“Oh, he took a special interest in that young man, seeing how he just showed up in town without a family or a dime to his name. Set him up with Father Toby when he needed a place to stay and then the Smith’s after that. He personally saw to it that Adam enrolled in school as soon as he arrived and got him placed in each of his classes without any education records. Kind soul… Such a shame this had to happen to ‘im. He’d been right fortunate lately and now this…” Stan’s mind was wandering but Sam let him speak. “Don just come into some money. Some rich aunt or other passed away. Able to redo the whole house and all. That place was his pride and joy. Shame it had to get wrecked like this.”

“So his inheritance was well known?”

“Yep, talked about it all the time, to an excess some said, though it’s not proper to speak of his idiosyncrasies at a time like this.”

Sam opened his notebook. “Do tell…”

Agent Stevens made his way through the boggy wood. Breaking free from the county jail without anyone seeing him had been surprisingly easy but he knew they would soon discover he was gone, if they hadn’t already, so he kept a discrete distance from the road in case someone came looking for him. His car had been missing from the station, he assumed it was towed. Fortunately for him, he’d memorized every detail of the county for this mission. The impound lot was just a mile down the road. If he kept the highway to his right he could creep through the trees unseen until he hit it.

As he walked through the damp trees, picking his way carefully to avoid the bogs, he began to get the feeling that he was not alone. He paused for a moment to listen and at first he could hear only chirping birds and the rustlings of the odd squirrel but then as sudden as lightning bolt, the silent wood burst into a violent commotion. Something big was moving nearby but the thick undergrowth made it impossible to see more than a few feet away. He pulled out the pistol he’d stolen from the station and waited.

The ground was trembling from unseen footsteps and branches snapped as the unseen beast bulldozed its way through the nearby trees. Stevens remained still as the grave, he could guess what it was and hoped to let it pass without incident. At first the strategy seemed like a good one but then the noise died away leaving his ears to echo with the beating of his own heart. The agent waited for the creature to move along for what felt like an eternity. Eventually he had been still for so long that his feet were sinking into the soggy soil. He went to take a step forward causing the wet ground to gurgle under him. In an instant, two large trees were thrown aside and an enormous creature reached out and grabbed him causing him to drop the gun.

The arm holding him was so muscular that it dwarfed many of the surrounding trunks. Stevens found himself staring into the chest of an enormous beast, his massive torso and head was all that resembled a man anymore. Where his legs should have been there was now a four legged muscular body, like a dragon without scales. Its long toes were arrayed with fearsome claws. An enormous tail curved around a nearby oak. The boggy ground boiled as it rose to its full height.

The creature held the agent up to its flared nostrils and sniffed him loudly. “Imagine meeting you here,” Adam said, hopping from the creature’s back. He was completely naked. Stevens noticed the faint beginnings of black stripes running down his back.

Agent Stevens was speechless. “I’m so glad you decided to take a stroll this morning. I was afraid I would have to grab one of the deputies to figure out what your plans were but I much prefer it this way. After all, they didn’t treat me like a lab rat for most of my life, you did.”

“Adam, let me go. You need to get back to the base. You’re in danger out here,” Stevens said.

“In danger from people like you,” Adam smiled. “And why let you go? You were never going to let me go…” Adam signaled for the creature to lower Stevens down to the ground without releasing him. They were eye to eye. “All of those experiments you made them run on me. What else did you have planned for me, I wonder?”

“Adam, we have to get back to base. It’s the only place you and the creature inside of you are truly safe.”

“We agree,” Adam said, his eyes turning red. “We do need a base and you’re going to help us with that.”

The giant monster turned Stevens around and Adam pulled down his pants. “No wait… I’m the only one that can keep you safe! Come back to AIM, things can be different this time! You can…. gngnnnn…” He groaned as Adam’s cock stretched his ass cheeks like a wedge.

“Oh, things are going to be different…” he laughed as his balls began to swell, pounding away at the squirming special agent.

Agent Stevens felt jet after jet of hot spunk shooting inside of his ass as Adam’s balls swelled to the size of bowling balls. His belly started to bloat out with all of the cum as if he had just eaten an enormous meal. Reaching down, Stevens felt his gut bulge out from under the front of his shirt. “Please… stop…” he groaned.

His muscles began to expand, thick biceps veined up from years of training started to swell within the sleeves of his shirt and jacket. His exposed ass and thighs inflated and Adam gave them a slap. “Ha, you always had such a nice ass. Now it’s even better.”

Stevens pecs inflated and his shoulders broadened causing his shirt to rip as his muscles and gut were just too much for it. He tried to use his new strength to break free but the creature that held him was immeasurably stronger. “Ughhh… nooo…” he groaned, feeling his belly expanding out with the insane amount of cum.

“That’s right, take your medicine.” Adam chuckled as his balls grew to the size of watermelons. “There’s a special part for you to play in the family.” His victim’s clothes fell away in tatters as his body could no longer be contained. His struggles were only making the clothes shred faster.

Soon he was completely naked. His arms wobbled feebly. His bulging muscles had destroyed his mobility. His ballooning gut made him look like an exaggerated gorilla. He could barely bend his arms enough to feel it.

He groaned, suspended helplessly by a creature he could not control, wondering what he would become. “Ugh… not….not… a drone…”

“No…” Adam smiled. “I need you for something bigger. You get to keep your little mind for a bit.”

Sam closed his notebook. His next move was clear. Without knowing, the old cop had filled in the final pieces of the puzzle. He was ready to make an arrest. He felt like kicking himself for not doing it during the night but he had needed more information. Hopefully Adam had not beaten him to the punch. He checked his watch, it was well before noon, there was plenty of time.

Bursting into these thoughts, someone ran over to them shouting. “Stan! The state just shut down every school in the county! We need you to direct traffic! It’s a mess out there.”

“Lee! What’s wrong?” he asked.

“The governor just issued a state of emergency. They’re saying there’s an unknown disease spreading through the area and all government offices are closed. They’ve quarantined damn near half the county! The phones don’t work and no one can get in or out of Hollyville!” The man was working himself into a greater panic with every word he spoke.

“Who quarantined the county?” Sam asked.

“Why didn’t you say there was a virus, for Christ sake!” the stranger said, gripping Stan by the shirt. “I would’a packed my shit and been out of here! Now we’re trapped here with these things! What if we catch this virus! Do we get like them?!”

“Whoa, whoa, Lee!” Stan said dumbfounded. “It’s the first I’m hearing of any of this!”

Sam grabbed Lee off the old policeman and shook him. “Will you slow down for one minute and tell us what the hell is going on!?”

“It’s the army! They’ve shut us in!” Lee shouted. “We can’t get out! Nobody can get out!”

“Damn it!” Sam shouted. “We don’t have time for this!”

Dike was walking the perimeter of Shawn Hutch’s Dairy farm. Sam had given him a special task, one that he didn’t understand but he had learned to trust him. The acting sheriff had sent his deputies out looking for sightings of one creature in particular and after asking questions all morning they were finally on the right track.

“He’ll have an eagle tattooed between his shoulder blades. It’s my guess this drone won’t be as far gone as some of the others but he’s going to be extremely dangerous so don’t go after him alone.” Those had been Sam’s words before heading out at dawn for the principle’s house.

Apparently Shawn had been out checking on his cows when he saw what looked like a giant man drinking milk from one of them. There was clearly something tattooed on its upper back but he couldn’t say what it was. Dike and the deputy who originally radioed in the sighting had waited for backup inside the farmer’s house for nearly an hour but there had been no time to figure out what was keeping the others, they had to find this creature before it got away.

“Don’t you think that thing’s miles away by now?” the deputy asked hopefully as he walked beside the acting sheriff. “Shawn said he saw him at the crack of dawn.”

“I dunno… gotta check one way or the other,” Dike replied.

“Well, I hope it’s the other.”

That hope was soon dashed when they heard a noise coming from the milk silo. Something was banging against the metal with explosive force. The two ran toward it, keeping the silo between them and whatever it was for a distance before sweeping around from the east. As they came to the other side, there could be no mistake. There he was, larger than life, their creature, tattoo and all, though it had been stretched beyond all recognition. Beyond his massive size and muscles, he had few other transformations that they could see. He was trying to break open the valve to get milk out of the tank.

“Big guy… must take a lot to satisfy that appetite…” Dike said, pulling out the dart gun and loading it. “Here goes nothing. Be ready to run,” he said before firing it into the back of the creature. The giant let out a howl before swinging its massive girth around and spotting the two. Its enormous dick bounced between two giant bowed legs like a firehose. “Let’s get out of here!”

The two of them turned to run and the creature came bounding after them, galloping on hands as well as feet, his pendulous dick sweeping the grass between his legs. Despite their lead and their adrenaline, he was quickly gaining on them. “Split up! Now!” Dike shouted hoping to confuse the creature. The two headed in opposite directions, Dike toward the woods and the deputy toward the barn. The creature paused for a moment and then bounded after the deputy, much to Dike’s dismay.

Quickly he reloaded the dart gun and aimed again. Just as the monster was about to seize his deputy he fired and hit the him on the shoulder causing it to let out another howl. Dike jumped up in the air and started screaming and waving his arms to get its attention. This seemed to work because before he knew it, the thing was bounding in his direction. Its muscles were pumped and flushed with anger.

Dike made for the woods as fast as he could, with the sound of heavy foot falls thudding behind him. He was almost there. He could feel the ground shaking from the creature’s mad pursuit. He was a few more steps from the woods. There was rush of air against his neck, a swinging hand that just missed him, and he dove into the trees. The creature came crashing after him but he was much larger and more encumbered by the branches.

Tree limbs snapped like toothpicks as they were hurled in every direction. The creature roared out in fury and grabbed Dike’s shoe, fortunately it had fallen off of his foot just seconds before. Dike was crawling on his hands and knees through the underbrush. He could feel the chaos of the treetops thrashing around above him. He expected to feel the throttling hands of the creature gripping him at any moment.

Suddenly the bushes in front of him were ripped from the ground and he was looking up at the ten-foot behemoth. Like Dike, his body was scratched and bleeding from his struggles in the woods. If he had known what that meant, Dike might have been encouraged but he simply froze and awaited a death blow.

However, instead of crushing him the creature roared and convulsed before falling over unconscious into a muscular heap revealing a strange man was dressed in camo who had run up behind him. He was holding a taser connected to the creature by two wires sticking out of its back. “You should be more careful, Deputy Bailey. You could get hurt.”

“Really? I never would’a guessed…” he answered sarcastically. “And that’s Sheriff to you. You mind telling me who you work for?”

“When you find out, you tell me…”

Part 7

“I’m sorry sir, nobody comes in or out without clearance.” Sam Spencer had made his way to the front of a line of thirty cars of people demanding to be let through the military barricade blocking the road. He was speaking to an army captain, who’s regiment barred they way.

“My name is Sam Spencer. I’m in charge of the investigation into what’s going on here. The phone lines are all cut. I need to get messages back to my colleagues back at the capital. This is hampering our efforts to keep the people safe.”

“I don’t know anything about that sir. No communications in or out until the quarantine is lifted. We don’t want the virus spreading out of this location.”

“We both know there’s no virus. Even if there were… you can’t catch a cold over the phone…”

Suddenly he felt someone tugging forcefully on his arm. “Sam! They’re not going to let you through.” He turned and saw Dr. Ludnan. “We need to talk and you’re not going to accomplish anything here.”

The sun was dipping below the pine trees that hemmed in the grounds of Hollyville High and principal Don McLaurin walked the abandoned halls alone. He had not been home when the creatures had attacked his house, having been warned by that S.B.I. agent from Montgomery to find some place else to sleep last night. So Don had spent the night with a friend and gone into work from there. In fact, he had only discovered the destruction of his property after returning home after school had been canceled, making him glad he had heeded the advice.

The halls were dark and echoed with the mysterious sounds that tended to haunt old, empty buildings. They didn’t normally bother him but tonight they made him jump as the sun set and the shadows closed in from the windows like ghostly fingers. Here and there he turned on a light, clearly looking for someone.

Finally, as he walked out into the courtyard, he saw someone standing in the shadows behind a tree. “Well? I’m here! What do you want? As you can see from my house, there’s not much left you can take from me.” He felt his pistol tucked away in his pocket. The stranger said nothing. “Well!? You said you wanted to talk, so let’s talk!”

He held a crumpled piece of paper in his hand. The words messily scrawled on it were, “I know what you did to that boy. Meet me in the high school just after dark and we can talk about what I want to keep quiet about it.” McLauren had found the note stuck on the back of an intact picture frame amidst the ruins of his house that afternoon.

Whoever it was slowly moved from behind the tree. He could tell it was a man but the rest was obscured by shadows in the failing light. Don gripped the gun, pulling it out. “Who’s there!?”

“It’s just me.”

He sighed in relief. “Adam? What are you doing here?” He was unaware of any of the events surrounding his student since he had disappeared a few days before.

“I came to get some things I left behind. Why are you here? I thought everyone was supposed to shelter in their homes,” he replied calmly.

“Well… uh… don’t you worry about that. Did you get all your things, son?” he said nervously. “Dike Bailey and that Mr. Spencer are looking for you. They’ve been asking me all week if you’ve been back to school. I think they’re worried about you.”

Adam didn’t move. “Are they? What did they say they want to talk to me about?”

“I… don’t know son…” he said getting nervous. Something didn’t feel right. “Look, I’m going go and turn on some lights, okay?”

“Please don’t leave… I don’t want to be alone right now…” he said in the same monotone. “Why do you have your gun?”

“Oh… well, it’s just kind spooky… that’s all… look, son, why don’t you just get your things and move along? You can’t be here right now.”

“But they told us to shelter at home and I don’t have anywhere to go. But then… I guess you don’t either… not anymore.” His voice changed with a sinister, almost gleeful quality. “I think we should stay together.” As he spoke his irises began to glow red.

The principal was so startled he dropped the gun and a snake like tendril that he had mistaken for a hose on the ground grabbed it and disappeared with it back into the building. He looked back at the windows into the dark hall where it had gone. There was something large and pulsating inside that blocked most of the light, making it difficult to see. Large glowing cat-like eyes began to peer out into the courtyard through the dark windows. Growling sounds echoed through the walls. McLauren ran but there was nowhere to go. Massive creatures were lurking behind every door.

“I wrote the note,” Adam said. “I wanted you to come… I wanted it to be here. I’m sorry I lied to you. It doesn’t feel nice when people lie to you, does it?”

Don slowly backed away from the glowing red eyes. “You’re some… some kinda demon!”

“Possibly, now… but when I came to you for help I was just a nice boy looking for help who happened to be prettier than most. That’s what you told Father Toby, wasn’t it?” he said walking toward him. “You were going to watch out for me. Not let anything bad happen to me. Weren’t you?”

“No, no, please, I didn’t know!”

“You didn’t know I was a monster? Is that what you were going to say? I know you weren’t about to say you didn’t know what everyone was doing to me. You knew all about that…”

It was nearly eight thirty in the evening as Sam knocked on the door of Alice Spellman. “This is the third house we’ve been to. How many more do we have to check?” Dr. Ludnan was getting impatient.

There was no answer at the door so Sam knocked harder. “State police, open up!” he shouted. There was movement inside and the eventually the door cracked open an inch or so.

“What do you want?”

“Alice Spellman?” Sam asked.


“Where’s Don McLauren?” he asked.

“How should I know?” Alice went to close the door but Sam forced it open.

“Now you listen here!” Sam said turning red in the face. “I don’t have time for these games! Those things have already destroyed his house looking for him. If he’s staying with you, they are going to tear this house apart with you in it, now tell me where he is if you know!”

Ms. Spellman’s face turned white and she let go of the door, allowing it to swing open, which revealed an unpacked suitcase in her living room. “He went back to the school…”

“When?” he asked.

“About three hours ago,” she replied.

“Pack his things. We’ll send someone for them,” Sam said before going back to the car.

Kristine got in the passenger seat beside him. “You really think he’ll still be at the school?”

Sam pulled out the handset for the police radio. “I don’t know, but if he comes back here there’ll be a deputy waiting for him. I’ll have the rest of them meet us at the school.”

“Adam, what are you talking about? I didn’t know those men were causing you that much pain…” Don said, trying to hide a tremor.

“I came to you because I trusted you!” Adam said. “You kept saying you were talking to them to get them to leave me alone. I asked why I couldn’t just stop working for them and you said they were really prominent in the community and they would help me get ahead. Isn’t that what you said!?” There was a rustling sound nearby. Don turned and saw the swollen body of Agent Stevens trying to drag itself across the ground.

“I read about your little ‘inheritance’ that I earned for you without so much as a thank you. You didn’t want me to leave those guys because you had that lovely house to fix up. Well I took care of that place last night. It’s just a shame you weren’t there when I did. But now that we’re all here, I think this is a better place to do this.” McLauren tried to shout but a tentacle had grabbed him from behind and wrapped itself around his mouth. “Don’t mind my dad…”

Adam walked so close to him that he could feel the boy’s breath on his neck as he whispered. “After all that money I earned for you, you’re going to have to pay me back now…”

All the older man could do was whimper.

Sam put the gas pedal to the floorboard as his car roared down the back roads. “I wanted to arrest McLauren today,” Sam said to Kristine. “Thanks to your military friends we might be too late.”

“It wasn’t my idea to quarantine the entire town. It’s only going to create chaos. But the generals don’t care what I think. So how is the principal involved,” she replied.

“Don’s been running a sex ring through the school for years. He’s been ‘connecting’ high school kids who are down on their luck with ‘kindly’ members of the community who are willing to ‘help them out’ for a price. I wondered how Adam had such a string of rotten luck with people like that since he got here. Social prestige is everything in a town like this. No one would have believed low class kids if they’d said anything against such outstanding members of the community.”

“I was told Don took a special interest in Adam as soon as he arrived. Found him a place to stay, enrolled him in school, got him after school jobs. Just like he had for so many poor unconnected kids at Hollyville High. He must have thought he’d won the jackpot with Adam. A beautiful boy shows up with no connections, completely reliant on the ‘kindness’ of strangers.”

“But how do you know he was doing all of this?” Kristine asked.

“The payments… The files we found in Adam’s hideout were made by Sheriff Lydell. Father Toby started writing Don large checks at the same time as he started running around town talking about his ‘inheritance’. He got used to the extra income, he began to redo the house and then suddenly six months later, the ‘break in’ happens and Toby is gone. The sheriff must have looked into his bank account during the investigation and found out about the money he was sending McLauren.”

“Why didn’t he say anything?” Kristine asked.

“Either he wasn’t sure what they meant at first and didn’t want to imply anything about a prominent member of the community or he wanted power. That’s a hell of a secret to leverage over an influential community leader. Either way, he kept his eye on McLauren and soon new payments started to get made only this time from Frank, the football coach. Then Tom Cole. He was in effect ‘renting’ Adam out without his knowledge. All the while emotionally and financially coercing Adam to put up with it. That’s how Lydell put the pieces together before the rest of us and that’s why McLauren needs to be placed under arrest.

“According to the files, the sheriff did some digging and realized he’d been doing this for years. Once he realized the members of the ring were starting to transform, I’m sure Lydell used what he knew about the opperation force McLauren to cut him in. Adam must have found his files the night he broke into the station. I don’t think he had any idea what McLauren was doing but now that he knows, that man’s in danger. If we find him, Adam won’t be far away.”

As they pulled into the high school parking lot they could see the other squad cars clustered in a dark corner in the back. Sam drove over to them with his headlights off, using the moonlight to navigate. He got out of the car and saw Dike standing there with bandages on his face.

“What happened to you?” Sam said.

“You try baggin’ one of them freaks without a scratch,” Dike laughed.

“But you got the one we want?”

“He’s havin’ a snooze back at the station.”

“Good.” Sam looked at the school. Some of the lights were on. “Who’s in there?”

“McLauren’s car is the only one here. The lights were on when we got here,” Dike replied. “Haven’t seen anyone else go in or out but our friends had plenty of time before we arrived to set up a welcoming committee.”

“Okay, let’s go in. The rest of you stay out here with the doctor.”

“Just the two of us?” Dike said.

“These things beat back an entire army division. I don’t think we’re going to overcome them by force,” Sam said. “And the last thing we want is for them to feel threatened.”

“What can two people do, then?” Dike said.

“As I was explaining to Mr. Spencer earlier, Adam has learned to control the creatures with pheromones. As long as he is unwilling to attack Mr. Spencer, they may obey his wishes and leave you unharmed,” Dr. Ludnan said. “Do you have the sampler?”

Sam pulled out something from his coat pocket that looked like a strange gun with a needle sticking out of it. “I can’t promise I’ll get close enough to use it but I’ll try.” He turned to Dike. “Let’s go.”

The school had an eerie feeling to it. Only part of it was lit up, with illuminated windows scattered at random throughout the building. The two walked up to one of the doors and found it slightly ajar. “You think this is the way he went in?” Dike asked.

“It’s the way something went in…” Sam said, pointing to a trail of slime slowly oozing out of the door frame. “I don’t think Don’s here alone. Is there another way?”

“Half the windows in this old building don’t shut right.” Dike said. “Stan gets a call at least once a month to chase kids out of here. I’ve been up here ten times myself booting them out in the middle of the night. If they can get in, so can we.” He looked up with a smirk. “Though I thought we weren’t worried about the drones though…”

“Dr. Ludnan only said they ‘might’ not kill us,” Sam answered without smiling. “Regardless, until we know whether we’re facing a hostage situation, I’d prefer to find out as much as I can without being seen.”

Dew heavy grass brushed against their shoes as they walked around the perimeter of the building to an unlit wing. “One of these windows is open. We’ll go in here.”

The two of them pried the frame as open as it would go before pushing in the screen which fell to the floor with a clang. Sam held his breath and listened. Had they been overheard? After waiting twenty seconds the two climbed inside the classroom and groped their way in the dark toward the hallway. A couple of red EXIT signs splashed a dim light on the corridor.

The air was thick and damp as if they were walking through the thin mist of a swamp. A musky wreak seemed to emanate from everything. “Watch your footing…” Sam said pointing to puddles of unknown liquid all over the floor. As their eyes adjusted to the darkness they could see that everything in the hall was in a disheveled state as if a riot had broken out inside. Lockers were thrown on the floor, pipes were broken in the ceiling, and some of the lights were dangling by their cords.

“Adam definitely beat us to the punch…” Sam said.

“Do you think he’s still here?” Dike asked.

“Of course I am. Did you think I was going to leave?” They turned around and saw a well-built man standing at the other end of the hall. “I could smell you coming since you were out in the parking lot.” As he spoke the hall echoed with the sound of something large dragging across the floor. A large shadow emerged from the corner. Adam was being followed by something massive and distinctly non-human though its true shape was veiled by the darkness.

Dike drew his gun but Sam grabbed his hand. “Better tell your friend to chill out,” said Adam. “If you hurt me, my friends are going to rip the two of you into lunch meat.”

“Adam… nobody wants to hurt you. But look at this from our perspective,” said Sam. “We have a town of people that we’re sworn to protect and despite everything that’s happened I believe we’re sworn to protect you as well. I want to protect you and everyone else from that creature that they’ve put inside of you.”

“You did a shit job of protecting me before…”

“If the S.B.I. had any indication that there was human trafficking down here, we would have broken it up. We do the best we can and we hate the fact that for some people that isn’t enough. As for Dike, he had no idea this was going on. Not everyone in this town is evil. I think you know that.” Sam was slowly walking toward Adam with the tissue sampler in hand.

“They hurt me… told me I wasn’t good for anything else but what they wanted me for. Some of them threatened to kill me if I told anyone,” Adam said, his voice shaking. Sam had bridged half the distance between them. “I’ve been used my entire life! Do you have any idea what that’s like, Mr. Spencer? Those people… they deserve what they get.”

“Adam, I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen people come through dark times like this. I’ve saved people like you out of some bad situations in my career. Won’t you let me help you? Let’s spare the rest of the town.”

Then suddenly as if he were overcome by some inner struggle his eyes flashed red. “No! No! Get back from me!” He slammed his fist against the wall. “This town is like a plague, it has to be destroyed! They’re all after me!”

“Was Mike part of that plague? You loved him. What about your friends from school who showed you what it was like to be a kid for the first time in your life. They were the closest thing to a family you ever had. There are hundreds of people like them in Hollyville, and if you don’t stop they’re all going to die.” The lights in Adam’s eyes went out and he seemed to shrink once more.

“They’re all scared, Adam. Just like I think you’re scared. See, I think that thing inside of you offered to protect you and a chance to get back at everyone who did you wrong, but I think you can see that it wants more than that. Let me have Don McLauren, let the law repay your wrongs. Don’t let this thing turn you into whatever it is. Keep your humanity.”

Adam convulsed in anger and flashed glared at them with a rekindled glow. “Why did you warn him!? I know that was you! The rest of these people are too stupid to get in my way! I would have had him last night! You saw the file! You know what he did to me! What he did to all those other people! He pretended to be my friend!”

“The law saves us from becoming a pack of animals who take justice into our own hands,” said Sam. “Let me have him so you don’t become a monster.”

“Look around you Mr. Spencer, I’m already a monster. Look at what I’ve done.” Adam flicked the light switch at the end of the hall and the officers jumped at what they saw. Behind him was a creature that was no longer recognizably human, sliding along the floor on an enormous tail like a snake. Every inch of it was draped in brown stripes. Its head was covered in bulbous eyes and drooling mouths with abnormally long tongues that writhed about like snakes. Where its hands used to be were two more gaping, fang toothed maws. Slime oozed out of slits lining its front side. “Don’t you recognize the Sheriff? Well… you didn’t really know him that well, Mr. Spencer, but that deputy might.”

Adam himself was wearing nothing and his skin had a silvery sheen to it that caused his muscular frame to glisten in the light. Sam noticed his gigantic balls had swollen to the size of melons as if they were recently in use. He turned around and spat on the creature behind him revealing the stripes on his own back. “He wouldn’t protect me when it was his job, so now he gets to live out his miserable life as my body guard. Pretty ironic…”

“You’re going to need more than that to keep the military at bay. They’re coming for you. You caught them by surprise the first time but you can’t hold them off forever. Even with your army of monsters, you can’t hold everyone back. I don’t know if you realize how bad the situation is outside. They’ve sealed off the town. There are special agents roaming around looking for you.”

“I know… I caught one of them. Feel free to send more.”

“You don’t fool me. You’re scared. Scared of the army. Scared of what you’ve become. Scared of that thing inside of you pushing you to do things you never imagined you’d be capable of. Let me take the sample of the parasite inside of you. Let me have McLauren and Stevens. We can end this tonight. Let them answer for what they’ve done in a court of law.”

Adam grinned. “No need for such a long speech. If you want to find them, I won’t stop you. They’re in the cafeteria. I won’t let my pets get in your way, but I wouldn’t spend too long in this school, Mr. Spencer. It’s about to get distinctly inhospitable for humans.” He raised his arms and shouted something unintelligible to the creature which grabbed him and slithered away with surprising speed.

Sam smelled a change in the air. “His pheromones… we can smell when he’s communicating with them…” He thought for a minute. “What is the most direct route to the cafeteria?”

Dike nodded his head in the direction opposite to where Adam had gone. “This way.” Step by step they made their way down several more busted up halls and then stopped to listen. They could hear a distorted voice.

“…No, I told you the mirror goes by the landing…” They picked their way through desks that had been strewn all over the hall. “Don’t scratch the couch! It’s patent leather…” The two men approached a pair of double doors that were barely hanging on their hinges. “I think maybe a breakfast nook over there…”

“The cafeteria’s in there,” Dike whispered.

A powerful odor was emanating from the room. They pushed through the doors and saw something massive jiggling in the corner. “Careful with that painting! It’s a certified Kinkade…”

They clicked on their flashlights and shined them in the corner where the voice was coming from and froze in horror. Don McLauren had been inflated into a jiggling blimp, adorned with stubby tentacles that were wiggling frantically like rancid worms trying to borough into spoiled fruit. His sides were so swollen that they were pushing out against the surrounding walls. His pecs had been swollen into giant breasts that splayed out over the floor and he was babbling about his precious house as cum drooled from his fat mouth that was stretched out to inhuman proportions. His body was so massive that the floor had partially collapsed under him. His massive belly throbbed and pulsed with the writhing imprint of large muscular bodies that he had been impregnated with.

Mortified, Dike dropped his flashlight in shock. The beam streaked across the floor illuminating a second man, so muscular he could hardly move, propped up on his inflated gut. He looked up at them and Sam recognized Agent Stevens. Stevens reached out to them and moaned, “Help… me….” Don’s voice was becoming garbled. He was trying to talk as tentacles began to emerge from his growing mouth. They descended upon the struggling agent who started to shout as they wrapped around his body.

Please god! Don’t let them taggnnnnnn” Tentacles forced their way into his mouth muffling his screams. Then they made their way into his ass and clamped themselves onto his cock and nipples.

“Jesus Christ…” Dike said, backing against the wall.

All over the principal’s engorged body, his tentacles began to grow longer and spread all over the cafeteria as he began to swallow the struggling Stevens up to his waist. The look of horror on his face as he was being swallowed was permanently etched into Sam’s mind. The muscular creatures inside of McLauren began to push out against his belly as their bodies merged with his and their facial features and limbs emerged from his sides with hellish shrieks. Their torsos grew out from his sides, crawling their way toward the opposing walls, stretching the massive body into every corner of the room.

Sam grabbed Dike and the two men found an emergency exit and ran out of the building as more monstrous tendrils emerged and filled the space, breaking their way out of windows and doors. The building popped, snapped and groaned behind them from the forces striving together inside it. As they backed away from the school the lights in parking lot revealed the roof was being ripped apart by a pulsating morass of growing flesh and striving limbs and tentacles spreading upward and outward.

Howls could be heard from the sky. The drones were flying in from the woods, circling the building as it was overcome by the horrors inside of it. Tentacles began to coalesce together to form giant mouths full of rings of teeth and other shapes more horrifying, screaming with ungodly tones as the two men ran, shouting to the others to get away. Massive black tentacles slithered after them, ripping street lights out of the concrete. Warty nodules bubbled up from the skin of the nascent being and began to shoot web-like ejaculations all over itself and everything around.

The squad cars roared into life with sirens and flashing lights, racing to get out of the parking lot. Massive drones burst out of the surrounding woods, their swollen muscles reflected the flashing lights. The deputies swerved to avoid them but the creatures showed no interest in the people. They were running toward the living structure that was forming over the school. A giant branching body of horrible design was bursting from every facade with torsos, claws, arms, and jaws filled with all manner of teeth and mandibles.

Meanwhile Sam and Dike were running from the expanding roots of the creature as fast as they could. Behind them was a rising tide of tendrils that destroyed everything it overcame. Emerging from the seething sea of flesh was a creature with a twenty-foot torso, smooth black skin and long hungry tongue. There were no eyes that they could see and as it pulled itself forward with its clawed hands with surprising speed. They were certain that they did not wish it to catch them.

Suddenly Sam saw his car break away from the others and come speeding toward them as if it was going to run them over. The driver skidded to a halt right in front of them. The two clambered in as fast as they could and the car took off before they could even close the doors, but before they could drive away the car lurched backward. The nightmarish creature had seized the car and was dragging it back to the bed of approaching tendrils that were attached to its body.

With irresistible strength a massive arm ripped the back passenger door off and sent it flying into the air. Shots rang out, followed by a horrendous shriek from the monster. A momentary loss of grip was all they needed and the car broke free surprising force. As the car jolted away, Dike was thrown out into the parking lot. By the time Sam realized that he was missing he saw his comrade being consumed by a horde of tentacles.

Diiike!” he shouted but there was nothing he could do as the closest thing he had to a friend in that lonely place disappeared into the heart of the expanding creature.

“We can’t go back for him!” Sam heard a familiar voice and realized that Kristine was driving. She had risked her life to save them. The car peeled out of the parking lot and up a nearby hill.

“Stop the car!” Sam shouted. As they looked down on what had been Hollyville High they watched the giant creature reaching up into the night as if it wanted to consume the very moon. It looked like a giant branching tree composed of many bodies that wailed into the night like the voices of the damned. A large glowing eye forced its way to the surface it and looked out over the world it had been born into. “What the hell are we looking at?”

“A symbiotic brood chamber… we saw something similar on a much smaller scale back at the base. I have no idea how it can have gotten so big so fast. The parasite is looking to move beyond Adam.”

Sam watched in disbelief as if this were all some part of a nightmare that he would wake up from. The only person he could truly trust in this town was gone. “Adam seems to have no control over it, whatever it is… or maybe he’s no longer in control of himself. It tried to kill us… it got Dike… I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. How do we stop it? If it moves over the town it’ll…”

“It’s not going to move anywhere. It is what comes out of it that you have to worry about.” A voice came from behind them. Sam turned and saw a man in camo walking up to them.

“Who are you?” Sam asked.

“Dr. Alex Bartinov, at your service.” He bowed slightly. “Fortunately for you, the Russian army trained me to be a good shot with a sniper rifle or neither of you would be standing here. Did you get the sample?”

“He works with me…” Kristine said, annoyed by her colleagues brashness.

“No I couldn’t get near him,” said Sam.

“If he’s made his residence inside that thing then you have failed. Both of you! We’ll never be able to get him out of there now.” Alex shouted in a sudden burst of anger. “I am done following you around on these wild hunts keeping you alive! I demand to know what you’ve done with Saunders and I demand…”

“Saunders is dead!” Sam shouted. “At least whatever he was is dead. All that’s left is some mindless creature… I saw it happen with my own eyes. And if you don’t listen to me, you’re going to end up just like him. Now I believe I can get Adam to come out of that thing. But we need to regroup.”

Hundreds of miles away, General McMillan had just arrived on base to be briefed by a new development so sensitive that his own staff refused to speak about it over the phone. When he arrived in the situation room a group of people were already waiting for him.

“Sir, we have a rapidly deteriorating situation in Hollyville.”

“Has our quarantine been breached?”

“No, sir.”

“What then?”

“I think you should see the pictures for yourself.” The officer handed McMillan a folder containing aerial photographs of a massive branching structure that towered above the surrounding trees.

“What is that?” he asked. Everyone in the room was silent and looked to a man sitting at the end of the table. “Grant, it’s about time you showed up. This is your mess I’ve been trying to clean up.” He was looking at General Grant Thompkin, head of operations at the Army Institute of Mutagenesis.

“Nice to see you again, too.” General Thompkin was something of a pariah among generals. “We’ve been studying the structure and our people on the ground believe that it is some kind of alien brood chamber constructed from stolen human tissue.”

“How do we destroy it?” McMillan asked.

“Well… we could easily obliterate the structure with an F-15 task force. But that’s not to say that we should.”

“What are you talking about? We can’t just leave it there!” McMillan pounded his hand on the desk. “What could possibly justify not destroying it immediately!”

“Consider this McMillan. One boy… barely more than a child has driven an entire town into chaos and fear without knowing even knowing his full potential until a few days ago. Imagine delivering such children to the halls of the Ayatollah or the streets of Baghdad, or anywhere our enemies flourish at a time of open conflict,” replied General Thompkin. “A handful of them would be enough to win a war and the psychological impact on superstitious cultures is hard to imagine. Why destroy this thing when we can study it and figure out how to harness its potential as a weapon?”

“We don’t have to imagine. We can see it happening right now,” said General McMillan. “People are going to start shooting each other in the streets out of fear of your pet horrors. You can’t honestly be suggesting that you want this experiment to continue.”

“I’m not only suggesting it, that’s what is going to happen. I’m implementing a plan to evacuate the area and move in specialist teams to study every inch of that creature.” He slid a file folder over to McMillan. “As the commander of the ground forces you’ve been ordered to carry out this plan to the best of your ability.”

“And what if you can’t control the situation? I refuse to sign off on a plan that treats an entire town of civilians as some kind of glorified test tube!”

“Relax McMillan, just follow the plan and nothing can go wrong,” Thompkin said smugly. “Now lets go over the details…”

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