Foxy guys

By James Fourlegs 
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“I think you are a total fox,” Matt said to me, watching me as I checked myself out in the mirror of the bar. He was looking at me in that peculiar way again, and it was not unpleasant.

“Thanks,” I said. “You are, too, and you know it.” He smiled. He is a fox, too. Such a handsome guy, the kind you see in MTV ads or in the wrappings for brand-name briefs. A total fox.

In fact, I wished we were foxes. I could picture us, running and wrestling, having incredible sex as we scampered through the wild. Little did Matt know, but I had spiked our drinks with some awesome transformation powder, over which a handsome young gay centaur magician friend of mind had pronounced some incredible and binding spells to turn us into foxes.

Matt and I had fantasized together about being wild, hot young foxes after each other, and it was sooo cool to be sharing that fantasy with him now, especially as the magic fox powder was working within his sexy male body and mine.

“Man, I gotta mount you sooo bad!” Matt said, holding onto the bar with both hands. We were both sweating, and I was just as turned on by Matt as he was by me. The powder was working, and inwardly I thanked my centaur magician friend. I liked Matt like this.

“If we were foxes, I'd let you mount me all you wanted,” I teased Matt. “If it were possible through magic, would you like to be a fox with me?”

“Aaoooooooo!” Matt howled, passionately howling straight up, his powerful neck muscles handsomely displaying themselves as he bayed fox-style at the ceiling and the moon far beyond it.

I, too, overcome by the powder and the centaur's magic, howled, feeling so aroused and animal. I ripped my shirt off my sweating shoulder muscles, and both Matt and I began kicking off our jeans, which felt really tight and uncomfortable against our aroused hardons. He ripped his shirt off too, and my arousal increased as I saw his handsome muscular chest and wide shoulders sprout soft, glistening fox-hair.

I barked with joy, commanding him to wrestle me, and looking up from his handsome shoulders, I howled again with joy to see his fox head—darting eyes, cute pointed snout and pointy fox-ears! He cocked his head to one side as he noticed my head had changed, too!

But the neck was pure Matt—still manly and muscular, now rich with soft auburn fur, and his body looked so handsome and sexy with its muscles rippling beneath the beautiful warm fur.

But oh, wow! The centaur magic was stronger than I had realized! Matt's delicious hardon now sprung between handsome dark-furred, long and spindlhy fox front legs, which clumsily held the bar stool he had been sitting on, only now there was more of Matt—a fox's body below his fox-furred human waist. His dark-furred, rear fox legs stood on the floor, his foxtail wagging with lust, and, to my astonishment, a second huge hardon between his rear legs.

I had never felt so horny in my entire life, nor so warm—and I looked down at myself, to find I, too now had my now-furry male human torso springing from a large and perfectly proportioned fox's body beneath my waist—my front fox legs also held my bar sttool and my back legs stood on the floor. My back could feel the breeze from my wagging foxtail, and wow, how awesome to have a hardon between my front legs and another one between my back legs!

“Aaaaoooooooohhh!” I howled, and Matt howled, too. What incredible magic—just a bit more centaurish than I had counted on, but then this was better than I had hoped for.

And were we fast on our four fox feet! We were like two giant, incredibly nimble and sexy male gay foxes as we got the hell out of that bar and ran on our four legs like lightning into the night, into the wild!

Mad, sexual instinct took over and drove us away from the town and into the woods, our human arms and torsos leaning and balancing as we hurtled throught the dark, our fox eyes keen and sharp, our tongues hanging from our handsome, panting fox mouths!

Our cries were no longer human—they were beautiful and wild, almost frightening, as we groaned and bayed with arousal for each other, and our human arms grabbed for each other as we tumbled and wrestled, biting and tearing playfully at each others' wonderfully fragrant, furry fox bodies.

Never were foxes so large and beautiful or sexy, our incredibly nimble, dark-furred legs agile beyond dreams and our fox bodies lithe and beautifully furred. We scrambled and tumbled together, quick and slipping out of each other's embrace, yet our furred torsos and arms sweet and achingly beautiful to touch.

It was so wonderful to lick Matt with my long, sensitive fox tongue, to probe him hungrily with my amazingly perceptive fox-nose and to grasp him playfully with my long, toothy fox-jaws. He, too, bit me all over, on my neck, shoulders and hands, at the base of my waist and his long, handsomely pointed fox nose nuzzled with aggresive intimacy at my frontal and hind genitalia. I felt I would pass out, but in an instant I buried my foxnose in his wonderful genitalia as well—and it was wonderful to have a frontal set and a rear set to explore! He smelled soooo good!

We would wrestle and run away, capture each other and fall down and wrestle and run away again, sooo fast on our four foxlegs, and so excited with our tails wagging, our jaws salivating and panting, and our frontal and hind hardons aching and dripping with precum!

Finally I could stand it no more, and as Matt scrambled to his four foxlegs to run away again I jumped him and tackled his muscular, furred human torso with my human arms, loving his weight and beauty against me, and my fox body straddled his, for a good hindquarter fucking with my huge hind hardon! Oh, did he howl as I brought him down, our huge foxtaur bodies gracefully hitting the earth as I arched my fox back, fucking him so wonderfully with my hind organ! My frontal organ took a beating against his fox back and his handsome furred human back, and his human back fur began to matt with all the precum from my frontal penis.

I wanted to joke and tell Matt I was matting him, but all I could manage was an ecstatic yipe and howl from my elongated fox mouth, and in a second I had my fox mouth over Matt's gigantic frontal hardon, loving its hot length so perfectly suited to the hot and aching tongue of my long, pointy foxmouth!

The forest rang with his howls and yipes as his arms flailed, my own arms pulling his frontal hardon two me and wrapping around his human waist where it joined his powerful fox shoulders. I felt his long, dark, wonderfully spindly front fox legs cling to my shoulders as they held my torso to his huge, urgently aroused frontal hardon, and never have I so thoroughly enjoyed a massive male hardon as much as I did, with my long, sensitive fox mouth fully enveloping it and feeling its power and its wonderful, erotic shape!

I howled, a muffled, joyful howl. My fox tongue worked and worked the beautiful, giant and loving penis in my mouth, and something in me responded to Matt's fox body as I felt his hind hardon probing for my hindquarters—as quickly as a fox, I let my hindquarters welcome his rear hardon into me as I sucked and enjoyed his juicy frontal hardon!

The whole magical, animal and sexual intensity of it overwhelmed us, and my hand found my own frontal hardon. I began beating myself off as Matt fucked my tailquarters and I sucked his frontal hardon.

He was so handsome and so beautiful! I loved the feeling of being buried in him and having him in me. We both began to explode with come—I pumped my frontal hardon come all over him as his frontal hardon ejaculated hot jets of delicious come in my long foxmouth, and I lapped and gulped his juicy dripping come! My hindquarters burned with his rear hardon as it exploded in me, pounding me full of hot, glorious come. I was so turned on my hind hardon came on its own. All four of our immense hardons continued to spasm with come for some time, and we nestled together with our arms wrapped around each other, our furry foxtaur bodies comfortably and companionably snuggled together as we drifted of to a sweet sleep. We would never change back, and we would always love and make love.

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