Daniel grows a foot

By Josh Dugan 
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I was looking forward to seeing Daniel. He'd been away for two years, and the only way we'd stayed in touch was by email and phone. I was kind of excited to see him because in he'd told me he'd had a growth spurt while he was away, so I couldn't wait to see what he looked like bigger; he said he'd grown a foot.

So I met him at his fraternity house. When they knew I was there to see Daniel they smiled at me and let me in to see him, and told me where his room was upstairs.

I quietly knocked on his door, and when there was no answer, I peeked in. My heart was pounding. The room smelled like him—that nice musky body-smell of his, kind of athletic.

He was tumbled under the blankets on the rumpled bed in the corner of his room, hair tousled and arms splayed in sleep. Books and boxes were piled everywhere in a state of unpacking.

As I entered the room carefully so as not to waken him, he turned in his sleep, awakening to find me there. It was good to see him, and he smiled to find me there with him.

"Don't get up," I joked.

He smiled and rubbed his eyes. "Partied last night," he apologized. "The guys wanted to welcome me home."

I pulled up a chair and sat down by his bed. He'd definitely filled out, like a racehorse. The soccer he'd played overseas had done him a lot of good.

He turned to sit up on the edge of his bed, and that's when I first saw what he'd been talking about in his emails.

He had grown a foot all right, a middle foot, a complete middle leg for that matter.

I stared.

I was dumbfounded, but it struck me as not only odd but strangely erotic.

He had a second perfect copy of his right foot, right there next to his original right foot, with his left foot keeping them company.

"Oh," he said, running his hands over his chest and legs—he was naked—"This is the foot I grew. Surprised you, huh?"

He raised it up and set it on my knees. "Cool, huh?"

It was awesome, big and strong, handsome like his other two feet, the feet of an accomplished athlete, beautiful.

"Wow," was all I could say. It was beautiful to hold and touch, so big, warm and strong, with such a beautiful shape. "Can I compare them?"

He laughed, proud of his three beautiful feet, and hoisted the other two up onto my lap, leaning back on the bed on his elbows. How cool to have him with three feet like this, with all three of them right there on my lap, big as life. My eyes were dazzled by them, and it felt so heavy to have his three big feet all weighing on my lap, each so awesome to look at, and so awesome to have three of them!

Not only the three big male feet, but his three strong soccer-legs were awesome, the two muscular right legs resting on each other like a couple of muscular buddies, snuggling comfortably against each other and against his left leg as well.

"Sorry I'm so boned," he smiled. "I can't help it. And he really was boned—handsomely—with two, not one, but two big erections sprouting proudly from between his left and right legs, and from between his two right legs.

It was almost too much to comprehend, but there they were, as he grinned, his two big penises, his three beautifully muscled soccer-player's legs, and right in my lap, there for my wondering hands to worship, his three sleek, strong, powerful male feet.

"I think you like them," he smiled, pushing all three of them into me. They felt so good, all three of them!

"I love them!" I couldn't help saying, meaning it. I'd never been so turned on.

"Well, can you stay a while and play with them? If you want to keep them, you have to take me with them."

I didn't know what to do, so I bent forward and put my arms around the big, muscular legs, and he kind of pulled me towards him with them. The big beautiful feet felt so good as he used all three of them to pull me towards him. I kissed him, holding the three beautiful feet, allowing the three legs to surround me, the two big penises to warm themselves against me.

"Yeah, I'm staying," I said. "I do want to keep them."

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