Cybersex 2047

By Unknown 
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I stared out of the window at the rain as it drizzles down on a cool November day. The trees are ablaze in reds, oranges, and yellows which contrast to the darkened bark. This was a day for sleeping, not working. It was also a day for growing older as it was my birthday.

A flash in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I glance at the beacon which I know to be an urgent message and with a quick thought, my lover, Joey, appears in front of me. He is still in his red silk boxers, a stark contrast to my fellow coworkers who are dressed in suits. I can’t help but crack a smile which attracts a little attention from Tim, the technician beside me. He looks at where I look, and seeing nothing, realizes my focus is cyber, not real, and continues with his work.

“Hi sweetie! I just wanted to remind you that tonight we are having dinner with my parents.”

He frowns at the negative emotions he feels from me at the mention of his parents. They have never liked me.

“Now you know that’s not true. They simply don’t know you well enough yet. Give them time and they’ll accept you.”

Sometimes I forget when Joey and I do cyber we not only transmit visual and audio but also emotional as well. I consider forcing myself to smile but he would know it would be fake. The only reason I’m going through with it is because I love him so much.

Now he smiles and steps forward. Leaning down he kisses me firmly on the lips and then whispers in my ear “I love you too. Happy Birthday.” and the image vanishes.

“Joey again?” asks Tim.

“Yeah. How’d you guess?”

“You’re blushing all over and…” he motions towards my crotch at the massive boner tenting my paints.

“Oh, sorry.” My blushing increases even more.

“That’s okay. I only wish my wife and I had as strong of a relationship as you and Joey.”

My mind goes back to work. I am a biosoftware engineer working for COIN, or Cyber-Organic Integration Network. COIN was one of the major companies which provided personal communication for almost a billion people. With a thought I could chat with anyone in the world who was integrated to the BioNet. Usually conversations consisted of visual and audio as well as tactile information. Not only could you see and hear who you were talking with, you could also shake hands, hug, or kiss them. The technology gave new meaning to cybersex. Not only could you chat with another person, but you could have a conversation with a computer-generated individual like Albert Einstein or Julius Caesar. Many times I have had cybersex with a sexy actor or musician the computer generated for me. You could even change your appearance to any perspective. You could change your hair, race, or any other aspect to appear to others as you like. Another important development was the communication of emotions. Many chose not to use this feature or to use it selectively as I do only with Joey and sometimes with my family. Currently we are working on a project which allows humans to experience sensory input from other species. On our beta tests I have tried flying over the forests as an eagle and swimming the oceans as a dolphin. It is quite amazing yet still very disoriented. We are now working out the bugs.

After an hour I decided to take a brake. I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. I wonder what the news today might be and instantly it pops into my mind. The voice speaks.

“The headlines for today, 16th of November 2047:

Four hundred and eighty die in a shuttle crash near Calcutta. Investigators are examing the wreckage for clues.

President Gomez will debate with presidential candidates Williams of the Republican Party and Samuels of the Democratic Party. Polls show Gomez’s Libertarian Party well ahead of both rival parties in most states.

UNSA says the new interstellar observatory in orbit near Neptune should be on-line by this time next week. Astronomers hope it will provide crystal-clear images of Rigel 4 as well as the other three extrasolar planets we now know possess life.

Terraformation of Mars continues as planned despite a recent fungal epidemic among several of the pods of bioengineered kudzu planted near the polar caps. Even with setbacks, UNSA claims oxygen production on Mars has increased by over 3000% this year and temperatures are stabling slightly above freezing.”

A flash alerts me to a local news dispatch. I glance at it and a dark image of the most gorgeous man I have ever seen appears. A voice says “Fifteen minutes ago this man attempted to rape someone near Harrison Park. Police are looking for the suspect. He is considered armed and dangerous. If you see him, alert the police immediately.”

I stare at the image for a moment and then, realizing I have another boner, flash up an image of my mother-in-law from memory. That always helps reduce the swelling in a matter of seconds.

The day continues as usual. Today we are testing our software to simulate the sensory inputs of a tiger on the prowl in a rainforest. Before long it is time to go home. I think to myself how nice a walk through the park might be on my way home.

The rain has subsided but it feels noticeably colder as I leave the building. I button my coat tightly and head towards home. About halfway there I pass the park and decide, against my better judgment, to go in. Within five minutes of entering the park I hear a rustling in the tree ahead of me. My hearing and eyesight are excellent thanks to my parents’ choice of gene manipulation. Looking ahead I notice a scavenging squirrel. I breathe a sigh of relief and continue my walk. Only moments after passing the tree I am grabbed from behind. A strong hand holds my mouth while the other is wrapped around my torso. He whispers into my ear.

“Don’t move or I’ll break your neck!”

I consider alerting the police. I could do that without his knowledge by simply thinking to alert them, but decide not to. I could smell his sweat. It was a strong, sexy smell. His muscular arms hold me tightly against his hot body. I can see the steam from his breath pass me as he talks. To my suprise he kisses my ear, then my neck. I can feel his massive cock behind my ass, almost bursting out of his pants. He notices my excitement and whispers into my ear again.

“You like that don’t you?”

He lets go and backs away to get a better look at me. My parents did a good job on selecting my traits which I was happy for. I stand exactly six feet tall and have black hair and violet eyes (my mom’s idea). My body is quite nice despite a lack of time for exercise. One of the better traits of genetic engineering was the shift from storing excess food to muscle instead of fat. I was also happy they gave me a rather large cock. I say rather because thirty years ago when I was born genetic manipulation was still relatively new and large cocks were not something most parents even considered. Since then techniques have improved and much more is taken into consideration, as the stud before me shows.

He looks around 18 years of age. He is about two inches taller than me and quite muscular. Both his hair and his eyes have the look of pure gold. His skin is also very tanned (another trait of bioengineering usually). I can see a very large bulge in his pants which works its way down to his knee. That was very typical for today’s young men. Also typical was their flexibility in accommodating such large cocks. That went for women as well.

“Strip!” he commands.

I take off my jacket and tie, unbutton my shirt and remove my pants as ordered. Slowly I peel off my underwear revealing my 8 inches of soft dick. As I strip, he massages the length of his manhood.

Naked, I look up at him. He removes his shirt, revealing a chest men once had to work out hours a day for. He unzips his pants and lowers them. I can see he has no underwear as he displays his pubic hair and then the base of his gargantuan organ. With his pants down to his knees, I can see the head pop into view. He removes his pants and begins stroking his 18 inches of soft manhood.

I drop to my knees and engulf his prick with my wet lips. My cock hardens to 13 inches as I stroke it and suck his stiffening piece. Within minutes, his hard 30 inch cock is ramming past my tonsils, down my throat. It’s width, that of my forearm, stretches my mouth to its limits. I feel him convulse and then a stream of hot sperm shoot down my throat. It fills my mouth faster than I can swallow it and begins leaking out. He catches some with his finger and licks it clean.

With his cock still spurting sperm, he whips me around and plunges it up my ass. His cum lubricates my hole as he slides it in and out. Soon he has over a foot of it in and presses more in still. I feel his jism coat my intestines and suddenly see a flash ahead. It’s a message from Joey. On audio only my thoughts ask him what he wants. I hear his voice ask me to put him on full sensory input but I tell him it’s not a good time. Flustered, he puts himself on full sensory input and I feel his anger and fear. He’s afraid I’m trying to get out of dinner with his parents. He wonders about my commitment to him. I begin to feel guilty when a sharp pain alerts me that the stud fucking my ass has entered me to the hilt. Unwittingly, I lose focus and open full sensory input to Joey.

“What the hell is that!” he screams. He begins to moan as I moan, feeling all thirty inches of teenage studdick pump his tight ass just as I feel. The two of us reach climax at the same time, shooting our load as the stud blasts his rocket deep inside me. I lean, tired and weak from the experience, against the tree.

As I turn around the stud kisses me on the lips. I close my eyes as his tongue fills my mouth and sense a feeling of dejavue. I open my eyes to see Joey there. I shake my head in confusion and look again. Joey, in reality, not cyber, stands before me. “Happy Birthday honey.”

“What’s going on?” I ask.

Joey grins and explains. “It’s a new concept that’s all the rage. I masked my looks to you so as to appear to be the stud you saw in the alert. Everything from the sensory inputs about my appearance to the thirty inch cock were computer-generated. You should try it out. To feel like you have a thirty inch cock is fabulous not to mention feeling it fuck you which you transmitted back to me. In a sense, I was fucking myself.”

Confused, I asked “How were you able to mask my real sensory inputs with the cyber inputs?”

“Tom helped me out with that. Basically we bypassed the alarm which tells you I’m cyber, not real. I was really fucking you but I appeared as that blond stud and my dick looked and felt like it was thirty inches instead of the real 11 inches.”

I roll my eyes at the thought of having been had. “That’s illegal, but for this joke, I’ll let you two off the hook.”

“Speaking of letting off the hook, you cheated on me.” he smirks.

“What?! But it was really you!” I respond.

“But you didn’t know that. I’d say you owe me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. What will it cost me?”

“Dinner for four. My parents are waiting…”

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