By Erik Maskot 
4 parts
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Part 1

Ever since I was thirteen it had bothered me that I had such a small cock. I was afraid of taking a shower with my classmates after gym and swimming. I always ran in there and was finished by the time the rest came in. I never dated anyone, because I was afraid the girl would start laughing her ass off when she saw how small my cock was, and pass the news to everybody else. To be honest, girls didn't interest me much. Everybody else were dating girls. I got turned on viewing guys. But that didn't help me much. What if I ended up in bed with a gorgeous guy, and he had a cock at least three times the size of mine. I was afraid he would be laughing his ass off as well. Instead I spent a lot of time by myself, doing schoolwork and reading. I turned into a nerd.

I bought gay magazines. I was admiring the guys and their beautiful big cocks. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep. I wanted so bad to have a bigger cock. In the dressing room after gym I watched the other guys' cocks, and saw they had different sizes. They probably varied from four to ten inches. But none as small as mine.

At twenty my two-inch cock bothered me more than ever. I was so hungry for sex, and I wanted so bad to touch somebody's naked body, and be touched by somebody.

I finally got the courage to see a doctor about my problem. He told me there was surgery, but when he told me how much it would cost, I almost fell off the chair. There was no way I could afford it with my financial situation. I started reading books, magazines and searched the internet, and found out that surgery would be a lot cheaper in Thailand, but I couldn't even afford to go there. I tried vacuum pumps, but they didn't do much good, except for making my cock look swollen. When I stopped using it the cock went back to the size it was before.

I was even considering going to a different town and buy sex from guys, but no matter how desperate I was, I never had the courage.

But the day came, and I was willing to try anything. I saw an ad in the newspaper, about a doctor who was researching alternative medicine, and he needed volunteers to test it on. I was very worried, I didn't think he could help me, but I thought I could tell him about my problem. It wouldn't hurt to try.

The office was hard to find. The address was in a bad part of town, and I was sure everybody I passed would jump on me and rob me or kill me. I had to go into a narrow alleyway to find his address. The doorbell didn't work, so I had to knock hard four times before someone finally heard me and opened the door.

An elderly man, who presented himself as Dr. Blackstone, told me to come inside. He took my coat and put it over a chair. Then he pushed another chair over to me, and asked me to sit down.

The room looked more like a lab than a doctor's office. The building looked old. The doctor took a seat in front of me, and wanted to know how he could help me.

I told him about my two-inch cock. He asked me to pull my pants down so he could look at it. I blushed when he touched it and squeezed it, so it got hard. Still, in erect condition I could hardly see the thing when I looked down.

He then told me to pull my pants back on again. He went over to a counter, eventually picked up a big brown bottle with some kind of liquid in it. He told me to take a teaspoon of that every night before I went to bed, and told me to be patient. No matter what I did, never drink more than a teaspoon, he told me. That could have disastrous effects.

I paid him a hundred bucks and went home. I started thinking. Could Dr. Blackstone be trusted? What could he do that nobody else could? I started having doubts about his medicine. Would there be any side effects? Maybe I would start growing hairs all over my body? All those “what ifs” made me nervous. I didn't know if I dared to try this potion. I took the lid off and tried to smell it. Phew! The smell was strong and awful. It definitely opened up my sinuses.

I went to bed without tasting it. I just couldn't do it. I couldn't sleep. I picked up one of my gay magazines, looked at the most gorgeous guy I've ever seen. Then at his ten inch cock. I looked at the bottle. Then I thought, what did I have to lose?

I poured a few drops into a tea spoon and drank it. The taste was disgusting, and I thought I had to spit it out, but managed to swallow it. The medicine made tired, and I went to sleep.

The next morning I got up at seven. I looked down on my cock, but couldn't see any difference. I took the potion every evening, but nothing seemed to happen. It had to be too good to be true.

One month later I had no patience any longer. I still had three quarters of the bottle left, and decided I was gonna try a bigger spoon. Two more weeks went by. Still nothing. I even used a ruler to see if there was any difference, but no, not even a tenth of an inch. That night I got so pissed that I drank the rest of the bottle. That was half a liter that I drank that night. Despite the awful and bitter taste, I forced myself to swallow it. All of a sudden I was so sleepy that I couldn't stand on my feet. I fell down on me bed and fell asleep instantly.

The medicine must have been strong, because I didn't wake up until two days later. The sun was already high up in the sky. I felt drowsy and could hardly get up. I went to the bathroom to take a piss.

Then I noticed that something had happened. My cock was bigger. It must have been four inches. I started dancing around in my apartment from pure happiness. I studied myself in the mirror. I held my cock in my hand, weighed it. Started jerking on it. Jerked off in front of the mirror, and shot a bigger load of cum that I had ever shot before.

That day I had to check on my cock several times. It was growing. In the afternoon it had grown another inch. I was so hot, I had to jerk off several times. I was so proud, and I decided I was gonna go to a gay bar for the first time in my life.

I spent a lot of time deciding how I was gonna it inside my underwear. You might think that sounds funny to you, but you've never had the problem having a two-inch cock one evening, and the next day all of a sudden dealing with an almost six-inch cock, which was also getting thicker. All of a sudden I had something that I could grab onto. Even pissing was more fun than before.

What I hadn't noticed before was that also my body's been growing. My clothes seemed tighter. When I started studying it I noticed that my body seemed firmer, and that my muscles had grown as well. I used to be a weakling. Now my body was starting to look like a sportsman's body.

I had a lot of fun that night. Dancing with other guys, touching guys like I've only dreamed of before. I also met this cute guy, Simon, who sucked me off in the bathroom. That was so good. When I went home I gave Simon my phone number, and I got his.

Part 2

That my cock was growing so fast didn't worry me so much the first day or two. I was just so overjoyed finally to have a dick I could be proud of, never again having to hide myself.

When I woke up the next morning it measured eight inches already. Being hung was a dream come true.

My first problem seemed to appear. Trying to put on my small sized briefs was no success. Pulling them over my “new” cock and my now muscular ass, I ended up ripping them. It worked better with my boxer shorts. But my clothes were getting tight on me, so I decided I had to go out and buy some new clothes.

The problem was, I didn't stop growing, and I started to worry on the third morning. My new clothes were already tight on me. My cock measured twelve inches already.

I tried to call Dr. Blackstone, but nobody answered. I was starting to panic at this moment, and needed to get a hold of him. I had to get there. But I was still growing and when I put on my biggest pair of pants, they ripped when I bent down to put my shoes on. I needed to call someone. But who? Simon? Maybe he could help me?

I didn't get a hold of Simon before the evening. He called me after I don't know how many messages I'd left on his answering machine. He'd been at work, of course. I didn't tell him what this was all about over the phone, but asked him if he could come over right away. He did.

Half hour later he was at my door. I was naked when I opened the door for him, and he was shocked. Not because I was naked, but because last time he saw me I was 5’8” and had a six inch cock. Now I was almost six feet tall and had a thirteen inch cock, and I had a muscular body.

I explained to him what had happened, and that I needed him to go down to Dr. Blackstone's and see if he could come up with something that could stop the growth.

Simon said he would do it, but he wanted to wait till the next morning because of the area the doctor's office was situated. Simon certainly got turned on about what he saw, though, and he asked me to fuck him.

He undressed himself quickly, and we got into bed. The easiest way for me to enter him was for him to sit down on me. Both my cock and his ass were greased with Crisco, and slowly he sat down on my cock. Slowly he started riding me up and down. I had never fucked anybody before, and I came right away.

But I was so horny, my cock was still hard, and Simon kept riding. I kept coming and coming, and it seemed like it was never gonna stop. It could have been two hours before my cock was dry and went limp. My sheets were soaked with cum.

We were so tired that we fell asleep like that, my cock still inside Simon's ass. My cock kept growing inside him. When we woke up the next morning and my cock was getting hard again, Simon said he swore he could feel it was bigger. He was right. When we measured it, it was more than fourteen inches long.

Simon hurried up and got dressed. He gave me a kiss before he went out the door and drove down to Dr. Blackstone's office.

Two hours later he was back. Dr. Blackstone had told him that I should have followed the instructions, and only drink a teaspoon a day. That way I'd have an eight inch dick after about a year. Now there was only one thing to do. We would need to find a certain plant that was only growing in a certain valley in the Rocky Mountains. The reason why Dr. Blackstone didn't have this plant, was because it wouldn't grow anywhere else, and it needed to be chewed on while it was still fresh.

We had no time to lose. We had to start driving the same morning. Simon was 5’11” so he had some clothes I could wear, but even those were getting tight on me. He called in sick, said he'd got the chicken pox, so it would take a few days before he would be back.

When I went to the bathroom to pack some stuff, I noticed another bottle of the potion that I'd taken. It was empty. Oh no, I thought, and ran into the living room where Simon was waiting for me. Holding up the empty bottle, I was waiting for his reaction.

“I just wanted to grow some too, before we find the plant,” he said and smiled. Simon's cock was about 6-7 inches, so he didn't really need a bigger cock, but I guess nobody are satisfied with what they've got.

I just said, “Let's get going!” and we ran downstairs, threw our bags in the back seat and took off.

It was already afternoon when New York City was behind us. One of us was sleeping when the other one was driving. This way we could drive day and night. As for me it was really important to get there fast, because by the time we had breakfast the next morning, my cock was seventeen inches. Also Simon's cock was growing fast. He'd drank the whole bottle right away, and was therefore growing faster than me. His cock was already twelve inches long. His clothes didn't fit him any longer, and he'd made a loin cloth, like the Native Americans did, that he wore. The only stops we made were serviced gas stations and drive-through restaurants, so we wouldn't have to get out of the car and expose ourselves to the public.

On the third morning we were finally in Idaho, and we had to pull out a map to see where we were going next. We headed north, as far as the road would take us into the Salmon National forest. We parked the car, and put our backpacks on. Simon had brought a gun in case we would face wild animals. Simon also had a description of where we would need to walk, photos of the mountains and the plant, so we knew how to find it. And we needed to find it fast, because our cocks were already 24 inches long and thick as an arm. We still had hours to walk. Luckily we still had several hours yet of daylight before sunset.

We were both desperate at this point, and we didn't notice the incredible scenery in the area, just looking for the mountains in the pictures. Towards the evening we finally saw them and we hurried up. We were relieved when we found the area where we had to search for the plant. We put up our tent as it was getting dark, but we had no time to sleep. With flashlights we started looking. Our cocks were still growing, and we needed to find the plant fast. All night we were searching near the creek, and finally towards the morning we found it. We cheered, because our cocks were 26 inches long and would soon touch the ground if we couldn't stop the growth.

Simon read the instructions, and said we had to eat the small fruit that was on the plant. We had to chew it well and make sure that we crunched the seeds as well. The fruit tasted awful, but we had to continue, and we had to eat at least five of them. Our stomachs started aching. We started to feel sick, but at least it would stop our cocks from growing. At least we hoped so.

Part 3

When we couldn't eat anymore, we went back to our tent and went to sleep. When we woke up late in the afternoon, we knew it had worked. Our cocks were now a little less than 27 inches, so it had slowed down. We ate some more of the fruit, and two days later our cocks had stopped at 28 inches. Now finally we had the time to explore the beautiful scenery around us, and we had time for each other again. For some reason our balls had grown, and they produced a big amount of cum. We've been sleeping in each other's arms, and without having played with each other's cocks, we were still covered with cum. Which of course turned us on, but it seemed like we could just give up fucking each other, as our cocks were way too big for our asses. Still, we were enjoying ourselves for several days, before we realized we couldn't go back to New York like this. We didn't have any clothes that fitted us, and besides, how would we cover a 28 inch cock? It was like a third leg. We would need really big pants, but it would still cause problems when we were walking, or when it hardened. We suddenly saw problems we hadn't thought of before. And continue eating the plant wouldn't reverse the growth of our cocks. It just stopped it. Simon would have to move in with me, which of course wasn't a problem. But we would have to isolate ourselves in our home and have everything delivered to our door. But how would we be able to work and get paid?

While we were thinking about our new problems, we heard somebody or something behind us. Simon grabbed the gun quickly, thinking it could be a bear. But when we turned around, we were shocked. A young guy was standing there, and behind him were ten others. They all had big cock like ours.

“Hi there,” the first one said.

“Wow,” I said. “I can see we're not the only ones.”

The first one stepped over to us and shook our hands. He introduced himself as Mark, and then introduced us to the others.

Mark said that they also had bought the potion from Dr. Blackstone, and with cocks this big they couldn't return home, so they built a town hidden in the mountains right by this valley.

Simon and I would have to consider settling down with this group, so we followed them to have a look at the town.

The town had a suitable name. Cocksville. By the path right where we entered the town, there was a sign with the name on it, and the words “Population 20” underneath. Cocksville looked like an old Wild West town. Except the buildings were brand new. There was one street with four buildings on each side of the unpaved street. I had to laugh when I saw they had even named it Main Street. Mark laughed too.

“We expect the town to be growing,” he said with a smile.

There was a store, a saloon, a hotel and even a bigger building that said City Hall on it. I had to laugh again. They sure had plans for the town. The store looked like it had anything you would need, and I wondered how they got everything up into the mountains. They even had fresh milk and refrigerated food.

Mark explained that they'd built a small power station by the waterfall behind the town, so they had electricity. When it came to getting fresh food and everything else up to Cocksville, they had to rely on some people they could trust, or as Mark put it “There happens to be some young guys who admire big cocks. They come up here with everything we need several times a week. We pay for the goods with gold from a gold mine we have up here, and we pay for the work howling it up here with certain services that they enjoy very much.” I could imagine what he meant. These admirers could be trusted, because they wouldn't let anybody else know about this town, as they wouldn't want to share us with others.

Mark said we could stay at the hotel as long as we wanted. Simon said he found this society pretty exciting, so he wanted to stay for a while, and we checked in at the hotel. As we talked over supper that night, we agreed that we couldn't go back to New York, so we would end up settling down in Cocksville. Then Mark said he could arrange with some people to collect our stuff in New York, and get it shipped to Idaho falls, and from there the “big cock admirers” could bring it to Cocksville. In the meantime the residents of the town would help us make an apartment ready in one of the buildings. It was not a hard decision to make. The work started the next day. Our vehicle was hidden in a cave where the road ended. There were several other cars there as well.

In the evening we socialized in the saloon with our new neighbors, and also a group of admirers who had arrived that afternoon.

One of the admirers very obviously caught an interest in me. He was looking at me for a long time. After I'd had some beers I had to go to the bathroom. He followed me, and as I stood in there and urinated, he came up to my side, and said: “You have a nice cock there, buddy!”

I replied: “And I bet you'd like to play with it, don't you?”

“I can't say no to an invitation,” he said and smiled. He could be no more than twenty years old and he was really cute. He had smooth tanned skin and black, curly hair hanging down to his shoulders. He looked white, but could've had some Native American blood in his veins.

We walked outside and over to the hotel across the street.

“My room or yours?” I asked.

“I have a single,” he said, and we went to his, in case Simon would return to ours. As soon as he shut the door, he let his pants drop to the floor. His t-shirt went the same way. He had a nice body.

He walked slowly over to me, his hands touching my muscular body, my arms, shoulders, chest. Then he went down on his knees and took a hold of my 28 inch cock. My cock was leaking precum, actually so much it made a wet spot on the floor. My new friend, who called himself Peter, looked hungry for cock. He said in low tone of voice, “I want you to fill both my mouth and my ass with your cum tonight.”

“But you won't be able to take my big cock,” I said.

“You will be surprised,” he said. “I've been training with giant dildos and bottles. Even with a cockhead the size of a big fist, like yours, I will be able to take almost half of your wondercock. I won't be able to eat your cock, but I sure can open my mouth and get half that cockhead between my lips, and I won't let go until you're dry. And if I haven't drowned by the time, I might even fuck your hot ass.”

Actually he had a pretty nice tool himself. It looked small compared to me, but I believed I would surely feel his ten inches when he fucked me.

My cock was hard. Peter turned around and went down on all four, lifted his ass up towards me, and wanted me to push my big cockhead against his hole, which seemed to be well greased already.

My head seemed to be too big for him, but he kept pushing, he was moaning loudly, screaming a little bit, pushing again, harder. Then, when I thought he wouldn't make it, the head slipped inside him, and he let out a loud “Aaarrrgh!” He was breathing heavily. I still thought he had done something he wasn't able to, and I was a little worried that I might hurt him. But after a minute of just breathing heavily, he started pushing carefully. I heard him say “Man, are you big!” with clenched teeth.

Inch by inch his ass swallowed my cock. After a few minutes he moaned loudly again. My cock wouldn't go in any further. As he said he would, he had taken about half of it. Slowly he moved forward, and then backed down the shaft of my cock again. Because of the size of the monster cock, he moved very carefully. This was a whole new experience to me, so it didn't take long before I came. A lot of cum had built up inside me, so I filled him up really good.

Peter moaned and smiled when he felt his ass filling up, and cum started running down the back and insides of his legs.

As he moved forward again, and got off my cock, cum kept coming out of the long shaft. I shot it up his back and all over his ass. It felt like I was shooting a whole gallon of this sticky stuff. A big puddle was on the floor.

Then Peter turned around towards me. He bent down and started licking the goo off the floor.

When he saw that my cock was getting hard again, he took it in his hands and started pulling on it. Up and down, while he was licking on the head. I couldn't take much of the treatment, and I was about to come again.

Peter noticed that I was breathing heavily and I was clenching my fists, so he positioned his mouth right over my piss slit and started teasing the slit with his tongue. He tried to push it inside. That took me over the edge, and I started shooting harder than I did a few minutes ago. Peter's mouth filled up fast with man juice. He couldn't swallow it all, then he'd probably drown, and when he stopped to breath, my cock kept shooting big cascades all over his face. His nose, his eyes, his hair was all covered with the stuff. It was running down his cheeks and chin, and down on his chest. He didn't stop licking and drinking until I was completely dry.

Then he said, “Oooh, how much I love you giant dicked guys. You're everything to me, and more.”

He told me to lay down on his bed with my ass up in the air. He then did as he promised, to fuck my ass. He greased his cock, and then entered me. He was covered with so much of my cum that it was dripping down on my back and ass, and some of it was probably mixing with his own that filled my ass. I licked his dick clean, and he ended up shooting again. This was the first time I'd ever tasted someone else's cum, and I had to admit I loved it.

Peter came up to me and started French kissing me. Our cum mixed as our tongues were twisting inside each other's mouths. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

Part 4

When I woke up the next morning, Peter was already gone. The sheets and the mattress were all soaked. The “maid”, acute “big cock admirer” came in as I was getting up and ready to leave. He smiled at me when he saw the sticky sheets. I could see his cock was growing inside his pants. I put a hand on his crotch and kissed him on his mouth. He was so horny that I went down on my knees and sucked him off. His name was Kevin, and I got to see more of him later.

A few days later Peter and a whole bunch of other guys came with mine and Simon's stuff from New York. Simon and I moved into separate apartments in Cocksville. We were best buddies, but with so many lovers, we found it more convenient to have separate apartments.

The town would soon be growing, both with guys who had cocks that were almost touching the ground, but also with admirers. No matter what kind of people who moved in, the town never was put on a map. Everybody wanted to keep Cocksville a secret, because they all loved it so much, and they were living the life of their dreams there. They wanted it to remain that way.

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