Charles’s monster

By Keliadom 
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Charles was one of a kind, since as long as he can remember, he's had an enormous penis, ready to fuck, ready to impress. It all started when he was about 16 and got in this dick size contest with his buddies. He had the last straw, in as such, he was the last one to pull it out. So far so good, most of his friends were in the normality, until an acquaintance of his decided to put on a little show. Jason was his name. He slowly pulled his pants down, revealing, ever so slowly, one thick appendage. The base must have been 5 inches around soft. Gasps were heard, but still he pulled down with a grin on his face. It came down to being 6 inches soft.

"You see everyone? Hah! I'm beating you all. Come on Charles, let's see if you can hold up the candle you've been boasting all this year!"

Just this moment, Charles realised something : his male penis, the utmost ruler of "manliness" according to the masses, was a monster, and he was beating all of his friends in that department. While he knew he was big simply because his hands couldn't go quite around it, he never knew how much.

He smiled at his friends, and then… tried to pull it out! He had lowered his pants somewhat, and took both his hands to pull it out. But then, only half of it was up, the rest still curled inside. Charles reached farther in to pull the rest. "So, what do you guys think?"

They had no idea. Charles turned toward Jason and looked at him, only to see a repressed joy in his blue eyes. He was the first to speak : "My god.. Charles.. this is.. this is inhuman!"

Whispers were arising "oh my god, did you see this?—Is that a condition?". As any teenagers would be, the kid was mighty proud of his appendage.

Jason was already coming back with a ruler : "I.. I just have to know how much". He put the tape on top of the dick at the base, then pulled the ruler down. 12 inches were gone, 14 was coming, and 15 was the end. 15 and a half inches long soft. Jason just let the tape there, secretly enjoying the softness of the warm beast. While Charles had a huge dick, you could also say that he had a gorgeous one. No veins where visible on it and it sported a great big red head hidden by the skin. Then Jason proceeded to check measure the girth : 11 inches around. He slowly retracted his hand from it while brushing it, feeling the heat. Looking up, Jason saw Charles looking at him smiling in pride.

That was 3 years ago. Nothing more of the sort happened, and almost everyone involved in the incident refrained from ever speaking about it, except Charles of course. In the last 3 years, he became increasingly self-centered and egoistic. One could say it was to compensate for the lack of sex, since every drunken girl he ended up with at a party refused entry. They saw the thing, barely hard because of the alcohol, and either laughed in awkwardness or pitied him. But all in all, he couldn't get any.

College time was up, but Charles had no intentions of going as of yet. He worked 5 days a week in a computer store, trying to make money for a trip round the world. He figured he'd come back for his studies one day. But luck would have it otherwise. Today was the day the new clerk was coming in, and Charles was to instruct him.

He was in the back of the store when the store's doorbell ranged. "Hi!, came a voice, I'm the new clerk! Anyone here?"

Charles yelled back "Yeah just wait for me, I'll be right there". He came out of the room, looking down at his pants while brushing off the dust.

"Charles?" He promptly looked up.

"My god… Jason! What, how's it been!" There first reaction was simply to hug each others, and Jason, naughty naughty Jason, also took the time to smell his friend's perfume, and appreciate his tallness. Jason wasn't too short at 5'10, but Charles was still 8 inches taller than him.

"So this is what you've been up to! said Jason. It's been a while.. what.. 2 years now?"

"Yeah, I've been busy helping my friend with this shop mostly. Just recently did I start to save for a trip."

"Can't believe we'll be working together. I think I'm going to like this job more than I ever thought I could…"

Charles just smiled that beautiful smile of his at Jason. He proceeded to take him around the room, showing him the ropes of where the stuff goes, and then proceeded to put the "closed" sign on the front door while he showed him the backstore. Although Charles was just babbling, Jason kept looking down at his crotch, the memory of the 15 inches penis was burnt in his mind. Charles' pants were pretty lose though, so it was hard to make out anything, but that bulge was still there.

"Are you listening to me?" Jason snapped out of it.

"Oh god, sorry, I was just thinking about something."

"Don't tell me… you've been thinking about a certain thing that everyone things about around me… Do you…" (Charles looked around and smirked), "do you want to see it again?"

Jason just blushed, his red face contrasting with his blond hair. How he did! Without waiting for an answer, Charles started to unbutton his pants. "Wait! said Jason, wait, let me do it."

Jason unbuttoned the pants, showing Charle's thight grey boxers. To his surprise, he felt Charles' lanky hands on the back of his head. He pulled his face closer to the crotch, pushing his nose on it. A bump was forming in Jason pants. His cock was getting hard as hell, just from anticipation. He started to pull down… and saw the base.. the humongous, giant base of Charles' dick. Maybe it was his memory, but it looked even bigger than before.

He pulled the boxers down slowly, slowly, revealing inch after inches, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14… and.. and.. it kept going! 16, 17, 18 "My god, is this going to end!", 19 inches! Jason was in awe. He just couldn't take it anymore, and pulled the giant cockhead toward him, pulling the thick soft skin back, revealing the huge slit, wet with pre-cum. Jason looked up for Charles' approval.

"Go on, make me hard."

Jason took the head to his mouth and licked. He licked and licked, smearing it with his saliva, trying to push his tongue into the giant, almost inch long, slit. "Hmm, Charles moaned, yeah, keep doing that…" Jason felt the heartbeat trough the dick as it got harder, slowly yet surely. Bigger, bigger, it kept growing bigger, longer, fatter. 22 inches long, 24, 26. Thicker, 15 inches around, 16, 17. This was impossible. Jason's mind was going wild with lust.

He sucked it even more, trying to get the monstrous cockhead in his mouth, to no avail. Pre-cum was pouring out of Charles' widening slit, coating the face of his friend… Still, bigger, longer, fatter, 29 inches, 33, 34… 36. Three foot long. The horrendous beast was hard as a rock at the three foot mark, 26 inches around. An enormous beast. Jason had both his hands under the girth, trying to support the heavy dick.

Charles helped him by taking a hold of the lower portion, while he started to rub it more and more on Jason's face. The Pre-cum was pissing out, Jason drank it, wild. A wet spot was appearing on his pants, he just came.

"I want your cum on me," said Jason, "I want it all on me. Oh god, you're amazing!"

Charles was proud, proud again like that time 3 years ago. It's been so long since it happened, the praise. He wanted more of it. "Be my bitch, Jason. Be my cock bitch, I'll cum for you always".

Then the action intensified, the monstrous head's tone darkened as it expanded. Slurping sounds could be heard from Jason, Charles was just trying to supress the orgasm that was flooding his mind. God, how he wanted more, how he knew he would have more. Since the last girl that saw him nude, 2 years ago, he kept growing bigger, longer. He kept producing more and more cum and pre-cum, growing taller. He was going to be a mutant, a fucking sex mutant or wathever, and he loved it. He kept thinking of this, imagining how he would look like when his cock will reach 40 inches long, even bigger around, and then… his penis throbbed.

"Oh.. uh.. oh.. Jason.. I, uhn.. watch out!" The huge inch and half long slit opened up and cum poured out. It just drooled out like his pre-cum, following in it's wake, but it just kept coming out in one strong pulse. Jason was mad with lust, drinking the cum, pouring it on him, wetting his clothes, looking at the huge pre-cum poodle on the floor around them, looking back up at his tall friend, oh how he wanted more.

Charles kept grunting… 15 seconds had passed, 20… this orgasm was amazing. Never had he felt anything like it. This was one to remember… 26 seconds… 30… slowly, the flow stopped. Jason was wet, the front of his shirt dark with his obsession's juice.

Charles lowered himself, took his friend's head between his long fingers, and kissed him. His big full lips taking over the mouth of his friends, his tongue invading the mouth's privacy, tasting his cum and pre-cum. They moaned and kissed, moaned again and kissing even harder. They couldn't get enough of each others. Jason was cumming for the second time without touching himself…

He had to have more.

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