Anomalous Materials Research Facility 3‑DL

By Mad Dog  and Gurak 
2 parts
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Part 1

Anomalous Materials Research Facility 3-DL was a strange place to work. It was one of the most backwater facilities in the galaxy, so far removed from everything else that the nearest source of civilization was more than eighty light-years away. The station itself was a feat of engineering, about three miles wide and six miles tall, a blinking obelisk floating in orbit around an orange dwarf star. The reason for the station’s remote location was fairly obvious; anomalous materials were exactly that, and the station should be as far away from any other inhabited system as possible, since at any given moment the materials they worked with could cause the nearby star to grow to many times its size, collapse into a black hole, explode the station itself into a star-system-destroying burst of gamma radiation, affect the fabric of space-time such that the nearby area becomes frozen in time… the list went on.

Not that the myriad apocalyptic scenarios they faced on a daily basis seemed to bother the other members of the crew. The description sounded scary, but working with elements and objects that were forged in the least-understood stellar phenomena was more boring than one might think. Sometimes they’d discover a new element, sometimes they’d discover something that had an odd effect on the quantum scale, but nothing had seemed too dangerous thus far. The team on the station was quite skilled, and each member was great at what they did. The lone human on board was the most scientifically-literate of the bunch when it came to the work they did, but the rest of the crew weren’t slouches either.

The lone human felt painfully mundane compared to his shipmates. Krusk the orc was in charge of security and transport logistics, Ahlawi the fox managed the station’s information network and was the direct interface to the AI that took care of the mundane work on the station, Ulric the dwarf was chief materials and containment engineer, Brutus the rabbit was the station’s maintenance engineer and kept the place running, and Archibald the centaur was the theoretical physicist and experiment designer. A well-oiled machine, all things considered. The fact that the human was surrounded by studs that were each sexy in their own right didn’t help him stay focused, but they were all guys there, and the world was a much more sexually-liberated place. If only he could work up the courage to be part of the random couplings that would spontaneously develop as a cycle ended and everyone headed for bed…

Carter, the human, was indeed mundane compared to his shipmates, standing at only 5’6” tall with mousy brown hair and nearsighted due to a childhood where books were his best friend. He was fairly skinny, as he didn’t have much of an appetite and the food they were able to get out this far was pretty bland, anyways; mostly artificial proteins and such that reminded him of tofu. He yawned as he got out of bed at the beginning of the new cycle. He hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before. Despite what should be fairly thick bulkheads, he could hear some of his nearby shipmates and their… enthusiastic coupling all night long. He gave himself a shower and dressed in his usual uniform for going into the lab, a jumpsuit with an undershirt and his usual underwear. He left his cabin and went out into the hallway and could instantly smell the musky stench of his colleagues. It was definitely mixed in with the smell of sex. It seemed the festivities last night had spilled out into the hallway at some point, which wouldn’t surprise Carter one bit. He made his way to the cafeteria where everyone would be filtering in to get grub for the cycle ahead.

His other shipmates paced in after him, their voices resonating in the hallways of the station, laughing and jovial. They must have thought he was such a stick in the mud, a fuddy-duddy who was too prudish to partake in their reindeer games and judged them for it. At least, that’s what Carter told himself, which only drove him further into a corner.

It didn’t help that his shipmates were studs in their own right. In the distant past, none of these other species existed. But with time and genetic manipulation being mastered, experiments began to happen, new species were born. The galaxy changed quickly, at first meeting these new creatures with suspicion, but they were simply forced to accept them as they continued to breed and grow more populated. Now it was common to see no less than thirty different species on a small-sized commercial hub.

Ahlawi was riding on Archibald’s back, the lithe but monstrously-endowed fox wrapping his arms around the gray-haired centaur’s middle and grinding his still-hard cock into the groove of muscle that surrounded Archibald’s spine. The centaurs had been the first race created artificially, and they’d swiftly taken over the world. Carter was part of a dying breed, a species that would have destroyed the world if left to their own devices, now figuratively riding on the backs of their half-equine saviors into a world of wonder that no pre-Singularity (for that’s what they called the birth of the centaur race) human could imagine. The two whispered and giggled, Archibald standing a massive 12’10” and weighing who-knows-how-much, the silver-daddy effectively immortal but a very fetching and mature-looking fellow, as burdened with muscle and manhood as he was, his frontal set contained in a tasteful pouch for some measure of decorum.

Ahlawi was the opposite, barely 20 years old and an insatiable sex-hound, likely the only one who could keep up with Archibald’s immense appetites.

“Ah, good morning, Carter!” Archibald said brightly as he carried Ahlawi into the mess hall, dispensing his least-hated formulation of food onto his massive plate and passing a smaller one to the fox, who was still half-asleep, draped across the centaur’s back.

“Hmmhhf…g’mornin’…” the fox said with a yawn, having a swimmer’s build but a cock that touched the ground, thicker around than his waist, kept contained in his own jumpsuit. He had to crawl around wiring ducts and network nodes all day, so he couldn’t have his massive, ever-leaking junk flopping around.

Carter blushed a bit as he bid his crewmates good morning, such as it was on a ship where even if one looked out of a viewscreen it was nothing but bland space dotted with stars. He briefly felt some jealousy aimed at those two. Imagine, being born into the ruling class like Archibald, given a body and mind that could surmount any obstacle and never fearing death, or being like Ahlawi and being born with a tool of sexual pleasure that could take him to orgiastic highs that Carter could never fathom. Quite a far cry from the piece of lumber that always was visible outlined in the fox’s jumpsuit, Carter’s own minuscule member was easily ignored in his outfit.

“What’s on the slate for today?” he asked Archibald. While Carter was the expert in theoretical physics, he was still under Archibald’s supervision, as he actually directed the experiments they conducted.

“Ah, we have something very exciting on the docket today,” Archibald said as he settled on his side of the big table, Ahlawi clinging onto his form and dozing off again. “That material that I’ve been searching out for months has finally arrived. The first ever stellar ejection from a black hole that somehow un-collapsed and emitted all manner of fascinating materials and elements we’ve never seen before. Our station was the first chosen to research this new matter, isn’t that fantastic?” he asked with a big grin. That was a very rare event, only thought to be theoretically possible, and they were going to study the stuff that came out of a black hole where nothing should ever be?

“I’ve been keeping it storage for a few cycles, ensuring that the containment field within its transport container would hold, and I think it’s ready to be analyzed now. I’ve set up a few rudimentary tests that I’d like you to do…it may look like a boring shard of obsidian, but it’s got the remnants of whole stars and planets within it. I’m excited to see what you can discover, my friend!” he said with a big grin, his massive chest bouncing with his excitement, his pecs wider than he was tall.

The orc was the next to come thudding into the mess hall, shirtless as always, a utility belt around his waist, armed with several devices that can shut down any dangerous situation in a hurry…and a heavy-bore plasma pistol in case anyone would get the damned fool idea to try and raid this station. He wasn’t shirtless just to show off (though he did have an incredibly powerful and fetching physique), it was merely difficult to find shirts that fit an orc with four arms and four pecs, having been genemodded after enlisting in the navy to better suit his role. Now serving as security for civilian endeavors, he looked a bit out of place, a career military man re-assigned to some backwater station where the only stuff he’d get to shoot were practice targets.

“What’s excitin’?” he rumbled, his upper right arm scratching the back of his neck, his bicep muscle surging up against the side of his head and his traps. His navy-camo pants were ‘politely’ bundled up with his massive endowment snaked down one pant leg, his balls down the other, his dick shin-length. Orcs responded very well to the navy’s gene therapy. “Ain’t ever seen you smile so big outside of having your dicks up inside our foxslut’s bottomless hole,” Krusk chortled, his country-boy drawl outing him as being from a backwater system himself.

“Archibald was just telling me how I’m gonna get the privilege to analyze material that no other living creature in the universe has encountered before,” Carter told Krusk, glancing at the orc’s massiveness in his pants before quickly glancing away. He and Krusk had never quite meshed together socially ever since coming to be on this station together. The orc was just so… much, and Carter preferred his place in the corner, not taking up too much space. “Y’know, science stuff,” he told him.

Krusk smirked, shamelessly adjusting his package and scratching at his dense forest of chest hair as he rumbled over to the dispenser. “Sure as hell sounds like science stuff. I’ll be doin’ my usual rounds…scanner says there’s a meteorite storm on the way, so I’ll probably be manning the turret and skeet shooting for part of this cycle. Lemme know if that space-rock gets unruly and needs a blasting,” he snickered, sitting beside the taur and wolfing down his food.

“You wore him out but good, eh?” he asked Archibald, motioning to the snoozing fox on his back. The centaur blushed behind his snow-white beard, grinning sheepishly.

“Ahlawi can be very…persuasive. Even with the entirety of my frontal endowment buried inside of him, he still begged to feel my rear set double-penetrating him. I…ahem,” he coughed slightly, glancing away. “…may have gotten a bit excited. His persistent cries for me to breed him and sire my foals within him were…motivating, for certain. I do not yet have any fox-taur sons, and the idea…appeals,” he said demurely, having already sired no less than six thousand foals, something that the orc got him to admit one day, much to Carter’s shock.

Centaurs were notorious for keeping their accomplishments relatively private, apparently a more-or-less genetically-hardwired tendency toward modesty. It was only because of their overwhelmingly apparent superiority in every aspect of their lives that others felt so small and insignificant next to them. At least these other races have something they can boast about, Carter thought to himself rather glumly as he poked at his protein glop. Imagine, having that many progeny, he thought. In this era, two men were able to procreate together with the proper steps taken, and in most of the other races men came ready to breed each other as default. He shuddered to think what the station would be like if Archibald ever decided to succumb to temptation and put a litter in the fox. Ahlawi’s kind were not known for their small births. The aforementioned bottomless capacity for insertions made him a natural partner for the centaur when the normally buttoned-down Archibald decided to let his hair down, so to speak.

“M-Maybe I should get going to analyze that rock…” Carter timidly muttered, standing up to begin to take his tray away. He always felt so uncomfortable when the others would begin talking about their endless fucking. Especially when none of that energy was directed at him.

“Carter…” Archibald’s deep, sonorous voice cut the air, his massive palm gently taking the human’s forearm. “…You know you can talk to me about whatever you may have on your mind, yes?” he asked, his voice paternal and concerned. He knew that Carter was holding back, that he intentionally distanced himself from the others. “Please let me know if I can do anything to help,” he stated, releasing the human’s arm. Carter’s face burned; centaurs were just so fucking superior that even when they were being kind it sounded like condescension.

Walking briskly to the lab, Carter found the subject of his tests on the conveyer belt from storage, sitting in a crystalline case and supported by about fifty tiny pylons of energy, suspending it perfectly and shielding it from any shocks resulting from being moved. They had discovered new elements in this lab before, so the process should be the same. His face burned as he read Archibald’s instructions, he couldn’t help but feel like he was being patronized, like Archibald could do all of this by himself and the human was just around so that he could feel useful in the twilight years of his species.

He wordlessly put on his matter manipulation gloves, which allowed him to handle the rock without directly touching it. The gloves allowed him to control gravity fields around small objects, lifting and setting them down as necessary. He was reminded of those ancient devices called oven mitts. He put the rock in the spectral analyzer and input the specifications that Archibald had laid out for him. He couldn’t help but feel like he was here on this station to fill a quota. There wasn’t anything he could do that Archibald couldn’t probably do better. In fact, the taur would probably just check his work after he was done, to make sure it was free of mistakes. Brutus and Ulric had taken their sweet time getting to the mess hall, so it was probably their sex stink that he’d smelled in the hallways and they were in the midst of separating themselves from each others’ drying cum, he thought jealously. Little did anyone on the station know that a ribbon of anomalous energy was coursing through the space nearby and would be intersecting with the station in just a few moments. Normally, the station’s sensors would be able to pick it up, but this energy was unlike anything ever encountered and thus the sensors didn’t know how to look for it. Carter was standing in the middle of this cosmic storm as it interacted with this unknown material, all because he had been in a bad mood and forgotten to take his usual precautions to wear a radiation suit…

As he was analyzing the results of the tests he was running, he noticed a dim glow coming from the shimmering shard of stone that seemed to soak up light, now suddenly emitting a prismatic glow that rapidly built in strength and intensity, the sensors beeping with warnings and alarms as it rattled in its containment case, Carter’s gloves feeling hot, followed by his entire body as the shard rocked and shook within its case, the light growing brighter and brighter until Carter was forced to shield his eyes, the stone acting like a battery for the cosmic ray that had intersected the station, soaking up what little of it managed to pass through the radiation shielding and shattering with a massive crash, sending Carter flying backwards from the force of the stone exploding into myriad pieces.

He felt tiny daggers of the stone piercing his flesh as he was rocketed backward from the explosion, perforating his entire front…but only briefly. By the time he’d landed and looked down at his torso, the tiny shards and the wounds they’d caused were gone, leaving only holes in his clothing. The stone was gone, a scorch mark where it once sat in its case, the equipment around it broken and smouldering. Carter was unhurt, at least…but he was sure the entire station felt that tremor just now.

“Carter! I’m getting alerts from your lab!” Krusk’s voice rang in his comms implant. “Something exploded down there! All the sensors are going haywire, what happened?!…Carter?!”

Carter tried to reply, but this tingling heat was too overwhelming, all he could do was moan as the fragments of the stone that he’d absorbed began to ravage him.

It was like a fire in him as he could only give a guttural moan as his body reacted explosively to the demands of the energy that he had been suffused with. His jumpsuit instantly began to tear at the seams as his body, formerly average and nondescript, began to heap immense amounts of muscle onto itself, doubling his body weight in just a few moments, and then going far beyond that! His frame expanded, trying to keep him mobile while he looked down and saw nothing but a shelf of pecs, formerly hairless and now starting to become covered in some kind of bluish fur. He turned to the side and saw a massive trapezius muscle bursting forth, a pumpkin-sized deltoid leading down to an upper arm bigger around than his waist used to be. The same was happening on the other side, his lats unfurling, wider than his old height. He grunted again as he felt his teeth shift, the bones in his face moving and changing as well, his back adjusting with a crack. Suddenly, it didn’t feel so comfortable to be on his two feet…

He shunted forward and heaved with breath, landing on his hands and knees, his body still erupting with mass and beginning to mutate. His teeth were grinding up against each other, becoming fangs that were starting to jut from his mouth, his face elongating, his eyes turning a radiant purple color as fur began to sprout around his head. He could barely see his face in the reflection of the plasteel floor that he was looking down at, shuddering and grimacing as he watched his face mutate into something resembling a werewolf, his legs cracking as his knees suddenly bent the other way, his body becoming quadrupedal! Soon he was as tall at the shoulder as he was when he was standing upright, his freakish form erupting with fur and muscle, a barbed tail emerging from his spine as green slime began to leak between his fangs. He couldn’t help but grind his massive dick against the floor, grunting in beastly delight as he felt the sheer weight and heft of it, and he wasn’t even hard yet!

His manhood was flopping between his legs lazily, easily as big as Ahlawi’s manhood, he imagined, and growing bigger! He felt his hands becoming more paw-like, changing the way they bent in order to fit his new quadrupedal stance. He gurgled as he felt more of the green saliva ooze out around the corners of his mouth where his fangs poked out like tusks on a sabertooth cat. His tail grew longer, thicker, stronger, a series of odd sensations moving along his back. He had no idea that spikes were growing along him, larger and gnarlier as he continued to transform. Only when he felt pressure at his forehead and saw in the reflection of the floor two wicked horns growing out of his head did he understand just how far things were being taken, the blue fur continuing to cover his freakish frame, everywhere but his belly, which itself was beginning to bulk up.

Some part of his conscious mind knew that he was mutating into some kind of horrible, freakish monster, but it was being drowned out by the newly-beastly part of him that could only think of how good this felt, to be wild, to be big and strong, to be…free! He didn’t know what he would become, but he knew he’d never go back to being a puny little human again!

He was lost in his own hedonistic bliss, his nipples starting to leak a faintly-glowing blue substance that felt so good to smear across his fur and his belly, making him feel all warm and tingly and strong. He was only snapped out of his self-indulgent reverie when heard the massive crash of Krusk’s immense body shouldered through the security door, his four arms tearing the sliding metal shutters apart like tissue paper. The orc barged into the room, panting and sweating from the strain of bashing through the door, his eyes wide as he caught sight of what had happened to the lab…and what was happening in the center of it, as Carter grew taller, wider, thicker, stronger, hairier.

“W-what…the fuck…Carter?! What the fuck’s happening to you?!” he shouted in panic, backing away and putting his hand on the holster of his gun, the unshakable orc trembling with fear at the growing monster he was witnessing.

Part 2

Seeing his colleague tear onto the scene and react in abject fear to him was enough to snap Carter out of his instinctual rut and back into the reality of his situation. Instead of the blood that was pounding in his now-pointed and upturned ears, he heard Krusk’s bass exclamations and saw the gun pointed directly at his head. Carter felt deep shame and embarrassment. Here he was, naked, his genitals blown up so huge there was no way that Krusk couldn’t see them. Hell, he could feel his mostly-soft member pressing against the swell of his belly more than halfway up it, his testes so large he was having trouble fitting them between his hindlegs. His tail swished behind him somewhat bashfully now. If he had retained the ability to blush in his new form, he likely would’ve. He opened his fanged mouth to speak, drool dripping from his black-lipped maw, and tried to explain what had happened, that he wasn’t a threat. The only sound that came out of his nearly non-existent neck was a rumbling grunt. His slit-pupil eyes shot wide as he realized that this new form wasn’t able to speak, at least not like he had been able to before.

Krusk stopped, his hands no longer quivering. He slowly lowered the pistol back into its holster and approached gently, trying to project a soothing affectation. “H-hey….it’s still you in there, right, Carter?” he asked nervously, reaching out to gently rub the wolf-beast between his ears. Little did either of them realize that being so close to Carter was causing his energy to seep into Krusk, the orc’s nerves so shot that he didn’t realize he was soaking his pants as he gushed with ass-cum, as though his body was forcing itself to get ready to breed with this beast.

Carter’s sense of smell was much more acute in this form than it was as a human and he grunted deeply as he both smelled and heard the orc’s body shift itself into breeding mode. He attempted to say something in response to Krusk’s entreaty but couldn’t manage to get anything more eloquent than a sad murr out of his beastly throat. He tried to give his colleague a look of friendship, or at least try to send some kind of signal that he meant no harm. He wasn’t sure how expressive his new face was. It was frustrating, having his full intellect buried underneath this behemoth! He grunted again as he felt his balls bloat another size bigger, precum gushing out of his cock more forcefully. His muscles creaked larger, belly swelling thicker…!

Krusk did his best to remain calm and try to interpret what Carter was doing, wondering if anything remained of the human in this creature’s brain. Seeing him continue to expand made Krusk jump back a bit, tapping at his forearm-mounted control console in a panic. “Shit, you’re still mutating! The containment breach might still be ongoing…shit…” he muttered, a series of heavy metallic thunks filling Carter’s more sensitive ears, realizing that the bulkhead doors had slammed down all around them, blocking the lab off from anyone that might try to enter. They were meant to keep a structure breach contained so the entire station didn’t get sucked out into a hard vacuum, but they could just as easily keep things in as well.

Krusk grunted, slumping his shoulders a bit, seemingly resigned to some kind of awful fate. “I’m probably exposed too, now…well…at least nobody else on the station will be put at risk,” he muttered, unsure if Carter could even understand him anymore. The newly-made beast’s muscles creaked and pressed against each other, his balls dropping lower, his cock thickening and expanding, little shivers of bliss rocking through him as the anomalous material embedded within him continued to go haywire. Krusk backed up a bit, not wanting to be caught in the way of that spike-covered tail if it suddenly lashed his way.

Carter groaned a bit as he felt his whole body continuing to change, the shock of his sudden transformation fading into a steady aching all over, his horns getting thicker, longer, gnarlier, his claws growing larger on his paws, his tail getting longer and heavier, his thickening belly starting to press his cock firmly into the floor as he moaned, heavy stones shrugging with his new fluids. His nipples swelled and dripped with their slightly fluorescent blue fluid, his green saliva dripping from his fangs. Carter couldn’t see most of himself, but he knew he had to look monstrous. From the way Krusk was talking, he probably thought he was some sort of dumb beast now. He had to try to communicate in some kind of way. He lowered his ears and whined a bit, leaning forward and trying to nuzzle his more beastly face against his crewmate’s torso, showing his friendliness, or at least his disinterest in aggression at the very least.

Krusk stood still and allowed Carter to touch him, reaching down to rub his head again. “Hey…okay…we can get through this, big guy. Uh…does it hurt?” he asked, watching Carter shake his head. “Okay…that’s good, then…” he grunted, biting his lip and trying to ignore the growing wet spot down the side of his pants where the head of his cock was resting. The back of his pants was soaked with his ass-cum, the orc shivering a bit as he took in more and more of Carter’s scent. “Heh…y-you smell pretty damn sexy…for some reason. Making me all…rrhhf,” he grunted, looking at the rest of Carter’s body with a more lustful gaze.

Carter’s body kept bulking up, adding hundreds of pounds of muscle under the fur. Carter had to maneuver his stance on his new paws, since his pectorals were pushing his stance wider, along with the musculature of his hind legs. He sniffed a scent on Krusk he’d never smelled before, at least not like this. Human noses couldn’t pick up the cornucopia of scents that creatures like his crewmates could put off, but now that he was changed, he could smell all the various notes of Krusk’s musk, precum, and that delectable ass-cum. His purplish eyes went wide and he instinctively licked at the wetness in Krusk’s pants.

The orc’s cock pulsed and swelled against Carter’s muzzle, the big green brute rubbing his head with his lower pair of arms while his upper pair rubbed at his meaty nipples, squeezing his biceps against his pecs and groaning. He closed his eyes and grit his teeth, taking in a deep breath and snarling like a beast just as feral as Carter was becoming as an audible rush of liquid came pouring from Krusk’s hole, his ass-cum pooling around his boots as it slipped through his pant legs. To be gushing so hard, with so much volume…

“F-fuck! Never been…so horny in my fuckin’ life!” Krusk snarled, panting with need, instinctively pulling his clothes off as fast as he could, the orc standing there nude with his monolithic cock on display, his massively-muscular body on full display, his inner thighs wet with his ass-cum. This was the sort of lust an orc would feel at hearing their zugdur whisper that he’s going to put his eighth cub inside his mokdur, making his massively-bloated body even more freakish and less mobile, the kind of lust that only the deepest instinctual needs could trigger. Krusk started stroking his huge hog of a cock, looking down at Carter needfully, unsure of what to do. Blushing with shame and need, he sank to his knees, his eyes half-lidded, submitting to Carter and whatever his desires might be in the moment.

While it would be pleasing to simply mount the orc and hump away at him, something in Carter could sense that Krusk wasn’t ready to experience him yet. Carter knew this was just the start of his transformation, unsure if it would ever end but knowing it would get much more intense than this. Eventually, he’d make Krusk look puny and frail despite all his power, and by then he might have broken the orc or frightened him. He needed to bring him into the fold so that he could keep up with Carter.

Carter grunted and felt his pecs swelling a bit as he considered this, his nipples getting more and more sensitive as he shuddered. He didn’t know where all of this need was coming from, but he knew he somehow had to slake his lust with this orc that was bubbling up. He decided to try something and leaned back on his hind legs, lifting his body upward, exposing his belly and his big, half-hard leaking cock as his furry underbelly led up to his massive pecs, the nipples on each pec bloated and leaking its fragrant discharge…

Krusk crawled towards the monster, reaching up to rub at his massive pecs, soaking his hands with that strangely-glowing liquid before pulling them back to lick it off his fingers. Just a small taste sent the orc over the edge, all but tackling Carter and latching on to one of his big, sensitive nipples, gulping and sucking down as much of it as he could.

Carter’s mind lit up with bliss, it was so wonderful to have his nipples sucked and drained, he only wished that Krusk could suck both at the same time! A moment later, he felt another tusked set of lips wrap around his other nipple, unable to see past his pecs but knowing without a doubt that Krusk had grown a second head, taking in the mutagenic liquid at twice the rate. His entire frame creaked and swelled and grew larger, manlier, beastlier, his tusks growing longer and thicker, his body hair packing more man-musk, his muscles grinding against each other as he drank with reckless abandon. Did he mutate like that by coincidence? Was it because Krusk wanted it? Or…was it because Carter wanted him to mutate that way?…

Carter moaned low as he experienced this bizarre event with both the curious mind of a scientist and the blissed-out semi-consciousness of a very, very horny creature that was having a basic need finally fulfilled. His stones swelled by the gallon as his enormous cock began to harden in earnest now, his muscles continuing to thicken and magnify as Krusk slurped down his creamy milk-like fluid, his maws growing ever greater and hungrier, almost at a rate that Carter’s pecs were starting to have trouble sating! Carter felt that huge orc cock press into his belly… then another right next to it! Multiple arms and heads weren’t the only extra sets that the orc could boast of now!

Krusk was latching on tighter and tighter, groaning and snarling, sucking from Carter’s chest like a ravenous beast. The orc’s most primal instincts were coming to bear, he was losing his higher thinking to raw orcish need. This milk was making him bigger, stronger, manlier, so he needed more. And then even more. His swelling arms began to make progress gripping around Carter’s torso, his thickening jaw gently nibbling on Carter’s nipples to get more out of them, the orc purring and grunting like a hungry cub…with a pair of gigantic throbbing cocks grinding up against Carter, the orc’s balls now so heavy they’d rest on the ground if he were standing. More of his ass-cum began to flow as his holes duplicated as well, a thin membrane growing and forming two distinct puckers which leaked even more profusely. The heat within his forge flared, he was so hungry for Carter, for anything that Carter would give him!

Carter winced as he felt something odd traveling inside him as he continued swelling, snarling himself a bit as he felt that orc’s heads biting down on his fat, generous teats. He had the faint knowledge that he was producing something, but hadn’t the foggiest idea what it could be. He felt himself snarl loudly as he pushed something through his nipple and into the mouth of one of the heads. Krusk’s mouth felt instantly filled with a big, oblong, gelatinous object that had just come out of Carter’s mutant pec.

Krusk was so lost in his needful nursing that he swallowed the jiggly mass without a second thought, his gulping pausing as his eyes snapped open, the egg breaking open within him and flooding his guts with the mutagen contained within. The orc’s eyes rolled back into his heads and he moaned with a beastly growl as his twin cocks started to blast their loads against Carter’s body, the orc humping mindlessly against him, pulling his heads off those nipples to try and get a grip, his head was spinning, his entire world was shaking and warping, he felt changes reaching deep inside of him and he loved it!

He grew like never before, surging upward and outward in size, a third and fourth cock appearing, his nipples growing huge and gushing with hyper-nutritious pec milk, his body creaking and groaning as though something within him was bursting free!

“More…please…” he rumbled, panting. When he opened his eyes, he leaned back to look up at Carter, Krusk’s eyes now sporting a faint blue tint to them, just like the milk that was gushing from Carter’s pecs. “…Please…” he repeated, as though he needed this like air.

Carter knew that Krusk must be enormous now, so the fact that he was still having to look up at him meant that Carter must be even larger still! He could feel his horns curling back upon themselves, a wicked shape that belied his intelligent, demure nature… a nature that could barely be glimpsed behind the outward lusts that were raging within him. He knew this was a creature that was ready for him now. He looked down into Krusk’s faces, the look of need deep-seated in both of them, and reared his hips back, his swollen member burbling fluorescent precum constantly as he attempted to maneuver his beasthood toward the orc’s twin holes.

Realizing that Carter wanted to mount him, the orc did what he could to make himself more suitable for the big beast. He turned onto his hands and knees, his gigantic balls mounding up behind him, his cock so fat he had to stretch his massive arms to the sides just so it could squeeze past his head and chest, the head of it nearly as large as his torso and growing larger, making him a big gigantic freak of an orc with a useless monster-cock that could never fuck anything again, not even Archibald could take him! But the way he hiked his ass up into the air, how his holes gushed with his ass-cum, he wanted even more.

Carter felt his cock slip into one of his holes with ease, the orc snarling and gripping his inner muscles around it tightly. But it displeased Carter that he could only fill one of the orc’s backsides. And with that, a new appendage grew from his hindquarters, a second cock to match the first, a second pair of balls to go with it. In no time at all he humping and thrusting the entire length of his monster cocks into Krusk’s ass, making the orc bellow and roar and rumble for more!

When it was all over, Carter was a panting mess of a freak-beast, long, prehensile tongue lolling out of his mouth to the side as his twin cocks blasted loads deep inside of Krusk’s drooling holes. Those asses practically sucked off his cocks inside of them, forming perfect seals once the ejaculation began, keeping the lion’s share of his gigantic production inside of the massive beast of an orc. Both had grown even more since their coupling had begun, with Krusk’s bulk becoming so huge that he was beginning to have his movement affected, while Carter’s frame had continued to expand, allowing for his many tons of new muscle, bulk, bone structure and organs inside. His horns had continued to develop, curling on themselves. He had felt a pressure on his forehead during the moment of climax and it was only after the several minutes of orgasmic delight was ebbing away that his human mind returned to him. He happened to glance over at a particularly polished chrome surface and caught sight of his new beastly mug. It was fearsome, with sharp teeth, piercing purple irises in his eyes, and a glowing crystalline protrusion in the middle of his brow, pulsing gently. What on earth had happened to him? he thought.

Krusk groaned, wiping a bit of drool from his meatier maw, panting deeply and coated with sweat, smelling every bit like the meaty brute that he was. Almost too meaty by now; there was no way his hands could meet across his pecs, and his legs were so huge they were nudging each other apart. Even his manhood was bordering on uselessly-huge, but judging by how much he liked having his ass wrecked it didn’t seem like much of an issue.

“Fffuuuckkk…” he groaned, pinching his eyes closed to try and focus. It was then that he ‘heard’ Carter’s thoughts, not exactly in words, but more of a sense of intent, snarled by a rumbly, beastly voice. “What…the fuck?… Is that you, Carter?” he asked, confused. “I…dunno what happened. You tell me, you’re the scientist…”

Carter grunted in surprise. That was the first time Krusk had appeared to understand what he was trying to communicate since the change had happened. Almost as if…! “Can you hear what I’m thinking?” he asked with intent in his thoughts, his actual voice still just capable of roars and grunts. He began to withdraw his softening cocks from the orc’s twin assholes, a rather laborious process as it turned out since his length was nothing to sniff at and the orc’s asses seemed to have a mind of their own and didn’t want to give up the cocks that were so wonderfully filling them.

“Nnghhh…f-fuuuckkk…I don’t wanna let go…” Krusk rumbled but forced his assholes to relax and let Carter withdraw his massive dicks. “Y-yeah, I think I can hear you. It’s not, like… language, I think? I dunno. I’ve never read thoughts befoooorrreeee….” he snarled as the last of Carter’s cocks was pulled free, leaving him a trembling wreck on the ground.

Carter felt his two magnificent softening cocks flop onto the metal floor underneath him, slightly smooshed into it by the size of his belly above them. They traveled 3/4 of the way up his new torso even in this semi-soft state, and his four testicles behind him were a major obstacle to contend with as he tried to pad around. He was glad that these bays were so oversized for their purposes, as it allowed him to swell up to rather ridiculous proportions without busting through the bulkhead and getting sucked out into the vacuum of space. “Thank god you can hear me somehow, at any rate,” he told him, snuffling as he tried to pace the room. They were still sealed in by automatic security measures. Even with its large dimensions, the two men were taking up a fair bit of space and Carter could tell his body was still growing and changing, albeit at a slower rate than before his orgasm. Maybe climaxing helped sate whatever process was mutating him? Or maybe he was wrong and it was completely unrelated? He supposed he would find out soon. He shivered a bit as more muscle added to his chest and haunches, making him growl deeply, more precum oozing out of his cocks.

“You’re still growing, huh?” Krusk grunted, getting to his feet and wobbling a bit on his new body. “Holy fuck, I’m huge!! GRHHHRRHHHH!!!” he snarled as he flexed his massive body in a double-bicep pose, displaying his freakishly-massive frame proudly, his furry pits exposed and letting his man-musk waft out. Carter would have been happy with seeing this kind of display with how Krusk looked before, but now it was pretty striking. “Hahaha! Fuck yeah, whatever you did to me feels fucking great! I wonder if it’s permanent…”

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