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A note on tagging philosophy: There are two approaches to tagging. One is to assign every possible tag that crops up in a story, however briefly or incidentally, because it’s there, it’s an instance of the tag. The other is to try to make the tag list for any given story describe the attributes and transformations that are central to the story, so as to give the reader an impression that these are the things this story is about. There are arguments to be made for both methodologies, and I try to strike a balance.

We should definitely try to include all the truly relevant tags. If a long story contains a passing reference to a particular transformation and doesn’t really affect the rest of what’s going on, though, my first inclination is that it might not need that tag, especially if it might be misleading for those using the tags to find substantive manifestations of that attribute or change.

It’s pretty subjective, I’ll admit. Feedback is very welcome.

Suggested tags for the story “Dragon's Horde: Stretch to drink” by STrRedWolf:

Tell me what you think is missing using the form below and I’ll look the story over and turn on the tag if I think it makes sense the next time I review tag suggestions. If you want to follow up with me, please go ahead and drop me a line and share your thoughts.

Timing: All pending suggestions will be reviewed before the next weekly site update. If your suggestion was not posted with the new update, it was probably one I did not agree with. Feel free to touch base with me if you want to discuss the nuances of your suggestion further.

You can provide an email address if you’d like to be updated after this suggestion is reviewed.

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