by Mlock

Zack and his boyfriend try out a Brazilian-made concoction.

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“Okay,” Zack said. “Here we go.”

He unscrewed the bottle of ointment he had purchased online and prepared to apply it to his member. Personally, I didn’t think he needed any kind of ‘male enhancement’, but we were both all for trying new things in the bedroom. It was a concoction from the southern area of Brazil that claimed to ‘turn even the most civilized of men into sex beasts’. I wasn’t expecting much, honestly. Maybe a little increased bloodflow where it counts, a few more minutes of staying power, but over all I didn’t believe the hype.

Zack was positioned over me as I lay on the bed, one leg on either side of me. He unzipped his jeans and began to massage a large dallop of ointment on his seven inch member. I watched with hungry fascination as he slicked himself up and gave me that famous grin of his. He leaned in close and kissed me as he finished.

“Now, let’s have some fun.”


I had just reached up to slip his shirt off when we both noticed a shudder run through his body, emanating from the base of his cock.

I paused.


All of a sudden, it seemed his entire body seemed to swell. I could feel a gentle warmth that swiftly turned to an intense heat coming from him. Zack moaned as his body expanded. The growth didn’t stop until he reached about eight feet.

“Holy shit, Zack. You’re huge!”

Zack looked down at himself and took a deep breath.

“Jesus, this stuff is amazing! Do you think this is perma—”

Zack was cut off in mid-sentence as another shudder, this time more violent, ran through his enlarged frame. His muscles had begun to swell, starting with his chest. It ballooned forward, sagging with new wieight until it had created a shelf over his midsection. The top of his chest rose to greet his jawline, which was rapidly becoming more square. Next, his arms started growing, piling on muscle at an astonishing rate. His biceps bulged and strained as they became the size of canteloupes. Thick veines snaked under his skin. His shoulders inflated, taking on new size and definition. They heaped on muscle until they were massive and spherical. At this point his shirt was straining over his bulging torso, and with a quick flex, was ripped to shreds. Now that his upper body was exposed, I could see that Zack was covered with a thin sheen of sweat, and was panting steadily. He was magnificent, but the transformation wasn’t finished yet.

Zack’s back and lats widened, and he seemed to become three times as wide. I heard a ripping sound, and looked down to see his jeans giving away to his growing quads. They ripped all along the seams, and gorgeous muscled, tan skin flowed out through the gaps. His ass rounded out into perfect twin orbs, and his pants couldn’t take any more. The jeans shredded instantly, revealing immense legs that were each thicker than my body.

I was in ecstasy. Never had I glimpsed something so amazing, and it was sitting on top of me. Just as I was about to pull him closer and initiate some serious ‘us’ time, Zack rocked in place for a split second.

“Unnnnnnhhhhh,” he said.

“Huh?” I yelped, concerned. “What’s wrong?”

I didn’t get an answer from him, but didn’t need one. I saw it. In Zacks tight boxer briefs, a riot had broken out. I looked, awestruck, as they became tighter around his package. Slowly at first, then it accelerated, swelling until it started to gravitate downwards with its new weight. At this point his underwear was a joke. Zack hitched his thumb under the strap and effortlessly ripped them off. His massive cock exploded from his groin, spilling between his legs and coming to a rest, swinging heavily between his knees. I saw that his nuts had swollen as well, each one the size of large softballs. His cock steadily oozed a stream of cum. Not precum, mind you. Cum. It was as if his gargantuan dick was trapped in an erotic, lazy orgasm.

Zack’s heavy breathing subsided, and he looked down at me, a wild, lustful look in his peircing green eyes. I could hear the bed groan in protest under his new weight. I estimated him to be well over four hundred pounds, all of it muscle. I idly noticed that he was suddenly sporting a rugged five o’clock shadow. Sexy.

Without saying a word, he jammed his monster cock in my ass, and I writhed in pleasure and pain. It was huge! I could feel myelf being stretched in all directions, and he only had his cockhead in! Sex beast indeed, he was forcing himself deeper in me, pushing until after several agonizing minutes I was impaled up to the hilt of his giant dick. Christ, I could almost feel it in my ribcage.

Zack began to thrust himself in and out, steady at first, but he was building up a savage pace that I knew would leave me raw the next day. Our bodies found a rythm, faster than our usual lovemaking. This wasn’t our typical gentle sex. This was just sex. Hot, sweaty sex.

Zack wasn’t much for any exotic positions tonight, he was too caught up trying to satisfy his need to fuck me silly. I was rather preoccupied as well, trying unsuccessfully to accommodate his towering member. He continued to fuck me, opening me up in ways unimaginable, filling me completely with his new girth. I was rocked back and forth, wild with pleasure. I felt as if I could start foaming at the mouth at any second.

This intense fuck session lasted for over an hour. I was toying with the idea that it might never end, when suddenly Zack’s right hand came down hard on the bed next to me, gripping the sheets. I could feel him inside me, quiverring. We were both right on the edge of what we knew would be the most intense orgasm of our lives. The two of us hovered there, flirting with the fine line between pleasure and madness for about ten seconds. With a final violent thrust, Zack began to pump gallons of thick cum into my ass. I felt an insane pressure in my lower abdomen that quickly traveled up into my stomach. I looked down my front and was shocked at what I saw.

Zack was pumping me full of cum. Literally. I watched in astonishment as my flat stomach quickly developed a bulge, then swelled in to a full-fledged gut. My midsection swelled in all directions as it was inflated with Zack’s seed. I could feel the pressure building, and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with this kind of expansion. Regardless, he continued. My middle was swollen beyond all recognition, a giant sphere that protruded just beneath my chest. At last Zack slowed his ejaculation, and I groaned as he pulled his python from my ass.

Once he was outside of me again, I slowly sat up and placed a trembling hand on my huge gut. It was incredibly tight. My bellybutton had become an outtie in the past minute and a half. I pressed the side of my belly, testing its tension. It gave a little, while still being very firm. I wasn’t surprised. It was only semen, after all.

“Are you okay?” Zack asked.

“Yeah,” I said, trying to get up. It was a no go. I wouldn’t be able to walk for a while, not until the cum had been expelled. I settled for scooting forward on the bed a little, and noticed how my sagging stomach now rested on my thighs and pressed them apart.

“Jesus, Zack, what did you do to me?”

“I don’t know,” he replied. “But as soon as the swelling subsides, you’ll be trying the ointment next!”

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