When Evan started growing

by JuicyJ

 It’s a regular day at work for college senior Clint when all of a sudden a cute co-worker of his starts acting strange. 

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Evan, first growth:

“Ahh sorry sorry sorry”, I frantically apologized as I dashed across the street while a white Ford 150 honked at me for jaywalking. I felt bad for scaring that driver, but between being late for work and getting mowed down by a truck I’d take the truck. It’d be over a lot quicker whereas Aubry, my manager, acted as if I’d mowed her down with a truck if we were so much as 30 seconds late, and her irritation would take a few shifts before it waned. I’d been a server at a sushi restaurant downtown for about a year now, and I loathed it. The only reason I stayed was, one, I was about to finish college, so there was no point in getting a new job when I’d be applying for more career-centered ones soon,

and, two, my entire friend group worked here with me.

The other co-workers were all really nice as well, so the part I despised about it was balanced by the part I liked, so I was always at a medium irritated apathy/reluctant acceptance when I worked. Sometimes smiling at customers, sometimes staring blank-faced at them with no emotion in my voice while they gazed back wondering if I was about to jump off the pedestrian bridge crossing the river behind the restaurant after I clocked out.

I fought to make my breathing quiet as I walked in. I’d run from the parking garage to get here on time, so I was winded. “Hi Clint”, Sara, another server and friend, said brightly to me.

I smiled my greeting back to her as I rushed over to the tablet to clock in before I was counted late. I went back to the kitchen to start my side work and Evan, another server, was already back there. “Hey Evan”, I said.

“Hey Clint”, he said brightly back. He’d worked here longer than I had, and was always a nice co-worker to be with. “I’ll grab ice if you’ll hand me the buckets”, I said.

“Sure”, he agreed, while he reached with his long arms up to grab the buckets off the top of the soda machine. I felt a pang of jealousy at him being 6’3 instead of 5’7, as I was. If I was his height I’d never have to get the step-ladder out again. “Thanks”, I said, giving him a smile.

“Anytime”, he responded, giving me a warm smile back. He was always so friendly. Usually, I didn’t really feel safe or close to straight guys, but Evan was one of the rare few who didn’t act insufferable. He always talked to me when we worked and made a point to ask me if I was coming when staff outings were being planned. It was this kindness that made me develop a crush on him when I first started. That, and the fact he was drop-dead gorgeous. He was tall but was a bit of a gym rat so he was built. He had wavy blonde hair that came down to the bottom of his neck, a splash of freckles covering his nose and the area of his cheeks under his eyes, full lips, and an amazing ass. I, guiltily, had stared at his ass many times while he unwittingly walked in front of me as we worked. It was such a juicy, beefy bubble butt. I couldn’t help myself sometimes. I’d nipped the crush I’d had on him in the bud a long time ago, though. I had gone through heartache falling for straight men far too many times before, and I did not plan to go through it again for Evan. It wasn’t like I’d fallen in love with him, it was just a crush. Easy enough to dissipate, especially knowing he would never reciprocate. I’d been unable to keep myself from eyeing him more lately though because he’d been a lot more dedicated to the gym and diet lately, so he’d been putting on size. He was filling out his shirt and pants a bit more snugly these days, and hey I was only human. I could admire the art without getting covered in paint, even though I wouldn’t mind getting covered in his paint. I imagined it covering my face and chest, dripping down his tube, and-

Anyway. I didn’t let myself stray too far down the fantasies.

The shift was going as usual. It was moderately busy for a Tuesday night. I was going through the motions, putting in an order at one of the tablets by the bar when Evan walked by me. I looked up to get my little fix of staring at his ass but was distracted by the look on his face. He looked strained, and his face was a little flushed. Also, maybe I’d just been unobservant, but he was filling out his clothes more than he’d been yesterday. Was he bigger? Logic refuted that, explaining it away by suggesting maybe he’d just dried his shirt and pants, or I was just unobservant. I zoned back in on work.

About 30 minutes later Candy, the bartender, asked me if I could run to the freezer in the back of the kitchen to grab her a pack of Budweiser’s, as she’d run out. I obliged and made my way there, getting to the large, steel freezer door. I yanked on it to open it, and Evan, who’d been leaning forward with his arms extended in obvious discomfort, startled and stood up straight.

His face was still flushed and he was breathing quickly. “You good”, I asked him in worry.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah”, he said quickly, “It’s just so hot out there today, I needed to cool down”. Normally, I was the one always complaining about the temperature in the restaurant. I ran hot, and Aubry liked to keep it at a toasty 72. It was a crisp 68 right now because I’d turned the thermostat down when Aubry was out on her smoke break. Soon, she’d complain she was cold, check it, and turn it back up, angrily complaining about whoever turned it down. Then, when it got hot, I’d turn it back down the next time her back was turned. We’d been in this cold war since I started. All this is to say that it wasn’t hot in the restaurant right now. Evan’s explanation didn’t really check out. Also, his muscles looked bigger again. Not substantially so, but enough that I picked up on it. Like he had a pump from a workout. There was also a noticeable bulge in his pants. It wasn’t obscenely large, but his basket looked fuller than I’d ever seen it be before. It was too soft to be a boner though, maybe he was half hard and came to the freezer to cool down? If that was the case, I wouldn’t embarrass him by asking more about it. “Yeah, it is hot out there”, I lied to make him feel better. “Will you hand me a pack of Budweiser”, I asked him. He turned around and reached up to grab them from the shelf above his head, and, yeah, I checked out his ass while he did. It also looked pumped.

I almost didn’t raise my eyes back up in time but managed it before he turned back around to hand me the beers. “Thanks”, I said, smiling, and I left the freezer. I expected him to follow me, but he stayed. It was weird, but once I went back out on the floor I got sucked back into the motion of things and forgot about it.

About 20 minutes later, I was waiting for Evan to finish putting in an order on the tablet by the bar so I could put mine in, and I was gazing at him while his attention was focused on the screen. He looked a bit more pumped than he had in the freezer now, and the bulge in his pants looked a little fuller. Still soft, but bigger. It was enough at this point that I could definitively say something was up. He finished and left, and I made a mental note to keep tabs on it as I put in my order.

20 more minutes later and I and Evan were back where we’d been, with him putting in an order and me waiting to use the tablet. He hadn’t grown any larger it seemed, so I was beginning to doubt myself again. Maybe I was being paranoid. Maybe it was the lighting. He still looked flushed though and had that strained expression on his face. I was reviewing my notebook, making a mental plan of which tables I’d go check on after putting in this order when a sharp inhale from him made me look up. His face was more strained, and his broad shoulders were hunched a bit from whatever he was experiencing. “Are you ok”, I asked him, and he turned to answer, opening his mouth, when his whole body shuddered and all that came from him was a small huff of air that bordered on being a moan. I started to panic. Should I go get Aubry? Call 911? What if he was on gear and was having a heart attack?

I started to go do one of those things when he made a more audible moan this time, and something caught my eye and made me stop in my tracks. The bulge in his pants visibly increased in size this time, and the expanding shape of his dick being pushed against the fabric accentuated by his swelling balls was becoming increasingly conspicuous. It still didn’t look hard, just like a soft dick getting larger. “Jesus Christ”, Evan moaned while quickly stepping behind the bar, utilizing the counter to hide what was happening. “What the fuck is happening to you”, I demanded as I followed him behind the counter. “I don’t kno-ooo”, he trailed off into another moan as I saw his entire body swell. His chest inflated outward, pushing the black fabric of the shirt out and stretching the fish restaurant logo slightly longer with it. His biceps and triceps expanded causing the sleeves to hug tighter, further accentuating the change. His back got wider and his shoulders broader. I watched dumbfounded as his already massive ass grew more muscular, causing his pants to pull tauter against the front, further displaying the ample-sized cock and full balls stuffed in the front. His thighs expanded all around causing the pants to become even more obviously tight, with his calves following by ballooning larger. Finally, the growth stopped, leaving him panting. “Did I finally develop a psychosis?” I asked hollowly as I watched his now larger chest heave in and out as he gasped for breath. “No”, he said, “this is happening. And-Mmmm”, he groaned gruffly, “oh fuck”,

“What?!”, I asked, helplessly, as he leaned forward, placing either hand on the sides of the granite counter, “ahhhhhh” he moaned as his whole body began to lengthen. His spine shot forward an inch and the rest of his body followed proportionally, muscles swelling even larger to stay the same size as they distributed over the longer frame. The already humungous outline of his soft cock swelled even longer and thicker, and it looked like his balls ballooned even bigger as well. With how tight the space his too-large cock was confined in now I could see the outline of the head. A wet spot was beginning to form where the slit of the head was. “Oh god”, he moaned. I forced myself to tear my eyes away from him to gaze around at the restaurant to see if anyone had noticed what just happened. Thankfully, it hadn’t been as conspicuous as it had felt seeing it happen up close. He had managed to not raise his voice, and the usual hum of people talking and eating had kept anything he’d moaned or groaned from reaching anyone else’s ears. No other servers had been over here at the time either. I turned my attention back to the pressing matter, or matters, as everything about him was pressing against the fabric of his clothes now. It wasn’t so bad that he wasn’t decent, a customer who’d just seen him for the first time would think he’s just a big guy who left his pants and shirt in the dryer too long, but if any of our co-workers who knew him came over they may notice. The black color of the uniform helped with slimming a bit, but nothing could hide the height increase. “Are you ok”, I asked as he was still leaning over the counter panting. He nodded, looking down at me. “I think it’s over”, he said in a voice a bit deeper in tone than I remembered him having. As nervous as I was to take his word for that he was looking better. His breathing was going back to a normal pace and he looked less flushed. “What was that”, I asked him.

“I-I don’t know”, he said with enough genuine worry in his voice that I was inclined to believe him. “Do you feel ok”, I questioned, wondering if he should go to the ER or urgent care, except who would believe him when he said what had happened to him? He stood up straight and stretched his arms back behind him and then let them swing back to his sides. “I’m a little stiff, but otherwise I feel fine”, he said while massaging one of his pecs. “Fuck, I’m huge”, he said looking down at his chest and then over at the engorged bicep and tricep of the arm massaging the pec. The stuffed mound in his pants twitched after he said that, and the wet spot where the head of the python was becoming larger. “God I’m horny each of my balls feels like they weigh 5 pounds”.

“I’ll tell Aubry you started throwing up and had to go home”, I said, fabricating a cover story for him while trying to ignore how my own dick was starting to get hard hearing him talk about his newly grown endowments so causally. he looked down at me, visibly confused, “What are you talking about”,

“You’re going home”, I informed him, obviously.

“Why”, he asked.

“You’re going to stay after what just happened”, I asked him incredulously.

“Really, I feel ok now”, he reassured me. I felt my eyebrows shoot up.

“Evan, you just gained like 15lbs of muscle and grew an inch in the span of 30 seconds”.

“It grew more than an inch”, he said smugly while cockily waggling his eyebrows and gazing down toward his crotch. I couldn’t believe he was being so nonchalant. I hated how my dick got even harder hearing him say that. I fought to keep my eyes from looking down at his crotch with him. “An inch taller”, I emphasized, making him laugh. His smile faded as my expression stayed annoyed. “You should be worried”. He sobered up completely, and worry caused his eyebrows to furrow and his lips to frown slightly. “You’re right, I-I am”, he said, dropping the bravado, “but the shift just started and I need the hours to make rent”. I sighed, working to exhale my angst with it. “Ok, well then put your apron back on to cover that up”, I said pointedly starring at the obscene bulge his dick and balls made”, and try to slouch and not stand right next to anyone for the rest of the night and maybe no one will notice”. He nodded seriously and grabbed his apron off the counter. I watched his biceps bunch up and then relax as he unfolded it, and then his triceps flex as he pulled his arms back to loop the string around his waist. The thick, black apron completely hid what was lurking and spewing under it, which was a relief as well as a bummer. “And if you start to feel that happening again, leave, because tearing out of your uniform and flashing everyone at this family restaurant will get you fired and that won’t help you make rent either”. The gravity of the situation was beginning to settle with him. His face got pale at the story I painted. “Relax, you’re probably fine, just be aware”, I said in a calmer tone. He smiled at me, though the smile was still marred with worry. It was such an innocent smile though, god he was cute. “Let me know if you need help, now go before one of our tables complains about bad service and Aubry yells at us”. He walked away back out onto the floor looking like I’d reassured him a bit. I watched the outline of his butt, hugging every fiber of the pants now, move as he walked away from me. I sighed, feeling overwhelmed by everything that just happened while also feeling my own dick start to make a wet spot in my underwear. I was so fucking turned on by what had just happened, but I was also super fucking worried. I was a college senior majoring in biology. I’d taken classes where I had to learn how the systems of our body worked and interacted. I’d studied how our muscles worked and how the cells functioned. I’d had to learn all about how puberty and hormones changed our bodies, how growth occurred, and how our genes managed and initiated that growth. Nothing about what had just happened to Evan made sense. It shouldn’t even be possible for a body to grow that fast, let alone the body of a 23-year-old man well past the stage of development where growth like that would be occurring in a more natural way. I wasn’t just worried, I was disturbed. I felt like I’d stepped into the plot of a Marvel comic, but Stan Lee had been really horny when he wrote this superhero’s origin story. I heard Aubry’s voice towards the back of the restaurant as she returned from her smoke break and knew it was my turn now to relax and go play restaurant simulator so she didn’t think anything was wrong. I went back into server mode, saw the old man at one of my tables angrily staring at me with his empty glass of unsweet tea, and did my best to turn the rest of my brain off as I put on an apologetic smile and walked his way.

The rest of the night went smoothly. Evan did his best to not draw attention to himself but was set up to fail whenever he’d be in the cramped kitchen with other servers trying to get drinks and pick food up. I didn’t hear anyone comment on anything though when I was in there at the same time as him. We chatted with our coworkers normally and we’d talk to each other like we always do. It was only through brief moments of meaningful eye contact we’d break character a bit. I’d try to ask, “how are you doing”, through a look, and he’d more or less say, “so far so good”, back. The only time I heard someone comment on the changes he’d gone through was when my roommate, Nick, who also worked with us and was a big gym rat, commented on Evan’s gains. “You’re really putting on some size Evan”, he’d said encouragingly while squeezing one of Evan’s large biceps. Evan had smiled and simply said, “Thanks, my bulk is going well”, and then laughed kind of nervously. Oh well, I’d thought, the worst that would happen was Nick would think Evan was on gear or something. Nobody’s first thought would be that he’d magically grown at the bar tonight. Evan looked pleased with the compliment though, and I couldn’t stop myself from imagining that his thick dick had spewed a bit more precum from the praise. It died down toward the end of the shift, so we all began folding napkins together at one of the high-top tables to stay busy and avoid Aubry hitting us with a, “if you can lean you can clean”, and making us wipe walls. We all absentmindedly talked, and I listened passively while still keeping tabs on Evan. It was Nick again about 20 minutes later who noticed Evan’s changed physique. Evan had made a joke, causing Nick, who was standing beside him, and turn to him and laugh before he stopped short as he saw Evan stand up straight to stretch his back. “Evan are you as tall as me”, he asked curiously. I froze with anxiety, but nobody noticed as they all shifted their gazes to stare at Evan, who also froze with anxiety. He only let that show for half a second before he regained his composure and casually questioned back, “Am I”, as he tried to nonchalantly slouch again.

“I think so yeah, stand up straight”, Nick responded. Evan reluctantly did, turned to face Nick straight on, and sure enough, their gazes were at the same level. I would’ve never noticed, but then again I was only 5’7, so Nick and Evan had always just been in the “much taller than me” category without me paying attention to the inch difference between them. “What are you Nick, 6’2”, Sara, another server, asked. “6’3”, Nick corrected, “and I could’ve sworn you’ve always been like an inch shorter Evan”. Evan shrugged,

“Maybe you shrunk”, he teased good-naturedly.

“No, you do look taller today”, Sara agreed, gazing up at Evan. “Did you get new shoes”, she asked, leaning around the corner of the high-top table to gaze at his feet. I cheered up, as that’d be a perfect excuse to explain a sudden inch difference, but then Sara laughed and said, “Nope, still the same shoes you’ve had for two years now”, and that excuse died as quickly as it had presented itself. It had been a running joke between the staff for a while now to tease Evan about his shoes, which looked one more tear away from completely ripping open at the front and exposing his feet. Evan would always say he doesn’t buy new shoes until the old ones were totally torn, and these had held on for dear life so far. “You gotta get new shoes man those are foul. They don’t even look the right size for you”, Adrian, another server, said to Evan.

“I will when these tear”, he responded. Adrian shook his head but didn’t press it further. We’d all had this conversation with Evan multiple times and he was unyielding on his position. “Look at you stud”, Nick said slapping Evan on the back, “getting huge and taller”.

“Aren’t you a little old for a growth spurt”, Adrian questioned. Evan went for another nonchalant shrug of his broad shoulders. “It’s not unheard of for guys to have last-minute growth spurts”, I chimed in. Sara, who was another bio major, nodded in agreement and added, “yeah some guys have had them even as old as 25”.

“That’s not fair, I’d kill to get a bit taller. I’m so close to being six-foot”, Adrian complained.

“Do you guys wanna get drinks at State of Confusion after we get off”, Sara asked, changing the subject. As she, Adrian, and Nick discussed it I shot a gaze over at Evan on the other side of the table, and he was already looking my way. His lip was twitching as if he was fighting off a smile, and I couldn’t even be annoyed with him again for not taking this seriously, because this whole situation was funny in a surreal way. It felt like I was on the set of a tv show right now. Nothing felt real. My composure broke and I grinned over at him, causing him to fully smile back. I felt a flutter in my stomach at his cute, crooked grin. Even though I’d always admired how hot and nice Evan was I’d never really given it much thought past that, as he’d never shown interest in me, and dating co-workers was never a great idea anyway. Having this shared secret had caused us to talk and connect more tonight than we ever had before though, and I was having trouble getting a handle on what I was feeling. You’re being silly, my mind chastised me as it rebuked developing feelings for a guy who had never outright said if he was interested in men or specifically in me. I had a bad habit of falling for straight guys and was not trying to let this weird day cause me to slip off an edge I wouldn’t be able to climb back up. I looked back down at the napkin I was folding and resigned myself to not let moments like that make me so flustered. Also, my mind reminded me, this doesn’t even matter because the guy fucking GREW today in a way that should be IMPOSSIBLE, so whatever how you feel about him the guy’s about to become a 20-foot giant who will destroy the world for all we know. I smiled down at my napkin and laughed silently, doing a little exhale through my nose at the exaggerated situation my brain painted for me. “What”, Even asked, wanting to know what was so funny. I looked back up at him, still smiling at me, and smiled back in spite of myself. I shook my head and said, “I’ll tell you later”.

“When we do soy sauce”, he said back to me. Oh yeah, I’d forgotten. I and Evan were on the second shift tonight, meaning it was our responsibility to clean all the soy sauce bottles after we got cut. That would make it difficult to not talk to him. I hated how much I liked that. The edge was looking more precarious every second. “Sure”, I said back quickly before going to check on the one table I had even though I knew they didn’t need anything. I wonder if he’s watching me walk away, I wondered. SHUT UP, the part of me that was still trying to get us off a sinking ship yelled back. The last hour of the shift flew by, but I’d been creating things to keep me busy to avoid Evan best as I could while wrangling the silly feelings budding for him into a little drawer and locking it shut. I was compartmentalized and controlled now, so when he walked up to me, hulking and adorable, I had a firmer grasp on my feelings. “I’ll grab the soy sauce pitchers if you wanna start collecting the bottles”, he said, grinning down at me like we were about to do something exciting. “Sure”, I responded, smiling back easily. He walked toward the kitchen to get the pitchers and it wasn’t even that hard to resist checking out his butt. I gathered the soy sauces feeling more like myself again, at the helm of the ship sailing the sea of my emotions and giving the iceberg that was falling in love with Evan a wide berth so as to not crash into it. We sat without speaking for the first couple minutes of the mundane work while we focused on pouring the soy sauce in of the bottles into the pitcher, dunking the empty bottles into a bucket of water Evan had grabbed, then re-filling them with soy sauce. Don’t ask me why we had to do this every night. Aubry said it “cleaned” them, but I don’t know what just putting water in and out of them was cleaning. I learned to turn my brain off and just do what they paid me to do at this job long ago. It was Evan who eventually broke the silence.

“So what were you thinking about that made you laugh earlier”, he asked.

“Oh, yeah”, I responded. I almost wanted to lie and make up something different to say. The fantasy felt silly. For some reason, though, lying to Evan felt wrong, so I was candid.

“I was thinking about what had happened to you earlier, and my brain gave me this image of you growing until you’re a 20-foot-tall giant like in a comic book”, I admitted and laughed at the end, feeling even dumber for conjuring that up in my head after hearing myself say it out loud. Evan didn’t laugh or smile back, though. His brows creased in worry and he looked down at his hands without saying anything back. I realized then that what had been ludicrous and silly to me might be something that truly frightened him. He’d grown today in an impossible way and had no explanation as to why. “Sorry”, I said, “I didn’t mean for that to scare you”. He looked up from his hands to meet my eyes. “No it’s ok, I’m not mad, it’s just- what if it happens again? What if I grow so big like that that I can’t live my life”.

“It’s ok, you can’t”, I reassured him, “the human body can’t get that big, your weight-to-bone density ratio would cause all your bones to break and crush your organs”.

“Oh, good”, he responded with good-natured sarcasm, “so nothing to worry about then”.

“Exactly”, I said smiling at him, inducing a smile to creep on his face back. “Wish we knew why it happened though”, I wondered out loud, “a thousand years from now they’ll have discovered some strange phenomenon that will explain this, but we’ll be dead and never know”.

“Maybe it’s some new virus and I’m patient 0”, he joked back, “this is just phase 1. I’m about to grow wings and become a blood-sucking mutant”.

“They’ll call it Evan-itis”, I said, making him laugh. “No I hope to god not though”, I continued, “one pandemic is all I wanna live through in my lifetime”.

“True”, he agreed, “if I start to foam at the mouth break a soy sauce bottle and stab me”.

“Aubry would still charge me for replacing it”, I said laughing. He laughed too, throwing his head back and causing his big pecs to shake. The locked drawer rattled. I metaphorically kicked it.

“She would too”, he said back, “10 off your next check for saving humanity”.

“Have you felt ok the rest of the night”, I asked.

“I think so”, he said, sobering up a bit, “I mean it’s been a little disorienting adjusting to the differences”.

“But you haven’t felt another, whatever that was, coming on”, I pressed. He shook his head.

“No, I haven’t. Last time right before it happened I got this rush of heat through my whole body and I felt really flushed. That hasn’t happened again”.

“Good”, I responded, “It probably won’t happen again. Maybe your body has been procrastinating finishing puberty and then did it all at once in a panic”.

“I hope so”, he said back, “I mean, if it’s over now it’s not like I mind the extra size. What guy doesn’t wanna be a bit taller, or to instantly pack on muscle that would’ve taken 8 months of a strict diet and lifting every day to otherwise get”.

“You don’t gotta tell me”, I said enviously, “average is my middle name”.

“What”, he asked back, suddenly serious.

“What”, I questioned back. ”You think you’re average”, he asked incredulously.

“I mean, I don’t think. It’s just stats. Actually, my height is below average”, my dick isn’t though, I tacked on in my head, but didn’t feel ballsy enough to say out loud. “And it’s not like I’m ripped or anything to compensate, so…”, I trailed off, painfully embarrassed that I’d just dumped what I was most insecure about on him.

“Your face compensates”, he said back in an annoyed tone. It took me a second to register what he’d said. All I could get out was a surprised laugh, and a, “oh, thanks”.

“And”, he continued, still looking angry, “it’s not a negative that you’re short, you have a really funny and nice personality, and-”, he suddenly stopped short, looking embarrassed. His cheeks began to blush. “Oh god”, I said, “Is it happening again”, I asked worriedly.

“What”, he asked back in a quiet voice,

“Your cheeks are flushing”, I tactlessly pointed out.

“Oh”, he said, placing one of his hands on his cheek to feel the heat, “no, it’s not from that”.

“Oh”, was all I could think to say back. It was silent for a few seconds as he held my gaze. I’d never noticed he had light blue eyes before. “I’ve never noticed the green in your eyes before”, he said. I smiled at him and laughed lightly for saying exactly what I’d been thinking about him. He smiled back, “What’s funny now”, he asked.

“I had just been thinking ‘wow I’ve never noticed his eyes are blue’ right before you said that” Oh”, he said, laughing lightly as I had. We stayed smiling and looking at each other silently for a few charged seconds, and then that silence broke when the wet soy sauce bottle I’d been holding slipped through my fingers and dropped back into the bucket of water with a splash. Water ricocheted out and splashed over Evan’s face, chest, and arms. “Fuck, sorry”, I said jumping up. “It’s ok”, he said laughing, “better that than it falling on the floor and shattering”.

“I’ll grab some paper towels”, I said, secretly thankful for an excuse to get away from him for a second, because what the fuck was that. He’d complimented me, then blushed after as if he’d given something away he hadn’t meant to convey. And then the way he’d looked at me, it didn’t feel platonic at all. What did that mean? Is he interested in me?? What if I was misinterpreting it? Seeing things that weren’t there because I wanted there to be. Something about that situation felt objectively romantic, though. Still, doubt plagued my resolve, because I’d never heard anyone say anything about Evan being gay or bi before. Surely, that would have come up in conversations with our other coworkers, or with Evan himself. I’d worked with him for over a year now, and gone to dozens of staff outings where I saw him drunk before. He would’ve made a move, right? He was so good-looking and had an amazing body, I never thought of shyness or insecurity being something he’d struggle with. I replayed what had just happened in my head from a different perspective. I was fighting the hope bubbling up in me, but it bubbled anyway. I started imagining things I shouldn’t, things like how he’d look on top of me while he-

“Thanks”, Evan said, making me jump a bit. I’d been so lost in thought I’d wandered back to him without realizing it. “Yeah”, I responded as I handed him the rag. Our fingers brushed against each other’s as I handed it to him, and again a little color rushed into his cheeks. I didn’t comment on it this time, and he avoided my eyes as he started wiping the water that’d splashed on the middle of his chest off first. He pushed the shirt in while wiping, and the depth of the middle of his chest showed just how big both his pecs had grown. I imagined how good it’d feel to fuck them, sliding my dick in and out of the groove while he flexed them, and-

“Are you ok”, he asked me in a worried tone, causing me to startle again as I was pulled out of the fantasy. “I’m not mad, it’s just a little water”, he reassured me. He thought I was feeling guilty over spilling water on him. If only you knew, I thought wryly. I needed to get a grip. “I’m fine, I just didn’t sleep well last night”, I lied lamely.

“Neither did I”, he said while looking back down at himself to continue drying off.

“Why not”, I asked, completely enamored as he began to towel off the area of his crotch. The amble bulge squished and moved as he pressed it. “I don’t know, I just couldn’t settle down. My body felt so full…”, he trailed off as he saw his left bicep bunch up as he pulled his arm around to dry his right shoulder with the rag. He flexed it, and the already huge mound of meat ballooned bigger. It looked like a grapefruit was shoved under his arm. His face was a mixture of wariness and lust. It was a weird combination. The mound stuffed in his pants twitched and inflated slightly larger. He was getting hard just seeing how large he was, and god so was I. His eyes flickered over and down to me and I imagine my face mirrored his while staring at his crotch. He dropped his arm and I rose my eyes up to meet his. “Full of energy, I was amped up all night”.

All I could manage was a nod. My mouth was bone dry and even if I’d had saliva I wouldn’t have trusted a single word my brain would want to say right now. “Sorry”, he said sheepishly, “it’s distracting”. Yeah, I’ll fucking say. The voice in my head agreed fervently. I needed to say something. I was just staring at him with my mouth slightly open like a trout. Make a move. My brain urged me. Ask him out!!!

But what if he says no?! I mentally shouted back at it.

What if he says yes!! It argued back.

I’ll look so dumb if he says no.

You look dumb now standing here silently while talking to a projection of your consciousness. It pointed out.

True. I agreed.

Fine, fuck it.

“Evan…”, I started, looking up to meet his gaze.

“Yeah”, he questioned, staring at me with those light blue eyes the color of water when the sun hits it. Starring into them made me feel like a kid again laying at the bottom of a pool watching the light pierce through and sway with the water as it moved. Totally submerged, fighting the instinct to breathe so I could have a few more seconds with the beauty.

“Would you…”, I said slowly while breaking eye contact to pick up an empty soy sauce bottle to fiddle with while I worked up to the last words. He said nothing during my pause as he waited for me to finish my sentence. I mustered up all the confidence inside me and looked up from the bottle and back at him. “Wanna go o-”, I started to say but stopped short when I saw his facial expression. His face was pale, brows furrowed, and lips slightly turned down in a frown. He wasn’t looking at me anymore, but staring to the side, not really focused on anything in particular. “Are you all right”, I asked. He didn’t meet my eyes as he answered,

“Yeah…or, no”, he answered, raising his voice in question on the no.

“Is it-”, I started to ask when he stopped me with, “

No, no. It’s not that feeling. But…something’s off. I don’t feel right”. He looked down at himself and whatever he was feeling made his light frown deepen. “I need to go”, he said, finally looking at me again. “Sorry”, he continued, “we’re nearly done with side work though. Can you give Aubry the I got nauseous cover you talked about earlier”, he asked while walking toward the back door of the restaurant we were right by. “Sure”, I said as he opened the door,

“Thanks”, he said, shooting me a smile as he disappeared out the door.

“Let me know if you-”, I started to say to him, but the door has already shut. “Need anything”, I finished quietly to myself. He’d left. I stood for a few seconds, staring at the shut door, not knowing what to think or feel. Should I run after him? If he was about to have another episode of what happened earlier he needed to get to an ER. Except he’d said that wasn’t what was happening, and he hadn’t looked like he had when he’d grown. He’d looked…apprehensive. Uncomfortable. Oh god, it was my worst fear. I sat down at the table with the soy sauce and put my face into my hands in embarrassment. He hadn’t been sick, he’d realized what I was asking him, and he’d run away. The idea of me asking him out was so repugnant he’d fled. I’d done it again, taken platonic, friendly gestures from a straight man and twisted them into a narrative I wanted. Worse than that, I’d let myself get hopeful, I’d fallen off the side of the cliff and was hanging on by my fingertips. Well, I’ll be damned if I was falling completely off the cliff. I would pull myself up, forget this night happened, and move on. I lifted my head out of my hands and wiped the shame tears that had welled up in my eyes right as Aubry walked into the sunroom. “Are you guys almost done I’d like to go home”, she complained. “Where’s Evan”, she asked as she surveyed me alone with all the bottles. “He left”, I said in a flat tone.

“He left”, she repeated back in an indignant tone.

“He started to feel nauseous, said he was going to be sick”, I answered.

“Oh”, she said placated. She stared at me while I kind of looked at her, but was kind of gazing at nothing as I let my eyesight get blurry on purpose. “Are you feeling sick too”, she asked. I must look as bad as I feel. “Yeah”, I allotted, albeit not in the way she meant.

“Go home and leave the last few bottles for the openers”, she urged me in a stressed-out voice.

“Are you sure”, I asked,

“Absolutely”, she quickly answered while waving her arms for me to get up and go, “last thing I need is the whole staff getting a stomach bug”.

“Ok”, I said getting up and making my way past her to clock out at the front of the restaurant.

“I’ll clock you out”, she promised while pointing me toward the back door, “you go get rest”.

“Ok, night”,

“Good night”, she said as she all but shoved me out the door and closed it behind me.

I took a deep breath of the chilly night air and gazed ahead at the pedestrian bridge crossing the river in the distance. The sounds of people laughing and brisk air helped ground me. I would be ok. The sting of rejection would fade. This would feel much smaller and manageable in the morning. The name of the game now was to get home, get food, and get to bed. I made my way around to the front of the restaurant, waiting for a chance to jaywalk across the street, and walked into the parking garage all the workers at the restaurant parked in. We got parking for free. Not because we worked in the area, but because one of us had gotten the free parking code the nail salon next to the restaurant gave to its customers to validate parking so now we all used it. I’d expected them to instantly change it once they realized we were all using it every day to get out of paying, but after 6 months it still worked. I sat in my car as I waited for the heat to kick on and for my phone to connect to the Bluetooth. I’d just put the car in reverse and was about to pull out when my phone rang. The name appeared on the car screen, and it was Evan. The careful control I’d cultivated since leaving work crumbled at seeing his name. What the hell did he want? Did he want to reject me outright? Was inadvertently rejecting me not humiliating enough? I considered not answering, but against my better judgment, I picked up my phone and tapped the green button instead of the red. “Evan”, I greeted him, cooly.

“Clint”, his voice panted on the other line, “I need help”. The fear and anguish in his voice erased all the hurt and anger I’d had toward him. “What’s happening”, I asked.

“I-I don’t know”, he grunted, “It won’t stop building”.

“Building”, I repeated, lost at what he meant.

“They-ahhhh”, he broke off in a cry of pain mixed with longing, “they won’t stop FILLING”, he shouted the last word with carnal frustration. “FUCK”, he shouted, and the sounds of what sounded like him beating on his steering wheel came through the line, “Clint”, he whimpered my name in a higher pitch, “please I don’t know how much more I can stand”.

“Where are you”, I asked.

“Top floor of the garage”, he said in-between labored pants.

“On my way”.


I pulled out and began winding my way up the garage. It was nearly deserted now, but it must have been completely full when Evan got here, which is why he’d had to park at the very top. When I arrived at the fourth floor the only car left in the lot was his. It was a camper van. He loved road trips and had bought the car used then fixed it up so he could live in it when he traveled. I pulled up beside him and looked over through his passenger window. He had his head leaned over into the steering wheel, and his hands were gripping the sides. Even from here, I could see he was gripping the wheel so hard his knuckles were white. I got out and went to open the passenger door but it was locked. I knocked on his window, and without looking over at who it was he reached his long arm over and pulled the lock up to allow me in. I slid in and the first thing that hit me was the smell of the car. The stench of testosterone and sex coated every air molecule, and it was warm even though the AC was on full blast. I waited for him to acknowledge me, but he stayed in his hunched position breathing like he’d just run a marathon, the wide muscles in his back expanding and collapsing in and out. After about 20 seconds of this I finally broke the silence, “Evan”, I called. He looked up at me finally and his facial expression was so intense it broke my train of thought on what else I wanted to say. He had the face of a man being burned at the stake, but if the man half liked it. His eyes were wild, his cheeks flushed, and his full lips twisted from whatever sensations he was experiencing. “We need to get you to the ER”, I said. He shook his head and a hysterical laugh came from him. “I’m not in pain”.

“You want me to take a picture of your face and show you? Evan you look like you’re being tortured”.

“I am”, he growled.

“Evan”, I said in a frustrated tone, “I can’t help if you won’t tell me what’s wrong”.

He looked at me and then back at the steering wheel, then admitted in an embarrassed tone, “I’m horny”. I didn’t know what to say to that. What had he called me here for if that was the issue? All I could manage was an, “Um, ok”.

“You don’t understand”, he said looking back at me with pleading eyes, “it feels like I’m on fire. It started in the restaurant, and I knew something was wrong so I left, but since then it’s kept building and-”, His whole body shuddered, his eyes rolled back in his head, and he moaned loudly in a painful ecstasy as he unconsciously bucked his hips forward like an electric shock had just gone through his dick. “and it keeps building”, he moaned, his broad chest rising in and out quickly as he panted. “It felt good at first but it’s too much now. It’s so overwhelming it hurts. My balls feel like they’re going to explode”.

“Evan that sounds dangerous”, I cautioned while feeling like I wasn’t in my body. After what had happened earlier this felt so surreal. “I don’t want to go to the emergency room it’d be so embarrassing”, he said, “What am I going to say? I’m chronically horny”, I laughed despite myself, and he joined in, although his laugh was strained. “Well, I don’t know what else I can do for you then”, I consented.

“I’m sorry”, he said, “it was weird for me to call you here for this, I just panicked”.

“I understand”, I reassured him.

“But”, he continued, “I also wanted you to know why I’d left all rushed like that. I didn’t want you to think I was mad at you or anything. I was really enjoying joking around with you”. Hope flourished in me again at his words. He must’ve been so distracted he hadn’t even heard or caught on to what I had been asking him before he bolted. Maybe I hadn’t misinterpreted the signs from him tonight. I was such a romantic masochist. “Yeah I was a bit confused”, I replied.

He laughed lightly, “Yeah I mean you were in the middle of a sentence and then I ran away like you’d offended me or something. I’d be confused too”. It was quiet between us for a few seconds after he said that. I was on the edge of asking him again, but the sting of feeling rejected was still there, warning me against it. Then he asked the question that closed the distance between us, “You were asking me if I wanted something, I think”, he asked me.

“Yeah”, I replied, and without knowing where the confidence came from I met his gaze and calmly said, “I was asking if you wanted to go out with me”. Shock broke through his lustful haze and was the only expression on his face for a moment. Then joy like sunlight breaking through the cloud cover after a dreary day enveloped him. He smiled with a surprised laugh. “I-”, he began to say, but then his hips bucked forward and his whole body began to shudder again. His back arched and he moaned so loud that if anyone had been in the lot right now they would’ve heard. “I can’t take it”, he whimpered, “I can’t TAKE IT”, he yelled and punched the steering wheel in the middle so that the horn went off, and kept going off as he left his fist there. “Evan, Evan stop”, I urged him, wrapping my hands around his forearm and pulling his hand off the horn. “The last thing we need is a cop coming up here to investigate. Let’s get out and go to the back there’s more space”.

“Ok, but-”, he began to say, but I’d already hauled ass out the door. I wanted him away from the horn. “Clint”, he called as he got to the back of the van where I was waiting. I looked up at him as walked up to me. His eyes still looked half-crazed, but they were lit up with an emotion that hadn’t been present before. “I’d love to go out with you”.

“Oh”, I said shocked. He laughed, throwing his head back,

“Why do you sound so astonished, did you really think I’d say no”, he asked.

“Um, kind of yeah”, I admitted. “I wasn’t sure if you were interested in me” The smile faded from his face, “Clint, I’ve had a crush on you since I first saw you”. My mouth dropped open,

“You have”, I asked, flabbergasted. He shook his head in mock disbelief,

“Why do you think I talk to you so much at work? Why do you think I always ask if you’re going out to the staff outings”, he asked me.

“I don’t know, I thought you were just being nice”, I reasoned.

“No”, he corrected. And just like that, I saw every conversation, every smile from him, every gesture in a whole new perspective. “Oh, wow”, was all I could get out. “So, why haven’t you asked me out”, I asked him.

“Well, I was nervous…you treated me like you treated everyone else. It never seemed like you reciprocated”.

“I’ve stifled a crush I’ve had on you since day one”, I confided to him, “I just am so used to guys being straight, I’ve learned to write off everything as platonic so I don’t get my hopes up and get sucked into unrequited love”. His eyes were smoldering,

“Then you were really brave just now to ask me out when you were unsure if I even liked guys”, he said, “you’re braver than I was”. I blushed at the compliment. He placed one of his hands on my cheek where the flush was. His hand was burning hot like he had a fever. “Is this ok”, he asked. I nodded my consent. He closed his eyes and moaned while every muscle in his body tensed. That reminded me that he was going through something, something I also had no explanation for. “Sorry”, he moaned, “I’ve been ignoring it so we could talk but-”, he sucked in a breath and dropped his hand from my face, “it’s getting stronger again”.

“What’s it feel like”, I asked.

“Like my balls are filled with lighting”, he laughed, “or an ocean and the need to release keeps growing and growing and every cell of my body is alight with that desire”. My dick was rock hard. “Well, I mean if you need release you could just go take care of it”, I suggested. ”I tried that before I called you. It wouldn’t work. I’ve never needed to cum so bad in my life, but it wouldn’t happen”.

“I could help”, I offered. He’d been gazing away, but that brought his eyes back to mine. The want on his face was palpable, but he was hesitant. “I didn’t call you here to make you feel pressured to fuck”, he reassured me. “We haven’t even been on one date yet”.

“I know”, I agreed, while stepping closer to him. With the added inch on his height, I barely came up to his chest now. I had to crane my neck to look up at him. His breathing was getting heavier again. “Unlock the back of your car”, I ordered. He did as he was told. I did a quick scan of the lot to make sure we were really alone, then turned to him, and pushed on his chest to have him sit down on the edge of the back of the van. Of course, my strength didn’t really budge him, but he caught on to what I wanted and obliged. He grabbed a fistful of my shirt and pulled me so that our faces were inches away. With him sitting down we were the same height. His whole body exuded pent-up sexual energy, his body trembled with how much he was holding. I could smell sex on his hot breath. We stared at each other for a few charged seconds before he broke the tension by crushing his lips to mine. His hands moved around my waist and gripped me tight. I moved mine to the back of his head and gripped his hair, pulling it lightly. “Harder”, he ordered, so I clenched my fistful of his hair tighter and pulled harder, causing him to moan into my mouth as we kissed. He pulled us back, deeper into the van. It was still set up with blankets and pillows from the last time he’d been sleeping in it while traveling. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up and over him. His naked physique took my breath away. Light blonde hair dusted his chest, arms, and carved a narrow trail down his stomach to below his pants, but everywhere else his skin was smooth. The growth was much more apparent now that he wasn’t wearing a slimming color. His shoulders were large and broad, his neck thick, his triceps and biceps looked flexed in their resting state, his pecs jutted out from him at least 3 inches, and then his waist tapered into a slender, delicate v-shape. He was slim, so you could see his abs, but they weren’t jutting out as some bodybuilders do, you could see about 4 of them lightly. His body fat percentage was low, but high enough that he looked beefy rather than shredded. He was cut, but not so much that you could see every sinew and vein. The perfect combination of cut yet still cuddle-able. He reciprocated and took my shirt off, and it was hard not to feel insecure being half-naked next to him. I had a skinnier build than him. I went to the gym off and on, so I had a little muscle, but nothing like him. I was blessed genetically by my dad to have a naturally muscular chest, thighs, and ass. Being 5’7 also made me stockier, so it filled me out a bit more in those areas. It was hard to stay insecure though as hIs eyes drank me in like a ravenous man seeing food for the first time in days. I unbuttoned his pants and undid his zipper, but stopped when I felt that the material was soaking wet. “Did you…”, I started to say, and he laughed once without humor. “No, I wish”.

“Then what…”, I asked, and as he pulled his pants down he replied,

“You’ll see”. His legs had grown so much that he had some trouble peeling the pants off, but once he did the front of his underwear came into view. They were white, or, rather, they had been white, but now they were soaking wet and therefore see through. The smell of cum and testosterone became pungent within the small confine of the van. The outline of his cock was massive, it was pushed to the side and nearly wrapped around his waist. It had to be at least 10 inches long and looked 3 inches thick. The head was so huge it was a bit out of proportion with the rest of the shaft. Where the slit of the head was, a constant flow of precum was drizzling through the fabric of the underwear where it began to pool on the van floor. He inhaled in pleasure, and I watched as the head flexed, temporarily swelling even larger, and the flow picked up in volume. That’s what had soaked through his pants and underwear, it was all precum. “Jesus Christ”, I murmured in awe. It was an insane amount of fluid to produce, I wouldn’t believe it possible, except his balls had grown to be each the size of a clementine, so he had the machinery. “There aren’t words to describe to you how full of cum I am right now”, he said to me in a mixture of discomfort and ecstasy. I was rock hard as well and leaking precum along with him. I scooted over to him and wrapped my hand around the outline of the shaft, just to prove it was real to myself. He sucked in a sharp breath, the head spewed a large glob of pre, and he placed his hand under my chin and made me face him so he could crush his lips back on mine. I placed my hands on his huge pecs, searching until I found his nipples so I could tease them. He moaned low in his throat and his hands moved down to grab my ass and squeeze hard. His tongue was long, and he skillfully moved it while we kissed to trace the sensitive parts of the inside of my lip and make me shiver. I broke apart from him and grabbed the waistline of his drenched underwear. Slowly, I peeled them off. Long strands of pre stretched then broke as the fabric left his skin. Once his cock was free of the confine it sprang to stick straight up, flicking pre to the sides from the force of it pointing its intended direction. It was beautiful. One, powerful vein traveled its length supplying blood to the organ and smaller veins branched off the large one to supply more volume to the behemoth. Pre drizzled down and traced the two bloated balls. “Now you”, he said, looking at my pants. Oh, ha. I’d forgotten they were even on. His body was the center of my universe at the moment. “Let me”, he said as he unbuttoned them as he went back in to kiss me while he did. He pulled them off to expose the outline of my painfully hard 8-inch dick. He raised his eyebrows and looked up at me. “Average is my middle name”, he said in a sarcastic imitation of my voice, quoting me from earlier. I grinned at him, “It’s always more fun when I surprise people”. He got my underwear off and started grinding his dick against mine. The copious amounts of his pre made his slick against my own. His dripped and spewed onto my chest and stomach. “Let me on top”, I ordered him, and he happily obliged to switch, lifting me up on him as he laid down on the floor. I took my tongue and slowly ran it up his shaft. “Ooh god, yes”, he whimpered. I took the ample amount of his pre that had coated my tongue from the lick and moved it into his mouth as I went back in for a kiss. He moaned his approval as he tasted himself. “I didn’t think you’d be this freaky”, I admitted. He did a crooked grin, “I was raised Baptist. Repressed children turn into the kinkiest adults”.

“Huh”, I responded as I ran my tongue up his stomach and up to his chest, coming to suck on his left nipple. He groaned and ran his hands around my body, one through my hair and the other on my back. “Oh god”, he moaned, “It’s about to build again”. His back arched up with me still on top of him as his eyes rolled back in his head and every muscle in his body flexed. The head of his dick flared out as it flexed and long streams of pre shot all over his chest and face, and his balls swelled a bit bigger. He came back from it panting. “God I need it out”, he moaned. “Please Clint”, begged, “Fuck me”. That wasn’t the direction I thought he’d take. “You don’t need to first”, I questioned, eyeing his turgid, spewing monster. “I need to feel you inside me before I do”, he said, spewing more pre on his face as he did. Well, he didn’t have to tell me twice. “Spin around”, I commanded. He spun and arched his back, putting his masterpiece of an ass in my face. It was completely smooth. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting to do this with him. The fumes of his spunk in the van had me dripping. It was a hotbox of sex and I was hornier than I’d ever been in my entire life. I spread the muscular cheeks and dove in to eat out his tight, pink hole. He moaned and pressed his ass harder into my face in ecstasy. “Deeper”, he begged, spewing pre everywhere on the floor of the van as he did. I worked my tongue to the max, shoving it as far as I could, but he was clenching his hole in pleasure, and after five minutes my tongue was getting tired. “Clint, please, I need you”, he whimpered while panting.

“Spin back around”, I ordered him. I wanted to see his face while I fucked him. I scooped the copious amount of fluid he’d gushed on his stomach and chest off with my hand and lubed my own dick up with it. We held each other’s gaze as I slowly pressed my head inside him. I went in easily with how lubed up with his juice I was. We moaned in synchrony. God, he was so tight. I pushed the rest of the way inside him and he groaned loudly. “You’re so deep”, he moaned, shooting pre on the wall of the van behind him. I started pumping in and out of him, pulling all the way out every now and then for a few seconds to tease him before shoving back inside him. He was so tall I couldn’t reach his lips to kiss him from where I was, but I could run my tongue and hands up and down his stomach and reach his nipples to tease them. Every time I would he’d shoot like a geyser. It was hard to imagine he had any more fluid left in him, the wall behind him was dripping in pre as well as his chest, stomach, face, and hair. He had one of those episodes again while I fucked him, his back arched again and his whole body flexed, and again his balls swelled a little larger. “Harder”, he begged me, and I started slamming into him, his huge pecs shaking up and down every time my hips slammed into his pelvis, my big balls slapping against his ass. I felt myself reaching a climax and I pulled out of him. I wasn’t ready to cum yet, I wanted to get there with him inside me. We were on the same page. I laid down on my back while he rose to his knees. He was so tall now he had to duck a bit. He hoisted my ass up to his mouth with his large hands and started eating me out. He looked so fucking hot with his biceps and triceps balled up massive as they flexed to support my weight. His large tongue skillfully worked my hole, and I was moaning and writhing as he ate me out. He couldn’t resist being inside me for long though, and soon he was pushing his massive head into me.

“Ooooh”, I groaned as his girth stretched me. His pre-slicked dick made it enter as gently as possible, though. He leaned down so his face was inches from mine as he pushed the rest of the way in. Every muscle in my body contracted from pleasure. “Oh my god”, he moaned in relief, as he began to pump in and out. He was so huge he blocked out anything else from view, all I felt was his heat, his presence inside me. He kissed me while he pumped in and out, our moans entering each other’s mouths as our tongues fought for dominance. He began to pick up the pace and force of his thrusts. His huge balls felt like weights hitting against me as his hips slammed into me. My head rolled back as every cell in my body buzzed with pleasure. He teased my nipples and I could feel cum brimming inside me, desperate to spew. “I’m close”, informed me,

“So am I”, I groaned.

“At the same time”, he ordered me. His breathing was becoming ragged and his thrusts sped up with more force as he pounded into me like a jackhammer. “Oh god”, he cried, “oh god it’s so much”, he moaned. I could feel his entire dick swell with more blood as it flexed, preparing to unleash the ocean he had inside him. His face began to flush in a familiar way. “It’s pushing against every part of me”, he moaned. I watched as his muscles swelled larger. His pecs heaved out at least another inch, ballooning with meat as they shook up and down with his thrusts. His shoulders broadened and grew rounder with size as his back followed suit, expanding his entire frame. His arms swelled as did his legs braced on either side of me. “More”, he moaned, “keep growing”, he begged his body. He had to bend his head more as he grew taller and pressed into the ceiling of the van. He had to hunch as he kept growing and his shoulders pressed into the car’s ceiling. His dick swelled longer and thicker inside me, pressing deeper and deeper into me with each thrust. I was using every ounce of willpower I had to keep from cumming and wait for him. His muscles all swelled larger with one last expansion, his dick swelled to what felt like a foot long inside me, and with him yelling from the intensity I felt him start to cum inside me like a garden hose. I shot rope after rope of cum on my chest and face as he emptied inside me. After a minute of continuously shooting inside me, he pulled out, still cumming. He moaned and writhed as he shot his spunk all over the ceiling and walls of the van. I pulled him to me and kissed him as he continued climaxing. Shot after shot hit me all over my chest neck and face as he shot over us as he kissed me. Finally, after five minutes of him draining, it ended. Exhausted, we passed out in each other’s spunk-coated arms and went to sleep.

Clint, first growth:

The sound of footsteps crunching gravel woke me up. I forgot what had happened last night when I first opened my eyes, so I was very disoriented as I tried to make sense of why I was in the back of a van sweating my ass off. I registered that there was a very large arm wrapped around me with a very large hand at the end of it cuddling my chest. It all came rushing back to me, and panic, as well as happiness, came rushing with it. Panic, because I was butt-ass naked in a van without tinted windows in a public parking garage in broad daylight. Happiness, because something I would’ve never let myself dream of happened between me and an amazingly sweet, hot, and, holy shit, big man. I had turned to look at him while thinking this and, jesus fucking christ, he was huge. My dick began to get hard as I recalled the memory of him growing again while fucking me last night. His muscular pecs were squishing together from him sleeping on his side, expanding and falling with his breath. I watched him, enamored with his form. The growth had distributed the new size with an artistic sensibility. His abdomen area remained slim despite the growth, and his abs, although a bit more defined, had retained an aesthetic softness. His whole body had retained that softness to the definition I loved on him, keeping just enough fat to not have him looking like a dehydrated, buff raisin. His legs were powerful, his smooth thighs massive units that were accentuated by his ass, which was a biblical sight. It had gotten more muscular and beefier, and I was completely hard again imagining how tight he’d feel now. The sight of his dick had my mouth watering. In the morning light, I could see every angle of how monstrous it had become. Definitely at least 12 inches long and dispensing a light flow of pre, that, from the size of the puddle under it, had been going for a while now, pumping from his full balls that had retained the size they’d swollen to last night during his horny episodes. His arm muscles were curvature works of art, his neck had gotten thicker, contrasting his defined yet boyishly handsome face in a sexy way. Light coming in from the windows splayed across his face, bringing out the freckles dotting it and his soft hair framing it. Even covered in an obscene amount of dried cum, he was beautiful. He was an oil painting of a child of Aphrodite the morning after an orgy. Jacked Dorian Grey sprung from the pages. Michelangelo’s, “David”, if David came to life and was super gay. A sadness washed over me, because how could I hold this being’s attention? He was sunshine and wildflowers. A clean spring of water with reeds along its bank. Sexy, yet objectively beautiful in a way existing outside of lust that artistic masters throughout the ages had tried to depict in stone and on paper. Not to mention he may not even be completely human, as I was having a hard time coming up with any other explanation as to what else would explain the impossible changes he’d gone through. I knew I wasn’t ugly, but I wasn’t on this level of attractiveness. He had a beauty he could live on alone, just by existing people would pay him. He’d make six figures on OnlyFans. People much hotter than me would be enamored with him as well, and I wouldn’t blame him when his attention was pulled from me to those men more in his league. For right now, though, I could simply enjoy it while I had him. I would deal with the aftermath when it came. A movement to my left made me put my romanticization on a shelf and snap me back to reality. It was the parking garage employee. It was his shoes that had crunched the gravel that woke me up. I looked toward the windshield of Evan’s van and, sure enough, he’d gotten a ticket. His parking time had expired at 6 am this morning and hadn’t been renewed. The parking guy was checking the plate of a car a few spaces away from us, but all he’d have to do is glance over and he’d see me, naked and covered in jizz. For all we knew he’d already seen us when he’d given Evan the ticket. “Evan”, I said, shaking him gently by the shoulder. He didn’t rouse an inch. “Evan”, I said a bit louder, shaking him a bit harder.

“Ryan”, he questioned sleepily. Ryan was his roommate.

“No, Clint”. I responded. His eyes shot open, and I had to fight back a laugh as I watched him go through the same initial disorientation I went through when I first woke up. He sat up quickly only to slam his head against the top of the van, having forgotten about his growth spurt. The memories came to him as he held the top of his head. After they did it was a relief to see him smile widely. “Good morning”, he said in a voice, again, slightly deeper than I remembered. “Morning”, I said back, “how do you feel after that growth spurt”, I asked. He looked down at himself, rubbing a hand down his body starting at his pecs, moving down his stomach, stroking his still hard and dripping dick to finally cup his two balls. His hands were just big enough to hold them both, but they’d overflow in mine. “I feel fucking massive”, he said lustfully. Yeah, no kidding I thought to myself. Any more of this and my dick was at risk of beginning to drip as well. “Jesus Christ, we look crazy”, he remarked as he noticed all the dried cum on his body, then examined me as well. He went to run a hand through his hair and found that much of it felt crunchy. “Ew”, he said, making a face.

“We need showers”, I said, echoing his sentiment.

“Immediately”, he agreed, “but first”, he continued, “how are you”. He held my gaze in a confusingly serious way, as if something bad had just happened. “What do you mean”, I asked.

“You went from seeing me unnaturally grow, to hearing me confess my adoration with you, to fucking in the back of my van, seeing my grow again while I fucked you, and finally seeing me shoot enough cum for 30 men all in the span of like 5 hours”. When he put it like that, yeah, it was a lot to process. Also, 30 men was understating it. “Part of me is a little disoriented, yeah”, I conceded, “but I’m not as freaked out as I should be. I think because I’m so distracted by the, you know, you confessing your adoration for me part”. He grinned,

“And you confessing yours back”, he added joyfully.

“Last night was nice”, I said, making the understatement this time.

“Last night was incredible”, he corrected me. “You were amazing”, he added while leaning in and initiating a very tender kiss, placing his hands on either side of my face before our lips met. It was a bit salty from his dried cum on our lips. The kiss grew in intensity as our hands began moving to other places. I ran my hands over his bigger muscles, tracing his traps and feeling how hard his shoulders were. He ran his hands to my back, one began trailing down toward my ass. My rational brain kicked in, begging me to stop before my dick sidestepped it. Indecent exposure! Illegal!! Cops!!! JAIL!!!! It shouted at me. The logic won out. “Evan”, I said pulling back, “we should go”.

“The shower can wait”, he said, misunderstanding me, as he moved down to my neck to start sucking on it. God, he was good at that. I was in danger of losing all reason. It was the sound of someone closing their car door that pulled us back. Evan froze, mid-hickey, and then abandoned his post to look out the window at the surrounding lot. Panic crossed his face as he realized for the first time how exposed we were. He flattened himself to the floor and pulled a blanket over himself. “Oh my god, we’ve gotta get out of here”, he said urgently.

“Yeah”, I agreed, trying to reassemble my thoughts.

“My clothes won’t really fit me, can you drive”, he asked. I grimaced as I imagined how gross it was going to feel putting on my uniform while covered in dry cum. He was right though, and also he was too big to crawl to the front from the back, and no way in hell was he stepping outside the van and risking someone seeing him in that state. So, I was brave and put my clothes on and shimmied my way up front. I started the van, put it in drive, then paused. “Where are we going”, I asked, “Your place”, I followed up asking.

“I need to think about how I’m going to explain this to Ryan”, he said, gesturing to his body.

I wracked my brain, but there really isn’t any logical way to explain to someone how you put on that much size in one night. There wasn’t a drug in existence that could induce what Evan had gone through, or a disease or phenomenon discovered that could explain it. He had nothing to tell everyone. No matter what, people would be confused and probably a bit frightened and disturbed. Especially if he grew any more. “Is Nick working this morning”, Evan asked.

“Let me check”, I said, pulling my phone out, extremely grateful that it being inside my pants pocket all night had spared it from Evan’s onslaught. “Yeah, he works”, I said in relief after checking the shift schedule, “so my apartment will be empty”.

“What time is it”, he asked.

“9:45 am”, I responded.

“10 minutes before the morning staff will be getting here”, he warned, “possibly coming up here to park, seeing my van”. He didn’t need to say anymore, I flew out of the spot and rushed as fast as I could down the garage. Once on the main road I slammed on the gas and prayed Nick would be texting and driving when he passed by us. He, thankfully, and also recklessly, was on his phone when he passed by us. My phone buzzed, and, oh, he’d been texting me.


Hey man :) just wanted to make sure you’re good, noticed you didn’t come home last night

I felt bad for worrying him, he was such a nice guy.


Oop ya I’m fine I slept over at Sara’s, sorry to worry you

I lied. That story would hold up. Even if Nick saw her at work today she was savvy enough to stick to my story until she could talk to me and ask me why I’d lied. Evan, who was in the back of the van sat up, slouching against the wall so that his head didn’t hit the ceiling. He had his arms wrapped around the passenger seat. I nearly ran a stop sign because I got distracted by the muscles in his arms bunched up from the position they were in. I slammed on the brakes. “Sorry”.

“It’s ok”, he laughed. “What’s wrong”, he asked seeing me grimace in discomfort as the motion of the car halting so quickly caused me to fall forward.

“My balls are squished”, I complained as I lifted myself out of the seat and reached down my pants to pull them forward and out from between my thighs. They felt a bit larger in my hands than they typically did, also, they were sore. “Yeah”, Evan responded, “I don’t think I’ll be able to wear a pair of underwear comfortably again”, he predicted, “these things are fucking huge”. I pictured his big balls swinging back and forth with the G-forces of the van as I drove, and my dick began to get half hard again. I groaned, “I just got this to go down”, I complained.

“Size really turns you on, doesn’t it”, he astutely observed. I feigned nonchalance and shrugged, “It doesn’t turn me off. Not gonna lie and say it wasn’t hot watching you grow while over me last night”, I turned around to give him a smirk, “You seemed to enjoy it at least”. He blushed a bit, reaching behind to scratch the back of his head, causing his massive bicep to bunch up. “Yeah I got a little carried away”, he admitted sheepishly.

“Any guy would”, I assured him, “does it feel good”, I asked. He shook his head,

“Yes, but that’s an understatement. There aren’t words. It’s the best pleasure I’ve ever felt”, he informed me. “Do you want it to happen again”, I tentatively asked as I turned into the parking lot of my apartment complex. He was silent for a few seconds before he responded, “Yes, but no”. The “no”, hadn’t sounded as convincing. A problem neither of us had thought about presented itself as I put the car in park. “Evan”, I started, “how are you going to get inside”.

“Oh”, he said, “yeah, I’m naked”.

“Yeah”, I agreed.

“Hm”, he sounded.

“Maybe one of Nick’s sweatpants would cover your bottom half at least”, I ventured.

“But I’m covered in jizz”, he protested.

“We’ll wash them, he’ll never know”. He had a guilty expression on his face still.

“The alternative is you running through this parking lot naked with only a towel wrapped around you”, I warned him.

“Yeah ok go get the pants”, he conceded.

The walk from the van to my complex building was humbling, to say the least. You don’t know “walk of shame” until you’ve speed walked through a public place in broad daylight covered in enough spunk that it looks like you went to a 60-man-orgy. I noticed how heavy and sore my balls felt again while walking up the stairs to the second floor. The movement of them swaying back and forth felt clunkier than usual. I rifled through Nick’s drawer and found a pair of grey sweats that looked like they’d get the job done. “You never saw me”, I said to his cat as it watched me from his bed, unblinking, leave his room. Evan had to pull off some impressive maneuvers to get the pants over his muscular legs and thick ass. They were too short, coming up far enough to tell me that he’d grown at least 2-3 more inches taller last night. That’s 3-4 inches taller in one day, but the shock factor of that was wearing off. I was becoming desensitized to how absurd that was. The outline of his monster cock and bulbous balls was very noticeable. He’d managed to get it to get soft, but it still looked to be about 8 inches long in that state. Coupled with his superhero physique he was a spectacle. “Ok”, I said, “don’t stop walking for anything, don’t make eye contact with anyone, get inside without ruining the innocence of any children”, I ordered. He nodded seriously. I walked ahead of him at first, but he quickly overtook me with his much longer legs. I glanced over at him as he passed me, and the movement of his cock and balls swaying as his thick thighs fought for space in the too-small pants was in danger of turning me on. The danger became red alert as his ass came into view, and I could see the stark outline of his crack framed by the two bowling balls of his cheeks as they moved back and forth with the rhythm of his stride. We made it inside without anyone having to see us. “Ok, let’s become humans again”, he said walking toward the bathroom. “Wait”, I called as I opened the closet door by the front door and pulled the toolbox off the top shelf, holding up the tape measurer to him. “I wanna see what you grew first”. His eyes lit up in interest as he walked over to me. I had to stretch my arms all the way up to get to the top of his head. Jesus Christ. “You’re 6’6”, I said. His eyes widened as he looked down at me, fully processing just how much that distance had really grown over the span of less than a day. I know I said I was becoming desensitized to this, but seeing the numbers was harder to brush off. “You were 6’2 when you clocked in yesterday”, I asked him. He nodded. “You were the same height as Nick at 6’3 after the first growth”, I said, “so you must’ve grown another 3 inches in the van”. I shook my head in disbelief. “Are you sure you don’t wanna go see a doctor”, I asked.

“I mean”, he responded, “is there anything logical at all that could cause something like this”, he asked me. “No”, I admitted, “even if you had a tumor pressing on the pituitary gland in your brain causing it to secrete growth hormone, it still wouldn’t be this fast. But, also, it’s not like I’ve been to med school or anything I’m hardly a doctor or know everything. Even if you are the first case of whatever this is, you need to make sure none of this is hurting your body”, I followed up with. He slid down the wall until he was sitting with his arms resting on his knees.

“I really do feel ok though”, he said, “Actually, I feel better than I ever have in my life. I’ve never felt so healthy and alert. And this is going to be weird and hard to explain to a doctor, and, I mean I’m not complaining about the size boost. Unless this continues to a point where I’m getting bigger than I want to be or it starts to hurt, I don’t wanna go see a doctor”. I had dozens of reasons why waiting until it was bad was not a great plan, but I could see his mind was made up. It was his shoes all over again. Also, he was an adult, and I was not his dad. Ultimately, it was up to him if he went or not. “Wanna see how big your dick is”, I said, changing the subject. He smirked and stood back up to his full height. I grabbed the python and extended the tape measurer out until I reached the flared head. “8 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick”, I said as my mouth watered. “You’re as long soft as I am hard”.

“Let’s find out how big it is hard”, he said deviously as I felt the monster begin to inflate in my hand. It pumped up bigger and bigger, passing 9 on the ruler, then 10, 11, and finally capping out at 12. “You’re a foot long”, I said in awe. “3 inches thick”, I added. A drop of pre pooled at the tip of his cock at my words. “Ready to shower”, I asked, taking a step back. He nodded fervently. I pulled my shirt off as I walked down the hall ahead of him toward the bathroom. I could hear the sound of his big feet following in pursuit. When I turned around he’d already pried the too-small-sweats off his legs and stood in all his naked glory. I pulled my pants and underwear off and stepped up to him our cocks were pressed together. His was so long it covered the entire length of my stomach and a little of the bottom of my chest. His dwarfed mine. I’d never had my cock look so small compared to another. I craned my neck up to see him staring down at me. He had to lean a bit to see over his pecs, which were rising and falling quickly as his breath began to speed up with arousal. I could see where this was about to go quickly, but I had a different agenda. I wanted this to be a slow, painful burn for us both. I stepped up on the side of the tub so that we were eye to eye. He laughed at my height-equalizing maneuver. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he stepped closer to me, and our lips came together. His warmth began bleeding into me as I hungrily pressed myself into him as hard as I could. One of his big hands ran down my back and cupped my ass, lifting me a bit up. I got where he was leading with that and wrapped my legs around his torso as he supported my weight easily with just that arm. He stepped us into the shower and started the water all without breaking our kiss. The warm water caressed down the grooves of his chiseled body as he pressed my back into the wall as the kissing began picking up in intensity. He moved his mouth down to my neck and resumed where he’d left off in the van this morning. My dick leaked profusely. My balls felt huge and full like I hadn’t cum in weeks. “Evan”, I said, halting this production before I slipped off the edge. “Hm”, he answered, not coming up from kissing and sucking on my neck. “Wanna do a kink of mine”, I asked, setting up the trap.

“Please”, he murmured as he lifted me up higher so he could kiss and suck on my chest. God, it felt so good. “Well, I’m really into edging”, I hinted. He stopped mid-suck on my nipple and then rose to meet my eyes. “Oh no”, he said.

“What if, instead of having sex right now, we go on that date and have sex after, tonight”, I proposed. He considered it. “I like it, but what if, instead of that, we have sex now, go on that date, then have sex after”, he counteroffered. I laughed.

“Think about how hot it’ll be if we wait though. All that sexual tension and desire building between us all night in public, every little touch fueling a forest fire. Then having crazy, desperate sex after resisting those urges all night”. He nodded in spite of himself.

“Ok that does sound hot”, he conceded.

“Cool, now let’s wash the jizz out of our hair so we look like normal people again”. The shower proved to be a hard first test of our self-mandated chastity. Watching Evan wash his muscled body was very sensual, and it didn’t help that both of us stayed hard the whole time, showing that both of us were struggling with our arousal. I nearly broke when Evan asked, “Do you mind washing my back for me, it’s a little hard to reach back there now”. At first, I was well in control, studiously ignoring how hot his back was, but then I realized he’d also included his ass in that job as well. That was a whole other story. I’d been careful to not glance down at it, knowing that the sight of it in all its taut glory had a good chance of breaking me. Soon as I saw it, watched the streams of water running down his back caress the deep crevice of his crack from how muscular his cheeks had grown, I nearly came undone. My brain bombarded me with fantasies of what I could be doing right now. I could start by crouching down and biting the closest cheek, and rubbing my hands all over the two massive globes, feeling them jiggle. Then I could spread them and run my tongue on his rim, feeling him tremble and hearing him groan in anticipation, begging me all the while to shove my-

Stop stop stop stop I mentally yelled at my brain, halting the fantasy. I’d only been distracted for about 5 seconds, Evan wouldn’t have known what I’d been thinking. The only incriminating evidence of my thoughts was the pre that had dripped from me, but that was immediately diluted and lost with the water of the shower. My dick and brain both pulsed in defiance.

It’ll be worth it tonight when the sex is that much better I promised them both. I quickly soaped up his ass and finished. He returned the favor and washed my back. Feeling his broad hands rub me brought goosebumps along my arms. I’d never felt this kind of electricity with someone before. Maybe edging is no longer a kink of mine. My balls still felt heavy, sore, and abnormally full. Like, sure I was horny being around Evan, but this felt like more than that. I’d done no nut November once when I was a teenager and made it 25 days. This felt a bit worse than that, and that’s saying something. Feeling this way after cumming a lot just the night before was not my body’s norm. I chalked it up to how fucking hot Evan was, I mean, he was something straight out of a thirst trap. An Instagram influencer pulled off the screen. Also, I’d seen him grow like he was a character in some growth-centric smut story. That would make any gay man hornier than usual. Whatever, once we got out of this steamy bathroom and put on some clothes it’d be more manageably tantalizing. Hopefully. We decided to enjoy the early spring weather and walk around the park by where we worked. When I started rummaging through Nick’s wardrobe again he’d further complained about borrowing Nick’s clothes without permission, but after some coercing, I got him into a pair of shorts and a baggy (on Nick) tee that covered him enough that he’d be decent for families to see him. Nick bought into the 5-inch-seam short trend though, and on Evan’s ballooned thighs they hiked up to about 3 inches. We quickly realized that him in those shorts without underwear would be a problem when after two steps about 4 inches of his massive shaft became visible swinging against his inner thigh. I put him in a pair on my boxer briefs that really, really did not fit him, but kept the beast tucked away. His ass in them was equal parts funny and hot. They were essentially a thong on him with how far they rode up his crack. The fabric meant to fit someone with my proportions did not possess the bandwidth to cover his bubble butt as well as his thick cock and bloated balls, and the latter were the priority right now. So, he’d have to deal with the wedgie.

It was a gorgeous day in the park. We’d been walking and talking adamantly for about 3 hours. We’d boughten popsicles from my favorite little ice cream shop and settled in a patch of grass overlooking the river to eat them. The sun reflected off the water in beautiful, albeit bright, patterns that kept pulling my attention away from my quickly melting treat. I laughed as I watched a couple in a two-person kayak accidentally flip. “Clint, watch it it’s melting-”, Evan started to warn me right as I felt the cold sensation of half the popsicle slipping off the stick and plopping onto my shirt. “Goddammit”, I complained and immediately felt guilty as the family of four with two elementary school-age kids walked past us. Oh well, they have access to the internet, they probably already knew worse words. Evan laughed at my expense. I gave him a sour side-eye that only made him laugh harder. I sighed as I looked down at my ruined shirt. “I’m gonna go try and wash this off in the bathroom”.

“I think it’s beyond saving”, Evan admitted, “I’d just take it off and go shirtless.

“What”, I said appalled, “we’re at a park”.

“…And”, Evan questioned.

“There are kids around”, I protested.

“I didn’t say whip your dick out”, Evan replied, “It’s 85 degrees out and you’re a guy”. I looked out toward the river, ignoring him. “You prude”, Evan teased.

“Shut up”, I said, feeling embarrassed. Truthfully, part of my hesitancy came from feeling inadequate next to Evan. I didn’t want people to be able to see my naked torso next to his clearly, even while clothed, superior one. People would think I’d paid him to go out with me. My ego needed to get over itself. Evan was here because he liked me. I shrugged my shirt off, but couldn’t help subconsciously pulling my knees in toward me to hide my torso. Evan didn’t miss that, or why I had been so apprehensive to shed the garment in the first place.

“You really don’t see yourself clearly”, he informed me. “You’re really hot”. Blush flooded my cheeks. “Thanks”, I said, uncomfortable with the praise.

“No seriously”, Evan said, “you say you’re not very fit, but look at yourself”. I did what he asked, prepared to see the same old same old pretty average build that he was just being nice about when I was stopped short. He was right. Or, at least, I wasn’t as skinny as I usually was. The body I looked down at was more toned and had a few more pounds of muscle on it than I remembered. Huh. “And you’ve gotta admit, you’ve got a nice chest”, he said while reaching out to grab one of my pecs and jiggle it. I laughed and conceded. I was able to admit I did have a nice chest genetically. It was something I’d inherited from my dad. I was a skinnier guy but had always had a chest that was a bit out of proportion with how muscular it was. “I get that from my dad”, I said to him.

“Well, give Chris my thanks”, he joked, referencing my dad by name.

“How do you know my dad’s name”, I questioned him.

“You mentioned it once”.

“When”, I asked, unable to recall any time I’d ever talked about my dad to him.

“You were talking about how you competitively square danced as a kid”, he began, and I immediately began to blush. I regretted ever sharing that dark fact about my past with everyone at work. “About how it was a tradition on your dad’s side of the family, but you said ‘Chris’s side of the family’, when you mentioned it”. His verbatim recall brought it up to the surface in my memory. “Oh god, yeah. I don’t remember you being there when I talked about that though”, I admitted. “You were talking to Sara about it”, he informed me, “we were all at the high-top folding napkins and I overheard”.

“That was so long ago, I can’t believe you remember”, I marveled.

“I remember everything I hear you say”, he said sheepishly, “I really like you”. Color began to delicately flush his face. A warm feeling enveloped my diaphragm area as butterflies fluttered throughout it. “But even if I hadn’t had a giant crush on you”, he continued, “I wouldn’t forget that I heard someone say they competitively square danced”, he laughed, emphasizing the last two words in stage horror. The butterflies died. “You know, we don’t have to talk”, I said in a monotone voice.

“Oh come on, show me a dance move”, he teased, grabbing my hand and leading it around like he was going to twirl me.

“How about I drown myself in the river instead”, I countered, making him laugh again.

“Ok I’m sorry”, he conceded, “I’ll tell you an embarrassing secret so we’re even”.

“More embarrassing than competitive square dancing”, I asked skeptically.

“Not more, but equally, to me at least”, he said. I waited, curious to know what he could have possibly done. “In middle school, I had a crush on my best friend, we’d play Skyrim together a lot, and I would secretly write gay Skyrim smut about the two of us every night”. I stared at him blank-faced while I processed that. “That”, I began, “is the straightest gay thing I’ve ever heard”.

“It gets worse”, he warned, “I showed him it”.

“No”, I gasped, feeling my eyes widen. “How did he take it”

“Not well”, he said shaking his head sadly, “he freaked out, it ended our friendship”.

“That’s so sad”, I sympathized.

“Yeah, as cringe as it was, little me just wanted love”.

“Was that traumatic”, I inquired.

“A bit, but I worked through that in therapy long ago”, he answered.

“Well, I can’t make fun of you for that”, I paused, “Actually yea I can”.

“Good”, he replied. “Now we’re even, partner”, he said, enunciating ‘partner’ in an exaggerated southern accent. A square dancing joke. I rolled my eyes. “For our next date we can play Skyrim and then act out the sexy role-play little you wanted”, I promised.

“I’ll hold you to that”, he responded. I didn’t respond. I’d been mostly joking and hadn’t expected him to respond so seriously. “I’m getting hungry wanna grab something to eat”, I asked, changing the subject. “Sure”, he said brightly standing up. He grabbed my hand as we walked, and it felt like electricity was flowing between us. Our energies had been progressively building all day, getting more and more charged. I was glad now we’d waited to have sex. My balls still felt heavy and full, and the urge to empty them out was growing stronger with each hour. I imagined his giant balls felt the same, if not worse. We split nachos at a local bar and talked about our lives. Got to know each other as more than co-workers. He was close with his mother, his dad hadn’t accepted him being gay. She’d divorced him over it. He had felt guilty, blamed himself for destroying his parents’ marriage, and had had to accept that his father’s bigotry wasn’t his fault. His mother’s intolerance of that bigotry, again, was not his fault. He didn’t let it make him pessimistic though. “I’m very fortunate to have one parent who accepted me and stood by me”, he said, giving me his crooked smile, “could’ve been a lot worse, me coming from a Baptist household”. I nodded, awed by his maturity and perspective on it.

“What about you”, he asked me.

“What about me”, I asked back.

“Are you close with your parents”, he asked.

“I-”, I began to say, when all of the sudden the urge to cum I’d been feeling all night reached a crescendo, distracting me. It was a bit overwhelming, washing over me in a wave of lust and need. I could feel energy tossing and turning inside them. “You good”, he asked, his eyebrows furrowing down in worry at whatever facial expression. “I think…”, I said slowly, distracted by my processing of what I was feeling, “what happened to you last night in the garage is happening to me”, I finished. His eyes widened.

“Are you serious”, he asked, shocked. I nodded, unable to speak as another wave of lust and need washed over me, peaking higher than before. I passed a moan that escaped me as a cough as I felt a jet of pre shoot from my painfully hard dick. The people closest to our table glanced over at us with puzzled expressions. “We gotta go”, I urged him.

“Yeah, we gotta go”, he fervently agreed, already up and walking toward our waiter to hand him his card. All throughout the car ride back my dick consistently kept leaking pre, yet my balls never felt any less full. “Are you gonna grow”, Evan asked me in a stressed tone.

“I don’t know”.

“Do you feel flushed”

“No, I mean not like that, my skins not red is it”, I asked.

“No”, he reassured me.

“I mean, I won’t lie and say this feels bad”, I admitted. He nodded knowingly,

“And growing felt 100x better than that feels”. I couldn’t even comprehend that. I think my brain would fry if I felt that much pleasure at once. Evan barely got the front door of my apartment shut before I all but tackled him. I had his shirt off in seconds, and his shorts and underwear quickly followed suit. His behemoth of a cock was already all the way hard. He yanked my clothes off with just as much fervor, my 8-inch cock felt fucking massive and hard as a rock as it sprung out of my underwear. He kneeled in front of me and then started sucking my dick like a pro, going all the way down to my balls. “Oh my fucking god”, I moaned, completely lost in ecstasy. It was strange though, even after he had been blowing me for at least 5 minutes I didn’t feel any closer to coming. It felt amazing, but, progress wasn’t occurring. I had the feeling he could give me the best blowjob of my life for the next two hours and I still wouldn’t cum. I could feel the pressure of the cum inside me pressing on my prostate. “Evan, fuck me”, I ordered him. He didn’t need convincing. He immediately started eating my ass out, and just that alone sent shock waves throughout my body. The knowledge that his massive dick wasn’t even inside me yet and it felt this good had me shaking. “Evan, please”, I begged, having déjà vu from the night before when it had been me hearing him beg for me to fuck him like this. He pushed just his massive head into me and the loudest moan I’d heard myself ever make came involuntarily from me. The only way I can explain it was that it was pure pleasure. Every cell on my body was on fire, and his dick was stroking all of them with every inch deeper he went. He went in slowly at first, teasing me. Finally, when he all 12 inches of him were buried in me, he started fucking me like I wanted. He knew exactly what I was feeling right now, and knew what I wanted. He pounded me hard, setting me ablaze. Seeing him loom over me, big pecs shaking with each thrust, his massive arms flexing as his big hands were wrapped around my torso was so hot. “Harder”, I moaned, and he started using me like a fleshlight. His massive balls slammed into me with every forceful thrust. “God you’re so pumped up right now”, Evan said between breaths, running his hand down my chest and abs. I looked up was saw that I now had abs and, he was right, I looked like I had an insane pump from a really good workout. “I’m close”, Evan moaned. I felt his dick swell larger inside me as it flexed with more blood, preparing to shoot. Evan’s head rolled back as I felt him release inside me. It wasn’t as much cum as he’d shot in the van, but it was still as much as five virile men. The warmth of all the jizz in me radiated a warmth throughout my lower stomach that only amplified my pleasure. I needed to cum so bad, but no matter how good it felt from him fucking me it only seemed to increase my need to cum instead of leading me to that outcome. He pulled out of me, and surprisingly no cum fell out of me when he did. I realized that no cum had passed out of me from last night either after he’d fucked me. That pulled me out of my haze a bit because that made no sense. Where was it going? A warm, trickling sensation in my balls answered that question. I sat up and watched as they slowly began to swell bigger and bigger. The full, sore feeling I’d been having all day began to intensify as they did. My mouth dropped open as the dots connected. My slow growth all day, the copious amount of pre I’d been leaking, the heightened horniness. I looked up at Evan, feeling crazy yet sure I was right as I said, “Evan I think the cum you’ve shot in me is going into my balls”. He gave me a jokingly skeptical look, but shock crossed his features as he looked down and saw what I saw: my balls, still, slowly inflating. “Oh my god”, I moaned as the feeling of fullness and lust continued climbing. It was becoming hard to stay cognizant with it. Each of my balls was now the size Evan’s had been before he’d grown again last night, two ripe clementines. For perspective, they had only been the size of large goose eggs before he’d just finished fucking me now. I thought it wouldn’t get any more overwhelming when I felt them stop growing, but then the growth started.

Evan had been right. There aren’t words to truly articulate what it feels like. The best I can describe it is an orgasm throughout my entire body. A pressure that felt so good I nearly went unconscious as it rearranged my matter. I felt my body lengthen as I grew taller and all my muscles swell as new sinews were woven into my musculature. Every new cell added to my cock, pushing it longer and thicker, added a new flame to the pleasurable fire I was in. I was lost inside myself, unaware of anything happening in the outside world. I just wanted more. More, and more, and more. I would never not want this feeling. My body lengthened, thickened, and deepened indefinitely while I floated in the voidness of pleasure where time and space lost all meaning. “Clint”, I heard a voice yell. It was so loud it pierced into the void. “CLINT”, it yelled again, louder this time. I recognized the voice as Evan’s. He sounded worried. Why would he be worried? I felt an unpleasant feeling somewhere, then felt it again. The third time it hit I realized it was my cheek, and having that as an anchor brought me back to my body. I found my eyelids and fluttered them open. Evan’s worried face appeared in front of me. Relief washed over him as he saw me come awake. “Clint, can you hear me”, he asked. I nodded. “You’ve been unconscious and getting bigger, I slapped you i’m sorry I didn’t know what else to do”. I struggled to stay focused on him as I felt another wave of growth move through me, threatening to pull me back under. “Clint”, he said forcefully, patting my cheek, “stay with me”. He bent down and kissed me, and that jolted me fully back into my body. The sensory input of it grounded me. I lifted him off me, “I need to cum”, I said urgently, “it won’t stop until I do”. Understanding showed in his expression, and he quickly lifted me up as he lay down on his back. He scooted his ass so that it was brushing the head of my dick. Where his skin touched the head of it sent electric shocks up the shaft. Without much free will, I felt my hips thrust forward and shove my whole length inside him. He groaned in pleasure as well as pain as I forcefully entered him. “Sorry”, I gasped.

“It’s ok, just keep going”. I didn’t really have a choice it seemed. My body was fucking him out of pure instinct and a carnal drive. Another wave of growth washed over me, and I saw it happen this time. Saw my perspective shift a bit upward as I lengthened taller, saw my body become bigger with muscle and power, and felt myself go deeper inside Evan as I stretched him wider. It was intoxicating. Did I want this to stop? What if it didn’t stop? My thrusting started to falter as this new option presented itself. As much as I was dying to cum, I wanted this pleasure more. “Clint”, Evan said as he noticed he was losing me again. “Clint, keep going”, he ordered. He started moving up and down on my dick himself, clenching his hole to make it even tighter on me. I moaned in pleasure and felt the urge to cum begin to broil. “I want more”, I moaned. I wanted more first. I tried to will another growth spurt to happen. Urged the lightning inside my balls to pump me up one last time before I expelled it. I felt it begin to pour into me again. “Yes”, I moaned loudly, “make me bigger”, I begged. I began swelling right as I began cumming. The two sensations combined had me yelling from the intensity of the pleasure. After the last growth spurt ended I continued cumming for what felt like five continuous minutes before it ended. I lasted about 30 seconds after that before I passed out from exhaustion.


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