Ultimate muscle

by Ultra-Muscle

Philip gets injected with what he wants most—something that will make him a big muscle man like his dad.

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“Okay, Phillip. I am going to inject you with the formula; then you rush straight home. No stops along the way, you hear?” Doctor Jacobs said to 17 year old boy sitting down in the chair in his office. Doctor Jacobs was a well built man in his late 30s with light brown hair. Brown eyes and very well chiseled chin. In his right hand he held the needle filled with the formula that was to be injected into Phillip body. He smiled at the nervous teen as Phillip said in a low voice.

Phillip was scrawny but was wearing some very loose fitting clothes, a saggy blue t-shirt and bike shorts that covered his pale skin. His green eyes, shy and timid, were half hidden by long brown hair. He rubbed his hands together as the doctor pierced his skin and injected the formula into his bloodstream. It lasted for about a second, but Phillip could not feel anything happening to him. He felt dejected as he stood up to go.

“I’ve already called your dad,” Doctor Jacobs said as he handed Phillip his jacket with a smile “He’s says he wishes he could be home to see your transformation, but he already landed in Vegas for the show. He says that he happy you signed up for the program and that he already has things prep for you at the house. Now hurry home, young man.”

“Okay, Doc,” Phillip said as he left the doctor’s exam room. As he left he was beginning to feel a little warm around his chest area. He rubbed his right side and thought it felt fuller, more muscular. Maybe it was working, he thought. A smile came across his face at the thought of what was happening to him. His father took the injection a year ago after his wife, Phillip’s mom; left them for her own selfish reasons. His father became a massive, muscular hunk who now model for gay porno magazines and films. His father says it was liberating to be what he is now, and was happy with his friend/partner Bobby, who had taken the treatment too. In fact a lot of guys in town were doing it. Becoming muscular hunks and even their sons were lining up, with their dads’ permission. Phillip’s dad—he was going to wait till he was 18, but after he caught his son jacking off to one of his films a week ago, he decided he was ready.

As Phillip was leaving the office and found himself in the sunny parking lot, the heat in his body seemed to increase more and more. He was feeling an increasingly urgent need to lose his shirt, which was beginning to fill out. In fact so were his shorts. He casually reached down to feel his privates and gasped as he felt what appeared to be a solid 8 inches through his shorts. Feeling suddenly excited and nervous at the same time, Phillip ran to his car, cranked up the engine and drove off.

As he drove off he turned his eyes towards the people walking down the street. Actually, the men walking down the street. Ever since the government started allowing the program to go thru, many of the guys in his town had taken the injection and were pretty much ripped and beautiful. Walking around shirtless and barefoot was the new norm and no one seemed to care that the women had mostly all up and left. He saw Mr. Grover, the 40 year old groceries happily sweeping at his door. He looked like he was back to his 30s with his massive pecs and tree trunk legs and arms.

There was Mr. Rogers and his twin sons, Ham and Malcolm, both 18, walking arm and arm like a happy tri-couple. Their bronze skin and toned bodies gave off a glow of super sexiness to the people in the street. He saw one of the twins give their dad a kiss who happily passed on the favor to the other one.

Phillip looked down at his lap and saw the massive bulge that was forming. In fact everything about him was becoming massive. He looked up to see that he was home. Quickly he ran in, ready to get naked to see what was happening to his body. He ran into the kitchen where he saw two mop buckets, some skin bikini briefs and a note from his dad.

“Phillip, I’m sorry I can’t be there to help you through this change but I want you to know that I am happy for you son. By now your body should be going thru the changes. Muscle growth, a need to be naked, sex drive over taking you for the first time. The buckets are for you to use in collecting your overflow and believe me son, there will be a LOT. You will be out of it for a while but soon son you will be ok. Will see you in a few days. Love you. Dad”

Phillip smiled, but the smile soon changed to a groan. His shorts got incredibly tight and the heat his body had created was overwhelming. He ran to his room and removed all his clothes and stood in front of his mirror.

He was massive. His arms, biceps, triceps, shoulders—even his hands; they were huge and muscular. He flexed them and was in awe at the beautiful circular form they made. His face had become more defined, chiseled, like his dad. His eyes traveled down towards his legs. Long, thick hair protruded out from his skin, his calf and ankles swelling with their own muscular form. His feet most have grown larger too cause when he examined them they were at least 16-18 size. He turned his waist slightly to exam his ass. The massive bubbly form of his backside was magnificent; he slapped each check and felt the firmness on each side.

But the star of his muscle show was his massive penis. He did not need a measuring tape to know it was now as long and as thick as a baby elephant’s trunk. Using both hands, he lifted up and moaned at how sensitive the shaft felt in his hands. Slowly, he began to stroke it making it harder and longer. He moans a little bit louder, imagining what he could do with this monster cock. Hell, he was sure that the guys in school would drop trou so he could see theirs. That thought got him pumping harder. Each guy touching, feeling, kissing his body. He does the same to theirs. Coming home to his hot dad worshipping his own body like he did on film. Soon he would be in a movie like his dad, another turn on. Phillip was going faster and faster now. He knew he was going to cum soon, luckily the buckets were in his room and he aimed his cock towards the first one.

Faster, faster and faster he stroked himself. Images of what he was becoming, what he would be doing invaded his mind. He wasn’t a weak kid anymore, no he was man. A muscular man, like his dad, his dad’s partner, his neighbors, his friends. The whole town. Yes! A whole town of fucking muscle men. That what he was. No longer normal, he was one of them. A true Ultra-Muscle man. At that last thought, the dam burst.

Cum came out of him like a fountain, hitting the first bucket and filling it up with no problem. The second one was filled up half way. After that Phillip hit his bed hard and fell asleep.

Phillip most has been out for a long time because when he woke up the clock said 12 am. He stood up and saw that he was now aware of what had happen. He was an Ultra-Muscle man now. The buckets of cum sait on the floor, ready to be dumped. The strong manly scent that was him lingered in the room for a few minutes as he got up to check the phone. There was one message from his dad.

“Will be home in the morning. Hope you’re ready for your new life.”

Phillip smiled. Boy was his dad going to love this.


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