Toy story

by LenZelig

During a storm Bob stumbles across a strange webpage offering something called “The Ultimate Sex Machine”. Intrigued, he clicks “order”, expecting maybe a sophisticated sex toy. Instead he gets Randy, a hunk-shaped machine dedicated to ensuring that Bob experiences ultimate sexual possibilities from now on and willing to reshape reality to make it happen.

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Part 1 During a storm Bob stumbles across a strange webpage offering something called “The Ultimate Sex Machine”. Intrigued, he clicks “order”, expecting maybe a sophisticated sex toy. Instead he gets Randy, a hunk-shaped machine dedicated to ensuring that Bob experiences ultimate sexual possibilities from now on and willing to reshape reality to make it happen. (added: 1 Jul 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

I returned from work on Friday afternoon, looking forward to the last weekend of summer. I made it to my house just before an unexpected thunderstorm hit. I decided to cancel my normal evening run since I had a cold coming on and do a little web surfing instead. By this time the lightning and thunder were severe, but I had surge protection on the power and the modem, so I wasn't worried.

I logged on and opened bookmarks to my favorite gay sex sites. I kept getting error messages saying the site address was invalid. I tried microsoft dot com and got the same message. Well, I was in my provider's page, I'll try a net search under gay sex. It worked, but all the sites returned were unfamiliar. Some had three letter country codes that I hadn't seen before. I tried one of them. It worked.

I was in the homepage of So rig must be the country code for Rigel; I wasn't familiar with it. The site offered straight and gay videos and sex toys. I thought I'd sample the videos. They had real movie clips that loaded al most instantly and played back in full screen with TV quality. Impressive. The videos tended to be on a science fiction theme. There was one with two guys getting it on while floating weightless in some sort of space ship. The production values were great, but I was surprised that a porn filmmaker could afford the kind of effects that were used on Apollo 13.

I flipped to the toy department next. The first one was called “The Ultimate Sex Machine.” There was video of two guys having very hot sex, but I didn't see the machine. The description said, “Fulfill your every fantasy. Satisfaction guaranteed. Instant delivery anywhere.” There was no price; just a box, highlighted as a link, marked order. I thought I would push it and see if the order form had more information. I clicked it, the button graphic depressed, the screen cleared and my computer bombed.

I had just hit restart when the doorbell rang. When I went to the door there was nobody there, just a big box on the porch. It was pouring rain but the box was dry. I brought it inside, no easy feat since it was seven feet tall, three feet on the other sides and heavier than I. The box had just two markings, red RigelSex lettering over a five pointed white star that took up most of the front of the box and a small tab marked open. They're not kidding about instant delivery, I thought as I pulled the tab.

When I touched the tab, the seams of he box split and retracted silently into the base. I was face to face with a mannequin of an outrageously muscular male. Its skin was colored like stainless steel and it felt like it were carved out of steel too. It stood six and a half feet tall, with nearly a sixty inch chest and arms that were twenty inches around, relaxed by its side. The waist was no bigger than my thirty-two inches and had beautifully defined abdominals. The thighs flared to at least 36 inches and between them was a ten inch sex tool and a pair of large balls. I couldn't call it ten inches soft because it was made of the same stuff as the rest of him and all my strength made no impression on it.

Did I really order this, I wondered? How does it work? Then I saw a glowing button on the base of the box labeled, Start. I knelt down and pressed it.

In front of me the pillars of its legs turned flesh color and stepped off the base that disappeared. I looked up at what appeared to be a living, breathing man. I scrambled to my feet and looked up into its face. It looked back down to me and spoke in a strong masculine voice. “I am the ultimate sex toy you ordered. You may call me Randy. How should I address you?”

“Uh…Bob,” I answered. “How do you work? …Randy,” I added.

“I can provide instruction on my operation and sexual techniques. I recommend the on-line tour to get started. Do you want the tour, Bob?”

“Yes,” I stammered.

“RigelSex has manufactured the 'Ultimate Sex Toy' to the highest standards in the galaxy,” it stated beginning a canned spiel. “This is the male model and will answer to the name, Randy. The sealed power source is capable of three hundred standard years of normal operation. It can simulate a human male of any race, size and age,” it continued while morphing to Asian, African forms before returning to Caucasian, then shifting from a young teenager about four and a half feet tall back to the bodybuilder form which aged to about fifty before returning to the initial age of early twenties.

“When the start button was pressed an emotional bond was formed which will allow customization of the sexual experience to the owner. Sexual equipment and technique will be varied based on the emotional feedback from the partner.” While this was being said the penis shrank to six inches then lengthened until it touched the carpet before returning to the ten-inch size.

It continued. “Randy incorporates the latest technology to diagnose and correct any problems that might limit your enjoyment. To take the on-line diagnostic, please insert the penis in your mouth.” Randy's dick rose until it was horizontal and the head pushed out from the foreskin, extending its length to twelve inches.

I got on my knees and licked the head of Randy's sex tool. It was soft and warm and tasted great. I took the head in my mouth. Randy put his hands on my head, urging me gently to accept more of him. I did. It went in real smoothly and slipped down my throat. I licked at the shaft as it disappeared inside. Soon my nose was pressed to his soft pubic hair. Randy had a very masculine smell. At the back of my mind, I recognized that I wasn't breathing, but I didn't feel the need for a breath either. My clothes vanished.

Randy was lengthening inside me. I could feel him pushing his shaft down the center of my body. He was speaking.

“Low grade viral infection…corrected.”

“ Excess body fat…corrected.” Hey, what does that mean; I'm less than ten percent, I thought.

“Inadequate muscle mass and density…corrected.”

“Be low normal penis size…corrected.” I had seven inches, what does he mean? I reached down, I now had more, much more.

“Subnormal sperm production…corrected.”

“Precancerous prostate abnormalities, low seminal fluid production…corrected,” he said as I felt the shaft push past my prostate and out my ass hole. I reached back and felt the tip of that shaft poking out my butt. He had completely plugged me from one end to the other.

“Getting baseline sexual response,” he said as the tip of his shaft started to stroke across my prostate. My newly enlarged dick snapped upright, extending to well above my navel. A wave of pleasure swept over me. My balls pulled tight to the base of my shaft and I started to throb. Randy was cumming too. As I shot my first load, I felt his race down the shaft that snaked through my entire body. My juice splashed off my chin, it felt like a garden hose was turned on. Randy's jizz exploded against my ass hole from the inside. My second load shot past my face, then a third, fourth, fifth. I lost count. Randy's fluid poured out my ass. I felt him start to pull out, the head retreating through my guts, still spurting as I remained pushed against his groin.

He pulled the shaft from me, pausing to fill my mouth with a final load. I swallowed his sweet nectar as I collapsed back into the pool of cum that flowed from my ass. My own dick was still shooting ropes of white ten to fifteen feet as I took my first breath in minutes. Gradually, my orgasm subsided. I looked up at Randy, towering over me as a last white drop fell from his dick.

Randy helped me to my feet. I noticed my soft dick now matched his ten inches. I was more muscular and ripped like a competitive bodybuilder. My cold was gone. I looked around, my cum was splattered all over the room. Dripping from the ceiling in several places, running down the walls and pooled on the furniture and carpet. As I watched, the cum was absorbed, as if it were being eaten by something too small to see.

“To do the sexual portion of the tour, we should move to your sleeping quarters, Bob.”

“The sexual portion? What did we just do?”

“Diagnostics and the baseline response test, as I explained. There were no significant problems and I should be able to provide you with several standard centuries of satisfactory service. Please proceed to your quarters so we may continue the tour.”

Confused, I led Randy to my bedroom. When we entered, I saw myself in the closet mirror. I looked like a six-foot gymnast with maybe one percent body fat giving paper thin skin covering my muscles. All my body hair was gone except for the top of the head and a small patch above my dick, even my five o'clock shadow was gone. The dick was a beauty too, long and thick with prominent veins crisscrossing the shaft. I noticed something I missed earlier, I now had a foreskin. I slid the sheath back and forth over the head feeling the silky friction that I never felt before.

Randy got on the bed, lay on his back and lifted his legs to offer me his ass. I could see the pink hole that marked the entrance to his inner depths nestled in the hairless trough between his muscular glutes. “Baseline testing indicated you would respond favorably in 273 sexual positions in both an active or passive role. We will start with something familiar.”

I got behind Randy, held his thighs and dived into his ass with my tongue. The hole opened smoothly as I pressed against it. I don't know what I expected it to taste like, but cherry wasn't it. “Take my cherry,” joked Randy as he squeezed my tongue with his ass hole.

Well, I didn't need much encouragement. My new sex tool had filled out to over fourteen inches, with the pink head pushed well beyond the foreskin and almost glowing. The thick veins on its surface pulsed visibly. I lined up with his hole and pushed.

It was surprisingly hard to gain entrance, considering how easily my tongue had slipped in. I pushed harder. Something gave way and the hole was forced open as I plunged in half way as Randy screamed in pain. “Are you Ok?”

“You ripped me open. I was a virgin back there. It hurts, but don't stop. I was made for your tool and I need it in me. Finish the job. Open me up all the way. I can take it.”

When I pulled my shaft out part way, it was covered in blood. I tasted it. It was blood. Then Randy grabbed my hips and pulled me back in. I started stroking him working deeper, little by little. He would grunt in pain when I bottomed out. There was delightful friction as I moved through him. When the head of my shaft hit his 'prostate' he'd give a soft moan. His own tool lengthened along his abs, spurting drops of precum at the end of each stroke. He was sweating and his chest and face looked flush. Gradually, I sunk deeper, until finally, my balls pushed tight to his ass. My whole length, now nearly fifteen inches was buried. I felt the muscles of his gut massaging the shaft and trying to pull me deeper. It was an effort to withdraw from his anal embrace.

“Fuck me, Bob. Fuck me hard,” he encouraged me.

I did. I laid into him like a runaway pile driver. The stimulation was incredible. After a few minutes, I knew I couldn't hold back much longer. I didn't. I plunged in for a final time and Randy grabbed my ass and pulled me to him. I felt my dick expand as a huge flow forced its way down and burst from the head. As I unloaded again and again, Randy sprayed himself, me and the bed with a quart of his own juice. My own load was so big that it flowed back out of his ass, pink with his blood. I came and came for over five minutes. I didn't know where I got all my juice.

I collapsed on top of his muscular torso. I softened inside him as we rested. His gut stared to massage my shaft and I stiffened again. A few minutes later I exploded in his ass without moving a muscle.

“My turn,” he announced as he pulled off my dick.

Randy rolled me to my back and lifted my legs to his shoulders. His shaft was fully hard, extended to its normal full length of fifteen inches. He lubricated it with some of the flood of cum that covered our bodies and the bed and placed it for entry. I felt it plunge through my ass cheeks and punch my hole, spreading it open and pushing inside. It pushed in easily, deeper and deeper. My guts spasmed around it as pleasure spread through my body.

His balls touched my ass as he bottomed out, fully embedded. I could feel the head of the shaft twitching beneath my ribs. It didn't feel as if it followed my intestines at all, but instead speared right through me. Whatever he was doing, I loved it. He pulled out slowly and then pushed in again. Taking a different path, my abs bulged out as he pushed against them from the inside. My stomach flattened as he withdrew again. When he shoved in once more, I felt the strangest feeling. His dick was reaming out my own, which distended to twice its normal width up half its length as he occupied the interior.

I started cumming. My juice pumped along his shaft and poured out the head onto my chest and abs. I felt Randy's orgasm build from my ass through my dick as he added his torrent to my own. When he erupted, the flow from my dick became a jet that coated my face with our hot seed. Minutes passed with the flow not slacking a bit until he pulled out and we slowly returned to normal.

We had sex all weekend. I must of shot off twenty gallons of cum and Randy at least twice that. By Monday morning the whole bedroom was covered inches deep in it. But I hadn't eaten or drank, except some of Randy's cum. Hell, when he had that huge cock down my throat, I couldn't even breathe for minutes at a time, but never felt like I needed to. Randy explained that I was running off his battery and that I wouldn't need food except for taste. That enabled him to modify my entire abdomen for better sex. I had a million questions but Randy assured me that it was all part of standard service.

I asked him how he came here. He replied simply that I ordered him. I then asked when he was built.

“Standard year twenty two seventy nine,” he replied evenly.

“But, it's nineteen ninety eight,” I shouted. “How did you get here?”

“That's easy. When your order was received, I was built and then automatically teleported to your position in the space-time continuum based on the origin of the order. That's how we guarantee instant delivery. The better question is how were you able to place the order? The best I can come up with is that a historian studying your time tried to access his home network while still connected to that of this time period. The temporal cross connection could cause atmospheric electrical disturbances such as I noted when you activated me. But, that doesn't really matter; however you placed the order, I am yours.”

“But, how do I pay for you? You must cost a fortune if there is a way to bill m e.”

“Pay…cost…bill,” he mumbled with a faraway gaze. He returned to normal and looked at me. “You're talking about money. The concept was obsolete by the end of the twenty first century. With unlimited resources and energy, it no longer made sense. Money was started as a way to ration a scarcity that no longer exists.”

“Well, in this time, I still need to pay other bills even if you are free.”

“I don't think so. Get cleaned up and we'll talk some more.”

I went in the bathroom for a shower before work and when I returned there wasn't a trace of cum in the bedroom. Instead there was a pile of twenty dollar gold pieces as big as the dresser.


Part 2

Thanks to Randy, I no longer have to work. He took me to a secluded beach north of Malibu. We didn't travel, we were just there. Sort of like Star Trek, but without the visual effects. He said I owned 100 acres. As he pushed me to the sand for a good fucking, the site was covered in a gray ooze. I didn't pay much attention to what was going on with Randy pounding my ass, getting me so hot that even the cold ocean waves didn't cool me off.

When I became aware again of my surroundings, there was a house with private manicured grounds on the cliff overlooking the sea. Randy led me to it.

The back yard had an Olympic-size pool. Sitting around it were three studs. Randy introduced me. Paulo was a six foot Brazilian with an all over light brown tan and a ten inch uncut cock. Chuan was Chinese, only five six with a swimmer's build, long muscles covered in a golden skin. Only six inches in the dick department, but a great ass built for fucking. Finally, there was Kunta, a seven foot African stud with a twenty-inch dick and muscles that dwarfed even Randy.

Randy stepped aside as Kunta moved behind me. Paulo gobbled down my dick, taking it smoothly all the way to the root, burying his lips in my pubic hair. Kunta's black spear was pressing through my ass cheeks. I felt my ass hole stretch as never before as he pushed inside, deeper and deeper until his torso was plastered to my back. Kunta straightened his legs lifting me half a foot off the ground supported only by his mighty shaft. I could feel my heart beating against its head that had penetrated up into my chest.

My whole body started to convulse against Kunta's shaft that grew even larger inside me. It forced its way into my throat from below, cutting off my breathing. I don't need to breathe any more; running off the battery Randy calls it, but I couldn't talk either. Of course, as I felt my orgasm build, I didn't really have anything I needed to say.

I came like a garden hose down Paulo's throat, delivering the load halfway to his stomach. My full massage of Kunta caused him to explode with his first surge filling my mouth. I tried to swallow, but with him filling my body from tail to head, it was impossible. A few seconds later, his cum was pouring out my mouth and down onto Paulo, still struggling with my own load.

Chuan leapt up on Paulo's shoulders and planted a kiss on me. Locking lips he snaked his tongue inside to gorge on the copious feast that Kunta was providing.

Orgasm used to be the climax of the sex act, but since Randy rearranged my life, it is the majority of the experience. I can come for hours and apparently so could the boys. We were like one consciousness linked together by cum flowing among us. My mind roamed. I felt our passion from Kunta's perspective, experiencing that huge sex tool being caressed along its whole length by a body that I knew was my own, the love juice pumping from the balls and flowing down the entire length to pour out inside me. From Paulo I shared the experience of my own jetting cock erupting with powerful force deep within a muscular body whose own sex was spraying wildly. Finally, from Chuan, I learned the taste of my own lips mixed with the taste of Kunta's cum and the frenzy to get more and more.

A timeless interval passed. Impressions shifted, positions changed. When I returned to awareness, it was night. I was on my back with Kunta still up my ass. Now spent, his tool had retreated from my throat. Paulo's softening dick was in my mouth that was still full of tasty cum. Chuan was sitting on my groin with my own sex up his butt.

Randy returned and helped us untangle. He pulled me to my feet as Kunta's tool popped out.

“The boys are to take care of the house and everyone in it,” he stated. “Let's get you cleaned up.”

I was literally soaked in cum from our hours of play. More had spilled on the ground, forming a shallow lake, while streaks from some wild shots extended 20 feet in all directions.

The house was fantastic. Decorated in a contemporary style, with brilliant white carpet. Concerned that I might be tracking in dirt, I turned around and saw my cum stained footprints disappearing as if cleaned by invisible vacuum cleaners.

We went to the master bedroom. It was dominated by a twenty-foot circular bed. A bathing area with a huge spa tub and separate shower connected to it. The ceilings throughout the house were almost fifteen feet, with the living area and bedrooms looking out on the Pacific Ocean through walls of glass.

I felt Randy's tool probing my ass. He slipped a few inches inside as he pulled me down on the bed. I fell back on top off him. The impact shoved another foot of his shaft inside, stunning me. A few practiced strokes brought me to another explosion. I became lost in our sex play.

When I returned to awareness it was late afternoon. The sun was halfway over the Pacific. I was sitting astride Randy's thighs, leaning back against his strong chest with his arms around mine. My dick was still dripping the residue of its last eruption.

“I have a surprise for you,” announced Randy.

“Another one? My life has been one surprise after another since you came. Don't you ever stop? What do you have this time?”

“Your twin sons will be back from high school any minute.”

“I don't have any sons. Did you create them like Chuan, Kunta and Paulo?”

“No. I just built an egg using your DNA. You provided plenty of sperm; I used the best. Then it's just a matter of growing the embryo, splitting it after the first cell division and growing to a maturity of sixteen years overnight with implantation of all needed memories. They started school this morning.”

Just then the door opened and two beautiful youths entered. They were identical and looked like I'd wished I did when I was sixteen. About six foot tall with a fifty inch chest, plates of steel for pecs and flaring lats. Twenty-inch arms, broad shoulders, tapering to a twenty-eight inch waist, set off by washboard abs. Their thighs flared to about 34 inches, each one bigger than their waist. A pair of twelve inch cocks stood straight up, hard and ready. Only their smooth faces and hairless bodies reflected their youth.

“Hi Dad, Uncle Randy,” said one. “We made the swim team,” finished the other.

I realized I didn't know their names. Randy came to the rescue. “That's great, John, Paul,” he said, indicating each. “I'll let you tell your dad about school,” he said while pulling out of me and heading out the door.

John didn't waste any time in sitting down on my still stiff fifteen inches. As he slid down to the base in one motion, cum was forced out around my plunging dick.

“That's a well fucked ass. Who's been doing you? I asked.

“Well, Paul and I did each other this morning before school. We had Sex Ed second period. They were discussing homosexuality and we volunteered to demonstrate. Miss Wilson tried to tell us to stop, but Paul had already pulled out his dick and she stopped talking.”

“I don't think she'd seen a twelve-incher before,” interjected Paul.

“But, she still insisted you put on a condom before you fucked me,” continued John. “Of course, the force of your fuck shredded it in seconds. While Paul creamed my guts, I must have sprayed half the class with my seed. They gave us a round of applause and I saw several of the guys take a secret taste. After class we did a few of them in the boys room and let them take a turn in our asses.”

“Over lunch we had our swim team tryout,” added Paul. “Those tiny suits barely contained our dicks. Our teammates were staring at us, so we decided to give them a show in the showers. We offered our asses to the team for fucking. They had lots of fun and a few of them were pretty good. There was a lot of screaming when we took our turns with them. They had a lot of trouble accommodating our size, but if we worked in slow we could get them to enjoy it. If you think we're full, you should have seen them. They had to stuff wads of toilet paper in their briefs to absorb the leakage.”

“Of course we had to say hello to Kunta, Paulo and Chuan when we came home,” added John.

“But we still have plenty left for you, Dad,” continued Paul sliding his stiff twelve-incher up my butt.

As Paul started fucking me, John started to bob on my pole, squealing every time he slid down its fifteen inches. I decided to pivot John 90 degrees so I could take his own sweet pole in my mouth. I lifted his legs and twisted him around while his butt rested on my groin. I loved the friction as he rotated around my axle of flesh, so I kept twisting him for a full circle, then another. My cum fountain added its potent lubrication before we completed the second revolution.

My spurting up inside him must have triggered John. His first jet splattered off the ceiling. I quickly clamped my lips around his throbbing pole and swallowed my son's sweet cum again and again. Meanwhile, Paul exploded just as forcefully up my spasming butt. Time drifted as we huddled together in mutual orgasm. After minutes of ecstasy we rested, still coupled.

Still amazed by my two teenage sons that I didn't have yesterday, I questioned them cautiously. “What did you do yesterday?”

“Oh, Dad, you know we didn't exist yesterday,” admonished John. “Uncle Randy just cloned us from you last night.”

“But, he gave us a full set of memories,” added Paul.

“Well,” I continued, “what do you remember of our past? When did we first have sex?”

“Paul and I remember having sex with each other on our tenth birthday. We grew really fast, so by twelve we were bigger than you, except we only had about ten inches. We decided to rape you after our birthday party.

“We were already as big as you,” added Paul, “so we waited until Uncle Randy was preparing lunch and surprised you when you were still recovering from his fucking. We easily overpowered you. You stopped struggling once I sat on your pole and John pushed into your ass. By the time Uncle Randy returned we had brought you off three times and were completely wasted.”

“In the next weeks Uncle Randy taught us his techniques. We practiced real hard. He brought in the houseboys to work off our teenage sexual energy.

“That's a great story. Too bad those fucks are only memories.”

“But, what we learned is real,” Paul insisted as he started a slow fuck stroke with his thick twelve inches as John stroked my pole with his ass.

Paul seemed to know all my pleasure buttons. It wasn't just my prostate any more. My guts were like a pinball machine with sensitive spots all over. There seemed to be over a dozen different paths a dick could take through my guts. Each had their spots at different depths and intensity. I could feel each inch of his flesh tube as he filled me.

Meanwhile my own cock was gripped along its entire length my John's tight ass. It squeezed me tight in a wave-like milking motion. I shot up to an almost instant orgasm. My cum jetted into my son. The brothers spurted their own fountains. John sprayed the room with his seed as Paul filled my guts while continuing to play my sensitive points like a virtuoso. Every time my orgasm would start to fade they would find a new spot to stimulate and a new rush of pleasure would build. I didn't go from one orgasm to the next but rather had a continuous experience with peaks and plateaus of sensation. It lasted for hours. I had no way telling or interest in noting the passing of time. Instead the events were delaminated by changes in players or positions as my sons left, replaced by the houseboys or Randy, and then returned, and different dicks and different holes were stroked and filled.

When I eased off I became aware that I was in bed with Chuan. He had my cock in both his hands and was drinking the final spurts from my hose. Chuan's body was soaked with cum as was the bed and a good portion of the room. The cum pools on the furnishings were being absorbed by some process that was starting to eliminate the traces of my sex play now that the new flow had almost stopped.

Chuan looked up from his attentions to my cock and said, “John and Paul have brought some friends over and asked if you would like to join them at the pool.”

“Sure, I'd like to meet my sons' friends. I'll take a shower, put on a suit and be right out. How long was I…you know…out of touch?”

“To answer your last question, only four days. Randy says we shouldn't go over a week to start. We'll mix the marathons with periods of regular sex to let you catch up on the world. I'll help you clean up. We won't need a suit. These are guys your sons met in school and they're all looking to suck or be fucked or both. A couple dozen horny high school athletes can put a strain on even the men of this household.”

I went to the shower and let Chuan wash my body and shampoo cum from my hair. He spread my butt with four of his fingers to let about a gallon of cum drain. He said I'd need the room. He held my upside down with one arm around my waist while he plunged the other inside me up to the shoulder to get me good and clean while avoiding the spots that might set me off prematurely. I was impressed. At only a muscular five foot six, he was easily ten times stronger than he looked. Satisfied, he put me down, turned off the water and guided me from the shower. He wrapped an extra large towel around us both and used it to dry our bodies. I felt his six-inch piece, hard as a steel pipe, poking into my body as he rubbed us dry. My fifteen-inches was standing straight up ready for action when he finished and we headed to the pool.

The scene was incredible. My sons' classmates were naked around the pool. One group was already serviced. They lay in various postures of exhaustion, cum leaking from mouths or asses. The men of my household were hard at work on the second group while those that hadn't yet started looked on stroking their erections.

Chuan spotted a candidate for his attentions and ran to him. He'd chosen a muscular black stud about six foot two and 220 solid pounds. He grabbed the guy's hips and hoisted him into the air. With a smooth motion he positioned the legs of the startled boy on his shoulders and bent the body almost double to impale his sex probe into its hole before his victim could comprehend what was happening. He probably never imaged he could be controlled so easily by the Chinese that was so much smaller. Yet here he was held in the air like a doll and stroked along the steely shaft that penetrated him, defeating all resistance. His eight-inch dick knew. It was hard against his abdominal muscles, leaking a steady stream of precum that flowed in little rivulets in the valleys of his muscles and dripped down his side.

I went over to John and Paul who were fucking two boys in the pool. I saw that Randy had three boys stacked up. He had a big football or basketball player face down on the bottom. A swimmer type was on the first guy's back with his dick up the butt beneath him. A third guy, probably a gymnast, was on the top similarly plugged into the second one. Randy spread all their legs wide and moved behind them. I saw he sported triple fifteen-inch cocks that he proceeded to plug into the three asses in front of him, sharing the space with the normal-sized cocks already in the bottom two holes. As he shifted his hips from top to bottom of the stack, the cocks would stroke in and out of the boys who were soon quivering in sexual excitement.

“Hi Dad,” said Paul on my approach, keeping up a steady fuck motion on a well-built stud about six foot four. “This is the football team quarterback. Sorry he can't say hello, but I promised him a ten minute orgasm and we're only half done.” I noticed that a ribbon of white was issuing from the tip of his nine-inch prick and dispersing in the water of the pool. That contrasted to the clouds of cum pouring out of his overflowing ass that Paul continued to pump vigorously.

“Watch this Daddy,” says John who is fucking a gymnast type who has wrapped his legs around John's waist. He plants his mouth over the other boy's and dives to the bottom of the pool, pinning his conquest's back against the bottom as he continues to stroke through his clutching hole. The smaller kid has his eyes wide open underwater, staring at John who is forcing breath after breath into his lungs through their joined mouths. I can see his panic subside as it is overwhelmed by the rising sexual frenzy. He closes his eyes as cum streams from the tip of his straining member. Shortly clouds of foggy white appear by the kid's ass from John's copious discharge. They soon obscure the couple within a cocoon of love juice.

“Hey Bill, come over and meet my dad,” shouted Paul as he continued to unload up the dazed quarterback. A tall blond swimmer, who had been watching Paulo fuck one of his teammates, looked over and headed toward me.

“Hello sir,” he said. “I can see you're their father,” holding my erect cock with his hand. “I really enjoy being fucked by your sons. Everyone does. Would you fuck me? Please.”

“Bill is captain of the swim team. He was our first fuck at school. He likes it fast, deep and rough,” added Paul.

“OK Bill, get ready for the ride of your life,” I said turning him around and forcing him to bend over.

I pushed my hard shaft down to horizontal and sliced it through his firm glutes to rest against his entrance. I felt the ass lips spasm around the tip. I held his hips and pulled him back toward me embedding myself to the hilt in one savage stroke. I felt the resistance increase momentarily as the last few inches plunged into areas that my sons still were not long enough to reach. He screamed.

I pulled all the way out. He moaned as I withdrew and eased the pressure on his guts. The tip of my cock was streaked with his blood. I pushed into him again, spreading him open much more easily now. As my long strokes continued to move through him he started to whimper as his senses were saturated from the pleasure radiating from his insides.

As I picked up the pace on the near delirious swimmer, I watched Kunta across the pool assaulting what was clearly the school's basketball center. The lanky player was about six eight. Kunta's seven feet had enabled him to encircle his chest with hugely muscled arms holding their bodies together, the boy's back plastered to Kunta's deep chest. The tall youngster was held several inches off the ground impaled on all twenty inches of Kunta's black python.

Kunta would rock backwards, pushing his hips against the kid's ass. The boy would swing up away from Kunta as a foot to a foot and a half of black flesh would snake from his white butt only to plunge back in as his body fell back against his muscular companion with a loud slap of firm flesh meeting firm flesh. After a few dozen such strokes the kid's ten-inch tool sprayed a load that splashed his face and continued to erupt on each inward plunge. Kunta's shaft was soon coated in white from his own cum. As he pistoned inward jets would escape the seal he made with the boy's ass ring under considerable pressure. They were soon standing in a spreading puddle of juice.

Sensing Bill was close, I made a last stab, pinning him to my groin and unleashed a torrent of seed into his depths. The liquid fire entering his guts triggered his own release. I inseminated him for five minutes until his muscles went slack and he passed out. I eased him to the pool deck to recover and slipped out. My cum flowed out his distended hole and drained into the pool, now clouded by the gallons of seed discharged in and around it. I spotted another unoccupied young athlete and moved on.

By sunset each of the guests were serviced several times. They were dazed from sensory overload and unable to make coordinated movements. We huddled them together by twos in lounge chairs to recover while we went a few rounds with each other now that we were warmed up. About ten we were able to take them home. Kunta, Paulo and Chuan organized a car shuttle since most were still too distracted to drive. It was the first of years of parties we had at the house.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It is now nearly three hundred years since that stormy night in 1998 that Randy entered my life. The family has gathered to see Randy off to Rigel for his battery replacement. We assemble for a holo. Randy and I are in the center, my twin sons and their lovers beside us with Kunta, Paulo and Chuan in the back. Their sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and their lovers are in front of us all. All appear to be in their early twenties except the newest generation that still look like young teenagers. It is the first time Randy has been separated from us since he arrived, so we will mark the event. He'll only be gone ten hours and then it will be time to party.

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