Tips welcome

by TheSizeKing

 Mark decides to try a sex new toy he found online for his live stream. But when more tips start rolling in from his viewers, he finds that the toy offers more than just sexual pleasure.

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Mark stood in his Danny Miami underwear in front of his laptop with a small box in his hand. He ordered this a week ago, and it finally arrived just in time for his weekly webcam show. He had gained quite a following over the past few months, and he couldn’t disappoint his fans.

“I hope this thing wasn’t a waste of money…” he pondered, slowly opening the box. All that lay in the box was a pink prostate stimulator. No batteries, no instructions, nothing.

Not that it was a particularly difficult thing to figure out. You insert it, turn it on, and go. After some closer inspection, though, Mark could not find a switch or button anywhere that would turn it on. He banged it against his hand, massaged every inch of the device, and even put it in his mouth to see if anything would work.

Alas, nothing.

With a sigh, he removed his underwear and his soft 4 inch cock flopped out. There it was. The money maker. The dangly meat log that helped pay for his first car and was helping him save up for a nice apartment. He had no idea that doing webcam shows were so lucrative, but he was hooked after his first one just over a year ago.

Mark inserted the larger end into his ass with a slight grimace. I never bottom…. Is this what it feels like for guys? He thought. But once it was inserted, it seemed to stretch him nicely in all the right places, and he actually kind of enjoyed it being in there.

He pulled his underwear back up and sat down in his office chair, waiting for 9 p.m. to roll around. He saw 3 or 4 people in the online waiting room, but he figured more would be chiming in soon.

The time ticked slowly by, and the alarm on his phone rang, telling him he had one minute before he would start the show. Mark did a once over of his body to make sure it was in prime condition. Hair nicely done, with a slight tousle to make it slightly unkempt in a cute sort of way. Facial hair trimmed to a stubble. Body, check, ripped abs and all. Body oil sitting off to the side, ready for use. His dick was flopped lazily to one side, so he did a bit of adjusting to make it properly fit in the pouch. Waistband slightly low on his hips. Legs shaved.

Perfect. He was ready.

He looked at the clock and saw that ten seconds was left, and he stood up and shoved his soft package toward the camera on his laptop. He wanted to greet his fans with the thing they were really here to see.

As soon at 9:00:00 ticked across the top of his screen, he pressed the “Go Live” button. Immediately, a few dollars in tips rolled in from the 4 fans that were already logged in. Mark felt the prostate stimulator vibrate slightly for a short time, which surprised him, but then it went away like nothing happened.

Maybe it was me standing up that did something? That’s weird. It felt good though.

Mark took some time to show off his already prominent bulge in his tight underwear. 4 inches of thick, soft dick and some decently plump balls are bound to be noticeable if you show it off right. A few more fans were joining, and Mark could feel his excitement rising. He liked having a full crowd.

Mark started rubbing his crotch to get the blood flowing into his dick. He saw even more tips start to flood in, and his total was up to $20 already. He felt the vibrator go off again, but a little more strongly this time. His dick continued to plump up as he rubbed it, and was slightly sped up, which Mark attributed to the extra stimulation.

After a short while, his 4 inches was at full mast to his usual 9 inch, thick cock. The waistband of his underwear was being pulled away from his waist, and the patch of well-groomed, short pubic hair was visible to the camera.

He ran his hands over his abs and slid his hands under his waistband and started stroking his cock. He tried to focus on the webcam and show, but his attention kept being pulled back to his cock. It felt thicker than normal. He was used to his fingers just barely touching when he wrapped his hands around it, but today it seemed like they were spread farther apart. He shook this feeling off and focused on pleasing his guests.

Mark shoved the front of his underwear under his dick and balls and gave it a few strokes. A little glob of pre beaded up, and he wiped it off and sat down, licking his fingers and showing his face to the camera for the first time.

Ping, ping, ping, ping. Bzzzz.

Four tips! Two of them $5, the other two $3. He felt a large surge of pleasure as his prostate stimulator went off, and he felt a little surge and extra weight be applied to his bare chest.

Mark stopped stroking and looked down. His original suspicions were correct: something certainly wasn’t right. His chest was definitely bigger. His chest before was athletically built and void of fat but was otherwise flat and unremarkable. Now they were starting to round out and show some real bulk. He took one of his hands and rubbed his chest, noticing that his cleavage was deeper than before. Mark cupped one of his pecs and hefted it up, noticing that it filled out in his palm more than normal.

He was growing. He didn’t know how, but he was growing.

A few comments flew up on the screen, some saying, “Did you guys see that?” and others saying “That was so hot I hope he does it again!”

Mark grinned up at the camera. He didn’t know how it happened, but at this point, he didn’t care. He liked the attention he was getting from his fans just as much as they were enjoying what they were seeing.

Mark then started slowly stroking his still-hard cock while rubbing his nipple with the other hand. He let out a moan, partially for show, but mostly because his slightly larger nipple was more sensitive that it used to be before. He could feel himself approaching an orgasm already, so he stopped stroking near the sensitive part of his cock head so he could keep the livestream going as long as possible.

Ping ping ping ping ping ping ping. More tips. Mark eyed the computer screen to see how much. $30 in tips in a matter of seconds. He’s never gotten this much before in such a short amount of time, especially being only a few minutes in!

The stimulator gave it’s biggest surge yet, sending a deep moan through Mark. He felt his already above average member expand in his hand, forcing his hand apart even further. Mark also felt his dick slide through his hand as it lengthened. A heavier tug could be felt in his groin, and he guessed that his balls were also joining in on the unexplained growth.

Mark’s muscles also decided to join in on the fun, adding a little extra bulk everywhere. His chest expanded again, his arms thickened, and his shoulders got rounder and wider. The crevices between his abs seemed to deepen, and the faint outline of a fourth row of abs were starting to be visible under his already existing three. His ass rounded out more, lifting him up in his seat slightly. Mark’s legs also thickened and became more defined.

Mark could no longer pretend. This was insane! He never guessed that the body that was responsible for most of his success would be even bigger and more beautiful right before his very eyes.

Mark decided to take advantage of the situation to try to get more money. He flexed his larger bicep and his eyes glistened when he saw it bunch up larger and higher than it ever used to. He slowly began to lick it, loving the feeling of his tongue gliding over such a taught, warm surface. He gently massaged his larger balls and marvelled at how they were almost too big to fit in his large hand.

He heard a few more dings and felt his balls swell in his hands, starting to spill over the sides. Damn, they’re getting heavy! I hope this doesn’t get too out of hand… He thought, but it almost seemed like a fleeting one. He was so lost in the pleasure of his growth that it didn’t seem to matter.

Mark was able to pull himself out of his stupor long enough to look at how much money he had earned and how many people were watching. His jaw nearly fell off of his face. 300 people were now streaming, and it was only a few minutes in! He usually got to 300 people halfway through, but this was crazy.

His tip count was also off the charts, and continuing to grow. One second it was at $200, the next at $250. It seemed that the same people were sending in more and more as he continued to swell. One generous patron donated $100!

The steady stream of money and viewers made the vibrator in his ass go into overdrive. Mark could feel it heat up as it approached maximum vibratory power. The white-hot pleasure was so intense that the only motions Mark was able to make was one hand pumping his expanding cock and the other massaging the widening expanse of his musculature.

He truly was a spectacle. His glistening body slowly expanding, filling the frame of his webcam. His biceps were approaching the size of footballs and were riddled with fat veins. “That was so hot! Do it again!” an eager fan typed. His back was getting so wide that the armrests on his desk chair were starting to dig into his lats.

His abs cut deeper, exposing eight bricks of concrete-like muscles, perfectly spaced and flat. His chest hung heavy and wide and were so big that it forced his nipples to point toward the floor. Each pec was bigger than a ham and continued to expand outwards. Mark’s powerful legs continued to swell, better resembling tree trunks. His quad muscles were currently bigger than his whole leg had been before he grew. They were starting to rub together in the middle, which only forced his expanding package out more.

And oh, what a package it was. About 14 inches of swelling cock extended from Mark’s ripped torso. A fat vein the width of his thumb ran along the top of his member and continued to pump blood into his cock. It was getting so wide that two of his hands were becoming too small to wrap around its girth. His cock head, which was slicked and leaking pre, was bigger than his own fist.

Mark’s testicles were no less impressive. Each orb was bigger than a softball and were so full that they were pulled against his sack. Completely void of hair, they rested on his thighs and looked to be too big to fit in his own hands.

This is insane…. I’m getting huge…. Bigger than I ever imagined….. I don’t want it to stop… but I have to…. Mark thought. He stood up and was surprised that it took so much effort. He had gained easily over 70 pounds of muscle in a matter of minutes, so it shouldn’t have been, but Mark hadn’t been given the time to adjust before more muscle was added.

His rock hard cock was the only thing he could see in his field of vision beyond his massive chest when he looked down. It twitched as it surged forward and outward again when another tip chimed in.

Mark looked at himself in the computer camera and was both shocked and impressed by what he saw. He was…. Beautiful. Large round muscles glistening with a light layer of sweat. Thick, heavy dick swinging out in front of him, practically begging for a hole.

Before things got out of hand, he clicked the button to turn of tips on his live stream. He then looked at the amount of money he had earned and nearly screamed. Over $1000 in about 10 minutes. Absolutely insane.

Mark turned around to look at his backside in the camera. His ass was absolutely massive. Two perfectly round globes pushed against each other and emanated raw power, but also jiggled and bounced with every slight movement of his legs. The pink end of the stimulator could still be seen lodged deep in his ass, and Mark noticed that it was no longer going off.

He rubbed his hand across the smooth surface of his large ass and smiled. I think I know what did this… Mark thought. He then looked at the screen and watched the comments fly in.

“Hey fans!! I bought this new prostate stimulator for the live stream today, and I think I know how I was able to…. Transform into the new me.” Mark bounced his pecs and flexed his guns for emphasis. “Your tips made the stimulator work, and each time it went off, I grew. I want to play around for a bit and explore before I decide what else to do.” Mark glanced at the number of people now streaming and saw that a couple hundred people were watching him.

Imagine how fast I’d grow if I turned on those tips now… my fans probably told their friends! Mark thought, chuckling to himself.

He shoved his chair out of the way as he stepped back from the computer. “Probably too big for this wimpy thing now, hehe,” Mark said. He sat down on his bed and spread his legs wide, letting his fat balls hang heavily over the edge. His cock was still at full mast.

Mark began to massage the inside of his thighs near his crotch. His paper thin skin was riddled with veins and radiated a manly heat that only amped up his desire to perform. Occasionally his hand would bump into his thick cock, which made it swing back and forth slightly. Mark then wiped a glob of precum from the tip of his massive cock and slowly licked it from his finger, never breaking eye contact with the camera.

He tried to wrap one of his hands around his cock and gasped audibly when it didn’t even fit halfway around. He stopped massaging his leg with his other hand and grabbed as much of the rest of his girth as he could, but his fingers couldn’t touch.

“Fuuuuck…. Look at how big you guys made me… soooo thick…. You guys like that fat cock? You like that? Imagine me going balls deep in your ass, spreading your hole to its limit…. Fuck….”

He knew that his fans really loved that sensual top-energy dirty talk, but it often felt forced. Now that he had this new body, he didn’t have to pretend. He meant what he said. Mark grabbed the bottle of lube from his bedside table and squirted a decent amount into his hand. He started to slowly run his hands up and down his shaft, slicking up his member.

Mark chuckled and said, “I guess that large amount of lube wasn’t enough for this little guy….” He squirted a bit more out in his hand and massaged it into the lower half of his dick and even some on his large balls. Mark slowly slid his hands up and down the length of his now 16 inch cock, never breaking eye contact with his thousands of fans watching.

“I’m going to do something I’ve never tried before…. I’m going to try to suck myself off. It’s going to be a challenge, but I want you to see how much I want it… because I know you want it….”

Mark hoisted up his dick toward his mouth and was secretly surprised that he barely had to lean his head over to reach the tip. He gingerly kissed his spongy head and wasn’t sure he would be able to fit it into his mouth. Mark kissed around the head a few more times before licking along its length. He could hear the endless stream of dings from his computer from viewers commenting and reacting.

Mark stuck his tongue into the slit, and he nearly came from the feeling. It was a sensation he had never had before, and he loved it. Now that his entire member was large enough to accommodate his tongue, he had a feeling he would do this more often. Mark opened his jaw widened and swallowed as much of his large cock as he could fit. He was shocked that it fit, but there was no room for anything else.

Mark sucked deeply on his sensitive cock head as he used both of his hands to stroke along the length of his shaft. He was in heaven. This shit feels amazing… who knew that your sensitivity increased with your size!

Mark decided to be adventurous and see if he could shove more of his own cock down his throat. He was blessed with no gag reflex, so this wasn’t a problem, it was his own girth that might inhibit him from doing it. He was going to try anyway.

He relaxed his throat and slowly worked his head back and forth, and he felt his cock slowly slide deeper into his throat. It hurt, but in the best way possible.

He felt his balls seize up and he pulled away from his cock and sped up his masturbating. He wanted to see just how much cum he had produced since this wild ride began.

He moaned and grunted and whimpered as he reached his climax. He felt his cock swell even more as it prepared for release. Without warning, a huge load shot out of his dick and made a wet slap against the ceiling. Mark’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as the white-hot orgasm set in.

Though Mark was unable to see it or focus on it, over 2,000 people were watching him get off on his own dick that was clearly the biggest known to man. Volley after volley of thick cum spurted from his dick, hitting the ceiling, dribbling down the sides of his dick, and some even shooting in the direction of the camera.

It seemed to go on forever, Mark thought. He guessed that he had shot out about a liter of cum at this point, and it eventually felt like it was fizzling out. He was breathing heavy, but he also never felt more powerful or energized.

“What did you guys think? What a mess. I need someone to clean it up. Either that, or I need a volunteer to…. Capture my load so it doesn’t get all over. And don’t worry….. I can go multiple rounds, so I can take multiple applications every day.” He winked at the camera and stood up.

His dick was still dribbling cum but it was starting to go soft, which was still a massive 8 inches long. He slowly walked up to the computer and the sound of his heavy meat slapping against his legs was loud and sexy.

“You know what I want to do instead? Since there’s so many of you? I want to turn those tips back on. But only for 1 minute. I want to see how big you guys can make me.” Mark wiped a glob of cum from his chest and sucked it off of his finger deeply. “Mmmmmmm….”

2,500 people. Was this a mistake? He didn’t care. Mark was already bigger than he ever could imagine. Why not go all the way?

“Alright guys…. Get your wallets ready. Get your lotion ready. It’s time to make me a god.” He clicked the “Tips Welcome” button and selected “1 minute” for the time length and shuffled back until his whole, swollen body could be seen in the frame.

Mark could feel the stimulator heat up. He could tell this was going to be big. A sudden jolt hit his body and he almost lost his balance. His 5 foot 9 stature began to creep up toward his cum-soaked ceiling as he grew taller. Mark’s muscles otherwise would have stretched themselves out over his expanding skeleton, but since they were also going into hypergrowth, they continued to engorge as he got taller.

His shoulders flared out even wider as they rounded while his waist stayed trim and tight. Mark’s upper body was now three times as wide as his narrow waist, which only highlighted his insane proportions. His already insanely large chest continued to grow, and his chin was coming close to scraping the top of his titan chest. The striations could be seen against his tight skin, and his expanding nipples were almost not visible since the sheer mass of his chest was pushing them down.

His impressive eight pack abs were forming into 10, and while they continued to get thicker, they did not bloat and were still wildly overshadowed by his chest. Mark’s oblique muscles continued to appear, making it seem like new muscles were popping up that weren’t there before. His biceps and triceps were getting so large that it almost seemed impossible for Mark to have full range of motion in his arms. A roadmap of veins snaked up and down his arms, and his forearm muscles could each individually be seen.

His back thickened and widened, making it so that it was nearly impossible for Mark’s arms to hang loosely by his side. Though it could not be seen from the way Mark was standing, his back muscles were so swollen that they overshadowed his waist by at least a few inches.

Mark ran his hand over his ass as it expanded further beneath his hand. Each globe was now approaching the size of a beach ball and looked almost comical framed on the back of his tight midsection. They were supported by hamstrings that were easily bigger around than his waist. His thighs and quads flared out even further, almost looking perfectly round when viewed from any angle.

His inhuman cock and balls probably expanded the most out of everything. 16 inches soon looked microscopic compared to what he was currently carrying. Though Mark was standing about halfway across the room, it was slowly inching toward the camera, which was easily 3 feet away. Mark guessed that it was just over 2 feet long by the time that it stopped.

Mark’s already girthy cock went into overdrive, thickening so much that it was baffling to think that something so heavy and fat could every stick out in an erect state. Mark’s hands, which had also joined in the growth, were still way too small to wrap around his shaft. It was likely that four hands at this point would barely do the job. His cock head was close to the size of his own head, and the slit was about 6 inches long and could easily fit a hand inside.

His softball sized balls were soon dwarfed when they expanded to the size of watermelons and hung at the level of his knees. You could even hear the sound of cum sloshing around inside as they grew.

The timer went off and Mark’s growth stopped as immediately as it started. He stood there in the middle of his room and looked around in disbelief. This was more than he was expecting. Way more. He tried to look down, but he felt like he was being swallowed by muscle. His chest and shoulders were so large that they almost formed a little nest for his head to rest on.

He slowly moved his arms, and while they were extremely heavy, he was shocked that he actually could bend and extend his arms. He then let his large hands explore his new body, and was both in shock and awe at how large he was.

His hands made their way to his large cock, and Mark rested his hand on the top of his shaft. He gasped when he realized that his hand was nowhere close to covering the width of his member. He looked out toward the camera and saw at least 6 inches of his massive pole sticking out under the field of vision of his chest. With shaky hands, he started to massage as much of his dick as he could reach, and a large glob of pre shot out of his slit and landed on his camera. He could see that the image was blurry on the computer.

“Sorry folks…. Didn’t expect him to get that excited. I asked you to make me a god, but you made me into something beyond that.” Mark hit a most muscular pose for emphasis. His large muscles bunched up around his head, and he loved the way it felt.

“I could see myself getting used to this feeling. The power. The pure masculinity. I’ll post my address on here… I can’t take care of all of this myself. Door will be unlocked. Form a line if you have to.”

Mark shot another glob of pre onto the camera. “Hehe…. Seems like he likes that idea. Thanks again everyone. Tips are always welcome.”


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