The warrior clan

by CockTFBoi

Einar and Finn are new recruits for Clan Grey Wolf, the warrior clan that rules over the region they live in. The pair undergo a series of assessments and trials to determine how they can best serve the Clan.

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I walked along the trail as we rounded the bend in the river. Below us in the valley farms spread out along the riverbanks to the forests on either side. The ordered rows of crops in the fields marking a stark contrast to the untamed forests just beyond them. This was the furthest I’ve ever been from home. My own little farming village was nearly a week’s walk away from here.

In the middle of the valley sat a cluster of buildings surrounded by a wooden palisade. One larger building with ornately carved wooden beams rose up from the middle. That would be Darkfang, the hall of Clan Grey Wolf. The clan was one of the strongest warrior clans in the region, renowned for their powerful warriors. Many villages in the region relied on the clan for protection from bandits and outside threats. Which was why I was here. While all villages sent food and goods as tribute, each year each valley sent one of their men to join the clan. Now that I had passed my 18th summer, I was eligible, and the elders of my village chose me. I knew it was meant to be an honor to be chosen, but I was hesitant. It meant leaving home, unlikely to ever return or see my friends or family ever again.

Just ahead on the path were my traveling companions; Finn, another tribute from two valleys over from my own, and Ragnar, one of the members of the clan. Finn seemed assured of himself. He was already built like an ox, apple-sized biceps, and thighs that were as big as logs. Despite that, next to Ragnar he looked scrawny. Ragnar’s muscles were humongous, his thighs thicker than even my waist. When a tree blocked our path a few days before, he had lifted it off the trail as if it were a mere toy. My own body paled in comparison: thin, scrawny arms, very little muscle and almost no definition. Despite working in the fields all day, my body had never developed the thicker muscles of my peers. I was unsure of what would come of me, as I was clearly no use to the clan as a warrior.

It took us nearly another hour to reach the village, most of it in silence. Ragnar never chatted much, and Finn had worn out what few topics he could muster days ago. We strode through the gate, taking in the sights of the village around us. It looked much like my own village at home. Simple wooden houses, the sounds of animals and people talking, smoke wafting through the village from the fires, the smell of roasting animal flesh tantalizing my nose, making my mouth water. It’d been a week since I had anything more than the basic travel rations, and the thought of sinking my teeth into some meat made my stomach growl slightly. It took me a moment to realize what was different about this village though; I saw no sign of women or children. I had heard stories that the clan was only men, but I thought that they must be stories. It was clear that the stories must be true.

A dozen or so yards inside the village, Ragnar held up his hand and stopped us. “Finn, Einar, this village is now your home. Forget about your old life, as no matter what Leif decides to do with you, you are a part of the clan. Whether you are to be a warrior, a simple villager, or a servant; your old life is over. To help with your transition, remove your clothes.”

I was a little unsure at first, but as I saw Finn removing his shirt, I quickly moved to do the same. Similarly, he shucked his pants in one smooth motion. I pushed mine down with a bit less enthusiasm. I could see Finn’s cock dangling between his legs. Soft it must have about 5 or 6 inches sitting atop a pair of balls the size of chicken’s eggs. His black pubes stood out against his pale flesh, a trail of dark hair going up over his defined abdominals and spreading into a small patch on his chest. My own endowment was smaller, only 3 inches soft, nestled in a small patch of light brown pubic hair. My own chest hair was sparse.

While we had been stripping, Ragnar had also removed some of his clothes. His cloak, shirt, and even the leather kilt he had been wearing we gone. I noticed a smaller man, a servant perhaps, walking off with Ragnar’s clothes. He was now only wearing a loincloth and his leather boots. His torso was massively muscular, his pectorals looking more like slabs of stone, the thick carpet of chest hair like a brown moss covering them, his nipples just barely poking out from underneath. As he turned towards Finn, I caught a peek of his large, heavy cock under his loincloth. My breath hitched and I could feel my cock threatening to harden.

Ragnar held out his hand and said, “Give me your things.”

We handed them over, leaving us completely naked. He turned towards a nearby brazier and tossed our clothes onto the flames. The fabric caught quickly, causing the flames to burn a little higher. He took then took our bags and dumps the contents into the flames as well before tossing them into the blaze. I drew in a sharp breath as I saw what few items I had brought with me start to burn and crumble to ash.

“You won’t need such things anymore. The clan is your family now, the hold is your home.” Ragnar turned and started walking. “Now, come,” he said over his shoulder. “It is time for you to be judged.”

Finn and I walked after him, our bare feet covered in the dirt as we moved through the village. Finn strode confidently down the path, barely acknowledging his nudity. I walked along, trying hard to look as confident as Finn, and keep my hands from covering my manhood. We approached the clan’s great hall, a large wooden structure sat upon a raised foundation of stone. The supports were intricately carved with wolves and barrel-chested warriors. The doors to the hall were similarly incised, here with depictions of epic battles, and fights against huge creatures.

Two servants opened the doors for us as we approached, the heavy wood groaning as they swung wide. We entered the hall, and the doors closed behind us. It was dim inside and while my eyes adjusted, my nose was assaulted by the smells inside. The scent of sweat was heavy on the air, a thick manly odor that seemed to permeate around me. Underneath that was a different scent. It took me a moment to identify it, but it was the smell of sex—the mix of sweat, cum, and other fluids that formed a masculine incense wafting through the air of the hall. There was a low din of conversation, interspersed with grunts and groans. As I could start to see around the hall and saw the men, big hulking behemoths of muscle, lounging around the room. A few were like Ragnar, wearing only loincloths, while others were wearing leather kilts and leather straps going across their chests. Some were napping, others were eating food or drinking mead, but a few had a servant between their legs, the sound of slurping barely audible over the rest of the noise in the hall.

Ragnar brought us to the center of the hall on an open space before a large wooden throne. The floor here was etched with a series of circles, lines, and strange symbols. Most were maybe a quarter of an inch deep except for the outermost ring, that one was a 6-inch-deep trough running around the whole space. On the side closest to the throne the trough ran right up to the dais, opening up to a small bowl shape just below the throne. Ragnar motioned for us to stand on the circle. He continued across the circle and stood beside the throne. He made two sharp claps with his hands and the room fell silent, save for a few lingering sounds of shifting. I could hear movement and glanced around. The warriors in the hall were all standing now, loincloths pulled back into place, and food and drink set down. The servants moved to the edges of the room, out of the light.

A door to the left of the throne opened into a darkened room and from it stepped a man. His muscles were large, though not nearly as massive as Ragnar’s. He moved with an effortless grace to him, his muscles deeply sculpted, showing every muscle and striation beneath his olive skin. His hair was black, pulled up into a knot with many long braids running down his back and on the sides of his head. He was only wearing a loincloth, but it was inadequate to cover up his manhood. His cock was long, easily 18 inches long while soft. It sticks out below the hem of his loincloth by several inches, its heavy head swaying with each step he took, the shaft being bumped by his thighs. Despite the size of his cock, his balls put it to shame. They were huge, each larger than my head, hanging low in a sac that looked like it could touch the floor if it hung loose. Instead, the sac was pulled up close to his body, his balls pulling his center of balance forward. Despite that, he walked with a grace that indicated how well adapted he was to the size of his package. He strides to the throne and sits down upon it. Two servants assist him, holding his balls for him while he sat down.

“May I present to you: Leif Flokisson, Alpha of Clan Grey Wolf!” Ragnar said, his voice booming within the hall.

“So, Ragnar, tell me what you have brought for me today,” Leif said, as he gave us each an appraising look.

“Sir, we have before you today two new initiates for the clan. Each one comes as a tribute from their old villages. I have observed each during the journey, how they responded to the hardships of travel, and their reactions to the hold as we entered. Finn here was naturally gifted in physical strength and speed, he was confident in them, and faced each challenge without fear.” I could see Finn puff out his chest out of the corner of my eye as Ragnar gave him praise. “However, his pride got in the way and refused help when tasked with starting a fire and felt himself above menial tasks like cooking and gathering firewood. Despite, this I believe he will still prove valuable to the clan.”

“We also have Einar, who while not gifted with physical strength shows cunning and awareness of his surroundings that will serve the clan well. He spotted threats and obstacles to our party quickly and was able to find solutions to deal with these problems. However, he lacks confidence in himself and his skills, and it was often concerned with modesty.” Ragnar took a step back as he finishes talking.

Leif looked us over again from his seat on the dais, taking in every inch of our bodies before he spoke. “Well, they do sound promising. I think they will both make excellent additions to the clan. Tell me, have you thought of what role they should each take within our clan?”

“Both would be useful in any role; however, they would both do well as warriors,” Ragnar said, his voice resonating through the hall.

I heard a noise coming from Finn’s direction, like he was trying to stifle a laugh or something.

“Initiate Finn,” Ragnar’s voice booms throughout the hall, “is there something you find amusing?”

Finn caught himself and stood up straighter and faced towards Ragnar, “I was merely wondering to myself how a weakling like him could possibly be a warrior,” he said as he gestured towards me.

“Initiate Finn, you do not yet know our ways, so your ignorance is forgiven this time. Just know that the clan knows how to make a warrior from any man who has the traits we look for. Physical strength can be gained, but cunning, strategy, and personality are more important to making a warrior.”

Finn looked like he was going to say more when Leif stood up and sauntered down the stairs to us. His movements were graceful even as the pendulous head of his cock swayed back and forth with each step, clearly visible beneath his loincloth. The foreskin on his cock had pulled back, a glistening drop of precum drips from the head to land on the stone floor. He came up to Finn and looked over him closely, inspecting every ridge of muscle, every manly hair. He poked and prodded Finn’s body several times, even lifting up his arm to inspect his underarm. Finn, for his part, remained outwardly unfazed by the inspection, his face impassive. That was at least until Leif grabbed his balls, weighing them in his hand and even peeled back Finn’s foreskin. Finn visibly flinched at the contact, his eye glazing over as he tried to hide his reactions.

Satisfied with his inspection of Finn, Leif moved over to me. A deep musky aroma wafted off him as he approached. Just like he did with Finn, he poked and prodded my body, his finger tracing along my slim frame. His fingers seemed so soft as they brush against my skin. His fingers touched the small of my back and I let out a soft moan. I’d never been touched like this, it felt so intimate. He took ahold of my cock and gave it a few strokes, pulling the foreskin back to expose the head of my dick before pushing it back over the head.

Leif released my cock and took a couple steps back before speaking. “Now, let’s continue with the trial. We have heard Ragnar’s assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Now we must assess your willingness to submit. Within the clan is a hierarchy, a structure which gives the clan its strength. A warrior must be ready to follow commands in battle and share with the clan of themselves. As a part of this, each warrior must be willing to submit fully and without reservation.” Leif lifted one hand and waved forward a few of the gathered warriors behind us.

I could smell their earthy, manly scent as they approached. One stood behind each of us. The man behind me wrapped his arms around my chest, pinning my arms to my sides. A quick glance over at Finn told me the same thing happening to him. The warrior pulled me close, and I felt something hard prodding the middle of my back. It took me a moment to realize that was the warrior’s manhood. A slick wetness ran down my back as his turgid cock leaked precum onto me. I couldn’t stop myself as my own cock quickly hardened to its full 6-inch length. The warrior behind me slid his hips backwards and I felt his cockhead slip down my back until it rested just above my ass.

“Get off me!” I heard Finn shout and turned to look. He was struggling against the arms of the warrior behind him. “I do not get fucked. I am not some fucking woman to be used to satisfy your rut!”

As I watched Finn struggle, I felt the head of the warrior’s cock slide against my hole. A tingle ran up my spine and I relaxed into his arms. He pushed his cock slowly into me, filling this intimate space. I’d never felt anything like this, but it felt so good. I let out a soft moan as his cock brushed past some tender place within me. I felt my own cock throb with anxious need, a long stream of my own precum drooling out onto the floor. A quick glance over towards Finn showed that the warrior had stepped back, leaving him standing there, his face flush with effort and embarrassment. The warrior cock in my ass throbbed, and I let out a long low moan. Just as suddenly as he had pushed it in, he pulled his cock out of me, leaving a deep emptiness within me.

“The trial is complete,” Leif said, his voice filling the hall. My breath caught in my throat. “Now, you have both demonstrated potential and capabilities that will serve the clan well. However, not all are able to become warriors. Some lack the strength of character, the willpower needed to survive, or the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. However, even non-warriors serve the clan, fulfilling many tasks around the hold, serving and providing food for the clan, or even carrying supplies for raids.”

Leif moved to the middle of the pattern carved on the floor. Finn and I were on either side. He pulled his loincloth aside, allowing me the full view of the massive monster between his legs. The cock seemed longer now, and I realized it was erect, though the sheer weight of it pulled the head towards the ground. He hefted it up in his hands, precum drooling from the tip, filling the air with the scent of his musk.

“Finn,” Leif said as he turned towards him, “your physical strength and skill are formidable in their own right and would serve well for the clan. However, you have proven that you are unwilling to submit when necessary, and unwilling to follow the orders of a superior. As such, you will be relegated to serving the clan in a different way. You shall remain a member of the clan, working and supporting the warriors here in the village as a servant to the clan.”

Finn’s face was filled with horror and dread as he shouted, “No! But I’m clearly strong and powerful. Think of how great of a warrior I could be!” Finn’s courage faltered in the face of being a servant. Abruptly he turned and made a dash for the door, but a wall of warriors seemed to appear from nowhere as they moved to block his escape. He tried to push past them, but they block him and two restrain him just as easily as one might corral an unruly child. They marched him back to the circle, and remained there, holding his arms and shoulders. Finn stopped struggling as he realized that he could not escape his fate.

“Your strength is not the problem. Even the mightiest warriors must learn how to submit and to serve. You showed that you were unwilling to work collectively for the betterment of all, and a refusal to submit to others.” Leif walked up closer, his cock leading the way until he pressed the head of his massive cock against Finn’s chest. He let it slide down Finn’s chest, leaving a slimy trail of precum smeared into Finn’s body hair. Finn’s eyes seemed to lose focus as the musky precum coated his skin, his cock began to harden some as Leif’s cock traveled down his abdominal muscles. Leif pressed the head of his massive cock against Finn’s crotch, eclipsing Finn’s cock and balls under it.

Then Finn’s cock sprang free, now fully hard, his balls were still hidden behind Leif’s cock though. Finn gasped in pleasure, his back arching and his body lifting upwards as he went up on the tips of his toes. He relaxed back down, letting out a long groan of pleasure. His cock was throbbing with pleasure, shooting small spurts of precum from the tip with a shiny line running down the length of his shaft where they meet with Leif’s cockhead.

Leif pushed his foreskin forward covering the head of his cock and pressing it against Finn’s body. There was a wet sucking sound that came from them, and Finn let’s out a gasp of pleasure. Looking closer, I saw Leif’s foreskin had surrounded Finn’s balls, and going between his legs, pushing them apart. Finn’s head lolled back as he let out a moan of pleasure, his hips bucked, and his cock started shooting cum. Pulse after pulse of cum rocketed out from his cock. He continued shooting, far more than a usual orgasm. After the first 30 seconds of his cock spraying cum, Finn managed to look down in shock at his cock as it kept cumming. As he did there was a strange tint to his cum, no longer a just white, it had a blue tint to it. With each pulse, the cum being expelled from his cock became bluer and bluer.

“What’s going on? It, it feels weird,” he said in between gasps for air and moans of pleasure.

Ragnar spoke up from the dais. “That blue cum is your manhood. You won’t be needing it for some time I should think. Instead, it shall go to make the clan stronger.”

Finn’s cum was running down the sides of Leif’s cock, dripping down onto the floor where it was channeled into the grooves carved into the floor. The blue cum as it fell into the channels seemed to glow slightly. Finn’s face started to screw up in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Please stop, it—it feels so weird.”

Leif didn’t react. His eyes were half-lidded, focused on something else as he continued whatever he was doing to Finn. Finn’s moans became more frantic as his cock continued to fire cum in a state of constant orgasm. With a loud moan that seemed to reverberate throughout the hall, Finn’s cock fired one last huge glob of blue cum out, launching high into the air, over Leif’s head until it splattered to the floor on the other side. He collapsed to his knees as his legs gave out and the warriors holding him released his arms, but Leif’s foreskin seemed almost attached, following him down to the ground. Leif stepped forward to keep his balance.

Finn’s cock started to go soft, but something about it looked odd to me. I watched and realized it wasn’t going soft, it was just getting smaller. It got small enough that it slipped down beneath the edge of Leif’s foreskin, and between the sounds of Finn’s panting there was a quiet, yet distinct slurping sound. Finn tried to grab at Leif’s foreskin, but he seemed weak, barely clinging to consciousness in the aftermath of his orgasm, he could not manage to move the hefty foreskin at all.

After another long few moments pass, Leif’s eyes snapped open and he lifted his cock up, stepping back from Finn. Finn looked down at his crotch and his eyes went wide. I follow his gaze down, and I felt a shiver of fear run down my spine. His cock and balls were gone, a flat expanse of skin in their place. His pubic hair around the area was similarly gone. In his exhaustion, Finn seemed barely able to react, some slight groans escaping his lips. With a gesture, Leif commanded the warriors to take him. They lifted him up and hauled him to a door on the side of the hall where several other servants stood and took Finn away.

Leif turned towards me, opening his arms wide as he began to speak. “Einar,” he started and I flinched a little. After seeing what happened to Finn, I assumed that the same was about to happen to me. There was no way that if Finn wasn’t worthy that I would be worthy. “Your skill and cunning are powerful assets, your willingness to help others for the benefit of the clan is commendable, and your willingness to submit and help other warriors is necessary. Einar, you shall be a warrior.”

I was shocked by his statement, and I felt myself step back with one foot. I could hear a muffled cry from the door Finn went through. “But I am not strong enough to be a warrior,” I say in disbelief.

“Physical strength can be gained through hard work. Once a man is grown, it is much harder to teach one how to think. You are merely an unforged piece of iron, and the clan shall turn you into a mighty sword. Now stand there, and I shall bestow on you the greatest gift of the clan.”

Leif stepped towards me, lifting his cock and pushing the heavy head against my chest. His cock leaked a glob of precum onto my chest as he slid it down towards my cock. The heady aroma of his precum fills my senses, sending a twinge of pleasure down my spine making my cock throb and my hole to twitch with desire. His cock slid further down over my flat stomach until he rested the head of his cock just at the base of my cock. His massive dick obscures my view of my manhood, and I worried briefly that my cock will end up a puddle of blue cum like Finn’s.

Leif shifted back a little, bringing the head of his cock up to the head of my own cock. Just the head of his manhood alone was nearly as long as my entire dick, and far, far thicker. The slit of his cock opened to coat my cock in his precum, and as it did, he shifts his cock forward enough that the slit closes over the head of my hard cock. The warmth of the inside of his cock felt strange, but pleasurable on my cock. Still, I instinctively shift my hips back, trying to pull my cock free, but his cock had the head of mine trapped tightly.

A moment later I felt a strange sensation on the head of my dick. It was a tingle that ran inside of my shaft and down deeper inside of me. I gasp in pleasure as whatever it was touches something deep within me. I felt my balls shifting and look down. The skin of my sack was pulling close against me, the normally wrinkled flesh was smoothing out as it was pulled taut. My balls were being pushed against my body, the pressure a mix of pleasure and discomfort. I could feel them deforming under the pressure, even as something inside of me felt like it was swelling.

I moaned and my stomach clenched involuntarily as one of my balls was pulled up inside of me. I was acutely aware of its location, its tenderness sending mixed signals of pleasure and pain to my mind. I felt it as it moved deeper within me, and a rush of pleasure that caused me to moan loudly. Before I could process what happened with the first, my other nut was pulled within me with a popping sensation. The pleasure overwhelmed my thoughts and I struggled to maintain focus. Just like the first I could feel it move deep inside me, then there was a rush of pleasure before the slight tenderness faded.

The skin around the base of my cock swelled, pushed outwards by something. I reached down with one hand and gently explored the area around my cock. It was tender to the touch, sending little shockwaves of pleasure and pain up my spine. Then I felt a tug at the head of my cock. The shaft of Leif’s cock was flexing rhythmically, and the tug came in time with it. As I watched the shaft of my cock, it seemed to get less erect with each pulse, but I’d never felt hornier.

The pleasure built with each tug, and I could feel my own orgasm approaching, but my cock looked less and less turgid. The skin of my cock seemed to collapse in on itself, an empty piece of skin connecting my crotch to Leif’s massive dick. Even as I was trying to process what was going on, the pleasure became too intense, crowding out all thoughts. I was on the very verge of cumming when the skin detached from me, leaving a little divot in the bulge of skin on my crotch. The last bit of my cock disappeared into Leif’s cock slit and I fell to my hands and knees in ecstatic pleasure. Looking between my legs, I could see my cum firing from the little divot between my legs, landing in the carved channels on the floor, mixing with Leif’s precum and all the cum that Finn shot. Unlike Finn’s orgasm that went on for ages, my own was done within a few seconds. Without a cock to stroke as I came, the orgasm felt hollow, less pleasurable than normal despite the lead up to it being the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced.

“Arise, Warrior Einar,” Ragnar’s voice boomed through the hall. Despite my changes, I felt strangely invigorated. Ragnar walked over and clapped me on the shoulder. “You have been given the warrior’s gift now. That bulge where your cock once was does many things as you will learn, but most importantly it lets you partake of Leif’s blessings.”

He reached down and gently stroked my bulge, and I shuddered and gave an involuntary moan. My bulge was very sensitive, almost overly sensitive. I reached down to rub it some more, but my own hand on it was not nearly as pleasurable.

“There’s your first lesson, pup, it is always much better when another does it for you. Now, it’s time for you to receive your first blessing. Warriors gather round!” Ragnar gestured to the warriors in the hall.

While I had been distracted by Ragnar rubbing my bulge, Leif had moved back up to the dais, sitting upon the wooden throne.

“Einar, as it is your first blessing, you have the honor of being chosen to bring forth the blessing.” Leif said as he hefted his huge hard cock up.

Ragnar motioned for me to move up to the space just before the throne. I moved forward and Leif lowered the head of his cock down to my face. The heavy musk coming from his precum was heady, clouding my thoughts with carnal needs. I leaned forward, rubbing my face against the head of his cock. I started to lick and caress it lovingly, kissing and licking at the meaty dick. The precum flowed freely from the tip of his dick, coating my face, and running down my body.

The other warriors had gathered around the carved circle as I sucked at the cock. They all removed their loincloths. Most were completely dickless like me, while a few like Ragnar sported cocks of varying sizes, some as small as an inch while others were nearly a foot long. Even those that had cocks, though, had no balls below them, just the smooth bulge where their balls had once been. They each knelt around the outer edge of the carved circle.

Another spurt of precum coated my face and pulled my attention back to the cock. I went back to rubbing and licking at it, doing my best to pleasure it. I stuck my tongue into the slit, lapping up the flowing precum. Leif moaned at this, so I redoubled my efforts. I continued like this for several more minutes, my muscles crying with the strain of keeping it up, but the craving for that precum, the knowledge that I was pleasuring the leader of my clan, made it worth it. Then I felt a throb travel up the shaft of the cock as it swelled even larger. The skin around his massive balls pulled tighter, and the precum flowing from his cock began to taste different, a salty taste filling my mouth.

The first blast of cum knocked me backwards, pitching me into the center of the circle on my ass. The second blast hit me in the chest, keeping me down. The next few shots coated my body, an electric tingle on my skin everywhere the cum touched. The cum started to softly glow as it touched the carving, filling the grooves. Leif’s cock continued to spray cum, releasing gallons and gallons of hot jizz. The bowl carved into the floor in front of the dais caught his cum as it flowed. The cum filled every little channel and trough in the symbol carved into the floor.

The cum eventually stopped flowing and the glow became more intense. All the cum coating me was glowing too. As the cum on my skin got brighter, it started to feel hotter. All around me, I could see the warriors dipping their hands into the trough of cum and bringing the cum to their mouths. They were eagerly drinking it down. The glow became too much, and I had to close my eyes—the cum on my body felt like it was on fire, scorching my skin. At the same time, the sensation of it on my skin was sending pleasure throughout my entire being.

At some point I must have passed out because I awoke sometime later, laying on the ground in the middle of the circle. Looking around, all the warriors around me were also asleep. I moved to stand up, my muscles sore and protesting. I paused as I look at my crotch again, seeing the smooth bulge between my legs.

I stood up and looked up at the throne. Leif was sitting there, awake but lounging, quietly drinking from a mug. He gave me the barest hint of a smile. I decided I would enjoy my new life as a warrior of the clan.


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