The tournament

by AG Silver

A soldier enters a wrestling competition with an alien, whose touch reveals more than he ever expected.

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Round 1 A soldier enters a wrestling competition with an alien, whose touch reveals more than he ever expected. (added: 24 Aug 2019)
Round 2 The tournament match with the alien escalates—as do the contestants’ growing cocks, making concentration on winning the bout next to impossible. (added: 9 Nov 2019)
The Final Round
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Round 1

Today is tournament day. It is an annual, off-world tradition where the best military soldiers from the 14 planets meet on the Inter-Galactic SpaceStation to host games where all inter-planetary species host a friendly competition.

Me, I’m a humanoid professional wrestler who also doubles as an NS Soldier. NS stands for Navy Seal, which is where my branch of soldiers came from. I am a good soldier and a very good wrestler. I stand six three, weigh 245 pounds and, from weight lifting, I have a 50-inch chest, 20-inch arms, a 34-inch waist and thighs that are 25-inches round.

I am well built and I am strong. I am also single. I wish I wasn’t, but things never turned out. Here I am—33 years of age—and I don’t date much and I keep my head down low. Perhaps, one day, I might be of a certain rank.

But today—today—is about wrestling a species called TonFuj, or Secrets by some of the guys. I’m not sure why they’re called Secrets, but I’ll find out.

In the locker, I zip up my wrestling suit. It’s skintight, covering my legs just below my knees with a black, leather dull matte sheen. The material resembles leather and it’s meant to protect our pink skin from alien contact. The outfit is slightly militaristic. It hugs the flesh, giving prominence to 7-inch cock and sizeable balls. There’s the belt and it covers my chest and arms down to my forearms.

I stroll out to the stadium at the sound of the bell, my coach slightly behind me. My coach is an NS too, but of a slightly higher rank and older too. He’s wrestled before too.

The audience is sparse—maybe 10 people and aliens. Afterall, this is only a qualifying round. Who ever wins goes onto the next round.

I am struck by the alien. He’s my height, but his skin—is whole body—consists of a brown latex like material. His body shines and moves as if slightly moist. His features are distinctly humanoid except for this. It’s like he stepped out of a fetish magazine. And, his bulge where is cock is—massive. He looks as strong as me. I also find him fascinating to watch. I find him, his presence, magnetic.

I sit down on the bench and my coach sits next to me.

“Watch out for his hands.”

“It’s wrestling, coach.”

“Don’t let his hands touch your cock or balls.”

I turn and look at him. “Really? It’s wrestling.”

“The Secrets exude fluid out of their skin. It does stuff to us.”

“I got my suit on. Besides, this fluid—it doesn’t do anything right?”

He looked away. “Nothing that lasts… from what I’ve heard.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

First Round

The bell rings and I stand up, pull my skintight suit down low on my legs and step out into the ring. The human referee comes out with me and the Secret comes out with his referee.

The Secret looks me up and down, and I do the same to him. The Secret’s chest is large, with pan-sized pecs, well-sculpted deltoids and biceps. His back muscles flare out slightly from his sides. His cock and balls are stuffed into a one piece suit much like mine and we are so close his cock and my cock are only an inch apart. It makes me uncomfortable but the Secrets don’t know much about personal distance.

The Secret’s name is hard to prounce but it’s Salish so I call him Salish. He’s looking at me and then running his eyes over my body again and again. It’s making me uncomfortable. Then I feel it. I feel something soft but growing harder pressing against my cock. I look down and I see his cock swelling up a little and it’s filled the gap between my cock and his. I shouldn’t like it, but I would be lying if my cock didn’t push back a little.

I couldn’t help it.

When my cock lurches against my leather suit, Salish looks up at me with surprise. His eyes soften and then I see the referee from the Secrets look at me.

My referee doesn’t see this because he’s whispering in my ear, “Secrets get sexually excited when they wrestle or start fighting. Species thing. Helps them march into battle. Be careful, son. I’ve seen what they do to men.”

I nodded.

The bell rang.

We take position. The bell rings again. We pile into each other. My arm around his head, around mine, our breaths warm against each other’s necks. Our muscles strain against one another.

He’s strong, massively strong. I lose my grip. He flips to the side. Wraps his arm between my legs and plants his hand on my cock and balls and I feel what can only be a moist secretion.

I flip around and then the bell rings.

I stand up, my head a little foggy and I stumble back to my bench.

Coach pats my thigh. “Rough start.”

“He touched me.”

Coach looks at my cock and balls.

“I feel fuzzy.”

I glance up at Salish and my eyes take in his chest, his arms and his massive cock. There’s no way of hiding things in this suit. My cock begins rising steadily in my leather suit. It’s twisted up in a jock strap, but it swells out and bulges forward.

Coach sighs. “We throw in the towel.”

“No way. I can win.”

“You’ve lost. He touches you again, you’re gone.”

My cock was half hard and my balls ached even more. I looked down and I saw my balls, which were the size of small eggs, looked like large eggs.

“What does his touch do?”

“It causes a chemical reaction of sexual desire and physical redevelopment if you’re genetically gay. Straight guys can fight it and even for them it’s hard to resist, but you. I thought you were a bachelor. I didn’t know that you were gay. I would have never suggested.”

I remained silent. Yeah. Men turned me on. Women, to a much lesser extent did too, but I knew I was more gay than straight, more gay than bi, but I kept it hidden.

I swallowed. “I’ll fight.”

Coach nodded. “Look, he changes you. Now, he wants to change you even more. Salish is staring at you like you’re his next mate. Their species is interchangeable with sex.”


Round 2

The bell rings a third time. I lurch forward onto the mat, determined to ignore my cock and balls, which were large and prominent like a 20th century homoerotic drawing, outlined against the leather-simulated wrestling suit. I stop before Salish.

He speaks for the first time. “I like you.”

At the sound of his words, I shudder and feel as warm and hot as though two soft lips had been planted on my lips. Did the pheromones come from his vocal cords too? I close my eyes and suppress a groan while my cock lurches against my cock strap. I hear a snap and my cock surges out and upright in my suit.

Salish glances down, his latex eye brows arching upwards. My cock looks closer to 10 inches long. My testicles are tight against the base of my substantial cock and pre-cum moistens my suit.

The referee holds up a towel. He looks to the Secrets referee who nods. I quickly grip the referee’s forearm.

“I want to wrestle,” I say.

The referee shrugs. “He’s got you beat.” And he walks off the mat.

The bell rings and we lurch hard into one another, testing each other for weakness and strength. My legs are exceptionally strong. I can hack squat 800 pounds though my legs look skinny at 25 inches round. Salish is under estimating them. I press up against his substantial chest, reveling in his muscles.

I feel so strange, so drawn to him. I really want him to kiss me, which makes me angry. I push up with my legs, flip Salish onto his back and land on top of him—full body. My rock-hard cock lands on his rock-hard cock, then I slide off to the side.

I rest on top of him and he lets me, smiling, watching me, being gentle.

I slip off of him, resting my muscular chest over his muscular chest, and then did what I shouldn’t have done.

I find my right hand on his cock and I run my hands up his shaft, feeling its might and impressive girth. Salish groans.

“Foul!” The referee cries.

Before I could move away, Salish presses his warm, latex-like hand against my cock and balls and a more substantial wet warmth fills my leather-simulated suit. His hand then travels back to my ass and presses up toward my anus and I feel another shot of warmth.

We both separate and I stumble back to the bench, light headed and fuzzy. Coach catches me by the arm and lowers me into my seat.

“You look like a gay porn star,” he says. “You’ve got to throw this match. We don’t want you and a Secret having sex on a wrestling mat being hologramed all around the station.”

“I’m okay.” I shake my head. “Just fuzzy. This wears off, right?”

“Well, I haven’t heard that. Sex with Secrets is forbidden. Why’d you touch his cock?”

“I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to.” I stared at my crotch, my erect cock. Something was coming. “He touched me again; he also touched my asshole.”

Coach patted my thigh. “I’m sorry.”

The blood rushed from my head and down to my crotch. I swooned and my head cleared quickly.

A fresh surge of desire hit me, a massive wave of lust and blood being directed to my cock.

“I feel funny,” I groaned.

My cock, all ten inches worth, pulsated tightly underneath the leather. It began to swell—just a small amount, almost a trick of the eye—then it swells a quarter inch, then a half an inch, lengthening an inch, then two then three and up to the buckle of my belt. It grew four inches in less than 30 seconds. At the base of the shaft, my swollen testicles seemed to breathe—they swell outward, then shrink, swell outward, shrink, then they swelled out again, then again, then again and again. They had more than doubled in size.

Coach swallows. “Fuck that’s hot.”

I smile at the coach. “I know.” Pain cut into my cock. “Help me, Coach.” The buckle is biting into the head of my cock. “It hurts.”

What was Salish doing to me? I wanted to stop; to say no; to walk away; but I couldn’t. I wanted more, so much more.

Coach touches my belt, shifts it up while I watch him.

“It’s okay. You can touch it. Help me.”

Coach jerks his hand away as I say this. “No. You’re on your own now.”

The bell rings.

I stand and the audience gasps. Aliens and humans alike point.

I was in massive pain. The buckle of my suit dug into the head of my swollen cock and my cock is growing still. I hear a snap, sudden relief as my buckle drops onto the floor and my cock surges upwards two more inches. My cock is enormous, mirroring Salish’s enormous cock, maybe 16-inches long, five inches round. At the shaft, my testicles push out, the size of soft balls.

I struggle forward, my suit was tight, but now is horribly tight and I can feel my zipper straining against my lower back. But it doesn’t matter. I am enjoying the massive warmth invading my anus. It runs up my rectum into my prostate and pre-cum almost flows nonstop under my suit.

The referee holds up the towel.

“I want to wrestle,” I growl.

The referee shakes his head and sighs. “You won’t be fitting into any more space suits, and you’re time in the service will be done. They don’t take a gay alien lovers.”

Salish is still sitting on the bench. I gesture to him. He rises up, his cock erect at 16 inches. My physical proportions mirrored him almost as though his secretions prepared another humanoid for mating. What did that mean? Fear rose in my mind, but it was shouted down by the raging hormones flooding my body. As Salish strode toward me, I found every inch of my body wanting to fuck and to be fucked by him.


The Final Round

Salish stares at me, his cock and my cock resting on one another, twitching while the referees talked. The audience had swollen to 30 aliens and humanoids now and they watched Salish and I circle one another.

“I…” Salish pressed his left pec, “want you and I to mate.” He squeezed his cock. “We are wrestling,” I said. I press my left pec, then whisper, “But I want to mate with you too.” Then I squeeze my cock.

Salish said, “I must touch your chest.”

I nod.

The referees come back while Salish leans forward and presses his hand against my chest. The Secrets referee grips his hand and speaks in their language fiercely. Salish hisses back and a tremendous warmth and moisture flood my chest.

The human referee looks at me with a jaundice smile. “Damn. Well, you’ve just gone and made yourself Salish’s bitch. With that left-handed press, he made you his sex toy.”

“I did?” I almost felt like this was a wedding ceremony.

“When he placed his hand on your chest, he injected you with the last dosage of hormones that prepare your body for sex. Get ready. Now, wrestle.”

The bell rings again.

Salish and I circled each other, knowing we wrestle for each other’s species. Meanwhile, I feel that familiar fuzzy head but this time the warmth runs to my muscles swelling, tightening. My suit feels even more confining. I pull at the neck while Salish watches me carefully.

The zipper tears and Salish lunges at me.

He catches me unprepared, but I find my pec and arm strength greatly increased. We stumble around, each trying to find a weakness, but we are evenly matched. He presses against me; I resist; I press back; he resists. This goes round and round for 30 minutes while my cock thrusts out, encased in leather. His cock is thrust out and huge as well and looking amazing.

The audience is now full. NS soldiers look on, watching their former commander, tough, hardened, me… show them all, who I am.

The bell rings and we stand up. As I did, my suit splits up the back, exposing a chest, which is swollen up to 55 plus inches, my arms at 24 inches. Salish reaches forward and pulls the suit down below my swollen, erect cock. I reach forward and pull his suit down too, our cocks rubbing against one another’s.

“The match is a draw,” the referees announce, but Salish and I didn’t hear. He pulls me to him and we kiss hard and long, desire roaring in my head. He gently twists me around, pulls down my suit and touches my anus with the head of his cock. I groan softly, deeply, leaning back into his cock and finding that my anus parts tightly, but easily to accompany his girth.

He pushes firmly, solidly, beginning to grunt and groan. My cock throbs hard and harder, seizing up and trembling. Pre-cum leaking continuously. Then he comes and I feel a warmth inside, and body is fierce with desire. I pull myself off of him, and he turns and lets me push my cock into him.

The world is gone. The audience is gone. No one exists except Salish and I right then. Whatever secretion Salish had filled me with, savaged whatever decorum I had. Nothing mattered but him.

I ride him hard and vigorously, building and building and building until I stop. My head rolls back. My cock freezes. My huge balls clench and then I jerk and jerk and jerk until I find myself light headed and completely wet and limp.

I collapse on top of Salish and he hugs me fiercely and we kiss once more before a full room.



I wear a different suit now. It’s a full body leather-simulated suit that reflects my new body. My muscles grew by four inches in each major muscle group. My cock and balls shrunk a little, but not by much and they’ve grown much larger when Salish and I make love.

Salish and I both left our military service, both of us were not wanted because our love was alien, but made more taboo because we loved one another. We work private security, which is lucrative in space, and we’re known amongst the humans as the Original Toms.

Why Original? Our vid went viral and human male and female alike have begun seeking out and mating with Secrets. Male and female can’t hide what happens when this occurs and sometimes, when I walk down the station, I feel more at home than ever seeing others like myself.

Original Toms.

Interesting choice of description. But who would guess that one man’s primitive art would capture the imagination of gay species every where.

I get annual check ups to make sure Salish and I remain compatible. So far, we’re good, but Salish told me he’s getting ready for the rebirth cycle. When I asked, he smiled and said, “One of us might be getting pregnant.”

I just say, “What? You’re kidding me, aren’t you?”

He places his hand on my huge cock and a moist secretion wets it. “Let’s find out.”

Those words, those eyes, that pheromone blast. My cock feels bigger than ever as he rides me through space and time.

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