The theft

by Steve McMoon

 Being cocky about how big your dick is might be asking for trouble.

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Being a hung stud was always kinda my thing since I realized I had a porn sized dick measuring in at a whopping 11.5” hard—and thick, too! Yeah, I was proud of my cock and loved to show it off, as well as use it as often as possible.

I was basically a stud. I had a well-muscled body that stood at a reasonable 5-foot-9. I had pecs for days and cut abs with a naturally tanned and smooth body thanks to my Dakota heritage, and thick long black hair with deep brown eyes that seemed to pull guys in. I’ll say it again, I was a stud, a real man, an alpha.

Now, sure, I was more than a little cocky, but generally I’d say I was a pretty nice guy too. Never really had any enemies, just friends and good times.

My biggest fantasy was to have an even bigger cock and I’d done pumping and pills that did give me that extra half inch, but no gains other than that. Now my dream goal was to be 13.5—no, actually if I’m honest, 14.5” long. Idk why, but I just always wanted the biggest cock around. I could already suck myself off and use both hands but something about being even bigger really got me going.

One night drinking with my two best friends Mark and Nigel. Nigel was also my roommate and best friend, Mark lived in the same apartment complex and was friends with both of us.

Well, on that night we had all gone to take a piss at our local bar at the same time and for the first time I saw my buddies’ cocks. Nigel’s was decent, definitely longer than average but nearly as big as me, maybe 7.5” soft. Mark on the other hand looked to be just an inch, maybe inch and a half, shy of my flaccid 8” cock.

I remembered to tuck that information into my mind for later when I’d jack off. I was gay—actually, we all were, but no, we’d never messed around. Mark had a steady boyfriend and Nigel didn’t want to mess around with us (much to my disappointment) for fear it might end up screwing up our friendship.

Mark and Nigel were both sexy. Mark was a tall African American man with harsh yet sexy facial features that went with his imposing muscled body. Standing at 6’3”, he was intimidating but an all-around cuddly guy when you got to know him. Nigel on the other hand had striking Native American features as he was Dakota like me, with tan skin and a lean yet muscled body with a messy mop of hair that made him look extra cute. At 6 feet he was a little taller than me, making me the shortest.

So drunk me was not satisfied with just the mental picture I now had of their junk. I also commented on their sizes, complimenting them. Nigel spoke up right away. “Yeah but we still are nowhere near your horse cock!” I laughed and as we cleaned up and made our back to the table I shared my erect length with them and they shared theirs with me. Nigel hit 8” hard and Mark 8.5” hard and thick like a beer can.

As the night went on I started to spill my fantasy and efforts to try increase the size of my cock. We walked up to Mark’s place for a nightcap and he asked me if I was serious about wanting to be bigger. Nigel at this time appeared to be passed out on his couch as Mark and I spoke. Mark got up and went to his room and came back with a black stone about the size of my palm with some writing on it that was illegible to me. He said it’s from Africa and can make my cock even bigger like I dreamed.

“How?” was all I asked—I was still quite intoxicated at this point. He smiled and said that I needed to jack off onto this rock and then lick off the cum everyday until my dick was the ideal size I wanted. Then I was to make sure to wash the stone when I was done growing and scrub off all the writing to make it permanent.

If I had been sober I probably would have just laughed at him but drunk me and my want to grow my cock decided he must be telling the truth. So I thanked him, woke up Nigel, and we went back to our place.

Once in my room I pulled out the stone from my pocket. I looked at myself in the mirror and began to strip down as I massaged my muscles. My hard on was straining my boxer briefs, and when I finally pulled it free it made a loud slap against my abs. Mmmmm, I moaned to myself. I set the rock down on my dresser and began to jack myself off. I worked up a rapid pace and then I added my mouth to the mix and soon I was ready to blow. I pulled off my cock and aimed it at the stone. As my huge load hit it I swear I saw it glow a for a second but I was still wasted so could’ve been all in my head. I stood there panting looking at the jizz covered stone and then I quickly picked it up and licked off my jizz. After that things got foggy but I somehow made it to my bed and passed out.

I awoke the next day and remembered the night before. I quickly grabbed some measuring tape and measured my cock. To my shock and glee I was now 12.5”—that’s right, over a foot of stud cock. I repeated this process two more times that week until I hit my desired 14.5” of solid cock. I was just measuring it when Nigel popped his head in.

“Hey, I’m going to the store need anyth…”

The last of his sentence drifting off to a whisper. He stared at me for a long while and neither of us said anything. But then he walked into the room, shutting the door behind him, and crawled onto bed with me.

Soon we were making out and I had him naked on top of me. He kept telling me he never knew I was this big as he slowly sunk my cock into his ass. He let out a low moan as inch after inch disappeared into his bubble butt until all of my cock was inside him. He started to ride me fast, jacking his own cock, and in no time I was ready to cum. I yelled that I was cumming and watched him ride my cock slower and slower until he was just sitting on it fully and my orgasm had subsided.

He was smiling a goofy kind of smile at me and he slowly pulled off my still hard cock. In no time he flipped me over my ass in the air and was soon fucking me. I loved it! It was best sex I’d had. He really knew what he was doing and I was cumming in no time in sync with him. We laid there panting in the afterglow and he told me he wished he’d done this sooner and that he was gonna miss me while he was away for two weeks to complete the yearly sundance.

I forgot about the stone and showed my cock off whenever I could. The morning after Nigel had left I woke in the morning and noticed something was off. My cock looked smaller, and sure enough when I measured it it was an inch shorter. “What the hell?” I said out loud. I got up and looked for that rock. I was determined to be back to my former glory, but after tearing apart my room came up empty-handed.

As the next two weeks went on I watched in horror as my cock shrank away each night by an inch. I called Mark and asked him if he had another stone and he laughed and said no. I was too embarrassed to admit what had happened though. Especially because each evening I jacked off and to my horror I had started to get turned on by my shrinking cock.

I was doing just that when I heard Nigel come home. And before I could cover up he was in my room. He stood there staring at my crotch, my now .5” nub of a cock on display. Then the silence was broken as he burst out laughing and in between laughs asked what I had done to my magnificent cock and how it was so pathetically small now and no more topping for me. I just laid there, flushed red from embarrassment—more from realizing how I was getting turned on by his laughter and what he was saying. I moaned slightly and grabbed my cock out of instinct and the laughter stopped.

“You like this don’t you?” Nigel said with a grin. I just nodded.

“Well, you’re going to love this then.”

He ripped off his shirt and pulled down is basketball shorts in record time and my jaw dropped. Rising to attention was not the 8” cock I expected to see but instead was greeted with a now fully-hard cock that had to be nearly two feet long. I was in shock but incredibly turned on too. He was suddenly on top of me, straddling me. His huge cock bobbing right at my mouth.

“Suck it, Tiny” was all he said and I greedily took it into my mouth. Soon he was fucking my face and inch after inch was disappearing down my throat. Finally I heard a huge grunt from Nigel as he held my head and place and pushed it nearly halfway down my throat and came torrents of jizz straight into my stomach. When his orgasm was over he pulled out with a “pop.”

I started to tell him that was the hottest sex I’d had yet when he shushed me and told me we weren’t done yet. He bent down to my dick and enveloped it into his warm mouth. I watched as his head didn’t bob like normal because my cock was so small now. He looked like I had imagined eating out someone looked like. He swirled his tongue around my nub and I told him I was about to cum. He pulled of my cock before I could though.

“Wow, that truly is a pathetic excuse for a cock. I’d be ashamed if I were you!” said Nigel.

“Fuck,” I said.

And soon he had my legs up in the air and was pushing his cum covered cock into my tight ass. I tried to protest saying he was too big, but he silenced me and kept pushing in inch after inch once he’d got his cock head inside. To my surprise he was just thick enough where I knew was my limit and it didn’t hurt. Plus as he inched his way inside my ass I was finding more and more pleasure. This continued until I felt him bottom out in me.

He had a cocky grin on his face and told me this was his ass now, he was gonna ruin it for anyone smaller than him and I told him yes, that I wanted him to fuck me.

He wasted no time and soon was at a fast pace and each time pulling half way or more out before plunging it back in all the way. I was seeing stars of pleasure. We went on like this for what seemed like hours before he finally told me he was gonna cum. I had already cum multiple times. He drove it in one last time and yelled out as I felt my nub twice again with orgasm as well.

We laid there panting before we started to talk. He told me he knew about the stone and had borrowed it over Sundance and said obviously he would give it back to me so I could gain my cock back, though he guessed he’d lose all his new size, based on how I lost mine to gain his.

He went to fetch the stone. After a long while I finally went to find him. Scattered all over the floor was everything from his bags. He looked nervous.

“I can’t find it,” he said. “I must’ve left it at the Sundance grounds. I’m so sorry.”

Panic gripped me and he told me we could make the drive and go find it. He said the Sundance grounds was on his aunt’s private property and no one else would have come to claim it. As he spoke my mind drifted to how hot this kinda was and soon I stopped him kissed him. We’d go back to find it someday, but for now I was down with being his bitch.

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