The ski trip

by Allan Cedar

A group of multilimb guys get to know each other better in a secluded ski cabin.

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Even though I had grown up in Minnesota throughout my entire life, I was nowhere near prepared for the harsh winter conditions up north. The temperatures outside were nearing negative sixty degrees Fahrenheit, something rarely seen in the comparatively warm Twin Cities. I had been dragged up here to the cabin by my friends, who decided that it was more fun freezing outside trying to ski down the slopes than to stay in warmer, nicer areas and do sane things, like bowling or video games. You know, the kind of games you play inside.

Nonetheless, it was a nice cabin. It was heated and had a full kitchen as well as a working water heater, which meant we wouldn’t freeze whenever we took showers in the bathroom. There were five of us there, including myself. My name is Chris, about 6’3”, typical run-of-the-mill guy in terms of appearances. Dark hair, brown eyes, four arms, pale complexion, and fairly lanky (I have a 12-pack, pretty rare even for us stretched-out types). Two uncut dicks, pretty average in size, though they are kinda thick.

Then there was Jake, a little shorter than me and with a full goatee. He was exceeding narcissistic and, worse still, had better hand-eye coordination and strength than almost anyone else I knew, even using his back arms. Despite that, he was a stud and knew just the right way to move his body to drive me wild with desire.

Also with us was Carlos, a latino with dark hair and the most spectacular eyes I had ever seen. He had a narrow jaw that came almost to a point, and was the athlete of the group, with six buff arms and four soccer-hunk’s legs. His parents owned the cabin we were staying at, and he was also the one that had convinced us to come here and ski (he had those special skis for boytaurs that are a bit longer and have two sets of boots).

And finally were the twins, Ryan and Julian, both tall (6’7”) with blond hair and hazel eyes and lithe, perfect bodies with three long legs each. They were dreamy and the hottest things in school, getting affections from every student and teacher they met. But somehow they’ve avoided letting it get to their heads and are still really cool to hang out with.

I jumped onto the couch and started chowing down on the chips while Carlos turned on the television and started channel surfing, piling his legs onto the old wooden coffee table. The twins were busy unraveling their sleeping bags and setting up the video game consoles, and Jake was getting himself something to drink. No one wanted to go outside after having to sit in that cold, cramped little car all the way there, and with a limitless supply of natural gas the fireplace made things pretty cozy.

We bummed around playing video games and watching television for awhile until people started called it a night. Ryan and Julian were the first two to strip down to their boxers and sleep in their bags. I couldn’t help but watch them strip. Their twin smooth chests and long, sinewy legs enticed my eyes, and I tried very discreetly to adjust myself without anyone noticing.

Jake went to sleep next, content that no one was going to beat his score tonight. He left his clothes on and simply slept in his sleeping bag that way. Disappointing, yes, but I couldn’t really say anything. Finally all that was left was me and Carlos as we played the game together. Outside the wind howled as snow pelted the already deep banks, the flurry making it virtually impossible to see anything else through the windows.

“So Chris, looking forward to skiing tomorrow?” Carlos’s light Spanish accent was always incredibly hot to listen to. At that moment I was exceedingly glad that no one else was awake to see me blushing. I had a huge crush on Carlos… the fact that I was surrounded by my friends helped me keep myself in check.

“Umm… yeah,” I lied, “it should be fun.” Like I implied before, I wasn’t looking forward to skiing at all.

We played a little bit before he set down his controller and looked straight at me. “Chris, you really don’t want to ski, do you?”

Panic time. “No, I do! I’ve just been tired lately.”

He gave me a deadpan look. “Chris, you looked as excited as my mom on bill day. I was surprised when I heard you were coming along.”

Great. I was very quickly running out of options. “Well… I guess not. I just wanted to… be with you guys. That’s all.”

Carlos grinned. “You know, I’ve been watching you lately.” He scooted closer to me and leaned forward, his penetrating eyes staring straight into mine. I could feel my entire body freeze, completely under his spell. “And I think I’ve figured out why you came with us.”

My mouth tried to work as I scrambled to make some kind of reply. “I… uhh, I just—well, I—”

Then his mouth touched mine, and suddenly the world began to spiral out of control. Did he—am I—my instincts took over and I began leaning toward him, my arms wrapping around his muscular body as my tongue traced his lips, begging for entrance. His strong hands pulled me closer as his mouth opened, our tongues dancing around each other as our hands crept under our shirts. We lifted each other’s shirts off simultaneously, breaking the kiss long enough for the world to stop spinning.

My body was filled with burning desire, but I couldn’t believe that he was doing this… couldn’t believe that my fantasies were coming to life right there in front of me. I had to know. I had to be sure. “Carlos…”

He shushed me and placed a finger on my lips, then embraced me in a hug as he started kissing my neck. “We’ve been friends forever, Chris, and I was scared all this time that somehow I would screw things up. I knew you were gay for awhile… it’s easier to tell when you’re gay yourself. But it wasn’t until tonight that I was sure you wanted this…” he loosened his hug and looked into my eyes with those piercing blue orbs of his, “that you wanted me.”

I wasn’t sure which instinct was stronger: the one that wanted to melt into a puddle, or the one that wanted to tear off his clothes. “God, how I’ve wanted this…” I whispered, barely having the strength to say it any louder, and we began to kiss again, this time more fervently as our hands roamed across each other’s backs. I tangled one of my hands in his black locks, moaning as our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. His hand cupped my ass and kneaded it through the fabric of my all-too-confining jeans, his moans growing in tandem with mine.

Instinct was all that remained between us, raw passion flooding our bodies as we tore each other’s clothes off. His strong yet gentle hands tenderly lowered me to the floor, his body over mine, and for a moment our kiss broke and we simply stared into each other’s eyes, spellbound in their brilliance. Suddenly I could not wait any longer and pulled his head forcefully to mine, my lips locking around his furiously as I pressed my body up into his, shivering from the stream of pleasure that shot through my body.

He managed to free himself of the kiss just long enough to say, “I love you, Chris,” and then began to kiss my neck, his hand running along my side as his kisses continued across my chest. I squirmed with both pleasure and anxiety, wishing he would hurry and finish my aching desire. But he had other things in mind, his teeth biting on my nipples, his tongue tracing lines across my chest down to my navel.

It was all I could do not to moan so loud that everyone in the cabin would awaken, the feelings were so powerful. I looked down at my latin friend and now lover, his long dark hair falling to the side as his pink tongue traced down my chest. The sight was beyond erotic. He moved down to the closest of my thirteen and a half inch cocks, painfully stiff and desperately aching for release, and I couldn’t help but gasp as his tongue flicked across the slit. In moments he took the head, then the shaft into his mouth until his nose was buried in my pubic hairs.

I moaned, the new sensations nearly sending me over the edge. It was too much, too fast; I couldn’t hold it back much longer. Carlos had no intention of stopping, his tongue swirling around my cock as he pulled away until only the head was left, then again took all of it back into his mouth. I arched my back, my legs stiffened, and a low rumble rose from my throat as thick ropes of cum shot into Carlos’s hungry mouth—and then my other cock burst, spewing cum into his hair and onto his neck and back. He began to swallow as my cock began to dribble the last remaining drops, then pulled off and crawled towards me, a sexy grin on his face as he leaned down and kissed me, my cum dancing between our mouths.

Slowly we parted, his eyes closed in a divine bliss as he swallowed the last remnants of my seed down his throat. A low growl rose from my throat as I began to attack my lover’s chest, nipping and sucking on his pecs. His moans only drove me wilder, biting and licking the flesh, my hand reaching for his aching seventeen inch cocks (god, he had two in front and three in back!), precum dripping generously from the slits. I stole a glance at his face and felt my own cocks back at attention as I saw him, eyes closed, his face contorted with pleasure.

I looked down at his thick cocks, begging to be sucked dry. I still couldn’t believe that my friend was doing this, that the object of my greatest fantasies was sitting there, right in front of me, asking me to be his lover. He groaned, leaning his head back in frustrated passion. I hardly needed more encouragement. Leaning down, I wrapped my lips around the head of the front left cock, my tongue curiously playing with his foreskin as it searched for the slit. His precum tasted salty and a little sweet, and greedily I began to suck on the head, thirsty for the delicious fluid. Rapidly I switched to the other one, causing a new gasp.

His moans grew louder until I began to hear a shuffling sound. Carlos went quiet, hearing it too. For a few minutes we waited there, completely frozen, scared shitless that one of our friends had woken up and saw us. After we were sure the coast was clear, he heaved a sigh and looked down at me with a wicked smile. “Please, Chris, don’t make me beg.”

As tempting as the thought was, I was anxious to taste more of his delicious cocks. Eagerly, I began to take in his shaft, trying not to gag as my nose got closer and closer to his trimmed pubes. He moaned quietly, his hands behind my head urging me further. I got close before I had to pull back, the urge too strong, and began using my teeth along his foreskin, slowly scraping lightly up the shaft. He hissed, eyes squinting from the sensations.

He was leaking generously now and was probably as close as I was. I couldn’t wait any longer. I took in his other cock until my nose was buried in his pubes, my tongue tasting every inch of skin that it could reach. He strained to stifle his moans, his hands pushing down on my head as he got closer and closer. I sucked in hard and felt his cock expand as hot, salty cum shot into my mouth. Ropes of the delicious liquid filled my mouth until it began leaking from my mouth. My back was wet with cum from the other cock—and then his back cocks came, pounding my chest with cum while he stifled a scream of pleasure.

With a strained groan, Carlos emptied the rest of his seed and then slowly pulled out of my mouth. I rose up and we kissed again, cum dancing between our mouths as our arms wrapped around each other in a gentle embrace, still feeling the effects of our afterglow. I felt like I was in heaven, hardly believing that this had really happened, when all of a sudden a voice piped up behind me:

“What the fuck was that?”

The two of us froze, our minds frozen as those words hung in the air. I was screwed. So, so very screwed. Why the fuck did I have to moan so loudly? Why, of all things, did we have sex with our friends SURROUNDING us? While part of my mind kept berating me for all of the stupid things I had just done, the rest of me tried to salvage what little of myself remained.

I pulled away from Carlos, wincing when I saw the simultaneous pain and fear in his eyes. Dammit, why did this have to happen? I looked for my clothes and dove the second my eyes glimpsed them, frantically trying to dress myself. I could hear someone else shift around and guessed it was Carlos, doing the same thing I was. Then I felt a hand touch the back of my leg. I jumped and spun around, looking straight down at a smirking Ryan. Julian was right next to him, stopping Carlos.

“I knew it,” Ryan grinned as he felt the cum that had splattered all over my chest after Carlos fed me. “I fucking knew it,” he whispered, then they cast a quick glace over to where Jake was sleeping. His chest was still slowly rising and falling, the telltale rhythms of a sound sleep. They both stood, grabbed our hands and dragged us into the kitchen. I didn’t even bother resisting, still beating myself up for being so stupid, but out of instinct I covered myself with my other free hand. I guess I still had my dignity.

We all stood there for a moment, the twins staring at the two of us, both of us staring at the ground. Finally Ryan broke the silence with the last words I expected: “You know, you two look good together. Could’ve chosen a better spot to hit it off, though.”

I looked up at him, seeing identical coy smiles directed back at me and Carlos. Realizing we weren’t in trouble, I started to calm down, though I really wished I had my clothes with me. It was weird standing there, our hands providing a with my friends staring at me. I mean, sure they were drop dead gorgeous—I dropped that line of thought quickly as I started to feel something below react. I did NOT want to be hard now!

Carlos finally spoke, his voice resigned. “So, you guys going to out us to everyone or what?”

Both of the twins made confused faces, then Julian said, “why the hell would we do that?” just as Ryan said, “Dudes, we’re your friends!” Both me and Carlos visibly relaxed, our worst fears gone.

Julian then pointed at me. “But you keep doing that, and we won’t need to, buddy.” He grabbed a dishrag off the counter and tossed it at me. Without thinking, I reached out with both front hands and grabbed it. The instant I did, the twins’ eyes immediately went to my crotch. I blushed furiously, my inner monologue starting up again as my free hand resumed its part as a censor. I wiped my chest with the rag, the drying cum proving hard to get off.

“Damn, Carlos, looks like you scored a big one,” Ryan joked, his twin trying hard not to laugh. Carlos smiled, loosening up slightly. I, on the other hand, was mortified and just wanted to be anywhere except right there in the kitchen. “You guys are mean,” I grimaced, and I shrugged past them and didn’t even bother with the underwear as I climbed into my sleeping bag and threw the pillow over my head. No one bothered me for the rest of the night, but sleep didn’t come until many hours later.

The next day, I awoke to a sharp jab in my side. I pulled off my pillow and saw Jake standing over me, his coat hanging open. “Weather warmed up enough, so me and the others are goin’ to go skiin’. You coming with?”

I moaned and sat up, still tired from the lack of sleep. After last night, I didn’t want to be anywhere near the twins. I shook my head and he walked away, probably expecting me to answer that anyway. I lay back and stared up at the ceiling for a few minutes until I heard the car pull away, then got out of my bag and stood up, quietly dressing myself. As I pulled up my pants I looked towards the kitchen and jumped when I saw Carlos standing there, watch me with a small smile.

“God, Carlos, you freaking scared the hell out of me!”

He laughed and walked over to me, giving me a small hug as I stood up. I melted instantly, my arms pulling him closer to me as I relished this new bond we shared. For that brief moment, I forgot all about the humiliation, the pain, the regret, everything that had ruined last night. As we held each other and swayed back and forth, I gave a soft sigh and closed my eyes. Everything was perfect.

We gave each other a chaste kiss on the lips and then I walked over to the kitchen, my stomach demanding tribute. As I started throwing together my meal, I felt a three pairs of arms snake around me as Carlos hugged me, his head perched on my shoulder while my hands continued their work. I was almost surprised by it, so used I was to us being friends. Being so close to each other… it was everything I had dreamed, and so much better.

He had already eaten, so he just sat across from me at the table and watched while I ate, his eyes filled with tenderness. Those lips, forming that slight smile, the way his hand would move back and forth on the table, as though he were stroking my hair, it made concentrating on my food damn near impossible. I felt like I was in a daze, as though everything was just a dream. Then I remembered what Jake said when I woke up and realized something.

“So, you didn’t come up here to go skiing either then?”

Carlos grinned and shook his head. “Well, plans sort of changed after… last night.” He hesitated for a second, but before I could pick up on it, he hastened. “I thought that you’d want some company. My company, to be exact,” he grinned, with a subtle hint that I very easily picked up on. I had finished my food and started putting away the plate. For some reason; usually I never do chores, but my mind was distracted and didn’t know any better.

“Carlos… umm… did they…”

He stood up and began shaking his head. “No no, it’s okay, Chris. They promised they wouldn’t tell anyone. Don’t worry about it,” he comforted as he hugged me again, this time sliding a hand underneath my shirt. “Just forget about them. It’s you and me now.”

My hands eagerly returned his embrace, crawling under his revealing shirt, one massaging his chest while the other squeezed under his tight pants and held his firm ass. Carlos hissed and began kissing up my neck, his tongue lapping at my cream-colored skin. We frenched, our tongues dueling for dominance as our hips ground into each other, all of our members stiff and aching for release.

I wanted this man. I wanted to feel every inch of him, to taste it, to glory in it. I yanked off his shirt and pulled his head closer, shoving my tongue into his mouth out of this primal fever. He reciprocated and broke the kiss as he moved down and began to suck and lap at my nipples. His teeth would pull and tease them, just enough to drive me crazy before he would pull away and service the other one.

My cocks were leaking bad, a profuse stream of precum running down my leg as I tilted my head back and moaned. His hands groped my ass, kneading the cheeks through the denim fabric of my jeans as he drove me wild with his ministrations. I couldn’t stand the teasing, and that feeling of hunger surged in me again. Suddenly, I had an idea.

Grinning devilishly, I pushed Carlos to the ground and frenched him as my hands began unbuttoning his boytaur jeans. He moaned, his hips rocking into my hands, the precum stains already starting to saturate the fabric and make my hands slip. As soon as I had them unfastened, I pulled down his jeans to see his rods standing straight out, forming a huge tent in his boxers. It took every ounce of strength I had not to pounce on it right away; I was too hard to leave my own alone, and I didn’t want to jack off.

He looked at me with an almost desperate plea in his eyes, moaning slightly and humping the air. It was so cute and inviting that I nearly forgot about what I wanted to do, but I pulled myself together and began unfastening my own pants. At first he looked confused, but once I shucked them, and my underwear, and laid down next to him with my head next to his crotch, he understood immediately.

Both of us went down on each other’s cocks immediately. His stiff, aching cocks felt wider than before, and as my tongue ran along his mushroom heads in turn I could taste the sweet precum that I craved. His tongue was making circles around my head that were driving me insane; my hips began to buck into his mouth, causing him to gag a little. As I swallowed his cock and tasted his flesh, he began to hump into my mouth. I moved my hand and started fondling his ass while he face-fucked me, his large seventeen inches forcing its way in until I was up to his pubes.

I fucked his face harder as I got closer and closer to the edge, wild with lust and sensations that are beyond description. I shoved one of my fingers into his hole, causing him to moan so loud I could feel my cocks vibrate. The combined sensations brought us both to the edge at the same time, and in moments we filled each others’ mouths with our seed, his delicious sweet cum filling my mouth as he slammed home. There was so much cum that neither of us were able to swallow all of it fast enough.

Exhausted, I pulled off of his cocks and took a deep breath. I noticed the cum trailing from his mouth and almost instinctively moved to his face and lapped it off. I never noticed how salty my cum was before, or maybe I was tasting the sweat that dripped from his brow. He moaned and closed his eyes while he licked off the remaining cum on my face, then wrapped his hands around my head and gently pulled me in for a kiss.

As our tongues did a slow dance around each other, our combined cum moving from one mouth to the next, I could hear a buzzing sound nearby. I pretended to ignore it, but Carlos pushed me away, went to his jeans and pulled out his cellphone.

“It’s the twins,” he said. “They’re on their way back; the resort’s closed because of the snow.”

What initially was disappointment turned into agony. Closed? They were supposed to have at least a few more hours together! “Fuck.” The frustration was more than obvious in my voice. I pushed myself off the floor and gathered my clothes. “Why would a ski resort close down because of snow? They’re just messing with us.”

Carlos sighed and stopped my hands with his, looking into my eyes with undistilled empathy. “I’m sorry, bonito,” he whispered into my ear as he kissed my neck. “At least they gave us a heads-up, though, right? Maybe the twins can distract Jake while we have fun.” He had apparently forgiven the twins last night.

I sighed and walked over to the couch, staring outside. I hadn’t realized how much snow had fallen last night; it was nearly up to the window. I realized then why a ski resort would close down due to snow; with that much fallen, the roads themselves must’ve been a mess. It surprised me they even left in the first place!

I felt Carlos sit down next to me and almost instinctively cuddled until I remembered that our friends would be back soon, or more specifically, Jake. Jake didn’t know that either of us were gay, and considering how sarcastic he usually was, I wasn’t feeling all too gung-ho about revealing our fledgling relationship to him. Even with the twins’ support, I just couldn’t imagine it ending well.

I flipped on the TV and we watched it for god knows how long until they finally returned. Ryan shouted a chattered “Hey guys” as he stumbled into the cabin, his twin brother right behind him with Jake pushing him in. They looked frozen solid and covered with snow, almost as though they had gone skiing anyway. “What happened, did you guys get into a snowball fight with the resort owners or something?” I smirked.

“Nah, just with each other,” Julian said. “We won!” Ryan exclaimed, followed by a very indignant “Well duh, you two teamed up on me!” from Jake. Of course, his complaint fell on deaf ears, the twins laughing away as they shucked their winter gear and joined us in the living room. Carlos got up and got the fireplace going for them, which the three almost instantly crowded around as they eagerly warmed their frozen parts.

Despite Carlos’ assurances, we didn’t get any other opportunities together, although I did see the twins try to challenge Jake to game marathons and stuff. Unfortunately, Jake liked having me in the marathons because I was easy to beat.

That night, we both waited in our sleeping bags until we could see Jake fall to sleep. The second his chest started to rise and fall in that predictable pattern, I jumped out of my sleeping bag and nestled myself into Carlos’ already open and waiting bag. His arms quickly surrounded me as our lips met, our tongues doing that dance that I had become oh so good at. But in the back of my mind I could feel both of the twins watching us, listening to us, and even though we both wanted to fuck each others’ brains out, I just couldn’t.

Carlos understood, even though he looked a little sad. I kissed him and promised that we would tomorrow night, twins be damned. That brought his smile back, and we cuddled together for a few hours before I returned to my own bag and drifted off to sleep, dreaming boytaur dreams.

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