The simulated universe

by Thorn

A group of men play a new board game that can simulate a “universe” where they play as trailblazers and are granted boons, which could lead to a few…enhancements.

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Part 1 A group of men play a new board game that can simulate a “universe” where they play as trailblazers and are granted boons, which could lead to a few…enhancements. (added: 29 Jul 2023)
Part 2
Part 3 After Chad’s cock had grown, the men are astonished at what remaining augmentations await them on the board. (added: 12 Aug 2023)
Part 4
Part 5 After that sudden explosive change, the men are taken aback, one of them more than the others. (added: 19 Aug 2023)
Part 6
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Part 1

“Banks, why are you always being so pushy? I already told you I’ll be coming over tonight to play that game you keep begging to play.”

“Sorry, I know, I know, I’m just tired of having to play Scrabble with my dad on game nights alone. Especially parcheesi. You know how he gets about that.” Banks grimaced at the thought of having to spend another game night alone with his father. Sure, he loved his step-dad like any other son would, but sometimes, he needed his space.

His father had become more clingy in the last couple years since Banks had gone to college. Being that his mother was no longer with them, and the old man did not really date (or mention that he did?), he most often than not wanted Banks to spend as much time with him as he could. That is partially the reason why he went to community college as well, so he would be closer to his father.

Alessandro was also another reason. Both boys had gotten along in their last year of high school, talking about the sports they played, Alessandro to lacrosse as Banks was to swimming, and overall had many similar hobbies. Not to mention, both guys being gay didn’t help. Sure, the two fooled around a couple times when they were extra horned up after practice and didn’t have any dates lined up—who wouldn’t? It was mutual friends with benefits.

“You’re gonna have to go over the rules again when I go to your house. Your stud of a dad is going to keep distracting me while I play. You know that,” Alessandro sighed.

“I got ya covered, old buddy, ol’ pal. Besides, I went out thrifting and found this new board game so we wouldn’t be stuck in the same loop of playing the same stuff all the time. I already told my dad I got a new game.”

“And? What is it called?” Alessandro opened up his can of monster energy drink and began to gulp it down bit by bit.

“The box called it the Simulated Universe. I didn’t really pay attention to the back but the box looked cool. It has little pieces inside that make us move around a board and we pull cards. Ya know, the basic stuff in any board game. Now hurry your bubbly ass up!” Banks reached over, placing all his weight on his sturdy friend’s shoulder.

Nearly choking, Alessandro protested, “Let me have this! I’m gonna need all the energy I can get after that practice. No fair you get to do your sport in the pool and I am forced to slave away on the hot field all day.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alessandro carpooled with Banks on the way home to good ol’ suburbia. The hill ranges could be seen as they took the freeway back from their community college. It was still a bit humid this July, in typical summer fashion. Most people were used to the dry heat here, but this year decided to throw everyone for a loop. The boys were sweating even with the AC blasting in the car. Alessandro had already taken off some of his sports gear, showing off his defined upper body and larger arms. He had a little bit of a gut, but was still quite sexy, as Banks would always tell him. His lightly brown skin was coated in some dark hairs. Not too wiry, but straighter and more tamed. You could see the trail down his stomach from where his shirt stopped. A little bit of chest hair poked out the top of his tank-top too.

Banks was already shirtless. His upper body was covered in a cool, drying sweat. His swimmer pecs glistening, the sweat reflecting the sun’s rays. His tight core was donned with a nice six pack, and of course, smooth. His arms were nicely defined and had some nice mass in his biceps, alongside his thighs. He was a bit more muscular compared to the other swimmers who were leaner. He took to weight lifting before swimming with his step-father in high school, and fortunately, the rewards of that hard work did not fully disappear off the young stud’s body. Although Banks was smooth from below the neck, he did ordain his cut jaw-line with some brunette facial hair. He decided to grow it out in high school to not look so boyish. It was a hit with the guys.

Pulling into the driveway, Banks pulled his car up next to his step-father’s larger SUV. His was a similar model, but smaller. The two young guys grabbed their belongings and rushed inside to avoid the harsh sun rays and the humidity. Both were hoping that Chad, Banks’ father, had already been home for a while. Usually, he is the first to put on the AC. “Right on schedule boys, how was practice? Looks like you two had your asses beat!” Chad howled.

Chad was a handsome middle-aged man. He recently had a birthday putting him at 45, but he looked damn good for his age. Taller than both boys, he stood at a solid 6’2. His step-son Banks stood at 5-foot-10, which created a slight complex for the young stud in high school. Alessandro on the other hand, looked up to the two taller men as he was still above-average 5-foot-8.

Chad, like his step-son, had a similar chiseled jaw-line, except he had a cleft-chin where Banks did not. He had nice thick black stubble coming in from a recent shave he had done the night prior. Chad was no slouch in the body department, similar to the two boys. He had done football in high school and some weightlifting in his college years. He still had a strong upper body and lower body, especially a nice pair of big pecs that pushed against any shirt he wore. Like Alessandro, he had body hair pushing out the top of his current maroon shirt. You could see a slight little bit of a gut on the older gentleman, but he still had the adonis belt leading downward from the few glances the boys had seen in the past. His head was still full of a thick black coif of hair, with some slight graying here and there. The salt and pepper look only added to his pure sex appeal.

Alessandro was already beginning to drool, setting eyes on the older stud standing before the two boys upon entering the home. Alessandro had been attracted to Banks’ step-father since as long as he could remember. He was pretty sure the man was the catalyst for his gay awakening and one of his favorite types of men, daddies. Banks already knew Alessandro had a thing for his step-father and did not really mind it. It’d be a lie at first if Banks said he didn’t find it kind of weird, but he could see the appeal his step-father has. Hell, if he weren’t his step-son, he’d probably be attracted to him too! Even though Banks and Alessandro had fooled around a couple times here and there, they both had their types of guys that they were interested in.

After putting their school stuff away the two boys changed into some more comfortable clothes since it was already evening. Alessandro still wore his tank top but borrowed some extra gray sweatpants from Banks. They were a little long since he was not as tall as Banks, but his waist and bubble butt held down the fort. Meanwhile, Banks decided to remain shirtless and exchanged his denim pants for some basketball shorts, similar to his step-father. Chad was already waiting for the boys at the dining room table with some snacks. His muscles were the ones wearing that maroon shirt, meanwhile he lounged around in some light gray basketball shorts, like his step-son.

“All right boys! It’s game night time. Thanks for joining us once again Alessandro,” Chad leaned over putting his large hand on the drooling boy’s shoulder, Chad’s biceps bulging. If Alessandro could keep time still, now would be one of those times. Banks did a silent laugh watching at how hopeless his friend looked when seeing someone he was attracted to. Thankfully, his step-father was oblivious to the effects that he was having on his buddy.

“So Banksy, what is this game you found? I’ve been looking forward to playing something new with you guys!” Chad reached over for one of the crackers he had prepped on the charcuterie board.

“All right men, let’s see.” Banks pulled off the top of the box labeled “The Simulated Universe”. The blue-ish white graphics seemed reflective in the light of the dining room. The inside of the box was coated in an indigo-velvet texture where lay a simple board. To the right of the board was a separated section that had a slot for cards, little game pieces, and most importantly, the instructions.

The board lay out on the table, loads of squares lead to a path toward the center of the game. In the center was a planet that was purple-greenish in color surrounded by stars of different shades, ranging from yellow, white, blue, and orange. Around the board in a spiral-esque pattern were the squares going planet to planet. On one side of the board were constellations being strung up in the sky with a clear outline of a rectangle shape, meaning the placement of cards should be placed there. Removing the little game pieces from the box, Banks placed them down at the starting line which was laid out in a cosmic type of font.

Pulling out the instructions, Banks read: “Welcome to the Simulated Universe! A board game where the players simulate different changes to themselves to reach the center of the universe. As trailblazers of the universe, you must proceed through this simulated universe to reach the end goal, Planet XXX. On your way, you will roll the dice provided. Depending on the color space you land on, you will need to pull a matching colored card. These cards have been blessed by the Aeons of the Universe! Depending on what card you pull, the player who pulls that card will be augmented through the gifts of that Aeon. Each card will have a number determining the value. The Aeons are:

“The Trichology, Harrisford (Brown) The Mus-Trophy, Massus (Red) The Spongiosum, Priapi (Orange) The Gigantism, Giantilli (Yellow) The Spermiah, Shooteric (Green) The Distendent, Guzzlit (Blue) The Posterior, Gluteha (Indigo) The Virility, Libidon (Purple) The Ascendancy, Dominor (Black) The Acquiescent, Subservoros (White) The Impromptu, Randromeda (Pink)

“The Aeons are always willing to give boons to the trailblazers that pass through the universe, as long as they are able to enjoy their boons to the fullest potential. The winner of the game is dictated by who is able to reach the center of the universe first. However, all players must continue to work toward the center after the first player finishes. No trailblazer left behind!”

Chad was amped. “Sounds simple enough, boys! The theme reminds me of some sci-fi games or shows. It looks neat.” Chad enthusiastically reached over for the blue looking astronaut. Alessandro grabbed the purple one while Banks settled on the red one.

“So who should go first? Should you pull up that handy wheel, Banks?” Alessandro turned his attention to his buddy who was already pulling out his phone. In typical fashion and to make it fair, the group always put their names into a wheel to dictate the order of the turns. “Alrighty, the results are in. First up will be Alessandro, then myself, and lastly, the old man.”

“Old man my ass boy!” Chad leaned in to ruffle Banks’ hair, using his knuckles.

Alessandro took hold of the dice and noticed it only was shaped similar to a prism. However, the only numbers that could be rolled were either a one, two, three, or four. Looks like the group has a lot of spaces to conquer. Shaking the dice in both hands, Alessandro began to roll. The prism scattered across the box that once held the board game and other components. After hitting the wall and sputtering about, it landed on a two. Alessandro moved his trailblazer forward.

“Let’s see…the space is indigo. Let me just reach over.” Alessandro grazed his hands over the multiple colored backs of the cards until finding the one resembling indigo. Pulling out of that deck and reading it: “The Aeon of Posterior, Gluteha, grants you a boon of 2. Cool.” Alessandro handed the dice over to Banks. He had to readjust himself in his seat since he felt like the sweatpants he was wearing felt a little tight.

“I’m going to roll something better than you did dude,” taking his turn Banks rolled a three. His trailblazer moving forward on the board past his buddy landed on the color green. Similar to his buddy, he looked around until his eyes laid on the green backing of a card. “The Aeon of Spermiah, Shooteric grants you a boon of 3. What kind of name is that?” The group chuckled.

“Sounded like sperm to me,” giggled Alessandro.

“Yeah, yeah, keep chuckling, you two. At least I am ahead on the board.” Banks reached his hand down toward his crotch, giving it a little rub. He felt a tad bit horny since he hadn’t had the chance to jerk off yet after practice. He squeezed his thighs against his package, feeling the nice little tingle of his sac pulsing. Banks made note that he was going to need to jack off after the game finished, and when Alessandro returned home.

“Look out for your, how you put it, old man, son.” Chad with a flick of the wrist rolled the prism. It landed on one.

“Wah wah wahhhhh,” both boys chimed in unison. Chad just scoffed and chuckled before moving his trailblazer. The space he landed on was yellow. “All right, let’s see here, ah… yellow! The Aeon of Gigantism, Giantilli, grants you a boon of 5. Looks like I got the highest value out of this round, boys! Ha!” Chad slammed his card down near where he was sitting. Chad made a grunt as he slammed the card down, receiving a slight wave of dizziness.

The doorbell had rung. The pizza he forgot they ordered arrived. “We’ll go get it. Wait here pops.” Banks left the dining room with Alessandro following behind him.

The dizziness spell continued as Chad sat still. He couldn’t tell what had gone over him. His body felt a little sore, but that was probably from his workout this morning, right? As the spell of dizziness was beginning to waver, the boys returned with the box of pizza. Making room on the table the three got up and grabbed plates for their feast.

Taking a swig of water and standing up, Chad was feeling better. Being nimble, he went in to grab a slice of pizza before the two gluttons got to it first. As Chad was reaching over for a slice, Alessandro noticed that the maroon shirt was being lifted up slightly on Chad. The adonis belt he had was exposed alongside a treasure trail. Not only that, but the gym shorts that were once near his knees were riding up to his thighs. Confused, Alessandro kept taking glances before leaning over to Banks.

“Hey dude, is it just me, or does your dad look a little taller? I’m not tripping right? His shirt fit him earlier?” Alessandro whispered.

Banks whispered back, “What middle aged man grows taller? You’re the shortest out of us three so we always look taller to you. But, you’re right, I could have sworn his shirt didn’t expose part of his gut.”

“You don’t get it dude, I always ogle your step-dad, he definitely looks bigger somehow.” Alessandro paused to bite into his pizza. Chad was getting some more beverages from the fridge in the kitchen.

As Chad returned from the kitchen to put down a variety of soda from the fridge, Banks took note of his step-fathers appearance. He sure looked the same, but Alessandro may have been on to something. Something was off. As his dad continued to walk back to his seat, his head was closer to the top of the doorframe than it normally was. No way, was he actually taller? How much taller, though? Banks couldn’t believe it. Chad was taller! As the man sat down his head and torso definitely was higher than it had been when the two boys had gone out to grab the grub.

“Alessandro, dude, you may be right. But how?” Banks couldn’t stop stealing glances at his father in the most inconspicuous way possible.

“Fuck if I know, but he looks even better! You don’t think it had to do with that oh so special boon that this game you found gave him, right?”

“What did he pull again?” While the group remained on pause to eat their grub, Banks pulled up a search on what was Aeon’s thing again? Gigantism? Through a quick google search, Banks had an answer. He turned his phone over to Alessandro acting like he was showing his friend a meme. Alessandro nodded and did another glance over.

“Sounds legit enough. But if he, you know, hypothetically got taller, what the hell did our draws mean?” Alessandro glanced over at their colored cards, worried.


Part 2

Glancing over at the cards that the two had drawn, they had a sneaking suspicion that if Chad had potentially grown in height from the card he drew, then what had their cards done to them? On top of that, what was the value obtained in each boon equivalent to? Furthermore, this was fucking awesome! Weird, but awesome!

Whipping out his phone again, Banks googled the word that was linked to his Aeon’s blessing. In quick summary, his sperm production had increased. Makes sense, he was feeling more horny than usual after practice, and he felt a little more weight up front. Perhaps an increase in sperm production meant larger balls? Banks had always had larger balls according to his glances he’d given other guys in the locker rooms over the course of school and actual gyms. He knew for a fact his bigger balls were something of a turn on to Alessandro as well.

Alessandro’s augmentation was an easier puzzle to solve. Posterior was a root word in his Aeon’s blessing and Banks definitely noticed a little more junk in Alessandro’s trunk. Those sweatpants that were obviously too long on him were being made up for through his thicker thighs and larger posterior. He leaned over and gave Alessandro’s slightly enlarged rump a light smack and Alessandro put two and two together.

“Dude, I don’t need a larger ass, I was already gifted in that department,” Alessandro sighed.

“More for guys like myself, then,” Banks smirked.

Moving forward, the boys knew this was not going to be an ordinary family game night. Sure, they may have figured out that this game has a few more quirks than the typical round of monopoly, but it looks like Chad had no idea. Both boys looked at one another, as if speaking telepathically, trying to figure out if they should drop some hints for ol’ Chad. Or they could just play coy. Yeah, they decided to play a little coy until the old man figured it out.

Gazing across the board once again, not all the squares were fully solid in color. A couple were split down the line. Possibly that meant grabbing two cards per roll? That should make things loads of fun. However, that just meant one other thing for the group, what did all the Aeon’s blessings do? Well it was time to continue and find out! Wiping the grease off of his mouth from the pizza, Chad slid the prism-shaped dice over to Alessandro to begin his turn once more. “You got this, kiddo, can’t roll any less than I did.”

With slight hesitance, Alessandro rolled the prism in the box in hopes whatever space his trailblazer would land on, would not be something to bite him in the ass, possibly literally. “All right, I got a three. Looks like it’s blue,” Alessandro waited a few seconds before grabbing one of the blue cards, not really wanting to lay his eyes on what was going to come. “From the Aeon of The Distendent, Guzzlit, comes a boon of 2,” upon finishing speaking the sentence on the card, Alessandro let out a burp.

“Excuse me, guys, don’t know where that came from!” he tried to laugh it off but felt something off with his stomach. He felt a little bloated and gassy, but not in a bad way? It felt kind of good but also weird. Reaching his hand downward, he grazed his stomach through his tank top. His eyes widening as he felt his slight gut tremble and distend outward a slight bit. Much like a balloon, the gas filled his stomach until it bloated slightly outward and in a more ball-like figure. Trading glances with his friend, Banks looked down to see what message his buddy was trying to relay. Taking note of his buddy’s slightly distended stomach, Banks winked and blew him a kiss. At least one of the two was slightly pleased.

“Looks like it’s my turn, men!” grabbing the dice in stride, Banks rolled the prism quickly, eager to see what his next blessing would be. “A four. Lucky me. A purple card? Looks like I am the first to get one of these bad boys. The Aeon of Virility, Libidon, blesses you with a boon of 3.” Now Banks really felt horned up. He could swear that his balls felt bigger and heavier. It almost felt like he could feel them sloshing around with so much cum. He needed to jack off very soon or else he was going to bust a load under the table.

“My turn boys!” reaching over with a clearly longer arm than what the boys were used to seeing, Chad nabbed the dice. Giving it a little spin it landed on one once again. Poor Chad. “Aye let’s see. Brown this time. The Aeon of Trichology, Harrisford, grants you a blessing of 6. Looks like I got the highest value again, boys!” Chad cheered.

Both Alessandro and Banks waited in anticipation, watching what was going to happen next to the already sexy dilf in front of them. The word trichology sounded familiar, but neither of the two men could guess what it meant. It’d be odd to pull out a phone and Google it now. Chad handed the dice over to Alessandro once again, but kept scratching his chest and the near the collar of his neck. The change was apparent. Slowly, but noticeably to the two boys, Chad was changing once more. The dark fur that crept from the top of the man’s maroon shirt began to grow wiry and thickened. His once shave stubble was already looking closer to a beard. The thick hair began to envelope the man’s thick forearms. Chad continued to scratch his face and his body, looking downward.

“What the hell? I look like a gorilla! I swear I was never this hairy and I could have sworn I didn’t have this thick of a beard, right, boys?” He looked over at both Banks and Alessandro with confusion. Clearly, he now knew something was up. Part of Banks was hoping that Chad would remain oblivious for a couple more rounds but this was clearly a more prevalent change unto the man’s body. Plus, he could only imagine how itchy it must feel to grow so much hair so quickly.

“Banks, the jig is up, we should just tell your old man. He was going to figure it out sooner or later.” Alessandro was grinning.

“Yeah, yeah, spoil the fun why don’t ya, pops? You’re right, you are looking a bit hairier than normal, but that isn’t the only change. Have you noticed something else?” Banks was tapping his fingers on the dining room table, watching Chad ponder the previous statement.

“What are you two going on about?” Chad stood. “Nothing is different to me? You’re both just pulling my leg.” As Chad stood up, he noticed he was being blinded by the dining room light. It hung from the ceiling and roped itself downward toward the table. Typically, it was not ever too close to the man’s line of sight but now, he knew something was different. The lightbulb went off in his head, looking down at his body. He noticed his shirt and shorts had begun to ride up. “I’m…I’m taller?”

“Ding ding ding! Ya got it, pops! Honestly, Alessandro noticed it first and then he convinced me. You are definitely taller. Here, let me go grab the measuring tape real quick.” Chad got up and scampered away while Alessandro sat down watching the hot older stud stare at himself in disbelief.

“I’ve always been above average in height, 6’2 in fact, but now? Who’s ever heard of a man who’s middle aged suddenly sprouting in height? This is crazy.” Chad tried pulling down on his shirt to cover the exposed layer of stomach while Alessandro was getting a kick out of the show.

Soon Banks arrived and the group of men stood up and against a wall to measure the man’s height. Granted, both younger men were clearly shorter than him so Alessandro held the bottom of the tape measurer while Banks stood on one of the dining room chairs to get an accurate reading of Chad’s new height. “Looks like you’re now 6-foot-4. dad! You grew two inches in height. Congratulations.” Banks smiled, kind of happy for his pops. He always knew the man was quite the stud, but seeing the man get slightly hotter was kind of nice. He was happy for him.

“Well, ain’t that something,” Chad said. “If I got hairier and taller, then what happened to you two boys?” He looked over at them, concerned.

“Well…” Alessandro motioned to his stomach being slightly tubbier and turned around to give both Banks and Chad a view of his newly enlarged bubble butt. Both men were speechless. Alessandro had a meaty ass any girl or guy would be jealous of. Banks could feel his average sized six incher grow chubbier as the blood rushed to fill his cock. He instinctively reached down to grope his bulge, letting out a slight moan at how sensitive his balls felt.

Chad looked over toward his step son and raised one of his eyebrows. He had never heard his son moan before, let alone watch him fondle his crotch. He knew Banks and Alessandro both were gay, they talked about it plenty of times at the occasional dinner. Chad was a very accepting and loving father figure to both boys and gave them plenty of advice. Hell, he knew both boys played together and were sometimes more than friends judging by the way they’d come downstairs slightly disheveled sometimes. He had not really heard the two going at it as he liked to give them space. He had his own fun in college as well, experimenting with both men and women. Come to think of it, did Chad ever mention he was bisexual? Guess it never came up in conversation. He was also already fondling his large bulge in his gym shorts.

Alessandro turned around and saw both men fondling their full-looking crotches, automatically sending a tingling wave of sensation to his own junk. It didn’t take long for all three men’s bulges to start making an appearance in their sweatpants and shorts. The room was silent as the men looked at one another in awe of their recently augmented bodies. Alessandro was blushing and feeling a slight bit embarrassed that both Banks and Chad were fondling themselves to his bubble butt, but he also felt kind of complimented. Especially from Chad. Maybe he had a shot with that dilf more so than he originally thought.

“Looks like we are all a little horned up. I suppose it’s natural. I haven’t gotten off in a bit.” Chad motioned to his bulge. What a bulge it was!

“Damn, pops, didn’t expect that coming from you. We’re both young so we are always horny, but it looks like the old horse there hasn’t had some action in a while, huh?” Banks admired the big bulge his step father had. It definitely seemed to be the biggest one of the three men present. Banks knew his cock measured out at an average six inches. Hell, he even measured Alessandro’s before and he came out to a solid seven inches, above average.

“Yeah, to be honest boys, this old man has been holding back for quite some time. Work has just been getting in the way from meeting up with any guys or gals.” Chad chuckled before resuming his position in the dining room chair.

“Did you say guys and gals, pop? Why didn’t you ever say you batted for both teams? You know Alessandro and I are gay, why didn’t you ever come out to us, huh?” Banks scoffed, slightly offended that his step-father wasn’t honest with him after the years they had known each other. He also felt even more disappointed in his step-dad for never mentioning it to him after Banks himself came out to him.

“Guess I never really thought about it being a big deal? There were times I thought about telling you boys, but it never really came up in conversation. I had my fair share of men equally to women, especially when I was your guy’s age. I mainly dated women though.” Chad stared at Banks, feeling his hurt. “I never meant to upset you, son.”

Taking a deep breath and letting out a groan, Banks relented. “I know you wouldn’t ever intentionally mean to hurt me, dad. I just thought since I was honest with you all these years, you were just hiding it. We can talk about this some other time. Tonight it’s game night.” Banks smiled. Alessandro was here, he did not want to have this kind of talk with a guest present. Even in the midst of this body-augmenting game, some things were meant to be handled in an appropriate manner. Chad nodded in agreement, and smiled. Placing his hand out to Banks’s hand, and squeezed it before giving it a few pats.

“All right, men, so now that we know we are playing some body-altering type of science fiction game, what do you say we loosen up a bit eh? We’re all men here. Let’s see what these other cards do. I’m curious, and I want to win!” Chad hollered, shaking the table.

With that, the race was on! Restarting the cycle, Alessandro’s turn was next. Giving the dice a roll and leading his trailblazer on the continued path, he ended up landing on another indigo square. He groaned knowing what was coming next. Both of his plump cheeks began to swell and grow rounder and more pushed outward against the sweat pants. The feeling persisted as his cheeks pushed against the backing of the chair, making him sit upright a tad bit taller. The value on the card was a six, higher than the last value he rolled for that previous card. Chad and Banks looked over to see Alessandro’s newest enhancement, both growing more aroused by the enticing cheeks.

Banks rolled next, landing on a red square which was a new one for the group. The Aeon of Mus-Trophy, Massus, was the one granting the blessing for this boon. Value-wise, it was a solid five. Chad and Alessandro watched Banks to see what the change could possibly be. Banks began to feel sore in his arms, delts, back, thighs, everywhere. He groaned and grit his teeth as his stomach pulsed like he just finished a killer core workout. Chad and Alessandro had a clear understanding as to what was happening. Banks, remaining shirtless, also had a clear view to observe his muscles pulsing and growing larger. His once leaner swim build was beginning to teeter toward the previous remains of his weight-lifting build. It did not take long before you couldn’t tell he was on the swimming team. His pecs bulge outward, still smooth, while his biceps grew in size, alongside his thighs and calves. His back seemed wider as his shoulders seemed to span outward more. Chad let out a whistle while Banks began to feel up his muscles, taking the opportunity to flex.

“Looks like you got lucky there, boy! You seem like you’ve been living and sleeping in the gym for a while now!” Chad gleamed at seeing his step-sons muscles bulge across his body. It reminded him of what his body used to look like back in the day. Still, Chad had larger pecs than his step-son.

“I’m gonna give you a run for your money there, pops! Look at these biceps and abs. I bet you miss having abs like these, huh, pa?” Banks loved finally having something over his old man. Maybe because he was still in his “prime” compared to his step-father, but he enjoyed the thrill of being cocky. Chad had plenty going for him, Alessandro too, but having the most defined muscles in the bunch was definitely a rush.

“You still don’t have pecs as big as these babies!” Chad flexed his pecs, bouncing them up and down, straining against the maroon shirt. His nipples could be viewed as they pushed against the fabric, rising up and down with every pump and breath that the man took. As they each rose up and down, closer to his chin, the hair growth from the previous rolls could be seen rising above the collar of the shirt.

“Damn, sir, how much do you even bench to have pecs that big?” Alessandro was in no way trying to hide how much he admired the physique of the older man. He didn’t really care either. Such large pecs deserved to be worshiped, any muscle did, according to him. Besides, Chad seemed to relish in the attention he was receiving from the young stud. He may have done a few extra bounces just for him.

“Let’s see what your old man is gonna roll next. Not to be a brag, but your old man right now looks like the alpha amongst you boys, haha.” Chad let out a hearty laugh, preparing to roll the dice. As he flicked the prism across the floor of the box, he counted a couple spaces up ahead, noticing some colors that neither he or the boys had the opportunity to see what they did.

“Ah, looky here, boys, new color. Let’s see where is the yellow card? Ah, here it is. The Aeon of Spongiosum, Priapi, grants you a boon of 10.” The group of men looked in shock at the value. This was the highest one yet! Why did Chad keep getting all the high valued roles?

“Does anyone have a clue about what the fuck Spongiosum means? The others made sense,” Banks said.

“Like Posterior and Distendent.” Alessandro motioned to his augmentations.

Chad winced as a new feeling he hadn’t felt before began to take over his body. He winced as a sudden tightness began to make itself present, in his shorts. The front of his shorts were starting to feel a little tight as something began to shift around in there. The best way he could explain the feeling was as if he cock was tingling with sensitivity, while reeling outward like a rope a little bit. Almost as if he were starting to reach a semi-arousal state, but not actually. He was still soft, but he could feel a difference in his junk. He had become quite accustomed to his hefty cock, having had many compliments about it all his life. Flaccid, his cock hung around five and a half inches, which made quite the impression in most of his clothing choices. At full erection, he was able to top out at an above average pleasure-throwing nine inches.

Now though, he felt like his old buddy was bigger. Longer. Even slightly girthier than it once was. Slowly, he took a glance downward at the bulge in his shorts. It was definitely bigger and fatter. His flaccid dick imprint was noticeably bigger than normal. The corner of his lips turned upward, into a smirk. Standing upward he positioned himself, thrusting his hips forward, causing his bulge to bounce.

Alessandro and Banks couldn’t help but open their mouths in awe, wide enough to catch a fly or two. The bulge in Chad’s gym shorts looked absolutely more stuffed than usual! Both boys could see the imprint of the thick shaft, pointing slightly to the left. Chad’s large sac could also be seen, but the takeaway was his big cock. Both boys had become acquainted with the man’s obvious bulge, it was a given he was hung, but now he was reaching brand new territory.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” Banks blurted as he ogled the bulge of his step-father.

“Looks like your old man still has a bit more growing to do, eh? Looks like my old buddy had to catch up with my height. It feels weird with some more added weight. Definitely feels heavier. My nine incher definitely made plenty of guys and girls happy, but now this beast is definitely larger than that.” Chad stuck his hips and chest out proudly. He was enjoying the attention of the two younger men eyeballing what a true alpha stud, a big cock.

Finally managing to shut his mouth, Alessandro spoke up. “How big do you think it is now?”

“Well, we’re all guys here, right? I bet you two don’t mind if I whip it out and check, right? You don’t mind, Banks? Alessandro sure doesn’t seem to mind.” Chad turned over to both men, seeing Alessandro’s cheeks flushed with a shade of pink before turning toward his step-son Banks.

“I…I guess it doesn’t really matter. You’re my step-dad so it’s not totally weird. We’re not technically related. Anyhow, Alessandro would find time to choke me if I didn’t agree to this. Just look at the guy. Go ahead and put on a show, pops.” Banks sucked in some air, holding it in before letting it out. Fully not able to understand why he was suddenly okay seeing his step-dad whip out his junk. In response, Banks’s own sac began to bulge and quiver just thinking about seeing another man’s dick. He had to bite his lip from letting out a moan.

“Good thing we still kept the tape measurer over here. All right, don’t mind me, boys.” Pulling down the gym shorts, the hairy root of the girthy man’s cock began to come into view. As he slowly began to pull lower and lower, the three men ogled at how much length was left as he kept going. Once the shorts were fully down, the big white cock bounced and bopped up and down before settling in a downward position. Too eager to care, Chad placed his cock on the dining room table, laying the tape measurer out across the beast.

“Six and a half inches soft, boys. Looks like my soft cock is as big as some men are hard! Ha!” Chad was ecstatic, he gave his cock a few shakes. Banks couldn’t believe his step-dad’s cock had grown to the size of his own cock, but it was still soft! Just how big did that thing get? It didn’t take long to find out.

Alessandro had quickly snuck under both Chad and Banks’s radar, as he was already next to Chad, hand on the older man’s cock. Slowly stroking the shaft, feeling the soft sponge-like texture. Rubbing a finger over the large mushroom-shaped head, before feeling the ridge of where the foreskin would have been. Although the head was large, the middle of the shaft seemed to flare out as the thickest part. Chad let out a moan, unable to restrain himself. It had been a while since he felt another hand other than his own grace, his mighty cock-flesh.

“Bro, what the hell are you doing? Right in front of me too?!” Banks barked at his buddy, unable to believe what he was witnessing.

“Sorry, Bro, I just can’t help it. We didn’t measure how big he is when he is erect, did we? Besides, he seems to be enjoying it.” Alessandro grinned, watching the taller man’s grin widen, eyes rolling in the back of his head, and most importantly, the throbbing and tingling of his cock growing in length and girth. The men stood there in silence, taking in what was happening before them. New boundaries being crossed and broken, boundaries that remained intact for years, shattered in just mere hours, mere minutes, mere seconds. Lengthening a couple more inches and widening then some, the beastly white cock stretched itself across the table as if it were doing yoga stretches.

“Fuck yeah, your hand feels so good and warm against my daddy cock. I can feel the blood pumping into this large beast.” Chad placed both hands on the table, positioning himself so he wouldn’t tip over. Slowly, he began to put motion into his hips, letting his cock slide between both of Alessandro’s hands.

Meanwhile, Banks couldn’t handle what was happening in front of him. Pulling down his own gym shorts, his bulge looked almost equally impressive, but definitely fatter. As he reached down, he could feel a wet, sticky splooge. How long had he been releasing pre-cum? The front of his gray gym shorts had grown darker, as pre-cum dripped consistently from the slit of his cock. The biggest takeaway for Banks being how large and fat his balls looked. His cock, average in size, looked like they were resting on self-made beanbags. He had no idea his balls had swollen to such a large size. Just placing a hand on them, he could feel the warmth that was emanating from them. Giving a light squeeze, he could swear he felt cum sloshing about inside, begging to be released.

“All right, Alessandro that’s enough, I don’t want to cum just yet. You’ve given it enough attention for now. I feel fully boned now.” Both men looked down at the mighty cock that already took up more space on the dining room table. Alessandro eagerly grabbed the measuring tape again, trying to steady it across the thick shaft, enjoying counting every single inch that his dream man’s cock possessed.

“Looks like you’re ten inches, sir. You’ve joined the double digit club,” Alessandro read the numbers aloud. The room continued to remain silent before Chad let out a cheer.

“Fuck yeah! Double digit club! Who would have thought? Not many guys have a cock this big. Read it and weep! That yellow square is my new best friend. I can’t wait to see what else we can get. Maybe I can get this beast a bit bigger. What do you boys think?” Chad looked over at the two studs, Alessandro drooling and Banks squeezing and rubbing his enlarged sac, eyes rolled back with a steady stream of pre-cum landing on the hardwood floor.


Part 3

Banks was biting his lip, squirming in his standing position. He couldn’t stop rubbing the outer ridge of his sac, bulging in his basketball shorts. Similar to a genie’s lamp, Banks was rubbing the sides as fast as he could. Kneading his bulge like bread dough, the man was lost in his own world.

Attention shifted away from Chad’s massive monster cock and shifted to his step-son.

“You’re leaking like a faucet, boy! We’re all men here, take those things off. Your ol’ man here is already a step ahead of you,” he added, shaking his large meat stick, the turgid flesh thwacked side to side making audible sounds against Chad’s thighs.

Alessandro finally managed to tear his eyes away from the cock that had captured his attention for so long, using the palm of his hand to wipe the drool pouring from his mouth. He was salivating like a hungry beast. Indulging his eyes with the prospects of a potential meal later. From one piece of eye candy to another, the large bulge imprinted in Banks’s shorts caught Alessandro’s attention. Feeling a tad bit coy, the shorter man sauntered over to his buddy and pulled down his shorts.

Like his step-father, Banks’s junk tumbled out with a bounce, a string of pre-cum bouncing with the rest of his junk, drooling downward toward the floor. Where his step-father had leverage in dick size, Banks’s had leverage in ball size. Both balls had swollen to an above average size, each orb nearing the size of baseballs. Alessandro slid both his hands onto the orbs, feeling the warm flesh. Vibrating against the palm of his hands, he could feel the movement and volume radiating from within. Banks’s cock, though average, was being engulfed in size by his much larger balls. It gave his average dick more of a curve as they rested on the inflated orbs.

Alessandro couldn’t resist, leaning forward he gently placed the tips of his lips on the head of Banks’s cock, an act he was quite familiar with. Tasting the sweet yet salty creamy liquid drooling from the piss slit on the fat head, Alessandro was in heaven. Without even caring that Chad was in the room with them, Alessandro continued to rub the sac, getting his fill of the succulent liquid from his fuck buddy’s cock. Banks was rolling his eyes, he had never felt so much pleasure from his balls before. He knew he was a far shooter, but the volume he was producing now was so much more than he was used to. He’d done research before and knew some guys had a rare condition that caused them to cum a lot more than usual, maybe he was one of them now.

His stream of pre-cum was gradually growing thicker in consistency, but Alessandro continued to lap it up like a dog. Chad couldn’t help watching his step-son’s friend suck off the continuously leaking cock. Chad’s own dick was starting to feel quite tingly, slight pulses of pleasure made its way through his shaft. He couldn’t resist groping his newfound length and girth, lightly thumbing it, as to not cum right away. This new experience was unlocking something within him, something he never thought he would ever do or see. Chad was starting to like it. He felt his own balls tingle and pulse with cum, but they had a game they had to get back to.

“All right you, two wrap it up! You both promised me a full game night, and even though Alessandro is getting his full of fun here, this is not what I meant. Now get off my son’s dick and get to rolling that dice boy,” Chad teased.

Alessandro removed the head of Banks’s cock from his talented mouth, releasing a large pop noise as he did so. The stream of pre-cum had lightened in load, but a thin trail of it still remained. Banks wiped the sweat from his brow, helping his buddy up from his knees.

“Thanks, bro, I needed that. Time will only tell how long it takes until the pressure begins to grow unbearable again.” Banks winced as he took a seat, his balls feeling sensitive as they made contact with the dining room chair.

“Count on me to help you out anytime, bro.” Alessandro wiped his lips and flicked the remaining amount of cum on his fingers onto his tongue, giving his bro a wink before taking his seat at the table. Chad resumed his seat at the head of the table while Alessandro reached over for the dice.

Giving it a few shakes, he shimmied it in his hands, giving both Banks and Chad a wink before giving it a toss in the box. Clacking metal sounds rang in the air as the dice spun around before landing with a clunk. Alessandro looked at the number and began to move his trailblazer until it landed on a square, hued with the color white.

“Another new color, maybe I’ll get lucky like you, Chad. Let’s see what this does,” the white card was separated from the other colors, and was on the right of the stack labeled in pink. To the left of the pink stack was another color none of the men had rolled yet, black. Placing his index finger onto the top of the stack, Alessandro drew the card forth and flicked it between his index and middle finger, reading it aloud, “‘A boon from the Aeon of Acquiescence, Subservoros, grants you an attitude change of 3.’ What does that mean?”

Each man took a turn looking at each other, giving one another that look and just shrugging. An attitude change was definitely a new mechanic. First, augments placed upon the body, and apparently now attitude, or perhaps mentality? None of the men really knew what that meant in entirety. Alessandro however felt a slight dizziness in his head before reaching his hand out to Chad, holding onto his forearm. Giving it a few strokes. He let out a whimper as he admired the muscle. Chad glanced over, giving him the look to continue.

Banks did not waste any time with his turn, grabbing the dice from where Alessandro left off. He could clearly see he was in the lead and wanted to keep it that way. So far, all his augments were not too bad, but who knows what could come next. Sliding the dice across the board with force, it ended up rising up in the air before landing dead smack in the center of the board. A high roll of 4 once again. Banks moved his trailblazer past Alessandro and continued to leave his step-dad in the dust. Landing on a familiar color, brown, Banks shrugged. This wasn’t going to be too bad. Pulling a card blessed by the Aeon of Trichology, the value was a small 1. Light stubble further grazed his face and some light wispy chest hair began to form on his newly defined pecs.

Having kept his body smooth for so long in order to maintain great swimming times, Banks had not really seen how much body hair he had been able to grow. He could also feel some slight itchiness coming from his armpits. Lifting up his left arm, he gave the pit a few scratches, seeing that the hair he kept shaved there was already coming back. He was nowhere near as hairy as his step-father or his friend, but he welcomed this addition. It made his large muscles seem more adult-like rather than the boyish teen muscles he had displayed at his swim meets.

Chad stood up to reach for the dice when the men heard a loud thwack come from underneath the table. They all looked over at Chad and let out a laugh as the man’s hard wood had created quite the sound when trying to reach over for the dice. He still managed to keep his hard on. Who could blame the man?

To no one’s surprise, Chad was going to remain eating both Banks’s and Alessandro’s dust. Another low roll. He sighed but didn’t really care. Moving forth by a measly amount, he landed on a new color like Alessandro. Compared to the white space that Alessandro had found his trailblazer on, Chad had found his trailblazer to land on a pink space. Plucking up a pink card from the three piles separated from the other colors, he read aloud, “A boon from the Aeon of the Impromptu, Randromeda. Enjoy your boon, whatever it may be.”

“So like, does that mean you get a random boon from any of the previous ones we all pulled from, or…?” Banks inquired of the older man.

“Beats me. This is the first time any of us have pulled a pink card. Guess we’ll just…uh…”, Chad’s voice trailed off. He began to slouch downward, holding his stomach. Something was happening, something off putting. Gravitating one of his hands toward his chest, he let out a couple ragged breaths. “Shit, it feels like someone just punched my gut with all they got!”

As one hand remained on his stomach and the other on his chest, both Alessandro and Banks noticed a slight change to the maroon shirt that Chad was wearing. Whereas his nipples were sort of prominent before and gave a sexy look, they were making a much larger imprint that normal. As they continued to stare, both nipples on the man’s pecs looked like they began to swell and push the fabric of the shirt forward.

“What, what’s happening?!” Chad said, alarmed, moving his hands to take a look down at his chest. His eyes darted at his swollen hard nipples pushing against the shirt. Lightly pressing his thumb against his right nipple he shuddered, feeling an erotic shock get sent down his body like a nerve. The collar of the shirt began to rise away from the man’s chest as the three men watched what was happening. Chad watched in horror as his chest was beginning to inflate bigger.

Holding on for dear life, the collar of his shirt was beginning to receive a few tears. Chest hair began to protrude upward as the man’s chest inflated further, nipples pushing harder against the fabric. Chad let out a moan as his newly sensitive nipples pushed further against the imprisoning cloth.

“They’re…they’re growing! My tits are growing!” the man yelled as the man’s chest began to push and swell even further. With all the pressure of growth, the collar of his shirt ripped, and was beginning to shred the side of shirt further. Even the straps that rested on his shoulders were having difficulty holding on due to the splitting of cloth. With each breath he took, he felt his newly grown tits begin to inflate further. Pushing and swelling, pushing and swelling, swirls of dark chest hair still covering the surfaces. His pink aerolas puffed up in size as his pecs continued to outgrow the shirt. His cleavage could be viewed down the middle while the side of his tits were being constricted by whatever power was left in the cloth. Both nipples, so hard, ready to pierce through the fabric.

With another surge of growth, Chad’s growing tits broke through the top of his shirt entirely, bouncing and bobbing in its newfound size. Rising closer toward his chin and growing outward toward the board game, his chest had grown outward by ten inches, easily. His chest, which was once firm, still maintained its musculature, but had a more roundish and bloated shape to them now. Both of his newly enlarged nipples looked to have grown in size like the rest of his bloated cleavage, rounded like bottle caps and easily two inches long. They flapped outward as his chest continued to finish its final surges in growth.

At long last, the growth had stopped. Sweat dripped down the curling of hair on the studs newly grown muscle tits. All three men looked in shock at what just happened to Chad. Without hesitation, Chad reached forward planting his large hands underneath his grandiose tits. They couldn’t even hold the massive, bloated flesh. The sheen of sweat still present as he reached for his nipples, giving them a squeeze before letting out a loud growlish moan.

“I…I have tits!” Chad boomed. He couldn’t stop squeezing them. They protruded so far from his body, he looked like he was photoshopped and morphed. He continued to squeeze the new bouncing flesh and couldn’t help being giddy. Sensitive tissue lined his newly developed muscle tits, a newly addictive feeling. He couldn’t stop groping them.

“Boys, look at these fat tits this old man got! Bet you’ve never seen a man or woman with tits this big, eh?” He shook them as best he could with his hands, nowhere near encompassing the growth. Alessandro and Banks thought that before they didn’t have anything to say when the first augmentations hit. Now though, seeing the dilf of a man grow giant muscle tits that rivaled the size of the largest breasted anime women you could ever imagine, however? Unreal.

“What. The. Fuck?” both Alessandro and Banks yelled out in unison as Chad continued to ignore them, feeling the new hefty weight of his tits. Both men jumped out of their seats and reached for a handful of the bouncing flesh, Chad let out a few squeals and moans at the boys tugged at his newly sensitive tits, nipples continuing to flap in the air. Chad couldn’t lie though, feeling both men’s hands running through his big muscle tits’ chest hair was heavenly, even the few little pinches they gave his big nipples.

“All right, all right, stop it, stop it! I can’t handle it anymore. Leave these puppies alone, you animals. Give a man some privacy won’t ya?” Chad barked. Both Alessandro and Banks snapped out of their stupor and returned to their seats, ogling the man’s tasty tits. Already reading each other’s minds, they both wanted a taste.

With both tits laid firmly on the head of the table where Chad was seated, he continued to squeeze the sides of them, still in shock at his new bust. Half paying attention, Chad motioned to Banks to continue his roll. Banks, still ogling his dad’s new arrivals, threw the dice without even looking. He was still too stunned to think. Shaking his head, he moved his gaze toward the dice. He needed to focus. Someone has to win this game after all, right? Is there even a point? Moving his trailblazer forward, he landed on an indigo space. That turned his attention away from his step-dad.

If Banks was right, this must be one of the color spacings that Alessandro landed on. What was it again though? Too many colors. All Banks knew is that he wanted either the orange or the yellow cards. Damn Chad. Reaching over toward the stacks, he pulled an indigo slated card, “‘The Aeon of Posterior, Gluteha, grants you a boon with a value of 4.’ Oh great,” Banks turned his head behind him. His already nicely shaped butt from all the years of swimming began to grow a bit heftier and meatier. It was a weird sensation, like someone had stuck a little needle in each cheek and was injecting air. As both mounds began to inflate, he could feel his skin stretching. His head began to rise in his seat as his ass gave him a bit more cushion.

“How do you like it, brother? Enjoying a bit more junk in the trunk? Now I get something to play with,” Alessandro teased. Banks stuck his tongue out at his buddy. He was used to Alessandro having the bigger ass between the two, but now that he had a fully grown verified bubble butt, he was curious how it would feel getting fucked now. Maybe he could take a bigger dick than he was used to. He felt a shiver as his hole let out a little throb and pulse just at the thought. Shifting his thoughts, he went back to how talented Alessandro’s tongue was when sucking off his cock and sac. What would that tongue feel like pressing against his hole, Banks wondered. They’d have to set time aside later and do that.

Alessandro reached for the dice, trying to sneak a glance at his buddies’ newly grown bubble. Banks recently was teasing him about his added junk in the trunk, why shouldn’t he tease him back. Taking his turn to roll the dice, Alessandro hoped for a good augment, or at least one he wouldn’t mind. After seeing the pink card change Chad’s already decently large pecs into giant fleshy muscle tits, he could only imagine what random occurrence could possibly be laid about on his body. Going by the pink Aeon’s name, definitely a random change to the person who pulled the card. Including things that aren’t even a possibility from the others. Alessandro shuddered at the thought of such creepy open-ended possibilities. He hoped not to pull a pink card.

Marching forth, Alessandro moved his trailblazer who continued to remain in second place amongst the three men. Planting its feet onto the board like a man on the moon, the trailblazer halted on an orange space. Alessandro couldn’t help but let out a cheer. If this is the card he remembered it to be, he just hit the jackpot! Eagerly, Alessandro reached for an orange card. In the corner of his eye, he could see Banks feign a look of jealousy. Perhaps he was hoping to land on an orange space. Poor sucker, Alessandro giggled. “The Aeon of Spongiosum, Priapi, grants you a boon of 7.”

Alessandro waited for the change to take place. Without a moment’s hesitation, he could feel a new sensation of what felt like his cock unreeling a little bit more out of his body. He let out a smirk, taking a peek at his increased cock size and girth. Definitely nowhere near the monster cock Chad was currently in possession of, but definitely a sizeable boyfriend type of dick, unlike Chad’s vacation dick.

Doing the math, it seemed like Alessandro’s original length of seven inches hard should be around seven and a half inches now, maybe nearing eight. He figured the number value for the cock growing card may have been a percentage? It was difficult to figure out. He couldn’t really remember how much the boon granted to Chad was, but he had a larger value granting him at least a whole extra inch erect than what he once possessed. Granted, this was a magical board game, who the fuck really cares about math. Math and logic are out the window right now. Alessandro was still glad he had a bigger dick than his buddy Banks though. Banks still sat at his original six inches.

“Are you done playing with your tits yet, dad? If you haven’t noticed, it’s your turn already,” Banks announced, looked annoyed. His father had been the one who wanted to play this game and just a round ago was demanding everyone pay attention. All of a sudden he grows a pair of tits and that demand is out the window. Typical.

“Haha, sorry boys, daddy is just trying to get used to his new titties. It’s a new sensation, ya know. What did you two boys get? I admit I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“I received a slight increase to my cock, but nowhere as large as yourself, sir. Banks here had his bubble butt become a dump trunk like mine,” Alessandro answered.

“Oh I see. Good changes then, Now let’s see here, what am I going to roll next?” Chad tried to look down toward the dice but was having trouble seeing over his engorged tits. The newfound length of his nipples wasn’t helping his line of sight either. He looked around, seeing that the dice was near Alessandro. Leaning forward, he reached down, his new big muscle tits shaking as he did. The left tit smacked Alessandro in the face, the warm soft flesh made Alessandro’s cock throb. Alessandro couldn’t resist but gave it a grope. Chad let out a laugh, “Sorry there, boy, guess I still am not used to my new size.”

Grabbing the dice and letting Alessandro finish copping a feel, Chad sat back in his seat, his tits causing a thump on the table as they found their place once again supported. Banks couldn’t help but imagine that the man was going to need a bra to keep him from any future back pain. Maybe he’d have to do some father son bra shopping which Banks never thought he’d ever have to do in his life, but there is a first for everything I suppose.

Just a slight movement of Chad shaking the dice caused his tits to bounce and wobble about freely. If any kids were present, a parent would have definitely covered their eyes. Still though, the giant hairy muscle titties were quite the eye candy. “Finally, a higher roll! Looks like all those low rolls finally paid off. Let’s see here…” Chad trailed off trying to find his trailblazer without knocking any of the card stacks or pieces over. He moved his figure forward based on the amount rolled on the prism. “I think I had this space before? Here we go yellow. ‘The Aeon of Gigantism, Giantilli, grants you a lucky boon of 14.’”

Here we go. Choking down a gulp both Alessandro and Banks gave each other a look. They knew what was coming. Both slowly stood up from their seats and slowly back stepped toward the other end of the table. Chad just looked at them confused, until he felt that familiar feeling he had once before. “Oh, that’s why you both are…” Chad groaned. Reached for his head, a sharp spike of pain hit him. He began to pant, holding onto the table for support. His large hand began to extend and grow larger on the table. Chad’s legs wobbled a bit as he tried to regain his balance and support. His thigh muscles began to grow in proportion to the rest of his body. Much like the first time, this change was just as swift. Chad’s torso began to lengthen with his arms, his giant tits began to inflate slightly larger to keep up in proportion.

As the man continued to grow upward toward the ceiling, he continued to let out groans, his eyes remained closed. His body began to expand, shoulders broadening, his monster cock still continuously throbbing as it came more into view as the man continued to extend upward in height. Finally mustering up enough will power, Chad managed to open his eyes while his head continued to maintain its sharp pain. He looked down and down at both Banks and Alessandro. He could feel himself getting bigger everywhere. He noticed his muscles and slight little gut grow in proportion to his newly growing size. Turning around, he could see his glutes swelling in size as well. Whatever cloth tatters that stayed on his torso had completely ripped off by now. The goliath of a man was completely nude.

Chad could feel his feet sliding across the floor of the dining room in which he was standing. He had decently large feet, a size twelve if you will, but these babies were no longer that previous size. If he had to estimate, they had to be nearing a size fifteen or sixteen. He couldn’t really tell as he was still trying to figure out a system that worked best in looking over his monster tits.

In the perspective of Banks and Alessandro, the giant dilf continued to stretch and swell with muscle and height. His head was already very close to the ceiling. With a thud, the top of Chad’s height hit the ceiling. “Ouch, fucker!” Chad cried out. “Didn’t mean to yell there, sorry boys.”

What once plagued his head with sharp pain had vanished, now just a slight bruising feeling remained where he had thunk his head on the ceiling. Chad was rubbing the spot that he had hit. He took an eyeful of his surroundings, definitely the same dining room he’d been eating in for years, but from a whole new vantage point. Deviously smirking, he looked down at both Banks and Alessandro. Both men’s feet were as solid as stone, unable to move. Looking up at the giant man. “Looks like daddy here isn’t quite done growing! Look how tiny you both are compared to me now,” Chad began to move toward the two boys, heavy footfalls smacking against the floor, his head still lightly touching the ceiling. As he approached the two boys, he shifted his stance, hand on his hips, tits jutting out. The size difference between the three men was impeccable.

“So boys, I would ask you to measure how tall I am but because I hit the ceiling, I’m pretty sure I already know.”

Slack jawed and glassy eyed, both boys couldn’t muster up a word at the god-like man standing in front of them.

“Well, any guesses?” Chad continued to keep his hands on his hips before giving both boys a noogie. “All right, I’ll spill the beans then. Looks like your old man is seven feet tall, haha. Don’t be afraid. Banks, I’m still your step-dad and, Alessandro, I’m still Chad. I’m just a bit bigger is all.”

“You’re so huge, sir!” Alessandro choked. He was the first of the two to walk up to the newly grown giant. His head was near the center of the taller man’s little gut, but underneath the big drooping tits.

“Don’t be afraid to touch boys, I’m all natural and still me. That goes for you too, Banks,” Chad winked.

Banks stepped forward alongside his friend, feeling the expanse of his step-dad’s body. Chad had always been a big man, a loving and caring man, and a father figure for Banks. He had always fought ferociously to protect Banks from trouble and heartbreak. Many people were intimidated by the man before at his original 6’2 height, but now…. he was a force to be reckoned with. His protective father was now an alpha daddy.

Leaning down onto his knees, he came up toward eye level with the two guys, tits bulging forward and cock throbbing outward. “So boys, do you guys want a little intermission before we continue or should we hop back to it?”


Part 4

Bending his knees back up to his fully new stature in height, Chad’s seven foot tall frame brushed against the dining room ceiling. Both younger men were flabbergasted at the change that had just happened before them. Sure, it was weird seeing Chad grow two inches taller to 6 ‘4 a few rounds ago, but seeing the dilf of a man suddenly grow to an incredibly rare and tall seven feet tall? Both of them were ready to cream their pants at a moment’s notice.

Alessandro was the first to speak up amidst the pause that seemed to have taken place in time. “Intermission, I vote for intermission!” Alessandro smiled and winked at Chad. Chad blushed a little bit, looking down at Alessandro. Moving forward toward the behemoth of a man, Alessandro gently placed his smaller hand on the man’s small gut, feeling the soft hair that was trimmed nicely against his skin. Marveling at the fact he was only up to his stomach, he looked up admiring the view of the giant tits Chad had grown. Tracing his hand up from Chad’s gut, Alessandro couldn’t resist feeling the underboob of Chad’s giant chest.

Lifting his hand upward, his hand explored the heft of muscle and fat that had grown on Chad’s chest. It was spherical and squishy, but still maintained some firmness somehow. Continuing to play with the left tit, Alessandro couldn’t help but wonder how much the tit weighed, let alone how much both must weigh on the man’s torso. Chad’s underboob was slightly slicked in sweat, giving it that pleasant sheen one has after a nice workout at the gym. Meanwhile, Chad was enjoying the feeling of another person’s hands grabbing his fat tits.

Truthfully, it had been a while since Chad had gotten some action. Back in college and high school, he was quite the player, even after college in fact. Age simmered him down a bit after all, but he was still relatively horny as he was back in his younger years. A significant change in being able to control his horniness was one of the greater lessons he learned while reaching his current age. Sucking in deep breaths as Alessandro explored the tender flesh, Chad couldn’t help but bite his lip. It had been a while since somebody had given him some attention. Not many women could take his large nine inch cock before, even though many liked to brag to their friends that the guy they were seeing had a big one. Most of the time, it was just for bragging purposes. They wouldn’t ever truly satisfy him, only taking him halfway. He needed to release his load a couple times during sex, not just once.

Banks, watching the display of affection, worship, and curiosity, was getting off the fact his best buddy was feeling up his old man. Chad was stacked, don’t get Banks wrong, but still, that is his father figure. This internal debate had been ringing inside of Banks head like a continuous alarm clock, warning him it was time to wake up. Wake up and accept his desires. Wake up and accept his urges. Wake up and accept it all. Slowly stepping forth, he looked up at his step-dad, his eyes meeting Chad’s. Without saying a word, Chad nodded and gave Banks a kind smile, that smile that he always possessed even when he was a lot shorter and a lot muscular. Banks felt the warmth of that smile, and in return, nodded back. It was okay. Chad was giving him the okay to get closer, to feel him, to cross that boundary.

Slowly stepping forth, Banks walked toward the statuesque specimen, trying to keep himself upright one footstep at a time. Finally approaching the presence of his step-father, he moved to the right of Alessandro, still taller than his buddy. Banks’s head reached toward the bottom of his father’s succulent tits. Matching Alessandro in perfect rhythm, he began to feel the expanse of his father’s grown flesh, admiring the bloated and spherical nature of such beautiful muscle tits. He let out a little laugh, wondering what he was so afraid of originally. This was awesome!

“Oh man, just your hands feeling these tits are driving me wild. I’ve never felt so sensitive before, especially not here on my body,” Chad motioned to the bloated flesh. “How about you Banks? How does this feel?” Chad winked, moving his enlarged hand down toward his step-sons’ bloated sac. Banks let out a squeal of surprise as he felt the much larger man’s hand encompass his fat balls. Such a large hand was able to take a handful of his sac so easily. Chad’s hand was warm, Banks could feel his sac vibrating faster. Pre-cum soon began to flow much faster as if a current had risen in the sea of cum located inside of his balls.

Alessandro, not wanting to be left out of the fun, moved downward toward Chad’s newly grown monster cock. The double digit monster was twitching in anticipation for someone to serve its needy flesh. Whereas Banks was releasing a current of cum consistently, Chad was not. Still though, the amount of cum that slathered the slit of the mighty cock’s head was still sexy. Alessandro had only dreamed of being able to do this to his crush for so long, and now that moment had arrived. Alessandro had not fathomed how large Chad’s manhood could truly be. Guesstimation was his only ally in that matter based off of the times he snuck quick peeks at the man’s bulge prior. Spotting a big bulge was easy, but what really intrigued Alessandro was the size. Never did he believe he would get to hold and see a real ten inch cock in his life. Only in his fantasies had he believed he would see such a thing.

Fortunately, the real deal was by no means a disappointment. Turgid and warm to the touch, the giant mushroom head crowning the mighty thick shaft continued to hold Alessandro’s attention. Without even knowing so, he went into autopilot and made contact with his knees unto the dining room floor. Licking his lips, he refrained for just a moment, wanting to take in the site a slight bit longer. It did not take long before he opened his lips and planted his mouth upon the large head. Tongue flicking the piss slit, wrapping around the head and reaching downward toward the long shaft ever so slowly. Chad growled, feeling the wet warmth envelop his mighty cock. It had been so long for the older man since he last felt this pleasure. His knees buckled, and with a loud crash he fell onto his knees, bringing Alessandro down with him, even though the boy had hardly noticed.

Now laying on the floor, Alessandro continued to suck the giant cock like a lollipop, not even realizing he was all the way on the floor. Palming at the man’s sac, it was also big like the rest of him. Nearing the size of Banks’s sac Alessandro thought, although Banks’s sac looked much bigger on him since he was still much shorter in stature compared to his father. Speaking of Banks, Chad continued to grope his step-sons’ large sac with the palm of his hand. Slightly moving his thumb, he began to rub the tip of his son’s average sized six incher. Not before long did it take Chad until he began to stroke Banks’s cock until it reached peak erection. It was stiff to the touch, like solidified concrete.

Banks was meanwhile rubbing his father’s tits, creating circular motions on the expansive flesh. Feeling the soft curling hair on the bloated muscle tits felt so secure, protected, and loved. Banks didn’t know why, but having such a large father made him feel safe, but now he felt like he was in the care of a giant, his giant. Eyeballing the crowned prize of the mega tits were the elongated nipples crowning the areola on his father’s tits. They were both pink and perky, sticking out in erection as his father was receiving a blowjob from his best buddy. Using his thumbs and index fingers on each hand, Banks extended his arms outward to give the nipples a light squeeze. Chad let out a large gasp, tightening his grip on his son’s cock. Banks smirked, enjoying the fact he was able to make his father buckle to his knees and gasp like a bitch in heat, even if his father was clearly leagues larger than himself. Chad’s lips continued to purse as he let out little moans and exhales of air as his son continued to fondle his monster tits. The tightening lips from down below on his cock wasn’t helping so much either.

Damn these two young boys were really giving Chad a fight. Having this be the first time in forever since he had the opportunity to have any sexual physical contact, he’d be damned if he let these two have their way with him the entire time. Was Chad enjoying it? Certainly. That, however, didn’t mean he wanted to blow his load just yet. No, this was merely the beginning. Feeling his cock grow more sensitive and getting close to cumming, Chad replanted himself onto the floor, letting go of Banks’s cock and picked up Alessandro in the process.

“Banks son, I want you to show your naughty friend it’s not nice to try to make a man cum right away. I trust you can help your old man out in teaching this boy a lesson?” Chad remarked, holding onto Alessandro before planting the younger man’s bubble butt onto the center of his tits.

Picking up what his father was implying, Banks gave a devilish grin to his buddy. “I got you covered on this side pops.”

Without even a second to comprehend what was happening, Alessandro felt the familiar large hands grab him by his sides. Lifting upward, he was moved in a swift motion before being planted hastily down on an odd-shaped surface. Before he had the chance to figure out what he was sitting on, he felt something long and welt poke at his hole. The snake-like object began to lick and poke his hole, darting back and forth. He could feel the lips that the snake was owned by plant kisses on his hole. Two large hands were spreading his bubble open, but holding Alessandro still nonetheless.

The large hairy bubble butt was covering a good portion of Chad’s head, his nose and mouth buried deep inside the bouncy cheeks, digging for the hole that Chad’s tongue desperately craved. Chad’s eyes watched the hairy cheeks above him flex and bounce as he continued to poke and pry Alessandro’s hole open with his newly enlarged tongue. Chad was a champion pussy eater back in the day, how much harder was it to translate those skills onto a guy? The answer was, not that hard. Alessandro was squirming on Chad’s face, grinding his big melon cheeks into Chad. The more he grinded the faster Chad darted his tongue.

Up front, Banks had latched onto Alessandro’s above average cock like a leech. He was stroking the shaft up and down with his left hand while holding the root of Alessandro’s erect cock with his right hand. Banks bopped up and down, rotating his wrist as he stroked Alessandro’s fat cock, his mouth exploring the center of the shaft to the tip of Alessandro’s cock head in fast succession. Alessandro was being overstimulated by the two men giving him loads of attention. This was Alessandro’s ultimate fantasy come to life. Letting out moans and grunts, Alessandro had to use his own hands to keep his core centered on the giant’s body. Chad was down in his cheeks without needing to come up for air for a long time. Feeling his hole twitch, he could tell that his own hole was being loosened up by Chad’s big tongue. Peering downward, Alessandro wanted to feel what that giant cock would feel like inside of him.

Thoughts flooded his head, wondering how tight it would feel when his ass wraps itself around the monster cock like a coiled snake. Wondering how far he would be able to take the giant cock before he bottomed out. Chad would definitely reach his prostate and then some. Alessandro really wanted to try that cock out, but was getting close. All the stimulation being done to his body was too much, he would have to wait to try that cock out later. For now, Alessandro’s balls tightened and rose upward.

Letting out a loud squeak, Alessandro blurted, “I’m cumming!” Alessandro scrunched his face as he felt his cock explode, shooting cum down Banks talented throat. Refusing to let any cum escape, Banks continued his work up and down the shaft, ingesting all the cum his naughty buddy had continued to release. Behind Alessandro, Chad could hear that the boy was cumming. To give him one of the best orgasms of his life, Chad dug his tongue into Alessandro’s hole as far as he could, easily putting in three-ish inches.

Gasping for air, Alessandro continued to inhale and exhale out through his mouth, tossing his head back. By no competition, this had to rank number one as his best orgasm of his life! There was no contest. Feeling the large grip of Chad lighten up, Alessandro slowly tried to rise up from his feet, giving Chad freedom from his melon cheeks. Still out of it from the orgasm, Alessandro’s legs wobbled and his knees buckled, planting himself smack onto Chad’s tits. Chad let out a yelp as the boy’s knees dug into his tender flesh. Banks wiped his mouth, enjoying the meal his friend had so ever graciously fed him. All three men stayed still for a moment, catching their breath. Banks didn’t realize it, but while he was leaning on his father’s stomach to reach Alessandro’s cock was completely drenched with cum, his cum. Guess he shot out a load while sucking off his buddy while Alessandro was being eaten out. Reaching up to his feet, Banks gave Alessandro a hand upward, supporting him off Chad’s larger frame.

Chad rubbed his sensitive tits where Alessandro had kneed them before sitting upright on the floor. Swiping his hand downward onto his small gut, he could feel the sticky fluid of cum all over. Banks apologized but Chad didn’t care, he was glad his son was feeling comfortable with him enough to help him tag team a guy orally. Guess Chad could mark this down as a new form of father son bonding eh?

“All right, boys, get yourselves cleaned up real quick. We still got a game to finish. Don’t think we are done yet either, your dad has still yet to cum. You two are going to help me out later,” Chad said, grinning ear to ear. He stood upright, leaving the dining room in search of a rag to wipe himself down with. Alessandro and Banks could hear the larger man’s cussing following the thuds made throughout the house as Chad was hitting his head on door frames.

“Fuck, that was hot, man, your dad eats ass like a pro! You should let him try his skills on you next,” Alessandro wiggled an eyebrow at Banks, then proceeded to give him a playful shove.

Banks rolled his eyes and chuckled, “Yeah yeah maybe later. It did look like you were having a nice time though, he had you squirming.”

“You had me squirming just as much with that talented mouth and throat of yours, bro. I had to try my best to not cum almost instantly when you crept over to suck me off. I’ll return the favor later, I promise,” Alessandro grinned.

Chad returned with a rag, making sure to duck as he re-entered the dining room. Both boys finished up their small talk, waiting their turn to use the rag that Chad had brought over from the linen closet. Chad used his fingers first to swipe up a bit of Banks’s cum that was on his stomach to give it a taste before drying himself off. He proceeded to hand off the rag to Banks and then Alessandro so they could wipe themselves off. Musk continued to permeate through the air, wafting between all the men’s noses. It was a comforting smell to them all. Thank god no one else was going to be coming to the house. They’d need to spray some air freshener around the house to mask the smell alone. That would be just step one of that scenario, step two would be hiding their augmented bodies, especially Chad’s.

“Let’s get to it men, no more distractions…for now,” Chad spoke with a hint of seduction in his voice, admiring the forms of the two men at the table. “Banks, son, you’re up next!”

“On it, pops.” Banks sought out the prism on the table, which had moved from its original place quite a bit due to the aftermath of the most recent events. Grabbing it between two fingers, he flicked it back into the board to make sure it would stay safe there and not get lost. Seeing the number, he moved his trailblazer across the passage of multi-colored squares. Anchoring his trailblazer down, he landed on another green square. Just at the sight of landing on another green square, Banks could swear he felt his balls gurgle. “The Aeon of Spermiah, Shooteric, grants you a boon with a value of 7.” Why were all the values recently increasing? Banks thought.

Just as he once felt before, the gurgling of his enlarged sac continued, he felt each of his balls jump and twitch in their respective sac. One way to describe the feeling was that feeling you get when you first take a sip of cola and the bubbles hit your tongue, that’s what Banks was feeling, but within his balls. Watching Banks’s face, the other two men watched in anticipation at what was happening to him. Spreading out across the dining room chair, Banks had to widen his legs for his balls. Bit by bit, they each expanded outward on the seat, taking up more space. Banks had to hold in his gasp as his balls continued to grow and grow until they almost nearly reached the sides of the seat. For that matter, not only were they almost going to fall off the seat, they rose above his thighs in height as well. Easily, each ball was the size of a ten pound medicine ball you’d find in the gym.

In shock and in fear, Banks reached down with one hand to try and pick up one of the orbs. Solid like a rock, they had to wear at least five pounds each. Not only was the heft impressive, but the audible sloshing could be heard by all at the table. This Aeon was no joke, Banks had developed an entire cum factory in those babies. Upon his first augmentation with this Aeon, Banks was put off, but this time around, he kind of liked how big his balls had grown. Posing itself on top of the giant orbs was his average sized cock, which was being dwarfed pretty damn hard.

Alessandro whistled at his buddy, giving him the sign of approval that those big orbs of his were sexy and definitely hot. Chad gave Banks that fatherly nod that was given to him throughout his life whenever he achieved or won something. Banks blushed at the attention his step-dad was giving him. Perhaps Chad was proud that his son had a giant pair of bull balls? Or just seeing that his son was growing up into a young stud. Whatever the reason, Banks was coming around to this newfound attention.

“My turn, my turn!” Alessandro greedily reached for the dice, enjoying this game the most, it only made sense for him to want to see what he was going to receive next as a boon. Lightly rolling the prism, it didn’t take long for the number to be rolled. Alessandro moved his trailblazer across the board onto his new spot, it was pink. “Not exactly the color I was hoping for exactly, but I guess we’ll just have to see. ‘The Aeon of the Impromptu, Randromeda, grants you a mystery boon! Enjoy!’”

Last time the Aeon of the Impromptu was drawn, Chad had grown a pair of massive muscle tits. Would Alessandro receive the same treatment? Looking down at his chest, he waited to see if the same thing was going to happen. Seconds passed before he felt a change down below. Not in his chest, but down at his feet. Hearing light cracks and stretching, Alessandro looked down at his barren feet. Slowly but noticeably, they were growing. His feet were growing. Scooting his chair back and standing up, he watched as his enlarged feet continued to stretch across the floor. Chad and Banks had rearranged their position to get a good view of the change.

Just as it once started, it had finally finished. Originally, Alessandro was only a size ten in the men’s shoe department. Clearly, he was no longer sporting a size ten. Wiggling his toes, he made sure to count that all ten toes were still there, afraid that the game was going to magically make some disappear. The good news was, he kept all his toes thankfully, just that his feet had grown in size. Alessandro let out a relieved sigh.

“Let’s see those puppies, boy!” Chad boomed. Alessandro obliged by sticking his right foot onto the table. Banks came over and stuck his foot next to Alessandro’s, clearly seeing the size difference. Banks was a size twelve in the shoe department, he wouldn’t be able to lend Alessandro any of his shoes if he wanted to. Chad approached the boys with the tape measurer, already on call.

“Doing the math, looks like you got some large size seventeen feet boy! You’re gonna need to go to the big and tall store now haha! Or you can just custom order. I’m going to have to custom order as well probably,” Chad laughed.

Alessandro placed his foot back onto the ground, trying to get used to the new size. He almost had to learn to readjust his balance now that he had larger soles and heels. Not a terrible change, but it could be pretty hot. He’d given Banks a foot job before only once, but that was back when he was a size ten. It wouldn’t hurt to try that again someday now.

After settling back into his chair, Chad reached over Alessandro to grab the prism. This time, he made sure to hold his tit that was near Alessandro’s face away from him, so he wouldn’t accidentally smack him again. Once the prism was settled in his own grasp, Chad tossed it into the box watching the metal shimmer in the dining room light. An average size roll, not too bad! This was definitely an improvement compared to last time. Moving his trailblazer, he landed on a familiar color space. This one seemed to be quite popular, indigo. Finally his turn with the indigo spacing, Chad reached for the indigo stack. “The Aeon of Posterior, Gluteha, grants you a boon of 15! It’s your lucky day, this is a x2 card!”

An x2 card? Since when were there x2 cards? Banks spoke up, “Times two cards? Does that mean you get double the value?” Banks glanced over at the card, taking it from his father to read to satiate his curiosity. Chad just shrugged.

Feeling a warmth center around his glutes, Chad began to sweat. His ass was starting to feel like it was on fire. It was beginning to feel like he was sitting next to a campfire, but the heat was just being centered on his ass. “Hey boys, did your ass feel hot when it grew?” Chad asked.

“No, mine felt a little warm and tingly, but not hot. Why?” Alessandro asked. He looked over at Banks and Banks said the same thing.

“My ass just feels so hot all of a sudden I don’t know why!” Chad groaned, standing up and placing his hands on the table. He felt each of his cheeks beginning to quiver, as if they were beginning to rumble. An earthquake rippling through his glutes, he felt his ass beginning to rumble with power. Something was not right. If he had originally had such a high roll, what was that going to do to him now that it was twice that value?

Unlike all the other changes that the men had undergone which were gradual, this one was not. With a loud boom that could be heard through the neighborhood, Chad’s ass blew up in size. Not just a little nice or above average in size, all that heat and rumbling was his ass getting ready to explode! Almost instantaneously, his already large bubble butt on his seven foot frame quadrupled in size and mass! He let out a loud gasp and continued to pant as his cheeks grew and skin stretched. Chad looked like a morph came to life. Each of his monstrous cheeks had grown to the size of that giant red ball you would see outside of a Target!

Almost immediately, Chad was in a squat position, trying to get used to so much more weight and mass behind him. His built muscular thighs wobbled at the sudden weight, causing him to tumble backward onto the dining room chair. A giant crash shook the house, causing the bookcase in the room to rumble causing a few books to fall. Chad had fallen backwards onto his giant cheeks, sitting up so tall on his cheeks was still equal in height to the other boys on their chairs. That wasn’t all, legs of the dining room chair had completely broke off and shot across the room as Chad had landed on what remained to be the dining room chair. The monstrous ass had completely crushed the poor dining room chair. Legs splayed outward, Chad was still panting after having undergone such a growth.

Reaching backward, his hands felt out giant, each of his hairy cheeks were, how soft and supple his skin felt. His once post-football build body was no longer. Instead, his body was becoming quite voluptuous indeed. His giant ass crack centered on the decimated chair. Chad’s giant bubbled cheeks were throbbing and felt slightly bruised upon impact. His skin remained sensitive from the stretching.

Alessandro and Banks quickly rushed over to check the damages. Thankfully, the only casualty would be the poor dining room chair. Reaching outward, each of the younger men leant Chad an arm to help pull himself up with. Using his big built thighs, Chad managed to get a good grip by using the boys as support. Planting his heels back onto the floor, Chad balanced himself with his hands on the table. Much like his tits that were bouncing about, his monster bubble butt was swaying back and forth. He noticed that his thighs had grown thicker and more muscular alongside his ass. He guessed it was because his legs needed to grow to handle what was coming next unto his body.

Catching his breath, Chad leaned forward on his muscle tits which laid out on the dining room table, nipples pointing toward the board game. “That was definitely something I was not expecting.”


Part 5

Behold, in front of the two younger men, the sight before them could be described as pure eroticism. A seven foot tall dilf stood squatting, giant muscle tits resting on the dining room table, creaking under their weight. Nipples pushing forward and up, hard from the giant growth spurt the man that possessed them had undergone. Behind his vascular tits, his frame continued to bulge and expand outward as two giant cheeks bubbled and swayed in constant motion, ceasing any rest.

Each giant cheek was dusted with black hair, round and squishy, yet retained a firmness to them. Chad’s backside gave him a wicked curvature that could not be attained naturally by any means, no one would believe that his body was the real deal. Thick tree-root thighs pushed against each other as the once relatively fit man had filled out into a voluptuous state. Currently panting, tongue out of his mouth and sweat dripping down his face, was the shell of a man that had once ruled the household. Resting before the two young men was a giant, a giant with wicked proportions and a giant that seemed to be in heat.

Still resting his upper body onto the table, Chad finally caught a moment to catch his breath. “I’ve never felt anything like that, I’m still kind of dizzy,” the older man said, twisting his head around. As a famous artist once said, if you could see it from the front, you could see it from the back. Chad gawked at the massive mounds that had inflated and attached themselves onto his lower body. An entire new wardrobe would be needed to accommodate the giant heft attached to his backside. Custom made apparel, not just the items you would find in a traditional big and tall store. Remaining in a squatting stance, the man shifted his weight upward, and stumbled slightly.

Banks quickly rushed back over to his step-father, ready to assist in helping the older man not lose his footing. Hastily, Banks ran over to his father, trying to react in time to help the man. Doing his best to hold his arms out around the much larger man’s waist to stabilize his core, Chad yelped as he felt light pressure on his freshly sensitive backside. It was, however, too late. The sensations caused Chad’s knees to buckle once again. Banks, who was caught in the crossfire, had no time to react. There was no time to twist his body out of the way from his father’s sudden shifting weight.

Following the kerfuffle was another loud crash, one that mimicked the noise that happened a mere five minutes ago. This time, a muffled scream could barely be heard. Chad was sitting back down onto the floor, legs splayed back out. However, this time, he noticed another pair of legs splayed out to the side of him. His massive rump felt so hot, he adjusted his seat, and he swore he could hear the sounds of someone yelling? He tried to pick his body weight back up, but was still having trouble. He needed to get used to this new size. One thing was for certain, this time the floor felt harder than last time.

Alessandro looked down in horror at the scene, while Chad was completely unaware as to what had just happened. Where there were just two men a moment ago, now there was one and a half—as in, you could barely see the second man, as he was being squashed by the gigantic melons of the older man. Banks’s legs were splayed out next to his father’s, his torso completely engulfed by the mass of Chad’s ass, and his face was submerged into the giant lifeboat of an ass. When landing on the floor, Chad had accidentally landed onto his step-son. Not just that, but his ass had landed smack dab onto Banks’s face, completely engulfing him. Stuck beneath the giant, Banks could not move under the large amount of weight. Only slight noises could be heard.

Meanwhile taking place inside of the giant mounds of flesh, Banks’s face was completely inside of the giant ass crack of his father. He’d had little time to even comprehend what was happening before he found his face inside of the hot fleshy prison. The man couldn’t even get any words out, only little yelps and screams realizing where his face was trapped. His voice echoed throughout the giant mounds of flesh. It was a tight and hot prison, his face facing upward. He could see his giant step-dad’s pulsing hole. Like the rest of the man, it had grown in size too. It was the size of a large donut, the hole puckering. Like a massage, Banks could feel his face being squeezed as his stepfather adjusted his seat. He couldn’t move his arms to even hit the big oaf! Did he not realize he was currently suffocating his son with his freakishly huge ass!

Wanting to escape, Banks quickly weighed each of his options. His body felt nearly paralyzed under the heavy man. Thank god Banks had pulled a boon to increase his muscle size or else he would have felt completely crushed right now. Watching the giant donut hole pucker, Banks knew what he had to do. If that big oaf wanted to use Banks as a seat, he was gonna pay. He was going to get the giant oaf off of him some way or another!

Banks lifted his neck up as high as he could within the prison, bringing his face closer to the giant hole. Reaching his tongue out, he began to flick it lightly against it, teasing it. Banks felt his face squeeze tighter as he felt his step-dad move around a bit. He could hear the older man let out a yelp. Banks’s thought he could hear talking but he couldn’t really hear with his face inside of an ass now could he? He never thought the phrase get your head out of your ass had any merit until now.

Deciding to ramp up the heat, Banks aggressively began to lick the giant pucker, moving side to side like a windshield wiper, then darting his tongue at the center of the hole. In waves, the giant hole puckered and throbbed, opening and closing. Attempting to move a little closer, Banks planted his lips against the giant hole, making out with it like it was another pair of lips. Chad had begun thrashing about, grinding his giant ass downward and side to side in different motions. Reaching out, he placed his hands on his giant tits and began to stroke his large nipples, moaning in pleasure.

Alessandro was behind the giant man who was grinding his hips. While Chad was too busy feeling himself, Alessandro was trying his best to help Banks out. With all his might, Alessandro used his muscles to try to lift the giant cheeks up, which failed. Attempting to push Chad up from the hips and onto his feet, Alessandro was still met with resistance. Chad was of no help as his rampant moaning sounded like a bitch in heat.

Banks, although cramped, was starting to get into his situation. Continuing to make out with the big hole, Banks could feel part of him getting hard, at least that’s what he thought. Hopefully it wasn’t loss of feeling due to blood loss circulation under the crushing weight of his step-dad. Pulsing and vibrating, the giant hole continued to twitch and throb as Banks worked it with his masterful tongue and lips. Chad’s cheeks continued to vibrate vigorously as he felt his hole continued to be poked, licked, prodded, and violated. Still not putting two and two together, Chad had no idea that Banks was the one making him feel this ecstasy. Chad didn’t realize how good it felt to have your hole played with. He was missing out!

Going in for the final blow, Banks decided to bite down on the giant donut hole-shaped ring. Letting out a giant gasp that even Banks could hear within the fleshy prison, Chad bit his lip, his prick hard as a rock, bobbing up and down as he unknowingly continued to ride his step-sons face. At a loss for words, Alessandro felt helpless, and also slightly jealous. His best buddy could be near death, suffocating from that gigantic hot ass of his crush. That should have been him, not Banks! Taking in a deep breath, Alessandro exhaled looking at the game board. If he couldn’t get Chad to move off of Banks, maybe he could get Banks to move out of Chad. But how would he manage to do that? Sure, Alessandro could hope he received an augment for himself that could assist with the situation, but it was not even his turn yet. Could you perhaps play for another trailblazer?

Looking down, he noticed that Banks’s near lifeless left arm was sticking out from beneath the giant. A sudden lightbulb went off in Alessandro’s head. Not even realizing that Alessandro was moving the game board from in front of him, Chad was lost in the thralls of pleasure he was under. Alessandro studied the board, realizing that the men were halfway through it. When did that happen? Near the end, Alessandro realized that some of the square spaces had a line across them diagonally, sharing two colors. The closest one to that point? Banks. Grabbing the prism from the box, Alessandro rushed back to Banks’s arm. Putting the prism into Banks’s hand, he balled the hand into a fist, shook it a few times, and opened it up. It was the saddest roll Alessandro had ever seen, but hopefully it would do the job. With a light little kerplunk, the prism landed and barely moved. Landing on the box that was placed beneath Banks’s hand, the number was rolled.

Ushering himself back to the table, Alessandro moved the piece that belonged to Banks across the board. The trailblazer that had belonged to Banks was the first one to reach one of the split squares, albeit barely. It was the first split square out of all the split squares, but Alessandro beamed seeing the colors. Split in the space were two squares, one the color of red and the other the color of yellow. This was exactly what Banks needed! Grabbing one of each card, Alessandro read the card aloud, as best as he could over Chad’s growing grunts. At this point, Chad was pumping his giant nipples ferociously. Alessandro could have sworn they looked even puffier and more swollen due to the insistent pumping.

Reading out loud, Alessandro spoke, voice still softer than Chad’s, “The Aeon of Mus-Trophy, Massus grants you a boon of 15! The Aeon of Gigantism, Giantilli, grants you a boon of 10!” Alessandro yelled. He had hoped that the Aeon’s of the game were able to grant the boons even though he had technically just rolled for his friend. Grimacing at the still body underneath the behemoth that was constantly rocking his hips back and forth, Alessandro noticed a change begin. The left arm that was being crushed by Chad slowly began to twitch, and inflated with muscle. Veins slowly began to rise to the surface of the growing arm, bicep flexing involuntarily as they began to grow.

Both legs under Chad began to reel out and lengthen, thighs thickening and becoming more and more cut as they swelled up. Chad began to rise in height ever slowly as his “chair” began to widen and lengthen out, as if it were being inflated with air and stretched like taffy. Banks was too busy making out and teasing the giant puckering hole to even realize what was happening to his body. He felt his face grow closer to the hole until it was completely touching it. His face was smashed against it. Attempting to move, Banks realized his arm had feeling again. Tapping the ground until he felt his palms flatten, he began to push up and down, attempting to wriggle himself free. When that wasn’t working, he gravitated his larger hands onto the giant cheeks of his step-dad. Using all his might, Banks could feel himself pushing the giant melons away from him ever so slowly. Sweat began to drip down his face like a lubricant while inside of his father’s cheeks. Banks swore he could feel himself getting the biggest pump of his life trying to lift his father up and off of him.

Alessandro, ready to help, began to push on the giant cheeks, assisting Banks in lifting his step-father off of him. With every rep the two younger men were doing to lift Chad off of Banks, Alessandro watched as Banks’s arms and legs grew more vascular in muscle. The legs that belonged to Banks had stretched out enough to be closer to Chad’s legs. Chad, who was still dripping pre-cum and squeezing his tits, could feel pressure from underneath. Finally with his head clearing from the fog of pleasure, he turned his neck to see Alessandro trying to lift up his gargantuan cheeks. Another pair of muscular arms were also trying to push his cheeks which Chad took note of, finally putting two and two together.

Letting out a loud gasp, Chad finally realized the situation, “Oh my god! Banks, son, are you okay!?” Chad had nearly yelled, using all his leg muscles to pull himself off the floor in a frantic rush. With such a sudden flurry, Alessandro jumped back making sure not to get knocked out by the man’s large twin weapons. Finally back onto his feet, Chad was standing, giant butt swooshing and jutting outward. Banks was finally back on his legs, but his back was curved as his face was still stuck inside of the giant ass. Flexing his giant cheeks to the best of his ability, Chad tried to loosen himself to give the younger man freedom. A giant breath of air could be heard, inhaling as much oxygen as possible.

Banks was finally free from the fleshy prison. A moment ago, he looked like a large ostrich with his head buried into a hole in the ground. Finally emerged, Banks continued to suck up as much air as small round pink video game characters. Banks was panting, sucking in as much fresh air as possible through his nose. He had clearly changed. Judging from Alessandro’s perspective, Alessandro could see that Banks had risen to a tall 6-foot-5. Muscles bulged off the young man’s body. Pecs rose magnificently from his chest, topped with downward nipples. Nowhere near as big as his father, Banks nonetheless had incredibly respectable muscles. His back was wide and deeply defined, his abs cobbled onto his stomach, a quick count reaching eight. A sharp v-line pointed downward to Banks’s crotch and the thick biceps and triceps were covered in sexy veins.

Alessandro couldn’t believe how big his friend had gotten. He was a stud! A sexy and tall stud! No longer a swimmer, but now definitely a bodybuilder. If Banks were to sign up for a bodybuilding competition, chances are, he would win, if not, come incredibly close to winning! Continuing to take a few moments to catch his breath, Chad turned around to his son who he nearly asphyxiated.

“Son, I had no idea you were down there! Your daddy didn’t mean to try to suffocate you! Are you okay? I didn’t mean to crush you—” Chad’s words were halted as he felt a strong grip reach for his body. Bending downward to his son, Banks’s large and stronger hands slid onto his father. Both hands grabbed one of the long nipples, pulling each one downward. Chad’s chest was being pulled down by the nips!

An angry scowl covered Banks’s face, his eyes narrowed and eyebrows slanted. Banks stared up at his father, tightening his grip, squeezing the nipples harder, “You continued to ride my face like I was a vibrator, and that’s all you have to say?!” Banks dug his nails into the flesh. Chad’s entire body began to convulse in both pain and pleasure, barely able to speak. Banks continued, “I need more than an apology, dad! I’m going to fuck these giant tits you like so much!”

Still slightly shorter but now more formidable, Banks used his newfound strength to push his father down onto the floor. Chad’s eyes darted across his son’s face. He had never seen his son look so primal, so ravenous. Heavily, Banks sat his entire body weight onto his step-dad’s stomach. His average-size cock had been dripping cum this entire time, his balls ready to bust! In a growl, Banks saidc, “Alessandro, I want to see you roll as I fuck my father’s tits. Don’t make me teach you a lesson next.”

Alessandro had only seen this expression from Banks a couple times. Once when he lost badly in a game and was being blamed by the entire team, and another when a guy had rejected him. In order to help him out, Alessandro felt the wrath of what an angry hate fuck is like coming from Banks. Alessandro did what he was told, not wanting to be on the receiving end of Banks’s wrath. The last time he had undergone that, Alessandro couldn’t walk for at least three days and his ass remained tomato red from the harsh spankings Banks gave out. Chad was in for a world of trouble.

“Keep your hands off your body, old man! Don’t even think about pleasuring yourself. It’s my turn to use this giant body of yours for my own pleasure.” Banks held down his dad’s arms above his head. Chad watched his son, slightly scared, but also aroused. Banks angled his cock onto Chad’s chest, pressing his cock against the already hard nipples. Each nipple was so big, he could feel them slightly enter his cock slit. Banks shuddered as feeling the thick nubs enter his slit. Both men let out a moan in unison.

Alessandro, watching the erotic display, couldn’t help but give his hard eight inch cock a few strokes here and there as he finally made time for himself to roll the prism. Already knowing the routine, he moved his trailblazer gallantly across the board. He was nearing the end, similar to Banks. Although, Banks was in the final stretch by reaching the split spaces. Alessandro was at the cusp, landing on the square right before the split spaced ones. Seeing the colored space, which was green, Alessandro grabbed the card. “The Aeon of Spermiah, Shooteric, grants you a boon of 8.”

Just as he finished reading the card, Alessandro could feel his already hefty sac grow more taut as the two balls within them grew and expanded. First approaching the size of goose eggs then a baseball, they continued to expand until they reached the size of a small cantaloupe. They had definitely grown larger than the pair that Banks was wearing. Even standing, he could feel the pendulous balls swing left to right under his hard cock. It felt weird feeling something so heavy dangle and remain attached to his body. Reaching down to feel the weight of them, he needed both hands to carry just one. Alessandro could smother someone with these things.

Continuing the assault on Chad’s tits, Banks had moved from fucking his step-father’s nipples to fucking the cleavage that the giant tits had created. Both tits bobbed up and down as Banks continued to move his palms across them, creating circular motions. Heaving up and down, the tits sagged from side to side and reached near Chad’s chin whenever Banks rotated them upward. Furiously pounding his cock between the tits, Chad would squeeze his tits together by flexing them in intervals. Banks loved the tightness his father was creating for his cock each time he thrust his hips. Pec-fucking was definitely being added to list of Banks’s kinks after this. Alessandro continued to watch the show, pumping his cock with one hand and fondling his enlarged sac with his other hand.

Eyes continuing to pierce his father’s gaze, Chad continued to maintain eye contact with his son. Chad continued to moan and squeak like a bitch in heat while his son continued to fuck his giant muscle breasts. Chad wanted to move his hands and feel himself up so badly. Chad’s ten inch cock was in need of cumming, he might just cum from having his nipples played with alone. Banks grabbed his father’s cheeks as he continued to pec-fuck him, “Who’s the one in charge of your slutty body?”

“You are, son,” Chad squeaked out.

“I couldn’t hear you. Speak up bitch,” Banks yelled.

You are son! I love when you play with daddy’s tits!” Chad’s voice boomed.

“That’s what I thought you slut. Take my load!” Banks grunted and huffed as he gave his cock a final few thrusts, painting his hot white seed across his step-dad’s tits. With the new boons, Banks had found he had become quite the extra shooter. Some of his cum spurts shot right onto his dad’s cheeks and nose, even one on his mouth. Chad licked his lips, taking in his son’s seed. It tasted sweet.

Giving his father’s tits a final grope, the increased testosterone in Banks’s body had simmered down. All that growth had not only gone straight to his body, but straight to his head and his cock. He was still horny even after abusing the hell out of his father’s tits. Exhaling, Banks’s swiped his thumb across his father’s face, wiping the cum off, before gently caressing his cheek. “Sorry about that, pops, I don’t know what came over me. But I’m not going to regret it. You owed me an apology and I’d been wanting to fuck these massive tits you’ve been flaunting about.”

Chad chuckled, seeing the son he knew and loved finally return back to the surface, reaching own hand onto his sons, “I know, boy, and again, I’m sorry. It’s only fair you got to use your old man in any way you wanted. Besides, I kind of enjoyed it. You seemed to have enjoyed it too.”

The two large men helped each other up, feeling up each other’s bodies. Taking measurements with the tape measurer, Alessandro was almost right. Banks was now 6’6, not 6’5. Still thought he was a muscle monster! Alessandro couldn’t wait until he got the chance to explore Banks’s upgraded body.

Alessandro and Banks helped lug a giant beanbag chair up from the basement that Chad had kept in his man-cave for whenever he invited some of his buddies over from the office. It had seemed to have done the job. No way was Chad going to risk putting all his weight onto another dining room chair, those bastards were expensive! Taking his seat once again at the head of the table, Chad’s beanbag, though lower to the ground, did virtually nothing in affecting his height. He could still view the two younger men at the table with ease, along with the game board.

At long last, the three men were finally situated, all have been satisfied in some way or another, except for Alessandro who’s cock had been leaking cum consistently since he watched the father son duo have the most erotic pec-fucking he’d ever seen in his life. Regardless of that, the three had simmered down to a degree that they could finally finish this round of the board game. Time had been flying, Alessandro checked his phone to see that it was midnight. His parents assumed he was just staying over for the weekend thankfully. He wouldn’t know how to explain the changes to his genitals, that being the most obvious, to his parents if they saw his bulge.

Chad, being last as always, was ready to take the prism and roll for his turn, thus ending this round. Skidding across the floor of the box, the prism spun around like a ballerina, gracefully, before landing on its side displaying the rolled number. Shuffling forward a bit in the bean bag, Chad moved his trailblazer. He remained the furthest behind amongst the three on the board. Whereas Banks and Alessandro were already in the final stretch, Chad was nearing the halfway point finally. Humming as he moved his trailblazer, he stopped and landed on pink once again.

As per usual, Chad reached for his pretty pink card, ready to see what the Aeon was ready to grant him. “The Aeon of Impromptu, Randomreda, grants you a mystery boon! Enjoy!” Chad read aloud, feeling his voice get a little scratchy when trying to finish the sentence. His throat felt itchy. Chad reached for the outside of his throat and began to scratch it, feeling a bulge pressed against his hand. Chad’s adam’s apple was pushing against his hand, and was growing more prominent. The motion made Alessandro and Banks think Chad was reenacting the scene from the Little Mermaid when Ursula had taken away Ariel’s voice.

Unlike the movie, that was not actually the case. Chad could feel his vocal cords vibrate and lengthen, a feeling he had never been familiar with. Now, Chad had a decently deep voice that your typical man would have, but upon opening up his lips to speak, “Damn, my throat feels odd.” Chad stopped. That was not his voice. His voice was not the voice that had escaped his lips mere seconds ago. That voice was as deep as baritone, sounding as sweet and slick like honey. It reverberated throughout the dining room. Both younger men felt an automatic jolt to their cocks. That voice was deep and sexy. So much so, just that short phrase was enough to make their cock feel sensitive.

“Haha, woah now! I can get used to this. How do you two like my new voice, eh?” Chad smirked, enjoying hearing himself talk. His voice lathered the air like smooth butter. It was enchanting and charming, so deep, it didn’t really seem to match his appearance. Tingles were being sent to both the ears of Alessandro and Banks. It was as if they were listening to ASMR, but not quite. Chad’s voice sent sensations down the men’s bodies, filling them with warmth. They both shuddered and let out a grin. They could get used to this.


Part 6

Continuing to test out his altered voice, Chad was enjoying the effects it seemed to be enjoying the effects that it was beginning to have on the younger two guys. No matter what words escaped his lips, both Alessandro and Banks would shudder, pre-cum continuing to drip all over the floor and dining room chairs, thanks to the augmented size of their testicles.

Wanting to practice just how much effect his voice had on the two men, Chad decided to have a little test. “Alessandro, come over here and sit on this daddy’s lap.”

“Of course, sir!” Alessandro yipped, quickly pushing his chair back and walking toward the beanbag. Seeing Chad in all his splendor due to his size was a sight to behold. Alessandro wore a goofy grin as he sat down on Chad’s lap. Chad’s monster ten inch cock stood at attention, poking at the smaller man’s plump ass. Giant tits pushing against Alessandro’s back.

“That’s a good boy. You can play with whatever you want on this old man, don’t be shy. Banks certainly weren’t.” Chad let out a feral grin. This was going to be fun. Alessandro, upon hearing the magic word, immediately sprang into action. He began to grind his plump ass into the searing hot cock attached to the hunk of a man behind him. Alessandro pushed his head back, trying to fit his head into Chad’s cleavage. Obliging, Chad helped move each tit outward to let Alessandro rest his head between them before squishing his head between them. Alessandro couldn’t hear a word, and he didn’t care. Drool escaped his happy little lips.

“Now Banks, since our little friend here is in his own little world, how about we treat him to something fun later on tonight. Are you down?” Chad’s lips curled, feeling his voice rise from his chest.

“Of course, pops! Anything.” Banks bit his lips. That velvety smooth tone from his father was a death grip. This was going to be difficult. Even though Chad was much larger than Banks, Banks would not submit without a challenge. Someone needed to teach that cocky old man who was in charge amongst the three.

“Under one condition, pops: I get to continue to have my way with you. Then maybe we’ll have a deal.” Banks was continuously panting—Chad’s voice was doing things to his body that he could not explain.

“I guess I can allow you to have some influence over your old man, but let’s not forget to treat Alessandro well. We need to be good hosts after all, wouldn’t you agree?” Chad kneaded his tits against Alessandro’s head. Alessandro’s eyes were closed, hands gravitating toward the giant nub-like nipples. Using his pointing finger and thumb on his right hand, Alessandro began to pinch the fat nub. Chad cooed.

“All right, son, looks like it is your turn. Time seems to have escaped me so easily. Seems like you are in the running to win this thing easily. Two more rolls and you have this game in the bag. Congratulations!” Chad smirked.

Banks reveled in his soon to be victory amongst the three men. This game night definitely turned into an event for the history books, that is for sure. Banks was glad he found this dinky looking game at that shop, definitely one of his top purchases of his life. Looking down at his larger bicep, he flexed, smiling at his augmented body. Fuck swimming, this is where it was at! He’d be able to pull any person he wanted, maybe more than just one at a time. Reaching for the prism, Banks felt his muscles pump just from the movement. He was still getting used to his muscle size since his fresh augmentation.

With the typical clinking and clanking, the prism spun and danced upon the confines of the box. Landing on its number, Banks pursued the path placed upon his trailblazer. Chad was right, he was incredibly close to being done with the game. He only needed to roll a 2 or higher on his next roll and he’d be done. According to the rules however, everybody needs to cross the finish line. Guess that’s so not everyone playing gets jipped out of augments? Moving his trailblazer across the board, Banks landed on his potentially last space. His split squares he landed on were split with the colors, black and purple. After all this time, this would be the first anyone would be pulling a black card.

“Never pulled a black card before. Wonder what it does? I still don’t understand that white card that Alessandro pulled a few rounds ago.” Banks looked for the untouched stack.

“Neither do I,” Alessandro finally spoke, albeit you could hardly tell what he was trying to say. His lips were around Chad’s boners, lips fully spread and tongue occupied while servicing the fat crown of the cock. Hasn’t anyone taught him not to speak with his mouth full? Chad was running his fingers through Alessandro’s hair, then massaging his neck as he was giving Chad his blow job. Little whimpers were escaping Alessandro, like he was a little puppy lapping on a bone.

“Let’s see, here we go at long last. ‘The Aeon of Ascendancy, Dominor, gives you a boon with the value of 6. Enjoy!’” Banks could feel something different about himself after reading off the card. Nothing physical like his previous augments, but thoughts began to cloud his mind. Just staring at Alessandro sucking on his dad’s cock he felt the need to tell the little man to suck his father off harder like the little cum slut he was. Looking at his father, he wanted to tell his father to stop groping those fat tits: only Banks was allowed to play with them or give his father permission to play with himself.

Banks scoffed, wondering where those thoughts had suddenly come from. He couldn’t help but think of the things he wanted to tell the other two men. Both of them doing lewd things in front of him, without his permission? That was his fucking father and his little friend. Both men needed to learn their place in this house. Rules would need to be made, but right now, Banks had a game to finish. He would show them who is the dominant one. One way or another, they’ll know soon enough. Not to mention, he felt his balls seize up and down. Fuck he felt super horny even though he just had his way with his father not too long ago. That damn purple card was messing with his libido.

“So what did that do, son?” Chad asked, tapping his hand onto Alessandro’s shoulder to gently alert him that it was his turn.

“Oh, you’ll see soon enough, old man,” Banks replied with a little too much enthusiasm, a wolfish grin spreading across his lips.

Chad and Alessandro felt something was slightly off with Banks’s mannerisms but decided to write it off for the time being, nothing dangerous seemed to have happened. Still, Chad knew something was different about him. His tone was not that of his usual son. The words that left Banks’s lips felt more primal to Chad, more dominant and challenging. This was going to be fun. Chad’s new voice had the lacing of charm, he wouldn’t let his son try to dominate him completely. This was Chad’s house, he helped raise that boy. Chad is his daddy.

Alessandro, completely ignoring the battle between the two larger men, felt slightly drowsy after lapping up a hefty amount of Chad’s cum. While the two men were basically having a staring contest, both eyes crackling at each other with their own feral grins, Alessandro rubbed his stomach. He forgot it was a bit bigger than it used to be due to the augment. Giving it a few more rubs, he thought it felt kind of nice. Especially since he had some of Chad’s cum inside of him. He felt warm and fuzzy, loving the older man’s embrace. It was Alessandro’s turn now. He had approached the split spaces as well, but still behind Banks.

With less enthusiasm compared to Banks, Alessandro rolled the prism. Whereas it had much force thrown into it from Banks, like Alessandro’s fatigue, the prism rolled about with half effort. It was already approaching the early hours of 3 a.m. at this point. Both Chad and Banks had seemed unaffected by the time, but it was getting to Alessandro. He was used to going to bed earlier between him and Banks. Seeing that the prism had finished its roll, Alessandro followed behind Banks. His split squares were the colors of blue and white.

Alessandro felt his stomach grumble at the news of hearing that blue card once again. The first time he was worried about what happened to his gut, but now he didn’t really care about its growth. Alessandro didn’t want to get too big, but having some heft wasn’t such a bad thing. Grabbing the blue card first, he read it out loud, welcoming the soon to be augment onto his body, “The Aeon of the Distendent, Guzzlit, grants you a boon of the value of 4.”

Feeling that familiar bubbling in his stomach, Alessandro let out a loud burp. It felt as if he drank so many cans of soda that the extra carbonation was inflating his stomach out further. His growing gut wasn’t flabby by any means, it was sort of firm and growing out to be quite spherical. Each time he felt a small growth spurt to his stomach, Alessandro let out a belch. He couldn’t control himself.

Chad began to rub Alessandro’s inflating stomach, rubbing his palm against the growing round gut in circles, “Is your tummy feeling a little upset cutie? There there, daddy Chad is here for you. Just relax, does this feel good?” Alessandro let out a nod in agreement, and another belch. Chad’s large hand did feel pretty good against his sensitive growing flesh. Although his hand was quite large, it did nothing to cover the expanding gut. It was now official, Alessandro had a larger gut than Chad did. Taking note of his body, Alessandro realized he had a much more bearish look to him. His chest, shoulders, and biceps were still pretty well-built, but the augments to his stomach increasing his heft and hair growth gave him a sexy little bear cub look.

Chad was enjoying the growth happening to the cute little bear cub. So young and adorable, especially with his glassy sleepy eyes. Alessandro’s belches slowly turned into little hiccups as his growth began to slow down and eventually come to a halt. Still remaining in Chad’s lap, the two shared the beanbag. Chad’s hand continued to stroke the grown gut, enjoying how solid and round it felt. It grew so large that it was nearly touching the dining room table in front of them. Chad couldn’t resist but give it a few slaps, enjoying the sound it made.

Alessandro looked down, now unable to see his eight inch cock. His stomach had obscured his view of his cock that he was able to see all his life. Using both his hands, he tried to move his grown gut to try to see his cock and much larger feet, but to no avail, he could not. His stomach had just grown too big.

“I didn’t think I’d love a gut as much as I do right now. You’re even bigger than me, little guy.” Chad smiled, continuing to worship Alessandro’s freshly grown gut. “Don’t forget, you still need to pull your other card. Daddy’s got you, you won’t lose balance.”

Alessandro reached forward, bumping his gut into the table to reach for the white card. “The Aeon of the Acquiescent, Subserveros, grants you a boon with the value of 3,” Alessandro read out lazily. What a precious sleepy little bear cub! Without even knowing it, Alessandro had turned around and begun to nuzzle himself into Chad’s big tits, his lips on one of the tits nipples and began to suck it in comfort.

“Haha, sleepy little guy isn’t he. We should try to wrap this game up soon, Banks. Your friend here is getting tired and I don’t know if he’ll be able to stay up much longer.” Chad continued to rub Alessandro’s head, gently massaging his shoulders.

“All right, little guy, it’s time for my turn. Go on over to your buddy Banks while I roll okay? Be a good little guy for me.” Chad gently pulled Alessandro up to his feet. Alessandro walked over to Banks, planting himself onto his lap now. He made eye contact with Banks, awaiting his orders. Banks thought his friend looked like such a cute little stud right now. He leaned in and began to make out with him, feeling their stubble collide. Banks’s hand found its way to Alessandro’s bubble butt, running up and down the sizable crack. It didn’t take long before he began to poke his larger fingers into his hole. Alessandro began to grind back onto his fingers, whimpering.

“Thanks for taking care of that little obedient boy for me, Banks. Let’s see, looks like I should just accept defeat now. No way am I going to be able to catch up to you both, so I should just accept I am getting last place, huh. Oh well, I guess I should just continue to have fun with it.” Chad let out a hearty laugh, enjoying how the game took a turn tonight. Hand engulfing the prism entirely, he snickered out how tiny it looked in the palm of his hand. How hadn’t he noticed that before? Letting go of the prism, he let it swirl around in the box until it landed.

Chad was still on the side of the board that only held single colored squares, not split ones like Alessandro and Banks. He was, however, getting closer to that mark. For once, it was a higher roll, which would have benefited him rounds ago. Nonetheless, he let bygones be bygones. Chad instantly got giddy, he had landed on one of his favorite spaces of the night, orange. Banks was too busy fingering his buddy to even notice. Chad was ready to give these boys a fun surprise, whatever the value may be.

Quickly grabbing one of the orange cards, Chad purposefully read it out loud quietly. “The Aeon of Spongiosum, Priapi, grants you a boon with a value of 7.” How big was that going to make Chad. Granted, everything about Chad was already really big, he thought his ten inch cock was not really cutting it anymore to be honest. Thankfully, that was about to remedy itself in a short amount of time. Unlike last time, when his cock was soft, this time he was hard. Chad shuddered, feeling as if his cock thrust itself forward, but it didn’t move. An inch thrusted itself outward, then another, and then another. Chad felt his cock involuntarily continue to thrust itself out of his body reeling itself outward while continuing to pump itself up with more blood.

Chad’s hole began to clamp up as he was enjoying the feeling of his growing cock. Each time he thought it was just about over, another light pump and thrust occurred. Moving his giant tits, he noticed each time it pumped and thrust it would either grow thicker in girth or lengthen itself outward a bit longer. This massive cock was not the puny little ten inches that it used to be, this was definitely over a foot long. The mythical footlong cock that only guys fantasize about in porn or falsely write in their bios. No, Chad had the real deal, and then some.

Chad’s monster dong continued to rise and pump more and more until it was climbing up his small gut and reaching the underside of his monstrous tits, so heavy they were slightly sagging downward, nipples extended. While Banks was kissing and sucking on Alessandro’s neck, Alessandro greedily was taking four fingers up his hole. Chad was in need of filling a hole right now. He felt big, extra big, and extra horny.

Using his newfound strength in his muscular thighs, he lifted himself up onto his feet, heels planted and ass jutted outward into a squat position before rising up to his full height. It seemed this was the way he needed to get up from sitting now that he was so heavy on his bottom half. Walking over to the duo, Chad’s giant monster dong bobbed side to side, feeling sensitive to the cool air as he passed by the other chairs. Both boys were still oblivious until Chad hefted his giant cock onto the top of the chair and it fell smack on Banks’s shoulders.

Startled, Banks looked to his shoulder where he felt a crushing weight and noticed the giant sized dong. His balls had grown in size to proportion out the giant cock, but his balls were still nowhere near as large as Banks’s, or especially Alessandro’s. “Read it and weep kiddo, who’s still the big man between the two of us?” Chad smugly chortled.

Banks felt a mix of awe, lust, and jealousy. His father got to have such a monster cock on top of everything else he’s gotten so far from this game? Life wasn’t fair. Banks was going to show that cocky old man who was in charge. Banks needed to show him up sometime soon, his time on the board was coming to an end. Chad already whipped out the tape measurer and strung it across his monster cock, he continued to use Banks’s shoulder to hold it up while he smugly counted.

“Well, lookie here, your old man is no longer sporting a ten inch cock but now a sixteen inch monster cock! That’s almost three times as big as you, isn’t it…boy?” Chad knew that one was challenging Banks, that was going to piss him off. That little tease was something Chad was waiting to do since his cock grew.

Without hesitation, Alessandro, who was still being fingered, jumped his mouth onto Chad’s much larger cock. Although much larger than a bit ago, Alessandro managed to envelop the enlarged cock with his talented mouth. Chad wasn’t ready for the sensations that such a large cock would have over him. I guess the bigger the cock the more sensitive it gets.

Banks rolled his eyes. “All right all right, go show off that dick of yours elsewhere, old man. Now it’s my turn. Let me finish this game once and for all.” Fucking cocky old man thinks he gets to be the one who talks down to him? Banks’s could feel his six inch cock throb, he needed to dominate that old man.

Angrily, Banks reached for the prism and hoped he would at least get a two to finish the game. Perhaps there was a prize for whomever finished first? Not much luck was needed, as Banks had rolled a four, the largest number you could roll on the prism. Banks moved his trailblazer past the final split squares and onto the ending platform. He had won! Sweet victory ran through his veins. He loved the taste of winning. At the end there were a pile of cards, each backed with the logo of the game that they were playing. Wiggling his eyebrows, he reached forth for his prize.

Banks read the card silently to himself: “This is an Aeon Booster card! Upon finishing the game, you may select any Aeon to boost any of your stats. Just think about it, and it will happen. You only get one chance. When ready to activate, start your wish off with ‘Mighty Aeons, bless this trailblazer with the blessing of…’” Oh, this was exactly what Banks needed. He was going to wait until this round was over.

With only two players left on the board, it was now a race to the finish line! Alessandro and Chad’s trailblazers remain, aiming to come into second place, leaving the final player dead last. Alessandro at this point had woken up a little bit, thankfully after resting on Chad and Banks, he was feeling slightly more alert compared to earlier. The early hours of the morning were evident, as the sun kissed through the blinds of the dining room. Still relatively dark, the game should have been over ages ago had it not been for the group of men stopping on multiple occasions to please themselves.

Alessandro only had a bit more to go on the board, so he grabbed the prism and gave it a nice sturdy roll in the box. Gliding across, the prism started to slightly reflect itself against the sun. Finally landing on its side, Alessandro took his trailblazer and steamed ahead. Judging from his position, he’d only need one or two more rolls until he landed beside Banks. Where did the time go? Realizing where his trailblazer landed, he took note the split squares were red and brown. An interesting color combo indeed.

Grabbing the brown card first, Alessandro read, “‘The Aeon of Trichology, Harrisford grants you a boon with the value of 3.’ Not too big then.” Alessandro waited for his augmentation to occur. His scratchy stubble grew scratchier and he felt the hair on his head begin to lengthen a slight bit. He’d definitely need a haircut soon. The wiry hairs on his chest and arms darkened as more hair began to spiral and curl, creating a sexy bush. Speaking of bushes, his pits began to tuft up quite a bit, even with his arms closed.

Now reaching forward for his next card, his first red card was now within his possession. “The Aeon of Mus-Trophy, Massus, grants you a boon with a value of 5.” and just like that, Alessandro’s tribe was solidified. Whereas the muscle group on Banks’s body has grown more defined and shredded with added bulk, Alessandro’s was a bit different. His big ball gut remained the same, if anything remained sturdier. The muscle groups that grew the most on Alessandro’s body were his chest, arms, triceps, and shoulders. If there was any doubt of Alessandro being a bear, they’d be dispelled immediately. His stubble turned into a nice thick beard. Nothing too wild or long, but still relatively tame.

Alessandro rubbed his stubble against Banks neck, cooing for attention once again from the larger man. Banks tried to ignore him, but eventually gave in. Banks rubbed Alessandro’s face, giving his cheeks a little slap, feeling the thickened beard before grabbing his hefty cheeks again. Alessandro’s ass had grown a fine amount of hair in his latest augmentation. Banks couldn’t lie, he enjoyed the new growth of hair on Alessandro’s ass. It felt soft, it’d be fun to grip next time he fucked his brains out.

“Daddy’s turn, boys, let’s see, what else could I possibly get to make me even bigger? What do you think, Banks?” Chad glanced over at his son who was clearly annoyed by his own teasing, but Chad was loving it.

Wanting to get even bigger, Chad was living off the adrenaline of his last roll. He on purpose kept letting it hit different things on the way over to his bean bag. Knocking over and pushing a few card stacks on “accident,” pre-cum stringing itself all over the table. Chad tried to play it off as an accident, but he was loving his new size. Everything about him was so big. He needed to know what the next boon was going to give him. “Lookie here, another pink space. Looks like this pink space loves me! Let’s see, hello my old friend. The Aeon of the Improptu, Randromeda, grants you a random boon. Enjoy!” once again, for the third time, Chad was going to experience an unknown change to himself. Alessandro stopped riding Banks’s fingers and turned around, excited to see what was going to happen to Chad next. Banks feigned annoyance.

“Oh wait, I feel something. Huh….” Chad looked down at his fat tits again. The giant tits resting on the table flexed and twitched, as if they were moving on their own. With a couple pumps, the muscle tits began to plump up and swell just a bit larger. The soft round tits began to tense up, the nipples stiffened and became pointed. As Chad’s tits rose from his chest, growing more taut. They stuck straight out from his chest, nipples like arrows. Chad’s chin was crashing into his giant tits.

“Oh my god, no way! They are actually—!” Chad moaned, unable to bring himself to touch the stiff breasts. He clearly knew what was happening, meanwhile Banks and Alessandro looked confused. “I’m gonna explode, they’re getting so tight!” Chad groaned, his chest lurching up a bit larger, areola becoming puffier. Just like that, both younger guys knew exactly what was happening.

Just as suddenly as the tits rose and stiffened, Chad’s nipples seemed to flap a slight bit, before erupting in a wave of white liquid, torrents shooting from his tits. Chad tried to grab onto both taut tits to try to control the spraying, but he was too late. His giant tits had a mind of their own. His tits began to shoot endless amounts of cream, all over the table and toward the younger guys. Kneading his giant tits, the volleys of milk came in larger then smaller spurts until Chad’s tits began to unstiffen, growing softer once again.

No longer as taut, his giant tits returned to their formerly already large size, the main difference being his areolas were still extra puffy and a stream of milk continued to pour out of his nipples. The entire table was wet with Chad’s milk, an aroma of sweet nectar permeated in the room. There was no doubt that the game was out of surprises for the group. Still, two more trailblazers remained on the board.

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