The reshaping rainstorm

by Godzilla

 Elliot stands in a rainstorm and tries to forget his breakup. The rain helps him out by giving him a bigger and bigger cock to absorb his attention.

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It was a gray chilly night in Chicago, with long dark clouds and whipping winds covering the whole city. All the citizens were rushing home, not a single soul wanting to be left out in the rain that was to follow such ominous weather. No one except Elliot Holmes. The young man sat in the park, uncaring of the rumbles of thunder overhead. Elliot wasn't even wearing a coat, just a light blue button up shirt and a pair of faded jeans. His previous boyfriend, Ian had bought him the shirt and pants, claiming the blue made Elliot look more sophisticated. But Ian was gone, having left the city and hastily breaking Elliot’s heart in the process.

Elliot and Ian had been dating for over 5 months, and Elliot knew he had found a caring and wonderful partner. But all that was in the past now. No storm could be as hurtful or rough as the one within his heart right now. He closed his pale blue eyes, tilted his head back while sitting on the faded green bench. After another deep rumble from above, a cold raindrop smacked against his clean shaven cheek. He just sat there as a cold shower began, each droplet drumming into his face and body. Every time a droplet hit, it made his head reverberate with a name. Ian, Ian, Ian…it whispered to his mind.

Elliot was so sad and so full of woe he failed to notice the park animals had all retreated out of the weather. Even the bugs and frogs had taken shelter. It's as if every living thing in Chicago knew the storm was unnatural and took shelter from it. Elliot sat there, getting wetter and colder with every passing second. He imagined Ian coming out of the rain and laying his coat over his shoulders, taking him home, warming each other by the fireplace.

As his mind wandered to warm lingering memories, his hands reached down and began to gently, mindlessly knead his thighs. His long dark brown hair lay coiled over his shoulder like a silken sheet as he remembered Ian playing with it, running the smooth strands over his lips and neck, cooing like a dove at Elliot. Elliot’s hands began to rub faster, more urgently. He began to grow warmer, his skin heating up, his blood beginning to race at the thought of Ian smiling and kissing him.

He thought of the warm times they had experienced. The sexy nights of darkness and passion, the heat and excitement of pleasuring each other. His eyes still closed, he deftly undid his belt and slid his pants down to his feet, revealing a tight bulge in his dark cerulean boxers. He thought of Ian and him knotted together in lovemaking, hands and mouths tasting and touching without restraint. It had been a good five months for them both.

Elliot realized their relationship had been highly sexual, and his heart ached at not being closer to Ian. Elliot realized he could not hold all his feelings and thoughts for Ian in his heart, or it would surely break. He then decided if his heart was not able to withstand all the memories, then his penis could. The object of Ian's lascivious attentions could hold all the warm and wonderful thoughts and feelings Elliot retained of Ian.

He began to slowly thrust his hips, reacting as if Ian were perched right in front of him. His erection began to throb and grow, as if realizing it had a lot of growing to do. Elliot rubbed and caressed his groin, placing all his Ian fantasies into his cock like a funnel under a faucet tap.

Rain streaming of his lean partially nude body, Eliot felt his boxers burst open as his cock kept swelling and stretching outward, bulging and bloating with love and lust for Ian. he pushed down on himself, forcing the thoughts deeper and harder into the other part of his body, emptying his heart's contents directly into his shaft and balls. He continued to grow unhampered, the rain and thunder acting like background music to this exchange in his body. He moaned from the feeling of the changes happening to him.

When at last his lower body felt like it was about to explode and his heart felt tiny and calm, Elliot opened his eyes. He looked down and gasped quietly. His cock and balls were fully engorged with Ian lust, jutting out from his body and looking bigger than ever. His dark cockhead was the size of a big apple, capping his lengthy 4 foot long shaft. It was as big around as his forearm. His balls hung down to his knees, the soft sac stretched taut to contain his melon sized orbs. He stood carefully up, watching his giant genitals bob and dip due to gravity. Elliot never realized how much he missed Ian.

He reached down and lifted the gleaming cock with his right hand. He then bent his knees and used his other hand to cradle his bloated balls. he then walked quietly, and almost daintily out of the park, making sure not to rub his huge organs lest they erupt with what must be over 3 gallons of seed. Elliot made his way to a local Best Western Hotel, determined to take care of this massive hard on and finally expel his thoughts and feelings for Ian away.


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