The pendant

by Bulge101

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Alex was perfect. He had always been perfect for as long as Griffin Lovett could remember. They had grown up together since they were four. Since then he had watched Alex grow into the most amazing man he knew. He was extremely athletic, played every sport that the school offered and excelled since they were in elementary school. He was kind, selfless and caring to everyone. Griffin and Alex were practically brothers, though thankfully they weren’t because Griffin had had the biggest crush on Alex since the day he turned 18 when everything changed. I guess the easiest way to describe it would be to go back to Alex’s birthday.

Growing up in rural South Carolina had always been a bore for the two boys. There was really nothing to do. Everyone was nosy; keeping a secret was nearly impossible. And for Griffin, who knew that he was gay from a particularly young age, it was pretty difficult. Luckily for him, his family, which just consisted of his father now after his mother’s untimely death, was very accepting when he decided to come out at the age of 13. Griffin had never been with anyone, never had a boyfriend, so his dad had had some time to adjust to this idea over the years. In fact, Griffin had never really found anyone that he particularly liked, but all the same, he knew that he liked boys. This was extremely solidified through his friendship with Alex.

It was Alex’s 18th birthday. As per usual, Alex walked over to Griffin’s house next door. Colin, Griffin’s dad, opened the door.

“Alex! Happy birthday, son! How old are you now? 25?” Colin joked.

“18, Mr. Lovett!” Alex said.

“That’s right,” Colin conceded. “Hey—you know what—you’re actually starting to look a bit older!”

“You just saw me yesterday!” Alex laughed.

Colin’s voice sounded slightly perplexed, “I know. That’s what’s funny. You’re beginning to look more like a man, less like a boy. It happened overnight.”

“Well I hope so. I’m ready to be a man!” Alex’s face beamed.

“Well Happy Birthday. Griffin’s upstairs.”


Alex bounded up the stairs and knocked on Griffin’s door, bursting in before he got a response. Griffin was standing there with his shirt off, obviously getting dressed for the day.

“Oh hello there—” Alex said, feigning a sensual tone.

“Shut up. Happy birthday!” Griffin said, pulling a baggy t-shirt over his skinny frame.

“Dude, you gotta start working out. Now that we’re turning 18, it’s the time to start bulking up. Become men, you know?”

“Not all of us are blessed with great genetics,” Griffin said, walking over and giving Alex a brief hug. “Woah, dude, you’re feeling pretty ripped there.”

“Well I’m 18. I’m a man, now. But seriously, I’ve been waiting to be a man for so long. I mean, I’m sick of this boyishness. I wanna be like—like those guys you look at in your magazines.”

Griffin blushed.

“Dude, it’s no big deal. Those guys are hot. I’d look at them if I were gay.”

“Well whatever. Sooner or later, your hormones will kick in like all those weird educational videos say and you’ll become the Incredible Hulk!” Griffin encouraged.

“Yep. Look at us, bro. Two skinny high schoolers on the verge of becoming men.”

“Well, one of us, at least,” Griffin said, eyeing his tiny body in the mirror on his door.

“You’re not 18 yet. You’ll get there. Well c’mon. Let’s get to the river.”

Alex turned around and started heading out the door. For the first time, Griffin noticed Alex’s ass. He’d never thought of Alex in that way. Sure he was good-looking; I mean, he was perfect. But they had always been like brothers. Griffin looked at Alex’s round ass bulging perfectly out of the seat of his jeans. Had it always been that way? Griffin shook his head. So gay. So so gay. Get a hold of yourself, Griffin. Almost 18 years of pent up sexual fantasies are getting to you.

The river was Alex and Griffin’s secluded place away from the tiny main town. They had been coming here forever. Perfect on a hot day to jump in the river or just hang out away from the stress of the world. Griffin and Alex walked up to the water’s edge.

“So, Birthday Boy, what do you want to do?”

“Hey, I want to show you something!” Alex said. He pulled a necklace out from under the collar of his shirt.

“Look at that bling!”

“Shut up. My grandparents gave it to me for my birthday. They said that it belonged to my dad and that he wanted me to have it. My grandpa said he had it before him.”

“A family heirloom?”

“It’s kind of ugly and tacky, I know. But it’s kind of cool to have something of my dad’s, you know, since I never really knew him.”

“Yeah definitely.” Griffin said, trying to think of what to say. Alex never talked about his family. Griffin knew that it was a sore subject, but he always felt like they connected on this topic because of the fact that he lost his mother too.

“Just wanted to show you that. Now let’s swim!” Alex said, shifting gears abruptly. He pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. Griffin’s eyes grew wide. He was cut. Why hadn’t he noticed that before? Alex had muscles now that he had never had before. He wasn’t like a fitness model or anything. But he had some tone to his abs and his chest. It wasn’t just one flat surface like it was the last time they swam. Maybe it was just Griffin noticing Alex’s body for the first time, like when he noticed his hot ass, or Alex was really becoming a man. Griffin realized he was staring. He quickly pulled off his shirt and got ready to swim.

Swimming in the lake with Alex was one of Griffin’s little pleasures. When it was just the two of them, alone, being boys, hanging out. Today was special because Alex was turning 18 and they were getting ready to go off to college at the end of the year and their friendship, although probably was forever, they wouldn’t see each other every day.

“What else did you get for your birthday?” Griffin asked, paddling around Alex, who was floating on his back.

“Nothing. Nothing but this pendant thing,” Alex said, touching the stone around his neck. When he touched the necklace, a shock radiated throughout his body. “Ouch! What the fuck?”

“What? What happened?” Griffin said, swimming over to Alex, who was now trying to stay afloat.

“This fucking necklace shocked me!”

Griffin reached out and touched the necklace. Zap!

“God! It shocked me too! What the hell?” Griffin shouted.

“What’s wrong with this thing? It’s been kept up in the attic for forever, it’s possessed now. Haha!” Alex said, starting to laugh at how ridiculous this situation was.

“Well should we swim in?” Griffin asked, turning to Alex.

All of a sudden, Alex’s lips were pressed to Griffin’s. Griffin didn’t know what had hit him. He was feeling Alex’s thick bottom lip in his mouth. They were making out! And Alex seemed into it? What was happening? Alex pulled away.

“Woah,” Griffin said, searching for what to say after such an unexpected surprise.

“I can’t –” Alex started; his voice cracked. He coughed and started again, “I can’t believe I just did that!” His voice sounded deeper than before. It was resonant and husky. It sounded older—and sexier.

“What’s up with your voice?”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked, hearing himself speak. “Uhhhh—I gotta go.”

“Alex, wait. Let’s just talk about this!” Griffin said, swimming after Alex, who was heading for the shore quickly.

Griffin chased after Alex. Alex hurriedly put on his shirt; however, he found that he was struggling. His t-shirt felt smaller on his torso. Perhaps it was just tougher because he was all wet, but when he finally got the shirt on, it looked much tighter than it was earlier that day.

“I’ll see you later,” said Alex, in his new rich voice. Alex ran off, leaving Griffin standing on the shore, watching him. As Alex hurried away, Griffin noticed his pants rip slightly down the middle of his seat. Something was happening and he couldn’t explain it. Griffin reached up and touched his lips that, only moments ago, Alex’s soft mouth had enveloped. He noticed his cock getting slightly hard at the memory. He grabbed his things and rushed after Alex, even though he was far in the lead. Running was going to be difficult with this growing hard-on, but he needed to find out what was happening.

Griffin had always been pretty fast. He could usually catch up to Alex when it came to a race, but Alex was so far ahead on the road that Griffin could barely see him. It didn’t help that his mind was spinning and his dick was as hard as steel.

He had never wanted to make-out with Alex before. Not because he was unattractive or anything, but because he had never thought about it. He always wanted the big hunks that pervaded his dirty magazines. The ones with the perfect bulging muscles and the huge dicks. In fact, morphed men were quickly becoming his favorite, but he feared that it might give him unrealistic expectations for when he was with a man—finally. At this point, however, there were no openly gay men in his Podunk town in South Carolina and no one even gave him the time of day because he was so skinny and, in Griffin’s opinion, unattractive.

“Fuck,” Griffin said, as he shifted his dick around inside his pants. He was going to need to jerk off later. His balls were aching for release.

Now Griffin was not small in the size department. He liked to think of himself as slightly above average with a dick size of about 5 inches soft and 7.5 inches hard. Not huge. Not by any means hung from what he had seen, but reasonable. Any guy would be perfectly satisfied with that size, he always had thought to himself. Not Griffin though. He wanted a thick, long piece of cock….one that his hand could barely fit around. Fuck he wanted cock so badly right now. The urge had never been so strong. He needed to calm down and find Alex and make sure he was okay, then he could worry about how fucking horny he was.

Griffin finally hobbled his way back home, hard dick strangled by his pants. He was about to walk up the steps to Alex’s porch when he heard rustling in the bushes, which were more like trees, between his house and Alex’s. He walked quietly around to see what was the matter.

“Alex?” Griffin said cautiously.

Alex slowly turned around to face Griffin. Griffin breathed in deeply at what he saw. Alex had always been a handsome guy. Wavy dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, soft but masculine features, and a toned body. However, whatever was happening with Alex had just amplified his sexiness two-fold. The changes were slight, but somehow made a lot of difference. His face looked more chiseled. His jaw was more pronounced. His shoulders looked broader with thick bulging muscles on top. His pecs had become more defined than this morning. His lats flared out ever so slightly giving him a wider back and a taped v-shaped body. His arms, which Griffin had always thought looked kinda sexy, were bigger. Griffin couldn’t be sure because of the way that Alex was standing, but it looked like he was packing more than usual in his pants.

“I didn’t know where to go,” Alex’s deep voice said. God it was so unbelievably sexy.

“You know you can always come home with me,” Griffin said, trying not to sound too eager.

“How? What’s your dad gonna say? I mean, something’s happening to me—my clothes are ripping off me,” Alex said. Griffin felt his cock stiffen even harder.

“My dad might not even be home. Either way, he’s always in his study anyway,” Griffin said.

“Fine, but we’ll go straight up to your room as fast as we can.”

“Anything for the birthday boy,” Griffin said, attempting to lighten the mood. Alex feigned a smile.

Griffin checked to see if the coast was clear. Then he grabbed Alex by the hand, which felt bigger as well, a little bit rougher and stronger than usual, and led him up the porch, through the door and into the foyer. Alex let go of Griffin’s hand and bounded up the stairs, Griffin following quickly behind. Fuck, Alex’s ass was looking better and better by the second. It was peaking out the top of his swim trunks now and the rip that appeared at the lake was growing more strained. The two boys ran into Griffin’s room and breathed a sigh of relief.

“What the fuck is happening to me, Griffin?” Alex said, pacing the room. Griffin couldn’t stop watching his ass bob up and down with every step and his bulge look riper and riper. “Griff?”

“Yeah? Fuck, man, I don’t know. I mean, I’m still trying to figure it out myself.”

“I mean, listen to my voice. It’s so deep. I thought I had already gone through puberty! And my body? I mean, I’m not gonna lie, I feel really good, but I don’t know what is going on. And I feel weird—like horny, or something.”

Griffin gulped hard.

“And what the fuck was that kiss back there? I’m straight. I always have been. I like girls. And boobs! I love boobs—” Alex said, almost convincingly. He paused and sighed, “But all I want to do is—”

He walked up to Griffin and grabbed his face. Griffin’s cock stiffened even harder. Their lips locked perfectly together. Alex must’ve gotten taller in the last day because he had to stoop to reach Griffin’s mouth. But it was perfect. Shocks surged through their bodies just like at the lake, but slightly, sensually, like static electricity. Alex shoved his tongue in Griffin’s mouth. They were making out and fuck, Griffin didn’t want it to end. Griffin ran his hands all over Alex’s bare torso, feeling the where his new muscles were bulging. He could feel Alex’s heart pounding in his chest.


Alex’s trunks ripped all the way down the back and fell around his ankles. Griffin reached down and grabbed Alex’s thick, muscled bubble butt. Yes! What a fucking hot ass! Alex groaned. This felt so right. Griffin let his hand wander to the front of Alex’s body and touch his cock. Holy shit—it was not the same cock that Griffin had seen at the urinal and on camping trips growing up. This was a thick hose. Alex had always had an average dick, about 4 inches flaccid and 6 inches hard. Griffin had felt proud that he was bigger in that department, but he didn’t really care at this point now that Alex was becoming his muscle hunk.

“Alex!” Griffin shouted.

“What?” Alex said, surprised.

“Your dick—is fucking HUGE!” Griffin yelled.

Alex broke apart from Griffin and looked down at his massive member. His mouth dropped. A smile of disbelief crept across his face. He reached down with his thick hands and grabbed his dick. It felt heavy in his hands, still only slightly chubbed. He let it fall down. It swung back and forth and slapped his thighs. “Holy shit! What the fuck?!?! Look at this! Oh my god—”

“It’s massive—” Griffin reiterated, his mouth watering.

“When did this happen? Fuck. I’ve never been big before. Haha!” He laughed in elation. “Do you have a ruler?”

Griffin smiled. He ran to his bed and lifted up the mattress. He always kept a ruler there just in case his dick grew a little bit. It was obsessive, he knew that, but you never know.

“You measure it,” Alex said, smiling.


Griffin kneeled down and lifted up his friends cock. “Oooh—heavy.”

“I know, right?!?!” Alex exclaimed.

Griffin laid the ruler across Alex’s dick. It was bigger than 6 inches, Alex’s previous hard measurement—it had grown past 7—past 8—past 9 “

“Fuck,” Griffin murmured.


“You’re 10 and a half inches—soft,” Griffin said, taking another deep gulp.

“Fuck—” Alex said, still in disbelief. His body was feeling so good. So horny. “How big is it hard?”

Griffin looked up into Alex’s stunning blue eyes. Griffin smiled knowingly.

Griffin couldn’t believe what he was about to do, but staring up into Alex’s eyes he knew that he couldn’t help it. His mouth was salivating at the thought of taking in that beautiful, thick cock. Fuck, it almost tingled with anticipation. Griffin set down the measuring tape and lifted up Alex’s dick. It was heavy. Much heavier than he had imagined it to be. Even though Griffin had never sucked a dick before, let alone a dick of this magnitude, he felt compelled to try. He opened his mouth first took the thick mushroom head into his mouth, rolling it around on his tongue. The tip of his tongue glided around the pronounced ridges of Alex’s cock. “Mmmmmfff,” Alex groaned, appreciatively. Griffin opened his mouth wider to let more of it slide down his tongue.

As Alex’s cock began to get harder, Griffin’s young mind was flooded with the idea that his friend might become like the morphed pictures he had hidden away on his laptop hard-drive. The men with thick pec muscles that hang like a shelf over their super cut, bulging ten-pack abs. The glorious Adonis belt that slopes down over their hips and holds up an extraordinarily monstrous cock, which drapes down over two grapefruit-sized balls. Thick legs and a thick, taut, round ass. Images flashed through his mind as he took Alex’s cock deeper and deeper.


“Ouch! What the fuck?” Alex said.

“Fuck! What was that?” Griffin said, sliding his mouth off of Alex’s beautiful dick.

“Dude, did you shock me?”

“I guess so! I felt the same thing! Do you want me to stop?” Griffin asked, seriously hoping the answer would be no.

“Are you kidding me? I have never felt so good. But that was weird. It kinda makes me feel a little hornier. You’ve gotta keep sucking my dick!”

“Anything for the birthday boy,” Griffin said obligingly.

He opened his mouth and wrapped it around Alex’s monster meat. Strangely it felt thicker than it had before. Griffin ignored it and chocked it up to Alex being even super horny. His mouth slurped and sucked Alex off, but it was becoming a little harder to do. He felt Alex’s dick push farther back in his throat and responded by grabbing on to Alex’s ass. Griffin’s fingers dug into the smooth cheeks of Alex’s bubble butt. They felt fuller to his touch.

Finally, Griffin began to feel Alex’s dick push against the back of his throat and found that his mouth needed to open much wider than it had before. Cock pushed against the corners of Griffin’s spread lips. Alex groaned deeply. His voice was so deep and masculine. Alex and Griffin felt sparks flit around his giant cock. They didn’t hurt, but rather heightened the pleasure.

Fuck. He’s getting really big, thought Griffin to himself as he started to slide the cock out of his mouth. What if this morning wasn’t the end of his growth spurt? What if he keeps growing. Griffin grew rock hard at the thought. More images of morphed men flashed through his mind.

Griffin slid his mouth to the head of Alex’s cock and found that it was now taking up his whole mouth. He needed to stretch his jaw to not scrape his teeth against Alex’s dick.

“Griff? How—mmmmf—how big is it?” Alex said, moaning.

Griffin popped Alex’s member out of his mouth with a thick slurp of saliva. He carefully laid the measuring tape across the top of his wide dick. Alex must be a grower, not a shower, because his dick looked as though it had increased exponentially.

“Fuck. me.” Griffin said involuntarily as he saw the tape measure land at 17 inches hard. He looked up into Alex’s shockingly blue eyes. “You’re 17 inches—fuckin’ huge.” Griffin looked back at the measuring tape because he still couldn’t believe that he’d been sucking on that thing—wait, he’d had nearly the whole thing in his mouth. How was that possible? Looking at the numbers on the tape, he saw that he made an error in the measurement. “Oh. Wait, I made a mistake. You’re 17 and a HALF inches huge.” Griffin licked his lips with the thought of that beautiful huge cock. He looked at the tape. Alex’s cock began to move up the measuring tape ever so slightly more. He passed 18 inches and then moved on to 18.5 inches and was approaching 19. All the while, Griffin’s cock was raging hard, aching to be released. He could cum just watching Alex’s transformation. He had his very own morphed man standing right in front of him—no, morphing right i!

n front of him. He couldn’t believe what was happening!

“Holy shit. Fuck! I feel so good. God. Mmmmm,” Alex said. He involuntarily reached down a thick, veiny hand and began to stroke along the length his thick cock, which responded by getting harder. Griffin noticed that his hand couldn’t reach around the dick. “I wanna be big, dude. Fuck. I gotta be big.”

“You’re already huge, man. You’re massive!”

Alex closed his eyes in ecstasy as he kept repeating, “I wanna be a big boy, Griff. I wanna be a big boy, for you.” At that, Griffin’s cock got even harder.

“How big do you want to be?” Griffin asked, cautiously, not really wanting to break Alex from the trance he was clearly in.

“However big you want me to be. I want you to make me big, Griff.”

Griffin felt sparks, like the ones he felt in his mouth, radiate from the head of his cock. Fuck, he needed Alex now. He needed that ass in a way he had never needed anything before. Alex moaned, his head rolling back in pleasure as he stroked the massive dick protruding and now growing from his pelvis. “Oooooh godddd, I need you, Griff. I need you to fuck me now!”

Griffin wasted no time. He stood up and wrapped his arms around Alex’s broadening frame. He pressed his body against Alex’s and planted a deep, passionate kiss on Alex’s mouth. Alex’s cock was leaking pre-cum between them and beginning to soak Griffin’s shirt. Why was he still wearing a shirt anyway? he thought. As if reading Griffin’s mind, Alex put his two hands on the collar of Griffin’s t-shirt and tore it straight down the middle. His biceps bulged and looked like they pumped even bigger. Griffin did the honors with his pants, taking both his underwear and pants down at the same time, revealing his own nicely sized cock, though paltry in comparison to Alex’s monster organ.

“Fuck me, Griff. I’ve never needed someone so badly. You need to take my ass! Now!”

Griffin turned Alex around and bent him over. Holy fuck, that ass was perfect. Two thick, round globes of muscle perfectly primed for plowing. He noticed the amazing stretch Alex’s newly grown thighs were getting. If it had been possible for Griffin to fuck every inch of Alex’s body, he would have. Griffin’s dick was raging hard. Griffin had never done this before. He didn’t even know the first thing about how to do it. ZAP! His cock felt a massive spark of electricity and his hips were propelled forward in between Alex’s beautifully muscled cheeks.

“YES! Fuck me!” Alex screamed as if he was finally beginning to receive satisfaction.

As if possessed by some force, Griffin rocked his hips back and forth, driving his cock deep into Alex’s bubble butt. Fuck this felt so good. “Oh my god, mmmmmmm,” Griffin moaned involuntarily. This is what he had always dreamed about: fucking a giant muscle stud. But it wasn’t just some stud—it was Alex. It was his best friend. His fucking sexy, straight (guess not—) best friend!

“Make me big!” Alex screamed. “I want to be so big for you! I want to be a big boy!”

What? What did that mean? Images of all the massive muscle butts Griffin had ever pored over on his computer were flying through his mind’s eyes. Slowly he felt Alex’s ass tighten around his dick. Fuck, it felt good. Alex rolled his ass on and off of Griffin’s hard dick. It was the most perfect feeling in the world. Griffin reached his hands down to grab on. Gradually Alex’s ass became more and more full of thick, smooth muscle. Holy shit! He was growing his friend. He was doing it! But how? Fuck it. He didn’t care how right now as he was about to blow his load into his best friend’s fucking sexy ass.

“YES!!” Alex yelled in pleasure. “Oh god!”

“I’m—I’m—gonna,” Griffin started.

“CUM!” Alex finished as he proceeded to—finish. Cum blew out of both of their cocks simultaneously. Griffin’s dick shot out a normal amount, maybe a little bit more than average based on how long he waited to blow his load, whereas Alex’s cock practically covered the walls. Massive globs of cum volleyed from his cock. Griffin fell over and rested his body on Alex’s broad back, which Griffin guessed Alex’s whole body must’ve grown along with his perfect ass because it was certainly bigger than before.

“Oh god—oh fuck—”Alex said, breathing heavily.

Griffin pulled out. Alex’s lats flared out with every heaving breath. Slowly he stood up to his full height. Holy shit. He was massive. He must’ve been a good 7 and a half feet tall. He turned around and reached down. He lifted Griffin slightly off the ground. Griffin felt and watched Alex’s whole upper body expand. He pressed an exhausted kiss against his lips. There was another spark.

“That’s some growth spurt I had today,” Alex said, his bright smile gleaming.

“Happy Birthday.”

“And it’s only barely begun,” Alex said, setting Griffin back down on the floor. And boy was he right.

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