The package from fantasies realized

by RdyRoger

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The box was in a standard overnight delivery box. It was addressed to me-Johnny Potter. I couldn’t really see why I shouldn’t open it- even though I didn’t recognize the return address. Fantasies Realized something or other. Out of state.

It was very lightweight. I opened it and it was empty. Except for a simple packing list addressed to me, some esoteric code and listing 1 package, prepaid. And the catalog and postcard adverts you regularly get whenever you mail order. Looked like a toy catalog- uhh… a sex toy catalog.

The paper with the packing list said thank you for your order, we hope you will enjoy the Super Package that you have ordered. There was the usual blah blah blah and stuff… but the box was definitely empty. I reached all the way in and felt around to see if there was anything I missed.

I’m a pretty honest guy. And even though this was marked prepaid… I called the 800 number. A nice young guy answered the phone, “Fantasies Realized!”

“Hi, I received something from your company but it wasn’t in the box.”

“really? I’m so sorry sir what did you order?”

“Nothing… I received an empty box and a packing list addressed to me and it was marked prepaid but there was nothing in the box but your catalogs and stuff.”


“Yes, really. Look, I just want to make sure you know you sent something to the wrong person and the box arrived empty. I don’t want someone accusing me of stealing the contents.”

“Oh sir I’m so sorry. No no no this must be a mistake.—What was the number on that invoice? ”

So I read off the number… why do they have so many darned numbers? I guess a lot of people buy porn.

“Mr. Johnny Potter?”

“that’s me. Or one of me anyway. Could it be some other Johnny Potter?”

He read off my L.A. work address. “yes, but I still didn’t order anything, pay for anything, and the box is empty and I’m not paying for anything.”

“oh sir I am so sorry. I think there must be a mistake on our end- its just so… unusual. It looks like the order was filled.”

“Well, was it expensive?”

“ I really can’t discuss value that’s so… subjective on something like this. But I’m noting the account- I can promise you that you’re not responsible for any payment. Thank you for the call… is there anything else I can help you with today?”

“Oh, no, thanks… I just wanted to make sure some other guy didn’t miss out on whatever he ordered.”

“I’ll make sure of it sir. That’s really kind of you to take you time like this. I’ll send along a free gift and our new catalog.”

“Well, I don’t really want anything….!”

“I insist on it sir, for your time.”

“well then mail it to my home address and not my work address okay?”

I gave him that and stashed the catalog and paperwork in my briefcase. I wasn’t throwing away a sex catalog in the work trash. Even if I do work at a film studio.

TGIWF. Friday… at least the weekend was coming up!

I spent the afternoon doing billing and snuck out the gate early. Okay, everyone leaves early on Friday. Hollywood, you know?

When I got home I looked at the sky… great early summer weather. I suddenly decided to go blading at the beach tomorrow. I hadn’t been in the longest time. I suddenly really wanted to go to the beach. I went out and bought a new outfit to wear in the morning.

I hit the hay early. I woke with the early sun coming up. Unusual for me. I showered and pulled on my new square cut boxer briefs and workout shorts/trunks and grabbed a t shirt and my blades and headed out the door… where I found another package from Fantasies Realized on the porch. Who delivered mail at 7am on Saturday? I tossed the box on the bed with the largish heavy catalog. I’d look at the “gift” later.

I drove down to Santa Monica Beach… well, blocks away, and put on my blades and bladed the 5 blocks down to the beach. It was a great day. I felt good. I looked good in my new outfit and that made me feel good.

There were a lot of hotties on the beach… bodybuilders, young twinks, metro sexuals and young executives. I looked at them and they even looked at me. It was a good day.

I felt a bit.. well, you know, constrained with the new briefs and the trunks and blading and all. Maybe they were a bit tight. I felt a bit heavy with my balls in my package as I swayed back and forth as I bladed. I stopped for a soda and a slice of pizza and made it to the closest unoccupied table without spilling the drink and sat down and … as I was taking my first sip of the soda a voice interrupted me.

“Can I share your table?” a pleasant voice asked. I waved to the empty chair across from me and another rollerblader sat down with the identical drink and soda combo. He was gorgeous! wow. Brunette and blue and tan and muscley and killer smile with dimples.

Gorgeous looked me over. He looked me over again. “ummm… Hi! I’m Jake. Great day!”

“Yeah, no June gloom—I hope it lasts the weekend.”

“Definitely. I want to get some sun… ”

“I’m Johnny.”

“Great to meet you.” Jake looked me over again. “Really Great to meet you.”

It was almost uncomfortable… the way he kept looking me over. He looked at my… he was looking at my crotch and then he looked up and saw that I was looking at him looking and he blushed. I looked down, breaking eye contact. Well, that was it. My trunks had bunched up and it looked… well, it looked like I had something really going on there. I tried to smooth them and pull down the hem but that just made things look worse.

Jake looked up at me again. He … oh, he thought I was showing off. He blushed. I smiled. Why I wasn’t sure but I suddenly felt very confident. In front of Jake. A handsome—very handsome… sexy dreamboat… sort of man.

We skated a bit and he followed me to my car. He got in beside me and we started making out. I felt his warm smooth skin and the bulging muscles of his pecs. He reached down and grabbed my crotch bulge..

“Oh man,” he said. “Wow.”

I could feel myself getting hard… hot and horny. I felt great and like I was a teenager again.

“I just have to…!” he said and he bent down to my crotch. I leaned back and he pulled down my trunks and I felt him grab my cock and heft it in his hands. Odd that he was such a hunk and had such small hands.

“Damn you are a fucking horse!!!” he reached down and lifted my scrotum in his hands and cupped one of my balls in the palm of his hand. “And a bull!!!”

I could feel my cock becoming completely erect. His lips were on my cockhead…

I felt really hard. “Oh my God” he said. I was so hot I could feel myself starting to leak…

I looked down. I felt like I was in a dream. My cock was enormous. 14” if it was an inch. Beer can thick. Oozing a river of precum. My balls were enormous- humongous. I must be hallucinating… sunstroke… but it was amazing and hot and Jake’s lips were on my cock and he started to swallow as much of it as he could and it felt like heaven and my lust rose and rose and it was unstoppable.

He deep throated me for as long as he could and I had terrific stamina… each time I felt like I was going to cum my lust just became more overpowering. He paused and took a breath and looked up at me and I looked at his handsome lusty face and that was it… I started to cum. I couldn’t speak a word of warning, it overwhelmed me. My first shot splatted on Jake’s face. He looked stunned. I came and came, shooting all over his face. He licked my cock and moaned in ecstasy.

Finally the blowjob was over. Jake had shot his load, and he leaned back and sighed with satisfaction. He kept gripping my huge cock, even as it softened. He exclaimed over and over… “You are so FUCKING huge hung!!”

“I have never seen a cock on a guy like yours. And your humongous balls!!”

“So fucking HOT!”

My cock was huge.. even softening it was 11”… finally stopped at about 9”…still hugely thick… and I still had the huge nuts between my legs. And I was still horny and wanted to go again.

While I could still think I looked at my huge cock. Finally I touched it, lifted it. It was HEAVY. So were my nuts. Huge, big, heavy nuts. Finally I stuffed my junk back into my boardshorts. It make a huge bulge. Jake told me he wanted to see me again. I agreed to meet him on Sunday and we exchanged numbers. I needed some time to think!

I drove home, my bulging shorts throbbing between my legs.

When I got home I paced and thought. Then I remembered Fantasies Realized. I grabbed the box from the sofa where I’d tossed it this morning. I opened it and reached inside. It was empty. I looked at the label. Same as the one I’d gotten Friday, pretty much. I opened the packing slip and it read “Super Package Ultra Mod… Free Gift.”

That didn’t make any sense to me. Except… Super Package…?

I grabbed the catalog and looked it over. There were pages and pages in it… There was a section for gay men. Thing were varied in price from 99 cents to about $900 dollars.

And there was a same day delivery service.

I got Jake’s address from his card and looked up the catalog for muscle. Okay, so I’m a muscle freak. Love the big guys. There was a SuperMuscle Ultra Mod listed for $30 with $1 same day delivery. I called the company and ordered the SuperMuscle Ultra Mod and had it sent to Jake. It was listed as an exaggerated Extra Heavyweight Bodybuilder, permanent competition status ripped and vascular. Well it sounded good to me.

I waited a few minutes and called Jake. “Hey wanted to say it was great to meet you. ”

“Yeah… You are… AMAZING!”

“Thanks, you too… Very very hot guy!”

“Check on your doorstep… I had a package sent.”

I heard him walk to the door and open it.

“Wow, that was fast. What is it?”

“Open it up, Muscle stud!”

I could hear him fumbling with the Box.

“It’s Empty.”

“Did you reach in and check the bottom? It might be stuck in the box flaps.”

I heard him grope around the box for a second.

“Nope its empty.”

“Sorry… don’t know what could have happened!!”

“Hey its okay its the thought that counts… and I got my present in your car!”

“Well I feel bad… Come over tonight and I’ll make it up to you??”


While I waited for our evening date I read the catalog through.. I ordered a few things for myself… Excellent physical specimen (tm) and also the Hot Handsome Cute and Sexy party(tm) mod.

The package arrived in moments and I made sure to reach in and around and try and make sure I got it all. I waited for Jake. I checked in the mirror and I seemed the same. Still hung. I jerked off once for fun. Damn this is a great Cock!!

Finally the doorbell rang. I opened it and there was cute hot Jake and he kissed me and was feeling my cock already. What a Size Queen!!! I loved it.

“You horndog… hard for me already??”

Well, I was a horndog but I wasn’t hard yet. Although the boardshorts felt constricting. Wait a minute. The BOARDSHORTS were constricting? What was going on??

I suddenly thought about that “free gift” Super Package Ultra Mod.

I looked down. My cock was HUGE. When did it happen?? Even through the Boardshorts it was almost as long SOFT as it had been HARD in my car earlier.

I pulled down my shorts and my junk spilled out and out and out… arching out soft 13” and thick as a beercan and huge balls.. softball sized!!!!

Jake was already on his knees worshipping my huge meat as it grew hard. MASSIVELY HUGE and Rock Hard. I looked down and he seemed different. I blinked and he was different… His shoulders were massive. I glanced at my growing meat and when I looked up again he was much bigger. His arms were HUGE. And he was having to bend down to reach my Cock. Even on his knees. He was bigger. I blinked a few more times and suddenly it was done. Jake was a HUGE HUGE BODYBUILDER. And he didn’t even seem to know it. I reached out and felt his massive delts. I could feel him swallow my enormous meat. How was that even possible? I looked down and saw his massive legs and Enormous Muscle Butt. I wanted to fuck that… I would tonight I knew.

Jake looked up at me with longing and submission in his eyes.

“Take it! Suck my huge meat!” I told him. He moaned around my cock and nodded eagerly, sucking hard.

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