The origin of Jesiah

by Jesiah

The Universe decides to indulge the naive, youthful sexual fantasies of a mid-30s computer engineer with a very ordinary physique, and in so doing, throw a large boner in the otherwise generally harmonious workings of reality.

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The sun rose across the wide sparsely treed plateau. Fresh morning dew in the mountain air still clinging to the underside of what scant foliage protruded in small shrubbery scattered upon rocky, pot-holed and otherwise barren brown landscape.

It was Jesiah's first camping trip. He had grown weary of the hustle and bussle of the city, set out upon weekend to bathe in the unadulterated peace of nature; free of work, money, neighbours and other civilised concerns. Despite his rookie ignorance of such escape, he was a creative, free spirit and quick of wit. These were his strengths.

Only of average height, Jesiah weighed in at just 110 pounds. His mid-30s torso was boney and significantly unimpressive for a man of his years. Though he stood most confident regardless. Despite being far from an adonis, his dick engorged was slightly above average, but by no means small. All in proportion you might say. And his figure was capped with cropped blonde hair and the deepest of blue eyes.

Aside from physique and creative spirit, Jesiah had a keen interest in philosophy, and a grasp of the intended meaning of much ancient wisdom that some might have noted as apparently beyond his years.

It is an under appreciated fact that the universe is often quite an absurd, albeit wondrous place. Every so often, reality brings into being a manifestation to push the boundaries a bit further and twist the possibilities a little more toward the bizarre. A manifestation sufficient to upset the balance for a while and keep things interesting. Currently unbeknownst to Jesiah, today was just such a day.

Breakfast was a tin of baked beans and toast, prepared lovingly over campfire of which he was most proud. Another first. He listened as birds squawked in the distance, perhaps signalling to their flock of their own breakfast intentions he mused.

After breakfast Jesiah quickly packed up his things for a day of hiking. There was a rocky ridge in the distance, maybe an hour away. Wasting no time, he set upon foot with the sun still low in sky. The day would yet grow significantly hotter, even atop high mountain plateau.

Making good pace, Jesiah began casual ascent upon gentle incline of rocky ridge. Though far from physically fit, he was enjoying the physical and mental challenge. It was different from his usual activities toiling at glowing computer terminal. About a half way up, he stumbled and slid sideways. Fortunately he slid only a few feet, but in so doing, acquired a nasty gash on his shin.

Perched upon rocky ridge, nestled amongst boulders and spinifex grass, native to the Australian outback, a glint in the corner of his eye grabbed his attention. Finishing the cleaning and bandage of his leg, he turned toward shiny object and reached out to lay hand upon a cool hard object. Dusting the dirt from it's surface, he discovered it the lid of a box. Curiosity growing, he scraped for a few minutes with his fingers until the box was exposed from the ground beneath. Prising lid with breakfast implements, the lid sprang open.

A surprise to be sure. The box was mostly dark and empty, save for one brightly coloured piece of fabric. He held contents up only to discover as it unfurled in hand, what appeared to be none other than a pair of red briefs—underpants. A quizical look upon face, he stroked the fabric with a stray finger, feeling it to be smooth and somewhat silky to the touch. The fabric somewhat luminous in sun, was not quite matte either. What a peculiar find. Pondering strange garment, something began to stir closer to ground.

It was his dick which now drew attention, which was perhaps unsurprising. Jesiah had always had a thing for tightly fitted underwear, such as might be worn in the gym, out running or on a competition swimmer, though arguably, such underwear held far greater appeal upon more muscled form than his. He was starting to harden, just a little at the touch of the mysterious garment found buried in the middle of nowhere.

Looking around, as expected he found only the wind, sun and wide-open landscape as company, with no end in sight. Once again, as you might imagine, curiosity took over. Stripping quickly yet calmly, so as not to fully rouse the serpent within his trousers, he was soon stark naked and enjoying the tingle of breeze and sun upon skin. He slipped his fingers into the sides of the red jocks and slid them up to just below waist. Tucking himself in, he moved both sides up to ride comfortably around waist and gaze down upon protruding and slowly expanding bulge, accentuated by stretchy and tight fitting underwear.

At first, he was taken only by the feel of the soft stretchy material against his manhood. Balls nestled into silken pouch, cock riding atop and pointing down and to the left slightly. As his dick continued to harden, he felt his heart-rate rise and the catch of fabric against foreskin. His skin gently rolling back now with each pulse that steadily filled now engorged member, revealing sensitive glans to glorious red confinement. He let out a small gasp and with right hand, cupped and drew fingers once upon now tingling cock head.

As he did so, the skin of his cock and balls became suddenly more noticeable. It was slight at first, but tingling, like that of a pleasant itch grew and yet again peeked curiosity.

He looked up and into the distance for a moment, realising the bizarre nature of his present situation. It would have been a very strange sight to anyone who was beholden to it from below the rocks, though there was still no one. A thin young man, stark naked save for a pair of tight and very stuffed red spandex jocks, outline of virile member pushing outward and clearly visible, perched atop rocky outcrop with a bandaged leg. Jesiah chuckled to himself and again turned his attention downward.

As he did so, the tingling spread from his groin down his legs and up his torso. It grew more intense and for a moment, a thoughts flickered through mind almost too awful to give light. Yet he was gripped by rising pleasure and any momentary anxiety quickly evaporating as skin of chest and leg began to stretch, bulging gradually outward, not disproportionately but still a tight fit to the muscle beneath. Muscle! Like he had never seen it upon his own form before. He was growing and as he gazed upon his swollen crotch, hand on stomach, pecs now ballooning to proportions now only of his dreams, he realised he was getting somewhat taller too. Incredible!

Jesiah pinched himself as if expecting to wake from a dream. No, it was real. His growth slowed and thick blonde hair sprouted across chest. He had always had hairy arms and legs, but never much upon chest. As growth came to a halt, he stood now a behemoth, at just over 7' strong and hairy. His strange underpants had apparently stretched out to accomodate his new size. And it wasn't just his torso, legs and feet that had grown. Cupping bulge, somewhat in shock he found himself now struggling to reach fingers around the gargantuan and weighted mound that hung so powerful a sight, within tight embrace of hot erotic underwear.

It was not out of proportion with his new size, but quite a protuberance to be certain. He pulled elastic of waistband away from abdomen to reveal engorged, albeit squashed member, now some 10 inches perhaps, coiled down and back up so it's head threatened to poke above elastic. A few drops of pre-cum atop head, and leaking into silken embrace of hot red super briefs.

He lowered fabric and let cock spring forth into open air and began to stroke. Slowly at first to savour sensation, but soon overwhelmed by desire, building to a crescendo within a couple of minutes. He felt his now 15 inch, thick and veiny monster swell and harden a further inch to impossible proportions as the tingle of opening plumbing reached new highs and now heavy cum-laden orbs drew up beside thick, vascular thighs. All highlighted by contrast of pale hairy skin against brightly coloured red pouch. Eons passed and muscles contorted, an almighty roar echoed across wide expanse. Birds took to flight. A thick stream of white hot, milky super jizz pumped at high velocity, like a water cannon into the crisp morning air, showering an unsuspecting march of ants on the rocks several feet in front and below. The eruption and powerful pumping waves lasted for almost a minute, seemingly without significantly emptying still swollen ballsack.

What a ride. What a morning to be sure!

Cock dripping, Jesiah tucked his still swollen and somewhat throbbing monster cock back into his underwear and drew deep breaths.

"G'day mate! That was fucking incredible!" a gruff voice pierced his solitude and head spun around to be greeted by the wide grin of a lightly stubbled, stocky young man.

The edges of a small slick patch of deep red crept into view on the front of Jesiah's underwear. It looked like he might have had a grapefruit and a banana stuffed down his jocks. From a distance, the aura of a seismic orgasm shone around the proud specimen of manhood, every sinew complemented by the contrast between the bulging red jocks and his pale now glistening skin. The sun completely illuminated this artistic marvel, completing the picture.

A few moments passed before Jesiah replied to the stranger's startling appearance. Unperturbed by surprise and finding a certain boldness of nature only befitting a man of such incredible stature, he finally returned the stranger's greeting,

"Thaanks maate!" Drawing the words out in a typical Aussie way for playful effect, he continued, "Where'd you come from?—I mean, we're not exactly in the middle of town here ay?"

With a chuckle, the stranger smiled, "Nah, true mate. Well I guess I had the same idea as you. Seems we've crossed paths by accident."

The stranger had a distinctly New Zealander accent, that much was now obvious.

"Well how about I put some clothes on and what say you join me in a bit for some lunch? There's a creek a short walk from here, over this crest." Jesiah gestured over his shoulder with his thumb.

"Sounds like a plan brother, but don't worry about the clothes. I'm liking the view down here!" grinned the stranger, "Oh brother! Forgive me, with the show you were putting on and all—name's Tyson."

"Jesiah, great to meet you brother, now get on up here," With pleasantries exchanged, Jesiah turned and gathered his things whilst Tyson scaled the rocks below. As per Tyson's request, he left his clothes off. It was a warm in the sun, and he was quite enjoying his strange new and incredibly sensual underwear. Although he found himself wondering about exactly how and what had happened. Questions for later on, perhaps a friendly discussion over lunch?

After walking for about half an hour, the sun high overhead, both men were of same mind. Upon reaching the small creek, little more than a metre-wide trickle in amongst some rocks, they plopped down in the shade of a large gum tree, one of a small isolated clump. The ground, though still fairly sparse was more wooded on the ridge, the soil less sandy and a deeper brown.

Jesiah sat facing Tyson, crotch on display, right-leg splayed out and bent at the knee, to give his new pal a bit of a show. As he did, he caught a glimpse of something shiny on the Tyson's right hand. It was a small silver ring. Tyson caught the direction of his glance but didn't stay anything. Both men sat in silence for a few minutes, digging into some food both had earlier prepared. Tyson occasionally steeling glances at the still large red mound in the others crotch. It still looked slightly moist, despite the walk and the heat of the day. Tyson's heart skipped a beat and picked up ever so slightly at the observation.

"So, that was quite a display I saw earlier," started Tyson.

"How much did you see? I mean—" began the reply. Tyson interrupted,

"Did I see you grow you mean?" he continued, "Sure I did. I guess you're probably wondering how I can be so casual about it?"

Jesiah just made a small nod with his chin, his gaze fixed without emotion upon the other man. Tyson continued,

"It just so happens brother, that I've seen such things before. Not exactly, but weird shit like that. If I'm not mistaken, those jocks of yours have something about them, besides the incredible mound they're still sporting," both grinned, "I have something of my own," Tyson held his ringed finger up, "Though the effects are not in the same league."

Tyson retrieved a now empty soda can from his backpack and held it up. A few moments passed. Jesiah thought he glimpsed a momentary spark of the light in the ring, the can appeared to vibrate slightly and then all but disappeared. Tyson held out his palm for inspection. Slightly astonished, Jesiah gapped as he saw the can, now apparently miniaturised in the palm of the other's hand, he drew the hand closer for closer look. Yup, it was miniaturised for sure. He could hardly make out the writing on the tiny soda can.

"Wow," exclaimed Jesiah, "Some trick."

Tyson bobbed and inched across the rocky ground until his face was only a foot or so from the other's bulging crotch. Jesiah's pulse quickened. A small drop appeared on the damp spot before spreading back into the surrounding fabric. They locked eyes and Tyson moved in to plant a kiss on the rapidly engorging monster head, still sheathed, outline and ridge becoming more prominent beneath the thin red stretchy skin. He moved his ringed hand to run it along the top of the monster sausage and gazed up once more at Jesaih, whose pulse once again quickened at sight of the fingers—and the bizarre ring. He could make out the feel of the hard metal band as it caressed the length of his throbbing shaft and Tyson worked his tongue and lips around the head, nuzzling the underside and the routinely spasming, oozing cock slit. A small moan escaped from the hunky bulging stud as his manhood was further aroused and balls jostled expectantly.

Tyson met Jesiah's gaze one last time. Jesiah was deep in advancing sexual trance, a prisoner to his own erotic urges. Tyson went to work on the spandex clad monster, the head sliding upward and around slightly against the inside of now slick wet super jocks. The knowledge of his own superhuman manly transformation only hours earlier and the deepest pleasure of his well lubricated cock juxtaposed against a malevolent idea whose presence was felt at the periphery of consciousness but whose content would not willingly reveal at this point of arousal.

With some difficulty, Tyson managed to stuff the head of the bulging man meat in his mouth and then some, tugging and sucking, tongue darting and kneading the other man's exposed and vulnerable flesh, given no protection from the pleasurable onslaught save a thin layer of some strange sexy and apparently super-powered underpants. Jesiah's dick mushroomed and began to harden like rock. Veins bulged visibly along the slightly distorted ridge of his still enclosed shaft as it bucked and pressed further sideways, pulling the jocks taught and pointing ever so slightly upward. His slit further exposed, Tyson moved in for the kill. Deliberately swapping hands, he moved his ringed hand upward to twist the nipple of Jesiah and grope at massive pectorals. The cock surged once more and went solid, harder than granite. The pulsing stopped and the mushroom shaped head of the python pulled upward against the awesome red fabric. Jesiah was in ecstasy and looked down at his bulging member, head now revealed as Tyson drew back slightly to just tickle the slit with his tongue. As he did, he caught sight of the ring at the periphery of his vision. A flash, almost too brief as the right hand of Tyson continued to prod and grope at the exposed flesh of Jesiah's torso. Ecstacy surged through Jesiah as a shadow in the corner of his mind expanded sending a shiver down his whole body. He started to tingle and as he did, his cock began to erupt violently into the now sodden red jocks.

Pulse after pulse rhythmically he pumped salty hot man juice for just under a minute as his body continued to tremble and the strange tingling grew more intense. He felt as if his whole body had begun to vibrate. Suddenly it became clear the intent of that ringed hand, though less clear the motivations nor the inevitability of the result. As the torrent of his juices slowed and jizz ran down the outside of his enclosed and still tumescent package, the vibrating picked up and he felt light-headed. Surely the jocks would prevent this from happening? Would they? He didn't have to wait more than a moment for the answer.

Withdrawing his hands and tongue from his victim, Tyson stood up and gazed down at the now quizical and trembling expression of Jesiah. Jesiah felt it and cried out in a deep, resonant, still distinctly masculine tone, eyes piercing the other, "Nooo! Noo! What have you done?"

Before he was answered, his arms drew back within an instant, to mere tiny stubs out the side of his torso, his head followed suit. Limb by limb, collapsing down like a telescoping antena upon itself, moving toward his crotch in no more than a couple of swift, almost imperceptible jumps. In a matter of moments all that remained was a rather full looking pair of dirtied, oozing red briefs. Obviously filled by a pale skinned object, as if a disembodied piece of a very lifelike manikin. A strange and disturbing sight to be sure. Then, as quickly as the limbs, the disembodied crotch of Jesiah disappeared in an instant. The front of the jocks suddenly without their manly form, slowly sank like a feather to the underside and rock beneath. A large damp stain and slightly distorted fabric the only hint of having been worn moments before.

A grin spread across Tyson's face and he began to bellow, a deep bass laughter. He stripped off everything, tugged on the still sodden jocks and sighed deeply as his hand fondled his now steadily inflating manhood, eyes shut against the bright sun and light breeze. He lay back upon the rocks and drifted to sleep.

Unseen and unheard, in a small patch of grass only a short distance away, a soda can miraculously appeared as if out of thin air, sending a small trail of ants scurrying in all directions.

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