The Order

by screamingmoist

 A young man learns that the strange group his friend has joined might not be so bad after all.

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Gabriel absently fondled the pendant while staring at his reflection. The ovular, silver dollar-sized talisman was all he currently wore, the tarnished brass blending in with the dark forest of hair on his plump pecs that worked hard to conceal it. At a quick glance the engraved metal appeared to depict a sitting bear, though upon closer inspection the similarities didn’t quite hold up. The figure was squat and broad and covered in hair, and while it certainly displayed ursine qualities with its muzzle and claws, the overall texture was wrong. The hairy exterior was peppered with bare, scaly patches, and the curling lines that looked like mere background motifs were actually the thing’s many-pronged, tentacle-like tail. It was a crude depiction overall, but the rendering was detailed enough to serve as a constant reminder for Gabriel of his patron’s presence.

As if his changing body wasn’t enough. Gabriel had only been attending the meetings for a few months, and already he’d packed on more bulk than at any other point during the preceding twenty five years he’d spent on the planet so far. He’d always been a regular at the university fitness center, maintaining a fit, muscular frame, but since joining the Order his body had seemingly been kicked into overdrive. Now he piled on mass without effort, his time in the gym supplemented by supernatural support from another reality altogether. And size wasn’t all he gained. Until recently, Gabriel’s athletically thick build had been covered by what most would consider to be an average amount of hair. The curly, coffee-colored strands coated his forearms and thighs, with a wiry dusting that spread across his chest and spilled down the center of his firm stomach, while a trimmed beard and matching mustache coated his boyish face. His hair was a thick, similarly-hued mane that flowed from his scalp in a shaggy, shoulder-length mop, leaving the young man with an easily manscaped air of masculinity.

Now, that “air” had turned into a gale. Like his budding bulk, Gabriel’s expanding body had blossomed with a thickening, chocolate carpet that grew in density by the day. What had been a wiry coating on his pecs was now a thick, curly pelt that crept up to his broad shoulders, and the line of hair that ran down the center of his stomach now spread out in all directions. The bare patches that previously existed at the tops of his arms and thighs had since been connected to the rest of the hairy landmass, with only the center of Gabriel’s back remaining until the Pangaea of fur was complete.

But it wasn’t just his thickening hair and body that increasingly set the young man apart from his peers. There were plenty of big, hairy guys on campus, but none of them carried themselves the way Gabriel had started to. They didn’t have his swagger or his casual confidence, nor did they have the same effect on those around them. Up until now Gabriel had always been a friendly, if mild-mannered and modest young man, a well-behaved child who’d become a well-behaved adult. He didn’t make waves or demands, and was generally seen as level-headed, a far cry from the gruff, unpolished hulk he was becoming. The increasingly brawny young man hadn’t become mean or cruel, but there was a growing, rougher edge to his personality. His formerly good-humored voice came out more and more in short, demanding barks. “Intimidating” had never been a word used to describe him, but Gabriel wasn’t leaving people with much choice at the moment.

It was those personality changes more than anything else that had alarmed his friends. An altered appearance was one thing, but Gabriel had been seeing less and less of his former social group since joining the Order. Now he spent the bulk of his free time at the Temple with the other members instead of at the bar or playing video games with his buddies, and that isolation, coupled with those roughened edges, had alarmed the others to the point where his friend Noah had begun sniffing around.

It didn’t surprise Gabriel in the least that the wiry blonde was the one to come forward and voice his concerns. He and Noah had been friends for over a decade, and if anyone would find his changing persona jarring, of course it would be the athletic pretty-boy. They were opposite sides of the same coin, with Noah’s shredded, soccer-player build contrasting Gabriel’s beefier bulk. While the brunette had long focused on adding gains even before discovering the Order, the trim blonde kept himself lean and nimble. Gabriel had always given his hairless friend a hard time for his naturally smooth, tanned skin, and now more than ever he couldn’t help but think of the pretty-boy jock as just that: a boy. He’d previously viewed his sculpted friend’s defined, muscular build as impressive, though he’d often mocked Noah’s plump, perky rear, but now it just seemed small and weak by comparison. Gabriel could change all that. It was why he’d finally agreed to sit down with his friend for what Noah undoubtedly saw as an intervention.

The blonde jock had been pestering him for the last week, to the point where he’d threatened to show up at one of his friend’s classes and make a scene if the other man didn’t agree to meet with him. Though misplaced, Gabriel was touched by Noah’s dedicated concern, cementing his decision to bring the other man into the Order. He was already supposed to find an acolyte since his own initiation had been completed and his transformation begun, but more than anything else he wanted his friend to feel what he felt. It wasn’t just a sacred duty—if he was going to share his cosmic bliss with someone, he couldn’t think of anyone he’d rather do that with than Noah.

Especially now. With the other man’s tight body and chiseled, All-American features, Gabriel had always known that his friend was attractive on a logical level. But he’d never felt it firsthand. Even viewing the blonde’s wiry frame as somewhat puny against his own burgeoning bulk, the hairy beefcake still felt a thrill whenever he thought about him. Gabriel had known all along that this aspect, his attraction to men and his subsequent effect on them, would be part of his transition; he’d just never stopped to think about exactly what that meant until recently. At first he’d been focused only on his changing body, but as the weeks progressed his desires had grown.

Fortunately, his brothers in the Order had been there to guide him through his first experiences, showing him all of the previously unknown pleasures his new body was capable of. Gabriel thought he’d be more embarrassed fooling around with other men, at the thought of having someone else’s dick either in his mouth or in his ass, but all he felt was joy. The sensation of a strong, hairy body looming over him, of letting a big, burly brute take control, of submitting, had been a kind of ecstasy he’d never felt before. Being stripped down in front of everyone and taken on the altar, his desires laid bare for all to see, was an experience that opened doors in both his body and his mind. He’d become connected to his brothers, and their Patron, on a fundamental level, his growing bulk a result of the gifts they’d given him while his consciousness expanded with each encounter. Gabriel viewed the world from an entirely new perspective, able to perceive the ethereal threads weaving together the illusion called reality. With enough time and practice he’d be able to pluck those threads like others in the Order, but for now he could simply strum them like the strings of a guitar. The potent, masculine musk that wafted off his expanding frame served to loosen the knots and make them malleable, though at the moment that simply manifested as an increased arousal, and a desire to please, in the men around him. It was the easiest skill to master and where most new initiates to the Order started, serving as the foundational tool that allowed them to bend the rules of society and pass unhindered.

Noah would be Gabriel’s first real test. He’d decided against taking it easy on his friend, opting instead to throw the blonde jock right into the deep end. In this case, the “deep end” meant pulling on nothing but a stuffed, crimson jockstrap and leaving the rest of his furry new frame on display. He wanted Noah to see it all, to get a full view of what lay in store, and he wanted to see firsthand how his unfiltered presence impacted those around him.

Gabriel didn’t have to wait long. As soon as he’d slipped into the jock and given himself one last look in the mirror there was a knock at the door. He purposely strode across the small apartment with slow, heavy footfalls, letting Noah hear his size before he saw it.

The handsome blonde’s eyes went wide as the door opened, his jaw dropping. “Jesus, dude! What the fuck?!” he yelped, looking the furry hulk up and down. His face went crimson, then pale, before settling somewhere in the middle as a flushed pink at the sight.

“‘Sup,” Gabriel grunted. He stood in the open doorway and let his friend gawk, not caring in the least about the few people who passed by in the hallway. “You gonna come in? Or do you just want to stare at me from out there?” Gabriel stayed in place after he asked, forcing Noah to brush against his firm, furry flesh as the smaller man turned sideways and pushed his way past.

There was a moment of silence as the blushing blonde looked back and forth between them, noting his own outfit of mesh gym shorts and t-shirt against the other man’s bare bulk. He’d expected Gabriel to be dressed like himself, it had always been his friend’s standard wardrobe, but even though he was entirely confused and embarrassed he couldn’t look away. “So is it drugs, then? I guess I’ll just come right out and ask. Thought we’d have to do a whole thing before we got into this conversation, but here we are,” he finally said, shaking his head.

Gabriel grinned as he turned to face his friend and flexed a brawny arm, using his free hand to give his furry muscle gut a loud slap. “Nah. This is all natural,” he barked, his hand sliding slowly up through the chocolate pelt to squeeze one of his plump pecs.

“The hell it is,” Noah spat, staring at his friend’s groped pec for a moment too long before tearing his eyes away. “Dude…you’re huge! I mean, a part of me’s actually a little jealous at how big you got this quick, but come on.” He gestured to Gabriel’s exposed body, purposely keeping himself from looking down at the heaping, crimson bulge. “Look at yourself! People are starting to talk, man.”

The beefy brunette shrugged. “So? Let ’em talk. Fuck should I care?”

“Because they’re worried about you! I’m worried about you,” Noah sighed. “This is a lot, bro. I never see you anymore, and on the rare occasion that I do, I don’t even recognize you. Literally! Who is this person?! I’m here for the confidence, man, believe me. I always thought you should be a little more assertive…but this feels like it’s maybe taking things too far.”

Gabriel’s grin softened. “It’s the same me in here,” he said, gesturing down at himself. “Minus all the bullshit.”

“That! That right there. What does that even mean?” Noah asked, gradually losing the battle to keep his eyes locked with his friend’s. They kept drifting down, lingering on the furry shelf that had sprouted at the other man’s chest. “Also, could you please put something on? This is weird.”

“No,” was all Gabriel said, spreading his thickened arms wide. “Since when does a dude in his underwear freak you out? Half the time you’re the one running around without any fuckin’ clothes on.”

“Yeah, and you never did, so you’re just making my point for me,” Noah stammered, the other man’s presence hitting him like a physical object. The longer he was in Gabriel’s apartment the more he noticed his friend’s smell, a potent, musky body odor that combined with a stale cigar stench to make his head swim.

“Better late than never,” the hairy hunk rumbled. His eyes locked with Noah’s, Gabriel slowly pulled the jockstrap down, his girthy new equipment spilling free and wagging as he stepped out of the skimpy garment. “Here,” he laughed, using the elastic waist to slingshot the discarded underwear at his friend’s exasperated expression.

Noah was so focused on the fat log and churning orbs that he didn’t even try to dodge the musky underwear as it bounced off his face. He knew he was openly gawking at another man’s package, but he couldn’t look away. “O…okay…that I’m jealous of,” he sputtered, laughing awkwardly as he tried to make it seem like a joke.

Gabriel let him stare. “Did you just come over here to yell at me, or can we have an actual conversation?”

The smaller man sighed, his deceptively broad shoulders slumping. “I’m just worried, man. That’s all. I thought we were bros, but then you up and disappeared on me and started turning into…this guy,” he said, motioning to the naked hulk. “What is going on? Who are these people you’ve been hanging around with? Where’d my friend go?”

Gabriel stepped forward and clapped Noah on the back, the action and the proximity both emphasizing the new size difference between them. “I didn’t go anywhere,” he said, his large hand lingering. “But I do probably owe you an explanation. It WAS kinda shitty of me to just up and ghost like that for a while. I’m just…figuring some things out.”

“And you should let your friends help you do that,” Noah said, a confusing rush of nerves making his heart race. “Your real ones, not these new ones. Who the fuck are these guys? Why don’t we start there?”

“Sure…but it’ll cost ya,” Gabriel grunted, the hand on Noah’s back slipping down to grab the bottom of his friend’s shirt. He lifted it up and bunched it at the other man’s shoulders, eliciting a surprised gasp.

“Hey! What the hell,” Noah laughed, looking confused. He blushed a deeper shade when Gabriel simply raised an expectant eyebrow. “Wait…are you serious? Really?”

“Do you want to know or not,” the big man asked, his tone flat. He walked over to a side table, giving Noah a glimpse of his shifting, furry globes, and grabbed a fresh cigar. It stayed unlit, but its presence seemed to jar the smaller blonde into action.

“Fine…let’s make this even weirder,” Noah grumbled, peeling out of the shirt. His smooth, tanned skin and ripped washboard were a sharp contrast to his thickened friend, and the smooth jock felt an unaccustomed swell of insecurity under Gabriel’s piercing gaze. “All right…out with it. Did you join a fucking cult?”

The hairy hunk gave a loud laugh as he dropped down into a nearby chair. “It’s not a cult. It’s more like a…fraternity? There’s not really one person in charge or anything like that. It’s just a group of guys with similar goals.”

“And those are…” Noah asked, taking up a seat on the end of the couch. His bare stomach fluttered unexpectedly at the sight of his friend’s naked bulk making the chair look small.

“You’re lookin’ at ’em,” Gabriel grunted proudly, folding his piston arms behind his head for emphasis.

The wiry blonde didn’t understand. “So you just, like, what? Work out? That doesn’t explain how you got so big. Or hairy. Or where the fuck that piece came from,” he said, blushing when he realized just how hard he was staring at his friend’s cock. “And since when do you fuck with cigars?”

Gabriel eyed Noah back for a moment before responding. “We don’t work out. At least not all the time. We…I know how this is going to sound…worship together.” He shook his head and held up a hand when Noah went to speak. “You asked where all this came from. It’s not drugs or steroids or anything like that. It’s a gift. It’s what we worship. I didn’t ‘join’ the Order… I was called to it.”

“Literally none of that made sense. You know that, right?” Noah blinked and shook his head, fighting to keep himself on track. “You’re actually saying this is all magic or something?”

Gabriel grinned around the cigar. “I told you it was all natural. Supernatural, maybe, but that’s still technically natural.”

Noah didn’t know how to respond. He let out a surprised laugh, and then another when he saw that his friend was serious. “Uh-uh. No way. I’m not about to…”

“How else do you explain it,” Gabriel interrupted. “You said it yourself…even with ‘roids there’s no way I’d get this big this fast. Or grow all this,” he said, grabbing a tuft of chest hair before reaching down to gasp his mammoth package. “Or all this.”

The blonde swallowed hard. Instead of Gabriel’s cock, he kept looking at the way his friend’s lips curled around the thick cigar, the sight sending a strange thrill through him. “So how did you get called? And by what?”

Gabriel shrugged and settled back in the chair, giving his meaty thighs a pump in the process. “Dreams, at first. I kept having what I thought were nightmares…where I was being chased by this big hairy thing. Little did I know…” he trailed off, fingering the amulet again. “Then the other members of the Order started showing up in the dreams, and then one night I saw a building that I actually recognized from real life. The next morning I went to check it out, and one thing just led to another.”

“And this big scary thing that chased you in your dream…that’s what you worship?” Noah didn’t catch the way his tone had gone from incredulous to curious, his attention far more focused on the way his friend reached up and stroked his beard. The once-trimmed facial hair looked lush and full and soft, and it wasn’t until Gabriel spoke again that the flustered jock realized he’d been imagining how it would feel against his bare torso.

“Gotta pay for that one,” the brawny bear barked. “Lose the shorts.”

It wasn’t a question. Gabriel hadn’t asked Noah if he wanted to pay, yet the lean blonde found himself awkwardly climbing to his feet and tugging his shorts down. He’d been planning on ditching his socks next, but at the moment he couldn’t even think of arguing. Instead, he looked down at the bulge he normally found so impressive, thinking that it, and the bright boxer-briefs that housed it, looked ridiculous and juvenile. He knew that Gabriel was also looking, that his friend was eyeing him the way he’d been eyeing the naked brick wall of muscle, a thought that made his cock twitch noticeably. He was embarrassed and confused, but the idea that such a raw model of masculinity like the one Gabriel was becoming could find him attractive filled him with pride. “So this thing…” he continued, dropping back down onto the couch. “It’s…what? A god?”

Gabriel cocked his head to the side, not trying to hide the hunger in his eyes. “More like a force. Our frail human minds just shape it into something recognizable so we can process it at all. But it’s so much bigger than a God. It’s a whole Universe…a separate reality that we can tap into. I mean…I can’t. Not yet…but soon. Some of the other brothers can, though. And it’s incredible. All this,” he said, giving his pelt another lingering stroke, “is just one of the manifestations. But the true potential…” he sighed, his eyes drooping shut.

Noah felt himself trembling, not from fear, but from a confusing, growing excitement. “But…why were you called? Why you, specifically?”

Gabriel rolled the cigar between his lips. “Not my place to ask,” he grunted. “Like I was gonna turn it down once I saw what it was? Would you?”

Noah squirmed when his friend’s eyes landed on him again. He knew the question wasn’t rhetorical; he just didn’t know how to answer. “I wasn’t called, so I guess it doesn’t matter,” he finally offered.

Gabriel leaned forward in the chair, his already-deepened tone dropping. “What if you could be?”

“What?! You mean I could…join?” Noah’s stomach erupted in flutters when Gabriel came closer, fighting the sudden urge to throw himself at the other man. “How would that even…would I end up like you?”

Gabriel’s expression was sympathetic as he shook his head. “You’re not gettin’ that one for free either. Take ’em off.”

Noah was on his feet before he even realized he was going along with things. His hands shook as he grabbed the waist of his boxer-briefs and tugged them down, his thick six-inches already starting to swell. “Hey! What’re youuuooooh!” Before he could resume his seat on the couch, Gabriel’s meaty paw shot out and clutched his ample rear, giving one of the plump cheeks a squeeze as he was roughly pulled over onto his friend’s lap. “What…what’re we doing…” he asked, his head spinning from the overwhelming sensations. Gabriel’s musk was even more potent up close, and the contrast between his friend’s soft, silky carpet and the firm muscle underneath made him squirm. His cock had gone rigid in an instant as he settled sideways across his friend’s meaty thighs, instinctively throwing an arm around the hairy slab of a man as he was held close.

“Would you want to? End up like me, I mean,” Gabriel asked after a moment. One hand stroked along Noah’s trim, tapering side while the other brushed through the wiry golden fur on the smaller man’s muscled calf.

“I…I have no idea…” Noah sputtered, his whole body going crimson. He was embarrassed at the way he sat naked and hard on his friend’s lap, but it wasn’t a crushing humiliation, more like an excited vulnerability. The experienced stud felt small and weak and out of control in a way he wasn’t used to, the athletic body he’d worked so hard to build now seeming like a joke when compared to the force of nature he nestled against. “I don’t…I don’t think I could even if I tried,” he stammered, one hand hovering just above Gabriel’s prominent pecs while the fingers of the other danced along his friend’s hairy shoulder from behind.

“Not with that attitude,” the beefy brunette rumbled, his voice a low pur. He reached up and took the cigar from his mouth, wedging it between Noah’s stunned lips with an approving nod. “You’d be a natural.” Noah whimpered. He’d never imagined his mousy friend being so strong and in charge, and he’d never imagined that it would turn him on the way it did. He started sucking on the cigar in his mouth, relishing the knowledge that the damp stump had just been on the receiving end of his friend’s tongue. The realization brought an unexpected swell of envy that made his cock throb when his friend’s deep voice rumbled against him again. “Maybe I spoke too soon…you don’t really suck on ’em like that,” Gabriel laughed, pulling the cigar free.

Noah couldn’t stop himself. The cigar in his mouth had kicked open a door that he was barely aware of, let alone one he could shut, and almost before he knew it he was burying his face against Gabriel’s forested pecs. He let out a long, low sigh at the sensation of his friend’s silky carpet against his razor cheeks, his tongue tentatively flicking against the warm skin underneath. That tongue eventually found its way over to Gabriel’s musky armpit, and while Noah was dimly aware that he’d begun eagerly lapping at the sweaty, hairy crevice, he had no desire to stop. He’d never smelled, felt or tasted anything so good, regardless of the source.

None of his actions made sense, he knew that, but he also knew that it didn’t matter. Not with Gabriel. His friend was letting him explore, not pushing him in the slightest as he whimpered and moaned and clutched at the big man’s furry bulk like his life depended on it. All Gabriel did was gently stroke his back and thigh, giving him access to whatever part of his hirsute frame Noah desired. Even when the blonde felt his friend’s club of a cock go hard against his thigh, the burly bear made no move to speed things along. “This is…this is wild…” Noah gasped when he came up for air from Gabriel’s pit. He blinked in a daze, absently licking his lips when he looked down and saw the bulbous pillar pointing up at him.

“You can touch it,” the bigger man grunted, tousling his friend’s hair. “It’s not gonna bite.”

Noah blushed again when he reached down and began tugging on the monolithic organ, easily four inches larger than his own. He was surprised by how much he enjoyed the sensation of the warm, pulsing organ in his hand, how oddly secure it made him feel. He’d never had another man’s hard cock in his hands in his life, and he was caught off guard by how different it felt than his own. The heft, the shape, the length; Noah was hit with a wave of dizziness when he realized just how much he wanted to experience those differences up close. “I don’t really know what I’m doing,” he finally said, breathless and awkward. Normally the charming blonde felt self-assured and confident in his abilities once his clothes came off, but now he felt the way he must have looked; small and nervous.

“You’re doin’ great,” Gabriel rumbled, reaching down to give his friend’s smaller cock a few rough tugs. “Only one way to learn, right?”

It wasn’t a command, but as far as Noah was concerned it might as well have been. It seemed like Gabriel’s deep, calm voice ignited desires the wiry jock hadn’t even been aware of every time his furry friend spoke. He shifted off the bigger man’s lap and slid to his knees in front of the chair, kneading the furry thighs that framed his face when he leaned in and began licking.

As soon as his tongue made contact, Noah knew any lingering resistance was a lost cause. He’d come over to Gabriel’s apartment to try and talk some sense into his friend, but in the end it was his mind that had been changed. If the other members of the Order could make the inflated hunk feel the way Noah currently felt, the lapping blonde understood why Gabriel would so willingly spend his time with them. He still didn’t understand any of the stuff his friend had said about other realities and worshiping, nor did he understand how any of that made such dramatic physical changes possible, but he was eager to find out.

Because of his naturally slender build, Noah had never given much thought to bulking up. He was toned and defined, and while he tried to keep a good heft to his arms and a prominence to his pecs to balance out his plump bottom, any significant gains had always seemed like more effort than they’d be worth. But now, as he swallowed as much of Gabriel’s fat cock as he could, he began to imagine what it would be like. He pictured himself inflating like his friend, wondering if the process would be a gradual one or if it would happen all at once. Would his washboard abs disappear and grow into a hairy potbelly while the rest of him slowly caught up? Would his chiseled pecs swell into a juicy shelf like Gabriel’s? Would his ass still look as oversized on his new body, and if so, just how big would his fattened cakes actually be?

Noah moaned around his friend’s cock as he thought about how it would feel for all that meat and hair to be rubbing against itself, and how even when he’d be fully clothed there’d be nothing left of his inflated body to the imagination. He started to understand Gabriel’s new wardrobe, and why his friend had been strutting around in short denim cutoffs and draping muscle shirts that were little more than scraps of fabric. When it was his own turn, if his golden pelt was going to be tufting through sleeves and neck openings anyway, why bother to conceal it? If his chunky thighs and oversized package were going to be splitting pants at the seams, why mess with them at all? If he was lucky enough to be gifted with a body as powerful and magnificent as the one Gabriel was growing, why would he ever want to do anything other than show that off?

It wasn’t something to be embarrassed about or a behavior that needed fixed; it was perfectly natural. Of course his friend’s attitude had changed. Gabriel hadn’t become gruff or rude; he’d become confident. He didn’t need to prattle on when his body and mere musky presence could do the talking for him. And just like his own sudden, overwhelming attraction for Gabriel, Noah knew that guys would respond the same way to him when he was a blonde, bearded beefcake. And he couldn’t wait. There was a part of him that wondered at how readily he jettisoned the idea of being with women, but with a body like the one his friend promised it just felt wrong. Even his own athletic frame seemed dangerously underpowered compared to that of his friend, and Noah hated that Gabriel couldn’t cut loose the way he undoubtedly wanted to.

“Am I…is this okay?” Noah asked, his body on fire as he came up for air.

“Fuckin’ great,” Gabriel sighed. Since this was his first time with someone outside of the Order the beefy brunette hadn’t known what to expect, and he was surprised at how ambiguous it all was. Did he really have an effect on his friend, or is this something that Noah wanted all along? And did it even matter? He’d have to experiment more to be sure, but at the moment he was simply glad his friend was along for the ride. “What about you? How we doin’?”

“Fuckin’ great,” Noah echoed with a grin. He pumped Gabriel’s spit-slick pole with both hands, basking in the novelty of his excited vulnerability. “Is it weird that I want you to fuck me?”

Gabriel tossed his head back with a loud laugh. “Be weirder if you didn’t. But I don’t think you’re there yet,” he said, batting his cock against Noah’s face. “Gotta beef you up a bit first. Still…” Without warning he lurched to his feet, grabbed the kneeling blonde under his arms, and literally tossed him back onto the couch. Before Noah could get his bearings Gabriel was next to him, a pair of his friend’s stubby fingers stuck in his mouth. “Suck on those. Get ’em good and slick.”

The blonde did as he was told, his heart racing as he nursed on the powerful digits. He knew what was coming even before Gabriel hoisted his legs into the air, and he tried to relax as commanded when they pressed against his virgin hole. “Whaaa…whoaaa…whoa…oh…oh fuck…oh fuuuuuuuuck,” he groaned, his back arching at the foreign sensation. There was pain at first, but it was quickly replaced by bright bolts of ecstasy as Gabriel found his target. Noah loved the soft tickling of his friend’s furry bulk on the underside of his thighs, not feeling a shred of the embarrassment he’d expected at the realization that he was being fingered on the other man’s couch. Instead, he started pumping away on his cock when Gabriel nodded at it, well aware that he was whimpering and writhing and making ridiculous faces, but never wanting any of it to end.

“So you’re coming with me to the temple after this,” Gabriel said, his stern tone making it a statement, not a question. “It’s not going to be an overnight process, but as long as you do what I tell you, when I tell you, you’ll do just fine. You wear what I say, you eat what I say, you smoke what I say…got it? Can’t fuckin’ wait to see how you end up,” the big man groaned, giving Noah’s thigh a rough swat before grabbing the discarded cigar. He stuck the unlit smoke back in the blonde’s mouth while his eyes blazed with hunger, grinning when he felt his friend tense.

The damp, musky tobacco taste pushed Noah over the edge. As soon as the cigar hit his lips he felt himself fall, the warm, ropey strands blasting out of his cock and all over his face as he howled. He had no doubt that Gabriel was going to put him through what should have been an extremely embarrassing wringer, but he also knew that was part of the fun. His friend must have felt the same way when he’d gone through the process himself and he’d come out the other end just fine, so Noah wasn’t worried. He was excited. “When can we go?” he asked, licking at the trails of cum running down his lips.

Gabriel let the blonde’s legs drop and sat back, nodding down at his still-oozing pole. “All depends on that mouth of yours,” he grinned.

The “temple” wasn’t at all what Noah expected. The way Gabriel talked about it, the nervous blonde had anticipated something closer to a church. He’d envisioned pews and iconography and an impulse to keep his voice down, but in reality he’d discovered nothing of the sort. The squat building at the edge of town was an old community center, long abandoned in favor of more desirable real estate closer to campus and the shifted hub of the city’s activity. Back in the seventies when the building had been constructed, and apparently last decorated, the college occupied only a few blocks. As the local industries began to dry up in the eighties and nineties, though, the University’s influence had grown, leaving it as the small town’s primary source of income. As such, places like the former community center, now temple, had been left to decay. There were plenty of outdated, out of style structures peppering the outskirts, but that also left them out of sight, a key component for Gabriel’s new friends.

During the brief years he’d been in attendance at the school, as well as his youth spent growing up in the nearby area, Noah had never been to this part of town. There was no reason. There were no stores or bars or movie theaters. There were no necessities like mechanics or dry-cleaners or laundromats, no grocery stores or post offices. There were only the remnants of a formerly bustling neighborhood; weed-cluttered streets, cracked sidewalks, and several empty lots that once bore homes long since demolished in the empty promise of development that never came. A few ratty rentals still stood as last-resort housing for truly desperate students, but even most of those were empty, and the people residing in the occupied hovels had far more to worry about than what went on in an old, rundown rec center.

“This is the place? It’s, uh, great,” Noah said unconvincingly as they turned from the sidewalk and crunched their way across the shattered asphalt of the parking lot. His heart raced as he looked at the few vehicles in attendance, thinking back to what Gabriel had told him of his own experiences. He still didn’t know how much of it he believed, or what exactly awaited him inside, or why he was so eager to find out, but turning back now was entirely out of the question. He’d just spent the past few hours with his lips wrapped around his friend’s cock, putty in the hairy bruiser’s hands, so the lines had already been well and truly crossed. He’d loved every second of it, and he was already excited for more, regardless of what he’d have to do to get it.

Gabriel gave a short laugh and shrugged. “It’s a shit hole, but it’s not about the building. It serves its purpose. Remember…you do what I say, when I say. No questions. Got it?” The bigger man’s stern expression softened when he looked down at his anxious friend, his hand finding its way to Noah’s plump rear for a quick swat and an encouraging squeeze. “Relax. You’ll be fine. We all went through it when we first joined,” he grunted.

Noah wanted to point out that he hadn’t actually agreed to join anything yet, but there wasn’t time. His stomach fluttered as soon as Gabriel opened the door and a pungent, musky melange slapped him in the face. It was the same sweaty, cigar-laced body odor that permeated his friend’s apartment, only on a grander scale, and Noah’s head swam as he looked around at the faded linoleum floors and cracked, peeling orange paint on the walls. The former lobby was devoid of furniture and reception desk, now serving as the foyer between the reality everyone else knew, and the supernatural world of the Order. A pair of heavy, windowless oak doors stood closed on the opposite wall, looking entirely out of place compared to the metal double-doors they’d been swapped out for.

Gabriel put a hand on his friend’s shoulder as they stood in the dim, silent room. The windows were covered by thick curtains, and only a single fluorescent tube overhead illuminated the surroundings. “Once we’re on the other side, don’t talk to anyone unless they directly address you, and don’t ask anyone their name. For now, you just call them “sir” if you have to say anything at all.”

Noah couldn’t help but notice the discrepancy in the other man’s attitude. He’d talked about the Order as a brotherhood, a fraternal lodge of which he was an equal member. But now Gabriel was making it sound more like pledging a fraternity. “Okay, okay,” Noah said when the hand on his shoulder began to squeeze. “I got it.” He paused, his face going red when the pressure remained and he saw the look in his friend’s eyes. “Are you serious? Oh my god…” he sputtered, surprised by the aching pulse that shot straight to his loins. “I got it… sir.”

Gabriel removed his hand and gave an approving nod, folding his beefy arms across his chest. “Good. Now strip.”

“What?! Wait a second… I didn’t agree to… to…” the wiry blonde’s protests dried up in his throat when Gabriel raised an eyebrow. It was the only movement his friend made, but the subtle gesture struck him like a physical force. Before he had time to think about it, Noah had shucked his t-shirt, his trembling hands fumbling with the waist of his shorts. He kicked out of his shoes and slid them down, finding his voice again when Gabriel continued to glare. “You mean all the way? But… but…” Without knowing why, Noah complied. He hooked his thumbs in the elastic of his boxer briefs and pushed them down, his whole body going pink when his spring-loaded cock shot free. A part of him wondered if Gabriel was really going to make him go through with it, and he received his answer a moment later when the big man grabbed him by his seemingly meager cock and pulled him through the doorway.

Noah yelped and scampered to keep up, his bare feet padding on the cold, smooth floor. After a short hallway the lobby opened onto what looked like an old cafeteria, a large, weathered space with scattered furniture and multiple doors on each wall. Through one Noah could see what looked like a weight room, and through another he saw a gymnasium, but his attention was quickly diverted before he could inspect the rest when another hirsute hulk stepped out from the kitchen at the far end. Like Gabriel, the man was a beastly brick wall of unsculpted, furry bulk. He stood well above six feet, with broad shoulders and mountainous pecs resting heavily on a jutting muscle gut framed on either side by hairy pistons. And also like his friend, the bald, bearded stranger had an apparent aversion to clothing. All he wore was a pair of denim cutoffs that stretched to capacity around his tree-trunk thighs, a fat, imposing cock clearly outlined as it snaked off to the side. The naked little blonde was torn between a desire to run and hide, and a confusing longing to prostrate himself before the brawny brute. Noah was well aware that he was standing naked and hard in front of someone he didn’t know, but all he could focus on was the deep, chocolate tones in the man’s ample pelt, and the raw, primal masculinity that radiated off his imposing frame. He couldn’t tell how old the man was, he could have been thirty or fifty, and Noah was surprised by how he made even Gabriel seem suddenly smaller.

“Gabe,” the man grunted, his voice a deep, resonant boom as he clapped Gabriel on the arm. “This pretty little thing your acolyte?”

Noah bit back a whimper when the man’s piercing eyes landed on him, a surge of confusing pride running through him when his friend nodded. “Yep. Just showin’ him around before we make it official.”

The other man nodded, his eyes locking with the wiry jock’s. “Is that right?”

There was an expectant pause before Noah swallowed and nodded. “Ye…yes sir,” he sputtered, the words making his cock ooze.

“Let’s get a look at ya,” the burly bull of a man said, taking the lean pretty-boy by the shoulders and looking him up and down. He ran his rugged mitts along Noah’s tapering frame, tweaking the pert little nipples and squeezing the toned arms along the way. He spun the trembling hunk around when he reached the younger man’s waist, letting out a low whistle when he gripped both plump cheeks. “Damn… lookit what we’ve got back here,” he chuckled, roughly kneading and clapping the muscled mounds. “You take this thing for a spin yet?”

Gabriel shook his head. “He’s not ready. At least not for the real thing,” he grinned, holding up and wiggling the pair of fingers that had recently rooted around inside the stunned soccer player.

The bald bear sniffed at the air, a hand reaching around to swallow Noah’s leaking rod. “Can smell how bad he wants it, though. This ain’t the only thing leaking out of him,” the man said, scooping a fingerful of the young jock’s precum. “You’re desperate for it, ain’t ya boy?”

Noah’s chest heaved as he gawked at his friend. He had no idea why he was going along with any of this. A part of him knew he’d ordinarily never even consider participating in such a demeaning display, but Gabriel wanted him to. That meant he wanted to, regardless of what he’d “normally” do. “Yes sirrummph…!” Noah was cut off when the man’s cum-covered finger pushed into his mouth. He instinctively began sucking it clean, simultaneously thrilled and mortified by his friend’s approving expression.

“Good choice,” the man said, pulling the stubby digit free. “Why don’t we get him on his way then? Doesn’t seem fair to tease him with something he can’t have.”

Before Noah could ask what he meant, the finger that had just been in his mouth, along with another, found their way to his confusingly aching hole. The blonde tensed instinctively, but as soon as he felt the stranger prod his tight button the room began to spin. Noah’s vision blurred as the world went out of focus, a tingling sensation of pressure welling from between his meaty cheeks. “HooOOOUUuuhhhHHH…!” He couldn’t hold back a bellowing whimper when a familiar burst of pleasure began emanating from the penetrated hole, matching the kind of bliss he normally felt from his aching rod.

“There we go,” the man grunted, leaving a throbbing emptiness when he pulled his fingers free.

“What…what just happened…” Noah panted, so overcome that he forgot the rules. “…sir…” he added quickly, hoping to at least partially cover for his mistake.

“A gift. And a lesson.” The man reached out and tousled Noah’s hair, his intimidating features softened by a sly grin as he looked at Gabriel. “You should be able to work a trick like that yourself by now. You felt what I did, right?”

The dark-haired hulk nodded. “I’ll try it out first chance I get,” Gabriel said. The other man just nodded and gave Noah a final look up and down before turning and plodding off towards the weight room.

“What…what the fuck just happened,” the dazed jock asked when they were alone. “What did any of that just mean?” He withered under his friend’s sudden glare, surprising himself by how quickly he was falling into his unfamiliar new role. “I’m sorry, sir… please…” He breathed a sigh of relief when Gabriel relented, feeling dizzy from the whiplash of emotions the other man stirred in him.

“You’re lucky,” Gabriel spat. “He wasn’t kidding when he said he gave you a gift. This just made the process a lot easier for you. Look.”

Noah gasped when, for the second time in a matter of minutes, he had another man’s fingers inside him. He squirmed against the bright bolts of bliss when Gabriel put one wide digit in, then another, but he started to panic when his friend added a third. He braced himself for pain when three became four, then a whole hand, but all he felt was a rapidly increasing tide of ecstasy. Noah couldn’t believe what was happening as his friend so easily fisted him, unable to reconcile his actual experience with the horror show he expected. His virgin hole should have been torn asunder, yet he was taking the other man without issue. And even more confusing, when Gabriel pulled his hand free and went back to a single finger, it felt just as good. Just as tight. “Is this…is this really happening…” he gasped, falling against a nearby table or support when Gabriel went back to a whole hand.

“See? Permanently pliable, just like that,” the big man grinned.

“He…he can just do that?!” Noah didn’t know how to feel about the impossible fact that his body had seemingly just been physically altered. “And he said…you can do that?!”

“Never tried,” Gabriel grunted, pulling his hand free again. “Didn’t want to make you my guinea pig. But now that I know what I’m doing…” he trailed off and shrugged.

“That’s… that’s incredible…” Noah panted, feeling the flipside of his alteration. The increased elasticity and sensitivity brought with them an increased hunger, and the flustered jock felt a kind of longing he’d never experienced before. “Sir…please…you…you’ve gotta keep going…” he begged.

Gabriel just grinned. “Later. Soon. I have to finish showing you around first.”

Noah hissed when he started trotting behind his friend, each jarring impact sending a twinge of hunger through his ravenous hole. He was so overcome that he only half heard what the other man said as he showed him the ramshackle locker room, with its open wall of shower heads and smattering of sinks. The same went for the few modest living quarters and rooms set up like makeshift barracks for when they hosted larger groups, and the hunger had become so pervasive that Noah didn’t even have room for humiliation as he was inspected by a few more of the burly, brutish brothers. He simply stood and dutifully turned and flexed and posed as instructed, wishing that any of them, or better yet all of them, would give him the relief he so desperately needed.

When Gabriel finally led him to the one room of the compound that actually felt like a temple, Noah didn’t care about the few burly bears that followed them in. His eyes briefly landed on the taxidermied monstrosity in the center, the misshapen amalgamation of hair, claws and scales, but the creature’s authenticity didn’t matter half as much as his friend disrobing.

A part of Noah wanted to blame an external force when he dropped to his knees and fell forward, wagging his plump rear for all to see. The remnants of the straight stud he’d been just a few hours before insisted that something had clearly gone awry, that something bigger than his hulking friend was at work. The fading voice tried to sound an alarm bell, but Noah was past the point of untangling his desires. All he could do was feel them. He needed to feel his friend on top, and inside of, him. He wanted the others to see it happen, too, a sudden need for their approval mingling with the rest of his yearning. And, increasingly, he needed to be like them. After having his lean body paraded around for the massive mounds of muscle, Noah felt like a weak little child. Despite having brimmed with confidence earlier that day, now the handsome jock could barely remember what that sense of security felt like. He’d lost it, and he needed Gabriel to give it back to him.

When his friend finally lowered himself against his back and pushed inside, Noah almost blacked out. The sensations were like nothing he’d ever felt before, instantly obliterating his existing definition of “pleasure.” The wiry blonde howled and bucked and spasmed, debasing himself for the small crowd in a desperate, frenzied display. He could feel the strange idol staring down at him while his untouched cock erupted over and over again, each sticky explosion taking a piece of his former self with it. His head swam with images of an inky, star-peppered void, and while Noah didn’t feel like he was falling, he did feel like he teetered. He hung suspended over that abyss, and the only thing keeping him from falling was Gabriel’s thick log inside him. It was terrifying. It was thrilling. Noah felt a total loss of control for the first time in his young life and he loved every second of it. He didn’t dread the pieces of himself he lost or the empty spaces they left behind; he was excited for what would come and take their place.

When Gabriel finally came, Noah was briefly disappointed that it didn’t happen inside him. Though he was relieved when he felt the warm, salty deluge wash over him in a musky torrent, and he was even more content when it became clear the other man was nowhere near done. Everything after that first coating took on a dreamlike quality for the dazed jock. The world around him seemed to bend and sway, the idol appearing to come to life as his vision blurred between the starry pit and the dingy tile floor. It all felt fantastic, but Noah was convinced that he really was dreaming when he kept thinking that the monster had come to life and taken his friend’s place behind him. He didn’t care. Noah didn’t know if it was just Gabriel or everyone there who’d taken a turn with him. All he cared about was the sense of satisfaction that came from his pummeled rear and the strange thought that he’d been useful to the intimidating brutes. That he now belonged to them.

Noah didn’t remember when or how it ended. He didn’t remember getting dressed or leaving or how he’d wound up in Gabriel’s bed, but the immediate contentment he felt upon opening his eyes to the sight of the hairy, smiling stud was like nothing he’d ever felt. His friend was already awake, watching him sleep with a heavy arm wrapped around his smaller frame like a blanket.

“Wondered how long you’d be out,” Gabriel rumbled.

Noah shivered as he felt his friend’s chest vibrate against his face before lifting his head. “Did that…did all that really happen last night?”

“You tell me.” With surprising speed for his size, Gabriel tore the sheet aside to reveal his friend’s naked frame, complete with its budding alterations.

“Fuck! Is that…” Noah yelped and shot off the bed, his stomach dropping when he felt himself shake in unfamiliar ways. The first thing he noticed was the small-but-prominent gut that had replaced his washboard, a layer of paunch that erased his torso’s former taper. “Do I have a belly?!” he cried, his face going red when his shaking fingers bit into the supple layer of flesh. He could still feel muscle underneath when he tensed and flexed, but the firm foundation had been buried by a squeezable, shakable, pinchable coating. “Wait…is it hairy, too?” Noah finally began to notice the wiry coating that spread out from the navel in radiating waves, fading to silky peach fuzz just below his pecs. The recently sprouted follicles spread down at the same time, drawing the dazed blonde’s attention to the way his thighs had thickened, now just barely rubbing together as they shed a significant portion of their definition. Where before he’d had firm, striated quads, Noah now sported chunky trunks, each fleshy pillar supporting an equally inflated, fuzzy cheek. The inflated jock’s eyes went wide when his fingers slipped around and he felt the layer of hair that coated the plump mounds, a fresh wave of crimson blossoming over his entire body. “Do I…do I have a hairy ass?!”

“And a fat one,” Gabriel laughed, lurching off the bed to give his friend’s expanded rear a swat.

“HoooOOOUhhhHH!” Noah moaned, the seismic ripples reminding him of the first change he’d undergone the night before. He’d wondered if it had all been part of his dream, but the sparks of pleasure that rocketed up his spine told him otherwise. “Is that…is that what’s happening,” he sputtered, his cock surging to life. Noah wasn’t used to the way his burgeoning belly obscured his view, but it did nothing to dull the aching that followed. “Am I getting fat?!”

“Maybe,” Gabriel shrugged, his meaty fingers digging into his friend’s softened midsection. “You saw some of the Brothers last night…no one ends up exactly the same. Maybe you’ll get jacked like me…maybe you’ll end up a blonde beach ball. Who knows?” Gabriel spun his friend around and clutched his belly from behind, wedging his own rigid log against the smaller man’s back while he ran a finger through the budding fur. “How do you feel?” he asked, spinning them to face the mirror on the far wall.

Noah didn’t know what to say. He was shocked, stunned, and embarrassed, but he was also giddy with excitement. And painfully horny. “Good, I guess,” he stammered, already rooting back with his plumped rear while he stared at his bloated midsection. “I mean, it’s a lot…but…but this is what I wanted, right?”

“Glad to hear you say it,” Gabriel grunted.

“FUUUUUUUuuuuuCCCCKKKkkk…” Noah howled, his back arching when the other man popped his hips and slipped inside. His elasticized holed took his friend as easily as it had the night before, leaving him free to focus on the way he looked in the mirror. Noah couldn’t believe he was actually looking at himself as he watched his belly squish against Gabriel’s hands, and the way his thighs and ass now shook and jiggled. From the pecs up and the knees down he appeared unaltered, and the pudgy pretty-boy was struck by the notion that he seemed to be going through puberty in reverse. His body looked and felt awkward, and instead of shedding his baby fat it was creeping its way back on. Noah didn’t relish the idea of becoming plump and portly the way Gabriel so casually said might happen, but, at the same time, if it felt just as good he wasn’t sure how much he cared. He clutched the hands on his new gut for support as he watched his untouched cock and churning balls swing and slap wildly in the mirror, already knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’d never use the proud organ in the same way ever again. “Do…do I still have to call you sir…” he whimpered over the sound of his expanded cheeks slamming against Gabriel’s firm midsection.

“Nah, only at the temple,” the bigger man grunted before reaching up to give one of his friend’s nipples a rough squeeze. “Unless you want to.”

“Yeeuuuhhhsss…yes sirrrRRRUUuunnHHH!” Noah plummeted over the edge, his untouched cock exploding like a shotgun. The copious release was every bit as potent as the night before, but this time the howling blonde had room in his overloaded brain for a swell of pride at how long he’d lasted. Gabriel followed suit after only a few more pumps, once again filling the blonde’s inflated gut with an oversized load.

“Knew you’d be a natural,” the hairy hulk rumbled, tousling his friend’s hair. He gave Noah’s dripping ass a loud swat and pulled him along to the bathroom, not asking or saying anything as he turned the shower on and shoved the widened jock inside.

Noah didn’t try to resist or even speak. He enjoyed the sensation of being roughly manhandled and scrubbed down. He shivered excitedly when he noticed how different the water felt running along his softened curves, and when he realized he knew for the first time what damp hair felt like clinging to his formerly smooth skin. There was still a small voice in his head telling him he should be alarmed at the transformation taking place after so many years of working to keep himself shredded and lean, but as soon as Noah even glanced in his friend’s direction it was silenced by the other man’s radiant masculinity. That was what he really wanted, not the tiny body he’d already started to outgrow. He’d known going into it that there would be a certain amount of adjusting he’d have to do, and an expected level of embarrassment as he blossomed like Gabriel, and he told himself the nagging voice would go away in time.

Though that quickly became a harder sell when the bigger man finished toweling him off. Gabriel was still basking in the contented body buzz, too focused on prodding his thickened midsection to notice what the other man had in his hand. “Hey! What…what the hell are you doing?!” Noah’s face went red when he felt the hum of the clippers run up the back of his scalp. He instinctively tried to pull away, but Gabriel’s massive hand on his shoulder kept him in place.

“Hold still,” his friend barked, making another pass with the clippers. Noah could feel the short, golden locks raining against his back, but all he could do was stand in place as instructed and watch in the steamy mirror as his short crop turned into a barely-present buzz. In a matter of minutes his expertly styled hair looked no different than the stubble coating his cheeks, except that there appeared to be less of it. “That’s better,” Gabriel grunted, giving his friend’s scratchy scalp a rough rub.

“You could’ve at least given me a heads up,” Noah pouted, marveling at how different he already looked. The lack of hair and the roundness of his skull seemed to accentuate the roundness he’d acquired at his midsection, a trait he knew it would soon be emphasizing all over his body. He felt a mix of nervous lust when he thought about his sharp, handsome features filling out in a similar fashion, taking him from blonde pretty-boy to a buzzed bulldog.

“More fun if it’s a surprise,” Gabriel shrugged. He took one of their damp towels from the floor and wiped the shorn hair from his friend’s back and shoulders as he spoke, giving a final, proud nod. “It’s a good look.”

“Then how come your head isn’t shaved,” Noah asked, grinning despite himself. He followed his friend back out into the apartment, sniffing at the air until he realized the potent musk he smelled wafted off his own body even though he’d just showered. He wanted to ask Gabriel how long he’d stink for, but he knew right away that wasn’t the right word, or at least not in the way he was about to ask it. There were no more negative connotations to the odor, and, if anything, Noah just wished he could add the sweet tobacco stench of a cigar to the mix.

“Huh. I figured you’d be more interested in what you’re going to wear,” Gabriel said with an evil grin.

Noah’s stomach dropped. He’d been so caught up in his altered body that he hadn’t stopped to think about how he was going to cover it. He hadn’t become massive overnight, but given the fitted nature of his wardrobe he already doubted whether his shorts and t-shirt would be up to the task. “Can I, uh, borrow some of yours?”

“Absolutely not,” the mountain of a man laughed, folding his arms across his furry shelf. “You’ve got a long way to go until you’re this size.”

“But at least it’s not…” Noah trailed off in an embarrassed sigh when his friend just nodded at his discarded pile of clothes. He winced as he pulled the boxer-briefs up, feeling both embarrassment and actual, physical pain at the way they squeezed and bit into his expanded thighs. They’d already been a tight fit, but now the straining garment wouldn’t even fully cover Noah’s thickened bottom. “There’s no way these are going to fit,” he whimpered, giving up with the top half of his ass, as well as most of his package, still on display.

“Looks like you’ll just have to wear the shorts then,” Gabriel said, his bearded cheeks still twisted by a smug grin.

“This is humiliating,” Noah mumbled, his stomach dropping when he struggled the shorts into place. The fitted gym gear now fit the way his boxer-briefs should have, and were just as revealing. Only instead of clinging to toned thighs and a firm, perky bottom, the mesh fabric stretched around a pair of hairy trunks while a noticeable breeze wafted down Noah’s fur-lined crack. “I can’t go out like this!”

Gabriel cocked his head to the side, his eyes glued to the clearly-outlined cock in the smaller man’s shorts. “You’ve still got the shirt.”

Noah braced himself as he pulled the small t-shirt on, correctly guessing how poorly it would fit. The already skin-tight top still showed off his broad shoulders and sculpted pecs, only now it also showed off the budding belly below. The once-wiry jock was mortified at the way it refused to drape all the way down, leaving a hairy strip of softened flesh on display. Coupled with the overstuffed shorts and his buzzed scalp, the look did nothing to conceal Noah’s alterations as much as it emphasized them, much to the blushing blonde’s growing humiliation. “Well that’s…something…” he said, his tone flat as he took a few awkward, waddling steps. He knew bending over was out of the question unless he wanted to flash his hairy cheeks to anyone who happened to look, and even raising his arms left him in a precarious position. To make matters even worse, the constant sensation of near-exposure made the demands of his sensitive new hole impossible to ignore, leaving Noah teetering on a knife’s edge of embarrassingly obvious arousal. One stray thought, one errant shift of his weight, and there’d be no hiding any of it.

“Better get used to it. You’re just getting started,” Gabriel chuckled, finally turning away to reluctantly pull something on. Like his bashful friend, the brawny hunk skipped the underwear and slipped into a pair of shorts, and while they were almost as revealing as Noah’s, he seemed far less bothered by the obvious manner in which his colossal cock bounced against the front. He followed it up with a huge muscle shirt whose scooping sides and front did so little to provide coverage that it was nearly pointless. “Imagine how that stuff’ll feel in a few days when you’re even bigger.”

Noah’s eyes widened at the thought. “How long do I have to wear it for?!”

“Until it rips,” Gabriel said, as if it should have been obvious. He laughed at the look of horror on Noah’s face and reached out to rub his friend’s scalp again. “Don’t worry. You noticed the way I dressed, right? That’s one of the reasons you wanted to come talk to me?” He waited for the other man to nod before gesturing down at his obvious package. “You knew it was different, but you didn’t really freak out the way you should have, right? I mean, you saw me walking around swinging this piece in public the way you’re about to. So did the guys. Hell, I even went shirtless in class that one day and no one said anything. It’s part of the process.”

Noah blinked, confused. “What…what are you saying?” He gasped when Gabriel reached out and began kneading his cock, causing it to rocket to full mast and nearly poke out the top of his shorts.

“I’m saying we’re about to walk out of here with you like that to meet up with the guys and no one’s going to say shit about it,” Gabriel grinned. “They’ll notice, don’t get me wrong. They’ll stare and they’ll gawk and they’ll want it. But no one’s going to stop you.”

The flustered jock didn’t know how to feel about such a revelation. He knew Gabriel was right, that, thinking back on it, neither he nor any of their friends had reacted with anything other than mild curiosity regarding the furry stud’s increasing exposure. But that didn’t mean he was ready to test things out for himself. He already dreaded the idea of walking around with his meatier new proportions so prominently displayed; the idea of a hard cock thrown in as well was more than he could process. “But…I mean…what’s the limit? Where’s the line? Is there one?”

Gabriel’s smile grew. “Guess we’re about to find out.”


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