The milk crisis

by MartinMori427

 Due to a disease driving most cattle extinct, dairy has become an extreme scarcity. Max Blanchard, a young farmer, has been trying to get his prized cow to produce milk with little success. However, one fateful concoction finally yields fruitful, but when happens as a result of drinking it is more than Max could have ever imagined.

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Max stepped out onto his porch and took in a massive breath of fresh air, coupled with a sigh of relaxation. In his hand, he held a glass of lemonade–not fresh of course. He had never found the time nor energy to freshly squeeze a metric ton of lemons for such little payout. While the lemonade was nothing but a cheap, sugary, storebrand drink, after several hours of backbreaking work under the sweltering sun, it provided sweet respite.

Such was his daily routine. Wake up and get ready around 5:30 in the morning to start work around 6:00. The chickens, hogs, and horses had to be fed; the crops needed to be weeded several times over, watered, and harvested. It was barely 1:00 in the afternoon and Max had already felt exhausted. Normally, he had the help of his ranch-hand, high-school friend, and roommate, Kyle, but more recently, Kyle had been missing most of the work due to starting college at the ripe age of twenty-six with exclusively early morning classes making up his semester. Max managed fine on his own, but he couldn’t deny that the extra help that Kyle offered took a massive load off of his shoulders.

It was especially helpful considering the farming industry had been put on massive stress in the last few years due to a rapidly-spreading disease killing off a large percentage of dairy and beef cattle. Max reminisced about the times he could pick up a pound of ground beef and a gallon of milk for less than six dollars. Now such products would typically set you back several weeks worth of wages if you were lucky.

Max gazed off into the distance and saw his lone cow Bessie lazily grazing in the open meadow near his house. He had owned her before the plague had decimated the agriculture industry, and couldn’t bring himself to sell her for meat, despite the pretty penny she would go for, and no matter how many times he said “no,” his asshole neighbor Aaron who lived a couple miles away from him would always stop by and ask to buy her, increasing his bid every time. Max was fairly certain Aaron was just biding his time, waiting for Max to leave his farm for an evening so that he could waltz over and steal Bessie under the cover of night. Milk was really Max’s only realistic option, but finding a bull at a reasonable price was almost impossible. Every person that owned one refused anything that was less than a fortune.

Max found his only real recourse was to turn to chemistry, which he’d always had a knack for. Several months ago, he’d thought he’d reached a breakthrough by extracting prolactin-like hormones from natural supplements, but he was only ever able to get a few drops of milk–barely enough for a sip. Adding oxytocin only moderately improved his yields, but nothing that’d be profitable or marketable. No, he needed something drastic. As he sipped his lemonade, looking out into his fields, he smirked.

“I know I’ve got it this time. I’m going to strike it big.”

Finishing his lemonade, Max walked back inside to his kitchen table. On it was a small box beside a tall glass vial containing a cloudy liquid. Since the prolactin and oxytocin told Max he was headed in the right direction in artificially inducing milk production, he had been slowly adding more ingredients not limited to bovine somatotropin, a growth stimulant, and human growth hormone. This vial had been steeping for several weeks before Max had removed it from his burner the night before to let it cool.

He opened the box containing a syringe and a fairly long needle. After attaching the needle, he had drained the contents of the vial into the syringe, before lightly pushing the plunger and tapping the needle to make sure there was no air still present. Satisfied, he strolled outside and walked straight towards Bessie.

“Hey big girl,” he said as he patted her, “I know it’s not something you like, but this is my last ditch effort to get you to produce some milk. Sorry if it stings a little bit.”

Noticing the syringe, Bessie nervously huffed and stamped her legs.

“Shhhh, shhh, shhhh, it’ll be okay Bess.”

Max surveyed her leg and found a vein and gently injected the needle. Bessie let out a loud moo, as Max slowly pushed the serum out of his syringe until it was empty. Removing the needle, Max stood up and patted Bessie again.

“I’ll be back in a few hours. Hopefully, you’ll have produced something.”

Max walked back into his farmhouse, undid the needle from the syringe, and placed both back into their container. Sitting down on his linen sofa, Max rubbed some sweat from his brow. With a sigh, he sat back and looked up at the ceiling, the only thing interrupting the blank sheetrock being a single half-lamp jutting out from its surface. Max smiled and remembered how he had made fun of its odd shape when he was younger, often making immature jokes to the chagrin of his parents.

“I’m not in dire straits yet mom and dad. But I know that I can’t rely on that good hope forever. One day there’ll be a bad harvest or a drought and I won’t be able to pay the bills.”

Reminiscing, Max shut his eyes and grinned.

“Ah, I’m so tired. I know I still have a few more chores left to do, but I feel so unusually fucking beat.”

Max briefly looked at his watch. Just a bit after 1:00.

“Just a small catnap. Fifteen minutes, and I’ll go back to work.”

Max shifted his body before resting his head on a throw-pillow and drifted off to sleep. He dreamed that Bessie had finally pulled through for him and had produced several full buckets of milk. It looked so sweet and refreshing that Max was tempted to take a sip of it, if only to remember the taste. He leaned his head in and…


Max awoke with a jolt. Alert, he looked at his watch.

“Four fucking thirty!” he screamed in his thoughts.

He jumped up from the couch to see his roommate Kyle Moore walking in through the door, with his boots making dull thuds on the hardwood floor. He was wearing a sky blue T-shirt and khaki shorts. Both he and Max had roughly the same height and limber frame, although Kyle had a slightly bigger chest and broader shoulders. Max’s face was narrow yet rough, contrasting with his glossy slicked-back, chocolate-brown hair whereas Kyle had moderately curly straw-colored hair, a softened squared face, freckles, and vivid green eyes: the walking stereotype of a born-and-raised farm boy.

“Well good morning Max, did you have a nice beauty rest?” Kyle asked with a chuckle.

Max rubbed his eyes.

“Ah fuck off asshole, I was tired and took a nap. Sue me.” He sighed. “Seriously though, I wanted a quick shuteye before returning to the rest of the chores. I didn’t mean to sleep that long. Man, I knew I hated naps, they waste so much time that could be spent doing something else.”

“Well, if you want to sleep a little bit more, I don’t mind doing a few of the things that you had left to do.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a nap? You got up before I did and just got home. You must be tired too from having to sit in lectures all day.”

“That’s just the point. I sat all day. I want to start moving and getting the blood pumping. Let me go get changed into some better clothes, and I’ll get to work.”

Kyle haphazardly dumped his backpack onto the floor near the kitchen table and ran upstairs, his boots continuing to make their loud, thumping noises as he trotted up the steps. A few minutes later, he came down dressed in a button-down, red and black flannel long-sleeve and navy denim jeans.

“Dude, it’s like eighty-something degrees outside. You’ll get heatstroke if you so much as take a leisurely stroll through the cornfields.”

“It’s not work if you’re not sweating. Now, what do you have left to do?”

“Well,” Max took out a crumpled piece of notepad paper. “I did feed the horses, but I didn’t get a chance to muck out their stalls. I haven’t hay-baled yet, although to be honest, that takes a while and should really only be done earlier in the morning, so you can skip that. Oh, and I need to check on Bessie.”

“Oh no, is she sick?”

“No, fortunately, er, at least I hope not. I gave her that serum that I’ve been stewing for the past few weeks. I’m fairly certain nothing will happen, but I still wanted to see how she’s doing.”

“Well, I’ll go muck out the horses, you can take a rest, and I’ll come wake you up when I’m finished so that we can see how the old girl’s doing.”

“I don’t need to rest. You know what? I’ll make dinner. It won’t be anything special, but I’ll make some spaghetti if that’s fine with you.”

“Sounds like a plan, I need the carbs.” Kyle slapped his flat stomach. “Papa’s a growing boy!” he said with a hearty laugh.

With that, Kyle walked right out the screen door and Max got to work preparing the pasta.


Kyle slammed down his fork onto his plate.

“Oh, that hit the spot. I feel so bloated.”

“No shit, you ate enough for the both of us and then some,” Max said as he got up from the table.

“It’s not my fault your food’s so delicious. With cooking like that, I’m surprised you don’t have a wife already.”

“I guess you’ll just have to marry me then,” Max countered sarcastically.

“Ha ha, nope. This tongue and this dick are for pussies exclusively.”

“You know what they say about college. Plenty of people experiment,” Max retorted.

“I’m not ‘plenty of people.’ No hate, it’s just something that I don’t envision myself enjoying.

“Bro, I’m just giving you shit.”

“At this point in our friendship, I’m well aware.” Kyle took another swig from his beer. “Hey, it’s getting late, we should go and check on Bessie.”

The two cleared their plates, and made their way outside, the screen door leaving behind a reverberative twang as they left. Before stepping off the porch, Max doubled-back to grab a steel pail sitting nondescriptly next to a bench. As the two were walking, Max broke the silence.

“I don’t even know why I stopped to get this. It’s not like I’m confident anything will happen. Two years of nothing and I still haven’t learned my lesson.”

“Well, it never hurts.” Kyle scratched his head. “I mean, look at it this way: you wouldn’t have to run all the way back to the farmhouse to get it if you just brought it in the first place.”

“Your boundless optimism is inspiring Kyle.”

“Not the first time I’ve been told that.”

“You know,” Max paused, “I really do have to thank you for sticking around. And not to sound backhanded when I say that your classes have been preventing you from working more, but even just your enthusiasm has really kept me going. There have been times where I’ve thought it’d be better just to sell the land and make a new beginning elsewhere. But then I think of my parents and how much they sacrificed for this farm, and how involved you’ve been–well, until recently of course.”

Kyle chuckled.

“But no seriously. You’ve never given up on me or the farm. You…you’re like a brother to me man. And once you find that special girl, she’ll be very lucky to have you.”

“Thanks Max, that means a lot. It’s not my farm, but I’d do anything for it.” Kyle put his arm around Max and the two shared a brief half-hug. “Do whatever you need to do to keep this farm–by any means necessary, and I mean that. I might not always be there for you, but you can bet that you’ll always have my support regardless of what choices you make. Who knows? Depending on how dubious the situation is, I might just help you out!” The two shared a laugh.

“And this might surprise you, it might not, but there’s a girl on campus that I’ve been interested in asking out. I think she likes me back, but I don’t know one-hundred percent. Though she smiles and blushes whenever I see her, so that’s probably a good sign.”

“Dude, she’s totally into you.”

“More than likely, but I don’t want to rush anything ya know? I’ve ruined some relationships in the past by moving too quickly, and I don’t want to make any mistakes.”

“What’s her name?”

“Mallory,” Kyle blushed, “and she is one cutie.”

Kyle stood still for a moment.

“You know what? I’m gonna shoot my shot. Tomorrow, I’ll ask her out. Worst she can do is say no.”

“She could say ‘ew.’ She could also laugh and gossip with her friends about how much of a fool you made of yourself.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, I’m doing it. Just gotta make sure my nice clothes are good for tomorrow.”

“Well since you never wear them, I’m fairly certain they’ll be fine.”

The two smiled and hugged again before continuing their walk in silence. After a few more minutes, they finally reached Bessie. Max knelt down next to her udder and palpated it.

“Well, it feels like there might be something in it. But I’ve been burned in the past with nothing but a few drops of milk.”

“Well, give her a squeeze.”

Max positioned himself next to Bessie with the bucket under the udder. He gave a few hard squeezes.

“Aaand, nothing,” Max got up, stamped his foot, and cursed.

“You know what, you’re probably still tired from today so you’re not at your best. Let me give it a go.”

“I mean we both have relatively the same strength, so I don’t see how it will make a difference.”

“Doesn’t hurt to try.”

Kyle knelt down next to her, and began to squeeze. Still nothing.

“You done yet?”

“Just give me a second.”

“He gave a few more squeezes. Still nothing.

“Will you cut it out? She’s not producing any. It’s okay, it’s not like this changes anything anyway. Why don’t we–”

“Shut up.”


“I mean shut up and look!”

Max got closer and noticed that a few drops had fallen into the bucket. Kyle gave another hard squeeze and another quick stream came out.

“Holy shit.”

Kyle got into a more steady rhythm, and before he knew it, he was steadily milking Bessie.”

“Holy shit! Holy shit, holy shit!” Max exclaimed.

Max couldn’t remember the last time he had seen a cow so readily produce milk. He had given up hope that Bessie would ever produce any milk ever again, much less enough to turn a profit.

“Keep going girl, you’re doing great!” Kyle said with a large goofy grin.

After about ten minutes, Kyle had completely milked Bessie dry. The pail was about 3/4ths full, but Max didn’t care. What he had concocted had finally worked. It’d definitely take much more money and resources to make it a full-fledged operation, but he had managed to create a serum that would successfully cause a non-nursing cow to produce milk.

Kyle stood up and wrapped Max in a giant bear hug. The two began to jump up and down, crying and laughing.”

“I just…I just can’t believe it finally worked. And you know what?” Max flipped off the horizon. “Fuck you Aaron! You told me that Bessie was worthless alone and wouldn’t give any milk enough for a shot glass. Well, look who’s done it now! Woo-hoo!

“I think this calls for a celebration.”

Kyle grabbed the pail before tipping it back slightly and taking a huge swig.

“Man! I think that might be the sweetest milk I’ve ever tasted.”

“Ach, dude gross. I’m not driving you forty-five minutes to the nearest emergency room because you get food poisoning.”

“I’d normally care about that, but it’s been so long since I’ve had some milk that I couldn’t resist.” He took another gulp, wiped away the milk on his upper lip, and let out a refreshing “ah.” “You sure you don’t want some? I guarantee it won’t taste as good after you pasteurize it.”

“No, thanks. I don’t feel like retching in pain because I got a stomach infection from raw milk.”

“Suit yourself,” Kyle went to take another sip but Max stopped him.

“Hold your horses man! I want some too, just y’know, not in a way where I end up puking my brains out.”

Kyle smiled and handed the heavy pail back to Max as the two sauntered back to the farm, their faces gleaming with pride. They got to the door, before Kyle briefly stopped and grabbed his stomach. “Agh!”

“Well, I’m not going to say I told you so, but I fuckin’ told you so!”

Kyle stood back up. “Nope. I’m fine. I’m going to handle this like I handle every stomach ache that I get after I eat a fatty 24-ounce ribeye. Ignore it until it goes away.” The two walked inside.

Max set the pail on the counter, then immediately crashed on the couch and turned on the TV.

“Are you not going to have any at all? I thought you’d be more excited.”

“I’m elated, but it’s late and I don’t feel like boiling anything. I’ll put it in the fridge later and pasteurize it tomorrow morning.”

“Well, after today’s events, I think I’ll join you. Apart from dinner, I haven’t had a chance to relax.” Kyle kicked off his shoes and joined Max on the sofa. Max scrolled through the channels before landing on a random football game in the middle of the third quarter. He set the remote down on the small table next to him and let out a relaxing breath through his nose. Today was a great day, and nothing could change that.

The two sat in relative silence, only breaking it to make a few comments on the game. About twenty-five minutes had passed and they were finally nearing the end of the third quarter.

Split. Click-clack-clack.

Max looked at Kyle.

“What the hell was that?”

“I think a button on my shirt came loose.”

Max looked at the bottom of Kyle’s shirt and a button had indeed popped off. A few of the buttons above it looked strained and Kyle’s midriff seemed a bit chubbier.

“Guess I ate too much at dinner. Whatever. I like this shirt, but it was getting too tight in the arms anyway.”

The two continued watching the game before two more buttons popped off and made another clack noise on the back wall. Max looked over at Kyle to see that he had doubled over.

“Agghhh, arggghhhh…”

“Dude are you okay?”

Kyle looked to be sweating profusely. He side-glanced over at Max before wincing in pain again.

“No, my stomach really hurts and I—”

“You what?”

Kyle blushed in embarrassment.

“My stomach hurts and I currently have one of the most painfully rock-hard boners I’ve had in a long time.” He blushed once more and winced again in pain.

“Do you need me to drive you to the hospital?”

“No, no, I just…I just need to go to the bathroom.”

Kyle stood up, quickly shuffled over to the bathroom, and slammed the door. A few minutes passed by, with Max only hearing muffled groaning.

He heard a small thud, followed immediately by a strong “What the fuck?! What the fuck?!”

Max ran over to the door and began pounding on it.

“Kyle are you all right?! Can I come in?”

“Urgh, no! Don’t come in!”

Suddenly there was a crash and another dull thud.

“I’m coming in!”

Max opened the door, but nothing could have prepared him for what laid before him. Kyle was lying on his back, easily twenty pounds heavier than he was a few minutes ago, his shirt completely busted open, and his pants pulled down, strained against his legs.

But Max’s eyes were drawn to his chest. Across Kyle laid the head of his penis, now the size and color of an apple, the entire girth being comparable to his forearm with giant, thick veins coursing all around it. His hairy scrotum was stretched tight over two orange-sized testicles.

“I–I can’t move.”


“I don’t know what’s happening to me. But I walked in here and suddenly every button popped off and my dick just kept getting bigger and bigger. I can’t move, or talk too much, or breathe too heavily, because if I do, a jolt of electricity passes through my body and gets me harder. It hurts so much.”

Max looked at him in shock.

“I’m sorry to have to ask you this, but could you rub my dick?”

Max was shocked. “You want me to jack you off?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to move until I cum. I don’t feel right asking you to do this, but I can’t do it myself and I don’t know what else to do.”

Max bit his lip. He’d never touched another guy’s dick before, much less had sexual desires for one. Sure he’d masturbate occasionally, but he’d never do anything so brazen. But Kyle was his best friend, and it hurt him to see him in such a state.

“Uh…Okay. I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, thank you so much Max, hopefully it shouldn’t take too long,” Kyle moaned softly. “I’m so sorry.”

Max walked over to Kyle and put his hand on his penis. He gently stroked for a few seconds before Kyle arched his head back and let out the loudest sexual moan Max had ever heard. His dick throbbed intensely before shooting a massive shot of cum behind him. He continued spurting until the stream slowed down to a few thick drips over Kyle’s face and chest, and then went flacid, with the tip of his penis reaching well below the knees. Half of Max’s bathroom was coated in a thick layer of spunk, but it looked like Kyle was no longer straining for release. He let out a sigh of relief and his breathing slowed.

Max reached under Kyle’s sticky shoulders and hauled him to his feet, slowly helping him out of the bathroom. To Max’s additional surprise, Kyle looked to be a full head taller than he was, as compared to their relatively equal height earlier. Bearing part of his weight, Max guided Kyle towards the door.

“I’m so sorry man. I’m sorry about this and the bathroom,” Kyle said in a groggy groan.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Where are we going?”

“To the hospital, or, I don’t know, somewhere where we can get this shit figured out.”

“Bro I can’t go to the hospital. They’ll do weird stuff to me and I’ll be experimented on.”

“They won’t do that, and we can’t stay here with you in this condition.”

The two walked outside onto the porch and onto the front lawn which was brightly illuminated by floodlights Max had installed on the roof.

“I’m feeling sick again.”

“Nope, you gotta keep walking.”

“Max I can’t–gah!”

Kyle had gone under another growth spurt, and had now dwarfed Max by a full foot. His previously lithe frame was now buried under close to 250 pounds of fat. The additional weight shift caused Kyle to stumble and fall to the ground.

“Come on man, we have to go!”

“I…I can’t. I can’t—”

Max stood back and watched as Kyle continued to grow in height, groaning in discomfort. He probably had to be above eight feet tall and over 500 pounds. All of his clothes had been torn off. Kyle leaned over onto all fours and continued to screech in pain.

Agh, it hurts! Aggghhhhhh!

In horror, Max looked on as Kyle’s bones and joints started to grow, crack, and shift into a brand new, almost inhuman frame while his sides continued to expand with fat. Meanwhile his penis continued to stretch up to his chest, growing in both length and girth. His junk reached close to the ground in two watermelon-shaped orbs.

“Something…something’s growing on me. Ooohhhhhh!”

Max walked around and noticed that something was indeed growing. Pushing his dick down towards the dirt was a bulge in his stomach. It continued expanding until ten large, unmistakable teats began growing. He had grown a massive udder. It was only at that point that Max realized that Kyle was turning into a cow. There was no mistaking that the special milk caused by his serum that Kyle drank earlier was causing this transformation.

The sensation from the udder must have triggered something in Kyle as his groans of agony were slowly replaced by moans of pleasure. He began humping the air as the weight continued to pile on. Both his udder and his now gargantuan man boobs began swelling with milk. His arms and legs began to thicken and lengthen off of the ground, and his hands and feet slowly began to morph into hooves.

Drawing his distracted eyes away from the changing body, Max looked back towards Kyle’s face. An orgasmic smile etched itself across it, which apart from a set of large horns protruding from the sides of his head, remained largely unchanged and unmarred by the ordeal apart from being slightly plumper.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Kyle exclaimed in a groan much lower in tone and cadence to his original voice. His crimson-colored monster dick was throbbing and leaking, and pointed straight in Max’s direction. Sensing the impending orgasm, Max jumped out of the way before a jet of steaming white cum came bellowing out of Kyle’s cock.

At long last, the transformation seemed to be over. Max walked over to the hybrid that was formerly his best friend. For all intents and purposes, Kyle was a cow-shaped human. He didn’t have a tail, fur, or the classic bovine-shaped head. Instead his skin remained the same tone and texture. His dick and balls, for how enormously large in proportion they were, remained human in shape, and sporting a dusting of curly, dirty blonde hair. He easily topped 1400 pounds, bigger than any bull he’d known.

“Kyle, are you okay?”

There was no response, so Max snapped in front of his head.

“Kyle, can you understand me?”

Kyle looked at Max with glazed eyes.

“Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum,” Kyle moaned.

“Oh man, why is this happening? Why did this have to happen to you?”

Max turned around in embarrassment and disbelief, and started to sob. His closest friend in the world was no longer what anyone could call remotely human. In the middle of his tears, he heard a drip. With a deep sniffle, he turned around to see that Kyle’s teats were leaking.

“Guess you need to be milked,” he said with a half-sarcastic laugh. Suddenly, he thought back to something Kyle had said earlier in the evening. Do whatever you need to do to keep this farm–by any means necessary, and I mean that. I might not always be there for you, but you can bet that you’ll always have my support regardless of what choices you make. Who knows? Depending on how dubious the situation is, I might just help you out!

Max ran back to his porch to grab an additional stack of steel pails. With apprehension, Max grabbed just behind Kyle’s engorged nipples, and began squeezing downward. It required little pressure or effort for the milk to begin flowing. Around five minutes had passed, and Kyle had filled up three pails to the brim with his chest alone.

Max pushed the pails to the side realizing that he would need something a lot bigger than them. Max looked at a large empty water trough that he had deep cleaned that afternoon but had forgotten to fill. He pushed it over under Kyle’s udder and once again began milking, being mindful of his gargantuan dick. The trough was by no means small, but in a matter of twenty minutes, Kyle had been completely milked dry and produced slightly over eighty gallons of milk in the short moments after his transformation.

Still in shock, Max’s face morphed into a half-crazed smile before breaking out into a full-on laughing fit. While initially in disbelief of the situation, with Kyle’s own blessing, Max realized that what stood before him was nothing short of a stroke of unbelievable fortune. If he could find the right people, Kyle would literally become Max’s cash cow.

He took his phone out of his pocket before finding “Asshat” in his contacts list. He called, but after several rings, it went to voicemail. Just as well, he didn’t expect him to be up this late before a work morning.

“This is Aaron Bannerman, sorry I couldn’t reach your call. Just leave a message and I’ll try to get back to you.”


“Hey Aaron, this is Max. I know it’s late, but I just thought I’d let you know of a business opportunity that I wanted to propose. It concerns my cow. If you’re interested and not too busy, just drive on down to my farm. All I can say is I’ll definitely make it worth your while.”

Max hung up.

It was dawn, and Max was sitting on his porch, unable to sleep from the events from the night before. He had placed Kyle in his barn while letting Bessie graze close in the meadow. Unorthodox to let her free roam during the night, but he had kept an eye on her and knew she wouldn’t walk too far away.

He decided to have a quick bite before Aaron arrived, and so he walked inside and opened the fridge where the initial pail from the night before had been sitting. Kyle’s milk was sitting nice and cool in his cellar in steel drums. For a few minutes, he just stared at the pail. Was he really going to trust Aaron not to blow his secret? I mean, what would stop him from calling the police? Or stealing everything for himself? Or worse? Max didn’t think Aaron would want to kill him, but with an opportunity like this, he wouldn’t put it past him.

“He’s never been one to pass something up, especially if it made him money. I’ll trust him until he gives me a reason not to.”

Max grabbed an apple and walked back outside. After taking a couple of bites, he looked out to the horizon to see a silver 1997 Toyota Corolla sputtering down his dirt road before making a turn onto his property. A man in his mid-thirties popped out of the car: Aaron Bannerman, the pain-in-the-ass trying to take every bit of Max’s family’s farm piecemeal. He walked over to Max with an air of confidence despite his short stature. He was medium build, had a crew-cut haircut befitting of a douche, and gold-tinted sunglasses. As he got closer, Max could see the smarmy, shit-eating grin on his face.

“Well well well, Max, nice to see you this lovely morning.”

Max rolled his eyes.


“Now come on, that’s no way to treat a neighbor. I thought you had this once-in-a-lifetime proposition for me.”

“I do, but you’re being such an ass about it that I might reconsider.”

Max knew Aaron wanted Bessie for himself more than anything, and wouldn’t back out regardless of what Max said or did, which allowed Max to be as brazen or sarcastic as he wanted.

“I don’t even know what it is to reconsider, so your shit attitude won’t do you any favors. I know how much you love that godforsaken cow, so why on earth would you suddenly call me in the dead of night unless you had something you really thought would be something big. I’m fairly certain you didn’t make that call just to sell Bessie, so what is it that you just had to show me.”

Max walked back inside leaving Aaron alone on the porch.

“Come into my house, and you’re getting a fist.”

He reached into a cupboard and pulled out the biggest stein he could find.

“That should do,” he thought.

He shuffled towards the fridge before opening it and dunking the glass into the pail full of milk. He had been half-tempted to try it, but knew what it would do if he gave in. With the full glass, he walked back outside.

“This is what I have to offer,” he said, holding his arm outstretched.

With a nonplussed look on his face, Aaron responded.

“That’s milk isn’t it? So, you spent a pretty penny on a gallon, and are trying to convince me that you have something of value.”

“Oh, no. I produced this myself.”

“You did? With what bull? I don’t see any calves around anywhere. In fact, as far as I’m aware. You’re one of the few people in this county that even owns a female.”

“Well, would you believe me if I told you that I created a serum that allowed Bessie to produce almost a full pail of milk without getting her pregnant? It took a while, but I finally put the right puzzle pieces together. She produced this not too long ago, and there’s about half a pail full in my fridge. Downstairs I have about eighty more gallons that I’ve been sitting on.”

“Bullshit!” Aaron said with a cackle. “There’s just no way!”

“I didn’t think you’d believe me. Regardless, this milk I’m holding in my hand is without a doubt, the sweetest milk you will ever taste in your life.”

“How do I know this isn’t just some sick prank that you’re pulling one on me and it’s just chalk or some shit?”

Max cocked the glass, and took a sip, being careful not to swallow. He smiled and toasted the glass to Aaron. Aaron stamped over to Max and took the glass and took another huge sip as well.

“Holy shit…” Aaron said in quiet surprise. Aaron closed his eyes and began chugging the rest of the glass, allowing Max to spit out the little bit that was in his mouth. Kyle wasn’t wrong, it was definitely delicious.

“If you’re not bullshitting me, I’ll take part in whatever business that you’ve got. I mean this isn’t just milk, this is the nectar of the gods!”

“I’m aware, that’s why I called you.”

Aaron paused in suspicion.

“What about that friend of yours that’s always, here, er…Lyle’s name right?”

“Kyle,” Max corrected. “And normally he’d be at college, but he called in today to help me out with this. He’s in the barn. In fact, let’s go talk to him!”

The two began walking over to the barn, with Max following a short distance behind. He figured it was only a matter of time before Aaron would be seized with whatever Kyle had. It wasn’t his initial intention to get Aaron to drink it, but he was so cocky and insistent, and was a perpetual thorn in his side that he figured he might as well give him a little taste of some humble pie. He was so excited he could barely hide the massive boner in his pants. But suddenly…


Max felt his boner grow slightly downward in his jeans.

“No, no no no, I didn’t even drink it!” he shouted in his mind. He watched as the snake in his pants kept inching downward. He could see the indent strain in his pants as his head reached just above his knee, along with an intense growing tension in his balls.

“No, fuck,” he thought again, “this can’t happen to me.” But, just as it had started growing, it stopped. The tightness was still there, but he felt it nowhere else. He didn’t feel larger or taller, and it seemed what had happened to him solely happened to his junk.

“Interesting,” Max quietly said to himself.

They finally reached the barn. Max was surprised that Aaron hadn’t started changing yet. Kyle had only a few gulps compared to Aaron drinking an entire stein, but he figured it was only a matter of time.

Max swung open the door.

“Come on out Kyle!”

Kyle slowly walked out, and Aaron looked on with horrified eyes.

“What the fuck?! WHAT THE FUCK?!” shouted Aaron.

“This is Kyle. You see, my serum did work, and the two of us were ecstatic. So much so that Kyle helped himself to a few sips of milk. I’d say a little less than an hour later, he turned into what’s standing before you. He was the one who also produced the milk surplus in my cellar.

“Whatever sick thing this is, I want no part of it.”

“Unfortunately, you already are. The same milk that Kyle drank is what you took out of my hand earlier. And you chugged far more than what he did.”

The color drained from Aaron’s face as he took a few steps back.


Aaron clutched his groin in pain, as pressure in his dick and balls began building. He undid his pants and yanked his underwear down to watch as his penis grew outward. Unlike Kyle, Max didn’t see the initial part of his change, but now that the sun was out, Max got a front-row seat for the transformation.

With a sudden jerk, his penis sprang forward, knocking Aaron on his back. The entirety of his dick glowed in a bright scarlet gradient, precum oozing out of his slit and onto his head. Blubbering, Aaron slowly guided his arms towards his massive snake, hoping to finish his orgasm. It seemed that either his willpower or pain tolerance was higher than that of Kyle since his attempt to jack off didn’t render him completely paralyzed. He succeeded in wrapping his hands around his shaft, and within a few seconds, was spurting a cum fountain.

Immediately after his climax, his body began to swell with fat. Max could hear his clothes bursting open as rolls of fat poured out from the seams. Aaron struggled to move, but managed to turn himself over onto all fours, before trying to crawl away. He was suddenly seized with pain as his back, legs, and arms all grew and shifted around in him. It wasn’t long before his body began to resemble that of Kyle’s. Large horns and hooves grew in as his chest and stomach sloshed around with milk. His nipples grew, followed by an immensely full and heavy udder.

While Kyle’s transformation had been met with surprise and terror, Max could feel nothing but extreme satisfaction watching Aaron get his just desserts. He had never had an interest in guys, but it seemed as though the sip of milk he spat out earlier had a residual effect: arousal at watching men’s bodies grow and change. His erection was so rigid, he could feel his pants soak with precum.

“Cuuuuuuuum,” Aaron groaned.


Max turned to see Kyle approaching Aaron. During the chaos, he had briefly forgotten about him. He watched as Kyle turned away from Aaron, almost baring himself to him. Without hesitation, Aaron walked up to and mounted Kyle. With little difficulty, Aaron plowed his once again hard dick into Kyle’s ass, and began pushing.

“CUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM!!!” Both men bellowed deeply.

With another shove, cum sprayed out of Kyle’s ass like a plugged garden hose. Aaron continued thrusting firmly, as his seed poured out onto the lush grass.

Still fully hard, Max looked closer at Kyle’s teats. It appeared as though they had engorged during the ordeal and were hanging much lower than when Max had initially milked him, some even lightly dripping into the ground. He deduced that the sexual encounter with Aaron must have triggered something in his body to produce even more milk, a positive feedback.

With this realization, Max couldn’t hold back any longer. He quickly unzipped his pants and let his dick fly free before shooting several massive jolts of cum into the air. With a look of unbound glee, he uttered:

“I’m gonna be fucking rich!”

Four years later

“Hope you enjoy the fair!”

FBI Agent Randy McCollough took the ticket from the young man in the booth. It had read in bold, black letters:


He had never really liked fairs or festivals. There were always too many people on the streets at once. As far back as he could remember, he had always felt the endless crowds claustrophobic. Whenever friends had invited him to one of these things, he came up with some excuse on why he couldn’t go, and no matter how many times he said “no,” his friends still invited him.

He gave the ticket to the older man at the attendance gate. Other than his badge, a wallet with a fake ID, and a wire, he didn’t have anything on him, so he was let through without being stopped and searched.

Stepping into the fairgrounds he looked around. It was your standard farm and harvest festival, although this specific one seemed to have an added element of hunting and game in addition to being a men-exclusive event. He didn’t see one woman or child in sight.

But he wasn’t here for fun; he was here to investigate one man: Maxwell Blanchard. The young farmer had made a meteoric rise in the past few years, having been responsible for discovering a way to get female cows to produce milk without the need of a bull. The find had been revolutionary, and over the course of a year, had completely revitalized the dairy industries. He had made Forbes 30 Under 30, and was quite possibly one of the wealthiest men in America. Randy figured he’d eventually be on track to win a Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

However, ever since he had entered the public eye, the FBI had always kept an eye on him. He seemed like your average, unassuming guy who got lucky and struck it big. He was a massive philanthropist, created several agriculture scholarships, and lived a relatively modest life despite his net worth. But wherever Max went, mysterious disappearances would occur. With a little digging, Randy had found that Max had a roommate, Kyle Moore, who had vanished off of the face of the Earth four years ago. Multiple missing persons’ files were opened, but none of the leads lead anywhere, and Randy was fairly certain that someone as close to him as Max might be involved in his disappearance.

Randy stopped by a kiosk and picked up a small pamphlet that gave the layout of the fair as well as a schedule of important events and speeches that would be happening. Clearly, someone as high-profile as Max would be a big-name draw to the fair. It appeared that around 3:00 p.m., he’d be giving a speech at the fair’s aptly named “Dairy Barn.” It had, according to his research, been established over 60 years ago, but had gone into disrepair when the milk famines hit. As of two years ago, the building was renovated, given a fresh coat of paint, and reopened for the fair.

Randy looked at his watch. It was about 2:30, and the barn wasn’t far from the gate he had entered. He strolled down the center street of the fair, ignoring the stalls and stands selling deep-fried everything and farm implements. It was about twenty minutes before he had reached the gate of the barn, although ‘barn’ didn’t do it justice. It was more or less a barn-shaped warehouse, significantly larger than any barn that he had ever seen in his life.

On either side of the large double doors were two stands with attendants handing out free glasses of milk. He approached the stand.

“Pardon me, but is Max Blanchard really going to be speaking here?”

“Yup, in about ten minutes or so. Man, I can’t wait!”

“Do you know him personally?”

“Mostly in passing, I’ve never really talked to him, but I have met him several times. Although I did win one of his college scholarships and have been working as an intern at one of the pharmacy branches that he’s a co-owner of. He really is an inspiration.”

“I guess so, man was a nobody only four years ago.”

“That’s what makes him so amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever be that successful, but it drives me to keep pursuing my career goals.”

Randy looked him up and down. He was a bright-blue-eyed, bushy-tailed, slender man in his late teens or early twenties. His caramel-brown hair was perfectly coiffed, although it was partially obscured by a white visor. He noticed the man’s name tag read “Johnny.”

“Well, Johnny, I wish you luck.”

“Thank you sir,” Johnny said with a smile. “Oh, I’m sorry, did you want a glass?”

Randy tilted his head.

“Eh, sure, why not?”

Johnny grinned and got Randy a small glass filled to the brim. Randy took a sip and chuckled.

“Damn, if this isn’t the best milk I’ve ever tasted.”

And he wasn’t lying, to Randy, it was rich and sweet without being cloying. There was no other comparable taste that Randy could think of other than a carton of expensive whole milk that he had splurged on himself about six years ago. Looking back, the taste wasn’t even in the same league.

“I know,” Johnny leaned in, “don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been sneaking a couple of drinks myself throughout the time that I’ve been here. I know it’s free, but technically the milk is only for the people coming to see the presentation. Guess I might have had a little too much since my shirt’s been feeling a little tight for the past hour. Anyway, hope you enjoy the speech, it’ll be starting soon!”

Randy toasted to Johnny and walked inside. It was only a matter of minutes before Max’s speech. So far, nothing seemed out of place. As he entered the barn, he realized that there was a massive crowd in the center. There weren’t any seats, so people just seemed to be milling about. Not wanting to wade into the sea of people, Randy contently stood at the back taking a few more sips of his drink.

A few more minutes passed before Randy heard the doors close behind him, he looked just to catch the large barn doors slowly slam shut. A few of the workers walked in, one being Johnny. He gave Randy a discrete thumbs up, then walked into an “Employees Only” door along with the other staff.

It was only when the crowd broke into applause that Max had looked towards the stage. It wasn’t Max, but instead an older man in a suit and tie. With a smile and a wave, he hushed the crowd.

“Gentlemen, thank you all for coming. My name is Brooks Thompson, and I’m the CEO of Thompson Pharmaceuticals. In a few short moments, you are going to listen to one of the greatest men of our age who I’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with. Just four short years ago, the world was facing a crisis unseen in history. But that all changed when a determined young farmer from rural Iowa put his intuition and intellect through the ringer. We credit him with the revival of the dairy industry, and it is with great honor that I introduce Mr. Max Blanchard!”

Uproarious applause broke out from the crowd as a man who looked to be in his early thirties stepped out onto the stage. He was tall yet unassumingly handsome with short brown hair. Randy couldn’t see other major facial features from a distance, although his face was broadcast on several large screen TVs propped up around the space of the barn. His facial structure was undoubtedly masculine, although his deep-walnut colored eyes gave him a much more youthful appearance. He walked up to Brooks and gave him a firm handshake before Brooks walked off stage. Max waved to the crowd and slowly the clapping and hollering died down.

“Thank you all! As Brooks said, and as I’m sure many of you are aware, my name is Max Blanchard. I, like many of you, was born and raised on a farm in the middle of the Heartland. Growing up, I’d always aspired to be a hard worker like my late parents. They’d always instilled work ethic and ingenuity in me, and I sought to show those qualities in everything that I did. That’s why, when the beef famines hit, I did not stop to find a solution. For two straight years, I burned the midnight oil, trying to figure out how to create a means to end our nightmare. But I finally did it, with a special cocktail of chemicals, most of which are hard to pronounce, even for me–”

The crowd laughed.

“–one day, I figured out a way to induce milk production in cows without the use of a bull. And through blood, sweat, and tears, I was finally able to bring that milk to the market. Milk, that wasn’t just healthier than your garden variety dairy, but sweeter than any dessert you’ve ever tasted. Additionally, through pharmaceutical research, a team of dedicated scientists and I isolated a testosterone-like compound that when applied over a period of several weeks, could reliably increase genital size by a sizable degree. Scam ads promising to give you size became a thing of the past. We named the compound and the medicine PhalGrow. And today, according to research data, the average size of the adult penis is a full foot long, and impotence is at an all-time low.”

The crowd cheered, the loudest they had done so far.

Even with all of that, I wouldn’t be here today without the help of my friends and colleagues, especially a close friend by the name of Kyle Moore, who always believed in me. Without him–” Max looked directly at the camera “–none of this would be possible.”

The crowd softly clapped, but all Randy could feel was an intense chill. With the mounted flatscreens, Randy could guess–no, he knew that Max was looking at him, staring directly into his soul. He couldn’t place his finger on it, but he could feel a sinister presence under Max’s superficial charm. Something very bad was about to happen, but he didn’t know what and he couldn’t stop him. All Randy could do was stand there and watch in paralyzed anticipation.

“All the people around me, who were with me every step of the way also had another quality that is very important to me: trust. Without trust, progress remains at a standstill. To exemplify this trait, I’d like to bring someone out. Mr. Jonathan Whitford, if you’d please come on stage!”

There was more applause as Randy watched as the young man at the stand had walked out onto the stage and shook Max’s hand. He looked simultaneously awestruck and shy; he likely didn’t expect for any of this to happen.

“Now, Jonathan, can I call you John?”

“Oh, uh, Johnny’s just fine sir.”

“Johnny, great. Now, to my knowledge, you were the recipient of a scholarship that I set up, correct?”

“Well, yes. It was a scholarship for students hoping to attend pharmacy school. I remember my essay. It’s… a little embarrassing.”

“Nonsense, what did you write about?”

“Well, my five brothers and I, we weren’t… we weren’t, um, endowed well, and as a result, growing up, we all had massive self-esteem issues. But, ever since PhalGrow hit the market, our collective confidence just shot through the roof. And, to make a long story short, my brothers and I all lead very successful lives that we likely wouldn’t have had without the medicine. It’s what inspired me to go into this industry in the first place.”

“Well, would you like to show us the proof?”

Johnny looked flustered, and his entire face went red.

“Come on, we’re all men here, we’ve all got the same equipment, right everyone? Show us that confidence!”

All of the men in the crowd whooped in approval. With a huge grin, Johnny unzipped his pants, pulled down his underwear slightly, and pulled out a thick penis that, hung flaccid, was probably close to his knees. The crowd erupted into even more of a rally to rival that of large sports stadiums. The rowdy approval caused Johnny to get hard, further egging on the raucous cheers. After a little bit, Max lowered his hand and the testosterone-fueled cheering ceased. After getting soft, Johnny went to put his penis away, but was interrupted by Max.

“You don’t need to put it back, trust me.”

‘Uh, okay…” Johnny replied with a confused inflection.

“Now, Johnny also happens to work as an intern at Thompson Pharmaceuticals in the PhalGrow department. He’s a hard worker, committed, driven, and very intelligent.”

“Thank you so much sir, I don’t know what to…”

Max interrupted him.

“I wasn’t finished. In addition to being all of those things, Johnny here is also the nephew of a Mr. Derek Dachs, owner of White Badger Pharmaceuticals in Chicago.”

“Yeah, when I told my uncle I wanted to work in pharmacology, he–”

“Again, not finished. White Badger Pharmaceuticals deals in many things and is relatively successful, but it also deals in a variety of…sexual enhancement drugs, none of which see the market because of their relatively ineffective use.”

“I…I don’t know what you’re getting at.”

“Yes, Johnny, I think you do. Sirs, if you could.”

A man clicked a remote which changed the monitors from a broadcast of the stage to security camera footage of an office. In walked Johnny in a pair of white scrubs, who immediately began rifling in a desk and cabinet before pulling out a file, opening it and taking several pictures of the pages, no doubt classified, before putting them back and walking out. The video cut back to the live camera of the stage; Johnny looked absolutely mortified.

“And that my friends is why I spread little rumors about papers containing my cocktail’s recipe, to see who I can truly trust. For someone as educated as Mr. Whitford, I’d hoped he’d be smart enough to know that not only would I not keep something so important unguarded in my office, but that there’d be eyes watching him everywhere.”

He paused to look Johnny right in the eyes.

“I had such high hopes for you Johnny, but right now all I can say is, nice try.”

Johnny looked downward with his mouth open. He couldn’t deny anything with such concrete evidence, and there was nowhere to run away.

“Now my friends, I’m going to let you in on a secret that only a select few people know about. All of our milk, save for my initial female, is actually produced by males.

This time, there wasn’t any cheering, just whispers and murmurs making their way through the building.

“Like any product, my milk, pasteurized, is completely safe to drink, extremely healthy, and not to mention, like I’m sure many of you know, very sweet. Unpasteurized, however, it has a side effect, which I have been able to carefully isolate and curate for occasions such as this. A side effect that will now only manifest in certain quantities or under certain conditions. Johnny has, arguably, drunk more milk than anyone present here today, so it shouldn’t take too much to see such side effects. Tom, kick the heat up a little bit if you please.”

Randy looked up and to the side and noticed that large heat lamps were placed all around the barn. With a soft buzz, they came to life. It wasn’t unbearable, but the collective temperature was definitely a bit warmer than before.

“Gentlemen, what I’m about to show you is something truly spectacular; something few have ever been lucky enough to witness.”

“What’s going on here?” Johnny asked nervously.

“Well, all I can say is that you’ll be far more useful in the next few minutes than you ever were at my colleague’s company.”

In an instant, Johnny’s face contorted in pain and he fell to his knees, grasping his groin. Everyone watched as Johnny’s penis began to grow and thicken to a monstrous length with his balls swelling up and out of his underwear. He tried grasping it, but the weight knocked him flat on his back, and before too long, the intense jerking and twitching of his penis caused him to orgasm. Once he finished cumming, he shifted his weight enough to sit up and look at Max.

“I’m sorry, please, just make it stop…” Johnny pleaded.

“I’m afraid it’s a little late for that.”

Apart from a few stifled gasps, the crowd remained largely silent, transfixed with morbid curiosity on what was being broadcast. Suddenly, buttons began to pop along his shirt to reveal an unhealthy amount of fat lining his torso and turning his once flat chest into large, blubbery man boobs. Once looking like a skinny college kid, he now resembled a man who weighed well over 300 pounds.

“Agh, what’s happening to me?!”

With another groan, he ripped through the rest of his clothes. He continued to pile on the weight, although there were audible gasps when a loud crack rang through the auditorium, followed by more. Johnny howled in pain as he grew in height, his arms and legs growing longer before finally he buckled and leaned on his arms and legs, with his belly hanging precariously above the ground. The bird’s eye view from the camera gave everybody the clear image of Johnny’s bones rearranging themselves, significantly broadening his shoulders and waist, before shifting to his chest and stomach. Protruding from his stomach were several secondary sets of engorged nipples which resembled the udder of a cow. The growth slowed down before Randy realized that in the process, Johnny had also grown a small set of horns and hooves.

Everyone stood in shock, unable to comprehend what had just happened. Max broke the silence by grabbing a cup nearby, walking over to a euphoria-stricken Johnny, and milked one of his teats. He then held the cup triumphantly.

“This my dear friends, is the real truth behind what you all drank today. This is what single handedly stopped the Milk Crisis!”

It was mainly at this point what Randy had horrifyingly realized: this entire speech, and show was all set-up. There was no way that Max had suddenly decided to place his trust in the hundreds of men who were in the room. If word had leaked about what was really going on, he’d likely be tried for crimes against humanity. There were no doubt jammers to prevent any sort of communication. Every man that had walked in here had been tricked into becoming a part of Max’s scheme. Randy too had drunk the milk that Johnny had only given to him less than half-an-hour before.

This is what had happened to Kyle Moore, and who knows how many other men.

“Thank you all, this is the biggest operation I’ve undertaken, and it’s worked out swimmingly. Rejoice, today, you will give your lives in service to the greater good. Tom, kick it up.”

Suddenly, the heat lamps became searingly hot and bright. The large room had turned into a sauna, and one by one, men in the crowd began to fall, their junk growing out of their pants and cumming. The floor quickly became coated in a thick layer of seed. Randy could do nothing but look on as every man, young and old, doubled over, each one in a different stage of transformation. After several more minutes, every man save for him, Max, Brooks, and the several grunts he hired was writhing in pain and ecstasy. Some had only grown their penises, while others fully resembled Johnny as bovine-shaped men. A few had even begun to mate with each other, the low rumbles of “Cuuuuuuuuum” coming from each of them.

In all the chaos, Randy looked back up at Max, sweating profusely, with his pants down and gargantuan cock out. Apart from what he was witnessing around him, it was the longest, veiniest, and girthiest dick he had ever seen on a man. He wasn’t changing like everyone else, but was instead rapidly jacking off.

“Yes! YES! Keep changing and GROWING! Holy FUCKING SHIT!”

Max came, but didn’t stop jacking off. His dick remained hard and sweaty, and in another matter of moments he came again, still not pausing. It wasn’t until every other man in the building had fully transformed that Max let out his final orgasm, likely fifteen minutes after the first transformation. Max then made eye contact with Randy and began walking towards him, stepping out of his pants and staying naked from the waist down, ignoring the sex-crazed beasts around him

“FBI Agent Randy McCollough, it’s finally good to see you. Although it appears that you haven’t joined your brethren. I know that you had some milk, so I guess it should only be a matter of time.”

“How did you know you were being watched?”

“Because I know an old colleague tipped your agency off. He has since been dealt with. I have my own eyes and ears everywhere, which is very helpful.”

“Why would you do this?”

“You might be surprised to find out that I haven’t always been a heartless bastard. I’ve known love, kinship, and hard work. It was only when I watched a rival of mine go through his transformation. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what exactly triggered my change, but ever since then, I’ve become unabashedly greedy. And sure, I keep up the facade of a well-to-do philanthropist from the middle-of-nowhere, Midwest, but I make up all of the money I give away and then some, and I don’t think my hunger–or my lust will ever be satisfied.”

“You won’t get away with this.”

“Well, I imagine eventually that will be the case. Somewhere down the line, I know I’ll slip up and I’ll pay for all the things I’ve done. But today is not one of those days Mr. McCollough.”

Randy suddenly felt a tension in his pants. He tried to stare down Max, but the pressure eventually got the better of him and he unzipped his pants to reveal, like every other man there, an immensely heavy, immensely long, and immensely hard cock. It hurt, but was close to some of the best pleasure he had ever felt. After it grew, he braced himself, not falling over despite how sensitive his dick felt. It took every muscle in his body to stop himself from cumming.

“Ah, looks like your change is happening after all. Well, Randy, I have a proposition for you. You see, the changes that happen are permanent, but you don’t undergo all of the resulting changes unless you cum after your dick grows. I created an antidote after a friend accidentally had some milk. It doesn’t reverse your cock size, but it does prevent well…everything else. Join me, and I’ll give the antidote to you.”

Max snapped and one of the men behind him opened a box with a small vial with clear liquid. He uncapped it, walked over to Randy, and offered it to him.

“Just say the word and I’ll pour it down your throat. You won’t have to spend the rest of your days mindlessly producing milk and having sex.”

Randy contemplated for a moment. It was true; there was no way he could live a normal life like this, or work any normal job, and he’d likely be let go as an agent. The offer was tempting, but he resolved himself that it’d be better to never work for someone like Max. With his last bit of strength, he swatted the vial out of Max’s hand where it shattered onto the floor.

“Go to hell asshole.”

“Oh, well that’s a shame. I do have more, but unfortunately for you, it’d be too much time to change your mind and get another one. You may be resilient, but everyone has their breaking point. This is goodbye, Randy.”

Randy stood in agony, steeling himself from every sexual thought.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could just cum? Think of how much you’d love to just cum everywhere, and cum forever. Just cum Randy, just cum and it’ll all be over. You’re so hard, and it would feel so good to just cum everywhere.

Randy leaned over, retching his face, clenching his dick with both arms and letting out a deep, guttural scream. The floodgates had opened and there was no turning back. His cock let out a powerful jet of cum that lasted for a full minute before he fell to his knees. The thoughts kept coming to him.

Wouldn’t you like to grow? Wouldn’t you like to be a cow and filled with cum every day? To be a fat bull with a massive cock? Wouldn’t it be nice never having to worry about anything else? Wouldn’t that be good?

Randy smiled in ecstasy.

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

Randy gave in, and before he knew it, all of his clothes had burst off as he gave into the sensation of being a cow. His head reached higher as the weight inside him grew outward. He fell onto the floor, every bone in his body rearranging, every inch of his skin filling out with buttery fat, his balls swelling down to the floor, horns and hooves growing. Eventually, Randy felt his teats coming in and filling up with milk. Why had he ever resisted this? As the transformation ebbed on, Randy’s mind began to grow blank. Every thought and memory he had slowly drifted away before being replaced by a mindless, carnal desire for sex.

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm—” Randy came one last time with a great big bellow.

“Yes, cum indeed. I’ve enjoyed our time together Randy, so as thanks, you’ll be one of my prize bulls. Truly, thank you for making my life just a bit more interesting.”

Max walked up to Randy and ruffled his hair.

“Kyle, I’ve finally found the perfect mate for you.”


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