The Mann Agency

by Also Known As

 Need a handyman? Someone to scrub your pool or clean your windows or fix a squeaky door? The Mann Agency and its specially trained agents are at your service.

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Author’s Note

Dedicated to and inspired by Absolutbleu, whose comics and illustrations of himbos are entirely responsible for this fantasy.



West Hollywood is the gayest place on earth. Oh, you may consider San Francisco the gay epicenter, or Fire Island, or Provincetown, but once you visit West Hollywood, all other havens to men having sex with men pales in comparison.

I am, of course, slightly prejudiced in favor of West Hollywood since I live here, and the selection of handsome, muscular, insatiably horny men is like a smorgasbord of pulchritude, cock, and ass. Still, it wasn’t until I was introduced to The Mann Agency that I fully realized what this town had to offer.

My first encounter with one of the employees—or handymen, as they call themselves—was at my friend Brian’s house, which is situated on a hillside overlooking much of the city. Brian is a wealthy man, older than myself, but like pretty much every male citizen of WeHo he stays in top shape with daily visits to the gym in his basement and a diet rich in protein and low in fat. The man looks like an underwear model with a closely cropped fade haircut of snowy white and a similar coating of frosty curls across his expansive, and impressive, chest.

I met Brian at an orgy, which tells you something about the both of us. The man has thing for rimming, which I must say he excels at, and a tongue that can do things no ordinary tongue can. I mean, he’s handsome, wealthy, well endowed, and likes to lick my asshole, so basically perfect. But we hit it off on a deeper level than merely fucking, and I enjoy his wine cellar and pool as much as he enjoys my butt hole and lips.

Anyway, it’s a typical Sunday in WeHo and I’ve brunched and had my mimosas and I get a text from Brian—where is he, anyway?—and he’s begging me to come to his place without explanation, other than “it’s a surprise” accompanied with an eggplant, peach, and two chest nuts, and I know what that meant.

I knocked on his door and there was a longer than usual delay before he answered, knowing it was me by spying on his entry with a camera, of course. The man had cameras everywhere, not like anyone was going to complain about being captured on video nakedly fucking him or vice versa.

“Oh my god,” he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me somewhat forcibly inside, “you have to see him!” Brian was wearing exactly one piece of clothing, a sky blue Speedo, and already sporting an award-winning woody that was shoving against its Latex cage with eagerness.

I was wearing a tank top and jeans, sans underwear since I assumed he’d want my ass bare for his mouth once I cross his threshold. “Him who?”

“The new pool boy!”

My dick throbbed. “You had me at pool boy,” I said, dreamy fantasies of a tanned, mostly naked, oiled up, muscular body slowly gathering leaves off the surface while his amazing ass sways and flexes. I knew that Brian, more than anyone, was bound to have hired the dude based on his looks rather than his pool cleaning abilities.

“But, you have to promise me that you won’t take any pictures for that Instagram feed you’re so proud of. In fact, you can’t even mention him online or we won’t get to have all the fun I promise you is about to happen.”

He practically pulled me through the rooms towards the back of the house where the media room with its one wall made entirely of glass looked out on his backyard and the swooping view of the city beyond. “What’s so special about this…?”

But the final words left my brain entirely because all the blood had rushed out of it towards my crotch, making my dick throb in my jeans even harder, basically a jackhammer made of cock, and swell and ache with desire for what my eyes then beheld.

The pool boy had his back to us as he stood there at the edge of Brian’s blue pool. There was that butt I imagined, but this was a butt beyond belief. You’ve heard the term bubble butt before, I’m sure, but nothing could have prepared me for the butt I was suddenly gawking at as my cock continued to swell unabated.

That ass was huge. And I mean huge. No butt I ever saw before was as large, but it was also gorgeous. Two perfectly round balls of ass meat jutting out like a very prominent invitation, and made all the more juicy and desirable because the only thing the pool boy was wearing was a string thong, the nearly invisible straps arching over each of those mammoth bulges as if to frame their enormous and impossible dimensions.

As my eyes traveled up and away from this incredible backside, the rest of the young man from behind was equally imposing and impossibly built. A waist so thin I wondered if it was even smaller than mine, which only made his ass look even bigger. Then two wings arching out beneath his arms made up of thick lats. Shoulders wider than any shoulders I had ever seen, as well as arms so thick with muscle that it looked like someone had tucked literal footballs under his tanned skin instead of biceps and triceps.

My mouth was hanging open and I was probably drooling, but then the young man turned to profile and raised one of those muscular arms to wipe his brow in the summer sun and I almost spontaneously ejaculated. “What… I mean, who is that?”

His chest was as huge as his ass! Maybe even bigger! From the side, seeing his butt and chest looked like someone had mounted fully inflated beachballs on his body, and sitting at the very tip of his magnificent pectoral mountain was a huge, dark nipple with an areola easily two inches across. I have a nipple fetish because my own are super sensitive, and I love watching men play and tease their nipples as someone strokes or sucks them, and another fantasy was now flooding my brain with desire as I imagined myself latching on to that fat, beautiful nipple and making the pool boy moan and squirm and writhe in ecstasy.

“Holy fuck,” I whispered. “Holy fuck.”

“Worth every penny,” Brian said.

“That’s your new pool boy?”

“He’s whatever I want him to be. Costs the same no matter what you hire him for. Clean your house. Wash your car. Cook you dinner. Hell, you can just have one over to pour your wine and then stand there looking … like that!”

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Every move he made illustrated how gorgeous and sexy and huge he was. His ass was high and tight and mighty, a butt swollen huge with muscle. Those amazing, awesome muscle tits were shiny and smooth, huge and firm and perfect. “But what is he?”

“A Handymann.”


“From The Mann Agency.”

“Man agency?”

“Em Ay En En. Two N’s.” Brian’s dick was now seriously threatening to rip its way out of his bathing suit. My own was so hard it hurt. We stood there drooling and staring at someone who looked like they’d jumped out of some fervent ass and chest-lover’s wet dream, a specimen of male beauty and muscular development so over-the-top in both departments that it didn’t even seem real. “First time seeing one of them?”

“I think I’d remember. Look at that face! Look at that ass! Look at that chest! I mean … holy fuck!”

“$500 an hour, or $2,000 a night, or $5,000 for an entire 24 hour fuck fest.”

“Like a rent boy?”

“Show me a rent boy who looks like he does. The Mann Agency is exclusive and private. Like I said, no pictures. At all. Not even for your private jerk off sessions. There’s no website, it’s strictly word of mouth.”

“So, I mean, what do they do, inject their butts and pecs with some kind of…?”

He was shaking his head. “Nothing like that. It’s all real. That’s his butt, and that’s his chest. I assume it’s not 100% natural, but when you feel it—when you feel him, and holy fuck you’re going to want to feel him, every inch of him—it’s all… him.”

“But, like, his ass is… so fucking… huge. So…thick and meaty and…huge!”

“They’re all built like that. Every one of them. I mean, different faces, obviously, and different skin tones and hair styles, but every fucking last one of them have a body like Trevor’s. Like… like bodybuilders but bigger. And rounder. And softer. I mean, you won’t believe what his skin feels like. What he feels like.”

“You mentioned that already.”

“Sorry, after you experience being with a Handymann you will never forget it.”

“So I assume he does more than clean your pool for $500 an hour.” I knew he could afford it, even if it would be a huge splurge for me and put quite a dent in my credit cards.

“Dude, I had to call you. He’s wearing me out.”

“You? He’s wearing you out?”

“I know, I’m a whore.”

“Honey, you’re more than a whore. You’re a super whore. You’re an über whore. You’re the kind of whore that other whores wish they could be.”

“You’re too kind, and you’re not wrong.”

“But he wore you out?”

He looked at me and nodded. “He’s very… overt about his level of horniness and what he wants, which even by my terms was off the fucking scale. He showed up like that!”

“Just wearing the…?”

“Yes! Just wearing that little thong! Standing on my doorstep practically naked! Started kissing me before I even had the door closed behind him! And the man craves cum. Like, craves it. Needs it coating his muscles and pumped down his throat and shoved up his ass. I’ve already cum three times! And, like, not little squirts but like massive… fucking… volcanoes! Huge eruptions! Huge screaming, toe-curling, gasping for air eruptions and… he wants more. Plus I hired him for two hours and it’s only been,” he checked his Apple Watch, “twenty minutes!”

“You came three times in twenty minutes? Without a break?”

“This is my break! You are my break! I need some assistance!” He looked back out towards the pool. “I told him to clean the pool just to give my dick a pause and he was only too happy to do it, after basically raping me in the doorway. But, like, the good kind of rape, of course.”

“Of course,” I agreed, knowing what he meant. Sometimes you just want a guy to take charge. I looked back out the floor-to-ceiling windows. The muscular dude with the huge ass and even huger chest was applying oil to his skin. He was moving his hands all over every inch of his almost naked body, making his dark skin glisten and shine. Somehow, it made his ass look even bigger. “You know I’m always there when you call, buddy.”

Brian opened the sliding glass door and called out, “Trevor! Could you come in here and meet my friend Steve?”

Trevor turned his face towards us and looked over his broad, smoothly muscular shoulder, leaving his prominent and unbelievably huge bubble butt for us to continue salivating over. I nearly came again. He owned a face that a male model would covet. He was both handsome and pretty, if that makes sense. He had a shock of blue-black hair on his head that stuck out in all the right ways. His jawline could have carved out a canyon. His eyes, I swear to god, were the same turquoise color as the water in the pool.

He smiled as our eyes met and then he turned fully towards us and I saw his bulge for the first time, his obviously massive equipment somehow lodged into that string thong but leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Even limp, as he appeared to be now, he owned at least eight very thick inches with a fat mushroom head shoved into the end of the pouch next to two heavy, round balls, all that equipment groaning for space inside the ample, stretchy pouch hanging low on his hips, probably from the sheer weight and mass of his cock and balls.

He set his pool cleaning equipment on the deck, leaning over and exposing his pink, perfect pucker before he straightened, like an invitation to fuck him, and walked towards us, his beautiful tanned skin glistening with sweat and lotion in the bright sun. His improbably huge body—he had to be at least six-ten in his stalking feet, if not taller—moved with grace and innate sensuality, and those two huge pecs shifted and flexed, making his huge nipples dance back and forth.

“Sure, Mr. McDonald,” he said.

“He calls you Mr. McDonald?” I whispered.

“Insists on it. For a dude who likes getting fucked and sucking cum out of your balls and having you cream a thick load all over his massive muscle tits, he’s extremely polite. And filthy as a Parisian whore.”


It was hard to judge his age. Surely no one as young as his face looked would have had the years necessary to develop the insanely prominent muscles on his body, and what could he have been doing to make his chest as ass so huge? His voice was deep and manly, like it had been sent through an audio app to make it sound as ridiculously masculine as his body looked. Absurdly masculine.

He looked to be in his late teens or early twenties, without a line on his handsome features and not a single stretch mark on his luscious, shiny, smooth skin. The only hair on his body was on the top of his head, and a beautiful full pubic bush peaking over the edge of his thong of the same odd blue-black hue.

As he approached, I noticed a kind of sexual heat growing between us, which I assumed was just my own libido reacting to this impossible edifice to male perfection and muscular beauty.

“Trevor, this is Steve.”

He looked at me and smiled brightly, reaching down to adjust his equipment and rubbing his large thumb over the prominent head of his hidden cock. “I’m very pleased to meet you, Mister..?” he asked, his blue eyes scanning every inch of my body with overt lust.

“Petrovich,” I informed him.

“Mr. Petrovich.” He reached down and cupped my groin in his large hand, squeezing me like I was some prize at the fair he was sizing up. “I’m so happy to see that I please you.” Evidently he was, as I could see his own cock lengthen and swell as he rubbed mine. His hand was warm and firm and his manipulations of my swelling organ were both investigative and calculating.

Then he put his other hand behind my neck—his grip still warm and soft and smooth, his fingers wandering into my hair and pulling slightly, which I loved and how did he know that?—and he leaned down to press his mouth against mine and shove his tongue in my mouth.

I was so startled and turned on that I couldn’t stop to consider what was happening, and I suddenly found my hand moving across the huge, smooth mound of his ass, exploring the thick, round inches of butt meat, marveling at its size and firmness, before finally pushing my fingers between those huge lobes and pressing the tips of my fingers against his warm, wet hole.

I heard Brian huff out a laugh and felt as well as heard Trevor moan into the kiss as I teased his tight hole with obvious lust.

I should point out that this behavior isn’t all that unusual. I’d visited Brian before when he had porn stars and sex workers at his house engaged in one fantasy or another. He paid them well and they performed their tasks with convincing accuracy. I assumed this was another of his conquests, perhaps someone he eyed at a bar or the beach or another friends’ place. But I had never seen anyone who looked like Trevor looked and there was something almost irresistible about him.

The kissing went on for a long time, at least it seemed like it did. My fingers kept teasing and rubbing Trevor’s asshole and he was obviously quite comfortable being groped like this. He pushed those massive melons mounted on his chest at my smaller body and they were smooth and warm and firm, not hard with muscle but extremely supple and sensual. I pulled my mouth off of his and moved down to his chest, sucking one of his huge nipples inside my mouth and gently nibbling it between my tongue and teeth.

Trevor put his hand behind my head and pressed my mouth against his breast, and said “That feels good, baby. Do you want my milk?” To say I was startled by his question would be an understatement, but I nodded anyway thinking it just a fantasy question. “Yeah, that’s good. That feels good. Keep sucking, baby.” I obliged him happily and then shook with surprise when I felt my mouth filled with a warm, sweet, thick fluid that was obviously issuing from his nipple.

I pulled off and looked at his chest and the fat, chewable nipple that was now leaking a thin stream of white milk. I licked my lips and reached forward to pinch his nip and was rewarded with a sudden, heavy gush of milk that splattered on my lips and chin. He pulled my head back to his chest and I latched onto his teat and began to suck in earnest, finding the warm creamy milk his chest was producing to be both delicious and intoxicating, like sucking pure masculine power inside my mouth and swallowing it down where it filled my gut and made my dick throb and swell. I squeezed and stroked the huge mound of pec flesh to draw his milk from his nipple.

Trevor said, “There’s more where that came from, Mr. McDonald,” and then my fuck buddy’s head was beside my own, pressed against Trevor’s other breast by Trevor’s large hand. Trevor was so tall that his tits were exactly at the right height to easily suck them and caress them, as streams of his gorgeous, sexy milk pumped into our hungry mouths. I pulled my hand from his chest and reached down and began to squeeze and stroke his prick as my other hand continued teasing his hole and Brian and I sucked on his nipples.

I was still actively and happily sucking his nipple and his statement barely registered until he grabbed the hair at the back of my head and physically pulled me off his chest. “Do you want to fuck my pecs?” He slid his hand between the enormous roundness of his muscle tits and slid it up and down. Three or four fingers disappeared into the valley between his mountains, and his nipples moved up and down, still dripping warm cream. He wiped his fingers against his nipple to collect the excess he was still producing and lubed up his cleavage with milk, his eyes never leaving my face.

I nodded dumbly, overwhelmed with what was happening.

Then he pulled Brian off his other tit. “I need to be licked,” he said. “I need your warm, wet tongue all over my huge ass, and inside my tight hole. I want to feel your tongue pushing inside and painting my ass with spit while Steve fucks my pecs and comes all over my face.” He put a finger under Brian’s chin and tilted it up so their eyes met. “Can you do that for me?” Brian just nodded and started removing his pants with the speed of someone who had to fuck right now.

Trevor smiled and licked his lips, looking at us both. “Then I want you both inside me. I want to feel your cocks sliding against each other and filling my ass until your balls start pumping cream until my hole is overflowing. I’m gonna milk your cocks until you don’t think you can cum anymore, and then I’m going to suck out another load until your balls ache.”

I was pulling my button fly apart and tugging my aching prick out. He looked down and smiled and wrapped his huge paw around me, stroking me to even stronger hardness. “Yeah, baby. I want to feel you fucking my tits and pushing your dick head against my lips. I want to lick your slit and drive you insane.”

I was so aroused I couldn’t even think straight. It was just how Trevor looked or acted or spoke to us, it was everything. He was overtly and overwhelmingly sexy. Like he had been born and bred for this. “Let’s do it outside, on the grass,” he suggested. “The sun feels good on my skin and I don’t want to ruin any of Mr. McDonald’s furniture when we cum.”

We followed him outside, stripping off our clothes as we went. Brian’s cock was already drooling streams of precum and mine was so heavy and thick that it felt like a new limb attached to my body. I watched Trevor’s huge, perfect ass shift and dance as he walked in front of us, obviously knowing full well how gorgeous it was, and it was probably driving my ass-licking friend insane.

Then he was down onto the green grass in Brian’s backyard overlooking the city and lying on his back. At some point he’d stripped off the tiny thong he’d been using to hold his equipment and now I could see him in his naked state, and if anything the size and beauty of his cock and balls only heightened my attraction to him.

His cock, like his muscles and butt and chest, was enormous. I’d estimated eight inches but it was more like ten. Thicker than a Coke bottle and smooth as a baby’s butt, with a huge mushroom head and two fat, low-hanging balls like hen’s eggs. Again, the only body hair he possessed was a small perfect crown of dark curls over the root of his gorgeous monster cock, and that was rising and swelling even larger now.

“Can I fuck you while you fuck my tits?” he asked. “I know Mr. McDonald likes to eat my ass.” He was rubbing his thumbs on those two pliable nipples, drawing forth more of his wonderful and miraculous muscle milk that flowed over the rich, round, muscular mounds of his enormous pecs, pouring into the deep cleavage and leaking down through his cobblestone abs like a river of cream.

I looked down at his huge sex organ, throbbing hard and drooling pre like a starving dog, and felt my asshole tremble. I mean, I’m not a novice or anything but sticking a baseball bat up my ass is something I need a bit of prep time for. But Brian, noticing my hesitation, said, “Do it. It feels amazing.”

“But he’s so… big.” I looked up and Trevor smiled again. Even his teeth were sexy.

“I promise you’ll love it. It’s a Handymann guarantee,” Trevor announced in his deep, sexy voice.

“Literally,” Brian added. “It’s literally in the contract.”

“It’s in the contract that when he fucks me I’ll love it.”

“Or words to that effect. Anyway, trust me if you doubt Trev. As you know I’ve been fucked by the best of them, but this is like… next level fucking. This is how you dream fucking feels like.” He looked down at that club of a cock as well. “I don’t know how he does it, but it feels amazing when he’s inside you.”

“Thanks, Mr. McDonald,” Trevor answered, practically beaming with pride.

I nodded dumbly and mounted his body, sitting on his eight-pack, tightly muscled belly, feeling his warm tit cream against my balls, before sliding my hard-on between his muscle tits and feeling my meat surrounded by his warm, soft flesh. I leaned down to suck his nipple and felt his cock head rubbing against my butt hole as the sound of Brian’s talented mouth and tongue began to lap and lick and kiss Trevor’s pink pucker.

This was like heaven, if heaven was made of men and muscle and tits and ass and nipples leaking muscle milk all over your cock. I started thrusting my hard on between his pecs, sloshing around in his milk, as his prick kissed my hole and I felt a warm, wet gush of something paint my butt and realized that Trevor had just shoved a fountain of precum out of his cock and painted my ass with it. The smell of sex and sweat and suntan oil all mixed in my senses and I felt horny and giddy and sexy all at the same time.

That was when Trevor pushed his prick inside my ass and I gasped with pain that gave way just as quickly to a sensation of pleasure and fullness, as his monster found my prostate almost magically and started rubbing himself against me. It only took a few strokes of his mammoth cock inside me before I could already feel a heavy surge of cum building for release.

I pride myself on my staying power, usually. I can edge with the best of them, easily stroking my stiff prick as it leaked honey all over my palm but like Brian said, this was next level fucking. This felt like what you dreamed fucking should feel like. The sense of being connected to another man, the intense and intimate feeling of his prick inside you, feeling it move and throb as the man grunted like an animal and held me in place on top of him, pushing my own tingling, throbbing, insanely sexually charged cock between the luscious meaty muscular mounds of his huge tits as my tongue slurped up the creamy milk his nipples were squirting without end.

“Suck my tits,” Trevor ordered me. “I’m so full.” He flexed his muscled chest and squeezed my dick with more force than I imagined possible. Fresh fountains of cream erupted upwards, splashing my naked chest and belly. Sucking his nipple while fucking his tits was easier than I thought it would be given their size, and his fat, wet nipple almost climbed into my mouth to allow me to pull at its rubbery warmth and feel his creamy muscle milk flow down my throat.

Sitting atop him reminded me how big he was everywhere. Not just these amazing tits shoved into my face but the width of his shoulders and the bulges of abs under my balls. His dick was slowly fucking me nonstop, rubbing against my prostate and driving me wild. “I’m gonna cum,” I suddenly said, realizing I couldn’t hold back as his milk bathed me and his cock fucked me.

“Cum, baby. Give me everything.” He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue to await my load.

When I came, I came hard! I felt like my soul was leaving my body. I was holding on to his milk-coated pens and my dick was pointed at his face and my first shot was thick and plentiful, as his baseball bat prick shoved against me. He held his mouth open and I watched his Adam’s Apple bob as he swallowed as much as he could, licking his lips greedily and groaning, More. I want more.”

I came again, an even thicker load, filling his open mouth as he swallowed that too.

“More,” he ordered.

I obliged with a third fountain that hit his chin and lips as well as his tongue, which he used to lick it all off and swallow it down. “Yeah, baby,” Trevor moaned. “You taste so good. Give me all of it. Then you and Mr. McDonald are going to fuck my ass and unload more cum inside my guts. I need it all. Every drop you can give me.”

“Yes,” I agreed, mesmerized in some way by this ultra sexy man. His nipples were still shooting cream and I leaned down with my mouth over a spigot and squeezed his pec like a cow’s udder, sending a thick delivery of muscle milk in my mouth as I simultaneously shot another load of cum into his and slid my angry, hard as steel prick between his tits, sliding my butt back against his cock to pull every hard inch of his monster inside me.

Trevor licked his lips and folded his arms behind his head, making his biceps footballs bulge even larger, and said, quite calmly, “I’m coming.” In the same instant I felt a hot surge flood my guts, as if his cock was unleashing a tidal wave of cum inside me. I felt it squirting out around his cock as he released flood after flood of cum inside me.

I was delirious with pleasure. My ass, my mouth, my cock, my balls, everything felt good. I had never experienced so totally the sensation of fucking and being fucked, of feeling him cum in my ass as I was erupting cum fountains into his greedy mouth. My body was bathed in pleasure, absolutely drowning in perfect sexual bliss.

Trevor came and I came and I assume Brian came—judging by the sound of his groans and whimpers—all at the same time. My dick was lodged between Trevors huge muscle tits, leaking milk all over his smooth, warm skin, as I shot cum into his open mouth and his prick, shoved inside my ass, was pumping Olympic sized fountains of hot cream inside me.


I love my job. Why wouldn’t I? It’s a dream come true! Or should I say ‘dream cum true?’

Well, I’m not employed because of my sense of humor.

I’m often happily surprised that anyone pays me for doing what I love, namely having hot sex with men and becoming their cum dump as they feel every inch of my naked body and caress my muscles and curves which, after all, I built up just for them.

Well, maybe not just for them. For me too. I fucking love being a whore. The bigger the better!

When Mr. Mann approached me, I didn’t even know how much I wanted this. I mean, I was working out like a dog at the gym trying to get huge—and I felt like I was! Six-feet-two, 20-inch arms, big fucking pecs, not a six-pack because I wanted to be big, not lean, and an ass made big and juicy from thousands or millions of squats. And I loved looking at my progress in the mirror. Squeezing my biceps just that tiny bit bigger, watching the veins swell with blood to feed my muscles, making my nice-sized dick swell in unison.

But even more than that, I loved when other guys were looking at my body. And the bigger I got, the more some of them looked, and some of them would have to adjust their junk! I was turning guys on just by standing there and showing off.

All I wanted was to get bigger. Huge. Massive.

Mr. Mann said he saw my potential, and looking at Mr. Mann’s amazing body who was I to doubt him? He looked incredible! Beyond incredible! His skin was smooth and tanned, his eyes were deep blue, he had jaw that could cut glass and the kind of face cigarette ads used to feature, all-man in other words.

You couldn’t miss him even if you tried. The man was taller than I was, maybe by three or four inches, and as wide as a fucking house. His chest entered the room three days before the rest of him, and his ass remained behind to admire for a week after he left.

At first I thought his muscle tits couldn’t be real under that skin-tight shirt, even seeing his fat nipples pressing insistently against the material, stretched to the breaking point so that the darkness of his nips could be clearly seen. But then he invited me to feel them and holy hell, they were—they are—realer than real. So big and firm and beautiful. Fucking huge pecs with fucking huge nips shoving against those tailored shirts and tanks and half-shirts, all of which drive me fucking insane.

Oh! Not to mention the milk that gushes from them when anyone—well, me at least, and the other boys in his posse—sucks them, and then he moans and starts shooting cum from that huge cannon between his legs. I had never known such pure sexual satisfaction.

Then he turns around and lets me grope that juicy phat ass of his and I know more than any truth I’ve ever known that I would do anything to have a body like his.

He asked me how big I wanted to get, and I looked at his huge muscle tits and amazing ass and all his thick, round muscles and told him I wanted to be as big as him—or even bigger. He asked if I liked sex, and I answered of course, who doesn’t? But he asked how much I liked it, and did I want to be doing it all the time, make that my life’s work, fucking and being fucked, building up a set of huge muscle tits and an ass so large it would be unbelievable.

Yes, I said. I might have even shouted it!

He told me he’d be happy to sponsor me, help me work out every day and get huge like he was, and after I’d started to reach where I wanted to be he might have a job offer for me. It sounded like a fantasy or something, some handsome muscle dude wanted to pay for me growing as big or bigger as he was and engage in endless hot sex? I couldn’t say no.

Things started out kind of disappointing, to be honest. No matter how much I worked out, getting those heavy, magnificent muscle tits and that gargantuan ass was proving to be very challenging, if not impossible. My muscles were all getting bigger and bigger, thicker and harder and stronger, and I was eating like a horse if a horse eats a fuck ton of chicken breasts and my arms and legs and shoulders were fat with power, but I couldn’t get those huge tits like Mr. Mann owned.

I was bitching about that when Mr. Mann explained that I had to build up this platform first, like laying the foundation for a muscle mansion, and make everything huge and strong before he would help me turn into the muscle tit whore butterfly hidden inside me. He introduced me to his diet regimen, which included enormous amounts of milk, which I thought was weird but who was I to argue with his obvious success, and some other high-protein shakes (more milk!) that were silky and oily and tasted a bit weird until I got used to them, and then I was suddenly craving them like nothing I ever swallowed before.

Once I started drinking Mr. Mann’s milk, my tits filled in practically overnight and my ass outgrew all my pants at the same time! I was so stoked to finally see my pecs bulging out like fucking globes off my chest, and at the same time my nipples got, like, super sensitive and I couldn’t stop playing with them. Shocker of shockers when they started leaking milk, but it tasted so good I started pumping my tits until I could spray milk right into my mouth!

And then my dick started growing longer and thicker, and I started getting taller, and my already thick muscles were getting even bigger—rounder, thicker, harder—and my brain was, like, totally focused on sex. Lots of sex. Tons and tons of sex. I couldn’t get enough, I was becoming a super whore. But Mr. Mann said there were others just like me, and like him, super whores with fat dicks and huge asses and giant muscle tits who craved sex 24/7 and Mr. Mann would introduce me to them—and them to me.

Fuck, it was amazing! Mr. Mann had this, like, palace of muscle or something! Rooms and rooms populated with huge muscle whores like me! Gary and Sven and Ramon and Chet and Ronnie and K.C. and Merle and… I mean, holy shit! So many amazing guys with amazing asses and amazing tits and handsome faces and insatiable sexual appetites that couldn’t be satisfied!

Finally Mr. Mann said he had a job for me, one I was particularly suitable for, to repay all the time, effort, training, supplies, and money he’d already poured into my development. I didn’t even ask what the job was, I was more than happy to start paying him back for turning me into my dream!

He explained that all I had to do was turn up at one of his clients’ houses and pretty much do whatever they wanted me to do. There were a few rules I needed to follow; be courteous and exceedingly polite at all times, lose my inhibitions at the door (easy, since I ain’t got none, hehe), don’t talk about money (since this is all taken care of before I get there), and be ready to engage in sexual activities constantly, cheerfully, and agreeably, and consent to any and all acts which do not place anyone in actual harm (which still leaves a lot to be constantly cheerful and agreeable about). S&M is perfectly acceptable, within the usual limits, plus I like getting pretty fucking kinky. It all seemed simple enough.

In return, all my expenses would be taken care of, I could either live on my own or with Mr. Mann with a more than fully equipped gym available 24/7 to keep getting fucking bigger, and I could have sex all the time with the others in his stable or with Mr. Mann himself, assuming he was available—and it seemed like he was always available! Of course it helped that orgies were going on pretty much all the time too. I guess that happens when your libido is constantly running in the red and your balls are swollen with cum pretty much from the time you wake up to the time you hit the hay, that is when you’re not pumping iron to make your muscles and tits and ass bigger!

My ass wouldn’t fit into any pants anymore and my tits were too big for regular shirts so he gave me this, like, banana hammock to slide my cock and balls into—you know, just so I don’t get arrested or something, not because I didn’t want every pair of eyes seeing the absolute gorgeous hunk of muscle whore I was now—and I get dropped off at this dude’s house.

Clearly the dude had money coming out of his ass, just judging by his place and how big it was and how beautiful the view was, but all I could think about was his hands on my body and his dick in my huge ass and his mouth on my nips and his cock in my mouth and my tits pumping milk all over the fucking place. I was so horny I felt like I was gonna explode, and by explode I mean fucking come all over the place, like fucking paint the walls with my cum and flood the flors with my milk.

I fucking love my job!


I’ve never fucked a guy with another guy fucking the same guy before, but I just stuck my dick inside Trevor’s ass and then Steve stuck his cock in beside mine and I was rubbing up against him, all hard and hot, fucking amazing, then Trevor’s ass kind of wrapped around us and squeezed and he started moaning and grabbed his own ankles and spread himself open for us and we fucking went to town on his huge, powerful ass and it was, like, the most incredible ass fuck ever!

Was it weird to invite my best friend over to fuck a dude I hired to fuck myself? I don’t even know exactly what possessed me, but when Trevor showed up and he was so fucking huge with that awesome, mind-blowing set of muscle tits and that ass like two beach balls and that face like a Greek statue and that cock like a fucking county fair prize winning cucumber all I could think of was sharing this bounty with someone, and who better than Steve?

Like, I got a hard-on just opening my front door to let the stud in. He showed up wearing nothing but a thong that was barely capable of holding all his junk, which was long, thick and heavy, and a Hawaiian shirt with the sleeves ripped out and completely unbuttoned because his chest was too large for any shirt and his biceps looked like they were 22 or 23 inches, easy.

Not to mention that he stood a head taller than me, and I’m six-two, so I usually tower over everyone at the bar and looking up into his handsome, smiling face was an unusual experience that turned me on. Probably being face-to-tits with him and those magnificent suckable nips helped with that.

Trevor was also an unusually happy dude. He just seemed overjoyed to be with me, like we were old friends—sorry, old fuck buddies who hadn’t seen each other in ages. He pulled me into a muscular embrace, nearly suffocating me in his muscle tit cleavage (Jesus, his skin is so soft and warm!) before leaning that handsome, boyish face down and pressing his lips to mine with a lusty, passionate kiss. I could feel that huge, thick length of sex meat bulging from his loins swelling against my body as we kissed, somehow and impossibly he was a grower and a show-er!

We were on the verge of fucking on my doorstep when I managed to come to my senses and invited the “pool boy” inside. He complimented my place while I studied his huge ass, wanting desperately to push my face between his beachball butt cheeks and push my tongue inside his delicious hole. He turned his head, perhaps knowing how much I was enjoying the view, and asked if he should start “cleaning the pool.”

I had completely forgotten the little fabrication that brought him here in the first place! And as much as I wanted to start having my way with all his huge and beautiful parts, I instead made my way around his muscular bulk—he was giving off an intense heat as if his hotness was somehow physically manifesting—and opened the sliding glass door to my backyard. He smiled again, looking absolutely blissed out to be of service to me, and ducked his head to go outside.

He started to gather the pool cleaning tools as if he actually intended to clean my pool! Which, holy shit, he then started to do!

He removed that loose shirt and stood at the edge of the clear blue water nearly naked, his sun-kissed skin starting to glisten with sweat that I needed to lick off him. My dick was still rock hard watching this epitome of muscular beauty and masculine perfection moving his butt to and fro like a small dance as he pushed the long-handled brush against the bottom of the pool, his shoulder and arm muscled flexing and bulging as he started cleaning.

I’m not shy so I wandered up and put my hand on that magnificent ass. I could have used three more hands to encompass all that gorgeous butt meat. He peered over his mountainous shoulder at me and smiled. I moved my hand to the warm sweatiness between the two massive hemispheres and he pushed his ass outwards to open that muscular crevasse to my touch and I slipped my fingers in between and touched the hot wetness of his hole.

Trevor moaned or purred and turned his face back around, twisting his head on his thickly muscled neck as I explored his ass and his hole. “Do you want to fuck me?” he growled.

“Who wouldn’t?”

He laughed slightly, a deep and masculine sound, and pulled the pool broom out and set it down, bending over to exposed his hungry hole to my hungry eyes. I practically ripped my shorts getting them off my body and my hard-on sprang up like a Jack-in-the-Box, slapping my belly with an audible thwack! No one had ever gotten me this horny and this hard in so short a time. Normally I had to have the help of a hand or a mouth to get my cock this steely, but with Trevor I was already drooling pre-cum and throbbing like a metronome.

I grabbed his absurdly thin waist—what was it, 30 inches? 28?—and shoved myself home, slapping his taint with my balls. He didn’t grunt or moan, he seemed to sigh as if this was the position he was most comfortable in, with someone’s thick, hard prick buried deep inside his hole. Like this was the position—the partnership—that he was built for.

I fucked and fucked and fucked him. His ass was tight and hot and wet, practically designed and built to be penetrated. I got all slick and sweaty under the summer sun by my pool but I couldn’t stop fucking him, it was like his ass was designed for this, a perfect ass for fucking. My whole cock was throbbing and tingling with the need to shove a thick load inside him, but maybe Trevor’s ass was magic or something because I was held there on the edge the whole time I was shoving my dick inside him, like feeling like I was gonna cum any second but prolonged for minutes.

That sensation of coming but not coming shook me and made me giddy and high, like a drug with no side effects. Trevor made me feel better than I had ever felt, it was like sex on top of sex, both passionate and filthy and entirely satisfying without ever shooting my load. It was nirvana.

My imagination was in overdrive and suddenly I knew that I had to share this experience with someone or it wouldn’t be … real. Like, I needed a witness, and since pictures and videos of my time with Trevor were strictly verboten, the only thing left was to text my friend Steve who I knew without a doubt would enjoy the view and the experience with Trevor as powerfully as I. Somewhat reluctantly (on both our parts, I’m sure) I pulled my still throbbing, still drooling cock out of Trevor’s magical hole, pulled my shorts back up, and went inside to find my phone.

After texting him I went back outside, determined to save my hard-on for Steve’s arrival. So instead of more endless fucking, I engaged “Trevor the naked pool boy” in some conversation to sate my curiosity concerning this man’s incredibly anatomy and more about The Mann Agency. I sat on a lounger near where he cleaned my pool—and he was really cleaning it! He wasn’t just idly going through the motions! And that was a weird kind of turn-on too, kind of a master and slave thing I guess, though that type of thing was never in my boathouse … before.

Trevor was polite, friendly, and eager to please. He had a smile that would light up the Coliseum, and a body straight out of every musclehead’s wet dreams. Massive, MASSIVE pecs with these huge, suckable nipples, an unbelievably small waist on a man that huge, arms with football-sized bis and tris, abs for days, shoulders as wide as a soccer field, and a butt like two over-inflated beach balls sticking out behind like pillows I wanted to rest my head on as I slipped my face between them to lick his warm, wet, perfectly fuckable asshole.

“Thank you for allowing me to come over today,” he said, his voice like the deep rumble of a 7.5 earthquake. “I’m very happy you selected me.”

“Well, I mean, to be honest I didn’t select you, specifically. Don’t get me wrong, you’re … absolutely fucking perfect.” He seemed to shudder slightly with bliss as I complimented him. “It would be helpful if there were, like, a website or something that allows perspective clients to do that, though.”

“I understand,” he said, smiling beautifully. He leaned on the handle of the pool brush, pushing his ass out as if he needed fucking. His turquoise eyes moved along my reclining body and rested on my crotch. “Would you like to apply tanning oil to my body?” He started moving his free hand over the insane dimensions of his insane bulging bubble butt. “I would hate to get sunburned.”

I didn’t even answer, I simply got up, adjusted my raging stiffy, reached for the bottle, and he came over to let me stroke and rub and grope his powerful, magnificent, and huge body.

It was an erotic experience I would have a hard time matching. He stood there like a good soldier as I smeared oil all over his massive bulges and his eyes were locked on my face with adoring dedication. He lifted his arms and made his biceps swell and I rubbed oil all over those huge balls of hard steel. He turned around and I drizzled oil on his wide, rippling back and watched the glistening lubrication slide down between his muscles and spread itself over the mind-bending arch of his massive butt, and I used my hands to spread the oil everywhere, slipping my fingers between those huge ass cheeks and teasing his hole with my fingers.

I spread the oil everywhere until Trevor was a gleaming edifice to masculine perfection. I stood back up and wandered around his body making sure I hadn’t missed an inch of his warm, smooth, hairless skin. Then he reached down and grabbed my dick, squeezing firmly. “Can I suck your cock?” he asked.

“Um, sure.”

He thumbed his fat nipples a bit, licked his full, soft lips, took my hand in his, almost gentle in demeanor, and we walked over to the lounge. I lay back down and he sank to his knees. “I hope I’m not being too forward, Mr. McDonald.” He kissed my chest and belly and sweaty pubic bush.

“You can call me Brian.”

He smiled but didn’t say anything before dipping his head towards my exposed prick, grabbing me in his warm, smooth palm and pushing his mouth over my hard-on.

I mean, I expected the man to be a professional, and I’ve had cocksuckers on my meat that I would call experts before, men and women who clearly adored cocks and sucking on them, worshiping them, making me feel so much pleasure that it was a wonder I didn’t instantly start pumping cum inside their talented mouths, but Trevor put them all to shame. If cocksucking was an Olympic sport, they’d have to invent a new platinum medal just for him!

He was clearly enjoying this part of the job. Slurping, licking, sucking, kissing, playing with the head with his tongue, drooling on my erection and stroking me as he licked the pre leaking from my piss slit, all while maintaining eye contact with me with adoring dedication. My hands were grasping the slim cushion as waves of sexual ecstasy wracked my body.

And this was just a blow job!

I don’t know how long he worked on my hard-on but after some time my phone let me know someone was at the front door and gazing sideways as I moaned and squirmed with barely contained bliss I saw Steve’s face looking into the camera. “Trevor,” I said, rubbing my hand through his blue-black hair, “I have to answer the door.”

He pulled his mouth off my dick, wiping at the corner of his mouth and grinning happily before asking, “Would you like me to do that for you?”

He was so eager to please! “No, I think I want you to be a surprise. I invited a friend over to share you, if that’s all right.”

He licked his lips, squeezed my hard-on and smiled. “Just one friend?”

I smiled back. “We’ll have fun.”

He sat up onto his haunches and pushed his massive pecs forward, making them flex and bounce powerfully. I wanted desperately to latch onto his thick nipples and suck on them, teasing his sensitive nubs with my teeth and tongue. “I can’t wait.” He stood up—and up—and up. His dick was throbbing hard and leaking pre and his whole body was shiny with sweat, almost glistening in the sun. “Should I come with you?” He reached up and started twisting his nipples, and it almost looked like something white started dripping from between his pinched fingers. It made his cock throb and twitch.

“No, you should be cleaning the pool. I want him to be part of the fantasy.”

“As you wish,” he said, turning around to display that amazing ass before leaning over again, exposing his hole to me, and starting to clean the pool with surprising diligence and attention, almost like he was getting off just following my orders.

Now, Steve and I go way back. We’ve done things to each other and with each other and for each other to the extent that there really aren’t any boundaries between us. I mean, I don’t want to marry him or anything, but the dude can fuck like a pile driver and suck like a Dyson so there are obviously a lot of advantages to our friendship. And if anyone was going to appreciate the man I hired to clean my pool, it was Steve.

I think he started drooling, like, literally, the second he saw Trevor’s huge ass. Bubble butt doesn’t even begin to describe what the man owned, more like moon butt or Jupiter butt. As he was scrubbing the bottom of the admittedly already spotlessly clean pool, he was shifting and flexing those massive glutes like dancing planets, knowing full well the effect that slow sashay would be having on my dick and libido.

Steve whispered something—”Holy fuck” I think—and he was already reaching down to his crotch to adjust his swelling meat. Trevor seemed to have an almost supernatural ability to know what we were looking at on his magnificent body, swelling the massive cables of raw muscle on his shoulders ad upper arms as he pushed the pool tools through the water or swaying the huge round globes of his ass in a slow, erotic dance.


I think I mentioned how much I love my job, but I might love myself even more. I just want to get bigger and bigger because the guys I’m with spring immediate, intense, throbbing boners just looking at me and I get off on that.

I mean, I get off on everything, now. It’s like my sex drive is dialed up to eleven and the fuck needle is constantly pushed into the red. I wake up horny and I go to sleep horny. I’m horny when I’m walking down the street and I’m horny when I’m lying on a bed. My dick is like this constant alarm going off telling the world I’m ready to fuck and be fucked, though if I’m honest getting fucked is the best feeling in the world.

Didn’t used to be. It kind of hurt before my ass got so huge, but now it almost feels like I’m incomplete without a rock hard dick sliding in and out of my hungry hole.

Maybe it feels so good because of how sensitive everything is now. I mean, I can feel everything with an intensity that borders on insanity. A dude’s hands on my skin make my balls sizzle and full with cum. A mouth on my tit, teeth and tongue teasing my ultra-sensitive nips, starting to draw forth that rich, creamy milk that drives men wild. Kisses on my mouth, my dick being licked and sucked, everything feels awesome.

But almost nothing compares to the ultimate pleasure of being well and truly fucked. I can’t get enough of it. It’s more than a craving, it’s an obsession. I have a difficult time maintaining my composure when faced with a really huge cock arching up all thick and proud, because all I want in that moment is to feel the owner showing his monster inside me so deep that I begin, finally, to feel satisfied.

Mr. Mann even has a name for it, that sensation. He calls it The Fulfillment. I mean, not exactly original but it’s actually a perfect description. Because it’s not like a climax. It’s not the end of something, it’s the peak of something. Like I’ve been working towards something all my life, something to complete me, to make me whole and to perfectly complete me, to bring every sensation of pleasure together into one amazing, colossal, overwhelming feeling that takes over.

And that’s not even the best part! The best part is when someone’s fucking my hole really hard and someone else is sucking my tits and I start to approach this new plateau of pleasure just before everything—my dick and my tits—start pumping cream.

I sort of feel bad for guys who’ve never experienced it before, having your balls pumping cum up the thick throbbing inches of your dick while your huge pecs start shoving rich, warm fountains of muscle milk and you’re coming out of everywhere! It’s an orgasm on top of an orgasm inside an orgasm coated with cum! It’s so awesome I wish every dude could do it!

And being with another Mann Agency himbo is, well, there’s nothing else like it!

Except, of course, being with Mr. Mann himself. Maybe because he’s been a himbo for so long and he’s learned things the rest of us haven’t yet, or maybe it’s because even though I know I’m the horniest motherfucker on the planet, Mr. Mann is several steps hornier than I am. Insatiable doesn’t even start to cover his sex drive. It’s no wonder he’s always on the lookout for new guys to add to his stable because being with Mr. Mann is like diving into a pool of pure erotic and orgasmic bliss and being swallowed whole by it.

Anyway, when my client, Mr. McDonald, came back with his friend Mr. Petrovich, it was clear from the dude’s immediate hard-on that he was into me and what I had to offer. Not every dude is, of course, everyone’s tastes in what turns them on is different, but you kind of know that a guy’s into you when his cock inflates to full readiness the second he lays his eyes on you.

My dick is pretty big, just like the rest of me, and I’ve seen some guys get a little scared when confronted with ten thick inches of fully-engorged fuck meat. But not Mr. Petrovich! If anything, my giant cock and balls only made his dick get harder! I knew I was going to have some fun with these two, and that they’d soon experience a fuckfest of such grand and glorious extents that they’d never forget it.

I also knew that I just made two clients for life, because after me there was no way any other fuck was going to compare.

I’m not boasting or bragging, you understand. It’s just a fact. I know from personal experience what fucking and sucking a member of the Mann Agency is like, because my sex drive is so high that when I’m not engaged with clients I need to have another Mann man to satisfy me. Even when I’m working out, making my pecs even bigger and doing so many squats that my ass won’t even fit into pants there’s another Mann dude there to lick my hole and tease my nips and stroke my dick. I know that sounds dangerous, shoving hundreds of pounds of iron around to build my muscles while some dude is simultaneously pleasuring me, but I have to tell you that there’s nothing else quite like it. Feeling my body growing bigger, feeling my muscles sing with pain as I make myself grow stronger, pushing that barbell off my huge chest while some incredibly sexy and handsome man eats my hole? Perfection.

Mr. McDonald and Mr. Petrovich (they asked me to refer to them by their first names but that’s against one of Mr. Mann’s rules regarding clients) went to town after a few minutes of Mr. Petrovich’s eyes bulging out of his head trying to take every inch of my body in. I’ve been told I’m “unbelievable” but it only takes a second of your hands on my body to know I’m 100% real and 100% sexy.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t not be sexy, even if I tried. With this phat ass and this big dick and these massive muscle tits mounted on my chest with those thick, juicy nipples just begging to be twisted and chewed on and sucked I’m like a walking advertisement for fucking, which is exactly what Mr. Mann requires of all his agents. Even if I could fit my body into regular clothes I don’t think I would. I fucking love showing myself off, and being drooled over by horny guys and worshipped for my naked perfection.

I just want to fuck and be fucked forever. And keep getting bigger and bigger and sexier.


The second hour of our time with Trevor was just Brian and me watching him clean the pool, and swim, and pleasure himself with his thick fingers up his ass while one hand pinched and squeezed and fondled his nipple, spraying thick fountains of milk from his tits, while his other hand stroked his constant erection as it drooled pools of pre along its thick, hard neck and his balls swelled bigger and bigger with cum.

We were both worn out by the dude but he kept on going. We even had to move farther away from him because just being around him was like sitting by a furnace giving off sex heat in constant powerful waves.

He watched us and smiled sometimes, other time he was evidently so engrossed in his own jerk off session that he seemed to forget we were even there. He was unabashedly open about his body and his cravings for sex and being touched and fondled. I thought about calling a few more friends over just to handle his insatiable appetite for pleasure—both giving it and getting it—but in the end Brian and me slipped into a kind of sex hypnosis watching Trevor’s on-going and unending sexuality.

“Can you give me the number?” Brian asked me.

“What number?”

“The…agency. Mann Agency.”

“Sure,” I answered, feeling a sudden strong flush of orgasmic bliss erupt along the inches of my non-stop hard on, and all I was doing was watching Trevor out by the pool.

“Cool,” he said.

Trevor groaned and shot a thick volley of hot cum from his foot-high hard-on, splattering himself in another copious load of sticky cream.

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