The lovers

by Richard Jasper

A very short, one-scene story where muscle and love come together.

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A very short one (fewer than 1500 words!). A scene more so than a story, which suggests to me it was written in the 90s, when I was still finding my voice. – rpj
They killed themselves in the gym that day.

Two dozen sets of chest exercises (six sets each of bench press, decline press, incline press and flies) and then had the gall to do biceps curls, triceps extensions, seated Scott curls, seated alternate dumbbell curls, and upright rows for good measure. By the end their grunts and moans and the whistling of their breath between clenched teeth had attracted the attention, awe, admiration and irritation of everyone else in the gym.

The younger and smaller of the two (they were both 5’11” but the larger was a solid, bulky 190 pounds and the other was a lean, 155-pound runner) had no trouble keeping pace with his older, more developed partner, although the weights he handled were necessarily somewhat lighter. In both cases the muscles of their arms and chest were strained to the breaking point, veins standing out like cords of rope, the definition etched as if by a diamond drill bit.

On the way to the shower room they had to support each other, so weakened by their efforts that just standing was an effort. Each soaped the other’s back and shoulders, since their arms and chests were too engorged to lift up and back at the same time. Any thought of sex had been beaten out of them and their cocks were the only part of their bodies there were not pumped.

Seated on the bench in front of the locker, trying to summon energy to put on his socks, the older and larger man turned to his partner…

“You know,” he said, softly, “I love you.”

The young man smiled wistfully.

“I know,” he said in response. “I couldn’t do this if you didn’t.”

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