The hunt

by kastawaykid

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The stars were bright tonight. Brighter than normal, the hunt was still. The rolling hills of Missouri were quit this time of year.

But, tonight, something was different. Walking on the dirt road farthest away from any cheating girlfriend, self absorbed parents, and asshole room mates. Dirk was kicking up dust as he walked away from his problems. Not two hours before Dirk had walked in on his roommate and girlfriend going at it. She was doing stuff with him that he hadn’t even thought of. But he wasn’t worried about the fact that she was cheating on him, he was about to end it anyway, it was an excuse to end it earlier. He was freaking out because he was so turned on at the sight of his roommates hard body and massive 10 inch cock. He had seen glimpses of it before, but never in all its glory. Why was he so interested in it. Why couldn’t he get it out of his mind. Sex with his girlfriend wasn’t as good as it used to be. Now all he could think about was sucking his room mates cock. He had to go to the only place he knew was empty, and quiet, where he could clear his mind. The hunt. Nobody had been there since his whole family turned into vegetarians. There was no longer any need for meat. So no need to hunt.

The key was under the rock in front of the house, like it had always been. He opened the door, walked in and collapsed on the couch. He needed to sleep off the stress of the day.

He woke up a couple hours later, at the sound of some rustling inside the house. The hallway light was on and the front door was wide open. “I swear I shut that door,” thought Dirk. He retrieved a gun off the wall from the hunt. Although he had never been hunting with his family he had learned how to use a gun. He walked down the hallway to the door at the end. He pushed it open and saw a long staircase going in to the blackness. As a kid he wasn’t even able to touch the door, he always remembered his family kept the door locked. Nobody ever went down there. Not since his family bought it when he was 4 years old.

But today, somebody made their way in the doorway and down the long staircase. Dirk followed. As he made his way toward the bottom, a musky smell started to overwhelm his sences. The further down the stronger it got. Soon it became unbearable, and as he hit the last step, he passed out.

When he woke up he was lying on the softest bed he had ever been on. His body was filled with this strange sensation. As if he were light as a feather. There was a sudden flash. Dirk was temporarily blinded and had no idea where he was, or what to do. He could have been kidnapped, or aliens could have invaded the hunt. But he soon found out it was much more than he could of ever imagined.

Before the strange night at the Hunt, Dirk was a junior in college. He was 280 lbs but carried it very well. He didn’t exercise much, but walked or rode his bike everywhere. He was as healthy as any 20 year old his age and weight could be. But he wasn’t satisfied. Ever since he saw his roommate naked for the first time he became enthralled at the idea of having muscle like his. All of his dreams had been about losing weight and looking like a muscle god. But after that night, when he saw his roommate, he started to be aroused by the look of his obsession. This is why he needed to escape in the first place. He was raised in a community that that kind of thing was unspeakable. Unheard of.

Now he had escaped, he wasn’t worried about his sexual fantasies, it was his life. He had no idea what was happening or where he was. As his vision came back to him he realized that it was the flash of a camera. Through the haziness he saw a Greek God standing over him. He had no idea who it was. But he liked that he wasn’t alone, and that he appeared to be human, although he looked like a super human. He stood around 8 feet tall. He had no shirt on and only a loincloth. If it weren’t for his incredibly groomed face and gelled hair this person looked like he could have been Tarzan himself. His biceps bulged without flexing; his veins like cables strained though his arms. His strong hands held a camera, and as he lowered it Dirk noticed his Pecs. If there was one thing dirk was always attracted to, it was pecs. This man had the best he had ever seen. They had to be at least 46 inches. They were shaped like two square marble slabs, his dark nipples were at the outside edges, facing down. Then the cobblestone 10pack that led to his perfectly shaped V just made him the perfect man ever. But dirk hadn’t seen the best part yet.

“I have to take a before picture.” Said the mysterious man.

“Who are you?” said dirk, drowsily.

“I am the man of your dreams,” he answered. “ I’ve been watching you for quite some time, Dirk.”

How do you know my name?

“ I know more about you than just your name Dirk, I know that you just broke up with your girlfriend last night, I know that you have been getting more and more attracted to your roommate the past couple weeks.”

“How do you know all of this, why am I here.”

“Because you are ready, out of all the people I have been watching, you are the most qualified person.”

“How could I be the most qualified person for anything, I’m overweight and a loner. I’ve never been the best at anything.”

“That is why you are the best. Once you become a part of my lifestyle, you will never be able to go back to the people you know. You will start over new. You will be a new person. The Dirk you know will no longer exist in about an hour.

Your crazy. Get me out of here. I should be going back. I’m hallucinating or something. I’ve always dreamed of something like this happening and its just a hallucination.

But its not. You really are here. I will explain everything, we need to get you ready for the next stage of the transformation. Hop up. lets get you ready.

Dirk sat up on the bed. He thought that something was different. As he looked down he realized that nothing was. It was just a strange feeling of weightlessness.

“What are you feeling right now?”

“Weird, I feel as light as a feather but I don’t look any different.”

“That’s normal. The first serum that you experienced caused you to faint, as well as make you feel weightless. I had to do it that way so I could pick you up and set you on the bed.

“I see. Look, this whole things sounds like a blast. But I really want to know who you are. It would have been different if I was knocked out and you could of just done anything you wanted, but now that I’m awake I want to know who you are and what you are going to do to me.”

“ I could have left you unconscious but to make it to the last procedure you would have had to be awake anyway. I thought you would enjoy the feeling of your body morphing the first time.


“Yes, morphing. I am going to give you the best gift in the world. But you will be the one to discover it as time goes on. I found out myself and want you to discover it as well. My name is Justin Teeter. I used to be like you. I used to be over weight, hopeless, and lonely.”

Gee thanks

I went to school to study chemistry. I wanted to find the best way to create change. Through my many late nights of studying and researching I found serums that could render you weightless, and some that could melt every ounce of fat in your body. You have already experienced one and will soon experience the other. I will tell you about the final process last, as you will have to experience that for yourself. It will be a first for me.

Holy cow, I cant belive that you chose me for all of this. I mean, look at me. Im fat. There had to be plenty other openly gay guys who were overweight and had relationship problems. Why did you choose me?

I chose you because I’ve been watching you for quite some time. You have already had some of my serums actually. Why do you think you started to be turned on by the looks of your room mate. Do you think he grew that much in that short of time? I told him that I was giving him a special steroid that would make everything bigger. I didn’t lie to him. He grew didn’t he?

Yes. But why did I notice. Ive seen muscular men without their shirts before. Why was I so attracted to him?

Because. I, I just enhanced your closet genes that would have come out sooner or later. Trust me, this is the perfect time for you. Your body is perfect for what we will have.

What do you mean what we will have. I don’t even know you. I only know that your name is Justin Teeter and you drugged me. There is no we in anything.

You will think differently when the next portion is over. But, if youd like you can just leave right now. No questions asked. I will never contact you or drug you again.

Really? Good. See you later.

Dirk stood up and started to make his way out of the dimly lit room.

“ Don’t you think that you will look back and wonder what could have been. You have no ideas of the possibility’s that we can accomplish together. Anything you want I can give you. You will never ever be the same, but do you ant to be the same old, closet case Dirk.


Well then follow me. You wont regret it. I promise.

Will I ever see my family again?

Maybe. That’s up for you to decide. This could be a whole new beginning for you. You could start over. Or, you could go back to your everyday life looking totally different. What do you think would go over the best. You get the chance to start over new. Nobody can do that. You have this chance.

I’ll do it

That’s what I like to hear. Now, lets go.

The two of them walked out of the room and walked down a long hallway to another small room. This one was brightly lit and a little friendlier looking. There was only a table and a tray with one syringe on it.

This will be the most painful part. In order for the last phase to work you cant have any fat in your body. We are going to burn it all and you will be able to see yourself the smallest you will ever be again.

“Ready?” Said Justin.


Dirk sat on the table and Justin began to prepare the syringe. He cleaned the area around the bicep where he wasgoing to give dirk the injection.

There’s no going back.

Lets do it.

Justin injected him with the serum and sat back waiting for the change to happen. At first it seems like nothing happened. It took a couple of minutes to take effect. Then…

“Im getting really hot. I feel like I’m on fire. “

Dirks body started to squirm, Justin saw the fat start to wriggle and move under his skin.

His whole body started to expand. He blew up to 3 times his size. Than imploded. Oddly enough smoke started to steam out of his nose ears and mouth. He fell on the floor and collapsed. As Justin watched the unconscious boy laying on the ground, he saw his skin start to shrink and mold to this new body. The access skin disappeared. He kneeled down to make sure Dirk was alright.

“Wake up, wake up dirk. Stand up so we can take a look at you.”

“What do I look like.”

“Take a look for your self. “

Dirk stood up and saw his clothes engulfing his entire body. Immediately as he stood up his pants fell right off. His legs were muscular and raw. His underwear was only staying on because of the elastic wrap around the top. Justin walked up to him, grabbed the top of his shirt and ripped down the center. He tore it off and pulled off the underwear barely hanging on his small body.

I cant believe this. IS this really me? Said dirk looking in the mirrors on the wall. That cant be my cock. He was referring to the long piece of meat hanging from his midsection. “ I never thought that I was big. I only measured it at six inches. I guess my fat was hiding it all along.

“Lets find out just how big it is,” Said Justin. Pulling a tape measure out of his pocket. He walked to dirk and grabbed his flaccid cock. “7 inches soft,” he said as he got on his knees . Now lets find out how long it is hard. Justin started to lick the entire length of dirks prick. “Oh god,” said dirk in pure ecstasy. His cock shot right up practically hitting Justin in the face. “Wow”, said Justin. “You get excited pretty quick, I think this will do.” He grabbed the throbbing rod in front of him and measured it. “8.5 inches hard. Nice. About as thick as a red bull can. This will do. You are already pretty well endowed so the growth will be even better than I expected.” Justin stood up and planted a kiss right on Dirks luscious lips.

Are you going to finish? Asked Dirk. “ Oh no,” Justin replied. We cant have you waste any of what’s brewing inside of you right now. That will be the best part. For both of us.

Brewing inside of me?

Yes. But, no more questions. You will understand everything soon. Now we need to measure the rest of you before we have the next step.

How many more steps do we have?

Oh, this is the last one. I promise. Well, kinda the last one.

I’m not even going to ask..

Alright. Justin started to measure every part of Dirks skinny and toned body. Everything that he was showing was what had formed underneath all of the fat. His legs, of course, were the most beautiful Justin had ever seen. Without any difference in size. The were the Legs of Clydesdales. His thighs were chiseled like Michelangelo sculpted it himself. The were rippled pieces of mass. Justin took a bit of extra time petting the legs and paying them special attention.

The rest of his body was nice as well. He had a six pack, the result of endless sit-ups in football in high-school. He now saw the six pack that the cooler had been holding for years. The rest of his body was toned and bronze. Although he used to be a bigger boy Dirk still worked and played outside in the sun a lot. Even with his shirt off.

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