The hulk pill: Contagion

by Azerreza

 Awakened by his brother Mike, David got the surprise of his life when he discovered that his big brother was now... really big: 8 feet tall and probably several tons of muscle. Unfortunately he did not know more about what had happened to him, so he met his friends at the mall as planned. But during the day, he noticed that his clothes seemed to be getting tighter and tighter, including the new ones he had just bought that morning... David was unknowingly one of the first to be infected with what would quickly become a pandemic.

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Author's Note

This story is an attempt to continue JayPat’s story, “The Hulk Pill.” It will tell about the propagation of the effects caused by the pill, which are contagious during the first 24 hours.


My breathing was heavy, my hands were gripping the bar, my heart was beating fast. It was the moment I feared: I had to lift this bar! Otherwise, I’ll be the laughing stock of the gym. I took down the bar and... Shit! Shit shit shit! My face became red. My arms were shaking. It was too heavy... fuck! 125 fucking pounds and I’m already shitting! Fucking shit!

Hahahahahaha! So David, how is the warm-up going?” mocked Billy.

Shit, once again I make a fool of myself in front of these idiots. Shit!

I tried to force but impossible to lift it.

“Whoa, calm down David, you’ll hurt yourself,” said Greg, one of the regulars, who was much nicer than the others bastards; By the way, I could heard them to be laughing out loud. Shitty bastards...

Greg helped me to lift the bar. “Don’t try to lift so much next time David. I know you would to be like your brother, Mike, but you are clearly not yet strong enough.”

“Yes, I know... Thanks Greg...”

Yeah, unfortunately, I was not at the level of my brother, Mike, he had been training for a while and had acquired a solid physique and a big strength. I was so envious...

In the back of the room, I could hear them hitting the floor with laughter. “He is so weak hahahahahahahaha!” My face was becoming red with anger, my fists were shaking.

Shut up bastards!” I shouted, angry.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder that slowly shook me a bit.

“David...” I could slightly hear, behind me.

Bastards, are you happy to make fun of me because I’m weak? Fucking bastards!

“Hey David, wake up...”

We’ll see in a few months if you’ll still be laughing so h—”


Hu? What the? At this moment, my eyes opened very slowly, my eyelids still stuck a little. Great: it was just a dream, or rather, a nightmare... What a shitty nightmare, be humiliated even in a dream...

“Ah! Finally!” said a thunderous voice, that startled me, there was someone in my room. What the? It was strange because this voice... I recognized it, it was... it was that of Mike, my brother, but it sounded... different. And what the hell was he doing here? Usually, he doesn’t come into my room.

“Mike? What the hell are you doing he—?”

I turned around and what I saw, I will never forget. My eyes widened as never before, my jaw dropped to the floor, the temperature suddenly dropped, my face became instantly white. I stepped back as fast I could and pressed myself against the wall then I shouted.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!” I yelled.

Nothing could prepare me for this vision: in front of me, there was my brother, Mike. But not the Mike I knew! No... In front of me, there was a giant or rather what do I say, a fucking Titan! It had to be at least 8 feet tall and above all, muscles... muscles everywhere! He was insanely muscular: traps that engulfed his neck, shoulders that are bigger than my head, his arms... oh my fucking gosh, his arms! What are these fucking monsters? His pecs were so huge that he must have had trouble looking down! Then... holy shit... his abs... his abs! Eight fucking boulders! I’ve never seen abs like this! Enormous, ripped and hard as fuck! My eyes went down and... fucking... fucking shit... h-his dick... holy crap! I-It was bigger than my arms!! And his legs were so big and thick that I bet I could hide behind one of them!

My eyes went up to his face, Mike was smiling and said, “Hello bro!”

“M-M-M-M-M-M—.” I stuttered so much that I had a hard time pronouncing his name. “M-M-M-Mike? B-b-b-b-b—”

“‘But how’?” guessed Mike. “Well, honestly... I don’t know exactly, it just... happened. Maybe a sudden growth spurt,” he said. “But... I fucking love it!” he said, with a evil smile.

My brain was bugging. A sudden growth spurt? Is he kidding me? Gain one inch and few pounds due to a growth spurt okay but here, here, it was more like two fucking feet and probably more than one fucking ton! A growth spurt? It was impossible, absolutely and totally impossible! But there had to be a rational explanation!

“Well, calm down, David, your brother is just a fucking hulk and... it’s just impossible, totally impossible so there must be an explanation, a rational explanation...” And suddenly, it hit me: I had to be dreaming. Yeah, I had to be inthe weirdest fucking dream of my life!

“Well, David, you are dreaming, you are just fucking dreaming. It’s not the reality, you are dreaming! It’s like in Inception, you are dreaming in a dream!” I said to myself.

Hahahahahaha! Oh no no no bro, this is not a dream but the reality. But perhaps... you need to be woken up for good!” he said with an evil smile.

I didn’t like that, even if it’s a dream, I don’t like that! Mega Mike grabbed the end of my bed and...

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!” I yelled as he lifted it. He lifted my fucking bed (and myself) as if it weighed nothing!! And... he shook it!

P-p-p-please M-m-m-m-mike! S-s-s-s-stop!!”

“So awake now?” he asked me.

Y-y-y-y-yes!” I said, terrified. For a dream it was pretty detailed and realistic...

“Well where do you plan to go today?” asked Mike.


“Where-do-you-plan-to-go-today?” he repeated.

“T-T-To the mall, w-w-w-with f-f-f-friends,” I replied, worried.

“Perfect! Go ahead! But there is a condition...” he said.

No, really, I don’t like that! “A-A-A c-c-condition?” I said, stammering.

“Don’t touch anyone!” said Mike, more seriously.


“You heard me: don’t-touch-anyone!” he repeated, louder and more angry.

“B-B-But w-w-why?” I asked.

“You’ll see. But really, don’t touch anyone and when I say anyone, it’s anyone! And if I find out that you didn’t respect my instructions, you’ll end up like this...”

Mike took what appears to be a block of wall and... holy crap! He crushed it to dust with one blow, as if it were nothing!! And where the hell did this block come from? I looked around and... I saw the entrance to my bedroom and noticed that it had been somewhat expanded... I looked Mike and I forgot to mention that he was fucking wide! Probably too wide for a “normal” entrance. Here is where this block came from!

Mike looked me and said again, “Understood bro? Don’t touch anyone!”

“Y-y-y-y-yes!” I said, frightened by the demonstration of power.

“Very well... And don’t forget your phone, you’ll call me during the day, I’m sure hehehe! ... Well, excuse me but I have some friends to visit.” He turned back and went back through the entrance. Holy shit! His back... it was only huge muscle mountains! And... was that the ground shaking? Holy crap!

I was here, frozen in my bed. What the fuck just happened? If it was a dream, it was fucking realistic, but it seemed too realistic for to be a dream. But if it wasn’t a dream... how? How had my brother become a fucking muscle god? It doesn’t make sense!

Suddenly my phone vibrated. It was a message from Ben, my friend. “So David, ready to change your wardrobe?”

Honestly, I was not fan of shopping, but I needed to buy new clothes and shoes. “Yeah!” I replied.

Then I received another message. “Of course Matt come with us but he told me he will be late. So I’m waiting you in 5 minutes to the bus stop ;).”

Crap! Already? I quickly put on a shirt and pants and went out of my bedroom. In the corridor, I noticed some signs of my brother’s passage: there was a hole in the wall, as if he had bumped into it; several steps of the staircase were cracked; a piece of the railing seemed to have been crushed; a lot of the tiles on the ground floor were cracked. I hurriedly ate and drank and went out and... the door handle was completely crushed. No doubt Mike had been there.

I walked two minutes towards the stop bus. Ben was there, waiting me. “Hello!” I said with a wave of my hand, having in mind my “big” brother’s orders: “Don’t touch anyone!” I don’t know why he said that but something told me that there was a good reason.

“Hey!” replied Ben. “Ready for a shopping day?” he said smiling. Ben liked shopping more than me.

“Yeah, yeah,” I replied, trying to be as usual despite what had happened. Honestly if I told him that my brother had become a 8-foot muscular freak, would he believe me? I doubt it.

The bus arrived and fortunately it was not full, we went to fuck in the back and I made sure not to touch anybody. I sighed. This shopping session was going to be boring but I needed it. I don’t know if my mother had washed my shirt, but it was a little tight when it usually wasn’t. It must have shrunk in the wash. After 10 minutes we reached our destination.

“So David where do you want to start?”

“Well, I have to buy new shirts and pants and my favourite clothing shop is at this end.”

“Yeah, good idea dude!”

“By the way, did you know why Matt is late?” I asked as we headed for the store.

“He didn’t tell me but I think I guess why,” replied Ben.

“Let me guess: Billy the Bully?”

“Bingo. I know that Matt is their whipping boy. I bet he had an altercation yesterday with his gang.”

Poor Matt... Billy Larson was the biggest asshole in the school. He and his gang always attacked those weaker than themselves and if you had the misfortune to be his target, he would pursue you all your schooling. And unfortunately, Matt was one of their favourite targets. I hope he is okay.

When we arrived at the clothing store, I went to my usual department. I had a classical style: white shirts, jeans. I found quickly a shirt and a pant and I saw also a jacket, well now, let’s see the sizes: L, no... M, no... XL, no... Suddenly, I was thinking to Mike and the fact that he would now need a XXXXXL size at least. I was asking what he was doing now. Well, let’s try this shirt and this pair of pants. It’d been a while since I’d moved too much in size, and I always took S. I went to a changing room and tried on my shirt but when I put it on, I could feel something unusual: it was tight, even very tight. What the hell? I tried the pants and... they were tight too also. Obviously I couldn’t help but think of Mike... No, get a grip on yourself, David, you’ve just had to change a bit lately, it’s been a while since you bought anything so obviously that would happen.

I went back to the department to get size Ms, something I had never done before. Obviously, it was better—usually, I would have floated in it and that wasn’t really how it was now. I picked a couple of extra options just in case and went to the cashier to pay. Ben joined me few minutes later.

“Already? You go fucking fast.”

“Yeah, but I tend to wear the same kinds of clothes so it was not really difficult. Well, I need also new shoes, it’s the store right next door.”

“No problem dude,” said Ben.

Same as for my shirts, for the shoes I always take the same style and the same shoe size for some time. A few minutes later, I already had my new pair in hand and I was going to try them and again, they was much too small. What the hell was this? Well again, don’t panic, David, it’s been a long time, I must have changed a bit since then. I took the next size, went to the cashier again and paid, then we went out.

Suddenly Ben’s stomach gurgled. “Fuck dude, I’m starving!” I hadn’t really been paying attention but now that he said it... me too, I was hungry, like, crazy hungry.

As we were heading towards the fast food, we heard a voice call to us. “Hey Ben! David!”

It was Matt. “Hello Matt!” I said, being careful to greet him with a wave only.

“Yeah, sorry guys, I’m late but I did a fall down the stairs yesterday and I needed of bandages.”

Clearly, he was lying. It was sure that it was because of Billy. “A fall down the stairs?” I asked.

“Y-y-yeah, I know it’s ridiculous,” he said, clearly embarrassed by my question. You lie badly Matt, very badly.

“Well, we were going to eat, are you coming with us?” asked Ben.

“Of course!” replied Matt. “Oh! Look! They still have the discount on the giga menu! It’s too fucking good but honestly, they exaggerate on the quantity, I barely ate a quarter last time!”

“No problem, I’m starving!” said Ben.

“Me too!” I replied.

We took three giga menus and damn right, the quantity was huge! But I was starving, terribly starving, abnormally starving... I ate my hamburgers and my big soda like it was nothing. Typically I had a hard time finishing a normal menu and today, I had no trouble finishing when it was more than double!

Ben and Matt were watching me, stunned. “Damn man, but you are a fucking ogre!” said Matt.

I finished my giga menu under their astonished eyes. And the worst thing about it: I was still hungry. Ben had not even finished the half and I was almost drooling on his remains. “Er, Ben? May I... may I eat your leftovers?”

Whaaaaaat??” shouted Ben and Matt at the same time.

“Holy shit man, even an ogre doesn’t eat that much!” said Ben.

Myself, I was totally just as surprised. Never in my life had I eaten so much but I was hungry like I’d never been hungry before. And it wasn’t the only thing that disturbed me: my clothes... my new clothes felt... tight! And that had not been the case when I bought them. Even my new shoes seemed to be getting too small. Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck!! This time, there was no doubt: something was wrong!

“Excuse me guys, I-I have to go toilet,” I said, a bit panicked.

“Hahaha! Not really surprising with the mountain of food you ate!” joked Ben.

I quickly made my way to the bathroom, taking my bag. I felt a tingling feeling through my body and I was panting. I found myself in front of the mirror and with a little apprehension I removed my jacket... Ho-ly shit!! I could hardly believe what I was seeing: I was filling my shirt. My pecs were budding through my shirt, my shoulders were rounded, my biceps stretched the fabric, my back was wide and I had the start of a V-shape and... and... holy shit! Was it bumps on my abs that I saw? I swallowed hard and I slowly lifted my shirt... holy crap! Bricks, I had fucking muscle bricks! Goddamn fucking hell!! I looked like... like... a fucking bodybuilder!

“What the hell? What’s happening to me?” Wait, was my voice deeper? I didn’t sound like the usual me.

I was totally flabbergasted. Not that I didn’t like becoming muscular but... how? How? I didn’t do anything special and all of a sudden I become a fucking muscle god? What the hell?

Then suddenly, I remembered what my brother had said: “You’ll call me, don’t worry.” He had to know more, I was sure! I took out my phone and tried to call him. After a few rings he picked up the phone. Hem... I’ll overlook the fact that I could hear someone moaning loud as fuck, saying things like “Oh fuck! So big! So hard” with sounds of sucking and licking. Well, Mike seemed “busy,” but despite that, he answered me.

“So bro, how is your day going?” Crap, I had forgotten how deep his voice was now! I could hear an undertone in it now.

“M-M-Mike... I-I-I think s-s-something is h-happening to me,” I said, with a panicked voice.

“Let me guess: a problem of clothing size perhaps?” he replied, in a slightly mocking tone.

“Mike... what the hell is happening?” I asked, even though I knew the answer.

“Roooooh bro, don’t be stupid, you know perfectly what’s happening to you!”

“I-I know, I-I’m growing, but I mean, what the hell? Why am I growing like that? And above all, how?”

“Hehehe, well, let’s say that... I am the cause of your current situation, bro.”

What the? Mike, did you drug me?”

Hahahaha not exactly, but not so far. I was not given all the details and I still don’t understand very well but apparently, it’s a story of a muscle pill and nanobots.”

What the hell? Mike... are you kidding me? Muscle pill and nanobots? It looks like a bad fan-fiction. We are not in a marvel here!”

“Oh David, for god’s sake, look at you, were you like this this morning?”

I looked myself in the mirror. And... obviously no, this morning, I was the classic skinny David I had always been but here, here, I looked like someone who had spent several years in a gym. It was real, really real! “But... it’s not logical! I haven’t eaten anything like a pill since this morning, so how...”

“This is where it gets interesting bro! The nanobots you get with the pill, apparently, they are... contagious!” replied Mike, with a touch of excitement on the last sentence.

What? Contagious? You mean I’m sick?”

“In a way. Do you remember the order I gave you this morning?”

“Yeah, don’t touch anyone.”

“Indeed. And the reason is simple: nanobots are everywhere in your body, including in your fluids: cum, blood but also... your sweat.”

“My... my sweat?” I asked.

“Yeah, and I guess you’ve noticed that you’ve been sweating a bit more recently, right?” Indeed, for the last 2-3 hours this was the case. “It means that you can transmit your nanobots by simple... physical contact!” He laughed. “This is how I got infected, I didn’t take anything either. I just had a workout with a friend who was infected and inevitably, I was too. When I woke up yesterday, I was like you saw me. By the way, I renegotiated my ‘contract’ with Dad. He strangely accepted all my conditions, hehe...”

At this moment, everything made sense even if had trouble believing it. It looked like a fucking science fiction movie but... but... here I was, looking like a bodybuilder. It was the truth, the fucking truth! But... there was problem: I didn’t touch Mike!

“But Mike, we didn’t touch each other!”

“Oh yeah? So tell me, who woke you up this morning?”

Finally I understood. “It was... it was...” I was stammering.

“Yeah? Who?”

“You... It was you, you woke me up by shaking my shoulder...”

“And that’s it, you have been condemned from that moment on, bro!”

“And... and... d-d-do you think I will grow as big as you?”

“I am not sure, but most probably yes! In any case much more than what you are now.”

I was shaking, a little scared but mostly I couldn’t believe what it meant: I was going to become me too a fucking titan.

“And anyone I touch will become...”

“Like us,” replied Mike.

It was insane, completely insane.

“Oh and by the way, the contagion is not permanent, rest assured. It works only during the first 24 hours from the infection. So tomorrow afternoon, you will not be contagious... but you will be a hulk, hahahahaha!”

I shuddered just to imagine the scene.

“Now that you know everything, I’ll let you choose if you want to make a ‘gift’ to your friends or not, but remember that everyone you touch in the next few hours will become a behemoth. And by the way, tonight, we will do a special workout. I think that like me you want to see what you can do. Well, I’ll leave you to it, bro, I have ‘things’ to do.”

Mike didn’t hang up though, it must not have been easy to type on the keys of his phone with his gigantic fingers. Just before I ended the call I could hear him shouting “Suck me bitch!” Yes, he was “busy.”

I stayed there a few minutes, stunned by what I had just heard: in few hours, I will be like my Hulk brother!

Before I returned to Ben and Matt, I changed my shirt and pants, the S size was becoming too small. When I saw myself shirtless, I had to restrain myself from cumming instantly. Fuck! Fucking fuck! I was hot! And it was just the beginning... I put quickly my new M shirt. Well, perfect, it’s a little less conspicuous but it was only a matter of time before it became too small. Finally, I returned to Ben and Matt.

“Whoaaah, shit David, you are worse than a girl! You spent 20 minutes in the toilet,” teased Matt.

“Well, what now?” asked Ben.

“There is a cinema in this mall, no?” said Matt.

“Oh yes, I hadn’t thought of that, good idea,” replied Ben.

I wanted to decline, to find and excuse but... fuck it: I will grow, no matter what happens, I couldn’t hide it forever and then my decision was made: Ben, Matt, you will be my next victims, hehehe! And I think that if they knew, they would be the first to throw themselves at me: I knew Ben loved muscular men but had never had the motivation to work out, and as for Matt, I think if he could crush Billy, it would be the best day of his life.

“Oh! I had forgotten there was a new Hulk movie!” shouted Matt pointing at the poster.

Hahahahahaha! Matt, if only you knew what was going to happen to you my friend! I only had to touch them. So... well, it was time to change their lives forever, time to give them a little helping hand, literally. I was behind them: I raised my arms and...

Good idea guys,” I shouted, giving them each a slap on the back. Here it is, it’s done. But what I forgot was that I wasn’t just more muscular, I was also stronger: they were both thrown one or two feet forward.

Fuck David, are you fucking crazy or what?” shouted Ben.

Argh shit, David, are you sick? It hurts dude!” shouted Matt, rubbing his back. “Great, yesterday, I get beaten up by Billy and now, it’s my friend who want to kill me... Really great...”

Hehehe, welcome to the Hulk club guys!

We bought our tickets and I took care to take seats a little apart from everyone else because from now on, they too could contaminate others. I was curious to see if they would notice anything, but it would certainly be tonight that they will really notice the change.

The movie started and like every reboot, we redid the history of the character even if we knew it by heart. And inevitably came the accident that transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. Matt seemed pleased and said, “I always loved this kind of scene.” I couldn’t help but have a slight nervous laugh. Oh fuck hahahaha, if only you knew Matt, if you knew that it is currently slowly happening. From my side, we can say that this movie was in 4D for me because the growth I felt—I felt it very well: things were slowly accelerating. Whereas this morning I felt nothing, here, I could clearly feel an almost constant tingle. Well, it was obviously not extreme but I felt my clothes tightening, the feeling of my skin rubbing against the fabric slowly but surely, stretching it more and more. It was strange but nice, really nice. And I wasn’t only more muscular, I was becoming taller too: I was forced to slump in the seat so as not to block the view behind me. I loved these fucking feelings, it was so.. so awesome.

At some point, Ben squirmed a bit, as if something was bothering him. Ah! We wouldn’t be feeling discomfort in our clothes, would we, Ben? I couldn’t help but smile, thinking of the cause and especially what it would be like when they realized that something was wrong.

We must have been two thirds of the way through the film when suddenly, among the sounds of popcorn and bags of chips, I heard another, slight but noticeable sound.

*riiip riiip*

What? *rip*? I looked down slowly on my chest, a little panicked at the idea of what I was about to discover, and... my eyes went wide, my mouth fell open and I really almost dropped a “holy shit” but I restrained myself! My pecs, oh man, my pecs were huge! And my back was so wide. When I tried to move my arm, I understood where this stretching sound came from: I was totally filling the size M shirt. Shit! Fucking shit! I had to change my clothes again, quickly!

Fortunately it happened during the film. I grabbed my bag and walked discreetly to the toilet. And crap, my pants were fucking tight too! Matt saw me got up said softly, “You’re going to spend another 20 minutes in the bathroom?” Oh shut up Matt haha.

When I entered in the toilet, unfortunately for me there was a mirror in the toilet, it would have a chance if I wasn’t “hulking” in a mall, that I didn’t blow up my clothes and that the whole situation made me feel incredibly turned on. But my luck ran out: someone was coming in the bathroom... shit! Not now! Fortunately there were stalls, so I hastened to lock myself in one of them.

And to make matters worse, I realized that... it was Ben coming in. And guess what decided to show up at that moment: my muscle growth! Of course. The sensation filled my whole body and I felt my skin slowly but surely pushing against the fabric again. and of course it had to be enjoyable. it wouldn’t have been a problem if only I was not locked in a bathroom stall with my buddy right next to me! I gritted my teeth and tried as best I could to stifle my moans (and it’s fucking hard!). My face was turning red and I’m pretty sure the vein in my forehead was bulging.

Oh crap my shoulders were becoming cannonballs. My biceps had completely filled my sleeves, which were slowly tearing apart under the pressure. My pecs were pushing the shirt further and further forward, nipples are totally visible and I could feel the collar be more and more stretched. And at the level to my back, it was same, I could feel my lats stretching this poor shirt badly, to the point where I could hear little rips. I felt my abs solidify and deepen even more: we often talk about concrete abs, well I think mine were not far from this description, at least they were close! And if my shirt was abused, of course my pants were too! My quads were growing, stretching the fabric to the point where the seams began to give way

I was doing my best not to grumble but it was impossible to remain totally silent. And of course Ben noticed my muffled grunts. “Hahaha! So David, you evacuate your two giga menus?”

Thank god he thought I was taking a dump. “Y-y-yeah!” I said while my fists were shaking and I was red as a tomato.

“Hahaha! I’m already amazed that your stomach could take all this in, so your anus....” Very funny Ben! You won’t let me grow in peace? “Well, see you in 20 minutes dude!”

“Y-Yeah, s-see you.” And he was gone.

Thank god. I took the opportunity to release some pressure but not too much. “Oh fuck! Aaaaah! Gnnnnnnhhh! Shit! It’s soooooo gnnnnnnnhhh intense aaaaaaaaah.”

But fortunately, it calmed down quickly. I was here, in this toilet stall, panting in sweat, my clothes full of tears. I got out and I saw my reflection in the mirror... ho-ly-crap! I looked so fucking good! Well, still a far cry from Mike obviously, but already most bigger than this morning. Then I looked at my clothes, I saw all the rips and an idea came to me: what if I imitated our movie hero and hulked out of my clothes for real? It could be funny! Anyway, these clothes were ruined so... I closed my fist and I flexed my whole body to maximum. Instantly, I could see the tears became larger, the room was filled with a large number of tearing sounds. hell, I had always found these scenes hot but here, here, I was the one who exploded out of his clothes, I was this superhero. And fuck yeah I loved it! But it was nothing compared to my reflection, shirtless now.

I gasped with surprise and lust. The guy in the mirror was not a simple teenager, it was a fucking bodybuilder—no Mr. Olympia of course but in comparison to my original body, the difference was insane: pecs which were close to balloons (and obviously, I couldn’t help but bounce them), ripped hard abs with a net of veins, boulder-like shoulders, a neck that was more a bull neck than a human neck, biceps with a nice vein (I couldn’t help but kiss them), muscular forearms covered with veins like a road map, a large back which gave a wide V-shape, and what was left of my pants showed the muscle hills of my quads. And this guy was myself. I could have had a hard-on for this kind of physique just on a phone screen and here... it was mine! It was mine!

Oh gosh, oh man, it was too much, too hot. I couldn’t stand it and I really didn’t want to do it next to my friends: I had to empty my balls, here, right now. But I don’t want someone to show up in the middle of the act. So I returned in the toilet stall and I locked the door. Well anyway, these pants were ruined then... I grabbed them and tore them up like a sheet of paper. My underwear, although put to a severe test, was intact! I’d have to remember this brand, at least it’s not crap, hahaha! He took them off and... holy shit! What was this monster? I mean it was bigger than a porn star’s! I grabbed it and started to caress... Shit.. Oh shit! Oh fucking shit! It was not just bigger, it was also more sensitive! But of course, as I started to jerk off and began to moan loudly, what was not supposed to happen did happen: someone entered in the room. Crap!

And wait, do you know the worst part? Guess who that was, guess! Matt! Fuck! My first “friend” prevented me from enjoying my growth and then, the second prevented me from jerking! There are days when I would put them on the enemy list rather than count them as friends! But it was impossible for me to stop or abort my “session.” So I continued, stifling my moans as much as possible, again and... holy shit it’s hard not to moan in these conditions, really hard. I was shaking with effort, biting my lip, shooting load after load. Fuuuuuuck, I almost filled this toilet pot with my thick cum.

I heard Matt leave. Finally! I hurried to get dressed before anyone else showed up... Well clearly it made me look a bit weird, relatively tight at the top but floating at the bottom, my waist being much narrower than my upper body.

Before to leave, I didn’t forget to flush, making my super contagious cum go down in the sewer. I laughed a bit as I imagined what would happen if an animal came in contact with it: imagine if a rat touched it... In 24 hours we would have a 50-pound rat with concrete abs. It would be so ridiculous but funny! On the other hand, if it goes to sea and touches a great white shark, we risk seeing the Megalodon reappear, which would be less funny... or not…

Well, it was time to go back to my “buddies”—you know, the ones that bother you at the wrong time...

When I arrived to my place in the darkened cinema, Matt noticed me returning and said, “Finally! You took more than 30 minutes this time!”

Yeah, I wouldn’t have taken 30 minutes if I hadn’t been disturbed, asshole. “Shut up Matt...” I said.

Twenty minutes later, the movie ended.

“Crrraaaappp! It was great! Hulk is really my favourite superhero! And the scene where he lifts the car and start to crush it while roaring, gosh, it was so awesome!” exclaimed Matt.

I had to restrain myself from bursting out laughing, knowing that tomorrow he would be able to do the same.

“Yeah, it was a great movie,” replied Ben. “So what do we do now?”

I hope they won’t make this day last too long because at this rate, I’m going to blow up my new XL shirt in few hours.

“Well, I still have homework to do so if we go home?” said Matt.

Oh god damn it thank you, Matt! “Yeah, I also think it’s time to go home.”

At the bus stop, we were talking when I saw Ben squirm a bit.

“A problem Ben?”

“No... not really, it’s just a little weird, I didn’t remember my clothes being so tight,” replied Ben.

“Ah, you too?” said Matt.

Internally I was exultant with joy. Hahahahaha, if only they knew what was in store for them!

On the way back, as in the movie, I kept feeling my body slowly filling my shirt. As for Ben and Matt, I could see that they were more and more disturbed.

Finally, we were back and he was time for everyone to go home.

“It was a great day guys!” said Ben.

“Yeah I agree,” replied Matt. Then he stared at me.

“What?” I asked.

“I... I don’t know how to explain but, it’s strange I... I have the impression that you are different from this morning.”

“Now that you mention it, it’s true that you look bigger... and I didn’t remember you being taller than me by the way,” added Ben.

“Hahaha, you guys must be dreaming.”

“No really, you look... different,” said Matt, questioningly.

“Maybe I’m becoming the Hulk, hahahahahaha!”

“Hahaha you’re a fucking idiot David,” replied Matt.

“Hahaha who know... By the way, have you got siblings?” I asked.

“What? Why are you asking? And I have a sister,” said Matt.

“Oh for nothing,” I replied. “And you Ben?”

“Just a little brother,” said Ben. “But I don’t know why you ask that.”

Suddenly his stomach began to growl loudly.

“Crap, I’m fucking starving!” said Matt.

“Yeah me too,” replied Ben. “Well, I’m going home.”

Then he wanted to shake my hand. I shook it and...

Aaaaaahhhhhhh!! You fucking crushed it, man! Why do you squeeze so hard? What’s wrong with you?”

Squeeze so hard? Man, I barely squeezed your hand... “Roooh! You’re really soft Ben!” said Matt, holding out his hand. I shook it also and...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! Are you sick or something? You almost broke my knuckles bastard!” shouted Matt.

Well, it seemed that I don’t know my strength anymore. “Sorry guys, I didn’t do it on purpose...”

“You’re really weird today,” said Ben.

“Oh believe me, strange things will happen again tonight...” I said, smiling.

“What? What do you mean?” asked Matt.

“Oh you’ll see. But if I have to say something, I just ask you one thing, one thing only.”

“Yeah?” they asked, almost in same time.

“Don’t touch anyone this evening.”

“Eh? David, you’re really weird today!” said Matt.

“Really, do what I ask, just for tonight. and believe me, you will not regret it, not at all!”

“Yeah, now you’re starting to scare me a little bit, David,” said Ben.

“Hahaha don’t worry, but really, trust me. And if tomorrow nothing’s happened, I’ll give you giga menus and movie tickets for life,” I said.

“Well, that’s the weirdest request I’ve ever heard, but for giga menus and movie tickets for life, okay,” said Matt.

“Well then, if you offer the cinema tickets for life, okay… I’ll take the bet too,” replied Ben.

“You won’t regret it guys, you’ll see. Well, ciao guys.”

I could have told them more or shown them, but that would have spoiled the surprise, the best surprise of their life. And you always appreciate the present more when you don’t know what’s inside, right?

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