The heritage

by Godzilla

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It was a late summer night in Cairo. The air was warm while the sky was cloudy. Many people were staying inside, not knowing the miracle they would miss witnessing. Wandering through the streets was a man by the name of Jace. In all his twenty five years he had been alone. Despite the soft hazel colored hair, toned workers body and sweet green eyes, Jace had been unable to find a standing in his life, or catch anyone’s attention. He wandered the night feeling unimportant to the world, realizing he would never be remembered.

As he pondered these thoughts, he was jolted suddenly by the presence of someone tugging on his arm. "Hey! What are you doing?" he exclaimed, throwing off his captor. As he stepped back, his assailant revealed itself as a slim proper looking young male with a black shaggy mane of hair and strong rippling muscles. This man was clad only in a white Egyptian kilt, and bowed his head respectfully to Jace.

"Your Majesty, we must leave this place at once" intoned the stranger.

Jace held his hands up and protested, "Whoa hold on. Me? Your majesty?? Who are you and what is going on?"

The elegant stranger smiled and bowed replying," I am Sam, your loyal and inherited servant. My family has served your ancestors for years and tonight is no exception. I know this is strange but we must get you off the street as quickly as possible. Our time grows short."

Jace followed Sam, his curiosity overriding his caution. He had to know more about this. They winded their way over bridges and streams, past the dark houses and abandoned alleys. Jace finally asked, "What’s the rush Sam? Why are we going so quickly? And why are you kowtowing to me?"

Sam looked really worried, but explained as they traveled. "Your majesty, your bloodline descends from the ancient Pharaohs, who in the past wielded power and great magics. These powers are no more, but each bloodline carries a special ability. Tonight is the first night of your ancestors death, so his ability will awaken tonight in you, the only heir. The public must not see what is to transpire tonight."

Jace almost tripped when he heard this. Finally to be a somebody! To inherit some amazing gift sounded almost too good. "Yes! Finally I can get some recognition! So what’s my gift, what do I get?" Jace asked, watching the muscles in Sam’s back shift with his easy grace.

Sam smiled broadly and let his hand rest on Jace's shoulder, ' Your ancestor was gifted with the power of fertility beyond any normal man. He could save lands and whole villages by his actions. Tonight you will gain his most treasured and less subtle gift. Tonight you will be blessed with the King Phallus."

Jace 's eyes widened at this bit of news. Suddenly as they neared the towns closest exit, the morning sun broke across the horizon, spilling its first golden rays upon the two figures. Sam groaned with despair and said, "Oh your majesty we are too late! The blessing is upon you now!"

Jace suddenly felt a heat suffuse his loins. He felt fire and ice race up and down his body. Suddenly he noticed his jeans felt too tight! He could fill a warm sensation in his groin, noticing the obvious bulge. He unbuttoned his pants, but his cock was so stiff, it would not spring loose! Sam saw Jace's predicament and grabbed the pants, pulling swiftly. Jace lay on his back, watching his groin bulge insanely inside his boxers. He felt his balls pulse and throb, the warmth spreading to them. He pulled his boxers down, letting his rapidly swelling cock free. It wavered in the air, then began to grow. Jace stared as his seven inch cock swelled past the 15 inch mark and kept going! He watched his head darken and throb, the heat making him dizzy. His balls throbbed and shifted, beginning to swell with power.

Sam stared at all this with a hungry look in his eye. Jace felt the pressure in his balls increase, making them bulge up bigger than basketballs! His cock kept growing, like a ripening piece of fruit, it elongated and thickened considerably, now past the 3 ft mark! Jace grabbed his shaft with both hands, feeling the silky skin slide between his fingers as it continued to distend skyward.

His seedmakers were now shifting and churning creating massive loads of cum inside them. Jace moaned from the sheer sensation of the pressure and heat, causing his transformation to quicken. Finally it was over, and Sam stared open mouthed at what lie before him.

Jace was lying on his back, frantically trying to jack his enormous shaft with both hands. His penis was over ten feet long, and as thick around as telephone pole. The massive cap at the tip was swollen larger than a watermelon. His balls were bigger than bean bag chairs, but firm and fully rounded. Within them churned gallons of royal cum, causing them to emit gurgles and rumble from the vast pressure contained within. As the sun rose, Jace gasped, "SAM! I need.. release! Uhhhhhh it hurts…the pressure…it hurts!"

Sam stripped down, then straddled his Master Jace’s monstrous cock. He dug his heels in and slid his smooth body up and down, while licking and lavishing wet hotness upon the tip.

Jace groaned," Uhh! Uhh! Hurry..Sam! I.. I feel like I'm gonna blow!"

Sam himself orgasmed, sparaying a soft load of cream on Jace’s cock. Jace gritted his teeth and felt his back arch as his giant member swelled and shook. His seedmakers reacted, pumping huge loads to his tip. He knew this was the point of no return. "AAAHHHH!!!" Jace bellowed, watching a thick rope of semen over two feet long erupt from his cock tip, flying 5 feet before landing in a palm tree.

Sam slid off as Jace basted the area with giant cumshots, splattering off the walls, the gate, himself, everything in site. Sam smiled as he saw Jace’s face gain a rapturous look upon it.

Finally after many loads of fertile cum, the jets subsided, leaving Jace sweating and breathing harshly with a softening 3 ft cock and pillowy teticles measuring over a foot across. Sam tenderly picked up Jace and planted a kiss on his lips.

Where they stood was now a semen swamp, with puddles and pools lying everywhere. Sam knew they would soak up into the sands and make the earth fertile, but now he had to take Jace somewhere safe and private. Jace slept on, spent from his transformation. Sam dressed them both with a spare cloak he had hidden near this exit, and carried his majesty Jace off into the desert plains.

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