The four jocks: Online edition

by BRK

A futuristic all-virtual version of the game leads to transformations in their already-tweaked full-body avatars, which they’re able to experience in the VR space as if they were their real bodies.

The Four Jocks, #5 3 parts Added Jul 2012 20k views 4.6 stars (8 votes) 7,582 words

Part 1 A futuristic all-virtual version of the game leads to transformations in their already-tweaked full-body avatars, which they’re able to experience in the VR space as if they were their real bodies. (added: 4 Jul 2012)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

My big brother is only seven years older than I am, but every time he talks about computers it sounds like he grew up in the age of the dinosaurs. Like how in the old days when you wanted to talk to your buds online you had to use these specific web site addresses that each did all these different things, like Facefuck or Twaddle or whatever they were called, and only some people joined up on some sites and other people followed you on others so half the people you knew you couldn’t even reach, and after all that all you’d be doing is making these weird little public statements that your friends will hopefully see and total strangers will laugh at.

And everyone thought that was awesome. How does that make more sense than having VideoComm integrated into all the computers, and you can talk to anyone? I mean, following that logic they should have given up on phones back then and you’d call your friends by installing loudspeakers on your roof.

Things make more sense now. Like today I came home from school—Obama High in Chicago, in case you were wondering—and no sooner had I rushed up to my really spacious bedroom and turned on my sweet WallMac (for my 16th birthday I got the top of the line, awesome twin 100-inch screens, optional keyboardless voice mode, those new quad-parallel InstaHertz processors, the works) when the image of my buddy Lin popped right up on my ViC screen—he’d been notified of my availability. I could tell he was super eager to chat.

“Hey, Lin!” I called out, letting my WallMac know it was okay to launch two-way ViC. I shut the door to my room so we’d have some privacy—my kid brother was home, somewhere, and I could guess what he was doing—whacking off.

Lin’s window expanded to fill the screen. “Jeremy! You’re looking so hot!” Lin said laughing. “As usual,” he added.

“Back atcha,” I smiled, dumping my books on the floor and settling onto the bed cross-legged, opposite the screen. And he was looking hot. Lin had this truly gorgeous face, almost eerily, surreally gorgeous, sexy enough all by itself to be a total boner-maker. Especially with those lips that you just wanted to make out with for an hour in front of the entire school cafeteria, so they could get all aroused just watching you. Even his hair was hot. It was jet-black, thick and loose and a bit long, just the way I liked it. He had to brush it out of his face every once in a while, causing a nice ball of biceps to form—he had a really nice body too, tall and extra lanky with certain muscles built up big, like a gymnast, and usually when he was on ViC there was no shirt to get in the way. He always boned me up, whenever I saw him. And that had its own repurcussions, as I’ll explain in a minute.

Lin boned me up easy as pie, and that’s despite the fact that I didn’t quite know the whole picture about Lin. Whenever Lin was ViCking he propped up his tablet on his desk—he doesn’t have the big wall system kind of deal I have—so I hadn’t seen anything lower than his rack of steel-hard eight-pack abs. But his image was so close-in that it felt like he was in the room. Very intimate and tantalizing. I was sure his legs were gorgeous too. And other stuff.

Of course, the “whole picture” thing is relative. I mean, I had no idea what Lin actually looked like. I’d never met him—he lives in Shanghai—and only knowing someone through chat you have to assume that they might have pimped up their onscreen appearance like I had.

It’s supposed to be illegal, at least in this country. You’re not supposed to use something other than your actual appearance on ViC. But let’s be real. Linking up to the illegal software is a snap, and there are tons of packages and add-ons, and the iAlt suite is especially powerful and easy. It’s less popular than it was a year ago, true, thanks to this new backlash fad of “true-speak” on the net, but I think it’s mainly just made people tone down their “alts” toward really subtle improvements. That’s where I’m at, anyway.

The funny thing is, to look at me you’d wonder why I’d even want to bother. See, I was in the first wave of those endometrial inoculations you probably heard about, that were supposed to eliminate childhood illnesses and had this 99% guarantee the kid will be “extra healthy.” And it did—neither I nor any of the rest of the 10,000 Round B participants have ever been sick. But the side effects were unexpected—or, at least, unpublicized during the initial hard-sell to Congress to get it approved. (Who knows how much the makers knew in advance.)

But people know now. We all started to look like fitness models before we even hit puberty, and—well, I’m supposedly typical for the male population in the B group, and I’m 6’8”, with a body that might have been assembled by a committee of ten superhorny teenage gay guys. Who love muscle … and perfect proportions … and the kind of supercute beauty that lingers in your mind for hours after you see me. And who especially love cock. A lot.

My kid brother was in the Round C group of in vivo injections two years later, before they really started to find out what was happening to us. He’s two years younger, like I said, but he’s already almost as tall as I am, and almost as built. And—I’m not sure, but I don’t think that that four-inch-wide monster of his ever gets soft. He complains about how it’s always drooling precum on his big round pecs, but I don’t think he really minds that much. And in some ways he’s freakier than I am. Like that tongue of his, the way it grows and stretches in your mouth—

But I digress. So yeah, I have the perfect bod, but I still have alts on my screen image, because, fuck, why not? It’s mostly for online-only buds like Lin (but my real-life buds think they’re funny and encourage me to keep them and to do more). The night Lin called me the main alts I had going were bigger pecs (I know, why?) and—this is really fun—complete nudity even if I was clothed. There I was sitting fold-legged on my bed, still wearing my navy long-sleeve tee and black jeans and sneaks from school … but totally starkers as far as Lin was concerned. For guys my age, nudity’s not all that uncommon online, as long as you look good nude, of course (which is probably why the alt software exists in the first place, come to think of it).

And so my showing up naked on Lin’s screen thanks to the alts meant my big boner was exposed for him, sticking straight up out of my crotch as I sat there on the bed. Only, there’s more. I had another alt going that I had just installed—on a dare from my school buddy Rick—right before Lin and I connected online, a couple months back. And so thanks to this last alt, Lin was seeing two of my “extra healthy” (i.e., unnaturally oversized) cocks instead of the one I really had—isn’t that fucked up? And of course both were totally beyond boned thanks to that wildly gorgeous face of his, and hard gymnast bod, and my raging (and according to what I’d read, Round B “extra-healthy”) hormones. From the look on that face of his he loved it.

And as far as he knew, that’s what I actually looked like, just like as far as I knew the gorgeous hard bod I was looking at was how Lin really looked.

(Yes, I can mute the alts. Grandma does not see me like this.)

Anyway, Lin was super-excited, and it was written all over his gorgeous face even before he started talking. “Dude, I found this online game we have to play,” he said. “It’s super-secret—I only heard about it because my cousin who works at iAlt tipped me off.”

“Wait—it’s an screen-alts game?” I said.

“Yeah, and my cousin totally hooked me up,” Lin said. “It’s based on this old boxed game that no one even heard of, I forget the name. It’s not even supposed to be live yet, and it’ll cost a huge amount when it does, but he totally let me in the back door.”

“Awesome,” I said, intrigued. Then I started wondering if Lin did have alts installed after all, and that was why he was so good-looking on screen. I started to ask, but decided it would be rude. Instead I said, “So how do we play?”

Lin was looking at something else below the window he was looking at me in—another window on his tablet, or maybe a second screen slaved to his main computer. “First, it says we need a minimum of four players,” he said.

“Huh. Well, Joey might play,” I said. That would be fun—Lin liked checking out my kid brother almost as much as he did me, I thought. Sure enough, Lin grinned.

“That’d be great. And then we’d just need—oh, I know, we could get Andrew, he’s on now, and I know he’s got a lot of free time this week.” Andrew was a friend Lin had made online who went to school in the L.A. I’d never met Andrew in person, either, but I’d gotten to know him online. He wasn’t gorgeous like Lin, but had a great smile and was super-nice. He pretended not to notice my alt-enhanced bod, and even made an effort to make eye-contact when we were chatting, but those bright blue eyes kept drifting down.

“Perfect. You get Andrew, and I’ll get Joey.” I could have called Joey by ViC without getting up, but I decided to go pad across to his room and snag him in person in case—yup, he was sitting on the edge of his bed just slightly hunched over, his monsterboner thrusting straight up out of his sky-blue boxers and straight into his mouth as usual. He wasn’t even sucking himself off, that was the weird thing. In fact, he was reading Paradise Lost for his English class. I guess when you’re always boned, and your cock and your mouth are right there, it’s sort of like sucking on a pen cap or something.

“Hey, Joe,” I said, and he looked up from his book and released his wet hardon with a pop.

“Hey, bro,” he said, spotting my own hardon sticking up under my jersey. “ViCking with Lin?” he asked knowingly.

“Yeah,” I admitted. “Come online, Lin found a new game that need four players.”

Joey shrugged his broad shoulders. “Okay.” He set his book aside and sat up, allowing a smear of precum to paint his big, round left pec. I shook my head. As I turned to head back to my room I heard him call for his own WallMac to switch on and log into ViC, and by the time I got back to my room both he and Andrew had shown up in a ViC window on my screen that made it look like the three of them were sitting next to each other, all visible from the chest up. Joey, who was as tall and as pale as me, looked big and white next to Lin and Andrew, who were both a bit shorter and a few shades darker (Andrew, I think, was part south Asian).

“Hey, Joey, hey Andrew,” I said, settling back onto my bed. I noted that Joey seemed to have no alts installed—though anyone who’d never met him in real life would naturally have assumed that he had a dozen, all maxed out to extremes. As they said, “hey” back, Lin took over.

“All right, so I’m going to start up the app,” he said excitedly. As he operated his second screen out of sight he explained the procedure. “It says we take turns asking the others questions from the ‘deck,’ and then whoever’s turn it is picks the answer he likes best and validates it by kissing the one who gave the answer. For best results, play while slightly intoxicated. Let me just start up the simulator, and…” he trailed off, reading through the instructions and operating controls we couldn’t see.

I frowned. “Kissing?” I said. “We’re online.”

“Yeah,” threw in Joey, “How are we supposed to—”

And then there was a flash, and I wasn’t in Chicago anymore.

We were all in what looked like a really nice, super-res, 3D simulation frat house basement rec room—like we were inside a 3D video image, only there was sound and smell and feeling too. We were all sitting side by side on extra-long and very comfortable couch, just big enough for the four of us. It was evening and not very brightly lit. It felt like it must be a chilly night outside, but we were facing a warm fire and the ambiance in the room was just about perfect.

Because I and everyone else looked “real” compared to the very realistic CGI room, it took me a second to realize that not only were we actually in some kind of a virtual world, but that my body in this world was actually my alt body: I was naked, with enhanced pecs and two of my “extra healthy” boners. I stared down at them, amazed at the sensation of actually having two huge, hard, heavy, strong cocks. It was all I could do not to grab them in both fists, but just looking at them was mesmerizing.

I became aware that Lin was sitting to my right, and he was staring at my boners too. But my eyes drifted over to his perfect, hard gymnast bod and gasped: not only were his legs absolutely perfectly shaped, hairless, Adonis-like swimmer’s legs, so bonerific that I pumped some precum onto my upper abs just taking them in for the first time, but—and I had never even imagined or dreamed this—he had three of them!

I wasn’t the only one who was awestruck by Lin’s previously unrevealed lower bod. “Fuck man,” came my kid brother’s voice from my immediate left, “your legs, dude—they’re—” and I looked over and Joey suddenly had his unnaturally monstrous cock in his mouth, desperately trying to drink down a torrent of his thick, copious, abnormally delicious cum. (I hadn’t tasted his except by accident—long story—but I knew from that that it tasted great and a little intoxicating, pretty much like mine.)

I grinned, putting my arm around my kid brother’s broad, bare shoulder. In the slightly cool room his flesh felt warm and real. “My sentiments exactly, bro!” In a moment Joey came up for air, grinning and wiping the cum off his lips and chin. I realized he was naked too—so either he’d pulled off the shorts he’d been wearing before we went online, or he did have an alt after all, the same nakedness alt I had. Probably copied from mine.

In all this distraction I only now noticed that Andrew was sitting on Joey’s left, looking comparatively normal, except that he was the only one wearing clothes (a solid green polo shirt and chinos). “Dude, I think you need to join us in the clothing-free zone,” I teased him, pinching at the shoulder of his polo shirt with the arm that was around Joey’s shoulders. But even as he grinned and started shucking his clothes my eyes were already drifting back to my right, and Lin’s exquisite legs. I’d glimpsed the nicely sized hard-ons erupting from both of his crotches, but his legs were so perfect that I put off admiring his cocks for a while. My eyes skimmed downward, enjoying the impossibly perfect proportions and noting the faintest dusting of hair near his ankles, until I got to his three feet—two lefts and one right, all equally perfect and, like his legs, big and generous without being massive.

The leftmost leg was brushing against my hairier, more muscular thigh, and my cocks pumped again without my really even noticing.

The feet shuffled self-consciously. “Duuude,” Lin said, embarrassed. My eyes raked up his hard bulging bod, drinking in his zero-fat eight-pack and thick, perfect pecs, and once again drank in his gorgeous face. It took me a second to recognize that it was wincing from all the attention.

“Sorry, sorry,” I said, smiling to put him at ease, then looking around. In front of us, on the floor, was a large tin washtub filled with ice and longnecked beers. I pulled out one for each of us, one to my right and two to my left, reminding them as I distributed the bottles that the instructions said we should be a bit intoxicated. “Drink up!” We all twisted off the caps and downed the bottles in one go—the beer was cold and delicious and seemed to encourage being chugged until the bottles were empty. I sat back, arm around my sexy bro, leg pressed against my hot three-legged friend, contemplating the wonderful absurdity of getting toasted on virtual beer while horned up with two huge virtual boners.

I belched loudly, and the others laughed. “So where’s this ‘deck’?” I said.


Part 2

There was a narrow end-table on Lin’s side of the couch, and on it was a stack of cards a little bigger than playing cards. Lin scooped them up in one hand and, recovering the excitement he’d had when he first suggested this game, flipped over the first card. “So remember,” he said, glancing up at us, “you all answer the question and then I pick the ‘right’ answer. Okay?”

“Okay,” Andrew and I said. “Mmmph,” added Joey, and I realized he was around his cock again.

“Take it out,” I said in exasperation, without turning to look at him. I heard that familiar pop and felt Joey lean his shoulders and neck back comfortably against my thick arm. To make sure he kept his mouth off it I gave him another outlet for his oral fixation, handing him a couple more beers and taking one for myself. I twisted the cap off and started drinking down the delicious brew.

“Right,” Lin said. “The first question is, What would a stranger notice second about the person on your right, that you think should be noticed first about the person on your left?” He raised an eyebrow at the card, then turned it back over and slipped it under the bottom of the stack.

I frowned deeply. “What a weird question.” It was distracting trying to figure out what was the second-most-noticeable thing about Lin—an interesting distraction.

I looked Lin over thoughtfully. He grinned, happy enough to be ogled if it was part of the game. His cocks were still really hard. “Well, obviously someone seeing you right now would notice—the legs, dude those awesome legs.” Lin laughed, and so did I. “So clearly the second thing to notice about you is how fucking gorgeous you are.” Lin grinned wider and blushed a bit, ducking his head.

I turned and looked at Joey—a little apprehensively, knowing his propensity for busting my chops. Sure enough, he was smiling hugely at having a chance to fuck with me. He nodded at my two cocks, which I was noticing for some reason were only inches away from his big right hand, which was resting on the bare muscular thigh he had pressed against mine. “How huge his cocks are,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

I rolled my eyes and looked beyond him to Andrew—and gasped. I hadn’t seen Andrew naked yet, I’d been too distracted by Lin (and Joey), but Andrew—

“Holy fuck,” I heard Lin whisper.

Something had happened to Andrew when he’d taken his clothes off—evidently they’d repressed something about his alt-body that would otherwise be fairly obvious about him: an enormous uncut cock the size of his torso! It was the same girth as he was around the waist, and topped out just above his head. A tight scrotum containing a pair of dodgeball-sized testicles rested on his thighs.

“It’s like you got another person growing out of your waist,” I blurted out.

“Except it’s a cock!!” added Joey in awe.

Andrew was nodding at us, drinking in our reactions with a great deal of amusement. His arms were crossed over his tight-but-not-built chest. “Uh huh,” he teased, looking at Joey gaping at him. “So what’s the second thing?”

Joey was spurting cum, or maybe it was only precum, and unusually for him he wasn’t trying to get his cockhead into his mouth and drink it down. “Um—”

In spite of my own amazement I joined Andrew in teasing my brother. I gripped his bulging shoulders playfully. “C’mon, Joe!” I said. “Surely you weren’t totally blinded by his equipment!”

“Hey—hey,” Joey said suddenly, as if emerging rapidly from a trance, “it’s his turn to do me!”

“That’s true,” I said. “So, Andrew, what’s the second thing you notice about Joey?”

Andrew paused, considering, looking Joey up and down. We all just took the opportunity, while he did this, to ogle his torso-sized erection. It was completely hard—it didn’t move or wobble in the slightest. I noticed a considerable quantity of thick liquid was starting to run slowly down the sides near the top, drenching the massive foreskin in a way that was entirely outside my experience and completely fascinating.

“I’d have to say, his ten-pack,” Andrew said judiciously. “His brilliant, cum-inducing ten-pack.”

I raised my eyebrows. “He has a ten-pack?” I said, surprised. I looked around Joey’s cock, and fuck a duck, there it was, as hard and defined as if it were chiseled in granite. “I’ll be damned.”

“Haha, you’re one to talk about being distracted by somebody’s cock, dude,” Joey said to me, himself not looking away from Andrew’s monster.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I said. “No more staring at anyone’s—enhancements!” I took one last look at Andrew’s stirring torso-sized boner and turned, reluctantly, to Lin, who I realized fortunately didn’t have to answer the question, since it was his turn and he was holding the cards.

“We’ll see how long that lasts,” I heard Joey say snidely.

“So who’s the winner, Lin?” I said.

Lin looked us all over. “Well—so, the question actually asks what thing you notice second about the person on the right, should be the first thing you notice about the person on your left. So if Jeremy wins, that means Joey people would think Joey was gorgeous. Excuse me, fucking gorgeous.”

“I don’t think we could live with him after that!” I said, and Andrew laughed. Joey laughed too, which surprised me—I expected him to throw a salty rejoinder at me. Perhaps he agreed that he was gorgeous enough already. I realized I was still stroking his thick, muscular shoulder.

“Definitely,” said Lin. “And if Joey wins, people would notice that Andrew—has a huge cock. Which—” He let that trail off, earning another round of snickers from the rest of us.

“Actually, I said ‘how huge his cocks are’,” Joey put in. “So maybe—”

“No,” Andrew interrupted quickly. “One of these is plenty.” My own boners pulsed, though, at the thought of Andrew with two torso-sized boners. I very carefully kept my gaze on Lin’s sexy face, but two doses on precum jumped out and started trickling down both sides of my abs.

“So that means,” Lin concluded, “that Andrew wins by default!” And with that he leaned across me, a hand on my leg, and Andrew leaned across Joey, and they kissed for a good half a minute, their faces rubbing against the side of Andrew’s iron-hard giant boner. Watching them kiss right in front of me was intense. As they leaned back, Andrew glanced at the side of his cock and complained that Lin needed a shave. Lin wiped a huge stripe of cum off his cheek with the back of his hand.

And suddenly my eyes were drawn to Lin’s amazing ten-pack abs—they were so hot and so impossibly sexy, like the ideal form of muscle carved deep into Lin’s hard, perfectly lean torso—five rows of luscious, hard ab bricks jutting out from Lin’s narrow midsection—that the eye was just pulled toward them, unstoppably. I was profoundly aroused by them, as if arousal were some powerful viscous substance that was being rocketed up in massive, Earth-drenching quantities from a deep internal reservoir by some new form of extremely powerful gravity. In fact I felt like I was cumming, even though I wasn’t having an orgasm. It was just a constant stream of cum out spurting of my heavy, thick, super-horned-up erections like a broken double-headed drinking fountain.

“Fuck man, that ten-pack looks so incredible on you,” Joey moaned—and then I heard the familiar sound of Joey wrapping his mouth around his surging cock.

“I agree,” I said. I wanted to put a hand on them, to feel them, to lick the precum off of them. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. “The game is upgrading your alt,” I murmured in awe.

“That’s not fair—you shouldn’t be able to upgrade yourself on your own turn!” Andrew added with a laugh.

“Yeah, what are the rules of this game?” I joined in, half to myself, still mesmerized.

Lin was looking at his abs too. He shrugged, smiling and looked up at the rest of us. “Hey, you guys are breaking the rule about staring—” he said, not looking like he really minded much. But I dutifully looked away, toward the deck of cards he was handing me. I tried to focus on my job, hosting the next turn, carefully holding the deck away from me to avoid getting any of the semen my cocks were still slowly churning out onto the cards.

The cards were navy blue on the back with an intricate design on them—I felt like I might be able to figure the design out and started to look closer, but Joey grabbed my thigh and shook it. “C’mon, dude, we’re waiting!” he said, and I realized that Joey really, really wanted to “win” something.

I flipped over the top card. The other side was white, with a solid navy border to match the back. Set on it in a simple font was the question: “What does the person on your right have too little of, that you think he should have twice as much of?”

I looked at Joey—once again, a bit warily. He was grinning like a fool. At some level I noticed that his hand was still on my thigh. “Huge cocks,” he said laughing. “Huge spunk-spitting permaboners!”

“Fuck you,” I said. I looked over at Andrew. “Whatever you do, don’t encourage him.”

“I was going to say, ‘maturity’,” he said, with an eye-roll. I grinned. I liked Andrew, and I liked getting to know him like this. “But maybe that would just make him old. How about ‘brains’?”

“Ha, ha,” Joey said.

“No, then he’d be smart and obnoxious.” I turned to Lin, who looked across at Andrew.

He seemed to be noticing that Andrew looked small compared to Joey and me, both of us 6’8” behemoths. “Um—height!” Lin blurted.

“What?” Andrew exploded laughing. “Do not pick that! I do not want to be twelve feet tall!”

“Oh, shit, I forgot about the doubling thing,” Lin giggled.

“Geez, no more virtual beer for you,” I said. I was feeling a buzz, but Lin must be a lightweight.

“Can I go again?” he pleaded.

But Joey broke in, “He already gave an answer, maybe if you pick him it’ll still go with what he said first.”

“He’s right,” I said to Lin. I turned to Joey. “I don’t want you to be twice as smart as I am, cause we both know you’d use it against me.”

“Fuck yeah,” Joey laughed, his eyes dancing. He knew what that meant, and leaned toward me eagerly. I sighed and closed in for the kiss, which turned into a couple of minutes of making out—the most awesome thing about Joey was that he had an amazing tongue that grew inside your mouth. It’s—hard to stop kissing him.

Finally breaking the kiss, I leaned back and surveyed his work: four incredibly hard monster boners, all aching and heavy and spewing a slow, steady stream of cum. “I’ll get you back for this,” I growled. I felt a lot more than twice as boned.

I reluctantly handed him the cards, and as he turned the top card over I grabbed another beer for myself and chugged it. I wondered, absurdly, whether if I chugged enough beer my constant stream of cum would start tasting like it.

“Okay, here goes,” Joey said, abrim with excitement. “What feature of the person on your left would you like to have for yourself?” He glanced up at me with a wicked grin. “No way to get me back on this turn, bro!”

“Just you wait.” We all looked at Andrew.

His incredible torso-sized boner was now slick with cum, and he had given up on trying to keep his hands of it, it seemed: both hands were gently stroking the sides of the enormous mountain of flesh, as if to rub the cum gently into the skin. Even as he did this, though he was looking over Lin and considering his answer. “I think it’s obvious,” Andrew said. “Those cum-inducing ten-pack abs.”

“Hey, those are mine!” Joey interjected.

“I won ’em fair and square!” Lin said proudly, and a little tipsily. He had a half-drunk beer in his right hand—he must have grabbed a new one while I wasn’t looking. I was half-tempted to take it away from him. He was definitely toasted.

Lin realized it was his turn. “Uh,” he added, looking at me, then down at his own well-above-average cocks, which looked demure compared to mine, “I don’t think I’ll go for the quadruple cocks.” He seemed a bit muddled.

“I know—say, ‘sexy kid brother’!” Joey said.

“Say ‘capacity to hold his liquor’,” I suggested.

Lin laughed giddily. “Hahaha, yeah, that one,” he said. But he pointed at Joey. Joey looked at me, amused and confused. “Does he have to say it?”

“I dunno,” I said, giving up on Lin. I looked at Joey, who clearly loved having me look him over. His big cock jumped as he flexed it. “Uh, having only one cock.”

Joey snorted. “Like I’m gonna pick that.” He glanced at Andrew, who was still massaging his cock as he watched us with wry bemusement, then darted across me, leaning on the hand he’d had on my thigh this whole time, and grabbed Lin’s head and pulled him in for a kiss!

When they each leaned back from the kiss—I don’t know if the virtual couch got wider or what, but now, wedged in between me and Lin, was a younger, hunkier version of Lin! He had everything Lin had, even the three legs and the ten-pack, but just like my kid brother, everything Lin had was up a notch: thicker muscles, bigger cocks, and even more magnetic beauty.

The new arrival opened his eyes, and they lit up like a kid at Christmas. “Awesome!!” he shouted.


Part 3

Lin was staring at him, astonished, but he already had an arm around his brother’s muscular shoulders, copying me. “Holy shit!” he said. “My god, you are so fucking beautiful—!” and, unable to resist, in his intoxicated state, his brother’s 12-out-of-10 beauty he leaned in for a deep, wet kiss. The brother eagerly reciprocated.

“Whoa,” Joey said. The hand he’d had on my thigh had drifted to the nearest of my four cum-spitting oversized cocks.

“Guys,” I said. “Guys—”

Lin and his brother broke the kiss. “Sorry, Jeremy,” Lin said, not taking his eyes off his bro.

“Dude, what do we call you?” Joey said excitedly.

The bro shrugged. “I don’t care,” he said happily. “I just love this body!” He rubbed his left leg hard against mine.

“Let’s call him Adonis!” said Lin, clearly smitten.

“Let’s just call him ‘Bro’ for now,” I said. ‘Bro’ grinned up at me, and his beauty, even more than Lin’s, was mind-fucking. His luscious face, his brilliant eyes—damn, when had I leaned in to start kissing him? Hastily I broke free, embarrassed, and looked away from Bro’s leering, exuberant visage with some considerable effort. I leaned forward to grab a beer for him, since if he was going to play the game he needed to be as buzzed as we were. He twisted off the cap and chugged it down in one long swig, which was, like everything Bro did, incredibly hot.

I forced myself to look over at Andrew, who was leaning over Joey a bit just to get a harder look at this new impossibly hot player in our game. The pace of his cock-massage had quickened a bit. “Your turn,” I said. He reached for the cards, but I added, “Wipe your hands first.” He grimaced and looked around, grabbed the shirt he’d taken off from the arm of the couch, wiped the cum off his hands, and then took the deck from Joey.

Meanwhile Bro, clearly having fun being irrepressible, had wrapped a hand around my right-most superthick cum-spitting permaboner, and was slowly jacking it in time with the strokes Joey was giving me on the leftmost of my four achingly hard constantly cumming cocks. I tried to ignore this intense stimulation and concentrate on what Andrew was doing.

Andrew flipped the card carefully, holding it out in front of his cumbersome cockmountain. “Okay, the question is: What would make the most extreme attribute of the person to your left even more awesome?”

Lin was making out with Bro again. “Lin? Lin!” I said, half exacerbated, half amused.

Lin came up for air and had to have the question repeated. He squinted beerily at Bro and then started giggling. “If just looking at him felt like kissing him.” Bro grinned hugely. I thought: We so do not need to encourage this kid.

We all looked at Bro, who I now noticed had already managed to cadge a second beer with his free hand. He was leering happily at my cocks, his tongue out. “So I just—say what I think would make those awesome cocks even more awesome?” he asked.


“Um,” Bro said, seemingly distracted by the pumping he was giving me. “Um, if they sprayed even more cum, and—and—if you drink it your muscles grow! And your cocks!”

“Fuck,” I whispered. Imagining that actually gave me something close to an orgasm, though it mostly meant that for a minute my four boners sprayed cum more forcefully than normal, dousing my chest and neck with hot spunk.

I quickly turned to Joey. What was most extreme about him? But I knew what it was, and Joey, sharing my thinking, was licking his lips, and then his chin, with that long tongue.

“If that tongue of his,” I said carefully, “actually got longer and thicker when you kiss him because when you kiss him it becomes a hard-on.” Would it stay that way forever? “Until it cums,” I added hastily.

“But—” Joey’s eyes were huge. I could tell he was totally into the idea, but he was so in love with having his regular four-inch-wide monsterboner in his mouth—

“Hey, it’s just when you kiss,” I said.

“I kiss all the time at school,” he protested. “You just want a way to shut me up.”

“I’m sure you’d figure out a way around it if you want,” I said. We’d both forgotten, or didn’t want to remember, that all this was just enhancements to our online alts. Man, what if this all were real?

I glanced at Andrew, who had been watching considering this exchange with great interest, and back at Joey. “Your turn.”

“Oh, right.” He turned and gave Andrew’s cockmountain a long hard look. “It really is like it’s another you from the waist up—wait, that’s it!” he said excitedly. “If it really were another you! Head, arms, muscles, everything! Fuck, that would be soo awesome.” He popped his cock in his mouth to catch a huge surge of cum—clearly the idea turned him on immensely.

Andrew just stared at him. “You are a freak,” he said. But there was something about his expression. Was he intrigued?

But he looked us all over shrewdly and said, “I think Bro’s is the most practical.” He leaned across Joey to meet Bro’s eager mouth—Bro actually half-clambered into my lap, his sexy left leg fully draped over my right leg, his large left foot between my calves, caressing them both as he leaned into the kiss.

But Joey was so excited by his idea that he popped his mouth off his monster cock and joined Bro and Andrew in what was now a vigorous three-way kiss.

Fuck it, I thought. If Joey can break the rules, I can too! I leaned forward and joined the kiss as well, wrapping my right hand around Bro’s head and my left around Andrew’s, gently pressing our hot lips together.

We kissed for a while, and when we broke free—well, some stuff had changed.

Bro was partly overlapping me now, his right leg still draped over mine, his shoulder leaning against my thick right pec. My arm was still around him, elbow at the neck, hand gently caressing his perfect chest. (Lin, a little possessively, had scooted as close to me as he could, so that his leg was against mine. So Bro was actually overlapping both of us, now, his left leg draped over Lin’s, his middle leg lying along both of ours. His weight felt pretty good.)

He and Joey were both still slowly stroking my cocks, which were now streaming cum up in four beautiful arcs, exactly like a high-pressure drinking fountain. Bro laughed and bent down to slurp from one of the streams, getting cum all over his face. He drank for a while as if he were tremendously thirsty, and—it might have been just my imagination, but I was caressing his pecs and it felt like they got just the slightest bit harder and thicker in my hand.

After a minute he came up for air. “Tastes amazing!” he exclaimed gleefully.

“You need to bottle that stuff, dude!” Lin said, totally in awe of my muscle-grow cumfountains.

“Good idea,” Bro said, and, reaching across Lin to grab an empty beer bottle from the end table, he placed the mouth of the bottle under one of the streams and started it slowly filling up.

I turned to my left and gasped.

Joey had the head and several inches of a thick, extra-wide, precum-leaking boner sticking out of his mouth. He was glaring at me, either for making him like this, or for not immediately making out with him.

But that wasn’t why I gasped. Joey turned to see what I was looking at and emitted a muffled “Mmmmf!” Leaning against Andrew was another Andrew. I was like he was sitting in Andrew’s lap, except he was sticking up out of his lap instead. It was like they were identical twins that had been merged into a single body from the waist down.

Andrew—at least the one in back—was glaring at my brother. But his other face, the one on the torso in front, had a more complex expression on his face. I realized there was no sign of the beanbag chair balls that had been resting on Andrew’s thighs.

“Thanks a lot Joey,” the Andrew in back, even as he stroked the sides of his front torso the way he’d been doing with his cockmountain. “Now I don’t have a cock at all!”

“I’m—not so sure,” said the front Andrew. He looked like he was enjoying being stroked that way a lot, and the back Andrew was starting to feel it too. His glare softened into curiosity, then amazement. I looked up at the top of front Andrew’s head and—sure enough, cum was pouring out of the top of his head!

Joey looked back at me, grinning around his mouthcock. “Hey, bro, let me take care of that for you,” I said, and leaned in to suck down that beautiful cock of his. It felt big and hard in my mouth—and I realized that like Joey’s original tongue it was growing and stretching to fill my hot mouth up. I sucked on it ecstatically as we made out. With my peripheral sensations I guessed that more empty bottles were being filled with my supercum. After Joey and I had been mouthfucking a while I felt Andrew reaching across us to accept a couple of bottles—but it was Joey’s huge mouthcock that was making me feel more aroused, more on the edge, than I’d ever been in my life. And then suddenly Joey’s mouthcock swelled up in my mouth and came, hard, down my throat, and I burst into orgasm, my cumming cocks becoming superpressure geysers blasting gallons of cum all over both of us!

I broke the kiss, breathing hard, and Joey pulled nearly a foot of what was now a proper, if obscenely long, tongue out of my mouth. We were both panting hard and grinning like a pair of fools.

“Uh, guys—?” I heard Andrew say, in stereo.

I looked down at Andrew, who had a pair of cum-slicked beer bottles in both right hands (he already looked a lot more buff than before, especially his front torso). They were looking around nervously.

We were still sitting on the couch, still in our augmented bodies, but the couch was now sitting in the middle of my huge bedroom. The screens were right in front of us—both completely dead.

We were in reality. I looked down at my four cum-spitting permaboners and said, “Fuck, who broke the game?”

I looked at Joey, who shrugged. “Wasn’t me!” he said defensively.

“Maybe it just does this at the end of a round,” Andrew said slowly.

“Computer on,” I called out. Nothing happened.

I rounded on Lin. “This game is still in beta testing, isn’t it?” I demanded.

Lin gave me a maybe/guilty half-grimace. After a moment he said meekly, “I don’t suppose you have a pair of three-legged pants around?” Bro looked at me too, with a hopeful smile.

I sighed. Pants would be easy—what I needed was spigots.

“Maybe we should see if we can get it to boot up again, so we can play another round,” Andrew said cautiously. “So we can fix all this.”

I was in no mood to deal with a broken computer. I stood up, noticing with pleased surprise that my cum outflow mostly subsided when I was vertical. So now I just had four chest-high, extra-wide erections that never went away. Which was kind of awesome.

“Let’s get cleaned up—we can go swimming in the pool downstairs and then take showers, and then I’ll call this computer whiz I happen to know.”

Joey glanced up at me eagerly, and the others looked hopeful, too. “You mean—?”

“Yup,” I said. “Time to call in big bro.”

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