The four jocks book 3

by BRK

Once again the game leads to amazing transformations in Ted and his friends. If only they had any idea of what was happening to them.

The Four Jocks, #4 2 parts 4,108 words Added Jun 2010 20k views 4.7 stars (6 votes)

Part 1 Once again the game leads to amazing transformations in Ted and his friends. If only they had any idea of what was happening to them. (added: 1 Jun 2010)
Part 2
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Part 1

Ted was having a crummy birthday. His parents were still in Europe, and while for most high school seniors that would be good news, Ted wasn’t the sort of guy who had armies of friends to invite over and trash the house while the ’rents were away. If the rest of the guys at school came over, it would be to give him serial wedgies, write NERD on his forehead in Sharpie, then strip his Doctor Who tee shirt and worn old jeans off him …and drive him out to the mall and leave him there naked, and trash the house without him.

Yeah, not so very popular. Not like his big brother Ryan, who was gorgeous and insanely popular and, as if that weren’t enough, an absolute sweetheart to everyone. Ted tried not to be consumed with jealousy, especially when it came to their bods, but Ryan was born buff—even as a toddler he had improbably huge pecs, at least according to the pics in the family album, and now they were as big and hard as bowling balls. He’d have trouble finding shirts, if it weren’t for the fact that he never ever wore them.

Ted plopped into his chair and pondered whacking off, but he just sighed. Even in this one area where he was blessed, frigging Ryan had him beat. Ryan had actually caught him whacking once a couple years ago and his eyes popped out. The moment was mortifying enough, but Ryan’s next words were etched in Ted’s memory: “Wow, dude, your pole’s even bigger than mine! Guess I’ll have to make do with having three of ’em. But good for you!” And then Ryan walked out smiling to himself, not even realizing that he’d skewered his brother in the one area he didn’t feel like a complete waste of space.

Besides, who wants to know if a nerd has a kneelength softie?

Not that anyone knew, except maybe his best buddy, Miguel. He’d been obsessed with hiding it for years.

Ted was too depressed for his nightly whacking/selfing bout and decided to just check his mail. An ecard from Mom and Dad. “We love you! And we dropped $200 in your PayPal. Buy yourself something great! See you in a couple months!”


Ted shook his head, half-smiling. At least they hadn’t forgotten him. Would $200 buy him some friends? It could buy kegs, maybe that would work. If he promised the guys from school not to actually be around when they came over to drink it.

Ted knew why he was down. He’d realized he had been slowly falling in love with Miguel. Which was fine, only Miguel was straight, and he was picking up on it and starting to get uncomfortable. They hadn’t really hung out in weeks. And his two other friends from last year, fellow chem lab nerds Donny and Tripp, had discovered each other over the summer and were now spending every single moment making out. Ted had never felt so alone.

He went downstairs and looked at the smallish parcel from his brother again. It had been delivered by a disappointingly unhunky UPS guy that afternoon, but Ted hadn’t want to see just what amazingly perfect and thoughtful gift Ryan had sent him. Now he looked at it again, sitting there invitingly on the dinner table.

“Fuck it,” he said, and tore open the brown parcel paper.

It was …a board game? Huh?

Ted frowned at it, lifting the lid to look for instructions. It actually made him feel better that it wasn’t the perfect gift. Ryan was a little too kind, thoughtful, and awesome sometimes.

It wasn’t quite a board game, more like truth or dare or something, but with a stack of preprinted cards. “Play while lightly intoxicated” for best results, said the instructions. Ted moved over to the fridge still reading the instructions, and a moment later was swigging an ice cold Sam Adams.

“So far so good,” Ted said wryly. “Now all I need is—”


“—someone to play it with?” Grinning crookedly to himself, he walked bemused to the front door and opened it.

“Hi,” said Miguel, obviously chagrinned. “Sorry I haven’t, you know—”

“No biggie,” Ted said, thrilled to see him, while at the same time afraid of doing something new to scare him off. He tossed Miguel a half-smile, thought about higging him, and held back.

“Anyway we thought you might want to have a b-day hangout thing,” Miguel went on. He nodded to the couple behind him, who Ted realized were Donny and Tripp. It was hard to tell in the gathering twilight because they were, of course, making out.

“Hi guys,” Ted said, smirking at their endless lust.

“Hi,” they said, together, breaking their kiss and beaming at him with their arms around each other. “We ordered pizza for us,” added Donny, the freckled redhead on the left. “Should be here soon,” said Tripp, the kinda-cute long-haired blond, and the only one of the four who laid claim to being even slightly buff, not that anyone could tell from the baggy, oversized clothes he always wore.

“C’mon in,” Ted said, ushering them into the living room. “You guys wanna watch Tivo? Or, I got this game my brother sent me.”

“How is your gorgeous brother?” asked Donny, needling Ted.

“Fuck off,” Ted said good-naturedly. He felt better now that his “crew” was together again. It was like a reunion special for some old sitcom where everybody’s just glad to be all in one place again.

“Game sounds good,” Miguel said. “I’m tired of TV.”

The lovers nodded, so Ted went to fetch the game. He came back with a carry-cooler full of beers as well.

“You’re supposed to play toasted,” he explained.

“Awesome!” said Tripp, immediately reaching for one and popping it open. The others did the same.

“Hey, let’s play it in the padded cell! Would that work?” Miguel said, taking a swig from his beer.

Ted shrugged. “Sure,” he said. One of the big upstairs bedrooms had been converted into a room where the floor and the walls partway up were cushioned, and then the room was filled with two feet of foam cushioning and spread with a heavy layer of big firm pillows in solid dark colors on top. It was ridiculous, but he remembered playing in there with his parents when he was a little kid all the time, and wrestling endlessly with his big brother, and later he’d confirmed that it was the perfect place to suck himself off. In fact his monster cock was twitching just at the thought of going up there. Oh god, not now, Ted thought.

“Hang on a sec,” he said. He popped into the kitchen and returned with two more sixes of beer. The boys cheered.

“Let’s go!” Miguel grinned and pounded up the stairs. He loved the pillow room—he and Ted had wrestled there too, though not so much since he’d noticed Ted boning up while they were wrestling. It was tough not to notice. Ted was actually surprised that Miguel suggested the pillow room now, even for a card-game thing. He hurried after his friend, trying not to look at Miguel’s perfect ass.

“Look at that ass,” said Donny, behind him. Donny had almost convinced Ted that all redheads were total horndogs, though Donny was in fact the only redhead he knew.

“Yeah, Ted, doesn’t he have the perfect ass?” Tripp added, grinning. Ted was making him wonder about blond boys, too.

“Fuck off.”

They all bound up onto the landing and dove into the pillow room, except for Ted who had the beer and the game cards. They were all laughing and rolling around on the thick padding as Ted sank to a seated position near the center where there was enough of a depression that they could all more or less sit up. The other stopped goofing off and settled in next to him, and he handed round the beers.

“Drink up—the whole bottle, now—and then we’ll be toasted enough to start the game.”

“Yes sir!” cheered Miguel. The four of them popped their caps and started swigging.

“So is this where you suck yourself off?” Donny asked casually between swigs. Ted almost choked on his beer. The others laughed.

“Wha—what?” Ted stammered.

“C’mon, dude,” Tripp said, still laughing. “We know you’ve got a fucking third leg down there!”

“Shit—I didn’t—” Ted realized he was blushing.

“Everyone knows, man,” Miguel said. “It’s not like you can hide it anymore. Even soft that thing’s been getting bigger and bigger for years!”

“Have you seen it hard?” Donny said excitedly.

Miguel downed the rest of his beer and reached for another. “Not exactly seen—”

“No shit!!” Donny yelled, amazed.

“Guys, I’m right here!” Ted broke in, blushing harder.

“Yeah, and so’s your third leg!” Tripp said happily. Ted realized they were all staring at the tubelike bulge that was just discernable running down the left leg of his extra-baggy jeans.

“Okay, enough about my dick!” Ted said, hugely embarrassed and thrilled at the same time.

“Heh, made you say ‘dick’… ” grinned Miguel.

Ted grabbed the stack of cards, hoping the game would take attention away from his cock. Especially since his cock seemed to be liking the attention.


Part 2

He reread the instruction card to himself, then turned it over and noticed an additional instruction for the first time. “This game may bring about physical changes,” he read to himself. Ted didn't question this, for some reason. “Consider whether your fellow players are mature enough to handle transformations of themselves and others.” Definitely not, Ted thought with a wry smile, glancng up at Donny and Tripp giggling and trying not to look at Ted's leg-tube. “Should the game players be aware of the changes, or unaware? Say 'aware' or 'unaware' now.”

“Unaware,” Ted said immediately.

“What?” Miguel said, definitely a little loosened by the beer.

“Nothing. You start!” Ted said, handing his best friend the cards, but holding onto the instruction card and placing it carefully out of the way.

Miguel shrugged and laid his beer in the gap inside his crossed legs, which Ted found hot for some reason. He noticed for the first time that Miguel had kicked off his shoes at some point. Ted had to look away, and he now saw that Donny and Tripp were making out. “Dudes! Focus!” he said, tossing a pillow at them. They laughed and reached for fresh beers.

“Okay, so I just read this out? And you guys answer?” Miguel said.

“Yup,” Ted said. “And then you kiss whichever guy has the answer you like best!”

“Kiss, huh?” Miguel said. He looked at Ted sidelong but said nothing.

“I'm sure on the cheek is fine,” Ted said. “If you're too amazingly hetero to kiss a guy.”

“I can kiss a guy,” Miguel laughed. “I'm not afraid of you queers! I might be afraid of that anaconda over there…” The others laughed. Ted threw another pillow at Miguel.

“Okay, here we go.” Miguel read the card: “What does the person on your left have a lot of already, that he should have even more of?” He looked at Donny.

Donny stared at Tripp. “Ummm, that's easy,” he said. “Cuteness.”

“Not possible,” Tripp said with a only-half-joking cockiness. He looked at Ted. “Oh, mine's even easier. Cock.”

Ted groaned. “I don't think that's possible either,” he said, glancing at his knee-length, semislumbering python. He looked at Miguel. He wanted to say, “his love for me,” but he said instead, “A gorgeous ass.”

“My ass is just fine,” Miguel said. “So I kiss the winner?” Ted nodded. Miguel immediately grabbed Tripp by the neck and drew him in for a full-on, with-tongue kiss.

Tripp settled back and muttered, “I like this game!” Donny glanced at Miguel, unsure what to think about his boyfriend kissing another guy—a straight guy!—but at the same time clearly turned on.

But Ted was staring with relief at the bulge of his nearly ankle-length cock. “You see? I told you. Not possible.” He wouldn't have even worried, but for some reason he had been having this strange semiconscious feeling that the changes might actually happen. That was stupid. This was just a dumb game.

Miguel, however, was frowning at Ted's stretched out legs and what was clearly outlined between them. “But—I thought—weren't you smaller before? Like, you know, down to—” He couldn't say it, so he touched his own knee.

Ted shook his head. “Geez, not since, I dunno, I guess 7th grade.” Ryan had always joked that Ted had been born sucking himself off. It had been ages since he could do that. He missed it a lot. But there were compensations.

“Huh. Right,” Miguel said, seemingly confused. Then the confusion seemed to pass. “Right, you're right, I remember.” He passed the stack of cards to Donny, and the moment passed.

Donny took a swig of beer and read his card. “What should the person opposite you be doing twice as much as he does now?” He looked at Tripp inquiringly, who gazed at Miguel with his head cocked to one side.

“Getting an A on his assignments,” Tripp said shewdly. Miguel's handsome face broke into a huge smile. He'd been doing only okay on his classwork, and was kind of upset about it.

Tripp looked at Ted. Ted was staring at Donny. “Um, I dunno, making out with Tripp.”

“Talk about not possible,” said Miguel. He looked at Tripp. “Um—oh, I got it! You'll love this. Gaining muscle from his workouts.” Tripp's eyes widened. He spent a lot of time in his home gym but his fast metabolism had kept him from getting much bigger, though he was unexpectedly buff whenever he let people see. Usually he just wore loose jerseys and big jeans to hide a bod he wished were bigger.

“Me likey!” Donny moved in on Miguel, who met him halfway for a very hot kiss.

Ted glanced over at Tripp, who was, as usual, showing off his junior-bodybuilder physique with a tight tee shirt and board shorts. “Geez, imagine if that had worked,” he said. “He'd be a monolith!”

Donny's eyes were drinking in Tripp's bod as if Tripp hadn't been a gym rat muscle hunk all along. After all, if it hadn't been for Tripp's success in the gym, and Tripp's willingness to share his private facilities to Ted didn't have to worry about guys staring at his leg-sized cock, the rest of them wouldn't have been inspired to work out too. Even wiry Miguel had gotten buff this year. Though none of them were anything like Tripp's size.

Donny's eyes were losing focus. He and Tripp moved in for a kiss that turned into a makeout, desisting only after both Miguel and Ted threw several pillows at them. “I'm glad you didn't get bigger,” Donny said finally, staring into his lover's eyes.

“Yeah?” Tripp said, surprised.

“Yeah,” Donny said. “I think you're perfect.” Tripp beamed.

“Gag,” Ted said. “Okay, T, your turn.”

Tripp took the cards and read, “What attribute does the person on your right have a lot of that the person on your left should have twice as much of?”

Ted looked at the muscle hunk Tripp on his right, and imagined Miguel on his left just as huge. “Muscle.” He didn't even think about it.

Miguel looked at Tripp with wide eyes. “I dunno about that. But, gee, I wonder what Ted has a lot of?” They all laughed—all except Donny, who suddenly imagined himself with twice as much cock as Ted. He gulped.

Ted frowned, catching Donny's gulp, and started to say, “If you say—”

“Kindness,” Miguel said, and winked. Ted blushed. “Oh, okay. Um, thanks.”

Donny looked Miguel over. “Animal magnetism,” he said, glancing at Tripp. Miguel laughed.

Tripp frowned. “Huh, I'm not sure who to pick!” He took a swig from his beer and, as if by default, moved in to kiss Donny.

“Right,” Ted said. “As if we could be any more attracted to him!” He realized that all of them, even the supposedly straight Miguel, had their bare feet in Tripp's muscular lap, and Tripp was idly caressing them as usual. Donny and Miguel were obviously completely boned—Ted was able to keep from boning thanks to exercises he'd started learning as soon as he met Tripp, but his ankle-length cock was twitching and thickening nonetheless. Then—he realized that Tripp was wearing a shirt! “Hey!” Ted said. “What's our rule?”

“No shirts for Tripp when we're alone,” Tripp recited. Donny eagerly yanked off Tripp's tight tee shirt, exposing his gorgeous bulging torso. God, he was amazingly hot, almost glowing. Tripp licked his lips innocently and Ted's grapefruit-sized cockhead pushed a few inches out of Ted's loose pants cuff. A few drops of precum began to form along the two-inch slit.

Donny stared in awe at the enormous cockhead. “Guys, time for our second rule.” Ted knew the second rule too: no pants for any of them if Ted was boned.

“Sorry guys,” Ted said, as the others shucked their pants to reveal huge hard boners. “Tripp's bod just … does something to me.”

“No worries,” Miguel said good-naturedly, his uncut torpedo cock bobbing as he shifted over to help Ted pull his pants off. Tripp helped from the other side.

Soon Ted's behemoth was free. Now literally the size of a third leg, it started to thicken and lengthen some more, until it was sticking up at a 30-degree angle from his legs and overshooting them by several inches. He put his feet back in Tripp's lap, but this caused his mammoth cock to drag across Tripp's bowling-ball-sized pecs, leaving a trail of sticky precum. Tripp smiled.

“Your turn,” Tripp said, handing Ted the cards. Ted put the last one in the back, revealing the new question: “What should each member of the group be able to do that you can't do now?”

Miguel frowned, his eyes resting automatically on Ted's three-foot-long, three-liter-bottle thick cock, the way all of their eyes tended to do. But his fingers were caressing his own huge boner. “Suck myself off,” he said wistfully. The others glanced up at him in surprise and he added defensively, “C'mon, every guy wants to. I tried and I can only lick the tip. What about you guys?”

“Used to,” Ted said sadly, and the others smiled. “Nope,” said Tripp, which didn't stop him imagining it, pumping another cup of precum right onto irresistible Tripp's irresistible pecs. Donny let a slight moan escape—he was picturing it too.

The guys all looked at Donny. He blushed. “I can, but I really have to contort myself. It's not as much fun as it looks.”

“Okay,” Miguel said, “so make it, suck myself off because my cock's long enough to deep-throat.” Donny laughed. “Hey,” Miguel added, laughing along, “specific has gotta be good, right?”

Donny realized it was his turn. “Um, suck Tripp off while I'm kissing him.” All four of them laughed.

“Okay, clearly, enough beer for you,” Ted said. In defiance, Donny grabbed another bottle, twisted the cap, and took a good long swig, which he capped with another Tripp kiss—though his hand strayed to Ted's leg-sized cock, as their hands often did when groping Tripp.

Tripp smiled at his boyfriend, then glanced at the others, all displaying Tripp-hungry boners. “I would say, um, control whether—control whether another guy gets turned on,” Tripp said, looking at Ted now. Ted raised his eyebrows. “That's mostly for you,” he added with an incandescent grin, rubbing Ted's precum into his huge hard pecs. “You bone up over me at really inconvenient times sometimes!” He gave Ted's monster a quick two-handed stroke along the part of the shaft nearest him, which only resulted in another quiet dousing of his pecs.

“Okay, I need both of you to win,” Ted said laughing, feeling a definite buzz as he reached for Miguel and Tripp and pulled them into a three way kiss—only he realized that Donny had joined in too. Damn, why hadn't they tried four-way kisses months ago?

They all leaned back, all more or less forgetting what they'd voted for in their beer/lust-induced euphoria. Ted had a strange feeling that something had changed, but it fuzzed out quickly. Which was just as well, for surely Ted would have said that it was a waste to vote for selfsucking, since not only it was obvious thanks to the Pants Rule that they all had 16-inch cocks that were made for selfsucking, but Ted could do it with any of his four 16-inch beercan cocks!

Ted was dimly aware that Donny was just boasting, since Tripp was the only one of them whose tongue turned into a genuine big, extra-wide boner whenever he got hard. And of course Donny used his arousal control to make sure Tripp was always turned on. Except when they wanted to watch Tripp sucking his own monster pole.

Fuck, they were making out now. Miguel was watching them intently, licking the tip of his cock, which was right there in his face. Ted didn't blame him. He had four cockheads in easy sucking distance. In fact …

Ding dong!

Ted jumped up in dismay, his four huge boners thrusting straight up. They were so hard they quivered only a little. “Shit! The pizza!”

Miguel looked up at him and laughed delightedly. “Well, go get it, birthday boy!”

“Fine. Will one of you guys make me not hard? I'd do it myself but you know I can't.”

Donny and Tripp broke free, revealing a big wide wet cockhead and an inch of luscious extrawide shaft sticking out of Tripp's mouth.

They all looked at him happily and said, “Nope!” then returned to what they were doing.

“C'mon! I can't answer the door like this!”

“Sure you can—oh shit, I have a better idea,” Miguel said. “Send Tripp.”

Now it was Ted's turn to grin. “Fuck yeah! We'll have a new friend!”

As much as they fell victim to it themselves, the guys loved to needle Tripp—gorgeous, hunky, impossibly attractive Tripp—about how every guy was into him the moment they met.

“Aw man,” Tripp slurred around his big mouthcock. He really couldn't get enough of Donny making out with him. But the other three were now intrigued by the idea of whether the pizza guy would go for Tripp. “Fide,” he said. “Mage me nod hard,” he said to Ted, who obliged. “Aw man,” he said again. “I love being hard.” He got up and climbed out of the recessed area.

“Aren't you going to put on pants?” Ted said weakly.

“What for?” Tripp called over his gorgeously bulging shoulder.

Ted settled back into a seated position, shoving one of his monster cocks into his mouth without him really meaning do. He kept it in his mouth as he settled in, and Donny and Miguel grinned and followed suit. So when Tripp returned, he shook his head to see the three of them contentedly sucking themselves off.

“C'mon guys, is that any way to behave when we've got company?”

The Four Jocks, #4 2 parts 4,108 words Added Jun 2010 20k views 4.7 stars (6 votes)

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