The four jocks book 2

by BRK

The game has been passed on to a bunch of swim team hotties, who elect to play immersed in a hot tub.

The Four Jocks, #3 2 parts 3,968 words Added Sep 2009 20k views 4.7 stars (6 votes)

Part 1 The game has been passed on to a bunch of swim team hotties, who elect to play immersed in a hot tub. (added: 1 Sep 2009)
Part 2
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Part 1

The victory party had been going on all night and was getting louder and more boisterous, the swim team’s euphoria fed by the contents of three now-empty kegs. Ryan, somehow still mostly sober, looked happily around the rec room at his deliriously happy teammates as they drank from red plastic cups and danced to insanely loud music, and laughed and shouted and generally blew off steam after the mounting tension that came with wildly unexpected success.

Ryan was filled with giddy pleasure that was only partly because of the unexpectedly strong beer. He loved being captain, he loved this rambling old off-campus house that a bunch of grateful alumni had given to the swim team decades ago after the first ten titles in what had been a long string of state championships. It had been years since they’d won the state finals, but this year they had an amazing team and they actually had a shot. Tonight they’d gotten to the semi-finals for the first time in five years. Ryan felt like they were unstoppable.

Ryan loved everything about swim team, the swim guys, the awesome old Swim House full of secret rooms and extra stairwells and unexpected balconies. He even loved the fact that its heating system tended to work too well, because it meant the team was always stripped to the waist—or more—when they were in the Swim House, big bare feet on the thick plush carpets and bare wood hallway floors, and there was just something right about him and the guys busting out their perfect bods. Swim dudes shouldn’t have to wear clothes at all, he thought eagerly. People gotta understand that!

And most of his drunken, ecstatic teammates seemed to agree—there was even less clothing around in the warm basement rec room than usual, just lots of sweat-shimmering flesh and muscle and broad shoulders and huge happy grins. Dancing unselfconsciously in the corner were the twins, Ken and Den, both of them always the first to shed their clothes even though their model-hot faces were the only thing sexy about them—their bodies, ironically, were unremarkable. Everyone was there, and they were all really into the party. The crackling boy energy in the room, barely smoothed out by the flow of alcohol, was actually making him a bit light-headed. And almost a little horny. Man, he needed more booze.

“Duude!” shouted Brad, suddenly appearing at his side, grinning like a maniac. Ryan felt a rush of emotion at seeing his best bud and they threw their arms around each other, causing Ryan to wonder briefly, as he constantly did, how someone with pecs and shoulders and arms as thickly muscled as Brad had ended up as a swimmer, and one of their fastest and nimblest at that. Sure, his legs were only a little bigger than most of the guys’, and his waist was narrower than half the team’s. But those pecs were like melons! People came to the meets just to see Brad, Ryan knew. And there was a fan website full if torso pics and even some morphs that made him look even bigger!

Ryan shook his head and realized Brad was grinning expectantly at him. “We did it!” Ryan shouted back over the rock music blaring from the corner speakers, slapping Brad’s melon-sized left pec. “We actually did it!” He glanced down. “Dude, what happened to your pants?”

“C’mon, we don’t need pants in the Swim House!” Brad yelled, happily caressing his own bare ass. To prove his point he started fumbling to unbutton Ryan’s tight jeans, but Ryan laughed and pushed his hands away. Brad looked at him in amazement, his bright blue eyes a little bleary. “Dude, why don’t you want to show that thing off? It’s the biggest one on the whole team! Maybe even the biggest in the whole fucking school!”

“I know! I just don’t want you all to feel bad!” Ryan laughed, earning himself a playful punch on the arm. But there was more to it than that. He felt weird about the guys seeing his cock too much. He had the weirdest feeling about it, like something would happen if they did.

“The last keg’s empty,” announced Jun suddenly. Ryan wasn’t sure how long he’d been standing there. He glanced over at the lanky Korean, wondering if he’d caught the pantsless bug. As it turned out, Jun was wearing cutoffs, which somehow made him seem even more naked. Maybe because they looked like they’d slide right off. And there was clearly nothing underneath.

Ryan threw his arms around his best buds’ sweaty shoulders, drawing their heads close to his. “I have an extra stash in the fridge in my room,” he said.

Brad’s face lit up. “What are we waiting for?” They all turned and hustled up the stairs, leaving the rest of the mostly naked team to their revels. On the way through the kitchen, trailing his giggling, beer-fixated friends, Ryan glanced out the window toward the huge pool in the back yard, where a half dozen naked swim guys were frolicking despite the evening chill. Ryan grinned, thrilled that everyone was having fun. Why was that making his big dick quiver? One thing was for sure, though, as much as he was glad the guys were having a blast, he was ready celebrate with a smaller group.

The kitchen opened onto the huge foyer/entrance hall where the main stairs were. Ryan glanced at the alcove under the stairs—there’d happened to be shelves installed there when the house was donated, and now they were always stacked with shoes, and shirts, and, increasingly, jeans and pants and shorts. He’d instituted a rule that the shirts and pants had to be folded, and the swim dudes had actually been pretty good about it. The alcove seemed full—some of the guys must have brought friends? Who were now naked friends, evidently.

He got to the foyer and was about to head for the stairs when he noticed a big package wrapped in butcherblock paper just sitting in the middle of the marble-tiled floor, like the post office had delivered it there by teleporter. He stopped, amazed at the anomalous object, and bent over to read it. His head was swimming a bit, but he could make out that it had just “Swim Guys” written on it in thick Sharpie. “Hey guys, check this out,” he said, not having to shout now that they were up a flight and the music was only loud, and not earth-shattering.

The other two were already starting up the main staircase to where Ryan’s and the other teammates’ bedrooms were. “What is it?” Brad asked, his long, thick, flaccid cock swinging a little as he jogged back across the entrance hall.

“It’s a congratulations gift,” somebody said. Ryan knew right away who it was, because that Irish accent always did something to him. Sure enough, he turned and saw Conner sitting at the breakfast table, naked except for a pair of loose boxers, calmly eating a slice of key lime pie from the refrigerator. Ryan realized he must be drunk if he hadn’t even noticed him sitting there as they walked past. Connor tended to be unassuming, but Ryan and some of the others noticed how he was always there for his teammates, helping them out when they were injured or sick and always ready to listen to someone talk about their bad day. Ryan realized he really, really liked that about Connor. And there was something more about him…

“I was here when they left it,” Connor was saying, his lilting brogue unaccountably stirring something in Ryan’s chest. He had a crooked half-smile all the time too. “A couple of four-armed guys, really hot too.” Did I hear him right? Ryan thought to himself. Man, I must be wasted! “They just grinned when they saw I was sitting here and said we should try it, they didn’t need it any more.”

“What is it?” Jun asked. “Did they say?”

Connor finished his pie, dropping his fork on the plate with a clatter, and padded over to them. He was rangy and thin, taller than Ryan but short than Jun, with a sweetly beautiful face and laser-sharp green eyes. “Nope,” he said, looking right into Ryan’s eyes as he said it. “Let’s find out!”

“C’mon, Connor,” Brad said. “We were about to go try out Ry’s private stash!”

“Of beer,” Ryan added hastily.

“Hey! Hey! I just got a great idea, dudes,” Jun said. “Jacuzzi!”

“Brilliant!” Brad said. Ryan’s bedroom opened onto a private side deck that some past captain had fitted out with a sweet Jacuzzi just big enough for four guys. “Warm Jacuzzi on a cool night—always awesome.”

“Okay, let’s do it,” Ryan said, though he was already thinking ahead to—but so was Brad.

“Now Ry’ll finally have to ditch those jeans!” Brad crowed.

“Yeah dude, you’re cramping our style,” Jun said. He swayed a little and grabbed onto Brad’s thick shoulder. Brad wrapped an arm around Jun’s narrow waist.

“Aw, I don’t mind getting naked if it’s just you guys,” Ryan said, more or less truthfully. He was looking at Connor while he said it, he wasn’t sure why.

Connor smiled his crooked smile. “Sounds like a plan.” Ryan grinned back at him. The others turned and pounded up the stairs, and he and Connor followed suit, both of them stumbling a little on the stairs, like their feet were unaccountably heavy.

Ryan was just toasted enough to have a little trouble finding his own huge corner room, and finally Connor had to put an arm around his shoulder and guide him. The sound of clinking beer bottles helped. Once they were in the room Connor looked around and smiled, and Ryan knew he was laughing at him because his room barely looked lived in. So what if he was neat?

Brad and Jun, still with their arms around each other’s backs, stumbled out onto the deck to get the Jacuzzi started. They’d already managed to fill a cooler with all the beer in his little half fridge, which Brad was easily hauling in his free hand. Ryan watched Brad’s perfect muscle ass until it disappeared from sight, then tossed the parcel on the bed. “Let’s see what this is!”

Connor had already found a pair of scissors, which he handed to Ryan. Ryan sat on the bed and cut the parcel paper open, revealing a dusty old wooden box, painted blue, with “THE GAME” stenciled on it in small, worn, silver leaf lettering.

Now immensely curious, Ryan slid the lid up and off the box, Connor stooping to look as well. As he did so he felt a strange thrill pass through him, and as he shared a glance with Connor he knew the Irish boy had felt it too. Inside was just a big stack of what looked Trivial Pursuit cards in a small sheath, and a slip of thick paper with instructions.

“Looks awesome,” Connor said quietly, and they exchanged another look. What had that thrill been? It felt like—power—possibility—

They were still staring into each other’s eyes when Jun appeared in the doorway. “C’mon lovebirds, the Jacuzzi’s ready,” he said, grinning incandescently. He’d shucked his shorts, revealing in its full splendor his buff, no-body-fat perfection and thick uncut cock. Connor grinned again at Ryan and dashed out onto the deck.

Reluctantly Ryan followed them, feeling the slap of cold air on his sweaty torso like a refreshing dunk in a pleasantly cool pool. Out on the deck they could hear, dimly, the music from the party in the rec room and occasional splashes and shouts from the main pool around the side of the house. Connor was somehow already in the Jacuzzi, his boxers cast aside on the deck. The three of them were ogling him and wolf-whistling. “C’mon! Take it off!” Brad shouted. Distractingly, he was sitting up in the Jacuzzi, directly across from him like he’d made sure to get the best seat, the downward-pointing nips on his huge, heavy pecs just brushing the roiling surface of the water. The other guys were lounging a little more, only their broad shoulders and heads visible above the water.

Seeing that there was no point in putting it off, he handed the bottom half of the box to Connor, and started trying to unbutton his jeans. Somehow his fingers felt huge and ungainly.

“Here, let me,” said Jun, who was nearest. They leaned toward each other and Jun deftly popped the button, pulled open the zipper, and shoved the tight jeans down off Ryan’s bubble butt.

As they were doing this Connor was muttering the instructions to himself. He heard him say to himself, “realize or not realize? Not realize!” What was that about?

Jun sat back in amazement. “Dude, I forgot how fucking huge you are,” he said admiringly.

“I think it’s gotten bigger since I last saw it!” Brad said jubilantly.

Connor just looked up from the sheet and smiled. “You better get in here before you freeze that thing off,” he said. Blushing, Ryan pulled off his jeans the rest of the way and climbed in.


Part 2

Connor read from the instructions. “In each round, the host reads a card and each of the other players answers in clockwise order,” he said. “The host then determines which answer is most desirable and touches or kisses the person who gave that answer, after which it will become official.”

“Whoo hoo!!” yelped Brad ecstatically, so loud that someone in the pool heard him and yelled back a distant and mindless reply, “Yeah! Whoo hoo!!” Jun and Ryan laughed.

“No round can be undone but answers in a subsequent round can be used to reverse answers in a previous round,” Connor went on as if there’d been no interruption. “The host rotates with each turn to the right. For best results, play while lightly intoxicated.”

“Way ahead of you!” Brad said, handing around a bottle each from a chest on the deck next to the Jacuzzi.

“I guess I start,” Connor said. He put the instructions in the box and pulled out a card. “What would you like to see the guy across from you do more often?” he read. He looked up from the card at Brad, who’d slid down a little in the water, half-submerging his pecs.

“We’re going this way? Cool!” Brad said. “So what is this, like Truth or Dare?”

“I think, kind of,” Connor said knowingly.

Ryan glanced at him and had an odd feeling that Connor had an advantage somehow. “Okay, you need to get more drunk!” Ryan announced.

“Wait your turn!” Connor laughed, but he took a big pull at his beer.

Brad realized the “guy across from him” was Ryan. “Ooo! This is easy! ‘Go naked.’”

Ryan grimaced and looked at Jun. Jun, looking at Connor, said, “Good answer. I’m going to say ‘go naked’ too.”

They all looked at Ryan. Without thinking Ryan glanced down at Brad’s pecs and said, “Bench presses.”

The others laughed loudly. “Let’s stick within the realm of the possible here,” Jun said in a bitchy voice.

“Jealous much?” laughed Brad.

“So now I pick a winner,” Connor said. He winked at Ryan and turned to Brad. “Easy choice.” Connor grabbed Brad and pulled the surprised hunk in for a quick kiss—which suddenly turned into a not-so-quick kiss as the delighted Brad leaned into it.

As they kissed Ryan felt strange, almost queasy. Something was happening—something to do with him being naked—

“There, dude,” Brad said, finally breaking the kiss and beaming at Ryan, while Connor happily drew a finger across his lush lips. “Now you gotta do it! Like Truth or dare. You gotta go naked more!”

“Geez, that’s like you doing more bench presses,” Jun said. “I can’t even remember the last time he wore a shirt, and he always shucks his pants the minute he’s in the House. What a waste of a dare!”

It was true—he was always naked in the House, and as close to it as possible otherwise. Wasn’t he? He glanced at Connor, suddenly confused. Connor was watching him carefully with his crooked smile.

“Hey, I just think everyone deserves to see that thing,” Brad said contentedly, glancing down to where the bubbling warm water hid Ryan’s unnaturally large meat.

“Your turn,” Connor said, handing him the box.

Ryan, still feeling slightly disoriented, took a fortifying swig of beer and, setting aside his bottle, pulled a card out of the sheath. There was just a small control code in tiny letters at the bottom and, in big type, a simple question: “What characteristic of the person to your right do you think all of you should have?” Ryan frowned, knotting his brows. These were weird questions.

He glanced at Connor. “I don’t think I even need to say it,” Connor said, his brogue suddenly catching Ryan off guard again.

Jun, Brad, and Connor all said together, “His cock!” Ryan shook his head, embarrassed but smiling. He looked at Brad, who glanced at Connor and said, “His kindness.”

Connor looked genuinely touched. Ryan was a little surprised—he hadn’t realized Brad had noticed it so much. They looked at Jun, who was looking, like Ryan had been, at Brad’s luscious, half-hidden chest. “I don’t need to say mine, either,” Jun said.

Jun, Ryan, and Connor all shouted, “His pecs!”

Brad had the grace to look a little shamefaced. “Guys, I’m up here,” he said with mock consternation.

Ryan was sorely tempted to go with Jun’s answer, but he knew Connor and his kindness was more important than Brad’s pecs. He sat up and scooted across the Jacuzzi bottom on his bare ass, Brad scooting partway to meet him. “Yay! I love getting the right answers in this game!” He pulled Ryan onto his lap and wrapped his muscular legs around Ryan’s lower back, pulling their heads together for a deep, amazingly hot kiss.

Suddenly Ryan felt another pair of lips and he realized Brad had pulled Jun into the kiss. And Ryan suddenly realized he was being selfish. He wanted to share his blessing! He reached out with his left hand and pulled Connor into the kiss as well. The four of them kissed sensuously for a long time, until finally breaking the kiss they fell quietly back into their places.

Ryan looked around at his friends in amazement. All four of them had huge thick melon pecs now. And all of them were sporting massive boners like Ryan’s, the wide heads breaking the surface of the water a few inches in front of their heavy, spherical pecs.

“I didn’t know you liked my pecs so much,” Brad said softly to Jun. “Yours are just as big!”

“I don’t know,” Jun said, shrugging. “I just think they look amazing on you.”

Ryan realized something else. It was Connor’s kindness becoming a part of him that had made him want to share his cock. He felt good about that. He knew he was aware of something the others weren’t, but it was okay. It was a nice thing to do, giving his buds the kind of cock they’d envied him for.

“All right, everyone drink up!” Brad said, passing around more beers. Ryan finished his with a swig and gratefully took the new one, handing the box to Jun.

Jun chugged half his beer before pulling out a card, and the others did the same. Ryan was just barely able to realize this game was—changing—things—but he didn’t care. He moved his leg so it pressed against Connor’s, and he smiled at him as he idly stroked what only Ryan knew were freshly minded monster pecs.

“What should you all have that you don’t have now?” Jun read. He looked at Brad expectantly.

“Another giant cock!” Brad said with a wicked grin.

Connor rolled his eyes. “You are obsessed with our cocks,” he said. “My answer is, true love.” He glanced at Ryan.

Caught off guard by Connor’s look, Ryan didn’t know what to say. “Um, um, eternal youth!” he blurted out.

Jun grinned. “Dudes, I think you’re all right again!” He drew them all in for another four-way kiss that lasted long enough that Ryan lost track.

Finally they broke apart in amazement, and Ryan fell naturally back into the arms of his love, Connor, his left hand idly caressing his big-pecced partner’s nearest monster cock. “‘Another cock’,” he snorted at Brad.

“Yeah really,” Connor said. “Aren’t three of these fire hoses enough for you?”

Jun was staring at all of them, flabbergasted. He stared at the heads of his three cocks, erupting mightily out of the water. Ryan wondered why. Then his eyes fell on Brad and he said, “I love you,” he said in a rush, like he’d never said it before. “I love you forever.”

Brad smiled indulgently at Jun. “I love you forever,” he said, and pulled him in for a sweet, unrushed kiss.

After happily watching this for a while, Connor, his arm around Ryan’s shoulders and gently running his fingers along his boyfriend’s clavicle, cleared his throat ostentatiously. “Ha—h’m,” he said with a grin. “You guys coming up for air?” But Brad and Jun just kept on making out.

Ryan felt very content, the water bubbling excitedly around his cocks, his huge pecs, his hot lover’s whole bod. “Hey, here’s where the party went,” said a voice behind him.

He twisted round to see the handsome-faced twins, Ken and Den, looking down at the two couples in the pool delightedly, holding hands and obviously enjoying the show enough each of their three knee-length softies was starting to chub. Den scratched his chest with a free hand, and Ryan thought idly that they really ought to work out another muscle group besides their enormous pecs.

“Everyone iss paired off downstairs—as usual,” Ken said, obviously just drunk enough that he was trying to speak very carefully.

“So we thought we would look for—for the party committee,” Den added, equally buzzed. “You guys got room for two more?”

Brad and Jun finally broke their liplock. “Climb in!” Brad said, nodding to the gap between him and Connor.

“And drink up!” Jun added, handing them beers from the cooler as they stepped in. The twins settled in, their melon pecs half-submerged like the others’—and soon six more broad cockheads were thrusting up out of the frothing water. To the others’ delight they each quickly chugged the whole bottle, finishing simultaneously and belching in unison. The others laughed hysterically.

Then Jun handed the box to Brad with a smile. “Your turn,” he said.

The Four Jocks, #3 2 parts 3,968 words Added Sep 2009 20k views 4.7 stars (6 votes)

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