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The challenge

by BRK

A crop of fraternity pledges are given a unique challenge: to create the perfect man out of a set of randomly assigned abilities.

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“All right pledges, get ready!” said an amplified, disembodied voice. It was dark in the empty barn, and hard to see anything outside the bright spotlight the six pledges to Tau Phi fraternity were standing in, but they knew that wherever they'd been taken to blindfolded and naked in the middle of the night, the whole house was there in the darkness watching them.

And the voice of their pledge master was about to tell them to do something—really humiliating.

Adam looked around at the others. They all had the same shaved heads, and they all looked pathetic naked. Except for Joshua, the buff high school soccer star. And even he looked less impressive with that scared look on his face. Frank at least looked more determined than frightened, even though he was the prototypical pale-skinned 98-pound geek. Zack, a foot taller than the rest of them, didn't look like he weighed much more, though. Billy just looked too young to be here—he'd gotten into college on early admissions, he was some kind of genius—but he was very cute, with piercing blue eyes.

Adam told himself he shouldn't be checking out the other pledges, even if he was avoiding looking at their junk. Shit, Stefan's really packing! That thing looks like a salami! Adam wondered what Stefan's big wide dick would look like in a Speedo “

“Focus, pledges!” boomed the amused voice of the pledge master, and Adam mentally slapped himself and looked away into the nothingness where the pledge master seemed to be.

“In front of you are three buckets, all different colors.” Adam started—sure enough, two feet in front of him were three large plastic pails, and they were red, blue, and green respectively. They had black cloths with slits in them duct-taped across the tops, so you couldn't see in. Wait, were they there before? How had he missed those? “Each of you has to draw a card from the red bucket.” The voice paused for effect. “Now.”

The six pledges looked at each other. None of them wanted to go first. Adam figured he'd better move or they'd all get punished with house cleanup for being chicken-shit. It had happened before.

He went to the red bucket and pulled out a 4x6 index card. On it was written in big black letters, KISS. Huh? Do they mean KISS, the band?

“Put it on the wall behind you, to the left of your name.” Adam turned to see a second spotlight illuminating a huge bulletin board affixed to the barn wall. There were six rows marked with masking tape going across. Each one started with “If you…”, a space, and the name of one of the pledges. He walked over to the board and noticed there was a long line of push pins across the top. He took one and tacked the card up next to his name. The row now said, “If you KISS Adam…”

Adam felt a wave of nausea. Okay, I give up, he said to himself nervously. What happens if you kiss me?

The other pledges quickly followed Adam's lead, pulling out cards and hurrying over to the board to tack them up. Adam made a point of watching for Stefan's big cock, to see if it flopped around a lot, but he ended up getting distracted by Soccer Joshua's ass.

The board now read,

If you KISS Adam …
If you LICK Frank …
If you TOUCH Zack …
If you SUCK Joshua …
If you FUCK Stefan …
If you ARE KISSED BY Billy …

“I'm not sure I like where this is going…” muttered Stefan, but he was too scared to say it so anyone but the other pledges could here.

“I ain't kissin’ nobody,” growled Stefan softly. “And I sure ain't—”

“Great job, pledges, we're all hard already just looking at the board!” boomed the voice. “Now the green bucket! Put “em to the right of your name!”

The pledges all looked at Adam. He sighed. “You guys are all fuck-ups, you know that?” he whispered. He walked, self-consciously naked, back to the green bucket, thinking about Joshua kissing him. No, not Joshua, Zack. No, Billy. Wait, what was he thinking?

He fished in the green bucket and pulled out a card. It read, YOUR DICK. Oh shit, this is fucked up. He walked back to the board and, after a moment's hesitation, tacked it up next to his name. The six of them just stared at it for a second, dumbfounded. There was no sound for a second but distant crickets.

“Now, assholes!” shouted the voice suddenly, making them all jump.

The other five rushed to pull out cards and pin them up next to their names. The board now read:

If you FUCK Stefan YOUR MUSCLE …

“This is—fucked—up!” said nerdy Frank, more or less in a normal voice. He tilted his head. “Figues Zack gets the height one.”

“Yours is definitely weirdest, dude,” Adam whispered to him. Young Billy was just staring at the board, mouth agape. he glanced down Billy's tight body and saw in amazement that Billy was boned! Boned hard, by the look. And it was a decent sized cock, too, though nothing on Stefan. Not super-long, but double-wide.

Adam's dick was twitching, too.

“One more bucket, fellas!” shouted the voice from the darkness, sounding very happy. “You know what to do!”

Adam moved over to the blue bucket without even thinking about it, aware of his chubbed cock. He bent over, feeling for the first time the stare of the other five pledges—and who knows how many brothers out in the darkness!—staring at his ass. He pulled out a card and straightened up.

It said, GROWS A LOT.

“Look who just became popular, boys!” And for the first time there was hollering and cheering from all around them in the darkness. Adam felt like he was blushing all over. And he was getting hard.

He padded on his big bare feet over to the board, feeling a hundred eyes on him. He tacked up the card.

The others were divided between terror, humiliation, and all consuming curiosity. The curiosity won. They crowded around the bucket, jostling each other to pull out cards.

“Guys, it's not like the good ones are on top or anything!” Adam said.

“Says you!” Zack called back.

All five pledges rushed back to the board, hurriedly poking pushpins through their cards and into the board.

Then they stood back, staring at it, trying to make sense of it all.

Here's what it said:


Suddenly the board glowed very slightly, just for a moment, and all the nervous pledges felt a weird electric thrill run through them. The unseen mob of frat brothers around them broke into deafening cheers.

Adam touched his lips. They felt strange, heavy. Potent. He shivered.

“All right ladies, here's the deal!” boomed the pledge master's voice, and the cheering subsided. Adam suddenly realized he had a pack of butterflies in his stomach. And that he was completely boned, his wide, surfboard cock sticking straight up and leaking into his navel. In fact, they were all boned.

“You guys have until daybreak to build yourself the most impressive bodies! Everyone with a super amazing bod gets inducted right away and becomes a full brother! Anyone who doesn't go far enough—or goes to far—goes home! So you'd better think hard about this—real hard!”

And suddenly there was silence, and the six pledges were left staring at the board in a deep, echoey silence.

“Shit,” said Billy. “Daybreak's in like three hours.”

“This is not real,” Zack said. “You guys actually think kissing Adam will grow your dick all of a sudden?”

“Fuck that,” Frank said. “Remember the night we pledged, and they said we'd all grow a foot overnight? And we woke up with hair down to our shoulder blades?”

“And why are we all impossibly horny all of a sudden?” Stefan said.

“It's true, they got some kind of—” Adam started to say.

“This is bullshit!” snarled Joshua. “I ain't doing nothing!”

“Shut up,” Adam said. “We’ve got to do this together! It's like a puzzle or something.”

“Yeah, we just gotta figure it out.” Frank said. “Man, I'm so hard,” he added, appropos of nothing.

Adam realized they were all looking at him.

“Guys, guys, what are you looking at me for? I'm not the smart one.” And then Adam realized they did have a smart one. He turned and looked at Billy. The others followed suit.

“Ah,” Billy said. He glanced nervously at the pledges, then at the board.

“C—mon, genius boy!” Frank said impatiently, but not unsupportively. He was understandably desperate to know if, and how much, the others would have to lick him.

Billy's eyes narrowed. “I think I have a plan.” He paused, looking them all over. “So there seem to be four axes—beauty, height, muscle, and, um, cock. Right? So. Let's look at each of the axes in turn. Getting all of us beautiful just means, well, licking Frank until—I dunno, I guess until it's enough.”

“What about me?” Frank protested. “I can't lick myself!”

Billy frowned. “Why not?” He demonstrated, licking his own forearm.

Frank looked surprised and said, “Oh.” Zack punched him in the shoulder for being an idiot, not very playfully. “Ow!”

“Height's the same—we just have to, you know, blow Zack,” Billy went on. “Though in this case, Zack might be—”

“Actually, er, I can suck myself,” Zack admitted. “Will that work?”

Billy nodded, impressed. Frank laughed. “Hey, is that why you're so tall already?” he joked. Zack punched him again. “Ow, stop it!”

“Now muscle—I think I have figured out. If I kiss you, you get my muscle. And if I fuck Stefan—”

“Hold on!” broke in Stefan angrily. “No one's fucking no one!”

“Dude, if Billy doesn't fuck you, none of us get in!” Adam said.

“And—I've gotta fuck you six times!” Billy added. “One for each of us.”

“Can you do that?” Adam asked curiously, glancing at Billy's extra-hard boner.

Billy snorted. “Right now I feel like I can fuck him sixty times.”

Stefan started to say something, but closed his mouth and was silent.

“And cock's kinda the same,” Billy said. “Joshua has to kiss Adam until his dick is double the size we want, and then sucks one of us off, and the dicks average out. Then Joshua goes back to Adam.”

“This is too complicated. Can't we just all kiss Adam?” Zack said.

“Shut up, you're an idiot,” Joshua said quickly.

“What?” Zack said, confused.

“The group way is the only way Adam grows,” Billy said sensibly. Though Adam wondered. Could he take care of himself, like Frank? Maybe he didn't have to kiss himself on the lips…

“And it'll be easier,” Billy went on. “Joshua can be making out with Adam while I'm fucking Stefan.”

“No, fuck it, this is stupid!” Zack said, suddenly angry. “All I have to do is, what, kiss Adam, fuck Stefan, lick Frank, and then suck myself off!” He moved toward Adam, looming over him. “Kiss me, faggot.”

Adam felt empowered by that strange sentence on the wall behind him. They were his lips to give. He looked Zack right in the eye and said, “No.”

The others watched them nervously. “Guys, we gotta do this as a team,” Billy said, trying to sound stern.

Zack's eyes blazed and in a lightning move he grabbed both sides of Adam's head with his extra-large hands and pulled Adam irresistibly into a kiss. Adam squirmed but couldn't break free—Zack had strength and leverage. Frank tried to pull Zack away but his pulling on Zack's back had no effect.

Joshua moved around to squat beside them, watching Zack's quivering cock, which suddenly jumped and—boom! Between one heartbeat and the next it ballooned, it was huge, half again as big as before! And not just in length—the whole cock expanded rapidly in size, like it was being dragged bigger by a morphing tool. “Fuck dude!” shouted Joshua, his hand inches away from his own stuff hard-on. “It's working! It's—”

And suddenly Zack's monster tool shrank in seconds, back to the 6 inches it had been a couple heartbeats before. It shuddered crazily, trying to grow, but it seemed to be stuck, like a sportscar revving in neutral.

Zack broke the kiss abruptly. “What'd you do??” he said. “I felt you do something. What—?”

Adam smiled grimly, knocking Zack's hands off him. He glared triumphantly at Zack. “I can control it.” He looked around at the others, who were staring at Adam, amazed.

Frank was grinning. “I bet we all can,” he said.

Adam realized he was angry. Not just angry—livid. He moved toward Zack. “And that is the last time you ever touch me, you freak!” Adam added, with a vehemence that surprised even him.

Zack took a step back, then glanced down at his boner, as if to double-check that it hadn't gotten even smaller than before. “Shit,” he sighed. “Sorry, I don't know what—”

“Are we ready to try Billy's plan?” Frank cut in excitedly.

“I dunno, I'm kind of scared of Adam now,” Joshua said with a nervous laugh, as if he were joking. But he moved toward him, his buff torso faintly glistening with sweat.

Adam smiled in what he thought might be a disarming way. “You treat me right, I'll treat you right.” He twisted his gin into a crooked smile, and Joshua, closing the distance between them, smiled back.

“Can I—touch you?” Adam said, suddenly deferential. He wanted to run his hands over Joshua's muscles, but the episode with Zack had left him nervous about taking liberties.

Joshua nodded. “Everyone does,” he said with a wink. They moved in for a kiss at the same time, both of them wrapping their naked arms around each other, their hands moving gently across the other boy's back.

Adam fell deeply into the kiss. This was nothing like Zack.

Joshua moaned inarticulately into the kiss, sounding more and more aroused, his tongue pushing hungrily into Adam's hot mouth. Adam, lost in the kiss, felt Joshua shudder several times as if from far away, and then suddenly there was shouting “

“Stop! ADAM, STOP!!!”

Adam broke free of the kiss and realized that Joshua's monster cock had shot up between their embracing naked bodies, shoved past their pecs, and was now shuddering and drooling all over their shoulders, its head next to Joshua's and half as big.

“Fuuuuck,” breathed Adam. “You're fucking huge.” He looked at it bug-eyed for a moment, then moved in for a new kiss. Joshua started to reciprocate, but Billy and Frank pulled them apart.

“No, no, no! God, it's too big already!” Billy said. “In fact, Adam, you might want to shave a few inches off—”

“No way!” said Adam and Joshua together. They both broke out laughing.

Adam reached up with his hands. “May I?” he said, and Joshua nodded again, his expression intense. Adam embraced the huge cockhead with his hands. In a second Joshua was in ecstasy. Adam slid his hands just a little lower, onto the leg-sized, rock-hard shaft, and Joshua bellowed with pleasure and let loose a high-pressure geyser of gallons of cum that blew into the air and then rained down on them like a thunderstorm, pelting their naked bods all over with hot, hot cum for several minutes. Frank opened wide and tilted his head up, catching several huge mouthfuls of cum before Joshua finally subsided.

Billy turned to Stefan, both of them coated in cum like the others. He grinned salaciously at his new butt-partner. “At least now we have lube,” he said coyly, moving toward him. Stefan smiled weakly, eyeing Billy's extra-wide big boner with the look of a man who's never been fucked—and suddenly realizes he wants it bad.

2,956 words Added Sep 2010 23k views 4.8 stars (12 votes)

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