The berry

by rm20

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Drifter, a word that would best describe young Izo (now in his mid twenties), he left his families farm back when he was a boy, to explore life’s riches and temptations, but mainly to get out of hard field labor. Skipping from village to village, finding good food to eat and getting well fitted clothing from the kind people he met, while really giving nothing in return. It was all in favor for him because of his noticeable assets; striking good looks and large, thick muscles all covered in smooth tan skin. Life was enjoyable and simple, a life that would soon meet its fate.

It was getting late and Izo was preparing to leave the village he stayed at the previous night. As he put his pack over his shoulders, one of the villagers approached him, “there is some word of caution before you leave, as it is safe to travel all the woods here, beware the north pass, the path with dark pines and rocks. Take either way around, but do not go directly through.” Even though the tone was quite serious, Izo’s ability of deep thought and analyzing hadn’t been thoroughly developed. A smile with a nod and he was off.

The wind had started to pick up and whip the dry leafs around as Izo continued to walk on, not knowing that he had walked straight into the path in which he was warned. He hadn’t journeyed that far when he sat down on large boulder to rest, while going through his pack he noticed what looked to be carved writing beware the demon of the north, “stupid kids,” he mumbled looking up at the dark grey sky. He perked up suddenly looking around, sounds of voices he may have heard, but just to assume it was the trees in the wind. Looking down again he saw the extra food he packed was gone, his stomach growled, which then he realized he was also lost.

He moved through dark, thick woods when suddenly he caught something out the corner of his eye, “whoa shit, didn’t think that blueberries were around this time of year,” he gasped. Then, grabbing large handfuls, he ate greedily until full. He stood there licking the sweet juices off his fingers when suddenly his heart jumped when he saw a figure standing in front of him. It was a man that stood six feet but looked like he was stuffed with over 400 pounds of raw, ripped muscle. Izo stood in shock as he looked at the man’s huge arms pushing out from the enormous back and lats, a massive chest that looked ready to burst which hung over blocks of abs all supported by two giant thighs that over exaggerated with detail. Embedded in his thick neck was a scary yet handsome face, with two horns that stuck in his forehead contrasting with his dark reddish skin. “What soul believes they can enter on my grounds,” said a snarled, dark voice. “I was lost and needed food, I thank you for your kind offerings,” Izo choked.

“There is no kindness here! I would have best leave you to starve and be eaten by the animals that lurk here. Your head would have been smashed by now, but I see you’ve eaten my blueberries, a punishment better suited.”

As Izo stood with a frightened and confused look his body suddenly had a burning sensation all over his body with his cock and sac expanding giving him an overwhelming urge of horniness. The sensation continued, along with precum gushing out onto his thighs and ground. He thought this feeling was never going to stop, when it started. His firm round bubble butt began expanding, rounder and fuller until it ripped his bottoms off, rounding out even more. The set of buff thighs underneath started their expansion spreading all the way down to his lower legs, becoming thicker and thicker losing all muscle tone. It was up to his waist now, his sixpack disappearing from it pushing out all around. His back rounded more and more until it moved around to his arms and expanded them until their was no definition, pecs that started to inflate out fuller and wider trying to keep up with his now huge mid-section.

He noticed now that his skin started taking a bluish tint to it, getting darker. “What the fuck is happening to me!” Izo cried out over his shock. The demon continued to look on. Izo’s entire body continued to expand, his neck finally flared and his face filled out, cheeks stretched with blue juice, slightly darker than his skin, oozing out his nose and mouth, the same that was now flowing out his dick. He eventually became immobilized from his inflating body and just laid there as he felt his skin getting tighter and tighter.

Izo was a giant mass, his body expanded out completely and evenly, giving him a nice spherical shape. While his skin dark blue from the tons of juice inside him, not able to fit one more drop in. The heavily muscled demon began rolling him up the hill bringing him to a clearing in front of his temple. The sky had gotten darker with lightning starting to flicker from the clouds. The demon pulled his huge, but still soft cock from his loins, “Let this be your final and greatest fuck, my plump blueberry,” he snarled. Izo couldn’t respond, only give slight movement in his hands and feet.

The huge demon rubbed precum all over his fuck shaft, then started rubbing it slowly against the blueberry. Finally it became incredibly pumped, he held the throbbing tool as he felt around, looking for Izo’s hole. It slid in easily despite its massive length and girth, it being so very slippery and sticky. He began fucking, going in farther and farther with each powerful thrust from his massive thighs and hips. Izo may not have been able to express it, but it was incredible, it felt like a huge piston was turning his crank shaft, being completely over-stimulated. He then felt the demon’s fucking slow down as he was getting ready to cum.

The demon arched back as gallons and gallons of orgasmic fluid erupted from his massive sac into the blueberry as a loud pop was heard during a massive roll of thunder and lightning. The air stood silent as thick blue juice was splattered everywhere even all over the demon’s huge sweaty muscles and face. He stood there with his eyes closed in total satisfaction, moaned slightly, and then began licking the sweet juice off his dick.


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