The backyard wall

by Josh Dugan

How can anyone expect a little peace and quiet with all this tarryhootin’?

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They were having some kind of party over the wall; I could hear it. The voices of guys, young and virile-sounding, were laughing and growling, and a couple of guys were laughing and screaming. There was a lot of commotion as horses galloped around, but I didn't hear the horses neighing at all. I looked up from my nap, irritated, and could see the dust rising. “I'll save you!” cried a young man's voice, followed by another guy's laughter and screaming. “No, I want more magic wine!” he screamed, laughing.

What on earth, I thought, and headed out to the backyard wall. I looked over. They were all centaurs! A bunch of beautiful, muscular teenage kids, passing a huge and mysterious wine jug. “I'll catch you!” one boy called out, and he galloped by, his torso tanned and sweating as he tried to make another handsome boy centaur drink from it; the other guy tried to gallop away, but didn't seem to be trying too hard to resist. Finally, the first centaur got his buddy to take a long pull at it. As he finished drinking, he laughed and then screamed—“What do you think you're doing!” he screamed, shoving the first centaur's broad shoulders. “What am I going to do with six cocks, man?”

I nearly fell over—the wine had caused his lithe, powerfully muscled teenage torso to blossom at its base with six magnificent male sex organs, sets of two penises, literally stacked atop each other, crowding each other, weighted heavily with the balls of the penises above them. Aaagghhh!” the first centaur said, trying to grab his fabulously hung boyfriend as he screamed and galloped away, laughing, the six huge cocks bobbing. The first centaur's own huge stallion's hardons likewise bobbed and swung dangerously as his hooves pounded after his laughing friend. Soon some of the other centaurs were also galloping as fast as they could away from the lusty young centaurs who had the jug, their own sets of six cocks bobbing and slapping each other wildly as their handsome horse-bodies did their best to avoid the pursuing centaurs, who passed the jug among themselves, sprouting ever larger penises at the base of their torsos.

They were sweating and flushed, their eyes bright and rapacious as their lean, tanned torsos bent forward in chase, their stallion's bodies sleek above the dust clouds as their hooves pounded the earth.

“Captured you!” the first boy cried, grabbing his six-cocked centaur buddy by his waist and mashing the six beautiful penises to his glistening torso as he kissed him rudely, as the now-aroused centaur youth wrapping his arms around him. The first boy tore away from the beautiful youth's kiss, maneuvering his massive stallion's body around behind him and instantly mounting him with violent thrusts. The aroused teenage centaur male screamed, breathless, his four legs stumbling with the force of his boyfriend's stallion body upon him, the youth's strong hands absently holding and fondling the beautiful shafts and heads of his new, achingly aroused penises.

As the dust cleared, I could make out other centaur couples likewise mating a distance away, the landscape populated with handsome centaurs mounting one another further off in the distance, or generously nourishing each other with the abundant come pumping from their massive clusters of penises. The afternoon air echoed with the grunts and cries of the centaurs, and as they finished, they stumbled off to the distant house drunkenly, arm in arm, their horse-bodies bumping against one another side by side as their massive spent penis clusters oozed, swayed and dangled. One of the beautiful centaurs dropped the huge wine keg, which noisily got caught up among his hooves as he stumbled past it.

Taken aback, and a little aroused and out of breath myself, I made my way back to my room and fitfully resumed my nap.


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