Starting over: A coming of age story

by Mad Dog and Gurak

 An older, oversized but closeted man finds new meaning to his life through the admiration of a younger fella.

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Roland had driven past Biff’s a few times in his life. It was on the outskirts of town, in an area that most people didn’t find themselves in willingly. That was the kind of place a gay bar had to be back in the day, and Biff’s had been operating for well over 40 years. Its reputation was well-known in town by everyone, with Biff’s being used as a punchline by many straight folks, the name itself enough to evoke immature chuckling in local manly men. Roland himself had engaged in more than his share of poking fun at the establishment and the kind of men that presumably frequented it. Now he regretted all of the jokes and innuendo because, for most of his 75 years, Roland had known he wasn’t like most other men.

To the casual observer, one would assume that just meant his size. Roland had never been small. In eighth grade, he’d stood 6’6” and weighed over 300 pounds of bulk, with a short beard that made him look more like a man in his 30s than a 13-year-old. At his current age, he stood 7’3” and weighed over 650 pounds of muscle and bulk. It created a host of problems that he’d had to contend with over the course of his life, such as public restrooms being more of a joke than an option, a period of his life where he almost had a permanent red mark on his forehead from where he’d smack himself when entering rooms and forgetting to duck, and furniture frequently breaking when it obviously hadn’t been meant for a man of his size. Even his truck had to be outfitted specifically for his size, otherwise his gut that stuck out twice as far as his thick pecs would shove against the steering wheel so hard it made driving impossible.

But what no one else had known about Roland all these years was that there was something else that set him apart. He liked fellas. He hadn’t really known what that meant when he was young. Back then, it absolutely wasn’t talked about in anything other than negative terms, if it was talked about at all. He dated girls in high school and married his sweetheart a week after graduating. He went to work on diesel trucks, started a family, made a good life for himself, his wife, and his kids, up until his wife died suddenly a year ago. He had taken it hard, having to live with the fact that suddenly he was alone and he was confronted more powerfully than ever with his own desires. He dreamt of cock, of other men’s bodies, and now that he no longer had a wife to hurt with his truth, he found himself desiring to test the waters.

He put on his best checkered button-up shirt, his favorite jeans, and a pair of black suspenders to hold them up, which framed his belly nicely. He didn’t think he looked too shabby for 75, his head bald and with a big snowy white beard covering his jaw, a pair of spectacles perched on his nose to help him see. The first few buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned (rarely could a collar contain his tree trunk of a neck) and it allowed tufts of white hair to puff out of his chest opening. The buttons lower than that were pressed taut, nearly buckling, by the huge bulk of his belly. His muscular shoulders and arms pulled the short sleeves of his shirt tight, his jeans he bought from the big and tall store an hour down the interstate just able to contain his huge glutes and quads.

Roland pulled up to the parking lot, a dirt lot illuminated by the neon of the bar’s sign, and felt himself starting to sweat a bit as he ambled toward the door. There was a bouncer at the entrance to the bar, but one look at Roland and his appraising glance was suddenly glued to the floor. Roland opened the door, crouched a bit, and tried to wedge himself through the opening. Most older buildings had difficulty fitting him through doorways. Some music was playing from a jukebox and he heard a bunch of hustle and bustle from the crowd that suddenly stopped until he finally squeezed through the door, standing to his full height. Like usual, he was by far the largest man there, the others staring at him from under the dim lights and smoky air. He cleared his throat and walked over to an empty space by the bar and ordered a pitcher of beer. He didn’t try to sit on the seats… it didn’t look like they could handle him. Heads turned as he walked, but he was used to that, not everyone got to see a proper giant like him. He was more than three men put together, after all.

The pitcher’s handle fit his meaty mitt like a coffee mug, the beer was cheap and tasted like it, but it was mostly there to facilitate social interaction. Other customers were (quietly) lining up behind him for their turn to order, so Roland waddled over to another part of the bar. Aside from the bar stools it was pretty much standing room only, and the bar had a door to an outside patio area. Scanning the crowd was enlightening, given how many guys looked… well, like guys. His only exposure to the gay world had been externally, TV, porn, but he’d never actually gotten down to personally interacting with gay guys. He’d even seen some of these guys around town, he had no idea they were gay. Pretty much every guy he looked at met his gaze before quickly turning away, pretending not to stare at the huge man.

A thick and stout frame had his back firmly glued to the wall, his buzzcut head and thick, dark stubble looking down at his phone. Not the most approachable body language, but the young man struck something in Roland, something he recalled from his lusty memories of being a younger man in locker rooms in the presence of other big men. This fellow wasn’t particularly tall, shorter than the average man it looked like, but his frame was very thick with the kind of strength one would see on a linebacker or powerlifter. He had a somewhat modest tank top on that showed off his big, round delts and thick, heavy upper arms, his chin buried in the top of some significant pectoral cleavage. His heavy and broad pecs were quite visible, and he had a gut to him that was probably going to catch up to his chest pretty soon. A pair of jeans and sneakers completed his look, simple, unassuming.

The young man glanced at Roland and did a double-take, seemingly too lost in his phone to have seen the entrance he made earlier. He glanced to the side, looking for the cadre of friends that big guys always seemed to bring with them, but found Roland seemingly alone, which was surprising to say the least. He and Roland exchanged eye contact for a few moments until the younger man pocketed his phone and walked up to the hulking grandpa, an easygoing grin painted across his handsome, rugged features. He reminded Roland of one of his grandsons; he’d had all boys with his wife, and his sons had been fruitful as well, all inheriting the manly appearance of their grandfather. He had to look up a fair bit to see Roland’s face, having to talk loudly over the music.

“Hey,” he said, loud enough to carry over the noise. “Never seen you in here before, big man. I’m Chase,” he stated, holding out a hand that had a nice amount of callouses from hard work despite his young age, he might still be in college even.

Roland felt his heart quicken in its pace as the young man came forward and introduced himself. “First time here, guess it’s kinda obvious,” he said in his deep voice, a bit of blush in his cheeks and a nervous smile on his bearded face. “I’m Roland. Decided to, uh, come in here tonight to try to… make some friends,” he said, still having trouble saying the words out loud that he wanted to meet up with a cute guy and take him home. He’d never even had a kiss with a man before, after all. This was so new to him, he felt more like a nervous kid than a senior citizen! He reached out to accept the handshake, his paw dwarfing Chase’s, completely encompassing it as he gently shook it.

Chase grinned and looked down at his grip, feeling the sheer weight and heft of the bigger man’s hand around his own for just a moment before looking back up at the snowy-haired giant. Chase wasn’t exactly a jaded barfly himself, he had similar shyness here as well, thus keeping his back against the wall and being very careful about engaging. He definitely didn’t seem like he fit in with the rest of the crowd at the bar, he had a kind of innocence about him. His smile was genuine, and he could tell the big guy’s nervousness was too.

“I’m here for the same reason. I don’t like the bars that much, but if you want to meet guys, these days it feels like your choices are the bars or the apps… neither of ’em seeming to be fishing out what I’m looking for. Anyway! This is your first time here you said; how’d this place draw your eye?” he asked with a sip from a cheap plastic stein holding some kind of beer.

Roland’s bushy eyebrows furrowed when he heard Chase talk about apps. What were apps? He figured he probably didn’t want to know, given Chase’s opinion of them. “Oh, I dunno. Everyone knows if ya wanna meet fellas, ya go to Biff’s. That is, if you’re lookin’ to, er, be intimate with fellas,” he replied in his deep voice, a blush going into his apple cheeks. He still had trouble speaking directly about being gay. Were guys that drank beer and tinkered with cars still gay? He didn’t really know what the rules were. “Decided I’d spent enough time bein’ on my own,” he said honestly, lifting his pitcher to his bearded face and taking another deep draught from it.

Chase couldn’t help but grin and giggle a bit internally. This giant was an adorable teddy bear, it seemed like. The young man nodded firmly after Roland started taking a swig, “Damn right. I’ll drink to that,” he stated enthusiastically before downing a sip of his beer. “Had the same realization myself about three years ago. After spending so much effort and worry on not being seen as a gay guy, I just figured to hell with it, I was gonna pursue what I wanted, what would make me happy. Life’s too short to spend denying yourself something that’d fulfill you.”

Roland peered down over his pecs and gut and looked at this young man who had come to a decision that he himself should’ve come to fifty years earlier. He imagined the kind of life he might’ve had if he’d been more honest with himself… but he shook those thoughts away. If he’d done that, he wouldn’t have had his sons and his grandsons, and the world fifty years ago wasn’t what it was today. Kids like Chase were getting to be more free because the world had changed, and that was a good thing. It had made it feel a little less scary for men as old as himself to be honest with themselves, too. “Yer right about that, kid. Wasted enough time already. Not that anyone was tall enough to be able to see the hair on the top of my head in the first place,” he chuckled, reaching up to pat his bald head with one paw, the biceps in his sleeve fit to burst with the motion.

There was a pretty significant wet spot in the giant’s hulk’s armpit already, a detail that Chase found just as enthralling as his immense physique. He couldn’t even guess at the size of that bicep, it looked like it was bigger around than most guys’ waists! “The view from down here is pretty great, though. But I’m sure you’ve had plenty of guys clinging onto you and gushing about how damn big and handsome you are already, yeah?”

Roland blushed so much even the tips of his ears looked crimson. “Naw, nothin’ like that so far. Um, all I’ve really done so far is walk through that door and order a beer,” he said with a shy smile, gesturing with the hand holding the pitcher, the frothy brew sloshing a bit inside. “So, uh, I guess you’re the first. Other than this, had plenty of people call me big over the years, only a couple handsome. Not sure I believe the latter, myself.”

Chase blinked once as he processed that. This was Roland’s very first trip to a gay bar, ever?! He assumed that Roland was talking about coming to this particular bar for the first time, not to gay bars in general!

“Ah… wait, you’re telling me that this is your first time in any kind of… gay-themed place? Like… no pride festivals or gay rugby teams? This is your first time being face to face with other men who’re… how’d you put it… lookin’ to be intimate with other fellas, really?” he asked, his head tilted in confusion. This man was like the ultimate daddy bear fantasy come to life. This was his first time even dipping his toe into being a gay man?

Roland looked away sheepishly, feeling a bit chastened by Chase’s reaction to his admission. Maybe it was a mistake to come to the bar at his age. Maybe he should’ve just stayed home and jerked it to old memories of swimming at the watering hole as a teen. “Yeah, that’s right, son. Guess I’m a real fool, huh?” he asked rhetorically.

“N-no, wait,” he said, grabbing back at Roland’s hand. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that, I just… thought you’d seen and done it all before in the gay world, given that you’re… well, just look at you! I can’t speak for all gay men, but… you’re really a stunner. I think it’s awesome this is your first time out, ever. Because that means I’m the lucky guy who gets to be your sherpa to the world of bein’ sweet on other fellas, heh.” His heart was pounding pretty hard, the earnest nature of the giant was something he honestly never thought he’d see. He learned pretty early on that he was big and beefy enough to qualify for being a “muscle-gay” or a “muscle-bear” or a “pocket-bear” or whatever they wanted to call it, and that it was a pretty exclusive club, because the other guys in it always turned out be assholes.

“So… here, why don’t we go out on the patio so don’t have to talk over the music, yeah?” he asked, nudging his head towards the patio doors behind him.

Roland turned his eyes back to Chase’s face and could see the young guy was being sincere. It made Roland blush again. Had he overreacted? He had to admit there was a lot of junk he had to sort out when it came to his own shame at being closeted for so long. Maybe Chase really was asking an innocent question. He figured he at least deserved a real conversation.

“Yeah, okay, kid. Lead the way,” he said, following Chase over to the door to the patio, having to grunt and crouch again to squeeze himself into the limited space of the doorway, while also trying to be careful not to spill his beer. It was a delicate operation, but he finally found himself in the open air with only a little bit of beer spilled in the process. He hadn’t realized how much he’d been sweating out of nervousness while inside until he felt the air hit his armpits and all the sweat he’d produced. He might need to throw out this shirt after he got home.

The night was calm and cloudless, the warm air of the last vestiges of fall gently sweeping through. There were a handful of guys outside having a cigarette, and Chase started to worry a bit when he saw a guy out there with his collared boyfriend, thinking of how to explain that to the poor guy without overwhelming him. Thankfully, Roland didn’t seem to notice the heavy steel link chain, or at least didn’t comment on it.

Chase picked a corner of the patio area, really just a patch of concrete with a waist-high wooden fence around it with a few tables and chairs. He turned to stand with his back against the fence, his face and features easier to see thanks to more normal lighting. He was pretty handsome, his head was short and thick like the rest of him, his strong jaw sticking out, his eyes gleaming with genuine eagerness. This was something that pretty much never happened… and it happened to be with one of the biggest, strongest guys alive. “Yeah, that’s better,” he said, his shoulders visibly relaxing, his traps looking heavier and fuller now that they weren’t flexed and tense. “So… I’m the first person you’ve come out to. How’s it feel?” he asked, not straining his neck to look up at Roland’s face, his gaze settling on the side of his massive chest, right at eye-level for the young stud.

Roland hadn’t noticed for the moment where the young man’s eyes were traveling and he reached up to stroke at his thick beard which was long enough to mingle a bit with his chest hair. “Hmmm… I guess it was easier than I thought it’d be, considering where we were and knowin’ what fellas here want from each other,” he admitted with a small smile behind his whiskers. “Dunno how it’d feel tellin’ the guys at the garage, or the ones at the bar I normally go to. Or my sons, gosh,” he said, realizing for the first time that it was something he’d eventually have to do.

Chase nodded with a smirk. “Yyyyup, I knew you had to have kids. If a guy as big and virile as you was with women up until now, he’s probably got like twenty kids from four different women, haha. I don’t need to be a doctor to tell that you’d have superhero-like virility. That’s… assuming it’d even fit, of course,” he chortled.

Roland chuckled a little while blushing somewhat again. “Yeah, I got five boys. Never cheated on their mother, though. I really loved her, even if it was only as a friend. As for makin’ everything fit… uh… I guess it’s difficult to hide, huh?” he asked, clearing his throat and attempted to cup his bulge in his jeans and adjust himself as discreetly as possible given the burden of his task.

“You were trying to hide it? Whew,” he whistled, shaking his head. “I thought you were trying to make it stand out, heh. But I guess a guy your size would need a kilt or something to keep his bulge hidden. Y’know… it might surprise you to learn that there are guys out there who could probably take it, every inch of it. Would be a tight squeeze though.”

Just the thought of that sent a juddering tingle down Roland’s spine. It was true, his hog was a fair bit too large for his wife’s comfort, he had to be very gentle when he made love to her, he’d be able to get about two-thirds of it in before he hit the inside of his wife’s hip bones, which was very uncomfortable. As a result, the powerful giant was required to keep a great deal of concentration while making love, always aware of his position and careful not to thrust too powerfully or too deeply. He was pretty proud that he could always, always satisfy his wife completely, it made him feel like a proper man.

But to think that there could be someone out there that he might be able to go a little firmer with, to give in to his more animalistic desire to drive himself in down to the base with the kind of power and strength a man of his size commanded. He wouldn’t have to worry about being so delicate and precise.

“Yup… there’s guys man enough to take you and want more, hard as it is to believe,” Chase added, hoping he hadn’t confused the big lug. That phrasing, “man enough”, struck Roland. He’d always heard of gay men being more… effeminate, more sensitive, and delicate. Clearly, that wasn’t always the case, the young man he was talking to was proof enough of that. The idea that it would be a feat of strength and manly pride for someone to be big and tough enough to be savagely pounded by the great beast that was Roland… made a kind of sense. But a big and tough guy who was snarling around Roland’s massive meat sounded like the exact opposite of effeminate, weak-wristed sissyness.

Roland smiled a bit more as he released his hog, letting it lay as it would inside of his jeans. “Does that mean that you’re volunteerin’, kid?” he chuckled, joking around as he reached over and patted Chase on the shoulder, his huge hand more than covering the young man’s deltoid. “And if not, wouldn’t mind the number of a fella who’d like to tackle what I got. But… I s’pose I wouldn’t wanna do it with just anyone. Still gotta be in the right mood. God, I sound like some kinda chick, don’t I?” he chuckled, shaking his head.

Chase guffawed at hearing that, his face lighting up. “Shut up, no you don’t!” he exclaimed with a playful punch against the giant’s massive chest muscle. “You sound like a big nervous bowl of jello. Don’t be afraid to muse about what you want out of this. You don’t have to dive in head first. Besides, there’s a lot of great stuff to do other than just fuck. It’s a cliche, but a guy knows the body of another guy and how to please it better than most women. I, uh, was really surprised to find out just how true that was. There was no… penetration of any kind the first fifty or so times that I had sex with another guy. About 45 of those times were with this guy on the college football team with me… I really liked him,” he said wistfully. “But the other five times were the head coach!” he laughed, seemingly shaking off whatever had given him pause.

Just being able to talk about this stuff so openly and naturally was a wonder to Roland. He imagined himself being so open about this when he was this man’s age… no matter how big and strong he was, enough guys could snuff him out if they were motivated to. It made sense to stay closeted then, but now that random violence against gay men had plunged and society became more accepting of being gay it seemed much more natural. He couldn’t help but be a little jealous of Chase, he was going to experience so much more life and live it more fully than Roland had to chance to.

“And you never cheated on your wife, even with another dude. That’s some pretty impressive willpower, big guy. A lot of guys zip in and out of here real quick to get someone to suck off in his car and then run home to the wife and kids with cum on their jaw still,” Chase snorted with laughter. “And it makes it all the better that you’re here now. A lot of older fellas get eaten up by shame and self-loathing and never accept their desires, even to themselves. So they have sad, shameful, rushed sex with a guy and then bolt out the door like it’s the most humiliating thing they’ve ever done. They can’t even admit to themselves that they want to be with other men.”

Roland’s eyes went wide as he heard all of this. Men really did that? He’d never imagined that married men would go out and do that sort of thing. He’d made a vow when he married his wife, after all, and he had intended to honor it. It was partially why he felt free to explore his desire now that she had passed on. He’d been her partner through life and now that he was released he could seek his own joy.

“I’d never cheat on someone! I’m no cheater!” he said emphatically, poking a thumb back into his own chest. “I just… closed my eyes and thought of football players when I was with my wife. And I had a lot of, um, private bathroom time. She never questioned it. Didn’t really know how to, I think. People my age didn’t really talk about that sorta stuff unless you were a hippie or somethin’.”

“Mmmn,” Chase said solemnly, his head tilting down a bit, taking a sip from his beer. “I’m sorry to hear that, big guy. I’m sure it caused you to feel like shit whenever it happened. Wishing that something could fix you and make you the way you’re supposed to be. My dad sure as shit thought he could make that happen, started with his belt, and moved to more… creative shit. Fucker. I was already trying really hard to ‘fix’ myself, I didn’t need him tanning my ass whenever he felt like it just because he found one of my porn magazines one time. It wasn’t until halfway through college that I realized, maybe I wasn’t broken, maybe I just hadn’t found my place in life. A life that I could live just the way I am without feeling I need anyone’s approval. Took a couple of ‘hippie’ classmates to help me see the truth in that,” he stated, taking a pensive sip of his mug.

Roland sipped his beer as he listened, wiping some of the foam away from his mustache with his forearm that was as big as most men’s thighs. A porn magazine? Roland had never felt free enough to have even that. All of his masturbatory material was stored in his memories. “Real sorry to hear that, son. I made sure I never told any of my boys that bein’ gay was a bad or shameful thing. Dunno if any of ’em are and I just don’t know yet, but I hope they think they could tell me if they were,” he rumbled thoughtfully.

“Well… tellin’ them the truth about yourself would probably go a long way. Hell, when I was little, if I knew guys like you existed, it’d have saved me a lot of heartache. It’s better now, but when I was coming up there was basically one kind of gay guy that we knew about, the usual stereotype of being prissy and campy and dressing up as women and mostly acting like them too. Turns out there are some gay guys like that, but a ton of them are normal guys. And then there’s a smaller group of gay guys that seem to really like being big and strong and like being with other big and strong guys.

“I thought that if I was gay, then it’d make me into a sissy girl, and I didn’t wanna be that. I wanted to be big and tough and strong… I dunno if you’ve read any comics, but there’s a superhero called Wolverine. I liked him because he was short like I was, but he had huge muscles and was tough as nails and just generally a badass. I wanted to be like him… and I wanted to be with him, a guy in real life that was like him, anyway. Strong, determined, willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to achieve what he wants.

“But I thought that was impossible because of how I thought all gay men were when I was little. And I just… never really pictured that there could be guys like him who are gay along with all those other traits too. I thought I was too much of a freak for even the gays to accept, heh.” Chase knew he was disclosing a lot of personal information at once, but he felt like he could trust Roland. And he figured it was better to be too honest than to reveal too little for a guy like Roland, just testing the waters.

Roland stood there, stroking his beard, his whiskers dense enough that his big sausage fingers could get lost in them. “Dunno about a wolverine, I just know the animals. What you say makes sense, though. Guess I was kinda the same way. Took me a while to realize I liked men more than just friends because, well, I didn’t know there was any other option till I was already heavy into dating my wife, and then I didn’t want to hurt her, so I just kinda kept going and… well… it snowballed really quickly. Now I got five sons and 17 grandsons!” he chuckled, his belly shaking a bit as he did so.

Chase smiled wide, looking up at the huge man’s face. “That’s actually even more than I was expecting, hah! Is it weird that I think it’s really sexy that you’re a dad? Like, you’ve planted your seed in the world and it’s going to spread and flourish, you’ve taken a tiny part of this planet and its history for yourself.”

Roland considered that and stroked his beard in thought some more. “I guess in a couple of generations, at this rate, there’ll be enough of us to fill a small village with my descendants!” he chortled, his belly shaking more now. It was clear that although he was a solid man through and through, his belly had a significant amount of give. “I’m just glad they all seem happy. Might even be a great-grandpa before long, my youngest grandkid is 20!” he said proudly, puffing up his huge pecs so much that it seemed to threaten the topmost buttoned button on his shirt.

“Whoof. Damn. Y’know by one metric, Ghenghis Khan was the most successful man in history, because more people have him as part of their lineage than any other single man. Something like fifteen million people can trace their birth back to that one guy. So in terms of spreading his DNA, he’s the unmatched king of the world thus far. I think the world would be a whoooole lot better if there were 15 million guys that could trace their birth back to you instead of some insane barbarian-king,” he said with a grin, daring to reach out and rub the underside of the big man’s prodigious gut. “Is it okay if I touch you a little?” he asked, continuing his gentle affection.

Roland nodded, blushing a little to hear Chase talk about his virility like that. “Well, I think I have a lot of work to do if I wanna catch up, but I’d need to have ladies wantin’ to take a shot at me,” he joked, knowing that would never happen, even though the thought of having another son at his age was enough to make his cock plump up a bit in his jeans. Even though the sex itself was never the most satisfying, he had always been aroused when his wife had told him they’d be expecting another child.

“That or they need to invent a way for guys to have babies, I guess. And you’re telling me that women aren’t taking shots at you currently? I imagine the bible study club were all very interested to learn that you’d been widowed, hmm?” he asked with a raised eyebrow as he drained the last of his beer.

Hearing that gave Roland some pause. The bible study group certainly had been very keen to know how he was getting along since his wife’s death. And so was the young cashier at the grocery store. And the lady who delivered his mail. And the young married woman who lived next door. “I… I guess I’ve been out of practice so long I forgot what flirting looks like,” he admitted with a blush.

“Heh. Do you recognize me flirting with you now?” he asked, sliding his palm up to rub at the upper part of the curvature of Roland’s huge gut. “Because that’s pretty much what’s happening, stud.”

Roland’s eyes widened behind his spectacles and he blushed further. “I… I guess I do now, son. I’m not… too old for you?” he asked. He’d never imagined a man as young as one of his grandsons would be barking up his tree. He figured he’d find another retiree like himself, if anyone at all.

“Not at all… do you think I’m too young for you?” he asked, this time it was his turn to be the one blushing. He was young enough to be one of Roland’s grandsons, what if that creeped him out?

Roland looked away as he felt those hands feeling up his great big middle, the fingers pressing against his shirt, the fabric puckering into the divots they were making in his great bulk. He thought his wife odd for enjoying his body, he had trouble imagining someone else enjoying his brutish build as well. “I-I admit, you are rather young, but as to whether that’s a problem or not…” he trailed off, not really answering the question but certainly not moving away.

“Well…” Chase started, trying to defuse the tension in the older man. “One of the big perks of being gay is that you can fool around with other guys and have it just be ‘guy stuff’. That’s what me and the first guy I fooled around with did. I dunno if there was relationship potential there. Like, I didn’t even have a concept of ‘dating’ another guy at the time. He was just my friend who would hang out in my dorm and we’d touch our bodies and muscles together and jerk each other off, sometimes suck each other off, and it was just like, he was a close friend that I had sex with pretty often, without us needing to be in a proper relationship to enjoy that part of each other. He was the first guy I came out to… which sounds kind of weird after we’d already sucked each other off about ten times before then.”

Roland furrowed his brows again, a finger coming to his lips barely visible under his facial hair. “So… gay fellas have sex without datin’? Or relationships? And that’s okay?” he asked, truly living a sheltered straight life if he hadn’t encountered the concept of casual sex until now.

“I mean, straight folk do it too, but gay guys do it without any pretense or baggage or really any emotional bonding a lot of the time. If you just want to get off and feel the touch of another man, you usually can pretty fast. A guy like you, well… you’d have guys lined up at your door if they knew you needed your back scratched, heh.” Chase felt bold, rotating around to face Roland, using both hands to gently reach up and rub his belly from the top down in gentle streaks, tenderly worshiping the massive man’s power and stature.

Roland did, indeed, feel worshipped at that moment. It was an odd sensation, one he’d never felt before. It felt very, very nice to have someone else’s hands on his belly and he closed his eyes and groaned lowly, like a tame grizzly bear having its underbelly stroked. “Y-Yes, well… I’m afraid I’m a bit too old-fashioned for that, as convenient as that sounds. What you’re doing right now is… very good, though,” he admitted, swallowing a bit. He closed his eyes and just focused on the touch against his belly, sighing.

“Yeah, I was gonna follow that up by saying a lot of guys find that lifestyle pretty unfulfilling and are looking to settle down… but that doesn’t happen too often in the gay community, mostly because it was illegal until 2015, heh. Gay guys are just more skittish to put down roots. There are lots of guys in what’s called open relationships where they’re in love with each other and are each other’s partners, but they sometimes fool around with other people on the side if they have an itch scratched.

“I’ve thought about it and… I guess I’d like my man to at least have the option of getting something I can’t give him, and for him to feel the same about me? Like, I don’t wanna keep him only having me as a sexual outlet if there’s another guy he’d like to fool around with. I figure it’s better to mutually agree that you can get your itches scratched by other fellas if desired, rather than forbid it and make your partner start to resent you for keeping them pinned down… if that makes any sense,” he stammered, his rubbing stopping just for a moment. “Ugh. Sorry to overwhelm you with all this talk about sex, I know you’re a good guy and are kind of traditional and don’t feel comfortable talking about stuff like that with someone you met fifteen minutes ago. We’ve got some ground to cover before our peckers come out, yeah?”

Chase’s hands moved upward still, rubbing the bulging outline of his chest, his palms cupping the heft of them, his fingertips passing over the excited older man’s nipples that lay trapped beneath his shirt. “Looks like you could use another beer,” he said before Roland could get too lost in the moment, grabbing the bigger man’s pitcher and his own glass, returning a few minutes later with refills of each. “I just told him to put whatever you had in your pitcher into both of ours, heh. Didn’t want to get you something you didn’t like,” he explained, passing Roland’s pitcher to him. “To coming out,” he said, raising his mug and tapping it against Roland’s pitcher before he took a big swig of his mug.

Roland nodded silently and began draining his pitcher after bringing it up to his lips, tipping it back and guzzling it down, making greedy gulping noises and little rivulets of beer trickled from the corners of his mouth down his beard, glistening a little in the neon light of the sign. He set the pitcher down and wiped his mouth with a forearm again before issuing a floor-rattling belch. “S-Sorry… thought I needed some liquid courage,” he said with a shy smile on his big, round, bearded face. Everyone on the patio was staring at him now.

Chase kind of enjoyed their stares, whether they thought Roland was a gross brute or a daddy demigod didn’t matter, because Chase had the pleasure of being his companion tonight. Let them look and think what they want, he had the stones to walk up to this guy and say hi. He didn’t feel the need to inform the big guy that everyone was looking.

“Whoof, you’d put my college buddies to shame with that! That entire pitcher vanished in about two seconds, you were chugging it like a man dying of thirst. That’s impressive… and… kind of a turn-on, I think. This is a new one for me too, heh. But… seeing you do that and belch real loud and deep just now definitely didn’t gross me out… hmm,” he shrugged his shoulders, going back to rubbing Roland’s chest, setting his beer down on a nearby table.

Roland looked surprised at that. “Really? My wife used to shoot me a dirty look whenever I burped or passed gas or ate and drank til I was stuffed. You like that kinda stuff?” he asked, genuinely curious. “Ever since I’s been just me I been hangin’ out a lot at the all-you-can-eat places… but a few of ’em banned me cuz they say I eat so much there’s nothin’ left for anyone else… and I’d plant myself there for hours cuz by the time they put more food out I’d be hungry again,” he said, chuckling, his bulk jiggling with the motion.

Chase had to resist the instinct to lick his upper lip at hearing all that, his rubbing getting more insistent, pressing his own torso against the huge sphere of Roland’s gut. “Y-yeah? I guess I do? Like… I like it when big men eat like big men. I think it’s a turn-off if a guy is really fussy about his food and making sure he never gains any fat and measuring out portions of every little thing he eats… I don’t feel proud about saying this, but that stuff feels kinda like… y’know… stuff that women do, obsessing over calories and trying to do everything to maintain their figure.

“I think it’s hot when big powerlifter type guys have diets of lots of red meat and potatoes and bacon, instead of the super-lean bodybuilders whose lives revolve around eating baked chicken breast, brown rice, plain oats, and spinach at the exact right time and exact right portion of the day. A guy oughta be proud of his gut and his appetite, it’s a primal, powerful thing. You’re the biggest guy I’ve ever seen, so you eat like the giant you are, sounds like. I think it’s hot that a guy can be so big and hungry to keep all his mass going, or even to grow bigger, that he has a big greedy appetite and isn’t ashamed of it. Maybe not the most PC opinion I have, but… yeah, short answer, you eating and drinking like a giant gorilla turns me on.”

Roland could feel the smaller man leaning more against his huge, ballooning gut, those firm muscles against the soft padding of fat around his own impenetrable core of strength. “Then… you’d probably like it even more if ya got me some more beer so I could do it all over again, huh?” he teased, waggling his thick snowy eyebrows as he smiled down his torso at the young man, barely able to see him now that he was leaning up against him. His chest was just so big it limited a lot of the viewing area directly in front of him.

“Y-yeah, I think I would… uh, one sec,” Chase stammered, zipping back into the bar and emerging a minute later with four more pitchers of beer, smiling nervously and blushing a bit. He’d never been into stuff like that before, or even older guys. Maybe it was Roland’s massive size that did it for him, like some giant barbarian who takes what he wants.

“Here,” he said, setting two on the table and reaching out with both hands, each with a pitcher in them. “You can probably down both of these without a second thought, yeah?”

Roland took them both and blinked at Chase for a moment before laughing so loud it felt like thunder in the air. “Damn, kid! Ya got it real bad, huh? Never really tried to take two at once, but… I reckon I probably could do it,” he said, screwing up the inner reserves and taking a deep breath before bringing both pitchers to his bearded lips and pouring them down, gulping over and over and over again to keep pace with the waterfalls of amber liquid. Some of the frothy liquid dribbled down into his beard, but the giant mostly gulped it down. It was a weird sensation at first, two streams of liquid pouring into his mouth, but he started to feel a kind of satisfaction from it. Who else was man enough to chug from two entire pitchers at once?

Chase just stared with wide eyes, watching the behemoth’s massive gut bounce and bulge with every swallow, his cock starting to show a pretty visible bulge beneath his pants. If Roland hadn’t been so huge, he would have easily seen the young stud’s thick cock jutting out. Chase grabbed the other two pitchers, to have them on deck, waiting until Roland finished.

Roland put the two pitchers down when they’d been drained, patting the sides of his gut which was straining the button at the outermost curve of its preponderance and he gave an even louder belch than before, causing some people on the patio to go inside in disgust, while many more others moved closer. “Ah, wasn’t as hard as I thought!” he chuckled, smiling, some of his beard dripping with beer. “Gimme those!” he said eagerly, taking the last pitchers from Chase’s hands and gunning them down his mouth again, his belly slowly swelling and firming as he filled the tank with the precious alcoholic beverage.

“Shit…” Chase muttered as he watched with awe. “You could probably just drink from the tap all night, hah!” he laughed, almost jumping up and down like a little kid. It was a sexual awakening for both of them, it seemed like. He was worried it might have been too much even for a guy his size, he’d just drank the equivalent of 55 cans of beer in the span of a half hour.

Roland set the last pitchers down and gave a belch so big someone’s car alarm went off. “Damn, got more oomph behind that than I thought!” he laughed, his huge pecs and belly heaving up and down with his jocularity. “And I’m only a lil bit tipsy after all that,” he boasted, putting his index finger and thumb slightly apart from each other. “Takes a lot to fill up and affect a big man like me,” he said with a wink. “I used to do that thing with a tap since I go through so much beer, but the wife didn’t think it was okay for me to basically tap a keg and sip from it like a juice box,” he chuckled, remembering being caught in the living room with a keg in his lap.

“Whoa… did you do that often? Is your liver as huge and strong as the rest of you?” he asked, grinning. If Roland could handle this much beer at once, Chase believed him when he’d said he got kicked out of a few buffet places.

The old man shrugged his beefy shoulders. “Don’t know about all that. Only go to the doctor when I’m sick and that ain’t happened for… ‘bout forty years now,” he said with a sniff, reaching up to groom his beard a little after all the beer spilled into it. “Really wouldn’t mind some of those belly rubs you were givin’ me earlier. Might ease my gut a bit after all that good brew,” he said with a grin.

Chase blushed but stepped forward as bidden, stretching out his arms so that he encompassed as much of Roland’s belly as he could, rubbing with his entire torso now. He may as well have been trying to cuddle a beachball, Roland was just so damn big. “Like this?” he asked, wanting to please the big stud.

Roland leaned as much as he thought he could against the railing of the patio without breaking it as he closed his eyes and released a big sigh, feeling the beer churn in his belly, eased on by the boy’s tender affections. “Yeah, like that… just like that, boy,” he said in his rumbly voice, his own cock lurching to life in his jeans, the lump going from obvious to obscene the longer he stood there.

“… You’ve really never done this with another guy before, huh. How’s it feel, knowing that another man is touching you and that it’s making him all hot and bothered?” Chase asked, unaware of Roland’s package swelling up, his entire world had become Roland’s belly and chest.

Roland swallowed the lump in his throat. “Makes me feel… all hot ‘n’ bothered… sweatin’ up a storm now… hard to think of stuff… ‘cept how good it feels to have you doin’ all that to me… I never told anyone this but… It feels good when I touch my willy, but… it feels just as good sometimes to have my belly get touched… or my beard… That normal?” he asked, feeling quite vulnerable in his current state.

“Yeah, big guy. There are lots of sensitive places on a fella. Some guys like having their nipples played with, some guys like getting their neck kissed and nibbled on, whatever makes you feel good is normal and okay,” Chase said in a reassuring tone, reaching up over Roland’s belly and chest to gently run his fingers through his beard, starting at his jawline. Chase looked like he was on a stepladder trying to change a light bulb that was a little too high, standing on his tip-toes.

Roland shuddered a little when he felt someone else’s fingers running through his beard, his nipples getting pointed and erect against the surface of his shirt. “Ohhh…” he mewled, an odd noise to hear from such a big, brutish beast, but it was obvious that Chase was eliciting very powerful sensations in the old man.

Chase couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. He had so much to show this guy! He thanked his lucky stars that he was here tonight when this huge beast lumbered in; Roland might have gotten scared off by the guys who just wanted to fuck him and call him Daddy.

“See, nothing weird about that, right?”

Roland silently shook his head and surprised Chase by wrapping his arms around him and lifting him up off the ground so he could have a better reach at that beard. It seemed the big bear of a man enjoyed all the touching he was getting.

Chase was sure that Roland could feel his cock pressing against his gut as the shortstack stud was lifted up like he weighed nothing, gasping and flailing a bit as Roland scooped him up. His heart was pounding as he was brought closer to the giant’s face, rubbing more of his beard, down the long snowy strands of face fur. “You take really good care of your beard, big guy. It feels really nice to touch.”

The big bear purred for a moment before slightly opening his eyes to look down at Chase. “Son gave me this stuff called beard oil for Christmas, I’ve been usin’ it for a while now. Kinda makes my beard feel smooth and smell good, huh?” he rumbled in his deep, gentle voice, just holding Chase there, not looking like it was straining him at all.

“Yeah, it does… it’s really, uh… woodsy, I think. Is it tough for you to do stuff like reach up and comb your beard given how big you are? I’ve met some dudes who are really musclebound and don’t have the best flexibility,” he rambled, lost in the handsome face and majestic mane that this mega-daddy commanded.

Roland nodded slowly, seemingly half in a trance thanks to the slow, gentle stroking that Chase was giving him. “I have to have extra-long silverware and stuff like toothbrushes and beard combs for stuff like that otherwise my biceps shove into my chest and I can’t reach. Gotta bring my own silverware to restaurants,” he said, blushing a little. Who else was so big they had to do stuff like that?

“Mhf,” Chase grunted, shuddering a little at the thought. “Well, I’m glad you’re able to get by at least. Did your wife brush and oil your beard for you before she passed?” Chase realized that life must have gotten a lot more difficult for Roland after his wife died, all the stuff that he could use help with, suddenly he had to figure out on his own.

Roland blushed even more, the blood rushing to his face heating Chase as well. “Yeah, she did a lot of stuff for me. It got harder when she wasn’t there anymore…” he trailed off. His eyes were closed, but Chase could tell there were starting to get a little dewy in the corners. The big lug was getting emotional!

Chase frowned. He hadn’t meant to upset the giant. He stopped rubbing the beard with one hand, the other reaching up to rub along the side of Roland’s weathered face. “Aw… I’m sorry, Roland. I shouldn’t have brought it up…” he said solemnly. “Um… I don’t wanna make anything weird, but… I’d brush and oil it for you whenever you liked if that’d be helpful. Maybe help you wash up too if you’d like that.”

Roland opened his eyes, the crow’s feet wrinkling next to them and he thought on that offer. It was a bit of a challenge to wash properly these days. He didn’t bring it up when he talked to his boys because… well… it was an embarrassing thing to talk about something he did naked in the bathroom. He’d bought a loofah with an extra-long handle but it didn’t always do the job, and he knew that he’d been a little extra musky ever since his wife died. “Yer right about that, son. It’s a big job for just me,” he sighed.

“I imagine a lot of stuff is, Roland,” Chase replied in turn, smiling gently. He didn’t mean to upset him, but maybe this was a new way he could help the giant further his exploration into enjoying the company of other men. “It’s hard enough to be grieving and heartbroken and to suddenly be alone in a house that used to be full of life. The fact that day-to-day stuff is an annoying hassle for you just seems… cruel. You’re a great guy, and life already becomes hard enough when you lose someone you love. Let me help make it just a little easier if that’s okay? Maybe you wouldn’t have to go out to eat all the time if you had someone cook for you once in a while and stuff.”

Roland looked again into Chase’s eyes. “You’d… want to do that? For a fella ya just met? I mean, that’s real generous, but… I couldn’t ask ya to do all that for me… Feel guilty enough about lettin’ ya pay for four pitchers of beer for me…” he said, blushing, but not putting the boy back down.

“I don’t recall ya askin’ for any of it,” he replied with a warm smile. “I have a lot of respect for you, big man. I’d be more than happy to help out from time to time. You’ve got a lot to juggle… and just now coming out is going to add a lot more complications to your life. It’d be unfair if you didn’t have help and support along the way.”

Roland thought about it some more, furrowing his thick brow. Life had gotten a lot harder after his wife died. It was only after nearly 60 years of being together with her that he actually realized all the things she did for him so he didn’t have to do it for himself. Now he was 75 years old and learning how to care for himself all over again. “I… s’pose a little bit of help wouldn’t hurt. A little,” he reiterated, attempting to retain some of his pride.

“What if I told you that helping you out would make me happy?” Chase asked, his expression completely genuine with no hint of teasing. He squeezed his legs around Roland’s massive gut a bit, using his knees to try and rub his huge belly. “Just like being with you tonight is making me happy.”

Roland shook his head and chuckled. “I’d say ya need a better social life,” he joked, his warm brown eyes looking back into Chase’s.

Chase just smirked, shrugging his shoulders a bit. “Well, there’s plenty of hours in the day between my job and lifting weights. Besides, guys my age are really… frazzled, I guess? It’s a very different world for guys my age now than it was when you were 22, so everyone’s really hustling to scrape by.”

Roland lifted a heavy eyebrow at that. “Guess I could help ya out, throw a couple of bucks yer way if yer gonna go to the trouble of comin’ over and helpin’ out…” he said, finding a way to justify the arrangement in his old-fashioned brain.

“Heh, don’t worry about me stud, I’m pretty comfortable. Speakin’ of, would some food help you be more comfortable right about now? If you’ve had enough beer, that is,” he laughed.

Roland finally set the boy back down and jostled his belly, feeling the beer slosh around inside, which even people nearby could hear. “Yeah, could use a bite to soak up all the brew I drank. Good idea, kid,” he said with a smile, his erection ebbing after it had been so powerfully stoked during the beard-stroking.

Chase resumed hugging Roland’s whale of a gut, grinning up at him. “Any place you’d suggest? We could get a few pizzas if you’d rather head home, too. I’ll wipe the grease off your beard,” he poked his tongue out impishly.

Roland chuckled, actually shifting Chase up and down a little as he hugged that shaking gut. “Sounds like a plan, lil’ man! I know a place we can order that I can get some extra larges pretty cheap. Son helped me put it on speed dial,” he said, reaching into his jeans pocket with his big paw of a hand and retrieving his flip phone with a grunt. He opened it up and carefully chose a number out of his address book and called it. “Hey, Luigi’s? I need six extra large pies, with everything. Yeah, it’s Roland, you know where to go? Perfect, see you in 30,” he said, closing the phone with a satisfied smile.

Chase couldn’t help but smile as he finished what remained of his beer quickly. Roland actually seemed to be enjoying himself on his first night as a gay man. Ironically, the man who grew up in much more bigoted and violent times had a vastly better coming-out experience than Chase did. “I took an uber here, so if you’re good to go, I’m ready to tag along,” he said with a big bright grin, like a puppy wagging its tail.

Roland had really enjoyed opening his life up to Chase. He was a really wonderful young man; well-mannered, considerate, energetic, youthful, kind, encouraging, an engaging conversationalist and… well… Roland thought he was absolutely adorable. And he occasionally let Chase know it, too, which was a big step for him. He was used to keeping his crushes to himself, and it felt so good to just tell Chase he looked handsome or strong whenever he felt the urge. He liked how it made the boy smile and blush, or flex, or wink at him. He felt like a dirty old bird, but Chase constantly assured him that he found Roland desirable, as well. Roland wasn’t sure how that could be the case, being a 7’3” 698-pound old man.

He’d weighed himself that morning with a special scale that Chase had bought for him a few weeks ago. He suspected that the gain in weight in recent months was due to Chase’s presence in his life. The boy came over frequently to cook for him, or pay for ordering meals when home cooking proved inadequate for the giant’s appetite. The added calories had definitely ballooned him a bit. And Chase was always offering to do things for him. Eventually, Roland relented and opened up to Chase helping him care for his beard, his toes curling when the boy would brush it and rub in the beard oil. They often engaged in activities that definitely felt sexual to Roland, even if he hadn’t really done anything with his cock with Chase yet. He remembered the night they first met and they went back to his house and they’d ended up just… cuddling together on the couch after a big meal. That was one of Roland’s favorite memories ever since his wife had passed.

Lately, things had escalated yet again thanks to his added weight. He was bigger around and that made it more difficult to reach the buttons at the furthest circumference of his shirts and his pants, and instead of walking around exposing his gut and drawers, he asked for Chase’s help dressing him. Now, he was so big he thought he would probably need the boy’s help in yet another arena. They were hanging out one evening in his living room and he was fidgeting with his big gorilla hands, a sure sign that something was on his mind.

Chase never thought he’d develop such a bond with someone so much older than him, much less meet a giant hulking daddy bear. The extra weight looked good on him, and Chase was encouraging Roland to go to his college’s gym with him, but Roland had been too shy for that thus far, feeling awkward being in the gym. It’d been quite a chaste companionship thus far, but Chase found that pretty endearing about the big stud.

A lot of men just wanted to hook up and bolt, but Roland was a lot more than some hookup. He clearly wanted something more than just sex, and seemed apprehensive about sex stuff in general. They hadn’t even been nude together, Chase offering to sleep on the couch. He figured it’d be weird for Roland to have another person in his bed so soon after his wife passed.

It was on that same heavily-divoted couch that they sat, Chase’s strong hand coming to rest atop Roland’s gigantic mitts. He’d seen the big brute get like this sometimes, and he usually had a pretty adorable confession to make as a result. Chase leaned against Roland’s bulk a bit, rubbing along his hairy forearms gently. “What’s on your mind, big man?” he asked with a gentle smile, not wanting to push things too far too fast.

Roland felt that small hand rest on top of his huge ones and he looked over and down at Chase from his higher vantage point, having to look over the crest of his chest, shoulder, and belly to see what he could of the younger man. “Ah, ya really know how to read me like an open book. Just like my wife,” he chuckled nervously, swallowing a lump in his throat. “Well, y-y’see… You’ve been mighty helpful with helpin’ me get dressed. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve been volunteerin’ to do that for me. I feel bad asking something more of you, but… there’s somethin’ else I’ve been havin’ trouble with doin’ on my own…” he stammered out. He felt so embarrassed admitting there were some things that he just couldn’t do well as he got bigger and older.

“Yeah? There’s nothin’ wrong with that. Big man like you needs help fitting into our society that wasn’t designed for giant studly fellas like yourself. I keep tellin’ you it’s gonna be awful hard to scare me off, heh. I’m here with you for as long as you’ll have me, stud.” Chase was always so confident when he spoke. It was a huge generational gap; Roland felt bashful about asking for the smallest amount of intimate assistance from anyone, much less another man. “I like helping you get dressed. I think it’s cool that you’re so big and manly you have trouble buttoning up your shirts and pants, heh. So… what’s on your mind, stud?” he asked, his hand reaching up to rub alongside Roland’s jaw, scratching into his big beard. It was looking better and better these days, the beard oil and brushing made it look so full and handsome, letting everyone see what a virile stud he was even in his old age.

Roland couldn’t hold back a moan of delight as he felt those fingers make their way to his whiskers and stroke them. He almost regretted telling Chase how much that kind of touching made him feel good, but then he wouldn’t trade all the wonderful beard rubs he’d received for anything in the world.

“I… mmff… yeah, that’s a good spot there… I mean, er,” he stammered, trying to focus on what he’d meant to say and not the confident fingers of his young companion scritching under his chin. “I think I might need some help… cleanin’ up. In the shower. If… ya know what I mean,” he trailed off, blushing terribly.

Chase smirked a bit, that’s what Roland was all worried about? It seemed very silly to be so flustered about, but he knew how serious this was for the older man. “Well, yeah, I kinda figured. Plus you’ve been getting even bigger, so I’m guessing that’s not helping either. I’d be more’n happy to help you out, stud. There are probably a few places that haven’t gotten much attention lately. I’m guessin’ your pits, belly, legs, and rear are all too troublesome for you to reach?”

Roland timidly nodded his head on his nearly non-existent neck, wanting to sink his face into his pectoral cleavage in embarrassment. “Y-yeah… and… my bathin’ suit area, if I’m bein’ honest. I gotta heft up my gut to get a good angle on it and it’s been hard to do one-handed. I… I’d offer to wear a swimsuit in there if it wasn’t fer that… As it is, ya’d have to see me… y’know, naked,” he said, looking away.

“Heh. You keep acting like that’s a downside for me, stud. I’d be pretty happy to see you naked. Maybe after a while, I could jump into the shower and be naked with you while I’m helping scrub you down if you’d like that.” Chase had to control himself and not talk about how he wanted to stroke Roland’s monster dick and lick and suck his huge testicles and lose himself in the old man’s mass. If only Roland knew how difficult it was for Chase to avoid pouncing and kissing this giant daddy.

“… So, did you… wanna take care of that now? No sense in waiting if you’re feeling kinda grody.”

Roland nodded again, signaling his need to get clean. “Yeah, I’ve been feelin’ kinda musky for the past week. I apologize in advance. Did you want to use my bathtub or should we just do it with my shower door open?” he asked as he began to stand up, truly towering over the more slightly below-average height of Chase. Standing this close together, Roland truly couldn’t see the boy over his bulk.

“Whatever is more comfortable for you, big man. If you get much bigger you might wanna think about remodeling your bathroom so it can handle a fella your size, heh.” Could he even get much bigger? The thought was… conflicting.

Chase sprang up with the eagerness of a puppy, not just for wanting to see this giant stud naked in all of his glory but to help him be more comfortable with his size and his affection for men.

“Sounds expensive,” Roland grunted as he walked up the stairs, each one creaking in agony as he hefted his weight onto them. He eventually made his way to the master bedroom and the bathroom connected to it. “Awright, here’s where I begin to need your help, kiddo,” he said with a rueful chuckle, patting the sides of his belly to signal he needed to be undressed.

Chase smiled, crouching down and starting with Roland’s belt, unfastening it and pulling it through the belt loops before reaching up to open the button and pull his fly down, letting his overburdened briefs bulge through the opening. He rose upward and began to unbutton Roland’s shirt carefully, the halves of the shirt quickly pulling open as soon as they were released as though grateful to be freed from the older man’s bulk. He had to reach higher up to reach the uppermost buttons, and by the time he made it across the big man’s chest, the buttons were threatening to go flying.

Once his hairy torso was exposed, Chase helped him slip one side of his shirt off, and then the other, leaving him shirtless with his pants undone but held up by the girth of his thighs. Chase touched the hem of Roland’s underwear. “This too?” he asked gently.

Roland closed his eyes for a moment, thinking carefully, perhaps even asking his late wife for forgiveness, before nodding his head. “Yeah, it’s time, boy.”

He felt Chase’s fingers dig under the waistband and tug down, needing to apply some force to make the briefs slide down his enormous quads and over the shelf of his preposterous glutes. As they lowered, Chase could see the old man’s snowy pubes poke through, until he got to the pale root of the old man’s cock, thick as a can of soda as he revealed more of it under the shadow of that titanic gut.

Chase’s eyes widened a bit as he undressed the older man, watching more and more of his pendulous cock reveal itself as he pulled his underwear down further. His jaw fell open as Roland’s cock just kept going and going, finally stopping when it was just over halfway down his thighs.

“Whoa… you’re massive, big man.” He didn’t need to expand on how it was so much bigger and meatier than he thought it’d be, he didn’t want to make the big man feel even more bashful. By the time the underwear was down his ankles, Roland was completely naked in front of another man outside the context of a locker room. This was much more intimate. Roland felt vulnerable for the first time in a long while.

The old man’s skin was flushed as he stood there, even the tips of his ears turning red. “Ah… well… I suppose we should get on with things…” he stammered, starting to plod over to the walk-in shower, his heavy genitals bouncing to and fro along with his enormous belly. Even the man’s balls were heavy and mighty-looking as they got tossed around, as big as Chase’s fists. Roland stepped inside of the shower and turned on the water, but didn’t close the door, allowing for Chase to reach in and soap whatever was necessary. Considering how much space the old man took up in there, it was a miracle he could fit inside of it at all anymore, with his larger-than-ever girth.

Chase had bought Roland a new showerhead a while ago, one that was connected to a hose so he could remove the showerhead and clean off difficult-to-reach spots. But Roland had reached the limits of that a while ago, and so now Chase commanded the showerhead. He splashed warm water against Roland’s back, making sure it saturated every part of him before he hung the showerhead back up and grabbed the bar of soap, starting to rub it directly against Roland’s skin, soaping up his immense back before sliding down between the chasm between Roland’s massive glutes.

Roland was as red as a tomato as Chase got closer to washing his rear, he thought it’d gross the young man out so much that he wouldn’t want to see him ever again. He was surprised to feel Chase very enthusiastically cleaning every inch of Roland’s backside, digging in with a soap-soaked washcloth, making sure to reach underneath and give the older man’s taint a good scrub, taking care to get the parts that his huge thighs forced to fold in on themselves. “How’s the water temperature?” he asked nonchalantly, elbows-deep between Roland’s glutes.

Roland thought for sure that Chase would’ve realized he didn’t actually want to touch such a sweaty, dirty old man and have run out on him by now, so he was surprised to feel him take such a careful, professional approach to clean him. “It’s nice ‘n’ warm, heh,” he replied, too nervous to relax and just enjoy the very nice feeling of a handsome young man’s hands on his naked body, feeling him in places where only his wife had ever touched him. He spread his stance out a bit wider when Roland got to his thighs; he knew that they would press against each other stubbornly otherwise.

Chase dutifully covered every bit of the giant stud’s legs, his massive hairy thighs, his broad, bulging calves, and the tops of his broad feet. He even dug his fingers into the muscle in various places, trying to massage the big man. He rose upward, rubbing the back of Roland’s traps, shoulders, and triceps. The triple-tall neck rolls all got lovingly tended to, even his bald head was nicely soaped up. Once he was confident that everything along Roland’s back half had been cleaned, he sprayed him down and made sure none of the soap remained to irritate his skin. “All right big man, you wanna turn around and face me?”

Roland hesitated for several moments and he could tell that Chase knew something was up. “Uh… y-yeah… just… I mean… well… Gosh, guess there’s no point in waitin’ for this to go down, doesn’t feel like it’s going to any time soon…” he muttered before padding around, facing Chase. The old man’s formerly limp cock had apparently gotten quite excited from all the touching and squeezing and was jutting out underneath his belly, somehow able to lift its heft parallel to the floor, the length of it nearly pushing out as far as his belly did, which was no small feat. It was difficult to tell if the liquid dripping off of the tip was just water or… something more.

Chase grinned affectionately, pretending like the hulking daddy’s massive hard-on was no big deal. “Whew… what a handsome beast you are, Roland,” he said gently, figuring it was best to start from the top and save his junk for last. He set the bar of soap down and grabbed a bottle of special beard shampoo, having to lean forward against Roland’s heavy belly to reach his face, starting to dutifully scrub the shampoo into his big snowy beard.

“Dunno what you were so nervous about, big man. There’s nothin’ to be ashamed of. You’re exactly the way you oughta be… well… maybe you could stand to gain a few more pounds,” he said with an impish chuckle, digging his fingers in and scritching around Roland’s beard eagerly.

Roland was quiet as he soaked up those compliments before bending down as he saw Chase wanting to lather up his beard. Even bending over, poor Chase had to practically rest his entire body against his dripping wet torso. He couldn’t hold back a long, low moan as his beard was scritched, however, so deep and lusty that Chase swore he could feel it reverberating inside of him.

After a moment, the big lug appeared to absorb what Chase had said. “More? Ya really think I’d look good even heavier?” he asked, blinking. He’d thought he’d been pushing things with his added pounds lately, but it sounded like Chase was hungry for him to add on even more!

“I want you to be as big as you wanna be, Roland. Without worryin’ what people will think or how they might see you. Because from my point of view, the best thing for a guy as naturally huge as you is to lean into it and embrace it. You’d be a beast at my gym, heh. And my student ID lets me take a guest with me.”

This was something that Roland already knew, thanks to Chase bringing it up every now and again. College students had dominion over that gym; it felt strange for Roland to think about his gigantic elderly frame alongside boys Chase’s age.

The younger man kept lathering up Roland’s beard, partly because there was so much to cover and partly because he loved seeing the big brute groan happily. The lathering practically put Roland into a trance! He was purring a bit by the end of it, putty in Chase’s hands, his cock leaking a bit faster. “O-Okay… I guess I could try out yer gym… just once… to see how it feels. I’m sure the fellas there don’t want an old man crampin’ their style!” Roland chuckled. It seemed that Chase had finally found the right time to suggest something scary and new to the old man.

Chase grinned impishly. Maybe it’d been a little manipulative to do this while knowing that Roland was at his most suggestible and wouldn’t go back on his word once he’d made a commitment to something. “I’m real glad to hear that, big man.” He tenderly kissed the side of Roland’s huge gut, grabbing the bar of soap again and starting to lather up his broad chest, digging his fingers in through the snowy white chest fur. “Raise your arms up for me big guy,” he commanded gently, exposing Roland’s deep, musky pits to the air. Roland was humiliated, surely the stink of his armpits would drive the poor boy away!

“Mmmn. Woof. That’s a real man’s smell, stud. No wonder every woman gets so eager around you, I bet they can smell how virile you are. Almost seems a shame to wash it off completely. But I’m sure it’ll grow back in no time, heh.” Chase dug into Roland’s armpits with the soap, rubbing the front of his lats and the sides of his pecs as he explored the musky caverns with his fingers.

“They do not, heh!” Roland denied Chase’s remark about his attractiveness to the women he occasionally found himself around. It was more that Roland seemed too dense to realize the way that the women at the grocery store found excuses to walk up to him and start conversations. He just thought they were being friendly when they offered their phone numbers or finding excuses to touch his arm. He thought nothing of the neighborhood cookout last year, the first year he’d been widowed where he’d been surrounded by the single women (and even some of the wives) of the neighborhood all evening long. “Careful… I can get a lil’ ticklish,” he said with a deep giggle, making his bulk quake as he bit his lower lip, feeling those little fingers digging into his sensitive spots, forcing another boyish giggle out of him.

Chase grinned like a fox about to pounce on its prey. “Oh yeah? Like this?” he giggled, digging in and tickling Roland’s armpits playfully, squeezing his meaty arms around Roland’s chest so he couldn’t shake him off so easily.

Roland burst out into a deep, throaty laugh as he was tickled, his muscles twitching as he tried to shift around but Chase was a persistent opponent. “Cut it out, boy!” he laughed, tears starting to form at the edge of his eyes as he lowered his arm, trapping Chase in the moist, soapy pit, pinning him with the weight of his enormous body.

Chase tried to pull his arms free, hoping the soap would let him slip out, but his struggles were to no avail. “Hah! You’re just holding my hands in there with all that muscle, big man!” he laughed, continuing his assault, nuzzling his face against Roland’s huge, soapy chest.

Roland was laughing more and more hoarsely at this point, crying while laughing, slumping his back against the rear of the shower wall. “S-Stop it… I’m gonna lose my balance and take ya down with me!” he warned between laughs.

Chase finally relented, his hands and fingers no longer moving, starting to lose some of the feeling in his digits from the massive force of Roland’s muscles squeezing down around his forearms. “All right, all right, I don’t want ya to fall and hurt yourself, big guy. I’ll stop, promise.”

It took a few more moments for Roland’s stimulation to wind down, his laughs slowing until he had control again and stood back up fully, releasing Chase from his sweaty prison. “Serves ya right for takin’ advantage of a helpless ol’ man!” he grunted in mock indignance, snorting and turning his nose up at his young attendant.

“Yeah, helpless, the old man who could squash me flat under just his gut. What a poor mistreated creature you are,” Chase cooed teasingly as he returned to soaping up Roland’s chest, his fingers grazing across the meaty nubs of the older man’s nipples, poking out through the snowy forest of his chest hair.

Roland shuddered a little at that brief contact. “C-Careful! Not sure what that was just now but… just… careful,” he told Chase, flushed and panting a little bit afterward. He wasn’t sure how he liked losing so much control… but it still felt good to feel that pleasure.

“Hmm? This?” he asked, dragging his fingertips gently across Roland’s nipples, the areolas stretched out wide across his chest due to how much mass his pecs contained.

“A-A-Aaaaahh!!” he gasped, his cock swinging up to slap against the bottom of his gut in excitement, a gush of precum issuing forth from it. “I said easy does it!”

“Whoa, okay, sorry,” Chase grunted, pulling his hands away for a moment to let the big guy catch his breath. “Is this… new for ya? In all the time you and your wife were together, neither of you tried playing with your nipples a bit? A lot of guys find it really erotic and arousing to have their nips teased a little. Mine are wired up really good, I’ve been able to cum just from having two guys sucking on my nips, heh!” Just the thought of that made Roland shiver. Three men having sex at the same time?! What… what would he even do during such an event?

Roland shook his head in response to Chase’s inquiry. “Nah… we just did… y’know, normal married sex. We didn’t have all this other stuff you young guys have! Never got the idea to touch myself in that… kinda way,” he admitted, blushing. “It… it feels too sensitive!” he said, turning away.

“Aww, c’mon stud. Nothin’ wrong with exploring what you like. It’s really normal, I promise. Are you… able to reach them yourself at all?” he asked, genuinely curious as to whether the size of his biceps and pecs kept him from reaching his own meaty nips.

Roland shook his head again. “See?” he demonstrated, attempting to reach across his body to grasp at the opposite side’s nipple, only to fall far short thanks to his biceps and pec smashing against each other and neither giving way to the other. It went without saying that he couldn’t touch the same side’s nipple for similar musclebound reasons.

Chase blinked, not having considered that. “Ohh… you really can’t reach. And your wife never touched them, eh… well damn, that’s kind of a shame, big guy. All this time you’ve been missin’ out on something that can really add to your satisfaction. But I’ll quit gettin’ you worked up since I need to get to the rest of you,” he chortled, moving his hands down to begin the arduous process of soaping up Roland’s gigantic gut, feeling the flabby give it had in certain places and the steel-hard muscle gut beneath it.

The rubdown was once again relaxing to Roland, his eyes closing and letting his head lay slack against his traps as he moaned deeply, feeling those fingers work into his bulk, shifting it around, manipulating what was pliable, and massaging what was solid. His cock throbbed and ached again, leaking more from its uncut tip.

Chase couldn’t really tell how leaky the big beast was thanks to the water running down his body when he was turned around, but now that he was facing him with the water splashing down his back, he could see how eagerly Roland’s fat dick was leaking onto the shower floor. Just from getting his belly rubbed he was dribbling out more than most guys did in an entire load! “Feels good, huh?” he asked, reaching around the underside of Roland’s gut to wash it, reaching deep in and soaping up Roland’s crotch as well.

“Aaaahhhhh!” Roland moaned, unable to form intelligible responses with his cock feeling so hard and slapping up against the underside of his gut again, slinging a long string of precum against Chase’s body, marking it with his musky scent.

Chase paused his ministrations for a few moments, letting Roland catch his breath. He didn’t think it was a good idea to mention how the front of his mostly-wet shirt was now coated in a splash of musky precum for fear of making Roland feel like a freak. “You okay, Roland?” he asked, still not moving. He didn’t want to overwhelm the poor guy.

“Gimme… mmfff… a second…!” he strained, his cock bobbing up and down with excitement after feeling Chase’s fingers get closer. “Just… hah… a lil’… overstimulated… hoooo…” he breathed, taking deep breaths, his enormous pecs expanding and contracting slowly. “I-I’m ready… Guess this was more than ya bargained for, huh?” he asked self-deprecatingly, blushing again.

“Not at all, stud. In fact, this is even more exciting than I thought it’d be. I really like doing this. Your body is a gigantic temple and deserves a little worship now and again,” he explained gently, not wanting Roland to feel quite so humiliated by his size. “It might be… kinda hard to wash off your man-parts if you’re this sensitive. Without making you, uh… burst, I guess. But…” he paused, gulping a bit. “I want you to shoot your load, big man. You’ve gone without release for so long… it’s probably hard for you to reach your manhood even with how big it is, eh?”

Roland blushed even more as he nodded in acknowledgment of his handicap. “It’s… true. I even gotta sit down to properly relieve myself when it’s time to use the bathroom. When I’m out and about I either gotta find one of those big handicap stalls or just hold it in,” he admitted, feeling slightly ashamed. His size was so inconvenient.

Chase frowned a bit at the older man’s tone. He didn’t want him to feel ashamed or embarrassed by his wonderful size, even with the limitations it brought him. “I kinda wondered why you never went to the bathroom when we’ve been going out, even after downing all those pitchers of beer. Would it… make it easier if I held your manhood for you and aim it properly when we’re out together?”

The thought of another man walking in and seeing Chase holding Roland’s dick as he urinated was even more humiliating to the older man… but it did seem like an efficient solution.

“You’d… really do that, Chase? That’s awful sweet of ya… Well… I suppose if you’re offerin’ on yer own… it wouldn’t be selfish of me to accept…” Roland responded, smiling meekly under his damp beard. It really took a lot of cajoling to get the big man to accept any form of assistance.

Chase was slowly getting used to the fact that he’d have to gently nudge Roland along towards any meaningful acceptance of his size and his desires. “I’d be happy to, big man. And you don’t just have to stick to toilets either. This shower is a great place to just kinda… let fly, you know?”

Urinating in the shower?! That was just… not right!

“I can turn around if it makes ya more comfortable. But I figure you deserve to unload without having to stress about making sure it doesn’t splash anywhere. Worst case scenario I can just rinse it off ya in case any of it splashes, heh.”

Roland furrowed his brow and bit his bottom lip. There was no way he could urinate with this erection going on. And there was no way he could get the erection to go away at this point without… letting it play out the way nature intended. Could he really let Chase bring him to climax? That was… well, that was practically intercourse, as far as someone in his generation was concerned. Was he ready for that? Would… his late wife allow him the pleasure? He wanted to believe she’d just want him to be happy. And right now… the cum was feeling like it was boiling in his balls. “A-All right… but if I turn like this,” Roland said, turning to face the shower wall and exposing his backside to Chase, “how are you going to help me out up front?”

“Well… I was thinkin’ you could face me, so I could help ya get there. Not that I think it’ll take much, heh. Would it… be okay if I took off my clothes and got in there with you?” He figured that the old man was so pent-up and horny that he’d agree to a lot right now.

“O-Oh… I guess that makes sense… can’t get in here and have your clothes all damp…” Roland muttered, not realizing just how messy things had gotten for Chase during their little chore, since he hadn’t really been able to see much of him since they’d started. He was just too big and Chase was too small to see over himself. He turned back around and his cock pointed toward Chase dangerously, like a loaded cannon.

Chase took a few steps back, letting Roland see just how soaked with pre his shirt and pants had become. The younger man grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head, revealing his thick, beefy torso, the faintest trace of a four-pack on his middle, his big heavy pecs jutting out, his shoulders wide and brawny. He had a few little patches of brown hair across his chest and down his navel, which was quickly revealed as Chase shucked his pants off, revealing a rock-hard cock that was nearly as thick as his own wrist, but like the rest of him, it was squat and wide, only about five inches long. His balls were plenty large as well, fueling his dribbling dick.

“In case you thought I was lyin’ about what I said…” he grinned, taking a step back and turning a bit to let Roland see his own throbbing erection.

Roland let out a small gasp as he saw Chase’s nude body, its desire evident in that throbbing organ. He had heard from Chase countless times by now that he found Roland attractive. That certainly wasn’t a surprise. But… the reality of seeing the effect he had on the boy’s body, that it was his lumpy bulk that made the lad so hard and eager… that was unexpected. Not to mention it was the first erection he’d seen on another man. Of course, he’d seen genitals in the locker room, but they were never in a state of excitement before. This one stood proudly upward, even with its modest length and impressive girth. Roland’s own body let out another squirt of precum that splattered audibly onto the tiled floor.

Chase smiled proudly at seeing Roland’s reaction, standing naked in front of the elderly brute for the first time. “See? You get me all worked up, big man. Do you like what you see?” he asked with a grin, bringing his beefy arms up to flex, flaring his lats out and exposing his own deep, hairy pits. Such youthful manly pulchritude eagerly displayed right in front of him, sending Roland’s mind reeling with all the flashbacks of being around young men like Chase but not knowing what to do about this tight knot of feelings that rose up in his throat. Roland thought that other men would find him repulsive and wouldn’t reciprocate his affections, and here was a young man who seemed to have amalgamated so many features he found desirable in men, eagerly standing right in front of him and showing off his muscular body proudly, just waiting for Roland to state his approval.

Roland swallowed the lump in his throat as the moment continued hanging. His eyes were wide and his heart was beating fast. Even though he was incredibly aroused by Chase, he was also feeling… fear. This was the furthest he’d ever gone in his dalliances with the same sex. It was a big step. “I…” he started, trying to find what he wanted to say. His cock throbbed and belched another wad of precum again, splattering to the tiling below. He could even feel it splash against his feet along with the shower water. Why did he have to say it? Couldn’t Chase see it? Couldn’t he read the desire on his face, on his crotch? Couldn’t he smell the scent of the old man’s precum starting to stink up the shower despite the slightly floral scent of the soap mixing in with it? He trembled. A huge, 7’3”, nearly 700-pound septuagenarian quivering in fear from simply having to speak aloud his desire.

“I think you’re the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.”

Chase grinned and blushed a little. “Aww, you’re awful sweet, big man. I’m glad I turn you on. I wanna make you happy. So… what do you want this big man to do to you?” he asked, lowering his arms and rolling his meaty pecs. He didn’t want to push Roland into a place that frightened him… and it was important for Roland to acknowledge these feelings for himself.

“I… I want you to…” Roland began timidly, not sure where the sentence was going to end up. It was like a kid who hadn’t gotten a present in his entire life being told he could have anything he wanted from the toy store. His fantasies had never really taken firm shape, given his ignorance and old-fashioned perspective. He knew what a man and a woman did together, and he had a vague notion from locker room talk of what men who weren’t as “masculine” did with each other, but not enough to feel like he had a roadmap for what he should ask for next. “I just… really want some relief,” he grunted, gesturing at the swollen testes that were pumping him full of testosterone. His cock spluttered another gout of precum; the man seemed to have an endless reservoir of it!

Chase grinned and approached again, his squat frame vanishing beneath the horizon of Roland’s pecs and belly. The younger man rinsed the soap from Roland’s beard, chest, and belly tenderly, just letting his flesh rub against Roland’s where their bodies met.

“Do you want me to touch you?” he asked teasingly, wanting to get Roland worked up. He figured giving him an anchor point to expand upon would be a good idea.

“Y-Yes… it’s very… mmff… comforting when you touch my belly… or my beard… but then you very well know that by now,” Roland chuckled, thinking back on all the times the boy had made him feel so fuzzy-headed and wonderful just by giving him a few well-placed rubs.

“Yeah, I do. Do you want me to touch you there? Or… maybe someplace else?” he said teasingly, squatting down to rub along the front of the man’s massive thighs, rubbing between the inside of them gently, knowing that some guys were really sensitive there.

Roland trembled from that touch, his thighs quaking and worrying for a second that he might lose strength in his legs and come crashing down on the poor boy, his mass crushing him against the precummy tiles. “Aahhhh!! That’s… that’s very… nnffhhh… nice…!” he grunted. It was definitely cranking his arousal higher… perhaps he needed to focus more on that than the safety blanket of belly and beard rubs. “A-And… my n-” he almost couldn’t say it, “nipples…”

Chase rose upward, leaning his torso against Roland’s belly. The old man could feel Chase’s eager young dick rubbing against the head of his own; another man’s genitals rubbing his own! The thought was almost too exciting to bear, but that thought was blasted out of his mind the moment Chase’s fingertips made contact with his nipples, just one finger gently passing back and forth over both of them. “How does this feel, big man? You want me to stop like before?” he asked, his voice a little more… bold than Roland had heard it in the past.

“Aahhhhhh!!!” he cried out, his voice powerful enough that neither would’ve been surprised if a neighbor had heard him. “N-No, don’t stop! I… I need to feel this!! Oh god… never… felt this before… Seventy-five years and never got to feel this before tonight!” he gasped out, his cock achieving a hardness he’d never felt before. Somehow, it hadn’t been fully hard yet as Roland felt it expand just a bit more.

“Oh, I won’t stop. Not until you get what you need, like a big man should,” he growled, kissing and licking at the top of Roland’s belly as he made a fist with both hands and dragged his knuckles across the tips of Roland’s meaty nipples, stimulating them back and forth with his touch. “Does it feel good, big man? I love hearing you moan and bellow like the hulking beast you are,” Chase egged him on.

“Mmfff… I… usually… try not to make much sound… I can scare people otherwise… Speak softly… nnffhhh… try not to take up too much space… ggghhhh… don’t wanna be… a beast!” he huffed out whenever the shocks of pleasure allowed him to form words. His cock was jutting wildly against Chase’s modest member.

“But it feels good to indulge like this, doesn’t it? Flex your big muscles, stud. Feel how massive and powerful you are. You’re the biggest, strongest man on the whole planet. I don’t think you realize just how impossibly sexy that makes you. Do you want to get off like this?… Or did you want me to touch you somewhere else? Maybe along your big fat fuckin’ bitch-breaker cock?” Such filthy language! Chase’s voice sounded different now, growling and commanding, keeping the old man held tightly in his grasp. He wouldn’t let Roland deny himself any longer.

Roland was sweating, his face turning red as he became more and more flustered and aroused. “T-Touch my c-cock…!” he sputtered out, thrusting his crotch out assertively, the massive tool not even wobbling as he did so, it was so hard and his groin muscles so strong. It shot a rope (!) of precum so strongly that it splattered up against Chase’s chin, drenching him in the precursor to the hulk’s manly essence.

Chase licked his upper lip and squatted down, gently cupping the huge man’s massive, virile balls. “Rrrhhhf, look at these huge low-hangers. You’re more potent than a fuckin’ stallion, Roland.” Feeling his massive bull balls getting fondled and loved on was working him up even more, and the sensation of Chase’s fingertips along the base of his raging, veiny dick sent lightning bolts of pleasure through his entire frame!

“A-A-AAaaahhh!!!” Roland cried out again. He thrust his hips again but was careful not to go too far. He knew how big and powerful his cock was. He didn’t want to poke an eye out, or bruise Chase. He never wanted his strength to ever harm a hair on that boy’s head. He was so charming and confident and sexy and… and young…! Jesus, he had grandkids that boy’s age! His cock ached and splattered another helping of lubricant all over Chase’s face.

Chase groaned and opened his mouth, licking up Roland’s musky precum. His hands slid further up the giant’s pole, barely able to make both hands touch around the monstrous organ. “Rrrhhf, fuck yeah, keep blasting my face with that delicious pre, big daddy. I wanna see you blast it all over me!”

Roland’s wife had never said or done anything of the sort. She had always been demure and yielding, as a proper wife of her generation ought to be. It left Roland with a great deal of unexplored territory; dirty talk was not something his wife ever did.

“Th-then take it!” he blurted out, right before his cock gave Chase what he said he wanted and blasting it with another gush of warm, salty, musky pre-ejaculate, coating his face, even getting into his nostrils! He’d likely smell like Roland’s cock slop for the rest of the week!

Chase couldn’t hold back anymore, stretching his mouth around Roland’s huge dick as much as he could, barely able to get half of the head into his mouth. But that was plenty for his tongue to stimulate Roland’s slit as his meaty fingers stroked up and down along the giant’s pole. “Give it to me! Show me how a real man can cum!” Chase barked.

Roland’s neck strained as he cried out in climax, his cock giving one final swell before he felt the load traveling the long road up his shaft. He was so endowed, he could feel the load winding through his shaft before it ever shot out of him. “H-Here it comes!” he managed to bark out before the first rope of thick, white-hot, extremely potent old man baby batter clogged up Chase’s esophagus, so concentrated it was difficult to even swallow!

Chase coughed and pulled his face away from Roland’s gigantic, unwieldy dick, otherwise, he’d suffocate! His hands were relentless now, mercilessly stroking the big giant’s sensitive head, wanting to push him beyond what he thought were the limits of his sexual pleasure! “Yeah, yeah!! Blow that giant fuckin’ load, big daddy!!!”

The enormous man roared in relief as his second streamer of cum clogged up Chase’s mouth, cutting off his encouraging words as he sputtered on it, a third rope blasting against the rest of his face, blinding him temporarily as a fourth soaked his hair, the fifth drenching him down to his chest in the big man’s seed.

Figuring that remaining a target for Roland’s cum would make it difficult to get the old man off completely, Chase ducked underneath and started to bear-hug Roland’s massive cock, stroking it with his arms and grinding it down into his hairy chest, kneeling beneath the giant man, hearing his massive spurts of cum splatter against the tile floor behind him!

Roland’s mind was blank as he came. Any thoughts about his size, his age, his loneliness… they were all wiped away and he experienced perfect mindless bliss for as long as he kept shooting sperm out of his cock. It went on for an impressively long time, almost a minute and a half before his flow began to slow down and his cock started to soften. “Ohhhhhh…” he moaned, his body shivering and attempting to recover from its climax.

“Lean against the wall, big guy.” Roland did as Chase suggested, steadying himself lest he topple forward and crush the young man. Even though he had already cum ferociously, Chase was keen to drag out the older man’s pleasure as much as he could, continuing to stroke his cock and lick at the dribbling head, gulping down the slower, steadier flow.

The seed seemed to get richer the closer to the bottom of the barrel it got, the consistency nearing yogurt by the final few dollops that Chase coaxed out from that weary shaft. It was impressive to think that Roland’s wife had withstood the man’s ejaculation not just once, but several times, considering that the cock Chase had just sucked had created several allegedly strapping sons.

“A-Are you… all right?” Roland asked, his first thoughts turning to Chase’s wellbeing.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Chase panted, still trying to catch his breath. “That was… unlike anything I’ve ever seen, stud. I… wanna do that more, I wanna please you more.” He gulped, panting softly. “Can I… cum too?” He didn’t want to be pushy about it. Another man cumming because of him might not be something Roland was ready for.

“Y-Yes… of course… you’ve been so sweet to me, boy,” he rumbled, eyes half-lidded as he felt the satisfaction bone-deep inside of him for the first time in a long time, his muscles relaxed and pliable.

Roland had finally relented and told Chase that he’d be willing to go to his gym on campus. Chase spent that night looking for gym wear that would fit someone as massive as Roland, and now the day had come for him to reveal his amazing mass to the world.

It had taken some cajoling to get Roland out of the house wearing this stuff, several photos of bodybuilders wearing similar clothes got the big man to begrudgingly agree to show up in public like this. He wore a green tank top with a bit of extra fabric at the front and back hem, specially made for guys with muscle guts to keep the fabric from riding up too much. It didn’t help much in Roland’s case, though. His back was almost completely exposed, the tank having a little central string along the spine that the two straps connected to, and up front wasn’t much better. His chest was fully on display; the straps that reached over his shoulders ended up being too narrow to cover his chest much, so it vanished into the gap between Roland’s massive pecs. His shorts were much easier to deal with, Chase just had to find workout shorts with enough of an inseam, but his estimates turned out to be a little smaller than reality, causing Roland’s bulge to quite prominently protrude from his shorts; a side-view of him would reveal the huge bundle of flesh. Roland didn’t have any shoes for working out, so Chase had bought those as well, a pair of size 18 triple-wide sneakers.

“Don’t worry about it big man, nobody is gonna give you any guff over it,” Chase assured him as they walked up to the doors. Chase confidently approached the counter and scanned his student ID, informing the guy working the desk that Roland was going to be his guest for the evening. A signed release form later and they were on the gym floor, all kinds of weightlifting equipment and machines and serious-looking men going about their workout routines, and Roland knew nothing about this world.

Once Roland appeared, a lot of eyes were cast his way. Whether through awe or fear or perhaps lust, Roland was commanding a great deal of attention. Chase felt it was best left unsaid at the moment.

“All right! So, how about we start with some chest exercises?”

Roland felt naked. No, he felt worse than naked. If he were naked, he would’ve felt like he was drawing less attention to himself than he was now. He’d agreed to let Chase pick the gym clothes since he had no idea what was appropriate and figured that no store in town would have his sizes anyways. He was initially mortified when he saw the small lycra garments but Chase had assured him they would stretch. While they did that, there was absolutely a limit.

His tank top, a green that bordered on the neon to Roland’s aged eyes, bunched up in his pectoral cleavage, and the bottom hem of the shirt bunched up on the upper slope of his belly, leaving 75% of it exposed. He didn’t even like going to the public pool without wearing a shirt, sensitive about his enormous bulk and assuming no one would like it. With a shirt this garish and skimpy, it seemed like he was advertising it to onlookers!

The shorts were almost worse. They only came to a little way down his upper thighs and the crotch… well… he’d begged Chase to make sure there was enough room there. And there was… technically. He wasn’t popping out of it at the moment, after all. It just… wasn’t modest. In the least. It stuck out further than Chase’s torso was thick. His ass also felt ready to pop out of the bottom of it if he bent over incorrectly.

He could feel the eyes on him and he was beet red, wishing he could hide in his big beard and not be seen. But he wanted to do this for Chase. The boy seemed to think he would get something out of this and he wanted to humor him at least once, that way he could say he’d tried it. Chase had been so kind to him, after all. He’d led him to have his first orgasm with another man! He didn’t really know if he could call it sex or not. The only sex he’d had was with his wife and he didn’t know what counted between two men.

“I don’t look ridiculous, do I?” he asked for the umpteenth time as Roland evaded the other’s question, feeling gazes of various college jocks fall upon him.

“Nope, I told you big man, lots of guys wear stuff like this. See?” Chase nudged his head over towards a muscular red-headed young man who was wearing a tank top and shorts that were relatively similar in design to Roland’s… but this was on a 190-pound swimmer, Roland positively engulfed every article of clothing he wore.

“Do I need to pull up my phone and show you photos of all those huge bodybuilders wearing this stuff again?” he asked teasingly, leading Roland over to one of the bench press stations. It’d been occupied a moment ago, but the guy fled as soon as he saw Roland approaching. Chase patted the bench and instructed Roland to sit down. “This can hold your weight for sure, it’s designed to withstand a lot of weight bearing down on it.”

Roland nodded, but still carefully laid himself down onto the bench, not quite trusting it. It was definitely strange to balance on. It was made to fill most of the width of the back on an average man, but for Roland, it was almost like balancing his torso on a tongue depressor. “No, I don’t need to see those pictures. It might cause some distress in these underpants you call shorts!” he chuckled, only half-joking. He’d had quite a powerful reaction to those bodybuilders that Chase had shown him. It seemed he hadn’t really been more than dimly aware of bodybuilding, or how large the competitors could get these days. When he fully laid down, Roland’s torso crested above the rests for the bar.

Chase didn’t want to let Roland’s mind linger on his size and how much it made him stick out, so he moved right along with his instructions. He grabbed the empty bar and told Roland how to hold it properly, guiding him through a few reps just to make sure he has the form correct. He was so wide that he had to grip the bar at its widest possible point, his hands on the bar bigger than grapefruits. It felt like he was pushing a toothpick up and down, but Chase assured him that this was essential.

“All right, let’s try with some weight on it,” Chase stated cheerfully, grabbing some plates and putting two 45-pound weights on each side of the bar. “Okay, so this is 225 pounds. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do this, but you’ve never worked out before so it’s best to start light.”

Roland looked a bit uncertain as he wiggled his upper lip, making his mustache twitch, but he nodded and set his jaw as he gripped the bar, so slight in his giant hands, and began to press up. The bar had quite a journey to go, given the lengths of his arms, and he appeared to be able to do so easily. “Ah, is this what you’re meaning?” he asked, not even breathing heavily, pumping the bar down to his huge chest and back up. “This is what you do to get those, er, pecs of yours?” he asked, having learned the proper names of muscles from Chase prior to coming.

“Hah, yep, this is one way to work them. I figured we’d start with this exercise since it works a lot of muscles in your body other than just your chest, your delts and triceps will get a good workout as well. I’m… guessing that’s pretty light for you, huh?” he asked as Roland pumped the bar up and down without any apparent strain.

Roland nodded. “It’s like nothing, honestly. See how fast I can do it?” he demonstrated, starting to push the bar up and down against his pecs, faster and faster, drawing quite a few more flabbergasted eyes to his workout, not even breaking a sweat.

“Hehe, all right big man, let’s put some real weight on.” After Roland racked the bar, Chase put two more plates on each side, suspecting this will be pretty easy as well. “All right, this is 405 pounds, take it slow with this one, don’t wanna pull or strain anything.” Roland may have looked invincible, but Chase was still concerned that his age might cause problems for him.

Roland followed Chase’s advice and slowly pushed the bar up and down at first. “… Chase, this is still almost nothing. I feel like I could do this all night,” he rumbled, slowly powering that bar up and down for several reps, still not breaking a sweat. The tank top was completely engulfed in his pectoral canyon now, almost no sign that he was wearing anything save for the straps over his traps and the small bit covering a fraction of his belly. On the bench like this, his crotch bulge heaved up into the air for all the casual observers to gawk at.

“Damn, all right, you’re even stronger than you look!” he chuckled. “Let’s try for more… May as well fill the bar up to the max.” Roland watched as the bar gradually began to bend with new weights being added to it, until it was completely full with six plates on each side, a pair of clamps keeping them from sliding off the bar. “All right, this is 540 pounds, big guy. Let’s see what you can do.”

Roland lifted the bar up and grunted for the first time, wincing a little behind his glasses as he pushed the bar up slowly. “This… is more what you had in mind,” he huffed, lifting it up to fully extend his arms and then slowly, carefully, letting it come down to touch his pecs before the long journey to shift it back up. He had to correct his form a little that time, making his muscle do the work. After a couple reps, Chase could see a bead of sweat start to form on Roland’s forehead. “Mmfff!” he grunted, a quarter of the way into his set.

Chase’s grin was out to his ears. Roland hadn’t complained or said it was too hard yet, and now he seemed to be getting into it. “There ya go, big man. Keep it up! Go until you don’t think you can lift another one and I’ll spot you.” Chase had taught Roland about a few gym terms, including what a spotter was and what they were for.

Roland grunted in agreement as he continued to power through the set, keeping the slow pace, sweat forming more and more on his chest and his belly, the hair in those places getting damp. His armpits looked a little swampy now, too, and his scent was wafting out into the gym, attracting yet more embarrassing attention. Soon, he was over ten reps and his arms were starting to shake. “Hrfff… need… help… !”

Chase used every ounce of his strength to pull the bar backward and set it into the rack, an ear-splitting -clang- echoing through the gym. If anybody hadn’t seen Roland’s presence in the gym previously, they were certainly looking at him now.

“Great job, stud! That’s more weight than a lot of competitive powerlifters can manage!” he cheered, reaching down to pat Roland on his furry chest. His hand immediately felt damp and swampy in that sweaty, furry mess, the lycra of what there was of his tank top having soaked through as well.

Roland was heaving in breaths, his chest lifting up and down by several inches, his gut doing the same. What was that feeling he was experiencing? It was… good. He wouldn’t have thought lifting heavy things would feel… so deeply satisfying. “W-What’s this feeling I’m having?” he wheezed out, blinking a bit as he tried to find a word for it.

“Uhm…” Chase paused, not quite sure how to answer that. “It’s a pump, I guess. Kinda early for you to get one but I guess you were made for this, hah!” Chase had explained this before; a ‘pump’ is when muscles are worked sufficiently that the increased blood flow causes them to feel pumped up. “Is it a painful or unpleasant feeling?”

Roland shook his head, panting, as he felt his bulge down below… expand gently… at least for now. “Nnnnoooo… it’s actually… pretty nice. Like a pleasant burning… all up inside my… pecs,” he said, proud of himself for remembering the name. “This why you like lifting heavy stuff all the time, kiddo?” he asked with a lopsided smile behind his beard.

Chase giggled, overjoyed with how this was going so far. “Hah, yeah, pretty much! Of course, I’m lifting to try and get bigger and thicker as well,” he demonstrated with a playful growl, flexing his biceps against his pecs. “Once you catch your breath we’ll do another set. We might have to find a gym more suited to guys as big and strong as you in the future so you can really push yourself.”

Roland’s eyes went wide. “There are others as big as me? I’ve always been the biggest I’ve seen in person! I mean, are there any of those bodybuilder-type guys around here from those pictures?” he asked, curious now about muscle and lifting. He had been humoring chase up until that final set, and now he wanted to feel that good feeling some more. His package continued swelling against the straining material and the bottom of his gut.

“Well… maybe not as big as you. I’m fairly sure you’re one of the biggest men alive right now, big man,” Chase stated, shifting a bit to try and hide his growing erection at this talk. “But there are more hardcore gyms that are built for very big, very strong men. You’d probably still be the biggest guy there, but maybe not the strongest… yet.”

Hearing that made Roland’s eyes grow even wider. “Stronger than me? Really? Haha, I’d like to see that!” he said with a grin, imagining finding a friend that could maybe make him feel like less of a freak. He’d always been the tallest, biggest, strongest (well, his own sons notwithstanding), so he was curious to meet someone who might know what it was like to be even more powerful than him! “I’ve got my breath back, but… I might need to wait until… I’m… I’m more settled,” he said, not wanting to admit to the plump chubby he had in his shorts at that moment and how hot and steamy it felt.

Chase had noticed Roland’s shifting genitals, it was hard not to. “Well, I dunno how much better that’s gonna get, stud. All these thoughts of huge, strong men filling your head, these feelings of actually working your muscles for the first time, we’ve just started our workout. You may just have to learn to live with it.”

“O-Oh…” Roland said, a curious mixture of feelings inside of him at hearing that. There was some trepidation, for sure. It was so… immodest to just parade around in practically nothing, his maleness on display in arousal. Still… what could he do about it? He had only just begun and the boy was right… all this lifting and thinking about strong, muscular men… it was going to torture him until he got home! “So what do we do next?” he asked, slowly sitting up, his gut filling his lap.

“Well, we do three more sets of that since it seems like it’s a good weight for you. If it gets too light for you I’ll just push down on the bar, hah! After that we’ll do back by having you do pull-ups, and squats over there on the power rack. Once that’s done, we’ll have to use the full-sized barbells here to work your biceps, triceps, and shoulders. You’ll be pretty exhausted after all that, pretty sure! If you were just a beginner I’d hold off, but you can clearly handle yourself.”

Roland smiled. He liked proving himself for Chase. Chase had been so kind to him, fixing his meals, cleaning him, doting on him at all hours… It was hard to believe someone as young and vital as Chase wanted to be around a silly old man all the time, but he was starting to feel it in his heart that Chase saw something wonderful in him. He knew that he was seeing it in Chase. It wasn’t the same as what he’d felt for his wife, but… there was a familiarity. He’d never really been sexually attracted to his wife, after all, but he’d loved her all the same, as a dear friend. Was this friendship as well? Or… ?

Chase just smiled as Roland looked at him with a curious stare. He reached out and laid a hand on Roland’s huge shoulder, rubbing him gently. An open display of affection from one man to another, unthinkable in Roland’s day. “You lost in thought there, stud?”

Roland blushed and smiled sweetly. “A lil’, maybe. I just… gosh… I dunno how to say it,” he chuckled softly, an amusing sight, seeing such a giant man be so bashful. “Just thinkin’ about you, I guess,” he told him honestly, smiling wider. “Let’s get this goin’!” he grunted, laying back down and flexing his pecs to show his readiness.

Roland surprised Chase by pushing through the next set even better than he had the first time, getting an extra rep out of it. It was like now that the big man realized he liked the feeling of lifting, of using his oversized bulk to its limit, he really wanted to put his mind to it. Despite becoming a sweaty mess, he completed three sets of those bench presses with flying colors, marveling at the feeling of being “pumped” in his chest, rubbing them happily and eagerly starting to talk to Chase about plans to lift again, asking him to “use the Google” to find a gym that those “guys like me” used. Chase had never seen Roland get so excited over something before. He was usually a pretty calm, domesticated fella, so this was a new side to him they were both discovering. Moving on to the other exercises, Roland attacked them with similar gusto, even grunting loudly with his final reps on the squats, a tear starting to form at the stitching at the crotch of his shorts on the lowest point of his squat, the sound of the seam bursting hidden by the big man’s guttural utterances.

Chase had also purchased some extra-roomy briefs for the giant man, made of a sheer fabric that hugged his butt and provided a nice ‘cup’ for his crotch, which was fortunate as he’d have all of his man parts on display otherwise. His bulge touched the ground at the bottom of the squat with only the briefs to contain them, but Roland kept his determination throughout the set, only to notice afterward that his junk felt a bit out of position.

“Whew, nice job, big man! And just think, if you keep at this, you’ll only get bigger and stronger.” That made the semi-hard bulge in Roland’s pants twitch to think about. “So, you wanna head home or shower up here? This might be one of the few places you can shower that you don’t have to worry about being squeezed in, heh.”

Roland lifted his arm to try to get a glimpse of his sweaty pit. He could feel how damp it was in there just from it being exposed to the air and he tried to sniff it, getting a faint scent, considering he was so used to his own musk. The rest of the gym was getting a lesson in how a man was supposed to smell. “Yeah, you’ve sold me on it. Let’s clean up here, kiddo,” he said giddily, putting a heavy, damp arm over Chase as they made their way to the locker room, the big man not even that upset about the shorts being ruined when he finally noticed them as they undressed. “I told you they were just too small,” he grunted at Chase.

Chase followed Roland into the locker room, blushing a bit at his rebuke. “Y-yeah, I guess they are. Sorry sir,” he said with a grin, trying to test out what words got a reaction from Roland. Lots of relationships had pet names, but sometimes a man like Roland liked to be called “Sir.”

He was stunned by how quickly this had changed Roland’s mood, the older man seemed to be… well, genuinely happy for once, instead of the melancholic shy fellow he usually was. Not too long ago and Roland didn’t want anyone to see his bulk, but now he was undressing in a gym locker room amongst other naked men!

Maybe it was because Roland was too busy thinking about lifting and excited about being able to do it again. He didn’t even feel the eyes on him as his cock tumbled out of his underwear, audibly slapping his thighs so hard it echoed in the locker room. He asked Chase when they could lift again and whether he thought any of the “hardcore” gyms he found would be any good, asking if bodybuilders or powerlifters would be there, asking if he thought he could really get stronger… ! It was like a little kid discovering a new hobby.

“Yeah, this place I found on my phone is like an iron pit, good for heavy weights but not much else. There’s definitely gonna be powerlifters and bodybuilders and all kinds of big strong dudes there, with equipment that’ll challenge even your incredible strength. And yeah, you will get bigger and stronger. You’re actually going to start getting stronger tonight, once your body starts to help your muscles recover.”

Chase soaped himself up and rinsed off quickly, pumping a big palmful of body wash from one of the plastic containers, and started to lather up what he could reach of Roland’s back, the big man would have to squat down to let him reach his traps and the back of his head. “Damn, you look like you’re a whole foot wider, big man!” he said as if soaping up a hulking old man in a gym locker room was totally normal.

Roland chuckled at that and blushed. “Yer jus’ sayin’ that, I’m sure. But thanks, kiddo. I feel incredible! Better than I have in years!” he said excitably, raising his arms into a double biceps pose the way Chase had shown him, his biceps crashing up and nearing his fists. “Gonna be hard to sleep while I’m thinkin’ about bein’ stronger… heh! Gonna be a story to tell my boys next time they call! Won’t believe their ol’ man finally went to a gym!”

Chase’s own semi-hard cock dribbled a bit being so close to Roland and huffing his potent scent and rubbing across his massive body. “Well, the only way to gain size and strength is to eat more, which is why I’ve got a surprise for you back at the house.”

His soapy hands rubbed over Roland’s glutes and between the crack of his ass and along his taint, Chase caring at all about the eyes of other students on him. Let them look, if they’re disgusted or jealous he’ll call it a win either way.

Roland was so distracted, he only felt distant tingles of arousal as Chase touched all over him, peppering the young man with questions all throughout the shower and as they dried off, dressed again (this time Roland in a more sensible plaid shirt and jeans), and drove to his home. As they walked through the door, Roland turned to the young man and smiled behind his beard. “Awright, what’s the surprise?”

“It’s in the garage, I’ll show ya,” he said with a cheeky grin, opening the door to the garage and turning on the light to reveal pallets of large red bottles, packed seven feet high and ten feet deep, there must have been hundreds of these big red bottles. Chase cut open the plastic binding on one of the pallets, producing a bottle of some kind of powder, with the words MEGA-GAIN XXXL on the label.

“These are weight-gainer shakes, they’re meant specifically for guys trying to put on mass and get stronger. You already eat… well, a whole lot of calories every day, but if you don’t add more calories to your diet, there’ll be nothing your body can use to get bigger and stronger. So I bought you these because they’re a very efficient source of calories in a quick and small space.”

He replaced the bottle and opened a smaller brown box that appeared to be some kind of large empty jug. “And I bought you this so that it’s easy for you to mix and drink them throughout the day. It’s big enough to put in the amount that a man your size needs, you wouldn’t want to have to mix four of these in a row each time you were supposed to drink one, right? So this is a two-gallon jug for a Roland-sized shake. Twenty scoops of powder, fill the rest up with water, that’s 14,000 calories in a few gulps.”

Roland knew enough from watching the news that an average adult needed 2000 calories a day. So just one of these Roland-sized shakes would give him the calories to feed 7 people for the entire day. Did that mean that he would eventually be seven times bigger than the average man?! “Damn, Chase. When’d you even find the time to do somethin’ this thoughtful?” he asked, a smile on his face. “These things taste good? Why don’t ya whip one up for me right now, I’m pretty hungry,” he grunted, his stomach starting to growl.

“Ah, it really wasn’t so difficult, just had to make a few phone calls,” Chase said with a grin, omitting any info about where a college kid got the funds to buy what had to be thousands of dollars in supplements. “And yeah, I was gonna show you how to avoid having to measure out 20 scoops, you just use a big measuring cup like this,” he continued, using a 2-quart measuring cup to scoop up the proper amount of powder, dumping it all into the custom-sized shaker bottle, adding water up to the top, and giving it a good shake. He passed it to Roland with the handle out, like it was a giant stein full of muscle and strength.

“Cheers!” he happily told Chase, lifting the frothy brew to his bearded lips and tipping it back, gulping the thick mixture down bit by bit, the mixture getting even thicker by the bottom. Roland actually began tapping the bottom of the mug with his hand to shake bits of shake loose, determined to get all the calories he could. “Woof!” he barked at the end of it, a shake mustache on his regular mustache. “That was 14,000 calories? Damn, I’m still hungry!” he said, rubbing his stomach before burping a little and blushing.

Chase grinned and gently took the pitcher, filling it with another Roland-sized serving, shaking it up, and passing it up to the giant man. “Heh, yep. Pretty cool, huh? It shouldn’t fill you up too much, so you can still eat like you normally do, just drink one of these every four hours or so.”

Roland gratefully took the pitcher and downed it as quickly as he had just moments before, hungrily guzzling it before topping it off with another big belch. “Damn, son! Ya really showed me a good time today! I shouldn’t have been so skeptical of the whole thing… I owe ya an apology,” he told him, blushed, shake still on his whiskers.

“Aww, you don’t gotta apologize, big man. I was pretty hesitant about going to the gym too… but for the opposite reason, heh. I’m really glad you enjoyed it, you seemed to be kinda outside of your head for once.”

Roland smiled bashfully at that and looked to the side as he rubbed the back of his head, his sleeve filling with his huge biceps. “Yeah, guess so! Maybe I was missin’ havin’ a hobby. I was just kinda putterin’ around the house all day long, getting reminded of my late wife and feelin’ lonely. Ya changed all that,” he said gratefully, picking up Chase into a hug.

Chase beamed and reached up to wrap his arms around the back of Roland’s neck, nuzzling against his chin. “Would it be okay if I kissed you, big man? You’re makin’ me real happy right now.”

Roland blushed and nodded. “Yeah, kiss me, boy,” he said, his heart fluttering from being able to say those words.

Chase leaned up and pressed his lips to Roland’s own, gently at first, his lips closed. One of his hands slides up the back of Roland’s neck, passing over the meaty rolls along his neck, gently gripping the back of Roland’s head to hold him there.

Roland felt the boy’s lips against his own whiskered ones and moaned, opening his mouth a bit, allowing Chase’s tongue to enter. The old man was putty in the boy’s hands at that point, moaning and holding him up against him, eyes closed.

Chase leaned in as he gave Roland his first proper man-kiss, firmly sliding his tongue inside and wrestling with Roland’s own, a deep and satisfying rumble rising from Chase’s throat. No hesitation, no forcing Roland to take the lead, so different than how his wife kissed him!

Roland appreciated Chase being the assertive one, the knowledgeable one. Having lived a life where being as big as he was, others assumed he was a leader. He had been able to act the role fairly well after a while, through being forced to, but he liked it when he could let someone else take the lead. He sucked on Chase’s tongue and moaned sweetly at how his saliva tasted. Their beards rustled together as they kissed, Chase’s affections growing more intense with each passing moment. He would have never guessed that someone like Roland would just sit back and let him do this. Almost like Roland needed this kind of manly love.

Roland finally broke the kiss with a chuckle when he felt Chase start to lick the leftover shake out of his whiskers. “Hehe! Yer a really special, sweet boy, Chase. Ya sure ya wanna keep hangin’ around with me?” he asked, smiling but Chase could tell that something was brimming behind his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m sure, big man. Matter of fact…” Chase paused, blushing a bit. “… Would you wanna be my boyfriend?”

Roland’s heart leaped up into his chest. He’d been fantasizing about being asked this question since he was 14 years old and knew that he liked his best friend more than his friend liked him. “Yeah, I’d like that, kiddo,” he said, tears starting to joyfully fall down his cheeks as he held Chase close to him, nuzzling their cheeks together for several moments before he carried him up to his bedroom and closed the door.

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