Spin the bottle

by EdIam

Matty lives in a pretty homophobic area with pretty homophobic friends, but maybe a magically-enhanced game of spin the bottle can help loosen them up?

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Tonight would be the night I’d prepared for for what felt like years but was, much more likely, many many sleepless nights for the past few months.

Tonight, I’d have a spellbound, lust-filled, horny, and obsessed boyfriend. And I’d ensured with the dark magicks I’d researched, studied, perfected, and imbued into what most would assume was trash.

An empty glass beer bottle.

I know, I know. It sounds more than a bit far-fetched, but let me explain.

My name is Matty and I’m a gay guy in the middle of butt-fuck Montana… or to be more specific, the middle of ‘we hate people that butt-fuck’ Montana. I’m surrounded by conservative, holier than thou Christians and, quite frankly, I’d had to hide who I truly am for the past ten years when I first realized I was gay. Now, at 19, I was ready to take matters into my own hands.

Honestly, I haven’t even really come out to anyone. I have some relatively close friends and have been kind of slowly coming to terms with my own desires ever since college last year, but I just can’t get myself to admit it to my parents or friends.

My parents are diehard Catholics. You know the type: the ones that think Pope Francis is too liberal and had seven kids (five boys, including me, and two girls) to, like, create ‘God’s army’ or whatever? I’m the youngest and the only one without a wife or husband. Honestly, I’m not crazy close to my siblings, but they’re all much more chill than my very Catholic parents.

My dad, Sean, is about 100% Irish, ginger, and, somewhat temperamental, all toxic masculinity, and came from a pretty well off, also very Catholic, family. My mom, Brenda, is the typical rural housewife: submissive, stay-at-home with the kids, and respectfully quiet pretty much all the time.

And then there were all my high school friends who I just couldn’t really ‘come out’ to without getting the shit kicked out of me. Most of which, quite honestly, are pretty fucking hot jocks that I used to spy on in the locker rooms in high school before and after practices and games in the many different sports I’d participated in.

So yeah, based on that last statement, it’s pretty clear I’m one of those jocks too. Tall, fit, and pretty attractive with bright red hair that matches my dad’s. I’ve stayed fit into college too, working out regularly, really liking how my ginger chest hairs have enhanced my muscular form… basically my projecting to the outside world with my own body the type of sexual partners I want: muscled, hairy, and energetic enough to go at with me all night.

I’m ashamed to admit that in my time I’ve also had quite a few girlfriends who were nothing more than beards who, I’m pretty sure, never connected the dots that they were dating one of those ‘fags’ they all complained so much about. I basically did it to get my friends off my back because, well, my buddies from high school used to make countless homophobic jokes and shitty gay bashing games. Honestly, the gayest people I’ve met are the raging homophobes who mock gays by, like, grabbing each other’s asses in the shower and mocking bjs and butt-fucking rather lewdly and sometimes intensely sexually.

It’s been a weird time to be a gay guy in homophobic society with jock bros fulfilling homoerotic fantasies in front of you but screaming, ‘no homo’, let me tell you.

Those jokes would be real tonight, though, and I’d get a gay, proud, sexually enhanced boyfriend out of the deal.

You see, I’d always been slightly into the idea of magicks and mind control. It made sense given my upbringing: surrounded by people with very distinctly homophobic tendencies that I kinda wanted to change to suit my own gay purposes. I mean, what would be sexier than taking a sexy, straight jock and turning him into an ideal gay plaything?

So when I moved out of my parents’ place, went to college, and had the time to truly devote to figuring out how I could, I’d stumbled across a group on campus that was into the occult, clearly didn’t mind having a relatively sexy jock on their team, and helped me really delve into the ins and outs of magicks. And I worked out the perfect plan.

I’d used some pretty powerful blood magic to ‘magicify’ the bottle… basically, a typically lame game of spin the bottle would be so much more than just getting strangers to kiss awkwardly. With the magicks I’d imbued it, whoever spun the bottle and whoever the bottled landed on would be zonked into a completely different mindset…

Given the time I’d have to concoct my plan, I’d ensured pretty severe mind and reality bending properties into the otherwise standard bottle. And I knew it worked as it absorbed every drop of blood I’d used as sacrifice and every other magickally enhanced brew I’d mixed into it’s glass to give it properties needed to ensure it worked.

First, I made sure whoever spun the bottle and whoever it landed on would be madly in love. I called that aspect the ‘Cupid affect’. No matter the sexuality, no matter the gender; whoever it landed on had your heart.

Second, I made sure lust was an equally important emotional response. Not only that, but the drive was nearly insatiable. Whoever was connected by the bottle spin was also instantly hard and hungry for nearly nonstop sex and exploration with their partner. Basically, whatever the partner looks like, enjoys, or fetishizes well be instantaneously transferred to the partner on both ends. So if one loves feet, both will love feet and man, will they be horny for one another’s feet. If one is into diaper play, well, they both will be. Hell, I might have a couple future furry jock playthings if one of them has a secret furry fetish. The fetishes would also fit in tandem: a sub would bring out the dom in the partner and vice versa. Basically, they’d be open to anything and everything to fulfill the lustful desires of their new partner.

Third, I would bend reality to make sure the coupling was completely acceptable to the people around it. So even if a homophobic and hateful Chad and an equally stupid Kyle hooked up, everyone around it, no matter how ‘sinful’ and ‘wrong’ they thought it was, would simply treat it like it was perfectly normal. And that extended to lewd actions. After tonight, I could fuck my soul mate in the middle of town and no one would bat an eye. I could 69 in front of the altar at midnight mass and the priest would continue with the ceremony.

Fourth, and yes, to get this much into one bottle, I did have to bleed myself out quite a bit, I ensured it was long-lasting, irreversible, and wonderfully fulfilling for the new couple. No matter the outcome, they’d love what they’d gotten themselves into.

Fifth, I made sure to put in a little bit of a selfish bit, which required the most blood, but through it all, no matter who I ended up with, I was still free to have free reign and the desire to have sex with whoever else was affected by the magicks. That way, no matter the pairings and no matter who was my ‘soul mate’, I would want and be free to explore the desires with every single dude I affected.

And lastly, I wanted to ensure the dreamboats I’d be altering were still the dreamboats I’d been lusting after even after being reprogrammed completely to be practically single minded gay sluts, I put in one last spell ensuring they kept their previous personality, dreams, smarts, and lives. Sure, they’d be horny, hard, and down for sex with their new partners pretty much any time… but they could still take care of themselves, their families, and, well, maybe even their girlfriends all the while fucking their new ‘homo bro’. For my own self-preservation, however, I ensure I wouldn’t absorb every other partners’ fetishes or lusts… just my soul mates. I didn’t want a domino effect of all of my future hornballs to just become overly encumbered fetish machines attracted to, like, everything everyone else is attracted to.

The next step was to plan the party. Granted, I wanted a bit of a surprise as to who my new partner would be while also eager to play with everyone else, so I only invited former teammates and friends I’d crushed on and, well, masturbated to the thought of these past few years. Unsurprising for a horny, pent up homo like me that there were quite a few, so I narrowed it down to only seven of the fucking sexiest and most fantasized about. Basically, I’d have a new soul mate and six of my other biggest wank fantasies hooking up with one another and me after the fact.

Jose, the dreamy eyed quarterback. Lean, hairy, muscled, and smart as fuck.

RJ, the masculine, muscular, and absolutely thicc wrestler and class clown.

Nate, the tall, lean, swimmer who enjoyed hanging with the boys but was generally the quietest. I didn’t think he was still competitively swimming and found out through Facebook pics that he’d let his sexy chest hair grow out.

William, the down-to-earth, thoughtful, caring power forward of the basketball team. He would give up the shirt on his back to anyone who needed it… and I’d enjoy the sight.

Brendan, the short, but probably most fit guy of all, wide receiver. He fit the bill of the ‘angry’ short guy to a tee.

Luke, the rich, sexy lacrosse player. Not pompous, per se, but definitely liked to stay away from the less popular or athletic people.

And, the one I was secretly hoping I’d pair up with: Clint, the sexiest guy I’d ever met. Brown hair, brown eyes, hairy chest, prom king, class president, in just as many sports as me, my high school best friend, and the nicest guy I’d ever known.

Clint and I were crazy close still, and, well, he was the reason I ensured nothing would change about the personality or ambitions of the person that would be a newly found gay, horny mess. He was going to do great things and I was kind of hoping I’d end up doing those with him. He was already in a serious relationship with an equally nice girl, but I wanted to swoop in as he journeyed through medical school to become, what I imagine will be, the best doctor ever.

Yeah, suffice it to say, I was already in love with Clint.

So, yeah, I could rig the system and make sure he became mine when the time came, but I wanted fate to bring me with whoever I was meant to. And so when I knew all seven of them were back from their first year of college too, I’d invited them all over to my parents place to ‘reconnect’. And, given how much they loved their ridiculous homophobic games, I’d suggest we play spin the bottle and I was sure they’d think it would be hilariously ‘gay’, in the negative way, to do so.

They’d all agree and so I told my parents they’d be coming and they agreed to let us hang out in the living room. Given the reality altering I’d put out, I didn’t care it’d be in such a public space. It was actually kind of hot knowing I might be getting fucked by Clint later tonight and my mom might walk in, see it, and think it perfectly normal.

I was so giddy and could hardly stand still as my guests started to arrive. First was William, unsurprising. He was always right on time and had said it was rude to arrive let and didn’t want to offend. He was tall with thick dark black hair kept short, huge hands, nice chest, and gigantic feet. He was wearing a pair of ratty basketball shorts and, well, I could tell he was packing. His family wasn’t what I’d call the most well off, but he’d rose above it all and was now likely going to be a big name in basketball. He was intensely polite and caring, despite the hard life he’d been dealt, and was clearly rising above it. But, well, selfishly, I just wanted to see that giant dick rise to life for me and our friends.

Next came RJ. He made a stupid joke about how much older and more mature we all were now that we weren’t in high school. That was just RJ though, always joking and smiling. He had mischievous sparkling blue eyes that always appeared as though they were thinking about the next thing he was going to say. I could see his already wide form was widening even more as he was weight training pretty extensively in college. He’d been a national competitor in wrestling his senior year and was on a full ride scholarship now. I had to admit, his gigantic thighs looked quite enticing and I had to hide my erection as I thought of him squeezing my head between them.

The three of us chatted for a while as my mom guided Clint in. My eyes moved to him and lingered for a bit. He truly was perfection to me. I’d seen him naked in the showers and just as friends working out… and I couldn’t wait to touch it all, taste it all. He had sandy blonde hair he kept slightly shaggy, a half-smile that would melt glass, dimples, the ideal amount of stubble on his powerful chin, a tight white shirt clutching desperately to his incredibly fit pecs and stretched to the limit by his amazing biceps, a comfy pair of grey sweats that left little to the imagination, and sexy, wide, masculine feet in a pair of flip flops.

God, I loved and lusted that man.

The others started filing in soon after Clint took his seat next to me, teasing me about letting myself go slightly in the past year.

“If you don’t keep at it, I’m going to have to start calling you every morning at 5am to make sure you get your ass to the gym,” Clint joked.

I laughed heartily, agreeing to his plan, as Jose, Brendan, Luke, and Nate sauntered in. They said they all had been at the movies before and decided to just swing by together. I knew the four of them had been pretty close in high school, so it wasn’t surprising that they all got together and had been doing so since they returned to our hometown last week. As with all larger groups, smaller cliques formed and, well, I kind of hoped the four of them ended up coupled up after my magick changed their interests later this evening.

Even if fate didn’t couple them up, I’m sure they’d find time to fuck as a group with whoever would join them. Maybe even me, I thought, as my cock hardened. I couldn’t wait til we started playing!

The evening kind of dragged on as we all relayed how our first years had gone. Some talked about the chicks they banged and others about their overbearing girlfriends. Quite a few times, my mom came in with snacks and my dad would saunter in occasionally, clearly trying to fit in with ‘the boys’, but a glare from me and he’d take the hint and leave.

Eventually, however, the jokes and conversations started to die down. I figured now was the time.

“So, uh, guys. I thought we could do something kinda fun and stupid, if you’re down for it,” I suggested.

“I’m all for fun and stupid, but I don’t really wanna ‘do’ Luke,” RJ said with a laugh, as he smacked Luke on the back.

“Fuck off, fag,” Luke chuckled good-naturally, “Who the fuck would wanna ‘do’ you anyway?”

“Guffaw, guffaw, good one, Lucas,” RJ mocked.

We all laughed and I took the already homophobic bait, “I mean, with the game I had in mind, maybe you two could ‘do’ one another and prove each other wrong? I was thinking we do some stupid high school shit and play spin the bottle.”

Everyone looked at me seeming somewhat shocked but smiling devilishly in a way I knew I’d already convinced them.

“You wanna kiss us, wittle Matty?” Jose said, pouting his somewhat large lower lip, “You want me to smoosh smoosh my lips on yours?”

“I mean, you do have quite the DSLs,” Brendan said, laughing at his own observation.

“You wish I’d suck your little midget cock,” Jose jested, Brendan turning red but taking the joke in jest. I could tell that Brendan was containing his anger, but knew his friends would likely just make fun of him even more if he responded. We all knew he took his shortness way too seriously, but, like bros, that’s why we made fun of it.

“Anyway, I’m def game if all of you are. Sounds fucking gay, but hey, no homo but I’d love to fuck all your fat asses, you know,” Clint said with a wink as he leaned back and put his arm around Nate.

“Oh, we know you’re the fruitiest here. I’ve heard your girlfriend say you moan my name when you fuck her,” RJ retorted.

Clint chuckled and got up, walked over to RJ, and started pantomiming fucking his face, “Oh RJ, oh, RJ, oh Robert James, Robert James, Robert James, I’m cumming!!!”

We all laughed and I got hard as I walked over to the conveniently placed bottle on the other side of the piano I’d stored earlier that day. “Okay, everyone just stop displaying your homo tendencies and get over here and sit in a circle,” I ordered.

I sat down, placed the bottle in front of me as the guys got up to join me. Clint got off of his mimed blow job with RJ and sat across from me, RJ, still laughing, to his left, then Luke and Brendan. To Clint’s right, sat Jose, Nate, and William. I was nestled between tall, sexy, basketball player William and short, angry Brendan eager to compare and contrast the two’s different bodies with my hands, tongue, and dick.

“This is so gay, dudes. Why are we even going to do this? I mean, like, this is so fucking gay and I would never want to kiss any of you because that’s just…” RJ joked, reaching out instantly, snagging the bottle and placing it in front of him and spinning it.

“Oh yeah, fag, really opposed to kissing us when you just shit yourself with excitement to be the first one to spin the fucking bottle,” Nate stated with a smile.

“What can I say? I fantasize about your dick, Nate. Every night. Here’s hoping I get to kiss you,” RJ replied, crossing both his fingers as the bottle spun and spun before him.

Slowing down, the bottle started to really change its pace as it got to Clint, then past RJ himself, Luke, and then… stopped on Brendan.

“Oh fuck, I guess it’s me…” Brendan said, then sat dazed for a moment as I knew the magick came out of the glass and smacked him in the face. It was invisible to my friends, of course, but I knew it was there. He looked up, looked over at RJ, and I saw that same dazed expression formulate on RJ’s face. Right now, I knew for a fact, they were becoming perfect, gay, sexual partners. RJ’s mind was filling with desire for Brendan and vice versa.

“Guys, just fucking kiss and get it over with! Stop staring so we can continue the game,” Jose demanded.

Without another moment or need for more encouragement, RJ stood up and walked over to Brendan, leaned down, and Brendan, seemingly stunned to silence, leaned into him and they began to furiously make out.

The other guys laughed, loving seeing their friends make out, but seemed to be unaware that this was no mere peck on the lips. They’re tongues were literally invading one another. RJ’s wide shoulders wrapped around the short man’s shoulders and lifted him up. It was so hot knowing that lust and love I’d forced into their minds and hearts was flowing naturally as Brendan wrapped his legs around RJ’s stomach.

Finally pulling away, “God, you’re fucking perfect you short little man. I’d never realized how sexy short guys are and fuck, I want you to just fucking boss me around. I’m so needy for a dom to control my giant muscular self and you’re perfect. All 5’4” of you,” RJ moaned. I realized the spell was working. RJ was now irreversibly attracted to short guys and was immediately confessing one of his biggest and likely secret fetishes: being a sub.

The rest of watched and listened, clearly none of the others thinking any of it odd. I had a strange mix of knowing I’d caused it but also feeling the effects of the magick by not really thinking it abnormal per se; mainly just knowing it was turning me on. I knew that it was abnormal while also feeling the magick ensure I felt it normal. It’s hard to fully explain the confusion in my brain. But not hard to explain how fucking hot I found it all.

“I didn’t realize you were a sub, man. And God, your incredibly muscular body is beyond perfection. In that case, I’m your dom for sure. You’re wide fucking arms, your massive pecs, your thick thighs… all mine to control and use. You’re my himbo now, RJ. You fucking slut. I’m into rough play so you’re going to go through it. And first and foremost, I want you to learn your place. Put me over on the couch, take your pants off, and lets begin, fuckslut.”

I knew that Brendan was a short little anger machine, but had no idea this was that manifested as a bit of a rough dom. I felt sorry for the girls he’d likely taken his aggression out on in the sack, but happy as hell he know had our strong, muscular, wide wrestling RJ to take it out on. RJ confessing his sub side, too, was a surprise. He was always the center of attention and the jokester. I supposed it wasn’t too shocking he wanted someone else to take the control away from him in bed.

“Fuck, short guys are so fucking sexy… I can’t believe I’d never noticed… please, boss me around, Sir,” Listening intently, RJ placed his new dom on the couch and started unbuckling his pants without a concern at all that six of his friends were watching all of this unfold. Brendan, for his part, looked like king of the castle. His dark eyes glared at RJ hungrily, waiting for him to get naked from the waist down. Despite his small stature, I could see a sizable lump formed at his midsection, as lustily obsessed I knew he was with RJ now, it wasn’t a surprise.

What was a surprise, however, was how thick RJ’s meat was as it popped free from his ugly boxers he’d been wearing. Not intensely long, it was clear his shaft widened considerably when rock hard. His cock mirrored his body: wide, veiny, and strong. It stuck straight out, leaking cum knowing it was about to be dominated by his new master. When I’d seen him soft in the shower, I’d never imagined he had a beer can for an erection.

“No lay on my lap. I’m going to spank the shit out of you until I’m convinced you know you’re my bitch entirely,” Brendan ordered.

I saw the wide cock throb at the command and RJ smile excitedly, noticeably not making a stupid joke and just following directions.

I smiled while my friends watched Brendan raise his hand high above his head and ‘SWAAAP!’ heard it connect with the muscular glute on his lab. It was almost comedic seeing the larger than life muscular RJ getting spanked by the half-RJ’s-size Brendan, but I couldn’t have been happier hearing the ‘SWAAAP!’ over and over.

Fate picked a perfect match for its first pairing. RJ’s ass cheeks reddened as the guys let them continue to with their fun.

“Uh, who’s supposed to go now? Considering I think the rules say it should be whoever it landed on last and, uh, Brendan appears a bit occupied,” Nate stated calmly, glancing over at the small man spanking our muscular friend.

“I suppose it’s whoever is gayest that’s left, so it’s clearly Luke,” Jose smiled that mischievous half smile.

Luke smiled back and flipped him off. But, without really objecting at all, grabbed the bottle and spun it.

I waited with baited breath hearing the ‘SWAAAP!” over and over behind us but not distracted enough in any way to not stare intently at the bottle. William, Nate, Jose, Clint, Luke, me, William, Nate, Jose, Clint, Luke, me. Over and over. Who would it be? What perfect match would be next?

It slowed at Jose at first, then Clint, passed Luke, got really slow and nearly stopped at me, but just barely eked past me to tall, basketball player William.

That same thing happened, William’s eyes glazed out, looked up from the bottle to Luke, then Luke returned with a similar spaced out look, and they stared for a moment. I was giddy to find out what secret desires these two were about to discover about one another. What fucking kinky gay shit was about to go down with my previously very homophobic friends?

“Get on with it already!” Jose said, laughing, “You’re staring at each other like RJ and Brendan did. Clearly they were star crossed lovers and now you two are too. Just fucking kiss!”

I laughed, knowing deep inside that Jose was kind of unknowingly right. Fate now chose these two: rich, stuck up Luke and now William, the more lower/middle class basketball player and the first in his family to even go to college.

Luke stood up and walked over to William, who couldn’t even contain the sizable python that was poking out the leg of his gym shorts. William liked seeing this pretty boy walk over to him, clearly, and Luke bent down, and just like the two men before them, started eagerly and passionately making out.

“Get a room!” Clint jested, clearly not meaning it at all.

Luke was the first to pull away, “Fuck, I’m so into you William. Jesus Christ, this tall body, this giant dick, those giant feet. Fuck… I want to worship those feet. Can I? Please? I need them to be mine. Fuck, man. I usually like dainty, feminine feet, but your masculine, sweaty, meaty soles are all I and my dick can think about!”

“You want my feet, pretty boy? You can have them. But you’ll have to be tied up and unable to even think about getting away from them smothering you. Not that into feet, but eager to have a foot slave. A rich foot slave at that.”

“Holy fuck yes, I want to be tied up for you, I want you to tie me up, wrap me up, and absolutely smother me with your sweaty, manly feet. My cock is so hard thinking about it. And I’ll buy you all the best shoes and socks. Your feet are my fucking God now, William.”

“That’s Foot Master William to you now, foot slave.”

William grabbed the Luke’s package firmly and intently, looked at me and asked, “You got any rope? I gotta tie down this faggot.”

I was awestruck by the language William was using. Clearly, his thing was control and dominance along with bondage. But for such a nice, sweet guy to become so domineering, I couldn’t help but harden up myself. Luke, the well off, rich prick was about to be tied up and used by someone that, quite frankly, he likely thought of as his lesser.

I didn’t really hesitate, I quickly went to my dad and asked if there was any rope. He said he thought he had some in the garage and accompanied me.

“What do you boys need rope for, anyway?” he asked.

I knew the boundaries of the magick I was using and answered honestly, “William is going to tie up Luke and force Luke to worship his manly feet.”

My father responded, “Oh that’s nice. Do you think he’ll need any help? I mean, I don’t mean to brag, but I was a Boy Scout and I know some pretty good knots.”

I laughed, loving the dynamic I was making in my homophobic father. I agreed and the two of us returned to my friends who hadn’t been mind-fucked laughing and joking with one another, the now all familiar sound of RJ’s raw, red ass getting walloped by Brendan, and Luke now on this hands and knees licking at the old, dirty sneakers of William, a clear bulge at his midsection in his designer genes.

It was quite the site, tall, lanky, sexy William lounging with his back against the couch that RJ was currently getting spanked on, and WASP-y Luke at his dirty feet licking them enthusiastically. Luke’s well styled brown hair was swept back tidily, his clearly more expensive than it was likely worth polo getting dirty on the floor, and his butt, squeezed enticingly in his well-fitting pants, was moving up and down, clearly dry humping the floor from the horny eagerness with which he was licking the dirty shoes.

“Hey there, William. Matty here says you might need help tying up Luke? Care if I help a fellow brother out?” I cringed at the obvious attempt to be cool but was also horny knowing my dad was going to unintentionally assist in some pretty fucking gay activity.

“Not at all, Mr. Murphy. I’d love some assistance,” William said politely.

William then turned to Luke, “Yo, fuckface. Get out of your clothes now. Mr. Murphy and I are gonna hogtie you so I can smother you in my disgusting, sweaty feet, you disgusting foot pig.”

Luke jumped up, eagerly and excitedly, stripped his expensive polo off, then his tight skinny jeans, and likely expensive boxer briefs and socks too. There he was, the somewhat cocky, lacrosse playing, silver-spoon in mouth dreamboat, nude in my living room in front of all my friends and father, hard as rock.

His pubes were nicely managed, framing a standard sized set of balls and cock, which was long and arched slightly to the left. I could see he was beyond horny and excited to be tied up and strangled by William’s huge feet as his cock bobbed up and down with his every heartbeat, as quickly it pulsated. A small drop of pre began dripping to the floor, also eager to attempt to be satiated by the huge soles.

His slightly hairy chest heaved up and down with every excited breath as he got to the ground and pulled his feet up and hands back into a position for easy access.

“Holy fuck, boy, I’m eager to tie you and use you as a see fit, you filthy, foot obsessed fag,” William grunted.

My dad laughed, “Dang, you sound excited! Let’s get this show on the road then! So, grab the rope here and loop it around his wrists and ankles like so…”

I watched feeling entirely horny and amazed as my dad expertly tied up my friend Luke while teaching William how to do so. In my dad’s mind, it was clear he wanted to ensure William was understanding the basics so he could continue to tie up his former friend and new ‘footslave’.

“And what if, say, I want to tie him to a headboard and a foot board? What knot should I use then, sir?” William asked, nonchalantly while stroking the large protrusion in his shorts.

My dad, eager to continue teaching, grabbed the end of the rope and instructed him, as Luke lay there, unable to really move, tied up and ready to serve. His eyes pleaded with William to get his feet out of the shoes and on his face.

After a few moments and William showcasing the newly taught talent, my dad thanked us, somewhat embarrassingly, for letting him hang out with the boys again, and wandered out with another slight glare from me. I meant it politely, of course, but I was ready to keep this moving.

William, too, seemed ready to move along; as he kicked off his shoes and socks, revealing some a pair of the biggest feet I think any of us had seen. I wasn’t sure about the size of his shoes, but I’d say he had to have been at least a size 13. Getting himself comfortable with a pillow propped up behind him, he positioned himself just right and smashed his foot right into the willing Luke’s face.

Eager to please, Luke’s tongue immediately started darting around, trying, desperately, to lap at every part of the large, stinky feet. His eyes rolled back as he tried to rub his cock on the carpeted floor, but as impaired as his movement was, he couldn’t do much.

He moaned as the long toes went in and out of him mouth, clearly in heaven. For William’s part, however, he just got on his phone and let his new slave worship. His cock throbbed, obviously loving the nonchalant way in which his slave adored his new, godly treat. After a few minutes of scrolling on his phone, we all watched as his gigantic pole plopped out of his shorts, freed by a quick movement of his hand, and smacked him in the stomach.

It was huge. I’d seen him naked any number of times, but clearly he was a grower and not a shower. This fuckstick was nearly 10 inches, it had to be. I didn’t get the best look at is as William clearly found something on his phone to occupy his attention as he stroked it eagerly, allowing his slave Luke to continue slurping away at his feet.


During all the excitement of William taking Luke on as his new bondaged footslave, I didn’t even notice until I heard the strange noise that Brendan now had RJ standing at attention in front of him, the wide cock pointing straight out.

“No noise, boy. None. Or you’ll regret it,” Brendan said as he slapped at his balls and cock with abandon.

RJ stood there, arms behind his back, still wearing a tight muscle shirt, allowing his new dom to abuse his cock and balls. Brendan was slapping at the balls, which caused the strange ‘SCHMACK’ noise I’d heard. But he was also twisting the head of his cock and pulling on the balls, truly abusing his new toy for his own pleasure. Brendan’s cock was now out on full display too; also pretty short and fat, but nowhere near as thick as the one he was now smacking around.

With every pull, I could see RJ try, desperately, not to shout out to appease his devilish new master. And Brendan clearly loved it.

“Okay, well, no that all that is settled, who’s gayest now?” I heard Jose say loudly, interrupting my fascination with my friends new found kinks.

“Well, I’d say it’s fart rules. Whoever smelt it dealt it. In this case, whoever’s most concerned about the homoness of his friends is the biggest homo,” Clint said with that magnetic grin of his.

Jose laughed, “Fine, fine. I’ll be the next queer.”

Jose continued to chuckle slightly as he grabbed the bottle and spun it. I took my seat after he’d already started, but couldn’t help but look over at the grunting and moaning Luke worshiping William’s feet as well as the cock and ball torture RJ was withstanding like a pro.

“Just kiss! Stop staring!” I heard Clint say as I turned my attention back to the remaining three friends.

Just as he said, Jose and Nate were staring deep into one another’s eyes, invisibly exchanging their lusts and loves as Clint and I watched on.

Without missing a beat, Jose leaned in on his friend and made out with him. Nate eagerly accepted the tongue, excited for whatever treats may come their way.

“I love you man, I know you want to do it. Do it. I want you to do it. I can feel it in you. I’m petty vanilla and just want you love me and to have a truly fairy tale romance, but damn, show me that love how I know you want to,” Nate, my usually quiet friend groaned passionately around Jose’s large lips, leaning into his forehead somewhat romantically.

“You sure, babe?” Jose said, smiling that enticing half smile of his, already knowing the answer.

“Of course I am. I need it. I want it. Please… give it all to me.”

Without much more hesitation, Jose stood up, unbuttoned his pants, pulled out his impressive cock, and aimed.

“You ready, bro?” Jose asked, sounding both romantic and enticed at the same time.

“Yes… I… I love you, Jose.”

And with that, Jose released his stream. The stench of urine immediately filled the room and started saturating Nate’s clothes. Nate opened his mouth a bit, trying to get some inside him, tonguing at the stream.

“Yes, babe, mmm… I love you so much,” Nate moaned as if the very urine Jose was giving him was the best gift he’d ever received.

“I’ll let you swim in my urine any time, babe. I love how much you want me and, fuck, if pissplay gets you as hot as it gets me, we are a perfect romantic pairing. You’re my prince now. And I’m gonna cuddle you and bathe you in love… and my piss.”

His stream ending, Jose stripped off his shirt, revealing the sexy, hairy, quarterback chest I’d always found so appealing about him, got down on his knees in front of Nate, and began making out with him, his own urine still dripping from his new lover’s nose and chin.

With reckless passion, they fell to their side, completely intertwined in their bliss for one another. They rolled around in the puddle that was staining the carpet. Their encased erections pressing against their partners, completely engrossed in the love making they were about to have.

With some effort, Jose helped Nate out of his drenched and urine-stenched shirt and began kissing and licking at ever inch of his chest, Nate moaning in complete ecstasy.

“You’re everything I’ve ever wanted, Jose. Fuck, I just want to be yours forever. A perfect fairy tale romantic pairing. It’s all I ever wanted.”

“I didn’t necessarily know I wanted that same thing until today, babe, but we’re young, legal, and able to make out own choices. I’m marrying you as soon as you’ll have me. But wait until I can plan something that’ll blow your socks off. I want you be the prince charming you’ve always wanted,” Jose admitted freely and lovingly.

“Oh, babe, can you piss in my hole when you take my virginity? I want you to enjoy my hole in every way you’d ever want,” Nate offered.

“Of course, my swimming prince. I’ll be making sure you swim in my urine always. I’ll keep loving you until we die,” Jose stated firmly, clearly basking in his new found need to be the romantic partner Nate clearly always dreamed of, with his own pissplay bent twist.

They kept clawing at all their clothing until, both nude and hard, they cuddled into a position where Jose, the tall, athletic, tanned quarterback was the big spoon for the lean muscled, pale, swimmer’s little spoon. Jose’s ramrod straight hard cock was pressed against the cheeks of his new lover, “I’m going to drink a huge amount of water and take that hole tonight, my love. Can you wait ‘til then? I want to fill you completely with my juices.”

“I’ll try, babe. I want you in me now, of course, but I want you in me when I know you can completely own my ass with your cum and your piss. God, I’ve never loved anyone more than I love you. And I doubt I ever will.” Nate moaned breathlessly, turning his head to kiss Jose with all the passion he could muster.

“Welp, now that that’s sorted, I guess it’s just you and me, slugger,” Clint said matter-of-factly, drawing my attention away from the romantic schmaltz between Jose and Nate.

“I guess so,” I said with a slight laugh.

“Do, uh, we even need to spin the bottle? I mean, like, it’s clearly just us so we might as well just kiss, right?” Clint suggested calmly.

I loved that the magick ensured the crazy, perverted gay shit going on around Clint didn’t even faze him from knowing we were about to kiss. I loved even more that I knew my biggest crush was about to be mine. We’d be more than best friends soon. He’d be mine: heart, soul, ass, and dick.

I scoffed, playing it off, “Eh, I think we still need to the formalities,” I said, knowing the magick would need to work to truly get what I wanted, as I grabbed the bottle, “And I’m probably the gayest one still playing now, so I’ll spin.”

Clint laughed, “If I’d been best friends with such a huge fag for this long, I have no idea what I’d do to you.” I laughed with him, eager to have him eat his words and my cock in just a few seconds.

The bottle kept spinning, knowing no matter where it landed, Clint was destined to be obsessed with, in love with, and intensely attracted to me when it finally stopped.

It slowed and slowed and slowed and…

“Oh, hey guys, I just thought of another neat trick I could teach you William,” my dad said as he entered the room, not realizing the bottle that had been so close to stopping somewhat close to Clint was now pointing in his direction.

His eyes went slack and he looked at me; my eyes followed suit as thoughts and feelings were forcing their way into my mind directly from his eyes. I nearly yelped no in utter anguish but felt the feelings overwhelm my heart, my mind, and my cock.

Good fucking God, my dad was sexy beyond belief.

His stupid sense of humor, the way he was so passionately angry about the stupidest things, the way he was so helpful and taught his kids and my friends his skills so patiently, the way he clearly loved Mom and my siblings.

But more than that, physically, he was an ideal 10/10. My dad had that sexy, rare flaming red hair that was always a little bit out of place. He had some slight freckles lining his face that framed his deep, dark, brown eyes nicely. His lips just begged to be kissed: moist and somewhat plump.

And his chest! Yes, he’d lost some of his peak physical strength in the past few years, but fatherhood and aging can do that to the most athletic of men. His was still somewhat built and fit so perfectly into the very ‘dad’ golf tee he was wearing today. I knew from past vacations that he had the same, wonderful reddened hair all up and down his chest, shoulders, and even some on his back. It was wispy and light and longed to be played with. His abs, too, were still somewhat present, despite the slightly sexy ‘dad bod’ he’d created for himself.

And his legs, too, were the ideal shape. Strong and thick, able to hold up the amazing form above it. His pale, hairy legs stretched down onto his bare feet, also tinged with a speckle of red hair. How I longed to rub those feet for him and make him feel loved.

My eyes traveled back up to the large endowment I was sure he had packing the gym shorts he was wearing. It had made me so it had to be a wonderful prick. I knew I had to see it. To kiss it. To love it.

And I knew Dad wanted that too. I could feel it. I could feel the new found need for one another.

Incest. This was incest. Fuck… incest was hot.

I knew, deep down, the incest was only getting hot because of the magic of the bottle. Just like RJ suddenly professing his love of short guys because Brendan was short, I was now excusing incest and finding it erotic because I was falling in love and lust with my father right now.

We needed to have sex. I needed to be his and he needed to be mine.

I darted across the room and literally lunged into his waiting arms, kissing him deeply, feeling his masculine tongue probing my mouth just as strongly as mine did in his. I needed to taste all of him, including his throat.

God, I was lucky to have the sexiest person on earth as my dad.

“Get on your knees, boy,” my dad commanded as I followed suit.

“Of course,”

“Of course, what?”

I smiled. I now had a complete understanding of my dad and what he wanted. And he wanted to be in control. He wanted to be the boss. He wanted me to serve him, just like mom. But now I had a peak into how he was with her in the bedroom. And I know exactly what he wanted me to say.

“Of course, Daddy,” I said, admirably.

As I sank to my knees, he pulled down on his gym shorts, revealing the white Hanes he’d likely worn for the past twenty years. God, my dad was so sexy, wearing this ‘dad’ clothes. Fuck, how could I not have seen it before?

Then, without so much as a warning, he pulled out the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. It was a pale, veiny, majestic cock that demanded worship. I knew it was now my job and pleasure to serve it completely. My dad wanted to feel like the sexiest man on earth, not only because he was, but because that was what he wanted in a partner.

Luckily, I didn’t even have to pretend. He truly was the sexiest man with the sexiest dick and I was about to be allowed to lick and worship it like the good cocksucker I was.

The purple head was smooth and glistening, so recently protected by the foreskin before he got instantly hard realizing I was his new sex toy. I lapped at it, loving the smooth head’s feeling on my sensitive tongue. I’d been made by this fucking sexy cock and now I got to thank it! I was so fucking lucky this sexy god of a man was letting me!

“Go on now, boy. I know you want it,” my dad said, smirking down at me, that confident smile only the sexiest human ever created could muster.

I did, without question or concern for my own airway, engorge myself onto the beautiful cock. I let it tickle the back of my throat as I tongued it as best I could. It wasn’t the biggest cock I’d seen today, that was William’s, but it was certainly the perfect size for the perfect person and it perfectly fit in my cocksucking throat.

“You like that dick, don’t you boy?” He asked, looking down, knowingly.

“Hmmmhmm, mmmm…” I agreed whole-heartedly, loving how much it filled my mouth. I was drooling out the side of my mouth as I attempted, in vain, to completely satiate my need for the cock that was in my mouth; the cock that had been in my mom and only in my mom for years and years.

The drool started pooling down, showcasing the hungry need I had to pleasure my father, dripping down his large, wonderful scrotum and onto the floor.

“There is one little problem, though, boy,” my dad said, looking down maniacally as I stared back up, eager to please the amazing man I was allowed to blow.

Seeing my pleading eyes, he scoffed, “Do you think my cocksucker deserves clothing? Or do you think you’d know your place better if you were nude?”

Oh fuck, I thought, in my haste to blow my dad, I’d completely lost track of my place as his to use! I shouldn’t wear clothes in his presence! I needed to get out of them now! But… but… the cock in my mouth…

I stumbled and twitched around, getting my socks, pants, and underwear off, my achingly hard cock drooling just as much as my mouth. My heart sank, knowing I’d be disconnected from the perfect cock while I took my shirt off. I didn’t know what to do! I needed the dick in me whenever I could but I had to take my shirt off to show my dad how much lower on the sexual food chain I was!

“Don’t worry, cocksucker. My cock is still gonna be here. Take your fucking shirt off now, slut,” my dad purred, loving how into his dick he was.

I pulled off, against all of my new natural instincts, and fought with my shirt for much longer than I intended. It had to have been only about five seconds, but those five seconds with worshipping my dad’s beautiful fuckstick felt like five years.

Back where I belonged, my dad started petting my red hair lovingly, eager to let me continue worshipping his amazing dick.

“You know, your mother tends to get into it when we fuck and roleplay, but with you, you feel hungry for my cock like I always wanted her to be. Like you need it. Like you crave it. Like you know it’s the best fucking dick you could ever imagine attached to the sexiest man you could ever have. I hate to say it, boy, but you’re gonna be a better lay than your mom ever was. I’m excited to fuck your needy hole with my godly cock. Are you excited for that too?”

I nodded furiously, still sucking deep on the tool in my mouth, knowing, desperately, that he was right. He was the sexiest man I’d ever laid eyes on. He did have the single best dick in creation. I would always love getting fucked by my perfect, wonderful, amazing father.

“You know, knowing you’re my son makes this even hotter. You know what we gotta do? We gotta talk your brothers into joining you. Maybe cocksucking is genetic and I’ll have five amazing cock suckers instead of just the one.”

I moaned, loving the idea of the incest we’d have if I convinced my brothers to do the same thing. My mind started plotting… I’d get Dad alone with each brother, convince my dad to trust me to spin the bottle knowing no matter what, my brother’d be joining me on his knees as soon as the bottle stopped spinning… mmm… the mere thought had my cock harden all the more. Even if it was the bottle that forced it, incest was so fucking hot now.

I kept bobbing up and down on the wonderful cock, drool constantly straining from my hungry throat as obsessed with my dad’s perfect dick as I’d become as my mom walked in and saw everything happening around her.

RJ was now completely naked, kneeling with his hands behind is back, also bobbing up and down on Brendan’s smaller, thick cock. Every now and again, Brendan was forcing his cock deep into RJ, making him gag around it and holding him there. He’d then slap him and pull him off, twisting RJ’s nipples without mercy and just practically beating this shit out of his new partner. I thought about how great it’ll be to also torture the sexy wrestling star and play with his huge, thick dick. It obviously paled in comparison to the one I was sucking, but I still wanted to help Brendan play rough with the meaty jock.

William had also gotten completely naked and it appeared he’d already spewed his cum on the now face up, still hogtied Luke. Luke’s chest was raw from the ropes that William had now tied around him completely, not allowing even the smallest of movement from the formerly pompous prick, with only William’s cum to sooth the irritated skin. William was standing above him, hard cock still on full display, but his right foot was now pressed firmly onto Luke’s whimpering mouth. I thought how much fun it’d be to also worship William’s huge feet. I didn’t really have a foot fetish before, but now that I knew my dad’s body was perfection, I knew he’d love for me to worship his feet similarly to how Luke was for William and I’d be intensely horny for that privilege. Maybe, just maybe, that need to worship my dad’s feet meant I know had a little bit of a foot fetish for other dominant guys too?

Jose and Nate were now both on their sides, engaging in 69 and doing so well at already deepthroating their partners sizable tools. Every now and again, they’d pull off and compliment the other while also saying how exciting losing their anal virginity was going to be. Jose promised to drink as much water as he possible could after they both orgasmed into one another mouths to ensure a completely filled rectum of urine and cum for Nate. Nate, for his part, moaned his approval, clearly head over heels for the sexy man tonguing at his balls. I knew I wasn’t going to get as much romance from my dad, but when I did participate with the, I only hoped they kept the piss play to themselves. Not to kink shame, but that wasn’t my scene, and, well, I doubted I had to worry about. It seemed Jose loved Nate enough to only save his urine for him.

Then there was me, her son, and her husband. I was getting face fucked by my father and he was groaning and calling me his perfect cocksucker that he’d wanted since his own puberty. Luckily, he’d had me and now I could fill that role perfectly. It was so erotic, I thought my cock would explode just feeling his hard rod and smooth glans sliding so perfectly across my tongue.

And then Clint sat there, looking somewhat bored, staring at his phone. My mom, clearly taking it all in, approached Clint holding the tray of cookies she’d clearly just baked.

“Hey Clint, not getting in on all the fun? It looks like everyone, even Sean, is having a blast! Why so glum?”

“Eh, we played a stupid game and I was pretty much the only one that didn’t get picked for it. No big deal. It looks like they’re having fun and all, but I might just head home.”

“A game, huh? What were you playing.”

“Oh, it’s stupid. Just spin the bottle. Was just a dumb game between dumb bros.”

“That’s pretty silly with only boys. And probably sinful. You know what the Bible says about homosexuality.”

“Oh, I know, Mrs. Murphy. But none of us are gay. Just playing a joke on one another. Anyway, they’re all pretty occupied now so I’m gonna head out. My dad is probably wondering where I’m at.”

Clint, clearly feeling a bit left out, looked up at my mom, grabbed the bottle, spun it rather apathetically and dejectedly, and grabbed a cookie. As he stood up to leave, he thanked my mom, and started heading for the door just as the bottle stopped and pointed directly at the woman holding the cookies.

Her eyes glazed over as she looked at my best friend Clint.

Clint’s eyes glazed over as he looked over at my mom.

I moaned, closing my eyes orgasmically, on my dad’s dick knowing now Clint was part of it, that I’d get to have sex with him, and I likely had a new step dad.


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