Setting up an account

by Ogrebear

Metabods customer service is always ready to go that extra step to ensure total satisfaction.

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The phone was answered after only a few rings.

“Hi, you’re through to Metabods. My name is Anton, how can I help you today?” the voice was deep and confident on the other end.

“Er.. hi. I got given this card by a guy I met on the train, he suggested I might like your services,” said the nervous young man holding a white business card. He turned it nervously, letting the light from his desk lamp play over the laminated surface and the odd looking barcode under the phone number.

“I see. Did the gentleman concerned disclose any information about our services?”

“Nothing I remember, but I…..urm…. was not really listening to him.”

“More watching him?” Anton suggested.

“Er…yeah,” the caller said with very vivid memories flooding his mind and groin.

“Well if you have been given one of our cards, then it should contain a barcode. Do you have a webcam?”

“On my PC? Yeah. I’ll turn it on.” With a click, the little sphere on top of the monitor came on and a window popped up showing a view of the caller: Later 20’s, slight tan, shoulder length brown hair of no particular style, neatly bearded, with a fairly trim athletic upper body. He was dressed in a loose plain black T-Shirt. He scooted his chair closer to the screen to get a better quality image from his crappy webcam.

“Okay it’s on,” he told Anton.

“Fine, can you hold the card up to you webcam please and keep it there…. thanks…. just checking the details….” The sound of typing filled the phone speaker for a few moments, then the PC bleeped and a box appeared on his screen.

“Okay,” Anton said in his deep masculine voice, “you can put the card down now—we have verified its authenticity. Please accept the software request on screen.”

“How did you trace me? Let alone access my box! That’s outrageous!”

“Please sir. We have specialized tracking hardware in our cards so we knew where it was, and we traced your IP from the land line address. If you do not wish to engage Metabods services, we can disconnect now and you will never hear from us again?”

There was a moment of quiet as the caller wrestled his annoyance against his curiosity and his semi-hard groin.

“Ok fine. I really need to know what’s going on.”

“Not a problem sir,” Anton said cheerfully. “Please accept the software request and the process will begin.” With a mouse click to ‘accept a request’ a new Install screen opened and a progress bar began to slide across the screen.

“Well while that initializes, can you give me your name and how you met the card holder please?”

“I am Kel… Kelvin Hooper; I take the train into the City every day. It’s usually packed so I have to stand and it’s become a habit to people-watch, you know what I mean?”

“I sure do! Lots of good looking men about, heh?” Kel blushed—how did he know?

“Er… yeah. Some. So we get to Solum Junction this morning and the doors open to let this guy on, and my eyes nearly dropped out! Man he was huge! Seven—eight foot tall? Built like a small truck. I could not take my eyes off him! He had this heavy brow with penetrating blue eyes under it, thick square jaw, flattened nose, thick long black hair which was loose down to mid back and a glorious beard—full and thick real shag pile that just tumbled down his chest. Cos of the all the passengers he was pushed up towards me and I could smell him… so rich, earthy….” one hand strayed to Kel’s groin and he began rubbing himself through his grey cloth sweatpants—“and he was solid, that mass was all muscle. Big muscle….”

Kel was leaning back in his computer chair rubbing himself with his eyes shut as he talked; he didn’t notice the programme install finish and the small webcam picture change from being really fuzzy to exceptionally HD clear. He also didn’t notice the beam that scanned him emitted from the massively upgraded unit. Nor did he see a new window pop up with a leering, grinning face watching him slowly jack himself.

“What sorta big?” the face said through the speakers as the phone was disconnected.

“Oh huge—Pro Bodybuilder easily… no bigger! I surf the Olympian sites, but this guy easily beat them—twenty six, twenty eight inch biceps at least! A chest you could put a pint on. Such immense feet! I swear he had legs bigger than my torso, but he had a flat belly, no roid gut, and all squeezed into a t-shirt and shorts that looked like they might fail at any moment. He knew I was watching him—we were so close I could not do anything else. I didn’t even come up to his chest…. “ Kel was fully hard now and stroking himself freely pulling his seven incher away from himself tenting his sweatpants as he stroked.

“I could trace all the thick hair patterns on his arms and legs, and there was a lot of it. It was spilling out his collar too and merging with that big bushy beard. But every time I looked up he was looking back with those smouldering eyes and I had to look away… he was just sooo everything. I mean I was hard, really hard. Harder than for anyone eve! Didn’t help that when I looked down I was staring at his package—it was hard to miss the bulge he made in the black fabric he was trying to wear. Gods…” Kel felt light-headed as he pulled at himself, oblivious to the phone dropping from his other hand, he was using both hands on his throbbing manhood now.

“Did this man stand out in any other way?” Anton prompted.

“Oh Gods yes!” Kel said breathlessly. “Everyone around treated him like normal, even though he was a giant. No starting, no sneaky mobile snaps. No one trying to guess his height and no one noticed his four arms. I swear, four fucking arms. And not ripped through his shirt or anything, that thing was tailored for them. Four! Each huge, round, and beautiful with a thick veins visible on each, as he moved the triceps became visible—he was soo cut. He kept the lower set just down most of the time while the upper set moved and bunched as he stroked his beard or ran a hand over his chest. I know I was drooling. When we stopped at Hearst Street more got on and pushed the giant into me, pressing him right against me-he used an upper elbow on the wall to stop himself crushing me, but all I could see and smell was this man….” Kel was breathing irregularly now as he continued, his grey sweatpants soaking with pre spreading from the top of his totally boned penis.

“As he was pressed into me now, I could tell something else about that huge bulge… there was more than one cock crammed in that tortured fabric—I could see the outline of each head—and he was bigger soft than I was hard! Pressed close I could not really move without the train motion rubbing myself against him. He seemed to like that moaning a little in a deep voice that nearly sent me over the edge on its own. We hit a bad bump somewhere and I ended up with my face rammed into that solid slab of chest… I caught a nipple in my mouth through the fabric and I could not help taking a lick through the cloth. Then I felt his arms—his lower arms begin to rub my boner!“ Kel took a few moments to lick his lips and stroke faster, not caring he was wanking off while on the phone to a stranger.

“Those big hairy hands easily covered my own package but he slipped both hands inside my sweats—one hand round my shaft the other cupping me and teasing me below the balls. He was gentle in his strokes but it didn’t take long till I was bucking into his hands nearly ready to blow! I managed to get my hands free and onto the thick outlines in his shorts which started growing huge in my hand. He moaned and I nearly screamed as every bump and stroke and got me closer. He leaned down and kissed me as we went through a tunnel and I….. “ Kel didn’t finish as he cock erupted in his sweats—thick creamy cum soaked into the fabric as he leaned back and shook with orgasmic bliss, pumping his seed into his clothes. The face watching him smiled and continued tapping.

After a minute for so Kel composed himself, he was still semi-hard in his wet pants and he was still stroking himself, his eyes still shut as he relived his encounter. “Man I have never cum like that… the giant let me finish then pulled his left hand out covered in my white mess and he licked it clean. Same with the right. I nearly came again watching that. Fuck. What. A. Fucking. Rush. The semi-hard cock heads I was rubbing where defiantly dribbling I could feel it oozing out, though it was not coming through the fabric strangely. I had his smell all over me. We were pulling into a station when he looked out the window suddenly; then kissed my forehead as we stopped. People got off so we could step back from each other. He looked me up and down and then produced the card from somewhere. He handed it to me and said his only words to me: ’You will make a fine Man. Call them. I’ll be waiting.’ And then he was gone just as the door shut. I watching him towering over everyone as the station slipped away and blew another load in my pants right there. Not that anyone seemed to notice and I didn’t care anyway. I was—and am so, so horny. I could barely concentrate on work and the journey home.”

Kel’s hands kept stroking his member now back at full mast, his eyes closed and his breathing shallow. On screen typing could be heard, then a click and Kel seemed to wake up from his daydream a little as his cock deflated and the desire he felt drifted away a little.

“So you were not put off by his augmentations?” Anton’s question stirred Kel from his lust dream and he sat up right in his chair suddenly aware of the sticky wet spot on his sweatpants and how sweaty he must be. He stared at the screen as his brain tried to process the question. Suddenly he noticed the new configuration and the face watching him.

“Oh yeah definitely not,” he said before something clicked—“You have tusks!” He exclaimed.

“Yes,” Anton said nodding, running his long thick tongue up his right one. “I am testing the new Orc package from our soon to be launched fantasy selection.” He turned his head so Kel could see the pointed ears, thick brow, flared nose, and the thick neck it all sat on, though the rest was hidden. Turning to face Kel again Anton fixed him with his deep red eyes.

“So you have had a taste of the Metabods Experience,” he rumbled. “As you might have gathered we specialise in body adjustment and augmentation. We provide services to our clients so they can experience a wide variety of bodies, shapes and extras. If you wish to join us we can go through the application process, or I can terminate the call and you won’t be bothered again.” This time there was no hesitation from Kel.

“You can make me like the giant? I am soo in! What do you need?”

Anton smiled a sharp toothed grin at him “Well we have already conducted a background search, financial check, etc. Normally you would not qualify, but as a Client recommended you, and I can see some interesting notes from him about you already on file…” He paused and tapped a thick, slightly clawed finger against his brown skinned chin, “Well, provided you were prepared to engage in a few extra assignments for Metabods directly then we could accept you right now.”

“What sort of assignments?” Kel asked suspiciously.

“Nothing compromising for your normal life; just a few advertising features, maybe a little recruitment. Nothing tedious I assure you.”

“Then I am in?” Kel said excited. “I wanna be like the giant!”

“Well, we can’t go there immediately. We ask new Clients to work up to that level of augmentation. Being eight foot tall, six hundred pounds and multi-limbed takes some getting used to.” Anton smiled again and enjoyed Kel’s wide-eyed staring back.

“So what do we have to do?”

“Well your personal details are logged.” A window popped up with a lifelike 3D image of Kelvin’s nude body on, slowly rotating. Kel mouth dropped open.


“We scanned you earlier sir. Now as you can are aware you are five foot six and, one hundred and fifty one pounds—sorry, eleven stone in UK speak. You have some muscle on you but you struggle to gain mass, yes?”

“Yeah, nothing I do seems to work,” Kel nodded remembering his frustration at his lack of serious gains despite his workouts.

“Well, let’s give you a small sample of our services. Wear this for a few days to get used to the change and then we can see about other modifications. You will find our Helpline number on your phone now so you can stay in touch if anything goes wrong. Please stand.” Kel scrambled to his bare feet, his hard cock still tenting his soaked sweatpants.

“Ok, this might tingle.”

Kel felt a buzz, like the beginnings of pins and needles, but in his cock. He looked down to see his meat press forward on his sweats, growing longer. He grabbed at his clothes, pulling off his t-shirt, and dropping his sweats and boxers he watched as his uncut member bounced about still growing longer. Suddenly he got light headed and his vision blurred, then the moment passed and he realised he was looking at probably ten inches of shaft thrusting from his groin.

“Well you needed a bigger package to go with a bigger you,” Anton’s deep voice intoned.

“Wha…” Kel managed before the feeling came again, but this time from his chest. He watched as his mostly flat chest began to push out—each pectoral becoming more defined as we watched. The feeling spread and he felt himself spreading as his shoulder grew sideways, his deltoids becoming visible. His arms began to grow rounder as did his forearms. His back twitched as his traps grew up and his lats out.

His butt clenched automatically as the feeling spread down his body. His butt firmed up and grew rounder while his thighs spread thrusting his balls forward and lifting his cock. His calves popped out and his feet grew about half a size. The tingle seemed to flow away apart from in his face as he felt teeth move and his eyes burned slightly.

“That’s better,” Anton said. The 3D model now showed a much more muscular figure—certainly not the Giant from earlier, or even a junior bodybuilder, but defiantly someone who was making nice gains, but with a far larger cock and balls than he had before. Kel stared at the model while running his hands up and down his new muscle.

“I have grown you to 168lbs or exactly 12 stone which I may say looks very nice on you. The teeth, skin and hair were just at my discretion.” Kel ran his tongue over his teeth and realised they were all straight and even. A hand through his hair revealed it was bushier, yet softer than before. His skin was a now a tanned brown all over. He couldn’t help but laugh with joy!

Kel stepping back from the screen and began to flex into the poses the body-building champions used on stage; he thrust his hips and enjoying the extra heft and bounce from his groin as he moved. Anton leaned back and watched him, smiling around his thick tusks. Kel posed, flexing his new muscle into pose after pose. He knew he was showing off for Anton. And why not? Didn’t he look good now? He did a ‘most muscular’ and his hands found his shaft, as he closed his meatier hands about that long shaft he shuddered with the pleasure and began to hump the air, sliding his big meat through his hands while keeping his legs and chest as flexed as he could. He got fast and faster in his thrusting as he felt his load coming closer.

Kel went up onto the balls of his feet, hips flying back and forth; balls slapping against his bigger thighs, then with a shout of pure pleasure his whole body seemed to bunch and go rigid before a long white jet of sperm blew from his cockhead, splattering against the floor two feet away. More spurts followed Kel’s biggest orgasm ever; his rhythm went out as he shook and blew his seed, before he finally subsided to dribbles and panting.

Letting go of his still dribbling semi-hard member Kel dropped himself into his chair, enjoying the leather sticking to his sweaty back and the feel of his fat cock on his thighs.

“I…I..” he mumbled towards Anton.

“No need to thank us sir. All part of the service. Welcome to Metabods.”

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