Sean goes to prison

by Joven

After an ill-advised flirtation with vandalism, Sean ends up at a very strange detention center where you’re either milking the other prisoners with the oversized balls, or… you’re one of the ones being milked.

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Part 1 After an ill-advised flirtation with vandalism, Sean ends up at a very strange detention center where you’re either milking the other prisoners with the oversized balls, or… you’re one of the ones being milked. (added: 25 Aug 2017)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 Desperate to be milked, Sean meekly does as he’s told. He’s so swollen with accumulated seed that the milking doesn’t go as planned, even with Edward there to help. Despite his latest punishment, however, Sean only gets himself in trouble again that night, bringing him to the attention of the warden himself. (added: 15 Sep 2017)
Part 6
Part 7 His balls now far bigger than anyone else’s, Sean deals with the attention he’s getting from the other boys, especially his new milker. Then comes the mandatory workouts that are the direct result of the warden’s new interest in him. Fortunately, there’s a hot tub to sink into in afterwards, and a hot fellow prisoner eager to help him relax. (added: 29 Sep 2017)
Part 8
Part 9 The Warden has even bigger plans for Sean, in the course of which he discovers the secret of how the “cows” are made to produce so much “milk”. (added: 13 Oct 2017)
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12 Sean’s first day as a bull involves a skittish young cow who needs some help producing more milk. Then things take an unexpected turn when the prison gets a batch of new arrivals—including Sean’s best friend and fellow miscreant, Jake. It’ll be up to Sean to show Jake the ropes, starting with an initiation Jake isn’t at all ready for. (added: 27 Oct 2017)
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15 His position as both bull and cow now secure, Sean is able to guide his friend and protégé, Jake, so that he becomes a cow impressive enough to make even the Warden happy. But as always, for Sean things at Stonehaven never stay good for long. (added: 10 Nov 2017)
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18: Epilogue Out of prison for a full year, Sean is coming to terms with his new life as a big-muscled stud with freakishly huge balls when he gets an unexpected call from his old friend, Jake. (added: 18 Dec 2021)
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Part 1

Sean looked out the window at the sight of his home town fading into the distance as the transport bus he was riding in drove down the highway. It had only been a week since his eighteenth birthday, but… what a terrible birthday that had been. Sean and his friends had decided it would be fun to go out after his party that evening and vandalize the local park. While spray-painting over a sign, two patrol cops had spotted them and when Sean and his friends split up and ran for it, the cops decided to chase after him, catching up with him and arresting him before he gotten two blocks from the park.

At his court hearing Sean refused to give up the names of the friends he was with. Because he wouldn’t cooperate, the judge decided to give Sean the maximum sentence allowed for a misdemeanor, which was a six-month sentence at a detention center. His public defender had managed to convince the judge to send Sean to a minimum security facility that specialized in dealing with troubled teens and young adults, which, he argued, would be a better environment than of a state-run prison filled with lifetime criminals.

So, after a few days of paperwork and processing, Sean was now on a prisoner transport bus with a group of other boys headed to the Stonehaven Detention Center. After what seemed like hours driving through empty countryside, the bus came to a fenced in compound and passed through three different checkpoints before coming to a stop in the courtyard. The guard at the front of the boss said, “Okay, everyone, stand and follow me single file.”

Everyone, Sean included, stood up and followed the guard out, then into a large doorway. Looking around, Sean counted eight boys including himself walking into the building. Once everyone was inside, they stood in a line. “Welcome to Stonehaven,”: the guard said. “Allow me to introduce Warden Krauser.”

Sean saw a heavy-set man in a uniform stand up from a chair and walk in front of them. “You boys are guests in my house,” the warden told them. “During your time here, if you follow the rules and don’t cause any trouble, your sentence will be over before you know it. Those of you who act out, you’ll find your time here to be a living hell. Sergeant, have these boys processed and assigned to their wards.”

Warden Krauser turned and walked out of the room. Meanwhile the sergeant walked down the line, handing each boy a large box. “All right,” the sergeant said, “no personal items allowed inside. Empty your pockets into the box, then remove all of your clothing and place it into the box as well.”

“You want us to get naked?” the boy next to Sean said.

The sergeant nodded. “You will be given prison uniforms after processing,” he said. “Now hurry up and strip.” There was some hesitation at first, but then everyone began to empty their pockets and start to take off their clothes, including Sean.

Sean was tall and thin, but he had never been particularly shy about his body, especially since he was gifted with a nicely sized cock that hung down just over eight inches while soft. After he finished taking off all of his clothes and putting them into the box, Sean discreetly glanced around at the other guys and was happy to see that his cock was the biggest of the eight guys in line. Once everyone had stripped, another guard walked down the line taking the boxes from the boys. “Follow me to medical for your checkup,” the sergeant said.

Sean thought it was strange that they were being made to walk down the hall in a line, all naked, but he didn’t want to say anything and get on the bad side of the guards on his first day, so he kept quiet. As the eight guys walked in a line following the sergeant through the facility, other prisoners they passed by would whistle at them mockingly or yell out stuff like, “Look boys, fresh meat!” Sean and everyone else walking in the line ignored the prisoners and kept staring straight ahead as they were walked through the complex.

Sean saw that they were now walking into a section that said Medical Ward above the door. “Okay,” the sergeant said when they were all inside, “line up here, face forward and hold still for your exam.” The boys did as instructed, and then two men approached, with one of them holding a clipboard. Starting at the front of the line, the men gave each prisoner a physical exam.

When it was his turn, Sean was examined from head to toe. When the man examined Sean’s genitals, he lifted Sean’s cock. “Impressive,” the stranger said, “you must be proud of this.” Sean was embarrassed and didn’t respond. Next the man felt up Sean’s balls, then he stood and made some notes in his chart before moving to the next boy in line.

The boy after Sean held up his hands. “Don’t touch me,” he said.

The sergeant walked over and told him, “Boy, you lost your rights when you were sentenced here. Now stand still.” The boy refused, still blocking the man from examining him. The sergeant took out a whistle and blew it, then he took the stick from his waistband and jabbed it into the boys stomach, causing him to collapse to the ground gasping for breath. Sean was shocked, then he saw three more guards rushing over. The sergeant directed the guards to pick up and hold the boy, which they did, and while he was held in place by the three guards, he was given his exam.

After the men were finished examining him, the sergeant said, “Take him to solitary until he learns some obedience.” The guards then hauled away the boy, ignoring his attempt to bargain that he wouldn’t do it again. Once he was taken away, the sergeant stood back at the front of the line and the two men continued doing their exams. Once everyone had been seen, the man with the clipboard spoke to the sergeant for a few minutes. “All right,” the sergeant said, “these are your cell assignments. You five, step forward.” Sean saw the five boys the sergeant had pointed to walk a few steps forward. “You five are assigned to Ward B,” the sergeant said. “Here are your uniforms.”

Another guard gave each of the five boys a light green pair of pants and shirt, which they put on, then after they were dressed they followed the guard out of the room. The sergeant then said, “You two, you’re assigned to Ward A.” Another guard then handed out a tan colored shirt and pants to Sean and the other boy, and when he got to Sean, he said, “You’ll be staying in cell 214.” Sean nodded, then he got dressed in the loose fitting shirt and pants. Once the two boys had been given a uniform, the guard motioned for them to follow.

The two boys followed the guard through the facility into a hallway with a sign saying Ward A above it. When they got to a cell with the number 214 on it, the guard pointed, so Sean walked inside. Sean saw that the cell had two beds, and on the top bed was another guy laying back and reading a magazine. When Sean walked in, he got up and said, “Hey there, you new?” Sean just nodded. “I’m Edward,” the boy said. What are you in for?”

“I’m Sean, I was charged with vandalism,” Sean told him. “Aww, that’s nothing,” Edward said. “How long did you get?”

“Six months.”

Edward laughed. “That’s nothing,” he said. “I boosted a car and got charged with grand theft auto and have to serve two years.”

“Ouch,” Sean said. “ow long have you been here?”

“Just over a year,” Edward said. “So I’m more than halfway finished! Anyway, I’ve got the top bunk, so the bottom’s yours. You’re lucky man, you got assigned to Ward A. Most people get send to Ward B, but you don’t want that.”

“Why’s that?” Sean asked him.

Edward just laughed. “Trust me man,” he said, “we get a much better work assignment than those poor guys in Ward B. We also can do mostly whatever we want in Ward A, like watch TV in the common room. We have our own library, we even have a pool table in the recreation room. Really this place isn’t so bad, as long as you do your work.”

“I’d still rather be back home…” Sean said.

Edward laughed and said. “Well, yeah. But you don’t have that long of a sentence.”

Sean heard a loud chime sound, so he looked curiously at Edward. “That’s the lights out alarm,” Edward told him. “They make us go to bed by 8 p.m., which kind of sucks, but… it is a prison after all.” Just then the lights dimmed down, not entirely out, but still dark. Edward took off his clothes and climbed onto the top bunk and got under his covers. Sean then took his clothes off as well, and once he took off his pants he heard Edward say from his bunk, “Damn man, nice piece you’ve got there.”

Sean was confused at first, then he realized Edward was talking about his eight inches of swinging dick.

“Thanks,” Sean said.

“I’m surprised you got sent to Ward A with a piece like that,” Edward said. “You really are a lucky guy.” Sean nodded, not really understanding, then he got into the bottom bunk and laid down. So far prison wasn’t like had been dreading. Edward seemed cool, especially when Sean had been fearing scenarios of being stuck in a cell with a big guy in a gang or something. Overall, prison wasn’t so bad.


Part 2

Sean was awakened by another loud chiming sound. He groggily turned over in bed and started to go back to sleep. Then he felt someone shaking him. “Hey man, get up!” Edward was saying. “You don’t want to get in trouble for oversleeping!”

Sean groaned, but he got out of bed and put on his tan prison uniform.

“Breakfast is in the Ward A cafeteria,” Edward told him. “Then afterwards we report for work duty. Follow me, I’ll show you our cafeteria.” Sean followed Edward down the hall to a large cafeteria which had all kinds of various foods laid out. Sean grabbed a bowl of oatmeal, some cheesey eggs, and a few pieces of bacon, then he went and sat down at a table with Edward to eat.

Once he was finished eating, Sean said, “Where do I go for work?”

“Down the hall, second door on the right, through the door that says Collection Ward,” Edward said. “I’ll be there soon.”

Sean nodded his thanks, then he put up his tray and followed the directions he had been given. Once Sean saw the sign, he went through the door and told the guard inside, “Uh, I’m Sean, I was told I come here for work?”

The guard looked at a clipboard he was holding. “You’re new? Okay, here,” he said, and the guard went to a cabinet and got a large plastic container and handed it to Sean. “When this is filled, you’re done for the day. Turn it in to the officer at the desk and then you can go back to Ward A. Go through that door.” The guard pointed to a door at the other side of the room.

Sean nodded then walked through the door, then his jaw almost dropped at what he saw. He was in a long room, and on each side of the room were rows of chairs, and in each chair there was a guy strapped in, wearing the pale green shirts that the guys who were sent to Ward B were given. Sean saw that though they had shirts on, none of the guys strapped in the chairs had on pants. But strangest of all was that Sean could see each and every guy in the chairs had a pair of balls on them that looked many sizes bigger than anyone Sean had seen, online or otherwise.

The sizes of the guys balls were varied, with some of the guys having large apple sized balls, ranging all the way up to balls as big as cantaloupes. Kneeling in front of most of the chairs was another guy, and those guys were dressed like him in Ward A tan uniforms, and they seemed to be giving hand-jobs to the guys in the chairs. Sean was dumbfounded and he just stood staring, not sure what he was seeing. A moment later, he felt a rough shove from behind, and turning around he saw a guard had pushed him. “Don’t just stand there,” the guard said. “Get to work.”

“Um, what do you mean?” Sean said.

The guard pointed to the plastic container Sean was holding. “Find an available cow and go milk him,” he said gruffly. “Once that’s filled, you can leave for the day.” Sean just stared blankly, unsure if he had really heard what the guard just said. The guard roughly shoved him again, so Sean took a few steps more into the room, looking around. After he stood there for a few moments, he felt yet another rough shove, this time it almost sent him toppling forward.

Sean then started to walk down the line of chairs, looking to each side and seeing the guys from Ward A jerking off the guys in the chairs with the huge balls. After walking past a few more chairs, Sean got to one that had a guy in it with no one kneeling in front of him. Sean then walked up and knelt down like the others were doing, then he looked at the guy in the chair. The guy was strapped to the chair with leather straps on his arms and legs, with his legs pulled open wide. The guy’s dick was hard and looked like an average six inches, and under his hard dick was a set of balls as big as a pair of oranges.

Sean then looked up to the guy’s face, and was shocked to see someone he kind of knew. “Hey,” he said, “didn’t you get here yesterday with me? I recognize you from the bus trip, you were one of the guys sent to Ward B.”

The guy in the chair looked around quickly, then whispered, “We’re not allowed to talk to each other. You’re going to get us in trouble, just hurry and do it!”

Sean looked to his right and saw the guy in the chair being jerked off by the other guy kneeling in front of him. Then looking to his left, Sean saw the same thing, although the guy in the chair to his left had especially fat balls.

Sean then told the guy in the chair in front of him, “Uh, I’m not touching another guy’s willy.”

“You have to!” the guy told him.

Just then a guard walked up and yelled, “Talking’s not allowed, get to work!”

Sean stood up and said, “I’m not about to touch another guy’s privates.” Sean wasn’t expecting what happened next. In one swift motion, the guard grabbed Sean’s arm and twisted it, forcing him to his knees, and then with his other hand the guard roughly grabbed the back of Sean’s head and pushed it right onto the guy’s hard dick, forcing it into Sean’s mouth.

“Boy, you better not back talk me,” the guard said. “Now you’re going to milk him one way or another.” Sean was still in a stunned state of shock, in complete disbelief that this was happening. The guard pulled back and forth, making Sean’s head go up and down, moving the dick in Sean’s mouth in and out. Each time Sean’s head was pushed down he could feel the guy in the chair’s thick fleshy ball-sack bumping against his throat. Once the shock at being forced to blow another dude wore off, Sean started to fight back.

First thing Sean did was yank his head back, knocking the guard’s face behind him and giving the guard a bloody nose. Next Sean stood up and shoved the guard, pushing him to the ground. From behind, Sean heard frantic whistling and then moments later he was tackled from behind by two more guards. The guards restrained Sean and pulled him to his feet, and the officer walked over and took a look at the situation, then said, “Bring him to medical and tell the sergeant we have a troublemaker.”

The guards roughly dragged Sean through the hall, easily stopping him from struggling. Once they brought Sean to the medical ward, one of them picked up a phone and talked to someone, then they brought Sean to a small room and waited. A few minutes later the man with the clipboard Sean had saw yesterday came in, and one of the guards said, “He’s being transferred.”

Sean struggled against the guards holding him again. “I’m going to sedate him,” the man with the clipboard said. “He’s obviously going to be a problem.”

“Whatever you need, Doctor,” one of the guards said. Sean struggled again, but he wasn’t able to stop the man from injecting his arm with something, and then seconds later the room started to go dark and he passed out.


Part 3

Sean felt someone shaking him, but his head was pounding and he felt dizzy. “Leave me alone!” he mumbled. The shaking continued, so Sean opened his eyes and said, “What?!”

“Come on dude, you’re already in a lot of trouble,” someone said. “Don’t make it worse. You have to get up, that was the morning wakeup alarm!” Sean tried to focus his eyes since he was still partially blinded by the bright light, and once his eyes came into focus, he recognized the guy shaking him was the one from yesterday who was strapped into the chair with the big balls.

“What are you doing here?” Sean said.

“My name’s Rudy,” the guy said. “You’re Sean right?”

Sean nodded, then sat up in bed and held his head. “Ugh, my head hurts!”

“You’ve been unconscious since yesterday,” Rudy told him. “I think they tranquilized you or something, but they brought you here yesterday afternoon. I guess you’re my new cellmate.” Sean just groaned, then he started to get out of the bed.

As Sean was getting up, he felt a soreness in his crotch, so he tried to rub himself to ease the soreness. When he put his hand under the covers to rub himself, he felt something weird, so he pulled the covers off and saw that he had a huge bulge in the pants he was wearing. Sean jumped out of bed regardless of the soreness and looked down at himself. The bulge at his crotch was huge, and ignoring that Rudy was standing right there Sean pulled down his pants and looked at himself.

Sean’s cock was its usual eight inches soft, but where Sean’s balls used to be the size of cherries, they were now enormous and fat like two big melons. Sean stared at himself in horror. “What the fuck?” he blurted out. “What the fuck? What the fuck?”

“Hey, calm down!” Rudy told him.

Sean looked up and said, “What the fuck man, what happened to me?”

“It’s not just you,” Rudy told him. “They do the same thing to all of the guys on Ward B. You’ll see once we go to breakfast. Here, see?” Rudy pulled down his pants, exposing his crotch. Sean saw that just like yesterday, Rudy had a big pair of orange-sized balls, though they weren’t as big as Sean’s. “Yours got bigger than the other guys we came in with,” Rudy said.

Sean then noticed that he was wearing the same pale green uniform that Rudy was wearing. “I don’t understand,” Sean said. “What kind of prison is this?”

Rudy shrugged. “I don’t know, I was arrested for shoplifting and my lawyer got my sentence reduced to only four months if I served it here instead of six months at the state prison. Come on, we’re going to be late for breakfast.”

Sean looked down at his hugely swollen balls. “I’m not going out like this!”

“Don’t worry, all of the guys on this ward are the same way,” Rudy said. “No one’s going to even notice you. You really don’t want to miss breakfast though or the guards get super mad! Some of the guys told me what happens when you get in trouble on this ward…” Sean looked down at his balls again, then he remembered the guy from the other day being hit with the nightstick just for talking back, and he decided for now he would go to breakfast and think more later.

Sean pulled up his pants, which had a huge bulge from his enormous balls, then he followed Rudy out and down the hall. As Sean was walking, he glanced around at the other guys walking down the hall, and sure enough, everyone on this ward had a huge bulge in their pants from oversized balls. Sean followed Rudy into a room with a bunch of tables. “This is the cafeteria,” Rudy said.

Sean looked around. “Where’s all the food?”he said.

“Over here,” Rudy said, and walked up to what looked like a large soda dispenser. Rudy took a big glass and held it under the machine and pushed a button and a thick grey liquid filled up the glass.

“What is that?” Sean said.

“Some kind of protein drink,” Rudy told him. “It doesn’t taste very good.”

“I’d rather eggs,” Sean said. “Where are they?”

“Huh?” Rudy said. “This is the only food we get, this protein stuff.”

“Eh, I’ll pass,” Sean said.

“You can’t!” Rudy whispered. “Skipping meals isn’t allowed. You have to drink at least a full cup, but they like it if you get seconds. See that guard over there? He’s watching, hurry and get a cup!” Sean glanced over and sure enough, one of the guards was staring straight at the protein drink dispenser, watching everyone. Sean picked up a glass and filled it with the thick grey stuff, then he and Rudy walked over to sit down.

Sean sat down at a table then immediately jumped back up and yelled “Ahh!” since he had just sat on top of his huge balls. Most of the guys looked at Sean, wondering what the noise was about, but Sean tried to act like he didn’t notice and then he carefully sat down again, this time making sure to get his balls out of the way first.

“Yeah, I did the same thing my first day,” Rudy said. “You get used to them soon though.”

Sean looked and saw that the guard was still staring at him, so Sean took a sip of the drink and almost gagged. The taste was vile, like the unflavored protein powder you can buy in a store, but it’s like someone got the ratio’s wrong and used way too much powder and not enough liquid.

Sean saw Rudy guzzling down his whole drink, so Sean took a deep breath and forced himself to down the whole glass. Glad that it was finished, Sean said, “Ugh, and we have that for breakfast every morning?”

“Not just breakfast, every meal,” Rudy told him.

“What?” Sean said. “What about vitamins and stuff from other foods?”

Rudy shrugged. “I think it has all that already mixed in, I don’t know.” Rudy then got up and said, “All right, come with me.”

Sean followed Rudy out of the cafeteria and down the hall, then through some doors, and eventually they walked into a room that Sean recognized. Sean saw the room with the rows of chairs, though at this time of morning most of the chairs were empty except for a few of the guys from Ward B starting to walk in. “Whoa,” Sean said, “why did we come in here?”

“We have to get milked each morning after breakfast,” Rudy said. “It’s part of the daily routine for Ward B.”

“No way, nope!” Sean said.

“You don’t have a choice,” Rudy said. “Let’s just get it over with.”

Sean wasn’t about to have any of that, though, and he turned around and headed for the door. Before he could reach the door, one of the guards stepped into his path and said, “Take your seat.”

“No!” Sean told him. “Move out of my way!” The muscular guard grabbed Sean’s arm, and soon a second guard walked over to help, and the two of them dragged Sean to an empty chair. One of them pulled down Sean’s pants and then they sat him in the chair and strapped him in, with his arms strapped to the side and his legs strapped widely opened.

“Let me out of this, right now!” Sean started to yell. “Heyyyyyyyy, let me out!!”

To his left, Rudy was calmly sitting in his chair as a guard was strapping him in. “Sean, just calm down!” Rudy said.

Sean continued to yell, though, so one of the guards walked over and put a large piece of tape and over Sean’s mouth. With his mouth taped, Sean could barely make some muffled grunts, and being securely strapped in, he couldn’t move either. Satisfied that Sean was restrained, the guard bent over and with both hands he arranged Sean’s hugely swollen balls to the center of the chair, then he placed Sean’s cock over the top of his balls, making a neat pile at Sean’s crotch.

Sean couldn’t do much besides look around the room, and he saw that more boys from Ward B were coming into the room and taking a seat in the chairs while the guards strapped them in. No one else was struggling at all, and it all looked very routine for them. Once all of the chairs were full and everyone was strapped in, a guard walked down the row of chairs with what looked to be a spritzer bottle and he was stopping at each boy and spraying a light mist of something on their crotch. Once the guard got to Sean, he sprayed a few sprays of the mist onto Sean’s package, and only seconds later Sean saw his cock start to bone up and soon his cock felt rock hard.

One of the guards gave a final glance around the room, then he nodded at another guard who opened a door. Soon, boys wearing the tan uniform from Ward A started to walk into the room and each took a spot in front of a chair. Sean noticed Edward in the crowd, and Edward also saw him. Walking over, Edward knelt down in front of Sean. “Hey man, I was wondering what happened to you!” he whispered. Edward then glanced down at Sean’s much bigger balls. “Ahh, I guess you got transferred to Ward B… Sorry, man.”

Edward then reached out and put his hand on Sean’s hard cock, and Sean immediately started to squirm around and make muffled sounds into the tape over his mouth. Edward let go and looked up at Sean, but then he whispered, “I have to do this or I’ll be in trouble too. But don’t worry, I’ve gotten pretty good at milking, just relax and enjoy it.” Edward once again took hold of Sean’s hard cock and then he started to slowly stroke it. Sean squirmed again, but he was strapped in so tight he couldn’t really move at all.

Edward kept on stroking Sean’s dick, slowly at first, but he started to increase his speed. The sensation felt good, but Sean was angry that he was helpless to do anything to stop a guy from touching his cock. Edward then used his other hand to massage Sean’s huge balls, which felt really good to Sean, but he still pointlessly squirmed in the chair trying to get out. Sean could feel his big balls starting to get tighter and he thought he might cum soon, but he was determined to be defiant so he squeezed the muscles in his groin, preventing himself from cumming.

Edward continued to stroke Sean’s cock for a few more minutes while Sean kept fighting back his orgasm. “Hmm, you have such big balls Sean,” Edward whispered, “bigger than most of the guys, but they don’t want to give up their milk. I think I know what you need.” Edward then leaned forward and Sean watched as Edward bent over and started to suck on his hard cock. Sean started to squirm all over again trying to push Edward off his dick, but it was no use and Edward sucked hard on Sean’s cock.

Sean kept trying to hold back his orgasm, but he had never had a blowjob before from anyone, and the sensation was incredible. Edward could taste the first few drops of precum from Sean’s cock, so he took the cock out of his mouth and picked up the plastic container and pointed Sean’s dick inside. Seconds later, Sean’s cock shot its first blast of cum, and once he started to orgasm, there was no stopping it. Edward held Sean’s cock steady as it unleashed load after load of cum into the container, with his orgasm lasting several minutes.

When Sean finally stopped cumming, Edward let go of Sean’s cock and held up the container, looking at it. The container was full of cum almost to the top. “Damn man, I knew I would get a lot of milk from you when I saw those big balls of yours, but I didn’t think I would finish in just one milking!” Edward said. “Thanks man, I’m already done for the day!” Edward got up and walked over to the desk and turned in the container of cum, then left the room. Sean leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, unable to do much else while strapped down.


Part 4

Sean felt someone undoing the straps holding him in the chair, and he opened his eyes to see one of the guards was untying him. Once all of the straps were untied, the guard pointed to the door. Sean got up from the chair, thought about his options, then decided to walk out. Bending over and grabbing his pants, Sean pulled them up and over his melon sized balls, still embarrassed at the huge bulge he made, even if all of the boys on his ward did have the same kind of bulge.

Sean walked out of the big room and as soon as he got to the hall, Rudy was waiting for him. “You sure took a long time to finish,” he said. “Was the guy milking you not very good or something?”

“Do you mean to tell me this is a usual thing?” Sean asked him. “Getting jacked off by guys from Ward A?”

“Shhh!” Rudy said. “The guards don’t like us to say jacked off,” he whispered. “You’re supposed to say that you got milked.”

“What? I’m not a fucking cow!” Sean said.

“I know, but some of the guards can be kind of sadistic like that,” Rudy said. “Some of the meaner ones actually do call the guys from Ward B cows. It’s best to not make waves and go along with it.”

“Fuck that,” Sean said, but he let the subject drop.

Rudy then said, “Now we have to go for lunch, come on.”

“That nasty grey stuff?” Sean told him. “No, thanks.”

Rudy grabbed his arm and pulled, saying, “You don’t get it, do you? If they don’t see you getting lunch soon, you’re going to be in trouble!”

Sean looked down the hall at one of the guards at his post, then he sighed and walked along with Rudy to the cafeteria. Sean still wasn’t used to the way his new huge balls were banging against his legs as he walked, especially because the pants he was given had no underwear. “There somewhere I can get some briefs or boxers?” Sean said.

Rudy shook his head. “Nope, not allowed,” he said. “We can’t wear anything that might be tight on our balls.”

When they got to the cafeteria, Sean and Rudy each got a glass of the protein drink and they guzzled it as fast as possible to get it over with.

“Okay, now what?” Sean said.

“Exercise time,” Rudy said. “The gym’s this way.”

“I don’t feel like exercising,” Sean told him.

Rudy grabbed his arm again, pulling him along. “Because in prison, it really matters what you feel like doing, right?” he said sarcastically.

Sean sighed and followed along until they got to a large gym with every workout machine you could imagine.

“All right, we need to work out every muscle group,” Rudy said. “Don’t try to skip anything because they’re watching.” Rudy then pointed out a few cameras on the walls around the room. Sean looked and saw lots of boys from Ward B in the gym using the various machines. Each boy had a large bulge in his pants and Sean thought the whole scene looked ridiculous.

“Aww fuck this,” Sean said. “I’m going back to my cell.”

Rudy grabbed his arm. “Stop, you’re gonna get in trouble!” he said.

Sean pulled his arm away. “I’m already in prison,” he said. “How much more trouble can I get into?”

Sean then walked towards the door, but a guard left his post and stopped him. “Your workout isn’t finished yet,” he said.

“Piss off, I don’t feel like working out.”

The guard picked up his walkie-talkie and spoke to someone, then he grabbed Sean and pulled him out of the gym. Sean walked with the guard until he was brought to a small office, and inside was the sergeant.

“Again with the defiance, Sean,” the sergeant said. “It’s time you had an attitude adjustment.”

The sergeant pushed a button on his desk and two more guards entered the office. They grabbed Sean and pulled off his shirt and pants, leaving Sean standing there naked with his huge balls slightly bouncing against his thighs. The sergeant then nodded to one of the guards, and the guard got something from a cabinet and then knelt down near Sean’s crotch. “Hey, what the fuck are you doing?” Sean said, but the other two guards grabbed Sean and held him still.

The guard kneeling in front of Sean reached and took hold of Sean’s eight inch cock, then after a short pause, the guard said, “Sergeant, this one’s very hung, do we have a larger size?”

“We should,” the sergeant said. “Check storage room two.” The guard then got up and left the room while the other two were still holding Sean. A few minutes later, the guard came back, holding a similar device to the one he had before. He knelt in front of Sean again then once again he took hold of Sean’s cock.

This time, Sean saw the guard open some kind of metal contraption, then he slid it over Sean’s cock and wrapped it around his waist, then used a key to lock it in place. Looking down, Sean saw that his cock had been put into some kind of steel cage, like a male version of a chastity belt. “What’s that thing?” he asked, morbidly curiouds.

“It prevents disobedient prisoners from touching themselves,” the sergeant said. The sergeant then walked behind Sean and gave him a shot in one of his ass cheeks.

“What was that?” Sean asked.

“Your punishment. Take him to solitary.”

The guards brought Sean through the prison and then pushed him into a small room with nothing inside, then closed the steel door. Now that he was alone, Sean looked down at the steel cage thing that was enclosing his cock. It was a strange device completely enclosing his cock and strapped to his waist by very thick leather straps and locked with a key. Underneath the cage his balls were still fully exposed in the open. Sean shrugged and stood up, then he started to pace around the room. Each step caused his balls to bounce against his thighs, and soon he stopped and sat down, then leaned forward and he took a good long look at his balls for the first time since waking up this morning.

Feeling his sack, he could tell that the skin felt looser than before, and rubbing his hand around his sack some he felt his big melon sized balls. “This is like the damn twilight zone,” he said to himself. “What are my friends going to say about these big fucking balls after I get out of here?”

Sean stood up again and started to pace around the room some more. As time passed, Sean was very bored, so he went from pacing to sitting to laying on the floor, unsure of whether it was still daytime or night. Eventually Sean’s boredom caused him to drift off for a nap.

Sean woke up from his nap after an unknown amount of time. Right away he knew something was different, and sitting up he leaned forward to look at his crotch. Below the steel cage trapping his cock, his balls looked as if they had gotten even bigger than they had been before. Sean reached down and felt his nuts, then he stood up, feeling the weight of his balls. There was no doubt, his nuts definitely were fatter and heavier than before, and after checking himself out more closely, Sean thought his nuts looked like two jumbo coconuts dangling in their sack.

What was more disturbing than that was how horny he felt. Sean had the feeling like he was on the edge of orgasm with the pressure building in his balls, but when he reached to try to finish off an orgasm, his hand hit the metal cage enclosing his cock. Sean pulled at the cage trying to yank it off, but the bars around his cock were pure steel and the leather strap holding it on was over an inch thick. Sean desperately tried to touch his cock, but the cage had his big dick completely locked up and he couldn’t touch himself.

Sean stood up and tried to pace around to take his mind off of the sexual pressure he felt in his balls, but every step made his swollen nuts bounce around and that only made it worse. Sean sat back down and he started to rub his giant balls, hoping maybe he could orgasm just from playing with his nuts, but even though playing with his huge sack felt amazing, it only increased his sexual tension without giving any release. Sean leaned forward and kept rubbing his big nutsack, helpless to do anything else.

After some time—minutes? hours? Sean couldn’t tell, but the door to the room opened and a guard walked in. Sean immediately got up and said, “Let me out, I have to get out of this thing!” and he clawed at the cage around his cock.

The guard ignored Sean’s begging and instead he held out a glass. “It’s time for your dinner, drink this.”

Sean was desperate, so he took the glass and swallowed the thick protein drink right away, then said, “All right, I can go now?!” The guard picked up the empty glass then turned and walked out, locking the door behind him. Sean ran forward and beat on the door. “I’m sorry, let me out!” No one responded.

Sean went back and sat in a corner of the room, going back to rubbing his sore balls which seemed like they felt even fuller as time went on, but he was powerless to get any release. Eventually Sean passed out from the exhaustion of being on the edge of an orgasm for what had to be hours.


Part 5

Sean felt someone kick his leg, which woke him up and instantly brought him back to the reality of the incredible pressure he was feeling in his balls. Sean looked down at himself and was horrified to see that his balls had grown as big around as a pair of soccer balls while he was sleeping. He felt someone kick his leg again and say, “Get up!” Sean looked and saw that the sergeant was standing over him with two other guards. The guard who was kicking his leg did so again. “Stand up!”

Sean weakly stood up, and in doing so he could feel the incredible weight of his balls which had to be carrying so much cum in their current super swollen state. He reflexively tried to grab his cock but as before the cage blocked all access. Now that Sean was standing, he could feel that his nuts were so heavy that his sack was stretching almost to his knees from their weight. The two guards both laughed and one of them said, “There’s something special about this cow, just look at how much milk he’s carrying.”

The other guard leaned over and slapped Sean’s hanging nut sack quite hard, making Sean’s balls swing fiercely back and forth. “Ohhhh yeah,” the guard said, “he’s a special cow all right. Look at them things.” Sean was humiliated, in pain from the recent slap to his balls, but most of all, he was so horny that he just didn’t care anymore.

The sergeant said to a guard, “Give him his breakfast.” One of the guards held out a glass of the grey protein drink to Sean, and Sean obediently took it and drank it, then handed the glass back. “Have you learned your lesson, Sean?” the sergeant then said.

Sean nodded. “Yes sir.”

“When it’s time for your workout, are you going to excersize?”

Sean nodded again and said, “Yes sir.”

“When it’s time to be milked, are you going to cooperate?”

“Yes! Yes!” Sean whined desperately. “Please milk me! I want to be milked!”

The sergeant nodded. “I’ll give you another chance. Follow my men.”

The two guards walked out, and Sean started to follow. As he was walking, his stretched nutsack was letting his soccer-ball-sized nuts swing all over the place and bang heavily on his thighs, so Sean reached down and with both arms he picked up his nutsack and held it in front of him as he walked down the hall.

The guards brought Sean to the collection ward and sat him down in a chair. Sean could see the other boys from Ward B were starting to come in as well, so he guessed it had to be late morning. Sean saw Rudy walk past and get into the chair next to him, but Rudy didn’t speak while the guards were still there strapping in Sean. Once Sean was strapped in to the chair, his super swollen balls kept sliding off the chairs edge while a guard tried to keep them in place. “Scoot your ass back in the chair, cow,” the guard said. Sean scooted his butt as far back in the chair as he could, making more room on the chairs seat for his huge balls.

Once the guard was satisfied that Sean’s nuts weren’t going to roll off the chair, he took a key from his pocket and unlocked the cage around Sean’s cock. Sean instantly tried to reach out and grab his cock, but his arms were already tied down. One of the guards grabbed the end of Sean’s rock hard eight inch dick and flicked it, making it wave around. “One of the farm boys is sure going to have some fun with this cow,” he said. The guards then laughed and walked off, leaving Sean to wait until the Ward A boys arrived.

After the guards were out of hearing range, Rudy whispered, “Sean, how you doing?”

“Balls… so full…” Sean said weakly.

“Yeah, I see that,” Rudy said. “I tried to tell you not to get in trouble, but you wouldn’t listen!” Sean wasn’t really paying attention to Rudy’s “I told you so” speech, and instead he desperately was counting the seconds until the Ward A boys came in.

After what seemed like forever, the far door opened and the Ward A boys started to walk into the room. Edward was one of the first boys to walk in, and once he saw Sean he headed in his direction. As Edward got closer and saw the state of Sean’s nuts, he loudly said, “Whoa man, look at you!” The other boys that were walking in looked at what Edward was talking about, and when they saw Sean’s enormous balls, some of them rushed in his direction.

Edward quickly got in front of Sean’s chair. “Nope, I was here first!” he said.

“No way, Edward,” one of the other boys said. “I saw you milk this cow yesterday, you have to share!”

“Yeah you can’t take the same cow twice in a row, move over!” another boy said.

“I don’t care who,” Sean told the group of arguing boys, “just someone milk me, hurry!”

One of the guards walked over and said, “No talking allowed!” Seeing the group of boys arguing over who was going to milk Sean, the guard just pointed to Edward and said, “You there, start milking, the rest of you, find another cow, now go!”

The other boys looked disappointed, but they knew better than to argue with a guard so they walked to other available chairs. Edward knelt in front of Sean and he reached out to feel Sean’s swollen sack, then whispered, “Man, in the year I’ve been here, I’ve never seen a cow this full.”

“Do it, come on!” Sean said.

Edward nodded and reached out and took hold of Sean’s hard cock, stroking it lightly. Right away Sean’s dick started to leak a steady stream of pre-cum and Edward said, “I guess it’s not going to take much today, huh?”

Edward stroked Sean’s cock a few more times, then the big dick started to blow. “Whoa wait,” Edward said. “I wasn’t ready!” He reached down, scrambling to get the container.

The shot of cum Sean had blasted flew into the air and landed in the hair of another boy across the room, who turned around and said, “Hey, who isn’t controlling their cow?!”

Edward then grabbed Sean’s cock and aimed it into the container, collecting his cum. Sean was in bliss, so happy that after such a long time he finally got the release he had been craving.

Sean felt a constant stream of cum being pumped out of his swollen balls and the feeling was heavenly. Sean then heard Edward loudly yell out, “Uh, sir, sir, what do I do?!” Sean lifted his head and saw a guard rushing over, and then looking down he saw that the container Edward was using to collect his cum had been filled completely and since his cock was still shooting more, it was overflowing onto the ground. When the guard walked up, Edward said, “It’s not my fault sir, I didn’t mean to waste the milk, this cow is making too much to hold it all!”

“Don’t just stand there boy, go get another one, quick!” the guard yelled at Edward.

Edward rushed over to the desk and grabbed a fresh container and rushed back, then used that to catch the remaining cum that Sean’s cock was continuing to shoot. By the time Sean’s swollen nuts were completely empty, he had filled one and a half containers with cum, and that’s not counting the extra runoff on the floor.

The guard looked at the mess on the floor and told Edward, “Go get something to clean this up.” Edward rushed off, then the guard told another guard, “Did you see that? Warden Krauser’s going to be pleased when he hears about this new cow.” The only thing on Sean’s mind was the relief that his enormous balls were finally emptied… even though he could already feel them starting to fill up again.


Part 6

Once Edward had finished cleaning up the spilled cum from the floor, the guard sent him away, then he unstrapped Sean from the chair. “Go to your cell and get dressed,” he said. “Then report to the cafeteria for lunch.” Sean got up and walked out of the room, still completely naked from his time in solitary.

After leaving the collection ward, Sean saw that Rudy was waiting for him in the hall like before. “Hey, glad you’re doing better,” Rudy said. “I was worried about you.”

Sean looked down at his crotch and still couldn’t wrap his mind around how big his balls had grown. After being emptied, they weren’t the swollen soccer-ball size anymore, but his nuts still hung halfway down his thigh and were bigger than coconuts. “What kind of twisted place is this,” Sean said. “Even after my sentence is finished, how can I go through my life with balls this fucking big?”

“Don’t worry about it so much,” Rudy said. “You can mostly hide it with the right clothes. Speaking of, we should go to our cell and get you something to wear.”

Sean walked down the hall, noticing that the other boys of the ward kept sneaking a glance at his crotch as he walked past with his huge balls bouncing against his thighs. When they got to their cell, Sean went in and got a new shirt and pants from their closet. Getting dressed in the loose pants, Sean faced Rudy and pointed to the very obvious bulge at his crotch. “How do I hide something like this?” Rudy shrugged his shoulders, but didn’t answer.

The boys then went to the cafeteria and drank their protein drink, then walked together towards the gym. Rudy then started his workout routine and Sean mostly copied what he saw Rudy doing since he never did go to the gym much while back home. Part way through the workout, Sean started to get really exhausted, but Rudy was helpful with encouragement and with Rudy helping, Sean managed to finish his entire workout. “Not bad,” Rudy said. “Now we get our dinner and then it’s time for the only fun thing us guys in Ward B get to do.

“What’s that?” Sean said.

Rudy smiled and said, “You’ll see.”

The boys went to the cafeteria and drank their protein shake, then Sean followed Rudy to a new room. Going inside, Sean saw it was some kind of sauna, with a huge hot tub in the middle of the room. There were plenty of guys soaking in the hottub, and Sean knew they were all from Ward B because everyone of the guys had a huge pair of balls.

“What’s this?” Sean said.

“Each day before lights out we get to soak in the hot tub for a while,” Rudy told him. “It’s supposed to help keep our nutsacks loose or something, but who cares why, it feels great!”

Rudy took off his uniform and walked into the hottub and sat down. Sean did the same, and as he was walking up one of the guys in the hottub said, “Hey there, you’re the new guy, Sean is it?” Sean just nodded, then the other guy said, “Nice to meet you, I’m Marcus. You sure do have a pair on you I’ve got to say… so how long you in for?”

“Six months,” Sean told him.

Marcus whistled. “I’ll bet Krauser’s not happy about that, such a short sentence.” Sean just shrugged, hoping Marcus would leave him alone so he could soak in peace.

Sean then felt someone touching his huge balls, and opening his eyes he saw that Marcus had come closer and was feeling his nuts. Sean jumped up and out of the hottub. “The fuck is wrong with you, touching another guy’s privates?!” he said.

“You’ve got one of the biggest pair of jugs on the ward,” Marcus said. “I wanted to see what they felt like.”

“Don’t be a fucking pervert,” Sean yelled at him. “Keep your hands to yourself!”

Marcus shrugged and said, “Yeah, you’re definitely new here. You’ll come around.” And then Marcus went back to the edge of the hottub and leaned back.

Sean stomped over and got his uniform and put it on, then he left the sauna and went to his cell. Shortly afterwards Rudy came in. “You shouldn’t have done that,” he said. “The other guys on our ward are the only friends we’ve got.”

“That dude was rubbing my balls, you saw him, right?” Sean said.

“Yeah, he was just curious,” Rudy said. “Lots of the guys on the ward have been talking about you. Like Rudy said, your balls got way bigger than anyone else’s on the ward.”

“Well, the rest of the guys can mind their own fucking business!” Sean snapped back.

Rudy shrugged, then they heard the lights out alarm sound, so the two boys got undressed and climbed into bed, with Rudy on the top bunk and Sean on the bottom. After laying in bed for a while, when Sean was sure Rudy had fallen asleep, Sean reached under the covers and started to stroke his cock. Sean’s balls had been filling up ever since his orgasm that morning and he wanted a quick jackoff before bed. As his cock got harder, Sean started to stroke himself faster, which soon started to make the whole bunkbed shake.

Sean didn’t care and he kept jerking his dick, but then Rudy poked his head over the side of the bed and looked down, seeing what Sean was doing. “No, stop!” Rudy said “You can’t masturbate! That’s one of the most important rules! They always know!”

Sean kept jerking his cock anyway and said, “Well then don’t tell anyone.”

“I wouldn’t,” Rudy told him, “but they’ll still know, believe me they…” and as if on cue the door to their cell opened and two guards with flashlights stormed in. Sean was surprised, but the guards shined the light right on him with his hard cock in his hand.

“Do you mind?!” Sean said, but the guards didn’t care and they walked over and yanked Sean out of his bed and pulled him out of the cell. “Hold on, let me get dressed!” Sean said, but the guards started to pull the naked Sean down the hallway.

The guards took Sean to the sergeants office and after knocking twice, they walked in pulling Sean with them. One of the guards said, “Sergeant, we caught this one trying to milk himself.”

The sergeant stood up from his desk and walked over to look down at him sadly. “Sean, Sean… just what are we going to do with you.”

“Hold on, no one told me I couldn’t jack off!” Sean then said.

The sergeant then backhanded Sean across the face. “You will only speak when asked a direct question. Ignorance of the law excuses no one.”

The sergeant paced back and forth a few times, then said, “Three offenses in as many days… normally a prisoner would be shipped to the maximum security ward, but Warden Krauser has read your file and wants to see you. We’ll let him decide what should be done. Let’s go.” The sergeant walked out and the two guards pulled Sean along with them. After being dragged to the far end of the prison, Sean saw the sergeant knock on an ornately decorated wooden door and shortly afterwards he went inside. The guards followed with Sean, and in the center of the room were four shackles and chains. The guards pulled Sean over and shackled his feet to ground with his legs spread apart, then put shackles on his wrists and pulled the chain, which caused Sean’s arms to be pulled high over his head and to the sides, making Sean stand in the middle of the room spread like an eagle chained up.

Then, another door opened and the heavy set man that Sean recognized as the warden walked out. Warden Krauser walked a circle around Sean a few times, looking him over but not speaking. He then stopped in front of Sean and looked down. Reaching out, the warden took hold of Sean’s big eight inch cock and felt it. “My my my, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had such a fine specimen as part of my herd,” the warden said. He then used both hands to pick up Sean’s heavy, coconut sized balls and he rolled them around in his hands a few times. “I’m even told that you’re one of our best cows, and now I can see why,” he observed. “Such a fine specimen indeed.”

Sean struggled against the shackles that were holding him, but he was held fast. The warden watched him struggle and said, “Yes, I’m also told that not only are you one of our best cows, you’re also the most troublesome.” Krauser turned to the sergeant and asked, “What was his latest transgression?”

“He was caught trying to milk himself, sir.”

The warden shook his head. “Tsk tsk tsk, that is very serious. I work hard to make sure my herd is well taken care of, and then to hear that one of my best cows almost wasted his milk? Such a shame.”

“You’re a fucking freak, let me out of here!” Sean yelled out.

Sean then saw stars as the sergeant backhanded him across the face again. “Show some respect!” the sergeant shouted, then turned to Krauser and said, “What should be done with him, sir?”

The warden paced a few more times, scratching his head in thought. He then seemed to get an idea. “Well, if our young cow wants to act like a bull, then he should look the part. Double his nutrition, assign an officer to oversee his workouts each day. I want our young bull pushed hard, do you hear me?”

The sergeant nodded. “Yes sir!”

The warden then looked down at Sean’s heavy balls and said, “There’s still the matter of the attempt to waste his milk…”

“My men almost didn’t get there in time to stop him, sir,” the sergeant said.

Krauser thought some more, then said, “An example must be made. We can’t have more members of the herd thinking they can get away with such a serious offense. If this one thought it such a trivial thing to waste milk, then he must produce more as penance. Sergeant, see to it, and make sure the rest of the herd can witness the consequences.”

The sergeant gave a salute. “As you wish, sir!”

Warden Krauser nodded and sai,d “I’ll check in on his progress soon, dismissed.” and then Krauser walked out of the door he had entered from, closing it behind him. The guards then unshackled Sean and took him by the arms again, dragging him back out of the room as they followed the sergeant. Sean was brought through the prison back to another ward “Bend him over the table there,” the sergeant said.

The guards pushed Sean over the table and held him down. “Hey, what are you doing?” Sean said.

The sergeant went to a cabinet and took out a syringe, then he jabbed it into Sean’s buttcheek, injecting him with something. “Following my orders,” the sergeant said. “Something you should learn to do.”

“What was that?” Sean asked, but the sergeant ignored him. Instead he told the guards, “After the bull is finished, bring him back to his cell, then confiscate all of his clothing. Krauser wants him to be an example, so he’s going to be leaving everything on display to the rest of the herd for a while.”

Sean felt himself rapidly falling asleep as he heard someone else coming into the room…


Part 7

Sean woke to the now familiar sound of the morning alarm sounding through the prison. Wiping his eyes, he sat up in his bunk and right away he felt an unfamiliar weight between his legs. At the back of his mind Sean already knew what he was about to see, but he closed his eyes and wished with all his might that maybe he was wrong. Opening his eyes, he slowly pulled away the covers and got a look at himself. Sean thought, and hoped, that he was dreaming, but the cold truth of reality was right in front of him.

Resting between his legs on the bed, Sean saw that his balls had more than doubled in size. While yesterday his nuts were already as huge as two coconuts, now his comically big nutsack looked like it was carrying two fat and round watermelons. Sean just sat there staring in silence, at a loss for words. Sean’s trance-like state was interrupted when Rudy jumped out of his top bunk and turned around, seeing Sean.

“What the! Err.. uh, Sean?” Rudy said.

Sean just gave him a blank stare. “Uh, what’s that feel like?” Rudy said.

Sean ignored his stupid question and he carefully got himself out of bed. Standing up was a struggle, and the weight of Sean’s heavy cum-filled balls was almost painful as his sack was weighed down by their bulk. Sean didn’t say anything as he walked to the closet and took out a pair of pants.

“Hey, those are mine,” Rudy said. “The guards that brought you in last night told me you’re not allowed to wear my clothes, and they took all of yours…”

Sean looked down at his watermelon sized balls and said, “You want me to walk around like this, naked?”

“No, but it’s not my call,” Rudy said. “If you go out there wearing my clothes, the guards are just going to take them from you, and then we’ll both be in trouble.”

Sean knew Rudy was right, so he dropped Rudy’s pants. “Fuck it. Fuck everyone here. If they want to stare at the freak walking down the hall, then fucking let them.” Sean walked out of his cell, ignoring Rudy’s calls of, “Hey, wait for me!”

Sean walked towards the cafeteria with his head held high, ignoring the stares of the other boys of Ward B. Sure, the other boys had oversized balls too, but when someone is walking along with a pair of nuts the size of watermelons, having a pair of balls the size of oranges doesn’t seem so big anymore. Just walking at all was a challenge since each of Sean’s balls had to weigh at least fifteen pounds each, maybe more, and he wasn’t that strong to begin with.

Rudy ran down the hall and caught up to Sean just as he got to the cafeteria and they walked in together. All of the talking in the cafeteria stopped as they saw the naked Sean walk over to the protein shake machine, seeing his balls swinging between his legs with each step. Sean took a glass and filled it up, then guzzled down the nasty drink before tossing his cup into the sink. Sean then started to walk out to the collection ward, ready to get this day finished with as soon as possible, but before he could leave a guard stopped him and said, “Finish your breakfast.”

“I drank the whole disgusting shake already,” Sean said.

The guard shook his head. “Special orders, you must drink two.”

“What?” Sean said. “I’m fucking full already, I can’t drink another one.”

The guard pointed and said, “You drink two!” Sean started to argue some more, but he saw a second guard start to walk over to see what the fuss was about. Sean didn’t want to stir up even more trouble, if that was somehow possible, so he walked to the machine and filled up a second glass of the thick liquid and he started to drink it. Just one of those shakes was already more than an entire meals worth of nutrition, and it was extremely filling, so trying to force down a second one was almost more than Sean could take. After nearly gagging twice, Sean forced down a second protein shake, which left his stomach feeling bloated, but the guard then allowed him to leave.

Sean walked down the hall and entered the collection ward, and he was surprised to see a new chair in the middle of the room. The seat of the center chair was very wide and long.

“You, have a seat there!” the guard said, and he was pointing to the new chair. Sean went over and took a seat, and he found out that he could rest his huge nuts on the special seat extension which supported them nicely. A guard then strapped Sean into the chair while other guards were strapping in the rest of the Ward B boys into the normal chairs. Once everyone was strapped in, their cocks were sprayed with that mist that gave everyone in the room a raging boner.

The far doors were opened and the Ward A boys started to filter in. Right away Edward and about six other boys all rushed over towards Sean, all of them pushing each other out of the way trying to get there first. One of the guards stepped forward though. “Hold it,” he said. “This is a special cow and only boys with special rewards get to milk him. Samuel, you’ve been the best milker this week, come over, you can go first.” Edward and the other boys all gave a disappointed sigh and they spread out to the other Ward B boys.

“This cow is primed and ready for milking,” the guard told the boy named Samuel, reaching down and patted one of Sean’s enormous balls. “Fill as many containers as you can.” The guard pointed to a stack of at least ten containers that were next to the chair.

The guard then walked away and Samuel climbed onto the chair next to Sean and he started to rub his hands all over Sean’s balls. “Just look at these jugs,” he said. “How much milk are you holding, cow?”

Sean ignored the cocky boy, and soon Samuel stopped playing with Sean’s nuts and he reached out and took hold of Sean’s eight inch cock. Sean had always been so proud of his big dick, but now that he had watermelon sized balls, his dick actually looked small in comparison. Samuel stroked Sean’s cock a few times, then he leaned in and started to suck it. “Hey, stop that,” Sean told him. “Just use your hands, I won’t take long to cum.”

Samuel looked up from sucking the cock and said, “Shut up cow, I’ll milk you however I damn well please!”

“Fuck you, you little twat!” Sean told him. “Just wait until I’m untied!”

Samuel then reached back and slapped one of Sean’s nuts quite hard. “Ouch! Boy once I get…” Sean screamed, and then slap, Samuel had slapped Sean’s other nut. The pain of having such huge nuts hit like that was intense, and after struggling against his restraints again, Sean knew he was completely at the mercy of the guy straddling his balls, so he closed his mouth and kept quiet.

“That’s better.” Samuel said. “Now are you ready to be a good cow and give me your milk?” Samuel went back to sucking on Sean’s big dick, and Sean closed his eyes and tried to imagine that he was stroking himself instead of having his dick sucked by a boy he already hated.

Soon, between the rhythmic sucking on his cock and the rocking back and forth that Samuel was doing while sitting on Sean’s big sack, he could feel himself about to blow. Once Samuel felt the first drops of precum start to leak out, he pulled back and grabbed a container, pointed Sean’s dick inside and watched as Sean started to shoot thick ropes of cum. Once the container was filled, Samuel quickly swapped it out for a fresh one and continued to collect the cum shooting from Sean’s cock.

If there was any silver lining to this whole mess, Sean thought that it would be how good it felt when his huge balls were blowing their load. He couldn’t help but do everything in his power to keep his orgasm going for as long as possible so he could enjoy the experience, and Samuel was all to happy to keep collecting the cum and swapping containers as they filled up. Once Sean’s big balls had finally given all they could, Samuel counted the containers. “Hmm,” he said, “you only filled four and a half… I was hoping that with those big jugs you would have given me at least eight. Oh well, maybe next time the warden will send you back to us with even bigger jugs, wouldn’t that be fun?”

“Fuck you!” Sean told him.

Samuel winked and said, “Maybe next time” and then he gathered the containers of cum and walked out.


Part 8

Once all of the boys from Ward A were finished and gone, the guards started to untie the boys from Ward B. When Sean was untied he got up and walked towards the door, feeling relieved that his balls weren’t quite so heavy at the moment, even though they were still more or less the same size. Rudy caught up to him in the hall. “I saw how much milk you gave,?” he said. “That was impressive. Doesn’t make the rest of us look too good though…”

“Why don’t you go ask them go give you a set of monster balls if you’re so jealous,” Sean told him.

“Woah, that’s not what I meant!” Rudy said. He paused awkwardly. “Uh, you ready for lunch?”

“Do I really have a choice?” Sean groused.

Rudy laughed and the two of them went to the cafeteria. The boys both drank a protein shake, and then they tried to leave, but once again Sean was stopped by a guard that told him he had to drink more. With a sigh, Sean went back to the machine and got a second glass, forcing it down with great effort. Sean had always been a light eater, so now forcing himself to eat probably an entire days worth of calories per meal was a real challenge.

The boys then went to the gym, and when Sean walked in, a muscular guard walked over and introduced himself as Officer Zeke, saying he was Sean’s personal trainer. Zeke first had Sean do dumbbell squats, and aside from the fact that Sean was a weakling, trying to do squats with nuts the size of watermelons caused it’s own set of problems. Zeke was relentless though and he kept pushing Sean to do at least two more sets even after he was reaching exhaustion for a muscle group.

Zeke only allowed a few minutes rest between muscle groups and as soon as Sean felt like one of his muscles were about to catch fire, Zeke had him start working out another muscle. The nightmarish workout lasted the entire evening all the way until dinner time when Zeke allowed Sean to leave. Sean rushed out of the gym to the cafeteria and went to the protein shake machine and poured one, then drank it down. This time Sean was so starving from his workout that he poured the second one and drank it down without any prompting.

Sean then slowly walked to the sauna and when he went in, he saw Marcus in one of the hot tubs with a few of the other Ward B boys relaxing. Marcus took a look at Sean’s pump from his recent workout, as well as the enormous sack of nuts swinging between his legs as he walked. “I guess you’re the warden’s new favorite,” he said. Sean was too tired to answer and he just walked right into the hot tub, glad to let his aching muscles soak in the hot water.

“There was a boy like you here a few months back,” Marcus said. “You definitely remind me of him. Got released though… wonder what he’s doing now.” Sean wasn’t really listening and instead he was trying to relax. Marcus swam over next to Sean in the hot tub and said, “You’re probably sore all over from your workout, huh? Who did they assign to train you? Bet it was Zeke, am I right?” Sean just nodded, then Marcus said, “Yep, same as that other guy, the warden definitely has his eye on you.”

Sean just shrugged, then Marcus reached out and started to massage Sean’s sore bicep. “A massage is the best way to help get the soreness out of your muscles after a workout,” Marcus said. “Let me help.” Sean was so exhausted, and his sore muscles being rubbed did feel good, so he just let Marcus continue even though it was a guy rubbing him in a hot tub. Marcus massaged Sean’s left arm, then he moved to his right arm. Next Marcus reached underwater and started to rub the soreness out of Sean’s thighs.

“I can’t get to your shoulders from the front because of your big jugs,” Marcus said.

“I don’t have fucking jugs, it’s my balls!”

“Sorry, habit,” Marcus said. “That’s what the guards say, you know, like milk jugs? Anyway, for me to do your shoulders you’re going to have to come over here.” Marcus was motioning for Sean to sit in his lap so he could do a backrub and shoulder massage. Sean thought that was going too far, but his shoulders were really aching and no one else in the sauna seemed to be paying them any attention, so Sean got up and sat in Marcus’s lap, leaning back against his chest. Marcus had balls on the larger size of the boys in Ward B, with his being around cantaloupe sized, and while Sean was sitting on Marcus’s lap, he could feel his ass cheeks pressing against Marcus’s fat nutsack, but Sean pretended like he didn’t notice.

Marcus then started to massage Sean’s shoulders, and after that he moved on to reaching around Sean’s torso and massaging his chest and pecs. Marcus then started to massage Sean’s abs, which were especially sore from the 175 crunches Zeke had forced him to do. After massaging Sean’s abs for a while, Marcus reached down and took hold of Sean’s big eight incher, but as soon as Marcus grabbed Sean’s cock, Sean opened his eyes and jumped up. “Uh, thanks for the massage,” he said. “I’ve gotta get to my cell…”

“What’s the rush?” Marcus said, but Sean grabbed a towel and quickly dried himself off, taking extra care to dry his huge balls, then he rushed out of the sauna and went to his cell.

Rudy was already there and he said, “Have a good soak in the hot tub?”

Sean just nodded and said, “Yeah.” The boys then heard the lights out chime sound, and the lights got dimmer.

While laying in bed, Sean thought about the massage he just had. Sean could feel his cock start to get slightly hard as he was thinking about it, and after he reached down and grabbed his cock, he realized what he was about to do and he let go before a guard came in from no where and accused him of jacking off. Trying to clear his mind, Sean went to sleep, entirely exhausted from the day.


Part 9

The days settled into routine for Sean, and he learned that so long as he didn’t stir up trouble and followed the rules, the guards for the most part left him alone. Each morning he would get up, go have his two protein shakes for breakfast, then he would go to the collection ward to have his balls “milked” by a different Ward A boy each day. Some of the boys were obnoxious like Samuel, but most of them were actually nice and gentle, and by the end of the first week Sean actually started to look forward to his daily milking sessions.

Between drinking the six big protein shakes per day, and Zeke’s boot camp style bodybuilding instruction, Sean slowly went from tall and thin to tall and built. By the end of the first month, Sean no longer had any problems at all with the weight of his huge balls weighing him down and he walked around with them easily. The warden never did take back the order that Sean had to walk around naked, but by now Sean was used to it and was even proud as he would walk down the hall with his enormous nuts bouncing against his bulky thighs.

By the end of the third month, Sean had pumped up with so much muscle that when he was finally allowed to get on a scale, he was completely shocked to see 240 pounds. When he came to the prison, he came to the prison he had weighed only 150 pounds, so that meant he had gained 90 pounds of muscle. Looking down, Sean corrected himself and realized his balls alone weighed over 30 pounds, so that meant he had only gained about 60 pounds of muscle, but he was still proud of himself.

Over time, Sean’s cum production seemed to increase, and even though his balls didn’t really get any bigger than their already huge watermelon size, by the third month he was filling seven of the containers during each of his daily milkings. It was starting to get to the point where late in the evening Sean’s balls were refilling so fast that it took all of his willpower to not touch his cock while laying in bed at night.

It was during one such evening after lights out that Sean was laying in bed fighting to resist the urge to grab his dick and empty his huge balls, when suddenly his cell door opened and the sergeant walked in. Sean said, “I didn’t do anything, I swear, I never touched it!”

“What are you talking about boy?” the sergeant said. “Get up, the warden wants to see you.”

Sean got out of bed and looked at Rudy, but neither boy said anything. Sean then stood up straight and said, “Yes sir.” The sergeant nodded and walked out, letting Sean follow. Outside of his cell, two more guards were standing ready, and as Sean walked down the hall, the other guards followed along behind. The four of them walked through the whole prison to Warden Krauser’s private office again, and once inside Sean saw the same chains and shackles from his previous visit.

“Stand in the center,” the sergeant said.

“I’ll behave sir,” Seam told him. “You don’t have to chain me up.”

The sergeant frowned and said, “You’ve been doing good for the past few months, and now you’re going to backtalk again?”

“Sorry sir,” Sean said, and then he walked to the chains and waited as the guards shackled his feet and arms, then pulled the chains tight, forcing him into a standing spread eagle position.

Sean then saw the warden walk into the room, and then Krauser paced around Sean a few times, looking him over. Krauser then said, “Well, look how far our little cow has come. Look at this beef, sergeant,” and Krauser reached out and grabbed a handful of Sean’s thickly muscled pec, and then he let his hand slide down Sean’s eight pack abs. Next Krauser felt the bulging bicep on Sean’s arm, which felt like a cannonball. Walking behind, Krauser then pinched one of Sean’s thick bubble butt cheeks.

“Yes sir, he’s come along nicely,” the sergeant said.

Krauser then asked Sean, “How do you feel, little cow? Do you think you’re a bull now?”

Sean wasn’t sure the correct answer, so he said, “Yes sir.”

Krauser then bent over and put his arms around Sean’s enormous watermelon sized nuts and he lifted them. “If you’re a bull, what about these and all of the wonderful milk you’ve been making?”

Unsure of himself, Sean said, “Sorry sir, I meant I’m a cow.”

Krauser let go of Sean’s balls, then he reached down and took hold of Sean’s eight inch cock. “You say you’re one of my cows, but none of my other cows have a rod quite like this. Are you sure you’re not one of my bulls?”

Sean was getting very nervous since he knew what saying the wrong thing could mean, so he took his best guess and said, “Sir, I’m a bull and I’m a cow.”

Krauser smiled. “Is that right? What do you think, sergeant?”

“I defer to your wisdom, sir,” the sergeant said immediately.

Sean right away knew that that was what he should have said, to play into Krauser’s ego, but it was too late.

“Yes, thank you sergeant,” Krauser said. “This young one seems to think of himself as good enough to be both one of my bulls and one of my cows. If he were one or the other, he could be the star of the herd for sure.”

Krauser paused a moment, then continued, “As both though, he must be so much better, don’t you agree?” The sergeant just silently nodded. Krauser then asked, “What nutrition is he currently getting?”

“Two shakes per meal, sir,” the sergeant said.

Krauser nodded and paused again, then said, “Let’s change that to three per meal… no wait, make it three and a half. Have Officer Zeke increase the daily training by at least an hour. My bulls must be nice and strong.”

Krauser then walked forward and patted Sean’s balls. “I like my cows to make as much milk as possible,” he said, “and if you’re going to be both one of my bulls and one of my cows, I expect nothing but the best. Sergeant, let’s see about increasing his milk production, how about ohhh…. 50%? No, make it 65% increase in milk production. I think our big strong bull cow should be able to handle some bigger milk makers, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, sir.”

Krauser then looked down and said, “One more thing, sergeant. Let’s do something about this, shall we?” and Krauser grabbed Sean’s eight inch cock and pulled it forward, then continued, “I’m not so impressed by it anymore. If my bull cow is going to get big and strong, we want him big and strong all over, yes?”

The sergeant nodded again. “Yes sir, I’ll see to it.”

Krauser nodded and started to walk out, saying, “Thank you, sergeant. I expect to see wonderful progress in a few months.” Then Krauser was gone.

Sean looked down at his body which was already the size of a bodybuilder, then at his balls that were already bigger than anyone would ever dream. “You can’t do all of that, you can’t! I’m too big already!”

The sergeant motioned to his guards, and they started to unshackle Sean. Then the sergeant said, “Let’s get you down to Ward D.”


Part 10

Sean was being pulled through the prison towards the ward by four guards. The two that had gone with him up to the warden’s office weren’t able to hold the much stronger Sean when he began to struggle against his trip, but all it took was a single whistle blow to bring more to help with disobedient prisoners. When the four guards, Sean, and the sergeant made it to the ward, the sergeant said “Bend him over the table there” and the guards pushed Sean onto the table, holding him down.

While he was being held down, Sean tried to beg. “Please, stop, I don’t want to get any bigger, don’t do this, I’ll do whatever you want!”

“You’ve been so well behaved these last few months, Sean. I’m disappointed to see you acting out like this,” the sergeant said. “You know that in Stonehaven, the warden’s word is law. If the warden wants more milk from you, then you’re going to give him more milk. Now hold still.” Sean tried to fight against the guards holding him down, but he wasn’t strong enough to fight all four, and soon he felt the sergeant wiping his ass cheek with an alcohol swab then he felt the pin prick of a needle as he got an injection. Soon, his vision started to go dark and Sean drifted off into a drug induced sleep.

The next morning, Sean woke up and he didn’t waste any time before throwing off the covers and looking at himself. His balls, which had once been the size of two big watermelons, were now swollen up even more and each of his jumbo nuts looked like a big fat giant pumpkin in his stretched sack. Sean got himself out of his bunk, and when standing, the weight of his incredible balls was extreme as he felt the gallons of cum sloshing around in his giant nuts. If Sean hadn’t become so muscular over the past few months, he probably wouldn’t even have been able to stand up with their weight, but now that he was such a muscleboy, Sean carried around his 50’ish pounds of balls without much effort.

Rudy was getting out of his bunk, and he got his first look at the new Sean and said, “Oh man, they pumped you up again?”

Sean rubbed the top of his massive sack and said, “Why ask a dumb question when you clearly see the answer.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you,” Rudy said.

Sean shook his head. “I didn’t mean it like that, I’m just in a bad mood. Look at me for fuck’s sake, look what they did to me. I’ve only got three months left on my sentence, but what am I supposed to do after I’m released?”

Rudy looked at the huge nuts Sean was carrying, nuts so big that anyone less built than him would topple over from their unwieldly size. “I’m not sure…”

Sean snorted, then he started to walk to the cafeteria, trying to get used to the way his bigger balls were swaying around with each step. In the cafeteria, Sean poured himself one protein shake after another, guzzling down all three, and when he started to walk off, a guard raised his hand up and said, “Not finished!”

“What, I’m supposed to drink three and a half, is that it?” Sean said sarcastically. “Fuck it, how about I just make it a clean four, huh?” Sean poured a fourth full glass of the protein shake and guzzled that too, then said, “Happy now? Is your cow well fed enough to leave yet?”

The guard stepped aside, satisfied that Sean had drank enough. Sean then went to the collection ward, and inside he saw that his special chair had been modified again. The wide platform that had previously been setup to extend the seat of the chair to hold his balls had been removed, and instead there was a large cushioned area at the base of the chair. Sean had a seat, and while sitting in his chair he saw that his enormously grown balls were now so big they stretched all the way to the ground in front of him while he was sitting, and they were resting comfortably on the cushions in front of him.

As usual, the boys from Ward B were all strapped into their chairs, including Sean, and then the cum hungry boys from Ward A were brought in to milk them. One of the guards picked a lucky boy from Ward A to have the privilege of milking Sean today, so the boy approached Sean eagerly, glad that he was finally having a chance to milk the prison’s most famous cow. The boy slowly walked up to Sean, obviously impressed and nervous. He looked down at Sean’s pumpkin sized balls resting between his legs and he tentatively reached out a hand and felt them.

“What’s your name boy?” Sean asked him

“Calvin…” the guy said.

“Well, are you going to stare all day or are you going to milk me?” Sean said. “I need some release, so get to it.”

Calvin nervously reached over and took hold of Sean’s eight incher and slowly stroked it a few times.

“Did they sent me a farmboy or did they send me a pussy, you know the best way to milk a cow is with your mouth, now get down on my big cock and hurry it up,” Sean told him

Calvin looked even more nervous, but he slowly crawled forward, careful not to bump against Sean’s huge nuts, then he leaned in and put half of Sean’s cock in his mouth. Sean bucked his hips, pushing his cock deeper into Calvin’s mouth, which gagged Calvin slightly. “That’s better, keep it up,” Sean said. “If you’re lucky you can sneak a taste before collection, then you can tell all your friends you got to taste Sean’s milk.” Calvin kept sucking on Sean’s big dick, working him closer to orgasm. Sean could feel himself getting close, and he decided to have a bit of fun.

Just as Sean felt himself about to start leaking pre-cum, he clenched his groin muscles and stopped the flow. Sean held that uncomfortable squeezing as long as he could, and just as he felt like he was going to erupt, he relaxed and instantly his cock blasted a huge load of stored up cum straight into the throat of Calvin, surprising the boy. Calvin pulled back, coughing and choking at the unexpected sudden burst of cum, but he knew what was most important and he quickly got the containers and started to collect the cum.

Sean’s bigger nuts let out so much cum that he came very close to filling up twelve whole containers worth. As Calvin was collecting the last few drops, Sean winked at him and said, “Did you like the taste of my milk?”

Calvin looked around to make sure the guards weren’t nearby, then he whispered, “It was sweet… like nothing I’ve tasted before… thank you!” Sean smiled, then relaxed in his chair, waiting until the guards came to untie him.


Part 11

After being untied, Sean got up and walked to the cafeteria, then after drinking only the required three and a half shakes, he went to the gym to meet up with Officer Zeke for his muscle training. Zeke put the powerful Sean through his usual workout routine, then when their time was usually up, Zeke put Sean through an extra hours worth of workouts, focusing mostly on his chest and upper body. At the end of his extended workout, Sean went for dinner and he drank a full four shakes worth of protein to try and recover some energy from his grueling workout.

On his way to the sauna for his evening soak, Sean was stopped by a guard that told him, “New routine, follow me.” The guard brought Sean down the hall to another, smaller sauna with no other boys inside.

Sean saw the sergeant standing near a hottub, and he said, “Sean, from now on you will report here for your evening soaks. Warden Krauser says you need a cock worthy of a prized bull, so while you are soaking, you are to wear this vacuum pump over your penis for no less than two hours per night, every day. My guards will help you with the setup.”

The sergeant nodded to a guard, then he walked out. The guard walked over holding a penis pump that was way longer than Sean’s eight incher, but with the guard helping, it was hooked up to Sean and the vacuum pressure was applied. Sean saw his cock pump up and get very fat and start stretching longer inside of the tube. The sensation was slightly painful, but not entirely unpleasant. Sean then carefully got into the warm ho ttub water while wearing the pump and he let himself soak for the required two hours while his cock was stretched. When the two hours were up, Sean got up and let the guard help him take off the penis pump.

Sean took a look at his cock after it was out of the pump, and he was surprised that after only two hours his cock looked so fat and quite a bit longer, but the guard told him, “Your penis will return to its previous size when the pump wears off, but over time some of the growth will become permanent.” Sean nodded, then he was dismissed to return to his cell for the evening. By the time he laid down in his bed, he was so exhausted that he fell right asleep.

Sean’s days settled into routine again, with his morning milking, afternoon workouts, and evening penis pumping. By the end of the first two weeks, Sean’s penis had gained an inch of length, and it continued to gain steady size over time.

A full ten weeks later, Sean was resting in the hot tub looking at his cock inside of the vacuum tube. While his cock was being pumped, it had gotten big enough to stretch a full fifteen inches inside of the tube, though once his pump wore off his cock was “only” about thirteen inches at its permanent size.

The guard told Sean it was time to get out, so Sean slowly got himself up from the hottub. Sean wasn’t as quick at moving around as he one was, since over the last ten weeks of workouts his muscles had gotten very thick and jacked up. Sean was over three hundred pounds now, and it was almost all balls and muscles that gave him his weight. He reached the edge of the hot tub and lifted himself and his ballsack out of the water, letting the guard take off the penis pump.

Sean’s pumped cock fell out, slapping against the top of his balls heavily. Sean reached down and rubbed his cock a few times, but the guard said, “Sean, you know better than that.” Sean nodded and stopped touching his huge cock. Over time, some of the guards started to warm up to Sean, so they let small breaks in the rules like that slide without reporting it. Sean then let his arms hang down at his side, though because his chest and lats were so muscled, his arms could only kind of point out to the sides instead of hang straight down. Sean couldn’t even fully bend his elbows anymore because the huge ball of his biceps prevented full range of motion of his arms.

Sean started the walk back to his cell, waving his hips back and forth with each step because the thickness of his thighs made walking in a straight path difficult. Walking like that had the side effect of causing his pumpkin sized nutsack to swing side to side with each step, but Sean had grown strong enough to easily handle the more than fifty pounds of balls he was carrying around.

Sean went into his cell, then he got into his bed, causing the entire bunk to sink low to the ground from his weight. Just as he was about to drift off to sleep, the door to his cell opened and the sergeant walked in. “The warden wants to see you Sean,” he said. “Come with me.” Sean slowly hauled his massive body out of the bed and followed the sergeant through the dark halls as they made another late night trip to the warden’s office.

When they got into the office, Sean saw a few more guards standing around the room, but when Sean walked towards the shackles, the sergeant said, “That’s not necessary tonight Sean—if you behave, that is. Are you going to be on your best behavior?”

Sean nodded and said, “Yes sir.” The sergeant nodded, then he took his place along the wall and then Krauser walked in and started to look over Sean.

“Just delightful, I do say,” Krauser said. “I think you’re the best cow we’ve ever had.” Krauser walked closer and he started to feel Sean’s enormous pumpkin sized balls, but Sean just held perfectly still while Krauser was feeling him up. “You’ve been very helpful as my best cow, did you know that? The farmboys have been more obedient than ever, with each of them trying to earn the privilege to milk our best cow. Do you like being milked, Sean?”

“Very much sir,” Sean said. “I want to make as much milk for you as I can.”

“Good, good, I’m glad to hear that.” Krauser started to push against Sean’s huge balls, which was making his sack swing around like a sack of potatoes, then Krauser said, “Do you want to make even more milk for me Sean? Would it make you happy if you could make even more milk than you do now?”

Sean stopped himself from frowning, and with a straight face he said, “I want to do whatever makes you happy, sir.”

Krauser stood up straight and said, “Excellent, I think you’re starting to learn! You’re already our very best cow and you’ve been making me proud. The farmboys all look forward to the day they get to milk you, so I think you’re doing well in your role as a cow, no changes needed.”

“Thank you sir,” Sean said.

Krauser then started to rub and squeeze Sean’s thick pecs, and then Krauser slid his entire hand underneath Sean’s pec easily since his pecs were so huge. Next Krauser reached down and picked up Sean’s thirteen inches of cock and he held it for a moment, then dropped Sean’s dick.

“I think you’re finally ready to also serve your role as one of my bulls,” Krauser said. “Do you know what my bulls do, Sean?”

Sean shook his head and said, “No sir.”

“As a bull, it’s your duty to make sure the other cows in the herd are producing enough milk. When one of my cows isn’t producing like they should, you must breed them until their production is up to standard. Do you understand?”

Sean gave a curious look. “Not exactly, sir.”

Krauser ran a hand over Sean’s huge cock again. “You must pump the cow full of your special milk, and in doing so they should start to produce more milk of their own.” Sean still was confused, but then Krauser said, “You still don’t understand? Here, do you know how you got these wonderful jugs of yours?” and Krauser patted Sean’s balls again.

“The sergeant gave me something which caused it, sir,” Sean said.

Krauser chuckled and said, “No no no, you were only injected with a sedative because you were such a rebellious cow. Each time while you were sleeping, one of my bulls breeded you, which is why you can now make so much wonderful milk.”

Sean reached behind him and rubbed his ass, wondering if he really had been fucked multiple times while he had been asleep. “Ahh, I see you now understand, good, good,” Krauser said. “Most of our cows are docile, so sedatives won’t be needed when you breed them.”

“So, if I breed with a cow, their milk production will increase?” Sean asked.

Krauser clapped and said, “I’m pleased you understand! You will start tomorrow right after your own milking. It’s so nice that you get to be my favorite cow and my favorite bull at the same time! No one else in the herd has such an honor, they’re either one or the other!”

Sean was still processing everything he had been told, and his mind was in a fog as he followed the sergeant back through the prison towards his cell.


Part 12

Sean woke up to the morning alarm ready for another typical day in the prison life. Standing and stretching, Sean looked over at the empty top bunk and thought about Rudy. It had been a few weeks now since Rudy had finished his sentence and been released and Sean wondered what he was doing today outside of the prison. Sean had been allowed to keep a private room since Rudy left, as a small reward for being such a valuable member of the herd. Reaching down and giving his giant balls a quick rub, Sean could feel how full he was, so he quickly left his cell and started his day, looking forward to being milked.

Sean’s huge muscled body burned a lot of energy these days so Sean was now drinking at least four full protein shakes every morning, with some mornings part of a fifth. Leaving the cafeteria and going into the collection ward, Sean took his seat in his special milking chair and got strapped in. Soon a new boy from Ward A approached his chair, looking over Sean’s enormous body and balls in awe. Sean now had a new boy every day, since being allowed to milk him was such a prize that no boy from Ward A got to do it twice.

“What’s your name boy?” Sean asked the guy

“Mitchell... are you ready?”

“Are you new at this or something?” Sean said. “You’re supposed to be the one in charge of your cow, you tell me when it’s time to begin.”

Mitchell got closer and said, “Oh, yeah, I’m ready...” Mitchell leaned in and put a hand on Sean’s long thirteen-inch boner and lightly rubbed it a few times.

“Don’t be shy boy,” Sean told him. “Climb up onto my jugs and really grab a hold of that thing. Come on now, get with it.”

Mitchell was unsure of himself, but he did as Sean told him. Mitchell climbed onto Sean’s lap, wrapping an arm around the pole of Sean’s cock while he was sitting on top of Sean’s giant pillowy balls. Sean nodded and said, “That’s better. Now if you want my milk, you’re going to have to work for it. Grab onto that like you mean it, act like you’ve got a pair, yes, that’s right, now put it in your mouth.” Mitchell was using both hands to hold onto Sean’s rock-hard cock to steady himself as he sat on top of Sean’s balls, and then he cautiously put the head of Sean’s dick into his mouth.

“Good, that’s better,” Sean said. “Now take it deeper.” Mitchell pushed a few more inches of Sean’s cock into his mouth, but Sean said, “I said deeper, boy, you know I’m the warden’s favorite cow. If I’m happy, the warden’s happy.” Mitchell pushed another inch or two of Sean’s cock down his throat, but he had reached the limit of how much of the thirteen inches he could deep-throat. “There you go,” Sean said. “Now I want you to suck out my milk. Get started.”

Mitchell began to suck on the huge cock and Sean could see that Mitchell’s own cock was rock hard in his pants. Sean wanted to reach over and grab Mitchell’s cock, but all Sean could do was watch since he was tied down into the milking chair. Soon, Sean felt his nuts start to rumble. “All right boy, get ready,” he said. “You did good work, now I’m going to let you have my milk.” Mitchell ignored Sean and he kept sucking on his huge dick. “Did you hear me boy?” Sean said. “My milk is about to flow, you need to be ready.”

Mitchell was enjoying sucking on the cock too much and he was ignoring everything else. Sean felt his nuts begin to pump his cum towards his cock but Mitchell showed no signs of letting up. Sean loudly whistled, and two of the guards started to rush over to his chair. Just then Sean felt his cock start to blow, but Mitchell didn’t move and he started to drink Sean’s cum. Mitchell only got a few swallows before the guards roughly grabbed Mitchell and yanked him off of Sean’s cock.

Sean’s cock was now shooting cum wildly since no one was handling it, so one of the guards scrambled to grab hold of Sean’s dick and aim it into one of the collection containers. Now that Sean’s orgasm was under control, the guard was forced to do the duty of the milker as he collected the buckets of cum from Sean. After Sean’s orgasm finally ended, the guard got up and backhanded Mitchell. “You’re going to regret that boy,” the guard said. “Not only did you waste plenty of milk, you stole some as well. Take him to the sergeant.”

Sean saw Mitchell being dragged out of the room. “I tried to warn you, man...” he said, shaking his head.


Part 13

After Sean was released from his chair, he went and got his lunch of four protein shakes. On his way to the gym the sergeant stopped him in the hall. “Your workout is rescheduled to an hour later from now on,” Sean was told. “After lunch you are to report to Ward D and do your duties as a bull.”

“Where’s that?” Sean said.

“Follow me,” the sergeant said. Sean followed the sergeant through the prison into a section he didn’t recognize. As Sean walked through the hall with the sergeant he glanced into a few of the cells that had open doors and he saw that each of the boys in the cells were hugely over-muscled like himself, and the boys all had long cocks with most looking like they were somewhere between nine inches and twelve inches. Sean didn’t see anyone with a cock bigger than his own. One thing that was very different about the boys from this ward was that while they were all muscle-beasts with giant cocks, none of them had balls much bigger than eggs. Sean looked down at his own enormous pumpkin sized nut-sack as he walked and thought it made him look out of place on this ward.

Sean was brought into a room that had two guards and another boy leaning over an exam table with his legs spread. “I think you know Lyle, one of the cows from your ward?” the sergeant said.

Sean saw Lyle leaning over the table, and he said, “Yes sir.”

“Lyle hasn’t been making enough milk for some time now,” the sergeant said. “t’s your duty to breed him and fix the problem.”

Sean nodded and then he walked over and bent down near Lyle. Sean reached up between Lyle’s legs and he cupped Lyle’s orange sized nuts. “Care to explain why you’re not making enough milk, Lyle?” he asked.

“I’ve been trying,” Lyle stammered. “I’ve even been drinking more during meals, but it’s not working!” Sean rolled Lyle’s orange-sized balls around in his hand and said “Maybe the problem is these tiny jugs of yours, but don’t worry, I’m going to breed you good, get ready.”

“Wait, I’ll work harder,” Lyle protested. “You don’t have to do this! They’re big enough, that’s not the problem!”

Sean ignored what Lyle was saying, then he looked at the sergeant and then down at his own cock and said, “Sir, may I?”

The sergeant nodded. “Yes, bulls are allowed to touch themselves while breeding. Do whatever you need.”

Sean smiled and reached down to stroke his slick thirteen inches a few times, getting himself hard. Then he pushed his entire pole into Lyle’s ass, which made Lyle moan loudly and murmur, “Too much, it’s too much...” but Sean kept driving his cock deep into Lyle, ignoring the requests that he slow down. Sean started to grunt as he fucked Lyle’s ass even harder, and then he grabbed onto Lyle’s torso and easily lifted Lyle up into the air and then while he held Lyle he continued to slide him up and down his long pole.

A few more minutes of that and Sean felt his balls start to draw tighter and then he began to blow his load of cum deep into Lyle. Lyle tried to push himself off of Sean’s cock, but Sean easily held him in place until the very last blast of his orgasm was unleashed. Finally finished, Sean lifted Lyle off of his cock and put him back onto the exam table. Lyle laid there and didn’t do much more than moan as he dripped with cum. “I was milked less than an hour ago,” Sean said, “or I’d have given you so much more.”

“Now remember, the cows you breed are your responsibility,” the sergeant told Sean. “If he’s still not making enough milk, you’re the one that has to answer for it.”

Sean nodded, then he walked over to Lyle and reached down to cup Lyle’s balls again. “I’ll check on you later tonight.” Sean nodded again, then the sergeant dismissed him to go for his afternoon workout with Zeke.

Sean went through his workout with ease, and Zeke commented that the prison may have to order some heavier weight machines to continue to challenge Sean. After dinner, Sean went for his evening soak and penis stretching, then on his way back to his cell to get ready for lights out, Sean made a stop by Lyle’s cell and went inside. Lyle was sitting on his bunk wrapped up in his covers while his cellmate Aaron was talking to him in what Sean thought looked like an attempt to cheer him up. When they saw the hulking form of Sean standing in their doorway, Aaron scrambled to climb into his top bunk and get under his covers.

Sean walked over and looked down at Lyle. “How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m sore...” Lyle said.

Sean reached down with one hand and yanked Lyle’s covers away. Lyle was sitting cross legged in his bed without any clothes on and he was holding his balls. Sean was impressed that his milk had such a strong effect, and he looked down at his handiwork. Where once Lyle had a pair of balls around the size of oranges, now Lyle was blessed with a set of nuts each as big as a soccer ball, easily more than four times their previous size.

Sean reached out and took Lyle’s big balls in his hand. “Well lookie here,” he said, grinning wryly at his charge. “These jugs make me very proud, Lyle. Do you like the new jugs I’ve given you?”

Lyle shook his head and said, “They’re so big...”

Sean smiled. “Yes, they certainly are. You might now be the cow with the biggest jugs on the ward... well besides me of course. Does that make you happy?” Lyle just shrugged his shoulders, then Sean said, “You don’t seem happy about your new jugs... maybe I didn’t breed you enough. Were you hoping that you could have jugs closer to mine?” Sean then bent over and used both arms to haul his enormous nutsack up and then he dropped his sack onto Lyle’s bed right in front of him.

Sean then rubbed his sack as it rested on Lyle’s bed. “You should have said something if you wanted jugs like mine,” he admonished. “I suppose I can ask the sergeant if I can breed you again. You may not get jugs as good as mine, but I think we can do better than what you have now.”

Lyle stared at the absurdly huge sack of nuts that Sean had dropped inches from him. “No, you don’t have to!” he said in a panicky voice. “I like my jugs, I’m going to make plenty of milk, just please give me a chance, you’ll see!”

Sean reached over and he handled Lyle’s soccer-ball-sized nuts again. “We’ll see,” he told him. “I’m going to be keeping an eye on you. Make me proud.” Then Sean got up and walked back to his own cell just as the lights out alarm sounded.


Part 14

Sean got up and slowly crawled out of his bunk, then he massaged his full balls for a few minutes. His giant nuts were filling up with milk so fast these days that he was always waking up feeling like his balls were overloaded and needing release. Sean did his routine of breakfast, then he went to get milked, then he had lunch, and now Sean was walking through Ward D on his way to breed one of the cows. When he got to the breeding room, Sean went inside and the guard told him, “Stonehaven got a new batch of arrivals today. This is one of our new guests that was assigned to Ward B so make sure he becomes a good cow.”

Sean nodded to the guard then he walked towards the table where the new guy was leaning. As Sean walked up he got a closer look at the guy. “Jake?”

The guy looked behind him and saw Sean walking towards him, all 350 pounds of pure muscle and giant balls with a thick cock swinging with each step. “Who are you, or what the fuck are you?” Jake said, a little alarmed.

“Jake! It’s me, Sean!” Sean said.

“Sean who?” Jake said. “I don’t know you!”

“Quit acting foolish,” Sean told him. “It’s me, Sean, your best friend since middle school.”

Jake looked behind him again, then he looked closely at Sean’s face and said, “Sean? It is you... what the hell happened to you?!”

Sean then felt a guard tapping him on the shoulder with a nightstick. “You still have a long day ahead of you Sean,” the guard said. “Get to work.”

Sean sighed, then said, “I don’t have a choice, Jake... I’m sorry.”

“Huh?” Jake said.

Sean then walked forward and reached between Jake’s legs to feel the starting size of Jake’s cock and balls. As soon as Jake felt a hand at his crotch, he spun around and got off the table. “The fuck are you doing?!”

Two of the guards rushed over and grabbed Jake and turned him back around and forced him to open his legs and lay across the table. Jake struggled, but the guards easily held him in place. Sean then went back to feeling Jake’s package, which was about a seven inch cock and nice egg sized balls. Sean didn’t realize his friend Jake was hung too since he had never seen him naked before. Sean then grabbed his cock and got himself hard, then he leaned in and whispered to Jake, “Just try to relax, it will be over soon.”

Sean then forced his cock into Jake’s ass, which had Jake yelling out, “What are you doing? Ahhh...”

Sean knew Jake never had anything up his ass, especially not thirteen inches of bull meat, so he tried to finish as quickly as he could. Sean was able to bring himself to orgasm after only a few minutes, and once his whole load was pumped into Jake, he pulled out and asked, “You doing okay man? It’s over.” Jake only moaned in response. Sean then went to a guard. “I’d like to request this cow be assigned to my cell,” he said. “I don’t currently have a cellmate.”

“I’ll mention it to the sergeant,” the guard said.

Sean nodded his thanks, then he went for his afternoon workout. During his workout, dinner, and evening soak, Sean kept wondering why Jake was here and if he was doing okay. When his evening soak was finally finished, Sean had the guard unhook his penis pump and then he rushed through the ward to his cell. Sean almost clapped for joy when he saw that the sergeant had granted his request and Jake was sleeping on the top bunk. Sean went over and shook Jake to wake him up, and when Jake groggily opened his eyes, Sean said, “Jake, man it’s so nice to see a friendly face, but why are you here?”

“They found the spray can we used to vandalize that sign,” Jake said. “They got my fingerprints off it. My lawyer kept delaying the trial, but I finally went to court and they sent me here.” Jake was now sitting up in bed and shaking off his sleepy haze, then he said, “The fuck man, what is this place? What the hell happened to you? You look like some kind of steroid freak, and your balls man... just what the fuck?”

“It’s a long story,” Sean said. “This prison isn’t like anything you could imagine... I don’t even know where to begin to explain. I’ll help you out during the day though and show you the ropes.”

Jake then slid his hand under his covers and felt around, then he pulled the covers away and got a look at his crotch. Jake’s balls were swollen up to the size of big melons, and when Jake saw that, he screamed out “Something’s wrong, I have see a doctor, call someone!”

“Calm down bro,” Sean said. “That’s normal.”

Sean reached out and felt one of Jake’s big balls, but as soon as Sean touched his nut, Jake pushed his hand away and said, “Don’t fucking touch me, what’s wrong with you?”

Sean chuckled. “I was just admiring how big you got on your first day. Much better than my first day for sure.” Jake was still looking at his own huge balls, wondering if he was dreaming or not. “You’re overwhelmed,” Sean said. “It’s your first day, I know. Just go to bed, we’ll talk more tomorrow.” Sean then climbed into his bottom bunk, got under the covers, and went to sleep.


Part 15

When the morning alarm sounded, Sean got up from bed and then he shook Jake to wake him. “Come on, get up, we have to go to breakfast,” Sean said. “You don’t want to be late, the punishments in this place are harsh.”

Jake got up and looked at his crotch, then he said, “Dude, the swelling in my balls didn’t go down yet, I have to see a doctor!”

“You’re balls aren’t swollen,” Sean told him. “They’re just bigger now.”

Jake shook his head. “No way, no one has balls this big.”

Sean reached and patted the top of his enormous sack. “Oh really?”

Jake looked at the pumpkin sized balls hanging from Sean’s crotch and said, “I don’t fucking know, you’re a freak of nature or something!”

Sean chuckled. “Now, now, there’s no need to be rude. Come on, we’re gonna be late.”

Jake got up and put on his pale green prison uniform, then as they were walking out of the room, Jake asked, “Aren’t you going to get dressed?”

Sean smiled and said, “A while ago I was punished and had to go around naked for a few weeks. Now, I think the warden makes me stay naked because the cows like to see my jugs.”

“Cows? Jugs?” Jake repeated. “What are you talking about?”

“Come on, you’ll learn,” Sean said.

As they walked to the cafeteria, Jake noticed that the other boys of the ward all have huge bulges in their pants just like him. “Does everyone here have huge nuts?”

“Only the cows on Ward B,” Sean said. “That’s us.”

“Why do you keep saying cows?” Jake asked him.

“You’ll see after breakfast,” Sean said. Sean brought Jake to the protein shake dispenser, then Sean poured Jake a glass, then he filled four glasses for himself and they sat at a table.

Sean started to guzzle his four shakes, and after Jake took one sip of his he nearly choked and said, “Ugh, that’s wretched, what is it?”

“Some kind of protein and vitamin blend.” Sean told him. “Get used to it, because that’s all we ever get to eat.”

“No thanks,” Jake said.

“Trust me man, just hold your nose and drink it, after a while you get used to the taste. Skipping a meal will get you in major trouble.” Jake picked up the glass again and forced himself to swallow the whole thing.

Next Sean walked Jake through the hall to the collection ward, and inside Jake said, “What’s with all of the weird chairs?”

“Have a seat in one and the guards will come by and strap you in, this is something we have to do every day,” Sean said. “Here, sit in this one next to mine.”

Jake sat down, then Sean got into his special chair and a few minutes later the guards went by strapping everyone in, and when the guard pulled down Jake’s pants he said “Hey, what’s the big idea?” but the guard ignored him.

Soon the boys from Ward A started to walk in, and Sean called out, “Hey Edward, come here,” and when Edward walked up Sean said, “Why don’t you try our newest cow right there.”

Edward looked at Jake with his melon sized nuts, then he said, “Oh, nice jugs on this one.” Sean then saw another boy take his place in front of his own balls, and then he boys started their milking. Sean saw that as soon as Edward grabbed Jake’s cock, Jake started to struggle against his restraints and yell at Edward, but soon a guard came over and taped Jakes’s mouth shut. Sean just shook his head, remembering his first day being milked and how he had reacted much the same way. Now being milked was Sean’s favorite part of the day.

After everyone had been milked and the Ward A boys had left, the guards unstrapped all of the cows. As soon as Jake was untied he pulled the tape off his mouth and said to Sean, “What the hell man, what kind of weird orgy was that just now?”

Sean nodded towards Jake’s big balls. “That’s why the guys on our ward have such big balls, we get milked every day. The cows that make the most milk usually get treated better, so you’re lucky your jugs got so big.”

“What kind of place is this?” Jake said. “We should report it to someone!”

“Come on, it’s easier if you just go along,” Sean said. “It’s time for lunch.” They went to the cafeteria and drank their protein shakes, then Sean said, “All right, I have to go do something for the next hour, I’ll catch up with you in the gym afterwards. The gym is down this hall third door, go there and start your workout.” Sean then walked off towards the Ward D breeding room.

When Sean got to the breeding room, he saw another one of the cows from his ward was waiting for him. “Paul, why haven’t you been making as much milk lately?” Paul was about to answer when the door opened and two guards walked in dragging Jake, followed by the sergeant.

The sergeant told Paul, “You there, go back to your ward.” Paul got up and with a look of relief he rushed out of the room.

The sergeant then faced Sean and said, “Isn’t this one of your cows? He struck one of my guards. You should have more control of your herd if you want to keep your status as a bull.”

Jake was struggling against the guards holding him. “Fuck you, let me go!” he yelled.

The guards pushed Jake down onto the table and spread his legs, then the sergeant said, “Breed him again, and this time I expect you to keep him in line.”

Sean looked over at Jake struggling on the table, with his melon sized nuts swinging around below his waiting ass. Sean knew what Jake was in store for, but after a glance at the sergeant staring at him, Sean knew better than to argue, so he stroked himself to get erect, then he pushed himself into Jake. This time Sean’s cock slid in slightly easier than before, and while he was fucking Jake, he reached around and started to play with Jake’s big balls. While Sean was breeding was the only time he had free reign to do whatever he wanted, so he used the opportunity to really have some fun with sex.

Sean kept fucking Jake and then he put his other hand on Jake’s other ball and then he gently squeezed each of Jake’s nuts as he pounded his ass. Sean liked the feel of the huge balls in his hand and he really wished he had more chances to play with the balls of the cows on his ward, but that wasn’t allowed. Sean then felt himself blowing his load into Jake, and once he had finished his orgasm, he pulled out. Sean started to walk out of the room as his dick was going soft, but the sergeant stopped him. “Breed him again.”

“Sir?” Sean said.

“You heard me,” the sergeant said. “Now act like a bull and breed him.”

Sean reached down and felt his balls, which had just unloaded their second load in less than an hour. “I need time to make more milk, sir,” he said.

The sergeant glared at him. “If you can’t do your duty, I’ll find another bull who can, then we’re going to have to make your jugs produce more milk so we never have this problem again.”

Sean looked down at his giant nuts, and even though he had gotten used to their size, he definitely didn’t want them to make his balls even bigger again, so he went back over to Jake and then he started to stroke his cock to get it hard again.

It didn’t take much to get himself hard for a second time, then Sean pushed his cock into Jake and went back to fucking his ass again. Jake was only quietly moaning at this point, and Sean reached around and started to stroke Jake’s seven incher while he fucked him. Sean was surprised at himself as he felt his balls churning and rapidly making more milk as he kept fucking Jake. After almost ten minutes of steady fucking, Sean felt like his balls were ready to release their latest load, so he let himself orgasm again. Sean surprised even himself at just how much cum he was able to shoot for his second orgasm inside of Jake. Two minutes of constant cumming finally left Sean empty... again.

Sean pulled out and looked at the sergeant. The sergeant nodded. “Good, now report for your workout.” Sean walked out of the breeding room wondering what was going to happen with Jake.


Part 16

The rest of Sean’s day wasn’t very exciting, and after he was dismissed from his evening soak he hurried back to his cell to check on his friend. Back in his cell Sean found Jake sitting in his bottom bunk and looking at Jake’s crotch, Sean could see the profound effect that being pumped so full of his milk had on Jake’s balls. Jake’s sack was so much bigger than Sean had been expecting. Jake’s balls looked to be even bigger than the watermelon size that Sean had been a few weeks ago, though he was still a good bit smaller than Sean’s current size.

Jake looked up when Sean walked in and said, “Look what you did to me...”

Sean walked over and sat on the bed next to Jake. “I didn’t have any choice,” he said. “If not me then they would have brought someone else in to do the same thing.”

“Why do they want my balls so big?” Jake asked him “I can barely walk anymore.”

“It’s because you hit a guard, now they expect you to make plenty more milk to pay for what you did,” Sean told him.

“You mean like when that guy jacked me off this morning?” Jake said.

Sean nodded. “Yeah, the guards call it being milked. I asked Edward to milk you because he’s one of the better ones. Didn’t it feel good while he was milking you?”

“Well, of course,” Jake told him. “A handjob feels good no matter who’s giving it, but that’s not the point, he’s a guy!”

“You’re in prison,” Sean told him. “Guys are all you’ve got. Your sentence here doesn’t have to be so unpleasant, you know. If you just go along and follow the rules, the guards won’t bother you.” Sean then slowly reached out and put a hand on Jake’s huge balls, and when Jake didn’t object, Sean used his other hand and gently rubbed Jake’s balls. “I know it can be overwhelming the first few days of your jugs getting bigger, but soon you’re going to look forward to being milked.”

Sean gently let go of Jake’s huge balls. “All right, we should be getting to sleep, time for you to go up to your own bunk.”

“I tried, but I can’t...” Jake said.

“What do you mean?” Sean asked.

Jake then crawled out of Sean’s bottom bunk and then he grabbed hold of the top bunk and pulled hard. Jake only got his feet a few inches off the ground before his scrawny arms gave out and the weight of his giant balls pulled him back down. “They’re so heavy, I can’t pull myself up...” Jake said.

Sean looked over his friend Jake, and it was true that Jake had always been one of the scrawniest guys he knew and probably only weighed like 90 pounds, so he could understand why Jake was having so much trouble with his new balls that probably weighed half as much as his the rest of his entire body weight.

Sean then reached down and used both hands to pickup Jake’s balls and said, “Alright, I’ve got you, climb into your bunk.” With Sean lifting his balls for him, Jake easily got into his bunk. “You’re going to need to put on a lot more bulk so you can manage with your large jugs. Starting tomorrow I want you to drink at least two of the protein shakes per meal, but if you can drink a third, that would be even better. You also need to really put in some effort at the gym. In fact, I’m going to ask the sergeant which trainer isn’t currently working with a cow. Hopefully someone’s available to train you.”

Sean got into his own bed and then he heard Jake say from up top, “Thanks for helping, Sean. I’m sorry I called you a freak the other day... I didn’t mean it.”

Sean smiled. “It’s all right,” he said. “Go to sleep.”

The next morning, Sean helped Jake get down from his bunk and when Jake wasn’t getting ready he said, “You going to get dressed?”

Jake frowned and said, “They took all of my clothes, they said it was part of my punishment for hitting a guard...”

Sean nodded. “I should have known they would, but don’t worry about it, you really are one of the prized cows in the herd, so be proud of your jugs and walk with your head held high.” The boys left their cell and headed for the cafeteria, and Sean could see that Jake was struggling to walk along because of how heavy his balls were on his small frame, but Jake tried to act like it wasn’t bothering him.

When they got their food, Jake only poured himself one glass of the protein shake. “Come on man, do you want to struggle with your jugs every day for your entire sentence? Get some more food, it will help you bulk up faster.” Jake reluctantly poured himself a second protein shake, and then the boys finished off their breakfast. As they were walking towards the collection ward, Sean said, “Now you really don’t want to make a fuss today when you’re being milked. This is the best part of our day, so you should enjoy it.”

“Is it going to help with how heavy my balls are?” Jake asked.

“You mean your jugs, not balls,” Sean said. “You should get used to the proper terms here. It will help for a short time, but it won’t take long for your jugs to refill their milk and they’re going to be heavy again. The only thing you can do is put on some muscle so you can carry them effortlessly.” Jake nodded, and then the boys each got into a milking chair.

After they were strapped in and the boys from Ward A started milking, Sean looked over and saw that the boy who was milking Jake was using his mouth, and Jake had his eyes closed with a big grin on his face as he enjoyed the blowjob. Sean smiled, pleased that Jake was finally settling into his new role as a cow.

The days passed much the same for more than a week, and after the first day, Jake really got into his workouts and soon he was drinking two and a half shakes with every meal. During one evening when the two boys were walking towards their cell for lights out, Sean took a look at Jake from behind as he was strutting down the hall. It had barely been more than a week but already Jake was starting to tone up and lose his lanky appearance. His flat stomach was now showing signs of a six pack, and he had the beginnings of pecs and biceps. Jake no longer had much trouble with the weight of his nuts, but what Sean liked to admire most of all was that Jake had developed a very large, firm bubble butt and Sean took every chance he got to walk behind Jake so he could watch the mesmerizing bounce of his round ass cheeks each time Jake took a step.

Sean leaned forward and grabbed a big handful of Jake’s fleshy ass cheek and squeezed. Jake giggled and pushed Sean’s hand away. “Stop it, you do that too much,” he said. “You know it’s against the rules!”

Sean chuckled. “You can’t expect to walk around with a big ass like that and not make every bull in the prison excited. Man, I wish they would let me plow that ass...”

“Sean, be serious, someone might hear you!” Jake said.

Sean chuckled again, then the boys went into their cell and got into their own bunks, with Jake no longer having any trouble hauling his own balls up to the top bunk.

A few minutes after the lights went out, Jake said, “Sean, you awake?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Sean said.

Jake hesitated for a moment, then he said, “So I know how you got such big jugs, and you work out so hard every day so I know why you’re so built... but how did you get such a big cock?”

Sean smiled. “Each day I spend two hours with my cock in a vacuum pump,” he explained. “It’s been stretching for a few months now. Soon I’m going to break fourteen inches, but I’m not there just yet.”

Jake hesitated again, then he said, “Is there a way I can get a bigger cock too?”

Sean smiled and said, “I’ll talk to the sergeant tomorrow.”


Part 17

The next day after being milked, Sean stopped by the sergeant’s office and passed along Jake’s request, but the sergeant didn’t give him an answer one way or the other. The boys went through their usual routine for a few more days without Sean hearing anything about Jake’s request to use the penis pump. Then one evening while they were in their beds, the sergeant came into their cell. “Both of you, follow me,” he barked. “Warden Krauser wants to see you.”

They got up and started to follow the sergeant to the warden’s office, and while they were walking, Sean whispered to Jake, “Be on your best behavior in front of the warden, you don’t want to get on his bad side. Make sure you do whatever he says too, no matter what he asks.” When the boys got to the office, they went inside and when the sergeant pointed out where they should stand, they went and stood still with both of their huge ballsacks front and center on display.

Before long the warden walked out from his inner office and looked over the two boys. Krauser stopped in front of Jake, then he said to Sean, “You’ve raised a fine cow Sean,” and then Krauser started to rub Jake’s big balls and continued, “The jugs on this one are second only to yours. Tell me Jake, what do you think of your jugs?”

Jake looked down at himself, then said, “They’re really big.”

Krauser frowned. “I asked for your opinion, I did not ask you to state the obvious.”

Jake thought a moment. “I meant to say I think they always feel so heavy and full, but I like them very much.”

Krauser nodded. “That’s better. So you would say you enjoy being a cow?”

“Yeah, it feels so good when I’m being milked and I look forward to it each day,” Jake said.

Krauser then grabbed Jake’s seven inch cock and stroked it a few times. “If you’re such a happy cow,” he asked, “why do you care about the size of your rod?”

Jake looked over at Sean’s big thirteen incher laying across the top of his nutsack. “I think if I was more like Sean, it would feel even better when I’m being milked.”

Krauser nodded again, then said, “You know, Sean works extra hard for the herd. He does his duty as both a cow and a bull, and that’s why Sean gets his special treatment. Are you willing to work extra hard the way that Sean does?”

Jake looked again at Sean’s huge thirteen inches. “Yes sir, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Krauser smiled. “Good, good, I’m pleased to hear that.” Krauser then walked to Sean and he felt up Sean’s giant balls. “Your jugs feel nice and full, what do you think Sean?”

Sean put a hand against his balls. “Yes sir, very full. They’ve been filling up for the past ten hours or so, ever since I bred one of the cows from my ward after lunch today.”

Krauser moved behind Jake and then Krauser started to rub Jake’s big round bubble butt. “I’ve been watching you, Sean. You like your young cow’s rear end, am I correct?”

Sean nodded. “Very much sir, his increased nutrition and additional effort in the gym has given Jake the biggest, firmest ass on the ward.”

Krauser smiled and then he pinched one of Jake’s fat ass cheeks and said, “Yes, very impressive I’d have to agree. Come over here Sean, feel how smooth this cows cheeks are.”

Sean walked up behind Jake and with both hands he started to rub Jake’s huge, smooth asscheeks. Finally being able to really grab onto and hold Jake’s ass for the first time since it had gotten so big was a huge turnon, and Jake could feel his big cock rapidly boning up. Krauser backed away. “You’ve been such a good cow for so long Sean, I’m going to reward you. I give you permission to do whatever you want with Jake.”

Sean was overcome with lust, and after he roughly squeezed Jake’s big ass a few more times, he grabbed the shaft of his cock and pushed it between Jake’s bubble butt cheeks and into his hole. Sean was so happy he was finally being granted his favorite fantasy. Sean pushed himself all the way into Jake, and in doing so he caused his big ballsack to bang against the back of Jake’s almost as big ballsack. The feeling of their balls bumping into each other while he was fucking Jake only increased his desire. As Sean was fucking him, he was saying, “Been wanting... to do this... so long...”

While he was being fucked, Jake took hold of his own cock and started to stroke it, but the sergeant walked over and grabbed Jake’s hand and pulled it away. “You haven’t earned that privilege yet.” Jake moaned in ecstasy, wanting to grab onto his own hard dick, but the sergeant was standing next to them, just waiting to see if he disobeyed. While Sean kept fucking Jake, he reached around and he took hold of Jake’s hard dick and started to stroke it. He had been told he could do whatever he wanted after all.

Sean increased his tempo as he fucked Jake’s bubble butt, and soon he had to let go of Jake’s cock so that he could grab hold of Jake’s hips since he was about to cum. With each thrust, Jake’s balls kept knocking into Sean’s own sack, and the feeling had him right on the edge of orgasm. A few more thrusts and ball bumps later, Sean started to cum inside of Jake. A few shots later, Sean started to pull out, but the sergeant got behind Sean and roughly pushed him forward, forcing his cock deeper into Jake and he said, “Keep going.”

Sean felt more blasts of cum pump inside of Jake, and once again Sean tried to pull out, but he was held fast now by not only the sergeant, but another guard was helping to hold Sean in place. Jake moaned as he was being pumped full of more of Sean’s cum, but Sean could neither pull out, nor could he do anything about his orgasm once it had started. Sean knew that his balls were at full capacity when he had started to fuck Jake, and he knew how much he was going to cum before his orgasm was over, but he had little choice but to keep pumping his milk deep inside of Jake.

Knowing he couldn’t do anything about what was happening, Sean decided to just enjoy it, so he grabbed onto each of Jake’s fat ass cheeks and he held tight as his cock kept unloading his stored up cum. Sean lost track of how long he had been cumming, but eventually his pumpkin sized nuts had given all they had in storage, and after letting out an exhausted exhale, Sean was released to finally pull out of Jake. Sean looked down and saw that Jake’s toned six-pack abs were lightly distended with a small bulge at his stomach, probably because Jake had just been filled up by gallons of cum.

Jake was laying on his back on the ground quietly moaning, and then the sergeant waved at a guard, and three of them came over and picked up Jake, with one guard holding his shoulders, another holding him by the knees, and the third carrying the weight of Jake’s balls. The three guards then carried Jake out of the room.

“Where are they taking him?” Sean asked the sergeant.

“He’s going to be spending the night in medical tonight for observation,’ the sergeant told him.

Krauser then walked up and clapped. “Fine work, Sean,” he exclaimed. “You’ve been such a wonderful addition to my herd. I want to personally thank you for all that you’ve done. Sergeant, you may take him back to his cell.” Krauser then walked out, and the sergeant pointed to the door, so Sean left and headed back to his cell for the night.

The next morning, Sean woke up feeling that his balls were particularly full today, probably because of how turned on he was last night. He hurried towards the cafeteria so he could get to his milking as soon as possible, and then he planned to check on Jake afterwards. Before Sean got to the cafeteria the sergeant stopped him in the hall. “Sean, follow me.”

Sean began to follow the sergeant. “Where are we going?” but the sergeant didn’t respond.

Sean followed the sergeant through the prison complex towards the front of the prison, and as they were walking down the hall they passed a group of new inmates walking single file towards medical. Each one of the new guys stared at the hulking muscle-beast of Sean walking down the hall naked with his absurdly big balls and donkey dick swinging around with each step, but they were too nervous to say anything. Sean wondered if he was on his way to meet with another batch of new inmates as a kind of example or something, and he kept following the sergeant all the way to the front gate of the prison.

When they were standing outside, another guard walked up and handed Sean a box, which he took. The sergeant then said, “Sean, your six months have been served and your debt to society has been repaid. You are hereby released from Stonehaven Detention Center. There’s a bus stop a block down the road that will take you into town. Goodbye.” Sean just stood there stunned at what he was hearing as the Sergeant and guard walked back into the prison and the gate closed behind them.

Sean then went and banged on the prison gate. “Wait, let me back in!” he yelled. “I need to be milked! My jugs are so full, don’t you want all the milk I’m carrying? Let me in!” The steel gate was silent, and no one was answering. Sean opened the box that he was holding and saw that it contained the clothes that he had come to the prison with six months ago. Clothes that fit him more than 200 pounds ago. Sean threw the box in frustration and banged on the gate a few more times. It was obvious that no one was going to come, so Sean realized he didn’t have much else he could do.

Sean started to walk down the road towards the bus stop, naked, with his jumbo balls hanging past his knees and banging around with each step, and pondered what exactly he was going to do now.


Part 18: Epilogue

Sean entered his apartment and dropped his keys onto the counter before taking a seat in his favorite chair to relax after the long day. It was just over a year since he had been released from prison, and it hadn’t been easy. Now that Sean was almost seven feet tall and built like Mr. Universe, everyone assumed he had a major steroid addiction. Even though he was so built, his muscles didn’t get very much attention because everyone stared at his bulge instead. These days the only thing Sean could wear was custom sewn pants with a massive pouch up front to hold his thirteen inch cock and pumpkin sized nuts.

After Sean stopped drinking that protein shake the prison used to serve him his nuts began to slow down on the cum production, and after about two weeks he only had to jerk off about once a day to keep his balls empty. Now that his balls weren’t constantly at max capacity they were slightly less heavy, but they remained at their enormous size for the past year, full or not. Sean had come to accept that he was stuck with his giant package for the rest of his life.

Sean slowly and carefully unzipped his custom pants and gently pulled out his heavy cock and balls, smiling with relief to let them out of the tight clothing. Looking around, Sean sighed at his cheap apartment and wished he could afford better, but Sean was already struggling to pay his rent. It had taken him months to find a job because everywhere he applied the boss would take one look at his obscene bulge and immediately turn him away. Sean even tried to get into pornography, and most casting directors were thrilled when he told them about his thirteen inch cock.

With porn studios, it was the same problem once Sean showed up in person. They would get one look at his enormous balls and say he wasn’t what they were looking for. Sean did manage to convince a few directors to give him a shot, but even the most extreme fetish video sites didn’t give him a callback. Eventually Sean managed to get a job as a bouncer at a biker bar. Sean knew he was hired more as a curiosity to get people to come and stare at him instead of any real duties as a bouncer, but Sean didn’t care. He even made a few dollars on the side when people would pay him to come to a back room and unzip to show off the goods.

The extra cash along with his salary was barely enough to pay the rent because Sean had such a high grocery bill. Sean didn’t go to a gym anymore, but a year later he was still as muscular and built as the day he walked out of the prison. Keeping his huge body well fed took every spare dollar he made. Sean started to rub his cock so he could give his balls some release before dinner, then he was interrupted when his phone rang. Sean paused, unsure if he heard correctly because he never got phone calls, but then the phone rang again.

Sean let go of his cock, then he picked up the phone and answered with “Uh, hello?”

There was silence on the other end, and Sean was about to hang up when he heard someone quietly say “Sean…. it’s me, Jake.”

Sean was surprised and said, “What, really? Jake, is that seriously you?”

On the other end, Jake said, “Yeah, it is.”

“I tried to come back to visit you so many times, but they wouldn’t allow any visitors! How are you doing! When did you get out?”

There was another long silence, then Jake said, “…I got paroled a few days ago. Sean, could you come over? I’m at my family’s downtown house.”

“Yeah, of course,” Sean said. “Why didn’t you call me as soon as you got out, I—”

But Jake cut him off and said, “Sean… just come over,” and then the line went dead.

Sean hung up the phone and pulled his pants back up, carefully pushing his cock and balls back into the custom pouch up front before struggling with the zipper. Sean then went down to the bus stop and rode the bus to the downtown area where Jake’s family had their second house. Sean caused a lot of stares as he walked through the upscale part of town in his extremely bulging pants, but he was used to it and barely noticed anymore.

After he got to the house he went up and knocked on the door. When it buzzed and unlocked Sean walked in and yelled, “Hello, Jake? Where are you?”

“In the living room,” Jake called out, so Sean walked down the hall and to the den.

When Sean walked in he saw Jake sitting on the couch covered with a sheet so he said, “It’s great to see you again!”

Jake looked at Sean, then he frowned. Seeing Jake frown made Sean nervous because he was so happy to see his friend and was expecting the same reaction from Jake, so he said, “What’s wrong?”

“You look… the same as you looked when I saw you a year ago,” Jake said. “I was hoping that after some time passed you would have gone back to a ‘normal’ size.”

Sean blushed and absently rubbed his huge bulging crotch. “Oh, nah, I think I’m stuck with this big package of mine.” Sean then looked closer at Jake, who was still covered with a sheet on the couch, then said, “So how about you? Did the warden give the order to make your cock bigger like you asked?”

Jake looked away, then after a moment he said, “Yeah… he did.”

Sean really wanted to see what Jake was hiding underneath that sheet so he said, “Oh, well let me see!”

Jake put a hand on top of the bulging sheet and said, “After you were released… the warden… I think he liked you a lot. He kept saying how he wished you were back at Stonehaven. He wanted me to work hard and get built like you, and I really did try, but I guess I’m not wired that way and I couldn’t put on any more muscle. After a few months the warden got frustrated and started ordering the guards to increase my testosterone levels.”

Jake paused, then continued. “That also failed to make my muscles grow, but it did make my cock and balls get even bigger. The warden still wasn’t satisfied and kept ordering more and more treatments for me, but all it did was make my junk keep growing.” Jake started to slowly pull aside the sheet as he kept talking. “After about eight months of constant treatments they had forced my balls to get so big that they reached the ground. The warden didn’t care and ordered the treatments to continue and my cock and balls just kept on growing…”

With a final tug, Jake pulled away the sheet, letting Sean get a look at him. Sean could hardly believe his eyes as he stared at his exposed friend. While Jake was sitting on the couch, he had his legs spread and his balls were resting on the ground in front of him, and each one of his nuts was as big as a large beachball. Laying across the top of Jake’s monster balls was his cock, and it had to be as thick as his leg and twenty inches or longer.

Jake rubbed the top of his sack and said, “A few weeks ago my balls got so big that no matter how much I was milked, they’re always this big and heavy. During my last two weeks at the prison the warden didn’t stop and he forced me to keep growing all the way until my last day before release.”

“Then how do you… I mean… can you walk?” Sean interrupted.

Jake slowly stood up, and Sean saw that while standing, Jake’s beachball sized nuts were still resting on the ground between his legs.

Jake then reached and picked up what looked like a set of leather straps off the couch and said, “The warden had this made for me… it’s a harness, like suspenders for my balls. If I slip these straps under my sack, then wear the other end over my shoulders, it lifts my balls enough for me to walk… kind of… but without it my balls are too big and they drag on the ground. It hurts to drag my balls along the ground like that, and it’s such a struggle to lift them up because they’re so big and heavy…”

After sitting back down on the couch, Jake put his hand at the base of his massive cock and said “Sean… the reason I called… since getting released from the prison a few days ago, I haven’t been milked at all. My cock… it’s just too big for me to do it on my own anymore. My balls… they feel like they’re going to explode if I don’t get milked soon, so could you…?”

Sean looked at his friend sitting there on the couch nearly immobilized by his gigantic balls, then he said, “Oh, yeah, of course! How about we go up to your bedroom first.”

Jake looked down, then said, “Uh, I haven’t been up there since I got out… I’ve been sleeping here on the couch.”

“Huh? Why?” Sean said. And then he looked over at the staircase, then down at Jake’s wide ballsack and said, “Oh… well, let me give you a hand.” Sean walked over and picked up that harness thing, then he took the wide straps and carefully slid them underneath the bulk of Jake’s nutsack.

While Sean was putting the harness into place Jake slid his hand underneath Sean’s shirt and rubbed his hand along Sean’s rippling abs. “You’re still in great shape, have you been working out since you got released?”

Sean laughed. “Hah! Nope… I went to the gym once, but someone complained to the manager and he kicked me out. Told me my bulge went against their ‘family friendly’ policy and I wasn’t welcome…. but fuck ‘em, I’m still built like a tank even without a gym.”

Sean flexed his meaty pecs to really drive home the point, then Jake said, “If they thought your bulge was too much for a gym, what do you think they would say about mine?”

Sean then realized how he must sound, complaining about his balls being too big while Jake was sitting there with balls multiple times bigger than his own, so he said, “Dude, I didn’t mean…”

But Jake waved and said, “It’s fine, I know. I’ve accepted my size a few months ago, so I may as well joke about it.”

After Sean finished getting Jake’s balls into the harness he put the strap over Jake’s shoulder. “All right, let’s get you upstairs.”

Jake stood up again, and this time when he stood the straps on his shoulder lifted up the enormous bulk of his nutsack, though Jake was obviously struggling with the weight. After a few tiny steps, Jake said “Too heavy… my balls, I need to be milked… I can’t carry them!”

“Come on, you’re almost to the stairs, then I can help you lift…” Sean said. “There you go… another step… all right, now turn around and walk up the stairs backwards while I help lift from the front.”

Jake slowly backed towards the stairs, then began to walk backwards and up the stairs while Sean put both arms underneath the awkward bulk of flesh and tried to help lift the weight of Jake’s balls as they both ascended the staircase. Sean was glad that he was so built because now that he was holding most of the weight of Jake’s balls he realized how heavy and huge they were. Sean was surprised that Jake had been able to lift their weight at all, especially with his slim body.

As they kept going up the stairs Sean began to feel guilty about the way he used to complain about his size. Although his own balls were extremely large, at least he was still able to live a mostly ‘normal’ life, other than the embarrassing bulge. Sean wondered what Jake was going to do with balls that were almost as big as the rest of his entire body… not to mention the nearly two feet of cock that was laying across the top of those balls right in front of his face.

When they reached the top of the stairs Jake paused to catch his breath, but Sean, still trying to hold most of the weight of Jake’s balls, said, “We’re almost there… come on, keep going!” Jake resumed his slow backwards walk down the hall while Sean helped him along. When they got to Jake’s room, he went over to his bed and got on top while Sean carefully pushed Jake’s huge ballsack onto the bed between his legs.

While Jake was sitting there out of breath Sean untied the ball harness and tossed it aside. “Sean please… you have to milk me…” Jake said. “My balls are so full…”

Sean saw that Jake’s cock was starting to throb, and although he didn’t think it was possible, Jake’s cock was getting even bigger as it started to get hard. Jake’s long tube of cock laying across his huge balls started to extend and thicken as it got harder, but it was much too big to stand up on its own. Sean used both hands to take hold of Jake’s cock which caused Jake to moan in desire. As Sean started to gently stroke the thick cock he was fascinated by the size, still in awe that Jake’s cock had grown bigger than his leg.

While he was stroking Jake’s mammoth cock, Sean realized Jake’s cock had grown so large that it would never again be able to fit inside of anyone, and it certainly wasn’t going to fit in anyone’s mouth either, but Jake’s satisfied moans made it sound like he was content to have someone pleasuring him with their arms as Sean was doing. While Sean was stroking Jake’s cock, Jake reached out and started to unbutton Sean’s pants. Once a few of the buttons were undone Sean’s package burst it’s way free from the pouch.

Sean put his leg over the top of Jake’s swollen balls, then he climbed up and sat on top of Jake’s balls which were almost as big as he was. After he grabbed hold of Jake’s colossal shaft with both arms, Sean then started to grind his crotch, pushing his own pumpkin sized sack against Jake’s shaft while he was riding Jake’s sack.

Jake moaned loudly as Sean kept doing his best to pleasure Jake’s whale sized cock as he sat on top of Jake’s balls which were as big as he was. Then, without warning, Jake’s cock unleashed a geyser of cum which hit Sean right in the chest with such force that it sent him tumbling backwards right off of Jake’s balls and the bed.

Jake’s cock was shooting cum like a fire hydrant, and based on the size of Jake’s balls, Sean figured it would be a few minutes until he finished. Eventually, Jake’s cock relaxed and stopped orgasming. Jake tried to get up, but he couldn’t really move due to the size of his balls. Instead, Jake said, “Sorry about that, I couldn’t help it. I’d help you clean up but uh… I can’t really move because of the size of my balls…”

Sean got up and walked next to the bed, seeing that in spite of such a heavy orgasm Jake’s balls were still as mammoth sized as ever as they rested on the bed. Sean put a hand on top of his friend’s balls and said, “Don’t you worry, I’ll take care of everything. I’ll move in with you and take care of you from now on. You don’t have to get up anymore, I’ll milk your balls every day. Multiple times per day if you need it.”

Jake laid back in bed again and gave a weak smile. He was disappointed that he was basically immobilized by the size of his nuts, and he wasn’t going to be able to do much except lounge around and get milked like a cow every day for the rest of his life. At least his family was wealthy, so he never had to worry about money. The one good thing about the whole situation, was that Sean would be with him through it all…

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